Favorite Wuxia Eye Candy!

I have to say that some Jin Yong wuxia series have gorgeous Eye Candies with loveable personality and is hard to stay away from.

Male Eye Candies

Duan Yu in Demi God and Semi Devils 96

Emperor Hong Hei in Duke of Mt.Deer 98

Female Eye Candies

Wong Yung in Legend of Condor Heroes 94

Ah Or in Duke of Mt.Deer 98

Chiu Man in Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2000

Eye Candy Couples

Kwok Ching and Wong Yung in Legend of Condor Heroes 94

Yeung Kuo and Siu Lung Noi in Return of Condor Heroes 95


Childhood Wuxia Heroes!

I love wuxia and had two main childhood heroes idol due to my parents always rent those set of wuxia series. My parents rent many wuxia series when I was a child so I got to see a lot of wuxia heroes. I love watching them performing martial arts. Here are my favourite childhood heroes. Then later on, my parents start to rent Jin Yong and other wuxia series due to they have read wuxia novels. Those heroes save the day!

Zhan Zhao, the fourth royal bodyguard known as the royal cat. I love watching him having a duel with Bai Yutang, one of the five mice.

Wong Fei Hung, Master of Kungfu of Guangdong. His father Wong Kei Ying is one of the ten tigers.

Being a fan of other drama blogs!

Yes I used to check previous tvb blogs: TVB Musing, K4TVB, TVB Square, TVB Index, and SPCNET. There used to be so many asian drama bloggers 10 years ago. As a tvb addict who have chatted with numerous tvb fans, and having been told being a “tvb guru” or “You are the right person to talk about this”, I’ve never thought of being a drama blogger but I love blogging and choosing layouts. I always wanted to be a drama recapper due to my love of stories especially adventure stories. Reviews are fine, I like expressing my opinions but I love blogging about daily adventure so I prefer to do drama recaps and keeping memories.

But I’m a private person, I don’t like sharing my thoughts too much especially when it will offend someone. Yeah many fans have told me I’m knowledgeable about tvb series and even more than them. I watch a lot of tvb series but I’m one of those who don’t like expressing opinions in public places which is why I’ve never been a fan of forums. I prefer one on one chat where I know the person.

But the more I do wuxia and tvb recaps, I would like to review or recaps some good wuxia series that my favourite wuxia and tvb bloggers haven’t covered. I used to chat with SPCNET about wuxia series and we do watches different wuxia series. There are some wuxia series I would like to cover. There are too many asian dramas to be watched right?

With Wuxia Edge gone, there still A Virtual Voyage who covers wuxia series. 🙂

I’m planning to cover more wuxia series and asian dramas that I would like to.

❤ Jac

Legendary Siblings episode 37 recap

Xiao You Er and his friends did a funeral for the two sect members. Black Spider fained. Murong Jiu woke up and checks up on him. As Murong Jiu wiped Black Spider’s forehead, he told her not to leave him. Yulang sighed to Hua Wu Que’s servant if his father can’t be the sect leader, he will lose everything. Hua Wu Que’s servant told Yulang to listen to his mother and turn back and don’t follow his father doing evil things. She and his mother are worried about him. Yulang told Hua Wu Que’s servant to bring his mother to a safe place since if his father knows she is here, he will kill her. Yulang told his mother he will visit her and find a place for Hua Wu Que’s maid and her to stay and they will never separate again. Yulang’s father saw Yulang and said Yulang is too soft heart. Yulang told his father he was worried his mother would blab nonsense so he took her away. Yulang’s father asked Yulang where’s his mother. Yulang said she died. Yulang said he has killed his mother last night for leaving them and she deserves to die. Yulang said he gotten rid of her body. Yulang’s father told Yulang he has underestimated him and is more cruel than him. Yulang told his father he is still not as skilled as him. Xiao You Er and his friends plan carefully how to attack Yulang’s father.

