Battle of Seven Sisters episode 2 recap

Lin Xia Wei was about to slap Priscilla but Gilbert stopped her. Gilbert gave Priscilla and Lin Xia Wei the letters and said their father wishes is them to fulfill them then they can inherit his assets. Lin Xia Wei tore the paper and said ever since she lived with her mom, she has nothing to do with her dad and Priscilla. Priscilla told Gilbert he already did his job as a lawyer. Samantha took her friend to the street and screamed. Lin Xia Wei threw a bucket of poop at Priscilla. Samantha looked at her car with spray paint Bitch. Her friend told her not to call him anymore. Lin Xia Wei looked at the harbor and thought of her husband. Lin Xia Wei do chores. Lin Xia Wei was about to cut herself but the cat meow.

Samantha held a hammer and tried to hit her boyfriend. Samantha picked up a boy from school and a man stopped her and asked her to let him in. He told her he met a girl at a casino, and they slept for two nights. He showed Samantha his scar on the back she did to him. Samantha let him stay in her van.instead of in her flat.

Lin Xiao Wei confronted the customer and paid the bag of rice for 35 dollars, she told her it is forcing customers to buy more if she buys two for seventy dollars. She will pay 35 dollars instead of 45 dollars. for one. If she has a problem, she can call the police. Lin Xia Wei’s boy friend paid the cashier 10 extra dollars for her. A man put a chair in the middle of the road. Lin Xia Wei took the chair away and told him he can’t stop others from parking in this place. Lin Xia Wei held her phone and asked him to hit her. Lin Xia’s boyfriend stopped her. The man found his friend’s jade and wanted to borrow it. Samantha told him to put it down, she will give him a lift.

During the ride, the guy’s boyfriend spray paint on Samantha’s car. The guy’s girl grabbed the guy’s neck. Samantha yelled at her for spraying paint on her car. The girl called Samantha a slut. She threw a bottle of glass at the guy’s eye. Samantha used a hose and sprayed water on her. She pushed her and checked out on the guy. In the hospital, the cops asked Samantha to come to interrogation for the case of assaulting a girl.

Gilbert’s student Jasmine came and showed Priscilla the letter and told her that her father worked hard and she was angry at not seeing him much and now she regrets. Priscilla left and said she made up such a story. Jasmine ran and followed Priscilla and told her that what she said was the truth and hope she accepts the letter. Priscilla accepted the letter. Jasmine called Gilbert that she made it. Priscilla’s assistant told Priscilla about the lawyer who took Samantha’s case. Priscilla read her father’s letter hoping she would let go of her grudges of him and some of her sisters have never met him. He hopes she would find her fifth sister. Then she can inherit his asset.

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