On Lie Game episode 2 recap

The group of women told Helen that the costs of the game card is 80 grand. Matt discussed with his family that the coupon link is fake. Matt saw a white car. He looked at a newlywed and saw his ex Samantha helping them.

Matt drinks by the balcony and thought of them chatting she became a wedding planner. He thought of the time they rode a motorbike. Matt rode the motorbike and followed the truck. Hera bumped her car into his motorbike and apologized. Hera gave him her phone number and license plate and is willing to pay for the repairs. Matt called Hera and demanded 50 grand for the repairs. Hera came to the office and introduces herself as the new madam. Matt’s boss came and told him to introduce the colleagues. Afte the meeting, Matt told Hera he doesn’t take things personal and he only cares about her work. Matt treats his colleagues to lunch. Hera’s colleague looked and talked about the sergeant with a limp.

Mrs. Chow complained to the front desk about Helen being able to perform in the opera whereas they rejected her health appointment. Mrs.Chow seduced Mr.Chow hoping to bear hi ma child. Mr.Chow asked John some pills. Matt took his motorcycle to Stephen to fix and met Samantha. They chat. Helen and John watches Matt and Samantha.

During dinner, Helen worried Matt will get hurt by Samantha again. Matt told her that he and Samantha are just friends now. Matt drinks on the balcony and thought of Samantha giving him a pair of pendant from Japan and Matt gave her a ring. Matt looked at the ring.

Matt told Samantha he is selected to go to England for training and only five inspectors are selected. Matt told her the training will take a year. During the nine months training, Samantha texted she wants to see him. It’s been a month he passed the exam. Matt packed his clothes and gave Samantha a voice mail he is on his way to see her in Paris. Matt received a break up text from Samantha.

Hera chat with Coco and took pic of the ring Peter gave her. Hera took a picture of Peter and said the ring cost ten dollars and the picture can be found online and is not Peter. Hera asked Coco why does she still defend the person who has conned her.

On Lie Game episode 1 recap

This series starts with the triad money laundering. Matt and his crew investigate the case. John checked up on a three year married couple and criticized them of watching dramas and online shopping and they need to develop a healthier habit.

Helen came to the herb shop and told John to go to their 43th anniversary for their company. Two ladies brought pigs and abalones to the customers. Helen criticized the lady for interfering of John’s speech.

Coco wants to jump down the building after her mother slapped her for stealing money. Matt asked Coco if she stole money for that man. Coco asked Matt why did her mother didn’t let them be together. Matt told her that they need to meet each other. Love is not communicated through verbal messages. If she haven’t met him it is like talking to the air. Matt told Coco that her mother work hard to give her designer handbags and a better life. Coco tripped down the building and Matt held her up. Coco hugged her mom.

During dinner , Helen told her family about the time seh looked at the zodiac pendant and whatsapp Mung Dip about her age and her group of friends saw it and laughed and Mung Dip got mad at her until now. While Helen is sleeping, John received a text from Matt to meet with him up in the balcony. Matt drinks with John. Matt talked to John about how Helen picked him up from the bin when he was drunk. John asked Matt he’s been single for three years and he haven’t found anyone. Matt told him that he’s not interested. John told Matt that his mother is wanting a grandchild.

A man dropped his phone and told the boss in the restaurant he couldn’t pay the bill. Matt told the cashier he’ll paid instead. Matt picked up the man’s id of a big acounting firm. A group of woman strikes against Helen’s company. Tsung yelled at Mrs. Chow and pointed a cactus toward her. Matt told him he has a friend who wants to do an accounting business with him but he needs his number. Tsung put back the cactus and Matt grabbed him. Matt walked and talked to his brother about someone stole Tsung’s hard earned saving for graduate school and he became crazy.

Matt made a presentation about cyber con artist. Helen texted John to buy some gamecards. Helen waited for John for the conference. John arrived and showed her the play cards. The group of women arrived and showed her the play cards she whatsapp. Matt’s brother stood and made an announcements they are victims of online scams.

Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 16 recap

Ngan Fung saw the soldier hitting the han slave and she told the soldier to let him rest and put some bandage for him. The prince saw the two soldiers asking why does Ngan Fung cares for the Han. The prince got mad and ordered them to be beheaded.

