Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 12 recap

The general ordered the official to be beheaded. The majesty told the officials that he has a feeling that the general wouldn’t do something against the law. The majesty keep Bo Yee as the priest. Bo Yee begs the majesty to give extra money to help the villagers. The people carrying the bowl of rice and thanked Bo Yee. Chiu Yung helped Bo Yee distributed rice. The villagers bowed and thanked Bo Yee. The majesty heard the villagers prayed for Bo Yee, and got angry he need to spend his golds and the villagers praised Bo Yee. Chiu Yung asked the majesty what does he thinks of Bo Yee, she praised him as helpful and can take care of her. The majesty doesn’t want her to marry Bo Yee. Chiu Yung told the servants to throw out the plants. The majesty asked Chiu Yung there are many princes in the kingdom but what’s so good about Bo Yee? The majesty told Tin Wah to tell the general to write an edict for appointing Bo Yee to be a prince.

Tin Wah got mad why Bo Yee always steal his things. The general’s wife said as long as Bo Yee hesitate of marrying Chiu Yung, she has a way to deal with it. The general reads the edict. Bo Yee said he needs time to think. Bo Yee dropped the hat and told the general he will see him and the majesty at the court. At the court, Bo Yee told the Chiu Yung that he is only a normal guy, he doesn’t deserved her love. Bo Yee apologized no one cane replace Ching Mui in his heart. Chiu Yung left and told the majesty to punish him for her. The majesty ordered Bo Yee to be locked in the dungeon.

Tin Wah told the general’s wife that Bo Yee was born naive and doesn’t know how to lie. He deserved to be in this state. The general’s wife thought of an idea of sending Bo Yee to Mongolia for a mission. Chiu Yung begged the majesty to not let Bo Yee leave to Mongolia. Bo Yee’s mother feels upset that Bo Yee is leaving. Chiu Yung greets Bo Yee and bid farewell nad gave him an umbrella. The villagers gave Bo Yee some wines and buns.

The general’s wife told Tin Wah this is his chance of being a prince. Tin Wah brought a bag of medicine for Chiu Yung but the maid didn’t accept it. Chiu Yung feels dizzy. Chiu Yung lets Tin Wah leaving the bag of medicine for her. Tin Wah and Chiu Yung visits Bo Yee’s mother and ate the meals she cooked. The general gave his troops a guard outfit. The guards rooted for the general. The Mongolian fought with Tin Wah. He gave the general to get rid of the majesty to him. He told Tin Wah his martial arts is not bad and has potential to work for the Mongols. The general and his wife enjoys the boxes of gold. Tin Wah held the jade and asked the general if he thinks the jade matches him. The general advised the majesty to settle with the Mongolians. The majesty told the general to find something fun for him, he’s bored of the spa. Tin Wah brought the majesty to a town where the concubines dressed as ladies cooking for him and selling voodoo dolls. Tin Wah told the two officials to leave. Tin Wah prepared the majesty a uniform. The general reminds Tin Wah to remember he brought him up.


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