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Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 9 recap

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Ngan Fung had a dream of killing them all. Ching Mui gave her a bowl of congee. Ngan Fung put some powders in the tea. She apologized to her that she mistaken her after she saved her. She told her to drink the tea. Ching Mui drink the tea. Bo Yee’s mother and Ching Mui’s father visited Bo Yee and Ching Mui. Bo Yee told his mother that now he has a steady life, he must take care of her. She told him that everything is dangerous and he must be caerful. Ching Mui sweat and went in the room. Ngan Fung gave her a cup of tea, and she felt better. Ngan Fung asked her what did she gave her. Ngan Fung told her she was poisoned and has to come here to drink this medicine. Ngan Fung said she has to watch out for enemies.

Ching Mui fainted and told Bo Yee to take the medicine from Ngan Fung. Bo Yee confronted Ngan Fung of harming them after they saved her. Ngan Fung told Bo Yee that this powder is to suppress the pain of the poison but now it is too late. Bo Yee told her that Ching Mui has made medicine for her every morning. He saved many people but regretted saving her. Ngan Fung said she has never made a mistake. The doctor told Bo Yee he can’t save Ching Mui. She has been poisoned and he has to find a special kind of Ginseng. Bo Yee looked at the jade. He did a fengshui spell of forty nine candles on Ching Mui. Ngan Fung checked up on Ching Mui. She fought with Ching Mui’s father. She told Bo Yee she just wanted to see Ching Mui. She left.

Princess Chiu Yung played the harp and lost interest. She told her maid that Bo Yee hasn’t visited her. The maid told Chiu Yung that it is a good thing that Bo Yee didn’t try to please her, men have to have their own will. Chiu Yung complained that Ching Mui always pick on her. The maid suggests Chiu Yung to read more books about Fengshui so she can have something to discuss with him.

Tin Wah gave Chiu Yung a vase. Chiu Yung asked Tin Wah some questions about Fengshui from the book. Tin Wah said Fengshui depends on water or mountains. Chiu Yung asked Tin Wah how to do the horse passing across the water. Tin Wah said it is a high skill he haven’t got a chance to learn. Chiu Yung said she will ask Bo Yee. She reads the book and told Tin Wah to leave. Bo Yee told Chiu Yung that Ching Mui is sick and they need a ginseng. Chiu Yung said there’s plenty of ginseng in the palace. She can search for it. She asked him to drink with her. Chiu Yung gave Bo Yee a box of ginseng. Bo Yee said it isn’t the ginseng he needs. Chiu Yung looked at Ching Mui and accidentally pushed the candle.  Bo Yee held the candle and yelled at her. Chiu Yung left.

A Mongolian priest picked up the sword and said he succeed a dark martial art and need to use the blood of a hundred people. The Mongolian Prince locked two Hans. The prince wondered where Princess Ngan Fung is. The priest requested to give him the task of searching for Ngan Fung.

The majesty and the general watches the dancers. The general suggests the majesty to build a garden to lure beautiful ladies. At the court, the majesty asked the official why Bo Yee isn’t here. The official said Bo Yee is busy with family affairs. An official told the the majesty that there’s a disaster of losing goods, he hopes he would give the people hundred thousand golds to help the people. The general said they only need to send like three thousand golds. The officials bowed hoping the majesty will help.

Tin Wah served tea for the officials and the general. Tin Wah told the general that someone must have offended him. The general told him to leave. Tin Wah said if there’s someone who offended him he won’t forgive that person. Tin Wah eavesdrop on the general told the officials if Tin Wah was that good, he wouldn’t have to try to please other people. Tin Wah hit the Feng Shui causing the official to die. Tin Wah told the general that the official died today due to him. Tin Wah said he can use Fengshui to save or harm people. The general showed the map of the garden and told the majesty to give five thousand golds to help the people and use the remain gold to create the garden. The majesty asked Bo Yee his opinion on the garden. Bo Yee told the majesty that the world isn’t stable and if he wants to have more concubines, people won’t respect him. The general told the majesty that Bo Yee dared to compare him to the previous majesties.

Tin Wah fought with the Mongolian priest. The Mongolian priest threw his paper surrounding Tin Wah. The paper exploded. The general invited the Mongolian priest. The Mongolian priest complimented Tin Wah of being able to break his paper which means he has high dark powers. The Mongolian priest did a spell to see Princess Ngan Fung. When Ngan Fung visited Ching Mui’s body, the mirror exploded. Tin Wah believes maybe Ngan Fung knows Bo Yee.

Ching Mui’s father feels useless he couldn’t find the ginseng. The Mongolian priest kidnapped Bo Yee’s mother. Bo Yee uses his demon sword and defeated the bear. Bo uses his sword and fought with the priest.

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