On Lie Game episode 16 recap

Hin watched June’s father doing a funeral for June and putting her favorite doll. Hin apologized. Brother Lung asked Hin why does he keep on watching the same news clip about June. He didn’t point a gun at her to kill herself. Brother Lung’s member told HIn that people die everyday so he cry everyday? The important thing is they have money now. Brother Lung asked Hin to ask Samantha to give them one million dollars. Brother Lung told Hin that he wanted to have money to buy a flat for his parents.

Matt read the document of June log in a dating app called Love GPS. Hera said June recently chatted with Owen, who claimed to be in the army. He hides his IP address. Hera said June doesn’t have friends in real life but when she logs in the dating app, then many boys will talk to her. Matt and Hera and her team played basketball together. Their colleagues praised Matt and Hera as a great team. Hera’s father came and played with them. Hera’s father got hit in the eye. He said he didn’t see anything and he didn’t see the ball coming. The doctor told Hera and her father that he has cataracts and need to get surgery as soon as possible. The surgery costs 30,000 dollars. Hera told her father she will pay for him.

Brian went to his new job. While drinking with Hera, Brian told Hera that his boss Raymond do charities and is a hidden tycoon, he is looking forward to work for him and gain experience. Hin had a nightmare of following Samantha and she turned and it happens to be June and demanding him why did he lie to her. Hin woke up and freaked out and holding his money he got from June.

Brother Lung read the news of Matt warning about online dating scams. Brother Lung told his member that he already discuss with Master Lui and they may move their office to Indonesia. Hin brought a pack of money and gave to Brother Lung and wants to quit. The member beat Hin up. Brother Lung told Hin to get up. He begs him to convince Samantha and he will give him three hundred thousand dollars and he can leave. Hin apologized to Samantha that something happend in the ranch and the ranch owner wants to see him. Hin texted Samantha that the ranch owner doens’t want the ranch anymore. Hin texted Samantha he needs to buy the ranch to save the horses. He is still 200,000 Australian short. Hin asked Samantha if she can lend him a million dollar or if she can run the ranch with him.

Samantha asked Brenda for her opinion about lending money to a friend. Ms. Chan got angry and left her job. Ka Pik took her position as leading the association for John. Samantha asked the bank person about if she has a million dollar. Matt’s colleague told Matt he found the email Hin used to chat with June and it was also used to buy movie tickets twice. Samantha chatted with Hin. Samantha asked Hin about his horse Dice and if he can turn on the video chat. Hin replied he is not in the ranch right now. Brother Lung told Hin to say yes to Samantha. He can ask the model to video chat with her. Matt looked at the cam of Hin and other two members buying tickets in the cinema.

On Lie Game episode 15 recap

The horse breeder sent a pic of green rose to Samantha showing his love to her. Samantha cooked food and texted the horse breeder she is married and they are only friends. Horse breeder texted her he can’t stop thinking of her and will think of her from afar. Brian argues with Martin and left. Brian talked to his friend Sammuel and Sammuel’s friend Raymond gave his card hoping he will work for him.

Horse breeder sent a photo of his horse and texted Samantha that he needs 5,000 Australian dollars more to heal him. While Samantha is doing research on the illness, the horse breeder texted her that his horse fainted.

Hin received a message from Samantha that she will give him five thousand dollars to treat his horse. Hin chatted with Karen. Hin gave a member an advice of how to win girl’s heart, he look at Samantha’s friend Brenda’s social media and looked at her interests and interact with her. The member thinks Samantha is pretty cute. Hin said they can manipulate photos on app and everyone lies online.

Samantha’s friend asked Samantha to do her a favor by picking up medicine for her. Hin visited John and wanted to give him and his family a treat after his paycheck. Hin asked John for advice about accupuncture since he wants to write a movie about a female practitioner. Samantha went to pick up the pills for her friend. John introduced Hin to Samantha. Hin told her about he is writing a movie. Hin stared at Samantha while she pick up her friend. Matt’s brother kicked Hin and asked him to give her the medicine.

While playing video games, Hin asked Matt’s brother about Samantha. Matt’s brtoher said Samantha is very nice and helped them by giving them money. Matt’s brother asked Hin why did he ask, does he wants to woo her. He is onto married women.

Brother Lung told Hin that June wears cheap clothes, he suggests him to ask her for 300,000 dollars. Hin asked what if she doesn’t have the money. Brother Lun said last time they cheated one million dollars from a cashier. Brother Lung said Samantha is their most important. Hin sent June a text he really wants to meet her in Hongkong but he needs to send money to the army to find someone to take his place. Hin asked her to transfer 25,000 dollars to an indonesian account. Hin wondered if it’s that easy to deceive money. Ka Pik gave gifts to John and his friends.

