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Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 12 recap

The general ordered the official to be beheaded. The majesty told the officials that he has a feeling that the general wouldn’t do something against the law. The majesty keep Bo Yee as the priest. Bo Yee begs the majesty to give extra money to help the villagers. The people carrying the bowl of rice and thanked Bo Yee. Chiu Yung helped Bo Yee distributed rice. The villagers bowed and thanked Bo Yee. The majesty heard the villagers prayed for Bo Yee, and got angry he need to spend his golds and the villagers praised Bo Yee. Chiu Yung asked the majesty what does he thinks of Bo Yee, she praised him as helpful and can take care of her. The majesty doesn’t want her to marry Bo Yee. Chiu Yung told the servants to throw out the plants. The majesty asked Chiu Yung there are many princes in the kingdom but what’s so good about Bo Yee? The majesty told Tin Wah to tell the general to write an edict for appointing Bo Yee to be a prince.

Tin Wah got mad why Bo Yee always steal his things. The general’s wife said as long as Bo Yee hesitate of marrying Chiu Yung, she has a way to deal with it. The general reads the edict. Bo Yee said he needs time to think. Bo Yee dropped the hat and told the general he will see him and the majesty at the court. At the court, Bo Yee told the Chiu Yung that he is only a normal guy, he doesn’t deserved her love. Bo Yee apologized no one cane replace Ching Mui in his heart. Chiu Yung left and told the majesty to punish him for her. The majesty ordered Bo Yee to be locked in the dungeon.

Tin Wah told the general’s wife that Bo Yee was born naive and doesn’t know how to lie. He deserved to be in this state. The general’s wife thought of an idea of sending Bo Yee to Mongolia for a mission. Chiu Yung begged the majesty to not let Bo Yee leave to Mongolia. Bo Yee’s mother feels upset that Bo Yee is leaving. Chiu Yung greets Bo Yee and bid farewell nad gave him an umbrella. The villagers gave Bo Yee some wines and buns.

The general’s wife told Tin Wah this is his chance of being a prince. Tin Wah brought a bag of medicine for Chiu Yung but the maid didn’t accept it. Chiu Yung feels dizzy. Chiu Yung lets Tin Wah leaving the bag of medicine for her. Tin Wah and Chiu Yung visits Bo Yee’s mother and ate the meals she cooked. The general gave his troops a guard outfit. The guards rooted for the general. The Mongolian fought with Tin Wah. He gave the general to get rid of the majesty to him. He told Tin Wah his martial arts is not bad and has potential to work for the Mongols. The general and his wife enjoys the boxes of gold. Tin Wah held the jade and asked the general if he thinks the jade matches him. The general advised the majesty to settle with the Mongolians. The majesty told the general to find something fun for him, he’s bored of the spa. Tin Wah brought the majesty to a town where the concubines dressed as ladies cooking for him and selling voodoo dolls. Tin Wah told the two officials to leave. Tin Wah prepared the majesty a uniform. The general reminds Tin Wah to remember he brought him up.


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Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 11 recap

Bo Yee and the official asked the official about the poultry, the people have complained they haven’t received them. The general gave Tin Wah a bag of powder to poison Bo Yee. Bo Yee drink with Tin Wah. Bo Yee warned Tin Wah of not following the general, or else he will go the wrong path. As Bo Yee drinks, Tin Wah  broke the cup of tea and said he isn’t feeling well. Bo Yee passed out rice to the villagers. They thanked him. A kid complained the bun is so thick, he wants noodles and beefs. The mother told Bo Yee that for half a year, they didn’t have food. Bo Yee distributes rice and pancakes for the villagers. Bo Yee told Tin Wah when he comes back to the palace, he will ask the general about the poultry. Tin Wah assures that the general didn’t hide the poultry. Bo Yee looked at the villagers dead in the fire. Bo Yee carried a baby. The general got angry at Tin Wah for not killing Bo Yee. The official told Bo Yee he has a feeling that the murderer waited till he leave then burnt the village.

