Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber 2003 episode 3 scene

The sect leader told his son he believes that Yang Xiao won’t be back since he won’t return to get the medicine for a girl. Yang Xiao stole the medicine from the sect to heal Ji Xiaofu. Ji Xiao Fu’s sister told Ji Xiao Fu to poison Yang Xiao under her sifu’s order and she is sure she won’t rebel against her sifu. Ji Xiao Fu puts some powder in Yang Xiao’s food while went a way for awhile. Yang Xiao fainted. Ji Xiao Fu gave the saber to her sister. She ran in the woods and regrets hurting him. He has saved her but she has hurt him. Ji Xiao Fu was about to jump down the stream and die and Yang Xiao caught her.

Ji Xiao Fu cried and asked Yang Xiao if he knows she did poison him why does he still follows her. He told her it’s because he loves her. She told her he doesn’t deserve him and already arranged marriage with another guy. She told him she hates him. Yang Xiao grabbed her and kisses her.

Chinese Ghost Story 2003 Fate and Love

Ning Cai Cheung joked with Nie Xiao Qian. Nie Xiao Qian told Ning Cai Cheung to listen to her, she loves him and he loves her but they can’t be together. Her brother has told her that she won’t end up with him. Meeting him was the happiest thing that happens in life. Ning Cai Cheung told her she makes him very happy and he has never regretted loving her.

Nie Xie Qian gave Ning Cai Cheung her pearl and asked him to find a girl who loves her.. He told her to keep the pearl for someone who loves her. Keeping the pearl, giving it to another girl will remind him of her.

A Chinese Ghost Story 2003 scene recap

A fox spirit Nie Xiao Qian who fell in love with a human. She has a limit of 100 days to make Ning Cai Chen fall in love with her or she’ll end up in the immortal world forever. It’s a story about forbidden love the the fox spirit and human.

First encounter is when Ning Cai Cheung drew a painting of Nie Xiao Qian. Her sister the spider looked for a human to suck blood. Nie Xiao Qian pushed Ning Cai Cheung in the bath and told her sister she’s ready to take a bath.

She has this pearl which can detect if it’s true love.
A devil wants to kill Ning Cai Chen and marry Nie Xiao Qian.

Nie Xiao Qian accepts to go with the devil if he lets Ning Cai Chen live. Another demon Qiye came and killed the devil.

Nie Xiao Qian begged Qiye to give her one more day to save Ning Cai Chen who is affected by the poison of the devil. Ning Cai Chen only has three days to live. He surprises Nie Xiao Qian with a place he decorated with lanterns. He vowed to take care of her. He asked her if she is willing to marry this poor scholar.

Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber 2003 episode 2 overview

Susu held the saber and said now she has the saber. Whoever is against the sect, she won’t spare that person. Xie Xun. Zhang Cuishan made a deal wit Xie Xun if he lose, he will die but if he wins, he must space everyone here. Zhang Cuishan wrote some martial arts technique on the mountain and asked Xie Xun to solve it. Xie Xun admit loss. He told Cuishan and Susu to come to him. He knocked them down. Xie Xun used his power causing people to suffer. Emei sect asked another sect if they have the saber. The sect leader told this member to shoot arrows at the Emei sect. He got the sword of the Emei Sect and said he will rule the world. Susu and Cuishan woke up and found themselves being locked by Xie Xun.