June replied to Hin that she transfered 200,000 dollars on his account and he wondered where he is. Brother Lung told Hin to block her. Don’t fall for the girl. Get the money and get out and don’t let the cops track them. June cried that Owen won’t lie to her. June’s scold June that she is so frugal not buying clothes nor eating out and gave all her money to a guy she has never met. June cried and stood on top of the building. Hin has a dream of riding on a motorcycle with Samantha. Hin grabbed a drink of water in the morning and saw the news of June suicide. He dropped his cup and got a headache.

On Lie Game episode 14 recap

Hin went to his flat and the lights are out. During lunch, Hin asked John opinions on accupuncture since he wanted to write a script like Jewel in the Palace. Samantha and Brenda are having l’escargots for lunch. The horsebreeder sent an image of l’escargot he cooked to Samantha. Samantha is happy that the horsebreeder have the same tastes as her. Ada got promoted as a Senior wedding planner. Mrs. Au called Samantha that Counsel Hui would recommend customers to Ada so she thought she was a good fit to be promoted. Matt gave a ride to the groom to Samantha’s workplace. Samantha asked Matt if he can give her a ride. He hesitated and is busy.

Samantha woke up during the night and chatted with the horsebreeder. The horsebreeder told her that his horse was mad at him today. Samantha said even if you understand each other, you may not know what the other is thinking. It might be better to be direct as animals. In the cafeteria, Ching told Matt’s brother to sit aside, and he told Kelvin to sit next to her. They chatted about they bought a miner together and should go on a spa hotel. Their friends showed up and showed the news to Ching that Jon Stark denied of having attended any Hill Coin Seminars. People demanded their money back and reported to the cops.

Matt’s colleague found info of Jon Stark’s imposter is Jack Williams. Jack Williams saw a man exchange money for phones. He was about to lend his phones, then Hera and her team interrogated him. During the interrogation, Jack Williams told them that Master of Coin paid him 4,000 dollars to do a show for him. He was greedy and stole his phone. Matt’s colleague located where Master of Coin is through is phone. Master of Coin’s member Jimmy betrayed him and gave the bag of money to the gang. The gang beat him up and received a call from Mr.Fok to let him go since he’s happy.

The people threw food at Master of Coin’s mother and demanded her to return their money. Master of Coin cried and beg his mom to give him money. She told him she will go to the bank and get some money and she told him to wait in front of her pa’s grave. Matt and his team came to the grave. Master of Coin surrender and apologized to his mom. Matt invited his team to play basketball. Matt asked Hera she majored in I.T and what made her wanting to be a cop. Hera said her favorite drama was On the First Beat and she wanted to be one.

Mrs. Kwan flirted and deal with Director Liang. Director Liang signed the contract. Mrs.Kwan talk to Stephen about having Director Liang by their side. Mrs. Kwan kissed and slept with Stephen.

On Lie Game episode 13 recap

Master of Coin kicked his friend for saying he smells and gave him a pack of money for medicine. Master of Coin told his friend that he plans to have sales on miners.

Hera’s father cooked eggs and friends for breakfast, and noticed Hera looking upset. He told Hera he understands she faces investigation today, and if she has a clear conscience, she doesn’t need to fear it. Hera doesn’t understand how other people can attack her online. Matt’s boss showed the dash cam from a citizen of what happened. In the dash cam, they saw Master of Coin started the fight with her and he bumped his arm down the bin. They will charge Master of Coin for assault. Hera invited her team for a tea to celebrate. Hera talked to Matt about Master of Coins using miners to con money online.

Samantha yelled at her colleagues for ordering the wrong number of roses and putting the wrong dates. Ada left and said she has a headache. Samantha received a call that Counsel Hui didn’t like her attitude and would like to cancel the project. Samantha and her colleague got out of work and saw Counsel Hui kisses Ada.

The lights turned off. Samantha light on the candles. Stephen called Smantha and told her she can ask Matt told be her chauffeur. Daisy told him she saw her with Matt during the night at the bar. Samantha said she was drunk and Matt happens to take her home. Samantha asked him if she doesn’t trust her. Samantha argues with Stephen and put down her phone. Samantha received a text from her friend and he sent her a song to cheer her up.

Ada took over the project. Samantha’s boss told Samantha to let Ada take the project at the moment. Samantha received a text from a friend known as a horse breeder. He said he worked in a ranch. He gave up his master degree in philosophy and his girlfriend left him. Matt and his team discuss about Master of Coin’s motive of putting sales and ads.

Matt’s colleagues attended Master of Coin’s hill coin event and watching Jon Stark as a guest doing a speech. During the meeting, Hera showed a group photo of Jon Stark, and the Jon Stark in the Hill Coin event isn’t him. Samantha ignored Stephen’s text claiming she’s working. She chatted with the horsebreeder. Hin stayed up two days and night chatting with girls.