Battle of Seven Sisters episode 3 recap

The lawyer told Samantha to plead guilty and he can plead the judge for sentence reduction. Samantha told him she doesn’t need his help. Samantha complained there’s no good cheap lawyers. Ben interrogated the girl at the court and asked her which hand did Samantha used the bottle to stab her. If she used her right hand to stab then she would have gotten hurt on the left side but she got hurt on the right side of her head. Ben asked the girl if she was the one who stabbed Samantha and she pushed her out of defense and she accused her of injuring her. The girl said she wanted Samantha dead since she stole her boyfriend and she’s lucky the glass didn’t kill her. Ben called Priscilla that Samantha got released. Priscilla thanked her.

The girl came in motorcycle and brought roses to the guy. The girl told him and Samantha that she won’t bother them again and she doesn’t mind if they get married. Samantha told her that she is not related to that guy. The girl hugged Samantha and said if she loves him, she can’t hurt the woman he loves. She told her she needs to broaden her horizon, there are better guys than him. The girl told him that he must treat Samantha right or she won’t forgive him.

Samantha gave Helen two egg sandwiches and asked her to compete with her to eat. Samantha told Priscilla that their mother only recognizes her, and don’t recognize her. Priscilla told Samantha she should spend more time with Helen. Samantha asked Priscilla if she thinks college will make her smarter, she only cares about making money from her client. Priscilla told Samantha she would have been in jail if it wasn’t of her. Samantha told her she doesn’t owe anyone and she will pay her as soon as possible. Priscilla drinks

. Joel received a call from his wife to go home for dinner. She gave two diamond necklaces for Joel’ to give to his daughter and wife birthdays. Joel and Priscilla kissed each other.. Samantha meets with Gilbert. Gilbert told Samantha that she’s the one that her father loves the most but why she didn’t attend his funeral.

Samantha sat on the bridge and read The Legend of Condor Heroes novel. She thanked her father for reading wuxia novels before she went to bed. She’ll continue writing and someday she’ll write something good. Gilbert gave Samantha a letter from her father. Samantha read the letter that he wanted her to help her lost sister who’s gone through depression to gain some weight.Then she will inherit 10 million dollars from him. Lin Xia Wei rejected her staff proposals during the meeting.< She confronted a client for not paying this month’s membership fee. Lin Xia wei’s boss asked her why did she changed her attitude.Lin Xia Wei visited her husband’s funeral. Samantha asked Lin Xia Wei to sit with her on the stairs.< !– Samantha cried and told her that everytime she visited her mother in law, she misses how she used to be sweet to her.. She also misses her boyfriend. – Samantha told her that her boyfriend traveled for business and died in a car accident.-

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