On Lie Game episode 8 recap

Brian’s colleague told Brian to check the computer system. Samantha showed the loan flyers to Brenda which was posted in front of the company’s door. Brenda thinks Richard wants her to take up his loan. Samantha drove Brenda to see Richard. Brenda called Richard but he ignored her call. Richard told Brenda he doesn’t have money to pay and she signed the document so she’ll pay it. Brenda cried and told him he only saw her as his client and he has never loved her.Samantha slapped Richard and said he better take care of his debt or she’ll call the police. Brenda cried and asked Samantha if she is a fool. All the men she met has scammed her. She still love Richard. Samantha told her she still have her as a friend. She can learn a lesson.She went in a relationship without checking his background but luckily she found he’s a con man. Brenda smiled and remember it is Samantha’s birthday. Samantha received a bouquet of red roses and a necklace. Stephen called Samantha for her birthday.

Samantha went in Brenda’s house to celebrate her birthday. In the restroom, Samantha’s friends talked to each other that Stephen is in Shanghai but doesn’t make time to celebrate Samantha’s birthday. They checked Mrs.Kwan’s instagram and it is the similar pic that Stephen sent. Samantha got out of the restroom and cried in front of the mirror. She called Stephen but he didn’t answered. Samantha drinks a lot. One of Samantha’s friend brought a man with abs for her to dance with.

Samantha went outside and drink. Matt looked after her. She played in the rain. Matt put his jacket on her. Hin found a classic limited edition soundtrack at a store. The store owner gave him a discount for 1500 dollars. Matt’s brother put it back and told Hin he can buy it online. Hin told Matt’s brother he can skip a few meals for it. Hin bought the soundtrack. Hin and Matt’s brother went to the building. Some of the people striked and said his film company is closed. During dinner, Mrs.Chow’s husband gave Hin some money to help him. Mrs.Chow took it back. Hin saw a Mikami film scriptwriter job on the newspaper.

During the interview, the producer who is the triad leader Brother Lung gave Hin several days to write a love story. Kei came and asked the producer if Hin really believed that he’s the producer. In the spa, Kei talked to Brother Lung about Tin Chow left. Flashbacks of the gang burned the warehouse.

During breakfast, Matt sneezed. Matt’s brother eavesdrop on Matt reading Samantha’s text. Brenda visited Samantha and gave her a box of herbal tee and a bowl of congee. She told her that Matt told her to do. Stephen called Samantha that he can’t come home and has to stay in Shanghai for two more weeks.

Brian’s head Martin nitpicked on Brian for bringing a previous coworker Wah to get his files. At the bar, Brian sighed Martin is so arrogant to be wanting to be on the top.  Wah told Brian during the night    when he went to grab a cup of coffe, he saw Martin having an affair with his secretary Anna. Then  Martin’s wife came and slapped Anna. A few days later, Martin came with a security guard and fired him and accused him of messing the system. The security guard got fired and it turns out he was the one who told Martin’s wife about his affair. Tony greeted Brian at the bar.

Hera drove Brian home. She asked him to have dinner at a Japanese Restaurant tomorrow. Brian sighed to Hera he doesn’t know which website Martin visited causing the whole computers to be infected by virus. Helen found a girl who is Mr.Niu’s relative at a dance, a pretty girl.

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