Susu cried and told Cuishan that his sect is considered good and sees her sect as a dark sect. Cuishan is righteous and mistaken her sect for being a dark sect. Her dad is very strict and wouldn’t let anyone use dirty tricks to harm others. She admits she used some tactics but it is for survival. In this world ,if she is weak, she won’t be able to survive. This is her saber, it isn’t wrong for her to get it back. Cuishan asked Susu about if her third brother being crippled is her doing. Susu said it isn’t related to her. Xie Xun asked Susu what is the secret of this saber. Susu said even if she knows it, she won’t tell him. Susu wants to drink some water. The sect leader’s son flirted with Ji Xiaofu. Yang Xiao told the sect leader he wants to takeover the Ming Sect. The two ladies in the Emei sect sneaked out durng the night and planning to steal the saber from the other sect in hope their master will teach them her martial arts and the leader of Emei Sect. Susu’s father deals with Yang Xiao once he find the saber, he will give it to him. He only wants his daughter to be safe. Ji Xiaofu fought with Yang Xiao. Yang Xiao told him he’s not from that sect. She can leave. The sect leader’s son knocked on Ji Xiao Fu and wants to rape her. Yang Xiao knocked on the sect leader’s son.

Yang Xiao took Ji Xiaofu to an abandoned place and told her that he believes the sect leader’s son won’t spare her. He told her to stay here overnight. Ji Xiaofu said she has to go back and steal the saber. Yang Xiao asked Susu’s father for the saber. Yang Xiao fought with Susu’s father. His son threw three knives and Ji Xiaofu took the stab for him.Yang Xao grabbed the saber. Susu’s father told Yang Xiao he is satisfied that the previous sect leader promoted him.

The boat is rocking during the storm. Xie Xun cuts the chain and told Cuishan and Susu to leave. Susu and Cuishan jumped own the sea. Ji Xiao Fu feels so cold and leaned on Yang Xiao. Susu woke up on the sand and search for Cuishan. Susu breathe on Cuishan to save his life.. Ji Xiao Fu wakes up next to Yang Xiao and slapped him.

Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber 2003 episode 1 overview

Series starts with a war scene! Susu got injured. Zhang Cuishan came and fought and transfer energy to her. The third brother looked at the saber and asked Zhang Cuishan if this is really a saber. The third brother said he has to bring the saber. Susu disguised as a canoe person and fought with the third brother and took the saber and he fell on the sea. Susu gave the third brother’s body for a safeguard to carry but he must adhere to her request of he must bring him to the mountain safely.

Some sect members claimed to be the third brother’s brothers and came to picked him up from the safeguard. The safeguard let him pick it up. The safeguard then find it suspicious why would they know that the third brother is in the wagon. A sect member take out all the energy of the third brother and said Wudang will be revenged. Zhang Cuishan got mad at the safeguard. The safeguard told Zhang Cuishan and his sect that he’s been carrying the third brother for ten days and they didn’t appreciate him. Zhang Cuishan and his sect search for the third brother in the woods. Zhang Cuishan and his brother cried seeing the third brother dead in the wagon. Zhang Cuishan’s sifu saw three black dots on the third brother’s body and transfers energy to the third brother. The sifu guesses the poisoning technique is from temple. The sifu said the third brother’s organs have been crippled.Zhang Cuishan ran in the rain and hit the tree and blamed himself.

Susu played the harp. Two members impersonate Wudang sect member killing other people to create chaos for Wudang. Two monks fought with Zhang Cuishan. The monks accused Wuji of killing his pupil. The two monks fought with Zhang Cuishan. Susu threw a needle at the monk”s eye. Zhang Cuishan got injured. Susu took care of him. Zhang Cuishan ate and asked Susu why doesn’t she ask him if he’s alright. Susu said wanderers can get their heads chop anytime.Zhang Cuishan apologized to Susu on behalf of her brother for stealing her saber. Zhang Cuishan and Susu watches the ceremony. The sect member appointed Susu to start the saber ceremony. Zhang Cuishan asked Susu why didn’t tell her she is the daughter of the sect leader. Zhang Cuishan wondered if the saber and the injuries of her brother is related to her. Susu. Susu flew and held the saber.

