Fist Fight

Fist Fight episode 9 recap

Ha Tin Hang looked at documents and photos of his father. Ho Tit Nam caught a guy who stole three hundred dollars. Cheung Ying Ying handcuffed him. Chan Ling’s father caught Ho Tit Nam. Yeung Ching Ching told Ho Tit Nam he heard form his mother that he went to many interviewed but it didn’t went well. Ho Tit Nam told Cheung Ying Ying he sings so well but too bad he dind’t become a singer. Cheung Ying Ying teases Ho Tit Nam if he will be in a singing contest. Ho Tit Nam said he will win for sure. Chan Ling does some chiropractic. Ha Tin Hang helped Chan Ling up and told her that no matter how hard she tries, her back will never be recovered. She can exercise but can’t do boxing. Chan Ling yelled there are miracles. She just wants to give herself some hopes. At the soccer court, Ha Tin Hang showed a female coach in a wheelchair to Chan Ling and said she used to be a member from a soccer team but couldn’t play soccer after age twenty two but she didn’t give up her dream. Ha Tin Hang told Chan Ling a sport career is short and they are coaches when they retired and she is just doing it sooner. Chan Ling said she is just an amateur while the coaches used to play in a team. Ha Tin Hang told her he used to see her put in her boxing data into the computer and then improve her training. She can teaches others about this. Chan Ling told her father she wants to be a coach by putting boxing data. Ha Tin Hang’s boss suggests Ha Tin Hang to hire Ho Tit Nam as a bodyguard.

Ho Tit Nam meet up with Yeung Ching Ching and knows she’s behind the hiring him as a bodyguard. Ching Ching believes he can work with Ha Tin Hang and he still considers him though they knew his background. Ho Tit Nam confronted his mother for teaming up with Ching Ching. Ho Tit Nam’s mother ordered Shark’s Fin in Soup and told Ching Ching to help Ho Tit Nam prepared for his job. She told him to pay for the food.

Cheung Fei Fan ate the cookies and found it good. Wan Sing Han said the head chef of his former governor gave him the recipe and he baked them. Cheung Fei Fan warned Wan Sing Hang to be careful of Chang Man Kei. He messed with him once, he can mess with him again. Wan sing Hang told him he needs his help in something. Cheung Fei Fan gave Ha Tin Hang a task of putting his securities in Wan Sing Hang’s mansion in England.

Cheung Fei Fan went down the elevator and met Ho Tit Nam and asked him what he’s doing here and if he’s investigating illegal activities. He told him good luck for the CPO interview.
The bodyguards are excited to be in Wan Sing Hang’s mansion and have free food. During the cpo exam, Ho Tit Nam read the questions and got mad and and annoyed at the participants flicking their pens. He yelled and left the room. Ha Tin Hang brought Ho Tit Nam to the room. Ho Tit Nam’s boss Chin Kwok Fung introduces himself and said he passed the exam. Cheung Fei Fan told Ho Tit Nam that three of the four participants had discipline issues. Only he managed to notice who posed as an applicant. He is decisive when the questions were stupid but he was wrong about the company playing him. Cheung Fei Fan showed him the camera. Ha Tin Hang told Ho Tit Nam if his performance is below par in one month, he will be booted. Ho Tit Nam told him if he finds this company or its employee doing something funny then he will quit.

Brother Shun told Mr. Loi that when he distribute boxing flyers, the customers ignored when they see the coach is a female. Some female customers complained to Brother Loi about placing the boxing flyer in their bags. Brother Loi gave a flyer to a guy and he got bullied by several guys. Chan Ling helped her father pick up the flyers. She distributes the flyers. Brother Loi believes Chan Ling will train a boxing champion.

Chang Man Kei received a call about paying his debt. Chang Man kei ‘s ladies told him that they lost three hundred million dollars. Chang Man Kei stopped Wan Sing Hang in the middle of the road. Wan Sing Hang warned Mr.Chang to not do bad things. He’ll see if he can buy his fate with his fortune.

Ma Si Ting practices speaking english to Ha Tin Hang. Ha Tin Hang looked at the document and asked her if she has thought how to improve the securities of Wan Sing Hang’s mansion. Ha Tin Hang told Ma Si Ting they need a bodyguard not a tour guide. How is she better than others and why should he pick her to go to England. Ma Si Ting told him she wants to go because it’s free travel. Ma Si Ting sighed to her grandma if she studied harder then she would get a better job and travel to England. Ma Si Ting read the letter and is excited she will be going to England.