The prince looked at the sword. The prince told the priest that Ngan Fung always wanted to be the general of the mongolia and her sifu told he that out of his students she is the smartest one whom learn the fastest. The priest said that Ngan Fung will master it faster than the Mongolians.  The priest apologized for blurting out. The priest said he followed Lai Bo Yee and he told out the secret to ruin their relationship. The priest warned the prince to be careful of Bo Yee. He gave him a pendant for good luck. The priest laughed that this pendant can suck the energy  and the prince took it as a treasure. The han slaves wondered why Ngan Fung distributed bowls of rice for them to work harder. The priest ordered the two slaves to run or they will be killed. As they run, the priest threw the sword at them killing them. The priest showed the sword to the prince.

Ngan Fung told the prince he can’t use a dirty tactic to torture the han slaves. Ngan Fung said they are righteous and won’t kill weak people without weapons. The prince told Bo Yee that he’s just a priest and doesn’t have a say in it. Bo Yee’s sword sensed a dark power, he uses his sword.  The priest ordered Bo Yee to be locked. The prince told Ngan Fung she is not completely wrong. They have to settle with the Hans. The priest promised Ngan Fung he won’t kill people recklessly. Ngan Fung asked the prince to forgive Bo Yee.  Bo Yee confronted about the deal of releasing the previous emperor.The prince told Bo Yee and the captain and the general to return to the Song. The prince ordered them to be locked.

The soldier told the prince that the second prince sacrificed the war which they’ve lost. The prince hugged the second prince’s body. The soldier told the prince that they had bad luck with the bad weather. Ngan Fung hugged her brother and cried. The priest told the prince that he has a feeling that they lost because someone ruined their fengshui. They dug the ground and found a coin of the Song. The priest thinks Bo Yee did it. Bo Yee told the servant and the captain that his sword sensed the dark power on the prince. It must be the priest wanting to use the prince to get rid of them.

The soldiers surrounded Bo Yee, the servant, and the captain and said each arrow contains poison. The prince showed Bo Yee the coin and asked him what is this. Bo Yee said he put the coin to relieve the dark power of the Mongols. If the Mongols didn’t attack the Hans then the prince wouldn’t be sacrificed. The prince asked if they don’t go to war, how can they win the land. The prince ordered Bo Yee to be behead tomorrow.

The priest hit the captain and the servant with a rope. The priest wants to soak Bo Yee with the salt in the rope. Ngan Fung came to the dungeon and told the priest if he wants to hit them then hit her. The prince cried and told Ngan Fung that her brother doesn’t deserve this. The maid told Ngan Fung that only her can help Bo Yee. Bo Yee, the captain, and the servant was about to be beheaded at the court.  Bo Yee requested the prince to let go to the captain and the servant.

Ngan Fung came and begged the prince not to kill Bo Yee because she has married him. Ngan Fung told Bo Yee that when they get married, he can leave to the Song. The prince told the priest he wants Bo Yee to stay by him to help him conquer.  The maid brought food to Bo Yee and told him that she cares for him and sacrificed a lot for him. Bo Yee came to Ngan Fung’s room and told her he has to officially marry her. Ngan Fung cried and hugged Bo Yee.

Tin Wah got promoted. The general got mad. The official told the other official that there are cohort of rebels in the palace. Tin Wah gave Bo Yee’s mother some gifts. Bo Yee’s mother encouraged Tin Wah of being a good official. Bo Yee’s mother gave Tin Wah a fur coat she sewed for him. Chiu Fung invited Bo Yee’s mother to go to temple to pray for Bo Yee. The Mongolian troops brought gift to Bo Yee’s mother and invited her to Bo Yee and Ngan Fung’s wedding. Chiu Fung denied and ran. Chiu Fung wondered why Bo Yee chose Ngan Fung over her. She tripped. She asked a stranger if she is very ugly. She asked some men if she let them be a prince, would they be willing to. Tin Wah kicked them. Tin Wah told Chiu Fung to hit him if she feels better to do so.

Chiu Fung drinks in the restaurant. Chiu Fung drinks and looked at the moon and told Tin Wah that the person she likes isn’t there for her while the person she doesn’t like keeps on bothering her. Chiu Fung said she has to find Bo Yee. She jumps down the restaurant and Tin Wah held on to her.

