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Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 14 recap

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Tin Wah bowed in front of the majesty. The majesty ordered him to lock all the Mongolian traitors. The two officials got mad that the majesty listened to Tin Wah. Bo Yee’s mother told Tin Wah she hopes he is a gentleman.  The two official looked at the general and wondered why he bought a bun. The two officials touched the sand from the bun seller’s booth. Tin Wah killed the offficial’s spy. The official suspects the bun seller is from Mongolia since the sand is not from here. An official confronted Tin Wah and the general of collaborating with the Mongolians.

Some Mongolian guards followed Bo Yee and the captain. Bo Yee’s servant told a guy he dropped his coin, then the crowd help him search for the coin. Bo Yee and the captain ran. They looked at Ngan Fung  ordering the hans slave. The guards moved the lion statue and Bo Yee flew and told Ngan Fung she can’t put the statue in this fengshui. The slaved pulled the statue and fell. The statue fell on the Mongols and Bo Yee pushed the statue.

Bo Yee visited the emperor’s brother  in the Mongolian Prince dungeon and gave him the letter from him. The emperor’s brother cried that the emperor doesn’t have the heart to save him because he’s worried he will lose his throne. Ngan Fung read the novel and tries to learn. The prince told Ngan Fung he hopes that Bo Yee can work for him.

On the hill, the Mongolian Prince asked Bo Yee about his view on the aura of the Mongols. Bo Yee told the Mongolian Prince although the Song’s military is weak but they are still fated to win. When the Song train hard, they can win the war. Bo Yee told the prince that the Mongols are already strong and he doesn’t need to lock the previous emperor.  The prince made a deal with Bo Yee to help him change the Fengshui. The captain believes Bo Yee won’t betray the Song. Some hans slave accused Bo Yee of being a spy for the Mongols. The slaves fought with the soldier.  A Mongol’s  leg got hit by a rock. Bo Yee checked his legs and told Ngan Fung that she has to chop his knee for him to be alive. Ngan Fung doesn’t dare to chop is leg. She pushed the tissue in his mouth and chop his leg using the sword. Bo Yee told Ngan Fung she cares for the Mongol but is so cold toward the Hans. Bo Yee helped Ngan Fung making a wooden wheelchair for his soldier.

Ngan Fung drinks in the restaurant. A server asked her why did she only bring a man here with her. Ngan Fung told Bo Yee hat she took some ginseng and medicine to help the soldiers. Bo Yee told Ngan Fung that in his heart, the hans, his mother and Ching Mui is the most important. He believes she didn’t kill Ching Mui. He held Ngan Fung’s jade. Ngan Fung told Bo Yee she can’t be drunk tonight because tomorrow she has to train with the soldiers. Bo Yee asked Ngan Fung what trait of her isn’t girly.

Bo Yee’s servant warned Bo Yee to remember his position and break up with Ngan Fung. Bo Yee believes Ngan Fung didn’t kill Ching Mui. Bo Yee told his servant he helped the prince with the fengshui so he can release the previous emperor and also to alleviate the power of the fengshiu of the Mongols. The prince teases Ngan Fung of drinking with Bo Yee. Ngan Fung laid down on her bed and told her mute maid that she is happy today because she drank with Bo Yee. Ngan Fung has a duel with the Mongol Captain to be the lead of the troops. Ngan Fung defeated the captain. The captain threw a dagger at her.

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