Hua Wu Que’s maid picked up some water on the river for Yulang’s mother. Yulang’s father fought with Hua Wu Que’s maid and she fainted. Yulang’s father chased Yulang’s mother. Hua Wu Que’s maid got up out of the blocks and said she can’t die. Black Spider woke up in the temple and grieved that Murong Jiu left. Murong Jiu came and told Black Spider she was hatching medicine for him and he was in coma for sevan days. Murong Jiu held Black Spider’s hand and said from now on he’s her brother. Murong Jiu said the doctor told her it’s better for her to not regain her memories so they can live happily. She was naive for not listening to the doctor so he has to suffer. Murong Jiu told Black Spider she won’t part him. He is her closest person. Black Spider hugged Murong Jiu.

Zhang Jing and Xinlan found Hua Wu Que’s maid. Hua Wu Que’s maid told Hua Wu Que that Yulang’s father wanted to kill her, and she blocked him so Yulang’s mother will runaway. Xinlan said Yulang’s father martial arts is strong and it is easy for him to chase Yulang’s mother. Zhang Jing doubts Yulang’s mother died under Yulang’s father. Hua Wu Que doubts Yulang’s father will follow Yulang’s mother to the village to see how much she has suffered and he also worries that Yulang’s mother will expose him. Xiao You Er told his friends to go to the village right away because Yulang’s father may kill the villagers. Hua Wu Que’s maid begs Hua Wu Que to tell Yulang to save his mother. Hua Wu Que told Xiao You Er and his friends to go back to the village while he searches for Yulang. Hua Wu Que used his fan and put in by Yulang’s neck. Yulang begged him to not kill him for his maid. Hua Wu Que told Yulang he is useless, when he kills others he doens’t blink but now he blinks when he is about to to die. Yulang said he isn’t afraid of dying but if he dies, Hua Wu Que’s maid has to die after him. Hua Wu Que told Yulang to not use his maid to blackmail him. He came here not to kill him but to tell him that his mother is in danger. Hua Wu Que told Yulang he is taking him to his mother and he will know.

The girl is pregnant with Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er picked up his pearl and thought of the girl. Xiao You Er and Zhang Jing went to the village and saw many villagers dead. Xiao You Er and Zhang Jing checks up on the villagers. Xiao You Er cried and hugged the girl and touched his baby in the girl’s belly. Xiao You Er yelled in the well for the girl to return. Zhang Jing yelled in the well for Xiao You Er’s baby to return. Xiao You Er bowed three times in front of the villagers. Xiao You Er apologized to the villagers he has harmed them. Xiao You Er hugged the girl and said it was his fault. Yulang came with Hua Wu Que’s maid to the village. Yulang hugged his mother. Yulang fought with Xiao You Er. Hua Wu Que’s maid stood in front of Yulang and begged Xiao You Er and his friends to forgive Yulang. Hua Wu Que told Zhang Jing he has promised his Yulang’s mother to forgive him. Zhang Jing told Yulang it isn’t Xiao You Er’s fault, his father killed his mother. Yulang carried his mother. Xiao You Er and his friends did a funeral for the villagers. Yulang’s father becomes the new sect leader. The Emei Sect leader drinks with Yulang’s father.

Yulang carries his mother and told the sects that they’ve been tricked by his father. Yulang said he can prove his father was a servant in the floral sect. Yulang said what his mother said is the truth. Yulang said when he was a child, he always see his father beating his mother. He always worry his mother will reveal this secret and attempted to kill his mother. His mother ran away from home but she died under him. Yulang said his father killed his mother. Yulang’s father told Yulang he dares to betray him. Yulang told his father he loves his mother as much as he hates him. Yulang told his father, he has the gut to kill his mother, he won’t accept him as his father anymore, he has to revenge for his mother. Xiao You Er and his friends and Yulang fought with Yulang’s father. Yulang pushed the flag pole into his father. Yulang’s father he’s fine if Hua Wu Que or Xiao You Er kills him but Yulang is the one who he loves the most and kill him. He is evil, he will die without closing his eyes. Yulang apologized he cannot not betray him. He can’t stand his motive. It’s for honor. Yulang’s father dies.