Ma Si Ting picked up the sweater for her grandma and saw Cheung Fei Fan’s business card. Flashbacks of Siting’s grandma came into Cheung Fei Fan’s office and gave her jewelries so Si Ting can go to England. Cheung Fei Fan told Ma Si Ting he only wanted to help her grandma but she has to pay for her trip to England. Ma Si Ting told him to pay back his sixty thousand dollars.

After the CPO training, Cheung Fei Fan told others to vote for Ho Tit Nam for the boxing championship. Cheung Fei Fan and the boxers told Ho Tit Nam to participate in the boxing match. Ho Tit Nam quits. Yeung Ching Ching asked Ho Tit Nam if he used to box. Yeung Ching Ching told him he has a grudge on his leader and he doesn’t need to quit boxing. Ho Tit Nam yelled he hates boxing so much he will never take part in it. He is fine with being a bodyguard but why does he have to be in the boxing game. Yeung Ching Ching told him to not give up his job as a bodyguard for a minor issue. Ho Tit Nam yelled at her to not bug in his private life. Yeung Ching Ching told him he can be a waiter for his mom. She left. Ho Tit Nam thought of about being beating up by his leader.

Fist Fight

Fist Fight episode 8 recap

Cheung Fei Fan looked in the CCTV. Ha Tin Hang sneaked in the office and opened the lock. Cheung Fei Fan sent the link to hack the computer from the mobile. Cheung Fei Fan and Ha Tin Hang tries to figure the password for the files. Ying Kam Pui asked his men who came in. He took his camera and watched and saw Ha Tin Hang sneaking in his office. Ying Kam Pui got angry. He called someone. Ho Tit Nam’s boss gave Ho Tit Nam the case of investigating Cheung Fei Fan for money laundering. Ho Tit Nam gave the document to Yeung Ching Ching. Yeung Ching Ching wonder why Cheung Fei Fan is risking himself investigating the case alone. Yeung Ching Ching saw Wong Sir and wonder what he’s doing. Yeung Ching Ching and Ho Tit Nam search Cheung Fei Fan’s office. Yeung Ching Ching looked at the ipad and saw many prostitutes.

Wan Sing Hang treats Cheung Fei Fan a royal with african tea. Wan Sing Han told him there must be a rule to come for his tea, he must hold a secret. Cheung Fei Fan told him to exchange his intelligent. Cheung Fei Fan asked about the Vanessa model and if only the rich people use its service. Wan Sing Hang told him if he has new information then he must drink tea with him. Sean looked at the code of the high ranked officials. Ha Tin Hang showed Cheung Fei Fan a dictionary which M9 uses for encryption. Ho Tit Nam and Yeung Ching Ching followed Wong Sir and eavesdrop on him talking to Ying Kam Pui. Wong Sir told him he will find an excuse to arrest Cheung Fei Fan and Ha Tin Hang. Ying Kam Pui’s men shoot at Ho Tit Nam and Yeung Ching Ching. Ha Tin Hang and Ho Tit Nam has mutual signal and shot at Wong Sir and his men. Sean and the bodyguard Double got caught by Ying Kam Pui’s men. Lui Wai Bing and a bodyguard kicked them. Cheung Fei Fan gave Wan Sing Hang the list of high ranked officials behind the Vanessa Modles. Wan Sing Hang think they should investigate who did that and they can make use of their intelligence to take down the bigger officials. For those who patronizes the prostitutes then they can make use of them later. Wan sing Hang played chess and worries about his friend, To King Sun the commissioner of police. Wan sing Hang told To King Sun he will help him just this once. Ying Kam Pui got charged for murdering Yumi.

Ma Si Ting came home and saw Cheung Fei Fan played mahjong with her grandma. Ma Si Ting looked at the necklace on her grandma. She asked him how did he pay for it.

Yeung Ching Ching told the police that what Wong Sir said are lies. She and Ho Tit Nam saw Wong Sir discussing with Ying Kam Pui's gang how to cover their crime of controlling prostitutes. She almost got shot. Ho Tit Nam shot Ying Kam Pui's men for her. Wong Sir told the police that Ho Tit Nam worked with Ying Kam Pui. The police told Yeung Ching Ching to avoid contact with Ho Tit Nam in the future. Ho Tit Nam hit Wong Sir for making false statement. Yeung Ching Ching sat at Ho Tit Nam's food stall and asked him why did he quit. Yeung Ching Ching took Ho Tit Nam in front of the police station and said she thinks he's good and she is sure others think so too. She asked him if he is willing to give up. Ho Tit Man sighed becoming a cop isn't his dream. He couldn't do the job so he became a cop. Chang Man Kei read the news and got mad. Chang Man Kei's women threw red paint in Wan Sing Hang's firm. Wan Sing Hang fought with them and told a woman to tell Chang Man Kei if he won't quit, no one will spare him.

