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Gentle Reflections episode 14 recap

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Sai Moon Hing ignored Kam Lien’s request. Ping Yee requested Sai Moon Hing to punish the maid lightly. Sai Moon Hing punished the maid to be hit three spanks. The second wife yelled at his brother and told him to pack up his stuff and leave. The second’s wife brother blackmailed the second wife about the fake account and he just wants to have the maid. Kam Lien feels frustrated for the maid and caused her to lose faces and didn’t show up to her. Ping Yee brought some medicine for the maid. Kam Lien nitpicked her for have the power. Ping Yee gave Kam Lien the coat she sewed for her.  Kam Lien is afraid if wearing the coat is warm but inside is cold, she won’t feel healthy. Ping Yee told Kam Lien she also feels hurt for the maid.

The second wife put some powder on the teacup. The second wife’s maid went in to take her cup. The second wife treated the maid to dinner. The second wif’es maid poured the wine in the cup and dropped it. The second wife’s maid poured wine for the maid. The maid fainted. The second wife and his brother fainted. Ping Yee told the second wife’s maid to help the maid. She’ll take care of everything.

The second wife and the brother woke up. Sai Moon Hing hit them with a rope. Sai Moon Hing told his servant to lock them together. The maid worries about the second wife. After hearing everything Kam Lien is assure that Ping Yee set up everything. Kam Lien walked during the night and eavesdrop by the window and saw the second wife and his brother being thrown in the well. Ping Yee freaks out and stares at Kam Lien.

Sai Moon Hing ate and told his wives that he has investigated that the second wife and his brother has made a fake account. The second wife’s maid requested to back to her hometown. Kam Lien felt pitiful for the second wife. The third wife felt sick. Lam Chi Yin is worried about getting sick and Sai Moon Hing yelled at her. Lam Chi Yin wants to manage the account. Sai Moon Hing let Ping Yee manage the account. Kam Lien massaged Sai Moon Hing in  the spa and told him that the case of of the second wife is not simple and she feels that Ping Yee will harm him since she knows the dead of her brother. Sai Moon Hing told Kam Lien she must be jealous.  Kam Lien said she is only worried for him. Sai Moon Hing read the news that the general is fine. The third wife passed away. The third wife’s sister visited her sister’s tablet. Sai Moon Hing told her he will take care of her. He will soon marry her as his seventh wife.

An official came and read the edict to cut a magistrate’s post. Mou Chong visited the magistrate in the cellar. Sai Moon Hing and the official enjoy the dance. Sai Moon Hing told the official about his sister and told him about he has an eye on the third wife’s sister who will be his seventh wife. The official told Sai Moon Hing he will become an official. Mou Chong prays in front of the magistrate about to be beheaded in another town.  The ladyboss wants to buy a poor lady in the brothel. The first wife’s servant asked Sai Moon Hing’s sister’s fiance for some money to pawn the girl. The servant pawn the girl and bowed in front of the first wife and brought the girl. The maid told Mou Chong about Sai Moon Hing’s sister fiance came and then the magistrate has been beheaded. Mou Chong came and told Sai Moon Hing he came to pray for the magistrate. Mou Chong told the maid he feels so much better talking to her and  she could be his sister.

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