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Barrack Karma episode 13 recap

6 Wing took a shower with a girl he met from the bar Amy. There was a strange sound.  6Wing talk to Jazz about having sex with a girl but the hard part is dumping the girl. Two girls gossipped about Carmen working all day and end up like an old maid. 6 Wing looked at girls in the wedding banquet of Amy.  She met Carmen, an old friend.  He asked her where’s her husband. Carmen told him her boyfriend is doing a charity event and will pick her up later. Amy made an announcement, she wants Carmen to have the bouquet of flowers. She has never seen her dating after work. In the restroom, Carmen heard the girls in the restroom talked about having a date with 6Wing. They found their true love the next day after having sex with him. 6 Wing went in the elevator with Carmen, and the girls went in with him.

Selena sighed to Joel that Mia haven’t called her after going to the competition. Joel asked Selena what’s her dream. Selena said she wants to see buckwheat flowers. There’s a buckwheat field in Korea. Selena told Joel sometimes we are in the right place but not the right time, but right time but not the right person. Joel sighed the timing is not right. Joel told Selena she flies from time to time so it’s hard to see her. The floors leaked. Selena couldn’t wash it. Joel came and flushed the toilet and said the toilet was drained. Joel wiped the floor. Selena hugged Joel and said thankfully he’s there; she was so scared. Selena told Joel she thought he was a bit stubborn but now she finds him sexy. Lau Kong looked at the two drawings of Selena which Joel drew. Joel checked the basement and thought of his past with Selena and got a headache. Joel cried and wondered what can he do.  Ching Ching’s friend told Ching Ching to go for 6Wing so she can marry a rich guy and she can dump Raj. Carmen told Ching Ching’s friend she has low IQ and shouldn’t believe 6Wing. Carmen said she is 6Wing’s college school mate.

Selena told Joel she has poor memory, she doesn’t remember what she has done, Joel told Selena even if her memory is poor, she must remember who he is. Selena told Joel she remembered Sister Yuki told her to buy her a mask, skincare product, and massage stick in Korea. Now it’s time for her to pay back. Joel told Selena he will pay her instead. Selena went and asked Sister Yuki. Joel came and said there’s cockroaches. Selena saw  Amy walking out of the room, and 6Wing is in it. Selena was surprised seeing Amy shined. Selena told Joel that the girls are using 6Wing, and they get happiness. Shui introduced 6Wing to the tourists. The women followed 6Wing. Joel lead them to a different direction. Carmen watches two girls fighting for 6Wing at the bar. 6Wing told Carmen that he is golden boy and has girls going for him and he shouldn’t go back to his old date. Carmen told 6Wing he’s not young anymore. 6Wing said he can die alone at home without anyone knowing. Carmen left and cried. 6Wing followed her.

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Against the Blade of Honour episode 20 recap (Finale)

Mo Ming wandered around and found a restaurant under his name. Mo Ming tastes the tofu and recognizes it. He wants to see the owner. Ding Pang does the funeral for one hundred and eight of the sect members. The servant told Mo Ming that their boss will welcome him. He always have a talk with them during the full moon which tonight there is. Ding Pang told the victims in his restaurant that anyone who comes here must forget the duel. Mo Ming didn’t see his face but he believes that person isn’t Ding Pang since there was no sense of evil. Mo Ming saw Ding Pang’s son has the pink string. Mo Ming asked him about his age. Ding Pang’s son said his father always visit this grave of seven hundred people. Mo Ming asked Ding Pang’s son who is father. Ding Pang’s son wrote on Mo Ming’s hand the word Ding.

The member told Mo Ming he knows he came here with a motive. The member told him that all the members has a goal to come here, and he ‘s here to find someone. The member told Mo Ming that this place is their last peaceful place and he helps he doesn’t disturb them. Mo Ming asked the members if they know who has killed three hundred and eight people in one day. The member doesn’t want to know and asked him there’s always a duel and is there a quiet place they can stay.


A member asked Mo Ming to heal Ching Ching’s eyes. As King Mo Ming leave,  Ding Pang asked him to stop. If he isn’t mistaken he is Mo Ming. Mo Ming asked Ding Pang if he thinks that opening this restaurant, he can forget what happened in the past. Ding Pang said for the past ten years, he has a dream of killing everyone. He opened this restaurant to help the people who deserved to be dead. After ten years, he will leave this place. Ding Pang brought Mo Ming to Ching Ching. Mo Ming said he has worked hard to be a doctor. He can heal her eyes in ten days. Ching Ching tries to open her eyes but the sun shine so bright. Mo Ming said she needs a few more days till she can see.

Ching Ching’s father arrived and told Ding Pang that he has searched for him in ten years. His goal is to let him run the sect but he left. Ding Pang told Ching Ching’s father he won’t help him kill anymore people. Ching Ching’s father told Ding Pang to give him the saber. Mo Ming told Ding Pang that Ching Ching can see in three days. Ding Pang asked Mo Ming if he likes this place. He has ruined his relationship with him and Siu Yuk. If he likes this place, he can give it to him. Ding Pang assures Ching Ching that whatever happens, he will let her live a peaceful life. Ding Pang told Ching Ching that her father came and asked him for the blade. Ching Ching knows a way to let the blade stay in peace. Ding Pang dug out the blade.

