On Lie Game episode 20 recap

Samantha thought of what Stephen said about picking her up. Samantha laid on the couch and received an apology text from Stephen he won’t come and let’s get a divorce. Matt grabbed Samantha on the beach. Samantha showed him the broken sea shells. Matt told Samantha they used to compete on finding the most beautiful shell. Samantha said she longed to find the flawless love. There are so many broken marriages, she hopes it won’t happen to her but it did. Samantha wondered if she did something wrong that her husband wants to divorce her. She thought she could start anew but why. Samantha told Matt to go with him to talk to Stephen. Brian picked up Hera from work. By the harbor, Brian told Hera he will tell his uncle after they get married, she can continued working as a cop. Hera argues with Brian about proposing to her for the five million fund. Brian asked Hera if she thinks he will sell her out for money. Hera told Brian she doesn’t know when he’s telling the truth or lying. Brian asked Hera if she doesn’t trust him. Brian said he will tell uncle he will not with draw five millions. He just wants to marry her. Brian jumped on the sea to show his sincerity. Brian told her he really wants to marry her. Hera told him she believes her and to get up. Brian told her she will be his other half from now on. Hera told him she won’t resign as a cop. If he wants to be a shareholder, she will support him. Brian becomes the Ceo of his company.

Stephen told Samantha to sign the divorce document. She can also say he has committed adultery. Samantha slapped Stephen. Stephen said he loves Mary that much to divorce her. Samantha cried and signed the document. Flashbacks of Stephen holding a ring and reserved a table by the piano facing the window. He also asked for the violinist to play while he gives Samantha the ring. Stephen looked at the computer, the stock went down. Mary took all his money from his account and messaged him she left Hongkong. Mr.Fok’s men beat Stephen up for taking money from his stock and sell them. Mr.Fok threaten Stephen if he can’t pay back his debt, then his wife will have to pay for it. Mr.Fork asked Stephen to do a business with him then his wife will be fine. Stephen signed the divorce paper.

Matt gave Samantha a cup of water. He told Samantha to cry and it will make her feel better. Samantha cried and told Matt she’s tired. Samantha told Matt she wants to move.

The husband hugged Ka Ping and she avoids him. She told him that they have made 30k by selling. The husband bought a necklace. His wife opened the shirt for her husband. The husband told her to sit down and watch tv since she looks tired. He hid the necklace in the box and told he he will fix the toilet. The wife looked in the box and saw a nekclace and smiled and thinking he bought for her birthday. The husband gave Ka Ping a necklace. She whined it is so thin.

Eric told Brian that Mr.Hon wants him to deliver the cyber security system to him. Samantha drinks with Brenda and said she only wants to focus on her work. While dining in a restaurant, Brenda showed Samantha a clip that her friend sent her of Ada being beaten up by Mrs.Hui after finding out she had an affair with her husband. Mrs.Au told Samantha that Ada has resigned. Samantha told Mrs.Au she wants to resign too. She wants to leave to another place.

Samantha and Matt look at the flat. Samantha told the landlord she is not looking for one at the moment. Samantha told Matt that Mrs. Au is planning to transfer her to Beijing. Matt drinks with John on the balcony. John told Matt he wouldn’t want to miss his chance to be with Samantha again.

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