Comment: Loving how sweet Yeung Ching Ching is there for Ho Tit Nam. It helps calm down his nerve.

Fist Fight

Fist Fight episode 7 recap

Chan Ling’s father held her put the gloves on. Chan Ling won the round of boxing game. Cheung Fei Fan told Sandra he is leaving for a while. Ho Tit Nam and Yeung Ching Ching followed Cheung Fei Fan and Boss Ying. Brother Sun yelled at Ho Tit Nam. Yeung Ching Ching grabbed Brother Sun and warned him not to fight here. Cheung Fei Fan told Boss Ying they set up new accounts. Then they put ten thousand dollars as the base sum of each of the new accounts. Then they use these accounts to launder money through boxing matches.

The next round is Mr. Chang’s woman Tang Shek Chi versus Chan Ling. The boxing staff asked Yeung Ching Ching and Ho Tit Min what are they doing here. Yeung Ching Ching said they are looking for the restroom. Mr. Ying told Cheung Fei Fan he admires him. Chan Ling got beat up. Chan Ling feels hurt and told her father that when she did boxing in USA, her back got injured. She doesn’t know how many times she can still fight. She wants to win the championship so much. She wants to achieve her dream. She really loves boxing. He told her to fight as she can and don’t make herself regret it. Chan Ling fell down and got back up and fought.

Ying Kam Pui checked his account and received five million dollars. Ho Tit Nam and Yeung Ching Ching confronted Mr.Ying and Cheung Fei Fan of money laundering. Yeung Ching Ching checked the computer and saw the sign of disk cleaning. Cheung Fei Fan apologized to Cheung Ying Ying that his computer have too much junk. Ying Kam Pui laughed. Tang Shek Chi won the fight. Chan Ling fainted. Cheung Fei Fan told Ha Tin Hang he wants to find out who’s behind the Vanessa Model.

Ho Tit Nam brought Ching Ching to his mother’s restaurant. Her mother asked him if she is his girlfriend. As Ching Ching leave for the taxi, Ho Tit Nam told Ching Ching to call him. Cheung Fei Fan followed Ho Tit Nam and told him to let him give him a ride. Cheung Fei Fan gout out. Ho Tit Nam grabbed him. Cheung Fei Fan said he found some evidence. Ho Tit Nam asked him what evidence does he have. Cheung Fei Fan said there’s a model company called Vanessa. He told Ho Tit Nam to drive. Ho Tit Nam asked Cheung Fei Fan if he’s a snitch. Cheung Fei Fan said money laundering is just a game, if he couldn’t fool him he would have been gone. Cheung Fei Fan said he want those who killed Yumi paid for it. Ha Tin Hang said Cheung Fei Fan’s advisor Sean is Yumi’s lover. Ho Tit Nam told them if the suspected Ying Kam Pui why didn’t they come to him. Ha Tin Hang said because the person protecting him may be a high ranked official. Cheung Fei Fan told Ho Tit Nam an enemy’s enemy is their friend.

Chan Ling looked at the boxing stadium and remembered the doctor told her she can’t do boxing anymore. Chan Ling boxes and hurt her back. Ha Tin Hang asked Chan Ling if he will see her again.

Cheung Fei Fan treated Ma Si Ting’s grandma some cupcakes. Cheung Fei Fan told Ma Si Ting he visits her grandma everyday and the staff took her as her grandson in law. The doctor said she can leave so he took her home. The grandma told Si Ting she must find a boy like Cheung Fei Fan. Si Ting was about to call him a liar, but Cheung Fei Fan put a cupcake in her mouth.

Ying Kam Pui and Cheung Fei Fan printed the money. Mr Chang’s women followed Cheung Fei Fan and Ha Tin Hang. Mr.Chang’s woman held an axe and about to hit. Mr. Chang asked Mr. Ying if he’s working with Cheung Fei Fan. Mr. Ying said Cheung Fei Fan showed him how to launder money. Mr. Chang told him that Cheung Fei Fan is not trustworthy. Mr. Ying told Mr. Chang he knows he hate him but Cheung Fei Fan is smart. He’s good at the web and launder money for him. If he set him up then he is setting himself up. Mr. Chang asked Mr. Ying if he doesn’t believe Cheung Fei Fan is involved with stealing the necklace with her boyfriend. Mr. Chang asked without Cheung Fei Fan’s help how could Yumi leave with Sean. Mr. Ying pushed him off the building and Sean managed to escape. Mr. Chang told Mr. Ying he hired her models and they always get business from the high ranked officials, he won’t trick him. Mr.Ying said his girls helped him a lot and even helped him selling jewelries to the black market. Mr.Chang said Cheung Fei Fan isn’t trustworthy and he will get him in trouble. Mr. Ying said he needs a partner in the money laundering.