It’s the tenth day, Ching Ching wants the person she see is Ding Pang. Ching Ching opened her eyes and touched Ding Pang’s face. Ding Pang said he promised that if she can see again, he will repay for the victims. Ding Pang cheers with the members for staying in this peaceful house. Ding Pang had a duel, and it turns out to be Ching Ching Ching. Ching Ching got injured and told Ding Pang that to remove the evilness of the blade, he must use the blood of the person he loves the most. Ching Ching doesn’t know if this will work but she doesn’t want he and her father fight each other. Ding Pang carried Ching Ching to Mo Ming. Mo Ming told Ding Pang that Ching Ching has passed away. Ding Pang told Mo Ming to bury Ching Ching, and take care of the restaurant and his son for him.

Ding Pang is surprised that Ching Ching’s father didn’t care about Ching Ching’s death. Ching Ching’s father asked Ding Pang where’s the blade. Ding Pang and Ching Ching’s father has a duel for three days. They disappeared. Some jumped together down the cliff, some people thinks they killed each other, and some thinks they collaborated together for a big plan. Mo Ming becomes the boss of the restaurant.

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Barrack Karma episode 12 recap

Selena waited for Joel at the restaurant.  She called him and Joel’s coworker told her that Joel is working in the police station. Selena left. Joel ran and catch up with Selena and apologized he had to make an arrest. Selena told Joel she wanted to be alone but keep on seeing him in her dream. Joel told Selena that Brother Hung bribed some official and he will be release. Joel said he didn’t want her to be affected. Joel told Selena that he will protect her. They can runaway wherever she wants and watch the meteor shower together. Lau Kong played the erhu and wondered if Selena remember this tune.

Mr.Yau introduced the neighbor to Clare. Clire asked him to take selfies with her to promote his design. The neighbor got mad and threw the cardboard arts at them. Mia came and took a selfie with Clare. The neighbor looked at the holes on the wall and realized that KOL stands for King of Lies and Mia must be destroyed. Six Wing and Jazz read online that Mia is exposed as she lied about being best friend with Clare. Mia received unfollowed from her fans. Mia went live that she wore fake designer brands and her room is small. The airport and travel snaps were sent by her flight attendant friend. Mia cuts her hair. She said she did everything to earn likes. She will disappear and starts a new life again. She hopes they will like her.

The neighbor thought of Mia and had a dream of Mia telling her that without his mirror he is garbage. The neighbor eavesdrop on Mia practiced to be in the singing audition. Mia received a red bean soup delivery from the neighbor. Mia did singing audition. She said she joined King of Likes to receive more likes but now she knows she wants to be a singer. Mia came in the neighbor’s flat being drunk. The neighbor tried to kiss Mia while she’s drunk on the bed. Mia noticed a hole on her arm bandage. Mia cried and said her mother sewed this pair of rabbit socks for her. She worked hard on sewing with her poor eyesight. She turned blind. She hasn’t given her mom any money. She needs to get a job. The neighbor looked at his dress shirt and talk about following the trend in front of Mia. Mia sings in front of the petition. Mia won the petition to go to Korea to be a singer.

Mia asked Joel about the new neighbor. Joel asked Mia about where’s Selena. Mia told Joel about Selena being on the flight FQ235 which the customers died. Joel looked at the CCTV and saw him talking to Selena who was invisible. Joel read the postcard she wrote for herself. Selena saw Mia. Joel held on her. Joel told Selena about Mia going to Korea. Selena asked Joel if the neighbor eying on her has to do with her winning. Joel believes the neighbor must have seen Mia’s true self and helped him. Selena sighed to Joel that one Tung Tung and Mia left and she doesn’t know if she feels lonely. Joel told Selena that she still have him.  If she is flying, he will look at the sky and wait for her return. Selena told Joel to not take her for granted .She doesn’t settle for a man easily. Joel kisses Selena and she vanishes. Joel cried for Selena.

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Barrack Karma episode 11 recap

Joel told Jazz and Master Kai about he heard a girl said No Daddy. He called the police and they found out he raped her. Master Kai made Mia  some curry fried chicken. The new neighbor saw a whole on the wall and eavesdrop on Mia. Mr Yau called him and asked him to add more feelings on his design. The neighbor and Mia  text each other. Joel waited for Selena at a French restaurant and his souffle arrive. Joel gave Selena a bag and got upset she didn’t show up in the restaurant.

Selena called Mia while she exercise and she couldn’t hear it. Mia tripped. Mia read the news about her doing yoga. The neighbor heard Mia aching and eavesdropped on Mia eating noodles. The neighbor followed Mia in the bus and looked at her. The sub song of Revolving Door of Vengeance was played. The neighbor looked at Mia doing the laundry and imagined himself dressing up as skywalker saving the princess. Mia asked Lau Kong if she can pay her rent later. She requested him to switch room since she suspect someone is eavesdropping her. Selena texted her but there was a flash. Lau Kong told Mia she and Selena are good friends and it is normal she misses her and has an illusion she came back.

