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Gentle Reflections episode 15 recap

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Sai Moon Hing celebrates his promotion as an official with his friends. Sai Moon Hing’s sister’s fiance eavesdrop on the bandits. He burned their village and Sai Moon Hing fought and killed them. Ping Yee requested Sai Moon Hing to let the fiancee helped her managing the accounts. Ping Yee saw the fiancee keep some amounts of cheque. The fiance sighed when his father was alive, he used to live in fortune and he helped Sai Moon Hing get his post. Now he has to depend on Sai Moon Hing.  Ping Yee told him she didn’t plan to tell on him. She hopes he will achieve a big task.

The new maid helped the fourth wife making some breakfast. Kam Lien sighed to her maid that Sai Moon Hing is busy and barely visit her. The maid suggests Kam Lien to make breakfast from the palace. Kam Lien doesn’t know how did Ping Yee use dirty trick to steal men’s heart.

The maid told Kam Lien she’s petty. Sai Moon Hing stared at lady. Ping Yee brought breakfast for Sai Moon Hing. The fourth wife brought the breakfast she made to Sai Moon Hing. Sai Moon Hing found it tastes so good and told Kam Lien to try it. Kam Lien asked the fourth wife the process of making it. Kam Lien told the fourth wife she probably didn’t make it. Kam Lien told Sai Moon Hing that the fourth wife has hired a new maid to make him breakfast. Sai Moon Hing told the fourth wife to leave.

The maid came and it was the lady that Sai Moon Hing had an eye on. Sai Moon Hing complimented her bean cakes and tell him how did she make the cakes. Sai Moon Hing touched her hand. Sai Moon Hing seduced the lady. Kam Lien came in and she left. Sai Moon yelled at Kam Lien to leave.

The lady told her husband who is the servant that Sai Moon Hing harassed her. Sai Moon Hing’s servant told the lady to tell the recipe to Sai Moon Hing. He threw powder on her and she fainted. The maid told Kam Lien. Sai Moon Hing was about to rape the lady. The servant barged in the room and put his knife toward Sai Moon Hing’s neck. The servant said he’s been working in the mansion for more than years. The first wife was an opera singer, and he put sleeping powder to lure her and she had an affair with another man which is karma. The third wife is the fiancee of his scholar friend. She was sick and asked for herbs and he took the chance to marry her and cause his friends to die. Sai Moon Hing’s servants grabbed the servant. Sai Moon Hing grabbed his neck and he died. The lady woke up and screamed. Sai Moon Hing slapped her and told his servants to lock her. Poon Kam Lien sneaks in the dungeon and gave the lady some jewelries.  The lady said she has to witness Sai Moon Hing. The lady walked and tripped and thought of her husband’s death. She came to the court and want to witness Sai Moon Hing. The official ordered her to be spanked thirty times. The lady said Sai Moon Hing is a jerk and she was lucky that Poon Kam Lien released her and gave her jewelries.

At the court, Sai Moon Hing said the lady and the servant tries to leave his mansion but he can only find the lady. Poon Kam Lien said the lady stole her jewelries. Sai Moon Hing told the official that he is willing to let this case go. Sai Moon Hing left and got angry. The lady stood up on the top of the mansion and accused Poon Kam Lien of twisting her word and Sai Moon Hing of raping her and killing her husband. The lady suicide in front of Kam Lien’s sedan chair.

Sai Moon Hing whipped Poon Kam Lien. Kam Lien cried and told him that she did it because she loves him and don’t want other women to steal him. Kam Lien said she is willing for him to whip her to death. Sai Moon Hing continues to whip her. The wives and sister took Sai Moon Hing out. Poon Kam Lien cried and told Ping Yee she doesn’t need her sympathy. Kam Lien cried and lean on her maid and said she released the lady out of good heart. She truly loves Sai Moon Hing and can’t lose him. Kam Lien blames Ping Yee and refuses to let her steal her position.

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