Battle of Seven Sisters episode 4 recap

Samantha drank tea with Lin Xia Wei. Lin Xia Wei’s boss gave Lin Xia Wei a cheque to pay for her brother in law’s mortgage. Lin Xia Wei stands up and told her boss that ever since her husband die, she hated people showing her sympathy and it reminds how miserable she is. Lin Xia Wei met up with Gilbert in his office and read his father’s wishes. Lin Xia Wei asked Gilbert why would she do a stupid thing helping her sister finding a husband. Gilbert said if she does it, she will earn 10 million dollars. Priscilla told her assistant to gather information of Law Ka Ping’s siblings. Brother Shun called Samantha. He told her he’s not dead and will call her later. While giving Lin Xia Wei a ride, Samantha told her that she received a call from her boyfriend, she got really scared receiving his call and wasn’t happy. She used to love him so much but when he came back, she doesn’t know what to do. Lin Xia Wei told her she’s lucky, not everyone is lucky like her.

Gilbert’s student gave Lin Xia Wei her sister’s cv and personal info. Lin Xia Wei watches the acrobat and gave photos of Priscilla to her boss tat she’s on a stupid mission but she needs that 2 million dollars. Lin Xia Wei told him to sleep with Priscilla and marry her. After the court, Mr. Law got mad and told Priscilla to say objection and not let their opponent do all the talking. He can’t lost this case. Priscilla looked at the document and asked Mrs. Law if she was there when Mr. Law invited some friends to her house. In the mid festival 2018, Mr.Law invited the higher ups for hotpot, he got food poisoning due to raw meats. Mrs. Law got mad and wants to play mahjong. Priscilla told Mr.Law that they will attack him in the court. Priscilla asked her if she remembered what happened to her sister Law Ka Man in 2011. On April 2011, she went on a vacation in American and came back 50 days later. Mr. Law said he remembered their company was in chaos. Priscilla treated her assistant to dinner in a restaurant and told him he has three minutes to finish the meal or he’ll have to pay for the meal. During the meeting, Priscilla asked Mrs.Law’s sister to sign the transfer agreement. Mr.Law’s sister thought of when she told her brother she had an abortion in America and her husband can’t find out. The brother told Mr.Law before their dad died, he told them to stick together and not fight over the will and he can’t even keep is one wishes.

Priscilla got upset. Priscilla’s assistant showed the letter and flowers sent by her admirer. She told him to put them in a vase. Lin Xia Wei’s boss gave Priscilla a bouquet of flowers. Priscilla’s assistant brought all the flowers. Priscilla told Lin Xia Wei’s boss to stop sending her flowers or she’ll sue her for harassment. Lin Xia Wei’s boss told Lin Xia Wei that Priscilla is not an easy woman, it’s going to be really hard to find a guy for her. Lin Xia Wei told him that the most popular platform is dating sites right now. She created an account.

Priscilla went home and freaked out seeing a clown. She read the letter. Karman, her sister hugged her in the restaurant. Samantha came and joined them for dinner. Karman played the piano. Priscilla told Karman that their father has a daughter with another woman. Brother Shun knocked on the door and hugged Samantha and her friend.

Battle of Seven Sisters episode 3 recap

The lawyer told Samantha to plead guilty and he can plead the judge for sentence reduction. Samantha told him she doesn’t need his help. Samantha complained there’s no good cheap lawyers. Ben interrogated the girl at the court and asked her which hand did Samantha used the bottle to stab her. If she used her right hand to stab then she would have gotten hurt on the left side but she got hurt on the right side of her head. Ben asked the girl if she was the one who stabbed Samantha and she pushed her out of defense and she accused her of injuring her. The girl said she wanted Samantha dead since she stole her boyfriend and she’s lucky the glass didn’t kill her. Ben called Priscilla that Samantha got released. Priscilla thanked her.

The girl came in motorcycle and brought roses to the guy. The girl told him and Samantha that she won’t bother them again and she doesn’t mind if they get married. Samantha told her that she is not related to that guy. The girl hugged Samantha and said if she loves him, she can’t hurt the woman he loves. She told her she needs to broaden her horizon, there are better guys than him. The girl told him that he must treat Samantha right or she won’t forgive him.