 The neighbor eavesdropped on Mia. Mia freaked out and ran. Selena saw her. Mia hid behind the wall carrying the broom. Joel saw the neighbor and thought he ate fried chicken. The neighbor closed the hole and lights flashed.

Selena sleeps and wonder where’s Joel. Selena had a dream in the past, Selena told Lau Kong her eyes hurt. Selena sighed to Lau Kong that Joel didn’t come to see her. Selena told Lau Kong he doesn’t know what it feels like to be in love. She misses the person even more. If he were in love with the person, wold he flee with them? Lau Kong played the erhu. Selena defended Ping Ping against other prostitutes. Selena seduced a client. Selena drinks. Joel stopped her. Selena told him to meet her at the restaurant at six in the afternoon tomorrow.

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Against the Blade of Honour episode 19 recap

Ching Ching’s father told Ding Pang with or without Ching Ching, he still needs to finish his task for him. Ding Pang took out his sword. Ching Ching’s father told Ding Pang ever since he killed Tse Hiu Fung, he cannot turn back. He only has a choice of working for him. The world will belong to them in three days.  There will be a battle between good and evil. Ding Pang told Tse Hiu Fung’s servant he wants everyone to leave the mansion. Siu Yuk wants to stay by Ding Pang. Ding Pang told Siu Yuk to leave. Ding Pang slapped Siu Yuk. Ding Pang told Siu Yuk that he killed her father. Ding Pang told Siu Yuk to leave. Ding Pang took Siu Yuk to her father’s body. Ding Pang said said he is cold blooded and is being a puppet. She should leave and find a good person to marry.

Ching Ching told Lau Yeuk Chung she is willing to use her life to repent for Ding Pang’s mistake. Lau Yeuk Chung asked her if it is worth it. Ching Ching hopes Lau Yeuk Chung live a peacefully life. Lau Yeuk Chung asked god why did he let Ding Pang steal everything from him. Ding Pang thought of Ching Ching’s father told him he can’t turn back since he killed all the sects. Ching Ching played the harp. Ding Pang searches for her. Ching Ching cried and enjoy hearing Ding Pang’s voice. She hopes he forgets her. She doesn’t want to be his burden. After tonight, he can achieve his goal. Ching Ching gave Lau Yeuk Chung her knife and told him to kill her for Ding Pang. Lau Yeuk Chung dropped the knife.

Ding Pang burns the mansion. He took the sect to the dark sect. He said they’ve been betrayed by one person. From the outside, he looks good but he’s been manipulated by the dark sect. Ding Pang yelled and cried it’s him.

The priest said the sword has feelings, and if it belongs to the good sect then they can use it for the good. The buddha can remove it’s darkness. The priest told Ding Pang he is the leader of the good sect but is a spy for the dark sect. Ding Pang doesn’t have anything to say and is willing to let the sects kill him. Siu Yuk came to the temple and asked the sects if Ding Pang is a spy for the dark sect, can they punish him right now? If he isn’t willing to admit, could they punish him. Siu Yuk told the sects they claimed to be a good sect but did many bad things behind the scenes. The two sects fought, and if Ding Pang wasn’t there then they would been dead. Siu Yuk told them how Ding Pang helped them. Siu Yuk told Ding Pang she heard her father mutter that he caused him to have this burden. Ding Pang requested Siu Yuk to play the song that Ching Ching played for him. Ding Pang thought of Ching Ching.

Lau Yeuk Chung stood in front of the cellar and asked Ding Pang if he remembered he stole everything he has. Chun Ho Ching died for him and Ching Ching became blind. When Ding Pang dies tomorrow, he can repent his mistake. Lau Yeuk Chung told Ding Pang that Ching Ching begged the sects to forgive him. Ding Pang yelled and broke the cellar. Ding Pang yelled at the sects for killing Ching Ching. Ding Pang stabbed Lau Yeuk Chung. Lau Yeuk Chung told Ching Ching’s father that everyone has a weakness and Ding Pang’s weakness is Ching Ching. Lau Yeuk Chung said Ding Pang won’t be able to repent his mistake tonight. Lau Yeuk Chung just want to revenge Ding Pang. Ching Ching’s father gave Lau Yeuk Chung the three manuels. Lau Yeuk Chung got injured and has an illusion of seeing Chun Ho Ching holding his hand. Ding Pang held his blade and trembled.

Ching Ching came to the mansion. Ding Pang told Ching Ching that he killed all the sects. Ding Pang left the temple with Ching Ching.

The historian wrote that Ding Pang has killed three hundred people that night. Mo Ming believes Ding Pang and Ching Ching is hiding in a peaceful place. He put back the history manuel of Ding Pang back in the box. The good and dark sect fought with each other on the thirteenth of January. On the seventh of February, Ching Ching’s father became the leader of the sect.



Comment: A good episode to recap. Lots of stuff happening!