Cheung Fei Fan and Ha Tin Hang came. Flashbacks of Lui Wai Being fought with Mr.Chang’s woman. Ha Tin Hang brought a suitcase and said Mr.Chang sent his women to steal twenty million dollars. Mr. Ying put down the cigar and thanked Mr.Chang for reminding him who he should work with. Cheung Fei Fan told Mr.Chang to fire his women, they failed to steal the money and necklace.

Fist Fight

Fist Fight episode 6 recap

Cheung Fei Fan released with no evidence of physical assault. The reporter came and asked Cheung Fei Fan abut his case. He told him he will do a live broadcast and remember to watch him in an hour. He did a fist fight pose. Cheung Fei Fan and his dad looked at the gossips. Cheung Fei Fan’s sister told Cheung Fei Fan that the company will suffer. Cheung Fei Fan said they still have one hundred thousand followers online. The web and real world are different. Cheung Fei Fan and his father looked at models. Cheung Fei Fan pointed at a model and teases him she’s right for him since shes’ old.

The bodyguards chat that people tried to kill Cheung Fei Fan in Philippine, then he becomes a murder suspect then he bid for young girl’s night. Ma Si Ting said what wouldn’t Cheung Fei Fan do. He is abnormal and wants everyone to know him. Ha Tin Hang told Ma Si Ting and the bodyguards to guard Sandra the night girl. The reporters took photos of Cheung Fei Fan and Sandra. Cheung Fei Fan talked sweet to Sandra in the car and went on date with her. He bought her necklaces and ate ice cream. Cheung Fei Fan told his bodyguards to protect Sandra at the Karaoke while Si Ting goes with him. Ho Tit Nam looked at them and told his colleague that Cheung Fei Fan bid a girl after murdering someone he will go to jail soon. Cheung Fei Fan showed Si Ting a tank top and asked her if it’s sexy. He told her that she loves money so much why don’t she offer herself for people to bid. Si Ting told him she is sure he pushed Yumi off the building. She told him to give back her necklace. Cheung Fei Fan put the bra on Si Ting’s head and said she’s the murderer.

Ho Tit Nam and Yeung Ching Ching observes Ying Cham Pui in the car. Ho Tit Nam chat with Yeung Ching Ching about investigating Boss Ying of Yumi’s model agency and he requested they share information. Yeung Ching Ching said Vanessa/Yumi’s modeal agency appears to be good but they do money laundering in the inside. Ho Tit Nam thinks it’s either Cheung Fei Fan went to bed with a girl and had an argument and he killed her or Yumi’s involved in some arrangement between Cheung Fei Fan and that company or if Cheung Fei Fan isn’t involved then it’s a conflict between Yumi and that company.

Cheung Fei Fan hosted the Queen boxing Fist Fight. Mr. Chang came and is sure is women will win. Cheung Fei Fan told his bodyguards to buy the Himalayan pink bath salt for Sandra. Cheung Fei Fan and Sandra went in the room and the guard pointed a gun at him. Mr. Ying told them to bow. He told him he spent ten million to bid for Sandra in one night and locked his money and paralyzed his operation, what’s his game. Cheung Fei Fan told him that he set up a website and a international model agency, he thought he would nice to women. Mr. Ying said Yumi left with the necklace and he’s sure he’s behind this. Cheung Fei Fan said he didn’t know anything then he checked Yumi’s background and found out she’s a model. Cheung Fei Fan told Mr. Ying that he’s web master and how would he leave evidences for hacking into his bid bid girl website. Cheung Fei Fan told him to collaborate with him on his money laundering site.

Ha Tin Hang sneaked in Mr. Loi’s room and searches for something. Chan Ling went home aching her back. Ha Tin Hang fought with Chan Ling and she fainted. He did a cpr for her and took her to the hospital. The doctor told him that Chan Ling got a stroke. Ha Tin Hang told her he went to her house to see her father, he wants to search for his family history. He wants to find the person who made the fake passport. Chan Ling told her father to help Ha Tin Hang search for his family history. Ha Tin Hang found a box of vitamin pills in the locker.