Xiao You Er told his friends the sect member told him to find Yan Nantian then go to the floral sect to revenge for his parents. Xiao You Er and his friends drinks and celebrate for revenging. Yulang had a dream of Hua Wu Que and Xiao You Er chop his arms and legs and his head fell down. Yulang doubt Xiao You Er and his friends won’t forgive him. Yulang sneaks in Xiao You Er’s room holding a knife and about to kill stab him while he’s sleeping.

Legendary Siblings episode 36 recap

Lian Xing slapped Xiao You Er for letting go of revenge for his mother and marrying a beautiful girl in the village. Xiao You Er told Lian Xing she is right, he is useless and don’t have the ability to revenge for his mother. Xiao You Er said his martial artis has been eliminated and is crippled and don’t have the ability to revenge. Lian Xing said she can heal him. Lian Xing asked Xiao You Er if he doesn’t remembered she has healed Yan Nan Tian. He not only can heal him but also restore his martial arts and be the number one swordman. Lian Xing told Hua Wu Que that Yulang’s father is a traitor and he must kill him. Hua Wu Que said he wants to kill him but he isn’t able to because Yulang and his father knows the secret of the martial arts. Last time in the Emei Mountain, he almost died under their hands. Lian Xing teaches Xiao You Er and Hua Wu Que a martial arts at a higher level. Lian Xing told Hua Wu Que that this martial arts will only be stronger if he uses it with another person. Yao Yue told Hua Wu Que to collaborate with Xiao You Er and kill Yulang’s father.

Three months later, the girl eat rice and her mother told her to forget Xiao You Er. The girl can’t forget Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er returned. The girl touched Xiao You Er’s face. Xiao You Er apologized to the girl. The girl hugged Xiao You Er. Xinlan sits and cried by the lake missing Hua Wu Que. Hua Wu Que returned and asked Xinlan why is she crying and if she was afraid he will leave her. Hua Wu Que hugged Xinlan. Xinlan cried and said she doesn’t blame him. Hua Wu Que Xinlan he should be apologizing, he left her. Xinlan said she only needs him by her side. She misses him very much. Hua Wu Que told Xinlan that from now on they won’t part. He won’t leave her. Hua Wu Que visited Xiao You Er and asked him if he doesn’t want to revenge anymore. Xiao You Er told Hua Wu Que that during the night, a person with a mask took him and restore his martial arts and also improved it. Xiao You Er said this person has saved him many times and told him to find the floral sect to revenge for his parents. But if he must revenge, he will find Yulang and his father first. Hua Wu Que told Xiao You Er that they will eventually have a duel but at least they’ve been friends for a day. Xiao You Er hopes this day of the duel will never come. Hua Wu Que told Xiao You Er that his aunties sent him here to collaborate with him to kill Yulang’s father. Hua Wu Que told Xiao You Er that Yulang’s father used to be a servant for the floral sect but now he betrayed the sect so Yao Yue sent him to kill Yulang’s father. Xiao You Er wonders why doesn’t Yao Yue kill Yulang’s father herself as she has the ability instead of telling them to do. Hua Wu Que said he can’t think of the reason but he got to collaborate with him instead of killing him that’s what he wanted. Xiao You Er invited Hua Wu Que to the girl’s home and introduced the girl to him. The girl serves tea for Hua Wu Que. Hua Wu Que can’t believe Xiao You Er is willing to form a family. Hua Wu Que told Xiao You Er that Zhang Jing is strong and said even if he gets married, she still loves him. Hua Wu Que said she’s not naive but deeply in love.

Xiao You Er moved around while sleeping. The girl asked Xiao You Er if Hua Wu Que told him to move. Xiao You Er said Hua Wu Que wants to collaborate with him to kill his parents murderer. Xiao You Er told the girl to not worry and he will not part her. The girl encouraged Xiao You Er to leave to revenge for his parents. The faster he revenges for his family, the sooner they can enjoy life.