Chiu Fung told Tin Wah she can’t forget Bo Yee. Everything is good about Bo Yee. No one can replaces him. Tin Wah asked Chiu Fung who took care of her. Tin Wah told Chiu Fung he is fine as long as she is happy. She doesn’t have to love him but he hopes she has him in her mind. Tin Wah told Chiu Fung he did everything for her but she doesn’t have him in her heart. Tin Wah coughed. Chiu Fung asked Tin Wah he is hurt so why does he stills be with her. Chiu Fung apologized and asked if he is willing to be the prince.

Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 15 recap

Bo Yee pushed out the dagger. He replaces Ngan Fung to compete with the Mongolian captain. Bo Yee won within a few steps. The captain drinks and asked the priest if he has plans. Bo Yee and the captain sent in front of the mansion. Bo Yee sensed the set up of  fengshui and took out his sword and used his power to test. Bo Yee and the captain entered the mansion and they ended up in the sand and there’s fire surrounding them. Bo Yee uses his sword to eliminate the fire. Ngan Fung’s maid found a jade of Bo Yee and showed it to Ngan Fung.

Ngan Fung went with the two guards to return the jade to Bo Yee. Ngan Fung went in front of the mansion, a soldier got hit the lightning and choked himself to death. The other soldiers also choked himself to death. Ngan Fung yells. Bo Yee finished eliminating the fire. He went in the mansion. Ngan Fung came and told him she came here to return the jade. Bo Yee fought with the lights and Ngan Fung took the stab for her and fainted. She gave him the jade. Ngan Fung got in coma.

Bo Yee told the Mongolian Prince he knows the priest set up the fengshui to harm him. The Mongolian Captain came and told the prince that he ordered the priest to kill Bo Yee. He isn’t satisfied that Bo Yee got promoted as the general. The prince believes Bo Yee won’t harm the Mongols. The captain doesn’t want to land to be lost from a Han. The Mongolian Captain killed himself with a knife and told the prince to not easily trust the Hans. Bo Yee told the prince he believes the priest has a way to heal Ngan Fung.

The priest told told the prince and Bo Yee he can uses his power to go to Ngan Fung’s dream to save her. Bo Yee has the power to do that. The prince ordered the servant to do the funeral for the Mongolian Captain for three days and also spy on Bo Yee. Boo Yee drinks and worries about if he fails then and Ngan Fung will stay forever in the dream. The priest held the pill and is glad he has the chance to use the pill to transfer Bo Yee’s energy to his.

Lai Bo Yee uses his energy, and went in Ngan Fung’s dream. The priest went in Ngan Fung’s dream. Bo Yee fought withe priest and injured him. Bo Yee held Ngan Fung’s hand but got pushed by the wind. The soldiers begged Bo Yee to save Ngan Fung. The mute maid gave Bo Yee the paper with the birthdate of Ngan Fung hoping it will help him. She told him she’s not mute. Bo Yee uses his sword and uses is power on Ngan Fung. Ngan Fung wakes up and leans on Bo Yee. Bo Yee hung out in the lake with Ngan Fung. They went in a house hiding from the rain. Ching Mui went in the temple to pick up some medicine for an elder lady. She prayed in front of the statue hoping to see Bo Yee. Ching Mui asked a Mongolian soldier for Bo Yee. The soldier told her that Bo Yee wouldn’t notice a poor woman like her. The elder man gave some money to the soldier. The soldier told him he can leave and he kicked him.

The captain sadly saw the Mongolian troops happily return home from the war. The prince let Ngan Fung leads the troop. Ching Mui waved at Bo Yee but he didn’t see her. Bo Yee angrily asked Ngan Fung if she wants to attack the Song. He told her that he has investigated his date of birth that she is a han. He believes the mute maid knows her identity. Ngan Fung asked the maid who is she. The maid told her she is the daughter of a Song general. The Mongolians killed her parents. She picked her up.  The Mongolian Prince found her bright and can bring him luck so he adopted her.  The maid said she pretended to be mute so she can be alive. The maid gave her the jade with her date of birth on it. Ngan Fung ran and cried and denied she’s a Han.

Ngan Fung eavesdrop the soldiers raping some women and she yelled at them. Ngan Fung drinks. Bo Yee drinks with her and told Ngan Fung that the customers in this restaurant have different background.  Ngan Fung told the prince she doesn’t want to be the general anymore. Ngan Fung asked the prince why he hid from her she’s a han. She feels so uncomfortable after knowing her identity. The prince told her that it doesn’t matter if she’s a Han or a Mongolian, she is still his daughter.