Swordman Lai Bo Ye episode 18 recap

Tin Wah read the edict for the head captain to return the stamp. Tin Wah told Bo Yee that his mother is outside being a beggar. Tin Wah told Bo Yee he despise him because he is better than him at everything. Bo Yee asked Tin Wah why has he turned like this? Tin Wah told Bo Yee that they both know it is the end of the Song Dynasty. Bo Yee said he has to go against heaven and change the fate. Tin Wah told the priest he can handle Bo Yee the way he wanted.

A captain gave Bo Yee his sword. Bo Yee ran with his crew. The priest stopped them and said he has to bring Ngan Fung back in the palace. Ngan Fung got injured. Bo Yee threw a bomb and left. Bo Yee transfers energy to Ngan Fung. Ngan Fung laid down on Bo Yee’s arm and held Ching Mui and Bo Yee’s hands and said she had fun being with them but unfortunately she has to leave them. Ngan Fung died. Bo Yee did a funeral for Ching Mui.

Bo Yee told the lead general that he has used Fengshui that something bad will happen to him. He gave him a fortune paper for luck. Tin Wah told the majesty that the official should be sentenced to death. The majesty oredred the guards to spank the official a hundred times.

Ching Mui saw two boys begged people for food. She gave them some money. They left. Ching Mui found her bag of money missing. The boys brought food to Bo Yee’s mother. Ching Mui and her father went to the temple and saw Bo Yee’s mother and she was blind. Bo Yee’s mother told them she wandered around tripped down the mountain and fainted. The boys found a doctor and the doctor healed her without having them paid.

Bo Yee’s mother pray for Bo Yee. Bo Yee sat in the dungeon and saw the lead captain. The official read the edict of the captain will be executed.

Tin Wah surrounded and his soldiers surrounded Bo Yee and told him that his mother is in danger. Tin Wah told Bo Yee to leave. Bo Yee persist to go with him to the palace. The lead general bowed in front of the people that he has failed them. The people bowed and begged Bo Yee to help them.

At the court, Bo Yee told the majesty that the Mongolians was just impulsive in having a war with them. The priest accused Bo Yee of planning to escape from prison and causing the princess to be dead. Bo Yee confronted him of killing the princess. The majesty got angry and ordered Bo Yee to be locked and executed.

Chiu Yung visted Bo Yee in the dungeon and told him she’s been waiting for him to return. She can ask the majesty to forgive him and she’ll annul her marriage with Tin Wah. Bo Yee apologized that whoever is with him always have bad luck. He doesn’t deserve her love. She asked him if he has ever loved her. Chiu Yung cried and asked how can he marry Ngan Fung. Bo Yee warned her about marrying Tin Wah. Chiu Yung left and said he doesn’t need to care for her. Tin Wah and Chiu Yung gets married. The majesty told Chiu Yung that Tin Wah truly loves her and there’s nothing happier than being loved. Chiu Yung complained she doesn’t have feelings for him. The majesty told Chiu Yung that Bo Yee won’t like her. The majesty told Chiu Yung to accept Tin Wah.

Tin Wah got drunk and went in the room and looked at Chiu Yung and told her that his bride is so pretty! He is blessed to marry her. Tin Wah drinks with Chiu Yung. From the first time he met her, he already liked her and hoped he would stay with her for life. He thanked god for giving him a good wife. Tin Wah wants to sleep with Chiu Yung but she moved.

The priest warned the general that the majesty favors Tin Wah, and he wondered if Tin Wah has threatened him. The priest plans to teach Tin Wah his martial arts to suceed him. The priest did a spell and told Tin Wah to put this toad in the majesty’s room. The majesty has a dream of sleeping with his women and then their teeth bit him. He freaked out and woke up. The people read the news on the wall of increasing the tax. The general and Tin Wah gave the majesty a cup of human blood for him to drink. Tin Wah told the majesty he has to drink this cup for three days. The official bowed and plead the majesty to not kill innocent babies. Tin Wah told the official that just to save the majesty, sacrificing the lives of a few babies don’t matter.

The guard brought rice for the lead captain. The guard cried and said no one wants him to die. The captain told him to bring him paper and ink for him.

2 thoughts on “Swordman Lai Bo Ye episode 18 recap

  1. Hey jnewin, I don’t know if you remember me, I used to run Fala Chen World many years ago! I opened up a tvb site to recap on old/new series and was wondering if you’d like to become affiliates? Site link is: https://lilytotvb.blogspot.com/

    Its awesome that your site is still up and running!

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