The villagers walked on the street and blamed Bo Yee for sending guards to burn the village. The guards came to kill the villagers. The two officials came and told them to release them. Bo Yee lured Tin Wah in the forest and asked him to have a duel. Bo Yee asked Tin Wah if he burnt the village causing thousands of death. Tin Wah fought with Bo Yee. Bo Yee hold his sword and Tin Wah fell and spit blood. Bo Yee warned Tin Wah he has gone further down the dark path, if he knows he did bad things, he won’t spare him. The general’s wife told Tin Wah they can find a scapegoat for this case. The general brought the guard as witness. The guard told the majesty that he did distributed the rice to the villagers but it was crowded and the villagers beat them up. The three villagers denied of stealing rice. The majesty told the guards to take the three villagers away to be dead. Bo Yee pleaded for them. The majesty let go of the case. Bo Yee apologized to the villagers he can’t help them. Bo Yee took his hat off and climbed on the wall and told the villagers to leave. Tin Wah drinks with the general and officials.

.Bo Yee packed his stuff. Bo Yee’s mother enter the room and told Bo Yee that the palace is full of scheming and she doesn’t blame him. Bo Yee drinks and chat with the official. The official told Bo Yee he shouldn’t leave, he can’t let the corrupt generals take over. Bo Yee and the official saw a pair of yellow birds in front a desert house. Bo Yee and the official checked the deserted house. Bo Yee steps in and the daggers thew at at him. Bo Yee used his sword on the assassins. Bo Yee and the official found boxes of gold in the room.

At the court, Bo Yee and official confronted the general of hiding the golds from the villagers. The general begs the majesty to give him three days to investigate this case. The general bowed in front of the majesty that he hid those golds for him to build the garden. They need an extra sum of golds. The general told the majesty to give him three days to find the rest of the sum. The general told an official to take the rest of the golds away. The general told Tin Wah to order the guards to arrest the official for taking the golds. Tin Wah ordered the guards to arrest the official.  Tin Wah killed the official.

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Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 10 recap

Bo Yee threw the tomb at the priest. He used his power to break the chain and saves his mom. Bo Yee finds the martial arts of priest similar to his and find it strange. Bo Yee transfers energy to Ching Mui and then fainted. Princess Chiu Fung practices swordfights. Chiu Yung got upset.  The majesty told Chiu Yung that men loves nice women. It’s not only Lai Bo Yee, other men will stay away from her. The maid told Chiu Yung if Lai Bo Yee saw her soft side, he would like her. Chiu Yan brought ginseng to Bo Yee’s mother. Chiu Yung visited Ching Mui and apologized and hoped she gets well. Chiu Yung brought a bowl of soup for Bo Yee.

The general told Tin Wah that he’s been organizing a flower garden with the majesty, he warned him of being careful. Tin Wah wants to go with the general’s wife to the palace tomorrow. Chiu Yan studied about foo. dShe told the general’s wife she wanted to make healthy meal for Bo Yee. The general’s wife gave Chiu Yung an advice of not mixing three herbs together. Tin Wah gave the Chiu Yung a fabric of arrows he made for her to protect her. She loves it but then thought of that she will be more gentle so she gave back the gift. The general’s wife gave Chiu Yung a necklace. The general’s wife told Tin Wah that he still has a chance with Chiu Yung and she can help match them up in the garden festival tomorrow.

The majesty watches the dance. Bo Yee gave the majesty an advice they shouldn’t stay long in this garden.  The majesty got mad and told Bo Yee to go home and take care of his family affairs. The priest told the officials that the majesty doesn’t care about the world and he didn’t try to please him.

Tin Wah saw Chiu Fung. Chiu Fung asked the general’s wife if she seen Bo Yee. The majesty watches the ladies fight for the lantern. The majesty will grant a wish for whoever grabbed the lantern. Chiu Yung flew and fought and grabbed the lantern. Princess Ngan Fung carried tea for the majesty. Chiu Yung fought with Ngan Fung. Tin Wah fought with Ngan Fung and thew a knife at the hands. She left. The majesty gave Tin Wah the status to take charge of one hundred guards in the palace.

Chiu Fung saw Bo Yee. Bo Yee confronted Ngan Fung of assassinating the majesty. Bo Yee told Ngan Fung to leave this place soon. Chiu Yung told her maid to not tell out about Bo Yee and Ngan Fung. The priest greeted Ngan Fung. She asked him if he has the antidote for the poison; she needs it to save someone.  Ngan Fung swallowed the powder and asked the priest for the antidote. Chiu Fung ordered Tin Wah to kill Ngan Fung.