Hua Wu Que and Xiao You Er practices martial arts and can’t believe they are practicing the same one. Zhang Jing practices martial arts alone. Xinlan asked Zhang Jing if she really has to kill Yulang’s father. Xinlan told Zhang Jing she’s afraid she would feel comfortable seeing Xiao You Er again. Zhang Jing said the sad moments have passed. The female villager told Xiao You Er she doesn’t to talk about Yulang’s father. Xiao You Er told the female village he hopes she exposes Yulang’s father in front of the sect. The female villager said she doesn’t have the power and she’s not a sect member and she just wants to live peacefully in this village. Hua Wu Que told her she can choose to live peacefully but many innocent will be harmed because of her. Xiao You Er apologized to ask her to risk her life to revenge for his parents. She has suffered and needs to live a peaceful life. Hua Wu Que and Xiao You Er left. The female villager begged Hua Wu Que and Xiao You Er to forgive Yulang. They female villager told them that Yulang followed his father so he turned this way and it was also her fault. The girl gave Xiao You Er her ancestor’s pearl for his safety. Xiao You Er assures the girl he will return safely. Xiao You Er bids farewell to the girl. The female villager told Xiao You Er and Hua Wu Que she will go with them to testify against Yulang’s father but she asked them a favor to spare Yulang’s life. The male villager played an instrument. The girl said that’s their tradition, when a close member leave them, they play the instrument wishing them luck. Murong Jiu turned crazy after practicing the dark martial arts and uses her power on Black Spider and said they are over.

As the sects do a ceremony to promote Yulang’s father as their leader, Xiao You Er and Hua Wu Que exposed Yulang’s father is Jiang Feng’s servant and betrayed Jiang Feng. He also caused Xiao You Er’s father’s to be dead and betrayed the floral palace. He has caused Murong Master to fight against Yao Yue and Lian Xing and get hurt so he can take over the sect. Yulang’s father said no one will believe them since they come from those two sects. Zhang Jing came and said they have to believe Yulang’s mother’s statement. Yulang’s mother said she can prove that Yulang’s father used to work for the floral sect. Murong Jiu uses her power on the Emei Sect members. Yulang’s father said his wife died twelve years ago and now they found a random lady to pretend to be his wife and accuse him. Hua Wu Que told Yulang’s father that she knows too much of his secret so she ran away because he wanted to kill her. Yulang’s mother told Yulang she came back to find him. Murong Jiu came and told Yulang’s father she has to revenge for her family. Xiao You Er and Hua Wu Que fought with Yulang. Yulang’s father chases Xiao You Er and Hua Wu Que and Xinlan and Zhang Jing. Yulang carries his mother. Xiao You Er and his friends left.

Yulang hugged his mother. Murong Jiu tries to punch Black Spider and faint and spit blood. Black Spider transfer energy to Zhang Jing. The martial artist and his friend is about to die but said they have lived for a long time but Xiao You Er, Hua Wu Que, Xinlan, and Zhang Jing can watch them die. The martial artist asked Xiao You Er to promise to marry Zhang Jing. Zhang Jing thanked the martial artist for helping her finding Xiao You Er. She didn’t mean to be mad at him. The martial artist told Zhang Jing she’s silly if he didn’t let her order him, she would’n’t be able to. The sect member told Xiao You Er to not forget Yan Nantian is waiting for him. The sect member don’t want to see Xiao You Er and Hua Wu Que has a duel. The martial artist told the sect member he will repay him three thousand taels. The sect member told them to smile so they can die peacefully. They cried as the two members died.

The Unholy Alliance episode 9 recap

Pierre got frustrated that Miss Ling trust Joel. Pierre slept with Jazz’s sister. Jazz’s sister told Pierre that she has a friend who has a friend who has made Chan Mai Fai her sugar daddy and he went to her gathering every tuesday in Mongkok.

