Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 11 recap

Bo Yee and the official asked the official about the poultry, the people have complained they haven’t received them. The general gave Tin Wah a bag of powder to poison Bo Yee. Bo Yee drink with Tin Wah. Bo Yee warned Tin Wah of not following the general, or else he will go the wrong path. As Bo Yee drinks, Tin Wah  broke the cup of tea and said he isn’t feeling well. Bo Yee passed out rice to the villagers. They thanked him. A kid complained the bun is so thick, he wants noodles and beefs. The mother told Bo Yee that for half a year, they didn’t have food. Bo Yee distributes rice and pancakes for the villagers. Bo Yee told Tin Wah when he comes back to the palace, he will ask the general about the poultry. Tin Wah assures that the general didn’t hide the poultry. Bo Yee looked at the villagers dead in the fire. Bo Yee carried a baby. The general got angry at Tin Wah for not killing Bo Yee. The official told Bo Yee he has a feeling that the murderer waited till he leave then burnt the village.

The villagers walked on the street and blamed Bo Yee for sending guards to burn the village. The guards came to kill the villagers. The two officials came and told them to release them. Bo Yee lured Tin Wah in the forest and asked him to have a duel. Bo Yee asked Tin Wah if he burnt the village causing thousands of death. Tin Wah fought with Bo Yee. Bo Yee hold his sword and Tin Wah fell and spit blood. Bo Yee warned Tin Wah he has gone further down the dark path, if he knows he did bad things, he won’t spare him. The general’s wife told Tin Wah they can find a scapegoat for this case. The general brought the guard as witness. The guard told the majesty that he did distributed the rice to the villagers but it was crowded and the villagers beat them up. The three villagers denied of stealing rice. The majesty told the guards to take the three villagers away to be dead. Bo Yee pleaded for them. The majesty let go of the case. Bo Yee apologized to the villagers he can’t help them. Bo Yee took his hat off and climbed on the wall and told the villagers to leave. Tin Wah drinks with the general and officials.

.Bo Yee packed his stuff. Bo Yee’s mother enter the room and told Bo Yee that the palace is full of scheming and she doesn’t blame him. Bo Yee drinks and chat with the official. The official told Bo Yee he shouldn’t leave, he can’t let the corrupt generals take over. Bo Yee and the official saw a pair of yellow birds in front a desert house. Bo Yee and the official checked the deserted house. Bo Yee steps in and the daggers thew at at him. Bo Yee used his sword on the assassins. Bo Yee and the official found boxes of gold in the room.

At the court, Bo Yee and official confronted the general of hiding the golds from the villagers. The general begs the majesty to give him three days to investigate this case. The general bowed in front of the majesty that he hid those golds for him to build the garden. They need an extra sum of golds. The general told the majesty to give him three days to find the rest of the sum. The general told an official to take the rest of the golds away. The general told Tin Wah to order the guards to arrest the official for taking the golds. Tin Wah ordered the guards to arrest the official.  Tin Wah killed the official.

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