Samantha gave Helen two egg sandwiches and asked her to compete with her to eat. Samantha told Priscilla that their mother only recognizes her, and don’t recognize her. Priscilla told Samantha she should spend more time with Helen. Samantha asked Priscilla if she thinks college will make her smarter, she only cares about making money from her client. Priscilla told Samantha she would have been in jail if it wasn’t of her. Samantha told her she doesn’t owe anyone and she will pay her as soon as possible. Priscilla drinks

. Joel received a call from his wife to go home for dinner. She gave two diamond necklaces for Joel’ to give to his daughter and wife birthdays. Joel and Priscilla kissed each other.. Samantha meets with Gilbert. Gilbert told Samantha that she’s the one that her father loves the most but why she didn’t attend his funeral.

Samantha sat on the bridge and read The Legend of Condor Heroes novel. She thanked her father for reading wuxia novels before she went to bed. She’ll continue writing and someday she’ll write something good. Gilbert gave Samantha a letter from her father. Samantha read the letter that he wanted her to help her lost sister who’s gone through depression to gain some weight.Then she will inherit 10 million dollars from him. Lin Xia Wei rejected her staff proposals during the meeting.< She confronted a client for not paying this month’s membership fee. Lin Xia wei’s boss asked her why did she changed her attitude.Lin Xia Wei visited her husband’s funeral. Samantha asked Lin Xia Wei to sit with her on the stairs.< !– Samantha cried and told her that everytime she visited her mother in law, she misses how she used to be sweet to her.. She also misses her boyfriend. – Samantha told her that her boyfriend traveled for business and died in a car accident.-

Motive of tvb characters

TVB sometimes make these unexpected plots and strange characters which make us thinking if the incident were to happen in real life.

In On Lie Game, Alex Yung played the role of a young man Hin who aspire to be a successful screenwriter. In desperate to make money to pay for his dad surgery, he was willing to collaborate with the triad to pretend to be a lonely farmer and plan to con Samantha into falling into him and asking her for millions of dollars. That time Samantha Ko was really heartbroken. After meeting Samantha in person when she picked up her medicine, he fell for her and told her the truth that everything was fake.

In Battle of Seven Sisters, Priscilla Wong, a lawyer who twisted the truth that the victim didn’t run over the red light causing him to be not guilty causing a grudge from Lin Xia Wei, that she couldn’t fight justice for her husband who died from the car crash.Priscilla also hired a lawyer to seek Justice for her sister Samantha Ko who got accused of harming a girl. Law and money can be used rightfully or wrongfully!

In Limelight year, Alex Fong filmed a prank on Linda Chung to get views on his videos to promote his novel. He wanted to marry Linda with a motive to promote his novel. In the end, he gave Linda his only excerpt of his novel and proposed to her and it is her choice if she wants to marry him.

Battle of Seven Sisters episode 2 recap

Lin Xia Wei was about to slap Priscilla but Gilbert stopped her. Gilbert gave Priscilla and Lin Xia Wei the letters and said their father wishes is them to fulfill them then they can inherit his assets. Lin Xia Wei tore the paper and said ever since she lived with her mom, she has nothing to do with her dad and Priscilla. Priscilla told Gilbert he already did his job as a lawyer. Samantha took her friend to the street and screamed. Lin Xia Wei threw a bucket of poop at Priscilla. Samantha looked at her car with spray paint Bitch. Her friend told her not to call him anymore. Lin Xia Wei looked at the harbor and thought of her husband. Lin Xia Wei do chores. Lin Xia Wei was about to cut herself but the cat meow.

Samantha held a hammer and tried to hit her boyfriend. Samantha picked up a boy from school and a man stopped her and asked her to let him in. He told her he met a girl at a casino, and they slept for two nights. He showed Samantha his scar on the back she did to him. Samantha let him stay in her van.instead of in her flat.

