HK-Korean Drama Expression

On Lie Game episode 2 recap

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The group of women told Helen that the costs of the game card is 80 grand. Matt discussed with his family that the coupon link is fake. Matt saw a white car. He looked at a newlywed and saw his ex Samantha helping them.

Matt drinks by the balcony and thought of them chatting she became a wedding planner. He thought of the time they rode a motorbike. Matt rode the motorbike and followed the truck. Hera bumped her car into his motorbike and apologized. Hera gave him her phone number and license plate and is willing to pay for the repairs. Matt called Hera and demanded 50 grand for the repairs. Hera came to the office and introduces herself as the new madam. Matt’s boss came and told him to introduce the colleagues. Afte the meeting, Matt told Hera he doesn’t take things personal and he only cares about her work. Matt treats his colleagues to lunch. Hera’s colleague looked and talked about the sergeant with a limp.

Mrs. Chow complained to the front desk about Helen being able to perform in the opera whereas they rejected her health appointment. Mrs.Chow seduced Mr.Chow hoping to bear hi ma child. Mr.Chow asked John some pills. Matt took his motorcycle to Stephen to fix and met Samantha. They chat. Helen and John watches Matt and Samantha.

During dinner, Helen worried Matt will get hurt by Samantha again. Matt told her that he and Samantha are just friends now. Matt drinks on the balcony and thought of Samantha giving him a pair of pendant from Japan and Matt gave her a ring. Matt looked at the ring.

Matt told Samantha he is selected to go to England for training and only five inspectors are selected. Matt told her the training will take a year. During the nine months training, Samantha texted she wants to see him. It’s been a month he passed the exam. Matt packed his clothes and gave Samantha a voice mail he is on his way to see her in Paris. Matt received a break up text from Samantha.

Hera chat with Coco and took pic of the ring Peter gave her. Hera took a picture of Peter and said the ring cost ten dollars and the picture can be found online and is not Peter. Hera asked Coco why does she still defend the person who has conned her.

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