Chan Ling’s father called Ha Tin Hang to come. Chan Ling’s father told him that Ling’s mother made the passport. Chan Ling’s father pointed his knife Ha Tin Hang He told him that Chan Ling hit one hundred pigs to do boxing. If he sells the all the pork for him today then he will tell him. Brother Loi introduced a young man Ha Tin Hang to his customers while selling the porks. Chan Ling’s father treat him a drink of milk tea. He told him that a man who is acop asked Chan Ling’s mother to make him a passport. There were two others who could make a passport but one died out of stroke and one got their hands chopped.

Ha Tin Hang sent a video to Cheung Fei Fan of the bodyguard meeting with someone. In his office, Cheung Fei Fan told Ha Tin Hang that he hacked into the Flyingman’s computer and looked into the footage of the jewelry show that night but it was one. He saw a vase and a photo of Yumi’s boyfriend with that vase. Then he bought a web app sending a fake phone message to the bodyguard. Then he followed the bodyguard and saw Yumi’s boyfriend. Ha Tin Hang said that Yumi’s boyfriend Sean paid a mechanic and got a car from Tam Kee Garage to pick up Yumi. Ha Tin Hang asked Cheung Fei Fan how did Yumi get killed and when did he join them. Ha Tin Hang told him to tell or he will call the cops.

Cheung Fei Fan sat with him and said on the night before Chang Man Kei’s jewelry show, he found out someone used his account to log in Wilson’s computer system to check the security plan for the show. He saw Yumi chatted with Seaon on whatsapp. He found out Sean stored Yumi in Flyingman’s room. Yumi said the Vanessa Model Agency is for International prostitutes. Yumi is an expensive prostitutes. Yumi didn’t want to continue working but she knew too many secrets of the high ranked officials. He wanted them to leave Hongkong. Then Ha Tin Hang fond out Sean has driven to Flyingman. So Cheung Fei Fan all the CCTV footage. He arranged the tickets for them to leave. He received a call from Sean he got hit several times. He went on the rooftop and saw Yumi fell down. He wanted to find the killer. Ha Tin Hang asked him why doesn’t he tell the police the truth? Why did he investigate the case by himself? Cheung Fei Fan said he found out an important figure is protecting Vanessa Model so it’s better for him to investigate this case by himself. He persuaded Sandra to work with him and made contact iwth Boss Ying. His next step is running the Box Queen Championship well.

Cheung Fei Fan introduced Chan Ling and Tang Shek Chi in the first round of the Queen Boxing Fist Fight. Yeung Ching Ching and Ho Tit Man watches the game. Yeung Ching Ching told him she now knows what Cheung Fei Fan is doing. He is doing money laundering.

Fist Fight

Fist Fight episode 5 recap

Ho Tit Nam saw Ha Tin Hang and fought. The man told him he will give his money back. Ho Tit Man told Ha Tin Hang to not come at the restaurant again or he will arrest him. Ha Ting Hang gave the man money to order food again. Ha Tin Hang told his boss that the lights turning off in the jewelry case is not due to power failure but someone hack into the computer. Ha Tin Hang suspects there’s a mole. Some bodyguards gossipped that Ma Siting failed again. Ma Si Ting told Ha Tin Hang the car place number is JK3257. Ha Tin Hang and Cheung Fei Fan will check in the hotel which Yumi stayed. Ma Si Ting will tell the company’s lawyer and insurance company what happened. Ma Si Ting wants to go with Ha Tin Hang. Lui Wai Bing told he of course she is responsible for what happened that night. Ha Tin Hang told her to call to reschedule the appointment. She can come with Cheung Fei Fan and him. Ma Si Ting said Yumi signed a contract with a model agency in Korea. Cheung Fei Fan said women likes to gossip. Talk to the models and they may find something. Ha Tin Hang told Si Ting to talk to those models. Cheung Fei Fan said don’t worry she can take care of it if she fails, he knows how to talk to women too.

Ma Si Ting looked at Yumi’s expensive accessories in the hotel room. Yumi’s roommate said when they went to Japan for a job last year, she bought them at a flagship boutique. Yumi’s roommate told Ha Tin Hang, Feng Shei Fan, and Ma Si Ting that she went to Sham Shui Po last night and saw Yumi sharing a scoop of ice cream with a guy. Ha Tin Hang’s boss called Ha Tin Hang and said they found something in the CCTV, before the show, Yumi called someone in her cell phone. Ha Tin Hang showed the roomate his phone and asked if she knows those two girls. She said they are Zita and Fiona in the floor below but in different rooms. Si Ting told Tin Hang and Fei Fan she knocked on Zita’s door and called her but no one answered.

