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Gentle Reflections episode 13 recap

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Ping Yee gave Sai Moon Hing a vase for for his father as a gift. Poon Kam Lien watches Sai Moon Hing kisses Lee Ping Yee. Lee Ping Yee gave Sai Moon Hing’s sister a necklace. The second and fourth wives loved the fabrics. Ping Yee led it to them. Sai Moon Hing to his wives to not take advantage of Ping Yee. Ping Yee gave Kam Lien some of her fabrics. Kam Lien refuses but accepts after Sai Moon Hing told her. Ping Yee requested to make a fur coat for everyone.

Poon Kam Lien told Ping Yee she doesn’t understand why she must be married to Sai Moon Hing.  Ping Yee said she couldn’t reject Sai Moon Hing since he was so good to her. Ever since Chi Hui died, everyone bullied her. Ping Yee told Kam Lien she agrees with her they must find someone to be married too. Kam Lien asked Ping Yee why they must always share a tree. Ping Yee said she only wants to be with someone who loves her so she can be peaceful. Ping Yee told Kam Lien to help her.

The second wife could tell that her brother fell for the first wife’s maid. Her maid came in and the second wife yelled at her. Ping Yee saw the second wife’s maid’s arm full of bruises and overheard her saying to another maid that the second wife stole some money from the account. Ping Yee reminds them to not be nosy so they can be safe. Ping Yee pray in front of her brother’s tablet.  She sees everyone in the family only cares for their own gain. She will slowly expose their scheme. Although Kam Lien is her sister, if she knows she is related to his case she won’t forgive her.

Mou Chong told the maid to take care of Ping Yee. The maid told Mou Chong he needs to think for himself. On the way, Sai Moon Hing’s sister’s fiance got robbed. Ping Yee checked the account and told Sai Moon Hing to go to sleep. Sai Moon Hing whined about sleeping on the floor. Ping Yee told Sai Moon Hing to go to the second and fourth wife, he finds them frustrating. Ping Yee told Sai Moon Hing she has many chances to take care of him he doesn’t need to rush. Sai Moon Hing complained to his sister that the officials are searching for her father in law. Ping Yee told Sai Moon Hing to stay calm and find someone trustworthy to help.

Sai Moon’s sister criticized his fiance. He left. She bumped into the maid and yelled at her. The second wife’s brother looked at the maid’s feet. The fiancee yelled at him and told the maid to be careful. Sai Moon Hing’s sister saw his fiancee walked with the maid and yelled at him. Sai Moon Hing hugged Lee Ping Yee and said from all his wives, only she knows how to help him. Sai Moon Hing received a letter that the fiancee’s parents suicide. Sai Moon Hing told the fiance he isn’t safe until his name is removed from the book. The fiancee is willing to go to the court and remove the name for him. Poon Kam Lien pretends to be sick and got frustrated that Sai Moon Hing is hanging out with Ping Yee.


Sai Moon Hing and the wives guesses the lyrics and whoever earn the most points will be able to sleep with Sai Moon Hing for the night. Poon Kam Lien feels cold. The second wife’s sister apologized to the maid for offending her last time. The second wife’s brother harassed the maid and told her that he loves her. Mou Chong came and took him to the court. Sai Moon Hing told Poon Kam Lien he will sleep with her tonight. Sai Moon Hing told Mou Chong to give the second wife’s brother to him. The second wife accused the maid of flirting with men. The maid cried and denied. Sai Moon Hing’s sister told Sai Moon Hing she saw the maid flirting with the second wife’s brother in the garden. Poon Kam Lien told Sai Moon Hing to let her punish the maid since she belongs to her. Sai Moon Hing ignored and ordered to hit the maid.

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