Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 19 recap

The lead captain gave the manuel he written his strategies in to a guard. He hopes he would give it to a mutual person who cares about the people. The guard showed Bo Yee the manuel with the fortune telling paper. The lead captain is about to be beheaded. The official told the captain to sign the paper. The executor apologized to the lead captain he doesn’t want to. A hawk flew trying to stop the execution but it didn’t work. The lead captain got beheaded. The guards kneeled. Bo Yee did a spell and choked and wondered why heaven wants the captain to die. Bo Yee’s mother stayed in the official’s house. The official believes Bo Yee can heal the majesty.

In the cellar, Ching Mui believes Bo Yee can heal the majesty. Bo Yee yelled that he can’t heal the captain so why did he learned about Fengshui. Ching Mui told Bo Yee that he is the hope of the Song. Bo Yee doesn’t want to give them hope. Ching Mui asked him why does he give up so easily. His mother worked hard to see him although she is blind. Ching Mui told Bo Yee if he wants to see his mother, he has to find a way to leave this cellar.

The official suggests the majesty let Bo Yee heal him. Bo Yee uses his diagram to catch the spell. He found a jade under the majesty’s pillow and told him that someone been using a spell on him. Bo Yee reunites with his mother. The captain returned and wants to collaborate with Bo Yee against Tin Wah. Bo Yee apologized he already resign his post. He wishes to spend his time peacefully with his mother. The priest rushed the majesty to behead Bo Yee. he majesty hesitated and told him after he feels better, he will hand Bo Yee to him.

Chiu Yung puts on a coat on Tin Wah while he is working. She brought gingseng soup for him. As she took off his coat for him, she told him she heard from her maid that Bo Yee has been released. Tin Wah left. The official screamed. Bo Yee saw a purple bruise on the official’s back, and told Ching Ching and his mother that this plant is the cause of the disease. Bo Yee’s mother can’t believe Tin Wah would use the Fengshui to harm the official. Bo Yee asked Tin Wah if he set up the Fengshui. Tin Wah said even if he did it, it isn’t related to him.

Tin Wah persist to learn the dark martial arts in a month. He told the priest he is willing to suffer and lose organs for it. The priest broke Tin Wah’s organs. Tin Wah perform the martial arts. Tin Wah successfully perform the martial arts and told Chiu Yung he must have a duel with Bo Yee.

Bo Yee received a letter from Tin Wah to have a duel with him tomorrow. Chiu Yung visited Bo Yee and requested him not to harm Tin Wah. Though she couldn’t be with the one she loves, but she is blessed to have someone who loves her. Chiu Yung only has Tin Wah in her her. She can’t lose him. Bo Yee promised Chiu Yung that Tin Wah will be back safe. Tin Wah drinks and slapped Chiu Yung for seeing Bo Yee. Tin Wah said he is only Bo Yee’s replacement. Tin Wah is only satisfied if Bo Yee is dead. Bo Yee told Ching Ching he hopes he isn’t the one who ends up killing Tin Wah. Tin Wah has a duel with Bo Yee. Tin Wah fell off the clip. Chiu Yung cried and whined to Bo Yee why did he has to kill him. Bo Yee feels guilty of killing Tin Wah.

The general ordered the guards to guard the door He told the majesty that he has earned the guards respect. The general read and edict of allying with the Mongolian King Any order must be approved by the Mongols. The official threw a rock at the general.

On Lie Game episode 17 recap

Hin treated Matt’s family to dinner. Matt asked Hin what is his company’s name and who’s his boss. There’s not that many film firms in Hongkong. Matt told Hin how about he goes with his brother to visit him in his film firm tomorrow. Hin hesitated and said he has to send his story tomorrow. He left. The members hung out and chat with Hin that Brother Lung went to search for a model to be a ranch person. Hin asked if the woman refuses to give money unless she meets him. They said then they can kidnap her family for money.

Hin asked Brother Lung to be excused to leave. He went to the taxi and texted Samantha that Riding White Horse is fake. He is a scammer online cheating her money. He first had the intention of scamming her but after getting to know her he finds her a nice girl. He warned her not to go to Australian or she’ll be in danger. Don’t make friends online when she’s bored. Samantha went to the station and wanted to file a report. She showed her texts to Matt. Hin packed his stuff and called his mom and asked him to meet him at the pier with his dad. He wants to take a vacation. Hin left his love song record on Samantha’s desk.

While Hin walked to the pier, Brother Lung and his brother caught him and grab him in their van. Matt and Hera and the team discuss about Hin’s IP he used for his text. Brother Lung and his member took Hin to the harbor and tied him up. Brother Lung asked Hin why did he want to leave. Hin said he doesn’t want to do this anymore. The member pushed Hin’s face in the water and forced Hin to record the message that he did all the scamming alone. Brother Lung forced Hin to record a message he deserved to die. Hin apologized to his parents that he cheated money. Brother Lung and his member pushed Hin down the ocean. Matt and his team arrived at the harbor.

Matt grabbed Hin in the ocean. Brother Lung fought with. Matt pushed on to him and handcuff him. The building lights are off. Brother Lung’s member looked around. The receptionist opened the door. Hera and her team pointed a gun toward them.

Matt and his team cheers for solving the online scamming case. Hera said if Hin collaborate with the police, his sentence will be reduced. Matt said Hin’s only request is to see Samantha. At the station, Hin apologized to Samantha in person. Samantha asked Hin he meant to cheat her money but why did he apologize. Hin said he only wanted to work as a scriptwriter but didn’t know it will turn this way. He has toyed the feelings between two people. When she was most upset, she met him and thought god had sent a guardian angel to her. She told him her feelings but she thanked him of telling her all these are fake. His dad has a surgery and he tried to borrow money from the finance company but was beaten up. His boss gave him money but forced him to do it. He treated it like a job and wanted to repay his boss sooner. He then met her and found out she is a really kind girl. He realized he has hurt her. He got June killed too. Matt told Hin he made a mistake but he got a long road ahead. He hopes he will make use of his talent and write a be a good script writer. Hin asked Samantha if she can forgive him. She hesitated and said at the moment she can’t.

Samantha wondered why she was so foolish and trusted people easily. Matt told her that if he was responsible for this as a friend. If he asked her how she’s doing , this wouldn’t have happened. Many people know there are frausters but they are still being deceived. Matt told her she is actually smart. She has helped Hin and the police a lot.

Brenda told Samantha she couldn’t believe she got deceived by Sai Hin though she is smart. She told her she was cheated mentally and did nothing wrong. Samantha said it was pure friendship and they chatted only. Brenda told her she should never tell Stephen about it. Samantha said she will find an appropriate time to tell him. Stephen huged Samantha and said he will be busy with his new business. He would like to go to France with her while he has time.

Mrs. Chow looked at the news and wondered why Hin went this path. Hin sent a letter to John and Helen. Matt’s brother read his letter that he did something wrong and was greedy. He’ll play video games with him when he gets out. He will carry on his scriptwriting and maybe be famous because of this script.

Brian is happy that Taiwan did business with his firm. Hera’s father looking at the flyer and told Matt he’s planning to invest fund.