Ho Tit Nam’s mother dressed up and meet with Brother Loi. She came here to warn him about a man looking for someone who make a British passport. He’s ready to pay a hundred thousand dollars to find him. Ha Tin Hang came. Ha Tin Hang asked Brother Loi twenty six years ago, if a man with two kids asked him to create a fake passport. Brother Loi said he doesn’t know anything. Ha Tin Hang grabbed him and asked him to talk. Ho Tit Nam saw Ha Tin Hang and fought him. Ha Tin Hang saw Chan Ling carrying the pig and he walked in the boxing room. Chan Ling introduces herself and told him to grab a first aid kid for his head. She told him her dad likes her to do that. She likes boxing. She quit school and goes to Hongkong. Her dad punished her to hit one hundred pigs till they become soft. Chan Ling carried the pig to her father Mr.Loi. Mr.Loi told her to get her boxing things and come home.

Chan Ling prayed in front of her mom that she will keep her dad company so he won’t be bored. Brother Loi told her that Chan Ling quit school to chase her dream of boxing but give her a pass since she doesn’t do drugs. Brother Loi told her that if he forces her to become a doctor or a lawyer it will be against her will and she won’t be successful. She told her she knows he worked hard selling pork to pay for her education. She may not make big money but she will be nice to him. Brother Loi held her hands and said he made no achievement but having her for a daughter. She chose boxing she must work hard to be a boxing queen. She hugged him and told him she will cook for him tonight.

Cheung Fei Fan and his bodyguard looked at the video and noticed that after Fiona had finished taking selfie, Zita’s still dong it. Zita’s segment ends sooner than Fiona. Cheung Fei Fan called Zita and asked her if her videos was edited. Cheung Fei Fan suspects Ma Si Ting has edited the video. He told his bodyguard to investigate Ma Si Ting’s relationship with Chang Man Kei. Cheung Fei Fan followed Ma Si Ting to a building and watching her taking a necklace. Cheung Fei Fan showed her his video of her and asked her if she needs a lawyer. Si Ting asked him if he seen the necklace or if he have touched it. Can it be a different necklace? Cheung Fei Fan said he will report this to the police. Si Ting told him he’s crazy. She doesn’t have time to play this game with him. She doesn’t care if he believe it or not. She didn’t do it. Ma Si Ting pushed Cheung Fei Fan and left on the taxi.

Cheung Fei Fan called his bodyguard to check on Ma Si Ting’s background. He suspects she is that simple. Cheung Fei Fan heard Si Ting told a girl she almost got caught by her boss. She gave her the diamond necklace. He scanned the code and opened the door. He asked Ma Si Ting what is she carrying. He grabbed the box of necklace and saw the necklace. Si Ting asked him to give it back, it’s an imitation of the necklace to give it to her grandma’s eighty birthday. Si Ting put the necklace for her grandma. Three young ladies wearing a mask came in and fought with Si Ting. Cheung Fei Fan got punched. Lui Wai Bing and a bodyguard fought with the ladies. A lady grabbed the necklace from the grandma and found it to be fake. Si Ting’s grandma fainted.

Cheung Fei Fan told his bodyguard Ma Si Ting took a shot at the necklace before Yumi went to the show. She wanted to make an imitation of the necklace for her grandma. The bodyguard said Ma Si Ting came from a wealthy family but her dad got in trouble after doing a business with Chang Man Kei. In the end, her parents committed suicides due to pressure from Mr.Chang. The bodyguard said Ma Si Ting didn’t steal the necklace but she kept on making lies to to cover up so they can’t let her stay.

Ma Si Ting’s past servant begged them to not fire Si Ting. She’s pitiful. She loves money but it’s for her grandma who is sick. Ma Si Ting came from a wealthy family but her her parents got bankrupt and commit suicide when doing business with Mr.Chang. She quit university to take care of her grandma. Her grandma got dementia. Si Ting’s mind isn’t there and think she is a rich person. She works for her grandma. The sapphire necklace is her grandma’s accessory, her grandma always wear it. Chang Man Kei’s women wanted it but Chang Man Kei stole it for them.

Cheung Fei Fan gave Si Ting a bottle of water. Si Ting said grandma can’t forget it all. Chang Man Kei took the necklace for the show. She wanted to make an imitation of the necklace. Why does he cause so much trouble. Now grandma is in the operation, she doesn’t know if she will survive. Si Ting hit Cheung Fei Fan. Cheung Fei Fan told her that her grandma is fine trust her. Si Ting asked him how could she trust him. Are rich guys like that? He only wants people to take the fall, and so does Chang Man Kei. Cheung Fei Fan told Si Ting she didn’t steal the necklace but why she lied again and again to cover up. Ma Si Ting said she will do anything for money but it doesn’t mean she will steal it. If they found out she shot a photo of the necklace, they will fire her. She needs money to help her grandma. Cheung Fei Fan promised she won’t fire her. Si Ting asked him if he can help her grandma too. Her memory is getting worse. She fears she can’t remember her name. Si Ting cried and said she lost her parents already and don’t want to lose her grandma. She doesn’t want to be alone. The doctor told Ma Si Ting that her grandma has mini stroke and is fine.

