On Lie Game episode 16 recap

Hin watched June’s father doing a funeral for June and putting her favorite doll. Hin apologized. Brother Lung asked Hin why does he keep on watching the same news clip about June. He didn’t point a gun at her to kill herself. Brother Lung’s member told HIn that people die everyday so he cry everyday? The important thing is they have money now. Brother Lung asked Hin to ask Samantha to give them one million dollars. Brother Lung told Hin that he wanted to have money to buy a flat for his parents.

Matt read the document of June log in a dating app called Love GPS. Hera said June recently chatted with Owen, who claimed to be in the army. He hides his IP address. Hera said June doesn’t have friends in real life but when she logs in the dating app, then many boys will talk to her. Matt and Hera and her team played basketball together. Their colleagues praised Matt and Hera as a great team. Hera’s father came and played with them. Hera’s father got hit in the eye. He said he didn’t see anything and he didn’t see the ball coming. The doctor told Hera and her father that he has cataracts and need to get surgery as soon as possible. The surgery costs 30,000 dollars. Hera told her father she will pay for him.

Brian went to his new job. While drinking with Hera, Brian told Hera that his boss Raymond do charities and is a hidden tycoon, he is looking forward to work for him and gain experience. Hin had a nightmare of following Samantha and she turned and it happens to be June and demanding him why did he lie to her. Hin woke up and freaked out and holding his money he got from June.

Brother Lung read the news of Matt warning about online dating scams. Brother Lung told his member that he already discuss with Master Lui and they may move their office to Indonesia. Hin brought a pack of money and gave to Brother Lung and wants to quit. The member beat Hin up. Brother Lung told Hin to get up. He begs him to convince Samantha and he will give him three hundred thousand dollars and he can leave. Hin apologized to Samantha that something happend in the ranch and the ranch owner wants to see him. Hin texted Samantha that the ranch owner doens’t want the ranch anymore. Hin texted Samantha he needs to buy the ranch to save the horses. He is still 200,000 Australian short. Hin asked Samantha if she can lend him a million dollar or if she can run the ranch with him.

Samantha asked Brenda for her opinion about lending money to a friend. Ms. Chan got angry and left her job. Ka Pik took her position as leading the association for John. Samantha asked the bank person about if she has a million dollar. Matt’s colleague told Matt he found the email Hin used to chat with June and it was also used to buy movie tickets twice. Samantha chatted with Hin. Samantha asked Hin about his horse Dice and if he can turn on the video chat. Hin replied he is not in the ranch right now. Brother Lung told Hin to say yes to Samantha. He can ask the model to video chat with her. Matt looked at the cam of Hin and other two members buying tickets in the cinema.

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