Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber 2003 episode 3 scene

The sect leader told his son he believes that Yang Xiao won’t be back since he won’t return to get the medicine for a girl. Yang Xiao stole the medicine from the sect to heal Ji Xiaofu. Ji Xiao Fu’s sister told Ji Xiao Fu to poison Yang Xiao under her sifu’s order and she is sure she won’t rebel against her sifu. Ji Xiao Fu puts some powder in Yang Xiao’s food while went a way for awhile. Yang Xiao fainted. Ji Xiao Fu gave the saber to her sister. She ran in the woods and regrets hurting him. He has saved her but she has hurt him. Ji Xiao Fu was about to jump down the stream and die and Yang Xiao caught her.

Ji Xiao Fu cried and asked Yang Xiao if he knows she did poison him why does he still follows her. He told her it’s because he loves her. She told her he doesn’t deserve him and already arranged marriage with another guy. She told him she hates him. Yang Xiao grabbed her and kisses her.

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