Cheung Fei Fan told Ha Tin Hang he could have exposed them if it wasn’t because of the two bodyguards. Ha Tin Hang said he will investigate this.

Mr. Chang told the three women to find Yumi. The plate number on the car is fake. Si Ting sent Cheung Fei Fan the necklace photo she took. The car was taken at Tam Kee garage for repair. Si Ting came to the garage and pretend to look for her car repair. Ha Tin Hang took photos of the document and found the owner’s plate number and phone number. The care owner was out of town during the day of the jewelry show. Ha Tin Hang said perhaps he could have lent the car to someone or asked someone to pick Yumi up. Ha Tin Hang called Cheung Fei Fan and said he found out someone went to the Flyingman boxing group. Yumi fell down the building. Ha Tin Hang went up the building and saw Cheung Fei Fan looking down.

Cheung Fei Fan told the cops, he heard someone falling down the building so he went to take a look. Cheung Fei Fan said there were dozens of models at the show, how would he know who Yumi is. Ha Tin Hang’s boss wants Ha Tin Hang to find evidence to prove Cheung Fei Fan’s innocence. Flashbacks of Cheung Fei Fan deleting the files. Ho Tit Nam told Cheung Fei Fan he is person who has control of those master control system, who else but him would delete those files. Fei Fan told him he knows a bit about taking statements. He’s not obligated to say anything unless he wants to. Ha Tin Hang’s boss told Ha Tin Hang to keep on tracking the necklace, it may be related to Yumi falling off the building.

Comment: This episode was good and touching and intense but I feel Karman Kong’s acting needs improvement. Vincent has a good role. Yep Vincent and Matt’s role have potential in here. I am interested in Vincent’s role of what he will be doing next with this web mind while how Matt will stop him. It’s nice to see Chun Wong here as the villain and I wonder how Vincent is going to deal with him.

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Fist Fight episode 4 recap

Cheung Fei Fan came in and covered Ma Si Ting’s mouth. Cheng Fei Fan untied Ma Si Ting and Rosa while Ho Tit Nam and Ha Tin Hang shoot the DPS. Ho Tit Man grabbed the DPS from behind and killed him. A Dps shot the gaz causing fire. Cheung Fei Fan and his friends jumped down the sea. Ma Si Ting yelled at Cheung Fei Fan that he almost got her killed. Cheung Fei Fan told Ma Si Ting he will pay her ten times. Ho Tit Man told Rosa to come back to the police station for investigation. Cheung Fei Fan told Ho Tit Man he is in Philippine not Hongkong. Ho Tit Man angrily let and said he will wait. Cheung Fei Fan apologized to Rosa for failing to protect Law Kei. He asked her if Law Kei left her anything. The cops picked up Rosa.

Wong Sir asked Ho Tit Nam where did he go and if he was arrested in China for buying prostitutes. Wong Sir told Ho Tit Man he is suspended. Wong Sir received a call and told Ho Tit Man he won’t deal with this issue for Yeung Ching Ching and he went to Philippine for the interpol. If he does it again, he will be suspended. Ho Tit Man got out and thanked Yeung Ching Ching. He wishes she was his boss. Yeung Ching Ching told him why don’t he transfer to her team. If he feels he can’t breathe anymore he may consider it. Ho Tit Man told her she is so nice to him, he must buy her lunch. Yeung Ching Ching said Rosa is arrested by the police in Philippine then arrested then turned her to M9 in England. Ho Tit Man asked what about the system and the hacker’s list. This isn’t Hongkong’s concern anymore so they closed the files.