Lin Xiao Wei confronted the customer and paid the bag of rice for 35 dollars, she told her it is forcing customers to buy more if she buys two for seventy dollars. She will pay 35 dollars instead of 45 dollars. for one. If she has a problem, she can call the police. Lin Xia Wei’s boy friend paid the cashier 10 extra dollars for her. A man put a chair in the middle of the road. Lin Xia Wei took the chair away and told him he can’t stop others from parking in this place. Lin Xia Wei held her phone and asked him to hit her. Lin Xia’s boyfriend stopped her. The man found his friend’s jade and wanted to borrow it. Samantha told him to put it down, she will give him a lift.

During the ride, the guy’s boyfriend spray paint on Samantha’s car. The guy’s girl grabbed the guy’s neck. Samantha yelled at her for spraying paint on her car. The girl called Samantha a slut. She threw a bottle of glass at the guy’s eye. Samantha used a hose and sprayed water on her. She pushed her and checked out on the guy. In the hospital, the cops asked Samantha to come to interrogation for the case of assaulting a girl.

Gilbert’s student Jasmine came and showed Priscilla the letter and told her that her father worked hard and she was angry at not seeing him much and now she regrets. Priscilla left and said she made up such a story. Jasmine ran and followed Priscilla and told her that what she said was the truth and hope she accepts the letter. Priscilla accepted the letter. Jasmine called Gilbert that she made it. Priscilla’s assistant told Priscilla about the lawyer who took Samantha’s case. Priscilla read her father’s letter hoping she would let go of her grudges of him and some of her sisters have never met him. He hopes she would find her fifth sister. Then she can inherit his asset.

Battle of the Seven Sisters episode 1 recap

This series starts with Samantha writing a script. Samantha gave gave Priscilla and her man a ride and told him to leave after hearing his convo Priscilla asking him about the case. A car passed by and broke Samantha’s rear end mirror. Priscilla’s assistant asked Priscilla if she has a history with Samantha. Priscilla took up a case of a guy named Ryan who claimed ot rush to his friend’s party and ran over someone. Priscilla told Ryan to go to the police station. If he doesn’t turn himself, then there’s a high chance he will go to jail.

Priscilla saw her father in the restaurant. He ordered two milk teas and told her she used to love to drink milk teas the none day she threw all of them away. He asked her if she recently took a hit and run case. He requested her to turn it down. He can’t tell her the reason. She laughed and said she never turns down a case. She told him she stopped drinking milk teas long time ago, if it’s not important, don ‘t call her again. At the court, Priscilla asked the victim’s mother if her son died two years ago in an accident. She heard a bang during the current accident and turned around and didn’t see the victim get hit.

The following case continued, Priscilla asked Lin Xia Wei if her husband has been seeing her ex behind her back. Priscilla told Lin Xia Wei that before hte accident, she and her husband argued over the phone about his affair. He ran in the road. Lin Xia Wei told Priscillla she twisted the word and her husband died in an accident. Lin Xia Wei told her lawyer that before her husband died, he would go to the market and buy groceries for her and cook for her. Lin Xia Wei got mad at Priscilla and slapped her assistant that Karma will get her. Priscilla had a drink and told Peter the lawyer that she used to believe in the law but now she believes the law is not all black and white.

Priscilla asked the judge how could he let Ryan, an innocent young man who takes responsibility for the accident to take the punishment. Ryan asked Priscilla if he can send 300,000 dollars to the victim’s wife. He felt guilty and had bad dreams every night. He told her that he was high and crashed into her the victim’s husband. He’s not sure if he ran into the red light. Priscilla told him not to tell anyone especially his mom. Priscilla go angry and had sex with a man. Lin Xia Wei thought of her husband. Priscilla’s father’s lawyer told Priscilla he invited her to the funeral, her father died from lung cancer. He also invited another person to the funeral. Lin Xia Wei came. He told them that they are step sisters.