On Lie Game episode 18 recap

Matt and his brother took a walk. Matt’s brother looked at Kapik who Matt’s mother wants to introduced to Matt. Ka Pik introduced a fragrance. Helen suggests Ka Pik to put it on Matt. Helen asked Matt’s brother to give up his seat to Ka Pik. Matt told his mother he has to go to the washroom. Matt played the kite. His kite broke. Matt’s parents told him that if the kite broke, he should find a new one. Matt’s parents saw Ka Pik flying a kite and told Matt to fly with her. They took photos of Matt and Ka Pik flying a kite together.

Ka Pik volunteered to take ticket payments for John’s organization. Hera dressed up and went with Brian to his boss’s party. Brian received and award for his company and gave a speech. Hera heard some men saying that Raymond bought this award for Brian. Hera chat with Brian that she overheard that Raymond bought the award. Brian asked Hera if she doesn’t believe he’s capable of winning the ward. He teases her giving the award for being his best girlfriend.

Samantha saw Mrs.Kwan holding Stephen’s hand. Stephen saw Samantha and let go of Mrs.Kwan’s hand. The accountant told Stephen that Samantha planned to withdraw a million dollars but then decided not to withdraw and he wonders if she’s wanting to invest in a new company.

Stephen and Samantha went home. Samantha asked Stephen about Miss Kwan holding his hand. Stephen told Samantha that this is his big day, and if she’s going to give him an award. Samantha sadly left to her room. Stephen checked Samantha’s phone and looked at her texts with Hin the white horse. Stephen confronted Samantha about her relationship with the white horse and she cheated on him. Samantha cried and whined that he is never home and she was always bored. Stephen said he worked hard to give her a better life. Samantha said she only wants a simple life and someone to keep her company. Stephen asked Samantha if Matt knows about it. Samantha said she almost got deceived and reported to Matt. Stephen told Samantha she kept many things from him and what’s the point of being husband and wife. Michael drinks in his office. Mrs. Kwan called Samantha and told her that Stephen got drunk. Mrs.Kwan seduced Stephen. Samantha saw Stephen and Mrs.Kwan made out. Samantha cried and drove. Samantha drove and almost bumped into a man’s car. Samantha called Matt that engine wouldn’t start. Samantha cried and told Matt that she saw Stephen making out with Mary.

Samantha asked Matt if he knows why she wanted to become a wedding planner. Matt told her that the blessing and happiness of people getting married. Samantha said she thought she could get the same happiness but she was dreaming. Samantha cried and said many girls are envious of her having a romantic husband but she is envious of them more.jWhen they are happy, someone would laugh with them. When they are upset, they got someone to lean a shoulder on. But what about her, no one cares about her. Is she happy today and is her life good? She told Matt she feels happy running into him because he understands her. But her husband doesn’t like that. When she’s unhappy she tries to not calling him. Samantha cried and said she talks to herself at home. He said there’s nothing between Mary and him but he has to let her see this scene. Samantha packed her stuff and asked Stephen why did he do it. Stephen told Samantha she doesn’t have to leave, he will leave.

Matt’s colleague gave Hera his wedding invitation. Hera told him she would like to switch places with the bridesmaid and the bridesmaid can be a maid of honor since she is not well acquainted with the bride. Brian does business in Taiwan. The businessman asked Brian if he wants to run his own business.