Cheung Fei Fan drank with Wan Sing Han. Wan Sing Han asked him who’s the most likely to have the system and the list. Cheung Fei Fan thinks it’s either M9 or PDS. Wan Sing Han told Cheung Fei Fan he’s the last person who met Rosa. Cheung Fei Fan said once this system, the hackers on the list, the entire england, or the whole world will become a prison. Wan Sing Han said if the system vanish with Law Kei’s death then there’s no problem. The problem is if it has fallen into a terrorist or radical group. Wan Sing Han asked if if the system and list has fallen into him what would he do. Cheung Fei Fan said reveal, destroy, or sell them at a very high price. He won’t be Fever if he knew what he would do. Wan sing Han said he worked for the government before 1997. He visited another country with the governors and high ranked officials for a year. In less than half a day after he checked in a hotel, he got hospitalized due to allergy. Then he found out it’s because of the flowers in the room. He spent five days in the hotel but four days in the hospital. When he returned, his colleagues bought him dried flowers. That made him realized, for all the things that matters, there are people who like them or hate them. If the intention is kind, he is willing to overlook the minorities or even his believe. Cheung Fei Fan said if he has the system, he would sell them to the government to earn money. He can count on him to make the arrangement.

Cheung Fei Fan looked at the tattoo shape and figure out the map. Flashbacks of Cheung Fei Fan asked her about the tattoo. Rosa told Cheung Fei Fan that Law Kei insists of putting this shape for her five year’s anniversary. Cheung Fei Fan took a photo of the tatoo. Cheung Fei Fan smiled that he got the system. Cheung Fei Fan looked at the list of hackers and even the hackers who ranked last still costs one million dollars. If they sell the name one by one, they don’t need to work for a long time. Cheung Fei Fan told his bodyguard they will have fun all night. Ha Tin Hang’s boss told Ha Tin Hang that Cheung Fei Fan compliment he did a good job protecting him in Philippine. Ha Tin Hang said now the mission is accomplished he guess no one wants to see Cheung Fei Fan again. Ha Tin Hang said Cheung Fei Fan causes trouble everywhere and even with DPS. He doesn’t need bodyguards but he needs an army. His team only want to bodyguards not joining the suicide squad.

Cheung Fei Fan treated his colleagues for lunch at Hakka Lau restaurant. Cheung Fei Fan said he’s Wilson’s new shareholder so he’s Ha Tin Hang and the bodyguard’s boss now. Cheung Fei Fan showed Ma Si Ting she called him twenty two times and texted him eighteen times and he asked her if she doesn’t know it’s harassment. Cheung Fei Fan told her that he will pay her an interest of an extra hundred dollars each month. Cheung Fei Fan gave Ma Si Ting some of his boxing tickets and told her to sell them online. Cheung Fei Fan took a photo with the boxers. Ma Si Ting wonder if Ha Tin Hang will come. Cheung Fei Fan told the reporters he expected to win. Ha Tin Hang came and watch the boxing match between Cheung Fei Fan and Kim Ji Bin. Kim Ji Bing punched him hard in the first round. Fever got punched down and laid down. He got up and fight. The winner of the Fist Fight is Kim Ji Bin. Cheung Fei Fan made a speech apologizing for disappointing them. He was prepared to be defeated but he still persist until the last punch. This is Fire Fist Fight Spirit.

Stephen Huynh told Ha Tin Hang they have tried different methods but Rosa doesn’t know anything about the system. It looks like they will never retrieve the system. Stephen gave Ha Tin Hang a usb and said his father used a fake travel document in 1991 to bring him and kid to England. Ha Tin Hang knows it’s hard to find his family but he has a feeling they are looking for him. Ha Tin Hang watches Chan Ling boxing in the boxing room. He boxes hard.

At the party, Cheung Fei Fan met Wan Sing Hang and Mr. Chang. Cheung Fei Fan told Mr.Chang he’s the new shareholder of Wilson so he’s invited. He saw his supermarket department got closed down and his shares keep on going down so he suggests him to work with him on the online mall. Wan Sing Han said Hongkong got two talented businessman. Yumi put on the necklace. Lights has turned off while the models are performing their catwalk. Ma Si Ting said Yumi left with the necklace. Ma Si Ting was waiting the staff to take off Yumi’s necklace. When the light was dark, she pushed her and left. Cheung Fei Fan said to call the police. Mr. Chang told him to not to or he will ever forgive him. Cheung Fei Fan said this game will be fun to watch. Mr. Chang hit his servant with a cane down the stairs for wanting to call the police on Cheung Fei Fan. Ha Tin Hang paid a man to make a fake passport. A man came in Sis Lai’s restaurant and ordered lobsters, abalones, and geo duck. He told her a stupid guy gave him money. Ho Tit Man asked him if he has fake ID’S. The man told Sis Lai that a dumb guy told him to make a pre-1997 passport. He didn’t know how to make one and received 100,000 dollars so he made up an Uncle Tsat. Ha Tin Hang put the head of the man down and told him he fooled him.

Comment: This episode is interesting. Kinda reminds me of Net deception and Ultimate Addiction.