Debts of a Lifetime episode 1 recap

Jackie made out with a woman during a party. Gordon asked Jackie to lend 600,000 dollars to his uncle. The woman sat on Jackie’s lap and asked him how would he explain to her fiance at the party. Gigi’s friend hesitated and told Gigi that she saw Jackie bringing a woman to his room. Jackie introduced his brother in law to the woman. Jackie introduced Gigi to Mr.Brown and told Law Lok Lam that no one can compete with their company. As Jackie and Gig cut their wedding cake, the guest asked them to kiss each other. During the meeting, Jackie made an announcement he would sell a project. He will use the remaining 30 million dollars to use the two flats to build two offices.

Mary lost gambling and bumped into Ben. Mary screamed for help and told the villagers to find the lecher. The manager told Marco, who works in the warehouse he doesn’t need to show up today or tomorrow. Hilary introduced the cosmetic to a lady and whined that she tried to sell but couldn’t, if she were married to a rich man she wouldn’t have to sell. Hilary called her boyfriend. She hid by the table and saw her boyfriend going out with a girl. Hilary hit her boyfriend and broke up wit him. Mary told Hilary that thirteen men fell for her but she chose her father who is poor and don’t give her any money. She worked hard to raise her. Hilary told Marco she has the beauty and the age. Jackie talked to Gigi on the phone then rant to Gordon that women are a hassle. Marco got an interview as a secretary in a company. Mary and the villagers discuss about someone wants to buy their flat. They want to give a strike.

Law Lok Sam sighed to Gigi about the company is sold to another person and she is getting married to another family name. Jackie gave Gigi a drink and said he has reserved this restaurant.

Jackie sat with Gigi and said he plans to travel with her tomorrow. He said he doesn’t like looking at files all day. He plans to travel with her after they get married. Jackie joins the board.He told Law Lok Lam to not worry and let him the youngster handle the business. While Jackie dines with Gigi at the restaurant, the waiter told him that there’s issue with the project and they need him to come. Marco got a job as a chauffeur and picked up Gigi. At the bar, Jackie told Gordon he needs to work harder on the projects. Law Lok Lam doesn’t trust him. He trusts Gordon the most and told him to try. Jackie looked at an old building.

An elder guy looked at Jackie and followed him thinking he is his lost son and he almost got hit by a van. A group of robbers knocked on Jackie and he fainted. A pervert followed Hilary. She stood by the corner and knocked him with a brick. Jackie fainted. The elder man picked him up home. The elder man claims Jackie as his son. Jackie said his head hurts and he can’t remember anything. The elder man showed Jackie old photos of him.

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