Battle of Seven Sisters episode 4 recap

Samantha drank tea with Lin Xia Wei. Lin Xia Wei’s boss gave Lin Xia Wei a cheque to pay for her brother in law’s mortgage. Lin Xia Wei stands up and told her boss that ever since her husband die, she hated people showing her sympathy and it reminds how miserable she is. Lin Xia Wei met up with Gilbert in his office and read his father’s wishes. Lin Xia Wei asked Gilbert why would she do a stupid thing helping her sister finding a husband. Gilbert said if she does it, she will earn 10 million dollars. Priscilla told her assistant to gather information of Law Ka Ping’s siblings. Brother Shun called Samantha. He told her he’s not dead and will call her later. While giving Lin Xia Wei a ride, Samantha told her that she received a call from her boyfriend, she got really scared receiving his call and wasn’t happy. She used to love him so much but when he came back, she doesn’t know what to do. Lin Xia Wei told her she’s lucky, not everyone is lucky like her.

Gilbert’s student gave Lin Xia Wei her sister’s cv and personal info. Lin Xia Wei watches the acrobat and gave photos of Priscilla to her boss tat she’s on a stupid mission but she needs that 2 million dollars. Lin Xia Wei told him to sleep with Priscilla and marry her. After the court, Mr. Law got mad and told Priscilla to say objection and not let their opponent do all the talking. He can’t lost this case. Priscilla looked at the document and asked Mrs. Law if she was there when Mr. Law invited some friends to her house. In the mid festival 2018, Mr.Law invited the higher ups for hotpot, he got food poisoning due to raw meats. Mrs. Law got mad and wants to play mahjong. Priscilla told Mr.Law that they will attack him in the court. Priscilla asked her if she remembered what happened to her sister Law Ka Man in 2011. On April 2011, she went on a vacation in American and came back 50 days later. Mr. Law said he remembered their company was in chaos. Priscilla treated her assistant to dinner in a restaurant and told him he has three minutes to finish the meal or he’ll have to pay for the meal. During the meeting, Priscilla asked Mrs.Law’s sister to sign the transfer agreement. Mr.Law’s sister thought of when she told her brother she had an abortion in America and her husband can’t find out. The brother told Mr.Law before their dad died, he told them to stick together and not fight over the will and he can’t even keep is one wishes.

Priscilla got upset. Priscilla’s assistant showed the letter and flowers sent by her admirer. She told him to put them in a vase. Lin Xia Wei’s boss gave Priscilla a bouquet of flowers. Priscilla’s assistant brought all the flowers. Priscilla told Lin Xia Wei’s boss to stop sending her flowers or she’ll sue her for harassment. Lin Xia Wei’s boss told Lin Xia Wei that Priscilla is not an easy woman, it’s going to be really hard to find a guy for her. Lin Xia Wei told him that the most popular platform is dating sites right now. She created an account.

Priscilla went home and freaked out seeing a clown. She read the letter. Karman, her sister hugged her in the restaurant. Samantha came and joined them for dinner. Karman played the piano. Priscilla told Karman that their father has a daughter with another woman. Brother Shun knocked on the door and hugged Samantha and her friend.

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