Joel asked Elaine if she has checked her family villa. Elaine said she hasn’t visited there ever since her mother died. Joel suggests to take a tour there and they can stay there for the night as a date. Kwok Fung asked Elaine to hang out with him and their family but she rejected. Ruco looked at his picture of his mother carrying him. Nancy came to his room and took a picture of him. Nancy looked at Ruco’s baby picture. Ruco had a nightmare of Before Auntie Mei dies, she told him she is not Auntie Mei but she is Ling Hung. Ruco drinks some water and heard some shooting. Ruco saw a fingerprint on his laptop. He taped it and glue it and pushed the key button. The door opened. Ruco went down the basement and saw Nancy shooting. Nancy congratulates Ruco of passing his first round. Nancy showed a gun to Ruco and said she’s going to teach him how to shoot. Ruco thought of Auntie Mei and shoots the target. Ruco hugged Nancy happily that he shot two right targets. Joel and Elaine went to the villa and saw Kwok Fung and his family having a barbeque. Elaine told his father that Joel wanted her to have a break so he took her here.

Yik told Miss Ling that Chan Man Fai has a mistress and he would visit several times a month. Miss Ling thinks it’s a trap since he wouldn’t risk his life to visit a girl in this situation. Miss Ling told KK to call Pierre asking where he is. Pierre said he is watching Chan Man Kai visiting his mistress. Miss Ling asked KK if Pierre is seeing Chan Man Fai and she demanded him to tell her where he is. Miss Ling angrily asked them why didn’t they listen to her and Pierre his in danger. Miss Ling told KK to call Pierre to come back right now. KK said Pierre’s phone is turned off. Pierre’s guards got caught by Chan Man Fai and he wants to see Miss Ling. The cops watches Pierre entering Chan Man Fai’s hideout.Yik held Pierre and told him to return home and it’s Miss Ling’s order. Yik shot the gangsters. Yik hid the guns. Stephen arrested Yik.

Elaine put a scarf for his father. Kwok Fung told Elaine there were three threes. There were a snake and she insists to catch it. Her brother caught the snake but injured his knee. He didn’t scold her but he scold her brothers. Kwok Fung told Elaine he is his daughter and he wouldn’t scold her. Elaine leaned on Kwok Fung’s shoulder. Kwok Fung told Elaine that too bad her mom died or she would have seen the man she fell in love with. Elaine asked Kwok Fung why don’t he find another partner. Kwok Fung said her mom is still in his heart. Elaine said she envies her mother that he loves her so much. Kwok Fung asked Elaine if Joel has changed. Kwok Fung said he knows Joel is investigating the villa for his mom but she is his daughter and he doesn’t want her to have mistrust in him. Kwok Fung said his pride is not in business nor fortune but in a family unity. Elaine cried and apologized to her dad. Kwok Fung said no need to apologized. He got his family’s back and won’t let his family be hurt.

Elaine told Joel she trusts her father and she asks him to stop investigating. Elaine told Joel she is on her own. She will leave the villa tomorrow. Joel opened the door to a basement. Kwok Fung told Joel this is his place. Kwok Fung pointed the gun toward Joel.’s head and asked him to dare opening it. Elaine came and asked his dad to not do it. Joel told Elaine he won’t stop investigating until his mom’s name is clear. Joel opened the door. Kwok Fung told Joel he is loyal and willing to sacrifice his relationship for his mother. Elaine asked Joel why wouldn’t he believe her. Joel apologized. Kwok Fung told Joel his name is clear and they shouldn’t mistrust each other.

Miss Ling’s family speak up for Pierre. Miss Ling accepts Pierre’s resignation as he says he wants to resign. Yik stays silent at the police station. Yik told Lau Kong that police works by evidence not by scaring others, if they have evidences then charge him. Lau Kong told Yik that Miss Ling is in danger without him. He may have to attend her funeral when he gets released. Yik took down three of Chan Man Fai’s men in prison and looked a the flyer of PHAB. Miss Ling and Mary visited Chloe at her PHAB charity. Nancy took off Ruco’s sunglasses a the airport and told him he doesn’t look blessed. She wishes him luck. Yik called Nancy that Miss Ling is in danger so go to the community center. Nancy sat next to Miss Ling and told her to leave now. Ruco bumped into the gangster and told Miss Ling he has been separated from his mom for thirty years and now he is back he won’t leave. The cops arrived and the gangsters left.