On Lie Game episode 19 recap

Brian brought Taiwanese takeout. Brian told Hera’s father that Raymond let him have 20 percent of his shares. Brian’s uncle told Brian that the company will give him 15 million dollars but if he gets married, they will give him five more millions.

Ka Ping gave Helen two opera tickets. Helen called Matt that she got the opera tickets. Ka Ping came with the tickets and gave it to Matt in the cafeteria. Matt’s colleague looked at Ka Ping and told Matt to give Ka Ping a chance. Matt gave his colleague the tickets. Matt gave Ka Ping a cup of milk teas. Ka Ping said she doesn’t drink milk teas. Matt told Ka Ping if she she doesn’t like it, then don’t force herself. Matt told Ka Pik she is not his type, and he apologized and it was his mother’s idea. Ka Pik said he is not his type either and she is seeing someone but Helen is nice to her so she couldn’t say no.

Helen’s friend followed her husband. Helen and her friend saw her husband with Ka Ping. The husband told Helen’s friend they got two opera tickets. Helen asked Ka Ping about if Matt treated her some drinks after giving her opera tickets. Ka Ping said Matt took the two tickets and left.

Ka Ping told the husband they were almost got caught. The husband gave Ka Ping some money but Ka Ping counted it is not enough for her. The husband asked Ka Ping if she likes Matt. Ka Ping asked the husband that he currently is keeping 100 tickets and he’s not afraid if John will find out. The husband asked Ka Pik if he deserves a kiss for coming up with this idea.

Samantha had a nightmare of Stephen making out with Mrs. Kwan. She woke up and took some pills. Matt’s colleague kissed his bride. Hera received the flowers.

During Matt’s colleague’s wedding, Brenda told Matt Samantha haven’t showed up during their case at work. Matt and Brenda went to Samantha’s house and found her laying in bed fainting. At the hospital, Samantha told Matt she thought of Stephen making out with Mrs. Kwan. She worked all day to forget the scene. She took many sleeping pills and the nightmare occurs and she woke up. The phone rang. Matt told Samantha to talk to Stephen instead of running away.

Stephen looked at the wedding photo of him and Samantha. Mrs.Kwan showed Stephen their bank account. Stephen asked Mrs. Kwan about her doing business against Mr. Fok. Mrs. Kwan sat on Stephen’s lap and intimately seduced him. Stephen left and told Mrs.Kwan to cover her position or she’ll have no money to pay Mr.Fok. Stephen received a call from Matt.

Matt’s colleague and his wife sing karaoke together. Then Brian started singing and gave her on the micro and gave Hera a bouquet of flowers and proposed to her.

Stephen visited Samantha in the hospital and apologized to her and said Matt told him everything. Stephen asked Samantha to forgive him. Samantha said she can’t forget the scene and and don’t know how to forget. Stephen told Samantha she is the love of his life. He can give up the company for her and he broke up with Mrs. Kwan. He finds out without her by his side, nothing is important to him. She is the most important to him. It is their fourth wedding anniversary in two days and he will go home to take her to have a celebration.

During dinner, Uncle Ryan asked Hera if she plans to quit her job and stay home. He urges them to get married as soon as possible, she doesn’t know how much her wedding is worth. Hera went home and got mad at Brian for using their wedding as an investment. Hera’s father gave Brian a suggestion of he will give him three million of his retirement money for him to add.

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