Chiu Fung saw Bo Yee. Bo Yee confronted Ngan Fung of assassinating the majesty. Bo Yee told Ngan Fung to leave this place soon. Chiu Yung told her maid to not tell out about Bo Yee and Ngan Fung. The priest greeted Ngan Fung. She asked him if he has the antidote for the poison; she needs it to save someone.  Ngan Fung swallowed the powder and asked the priest for the antidote. Chiu Fung ordered Tin Wah to kill Ngan Fung. Ngan Fung sneaked in the room and put the antidote in Ching Mui’s mouth and transfer energy.

Ching Mui admired Ngan Fung for saving her. The assassin fought with Ngan Fung. Ching Mui fought with him. Ngan Fung ached and ran. Bo Yee and Ching Mui’s father went in the room and didn’t see Ching Mui. The assassins fought with Ngan Fung. Ching Mui came and told her to leave. Bo Yee and his uncle and the servants search for Ching Mui. The  assassins kicked Ching Mui down the hill.  The assassins fought with Ngan Fung. The priest threw his board and killed the assassins. Bo Yee found a sword and wants to go down the hill. Ngan Fung told the priest not to kill Bo Yee. The servant found the badge of Ngan Fung. Bo Yee found a fabric with blood. The maid told Chiu Fung that Ching Mui fell down the cliff and died. Bo Yee light up the candles and it blew. Bo Yee yelled and cried. Bo Yee asked his mother why she said Ching Mui is dead. A man crawled and knocked in Bo Yee’s house. A man told Bo Yee he never received food.

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Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 9 recap

Ngan Fung had a dream of killing them all. Ching Mui gave her a bowl of congee. Ngan Fung put some powders in the tea. She apologized to her that she mistaken her after she saved her. She told her to drink the tea. Ching Mui drink the tea. Bo Yee’s mother and Ching Mui’s father visited Bo Yee and Ching Mui. Bo Yee told his mother that now he has a steady life, he must take care of her. She told him that everything is dangerous and he must be caerful. Ching Mui sweat and went in the room. Ngan Fung gave her a cup of tea, and she felt better. Ngan Fung asked her what did she gave her. Ngan Fung told her she was poisoned and has to come here to drink this medicine. Ngan Fung said she has to watch out for enemies.

Ching Mui fainted and told Bo Yee to take the medicine from Ngan Fung. Bo Yee confronted Ngan Fung of harming them after they saved her. Ngan Fung told Bo Yee that this powder is to suppress the pain of the poison but now it is too late. Bo Yee told her that Ching Mui has made medicine for her every morning. He saved many people but regretted saving her. Ngan Fung said she has never made a mistake. The doctor told Bo Yee he can’t save Ching Mui. She has been poisoned and he has to find a special kind of Ginseng. Bo Yee looked at the jade. He did a fengshui spell of forty nine candles on Ching Mui. Ngan Fung checked up on Ching Mui. She fought with Ching Mui’s father. She told Bo Yee she just wanted to see Ching Mui. She left.

Princess Chiu Yung played the harp and lost interest. She told her maid that Bo Yee hasn’t visited her. The maid told Chiu Yung that it is a good thing that Bo Yee didn’t try to please her, men have to have their own will. Chiu Yung complained that Ching Mui always pick on her. The maid suggests Chiu Yung to read more books about Fengshui so she can have something to discuss with him.

Tin Wah gave Chiu Yung a vase. Chiu Yung asked Tin Wah some questions about Fengshui from the book. Tin Wah said Fengshui depends on water or mountains. Chiu Yung asked Tin Wah how to do the horse passing across the water. Tin Wah said it is a high skill he haven’t got a chance to learn. Chiu Yung said she will ask Bo Yee. She reads the book and told Tin Wah to leave. Bo Yee told Chiu Yung that Ching Mui is sick and they need a ginseng. Chiu Yung said there’s plenty of ginseng in the palace. She can search for it. She asked him to drink with her. Chiu Yung gave Bo Yee a box of ginseng. Bo Yee said it isn’t the ginseng he needs. Chiu Yung looked at Ching Mui and accidentally pushed the candle.  Bo Yee held the candle and yelled at her. Chiu Yung left.

A Mongolian priest picked up the sword and said he succeed a dark martial art and need to use the blood of a hundred people. The Mongolian Prince locked two Hans. The prince wondered where Princess Ngan Fung is. The priest requested to give him the task of searching for Ngan Fung.

The majesty and the general watches the dancers. The general suggests the majesty to build a garden to lure beautiful ladies. At the court, the majesty asked the official why Bo Yee isn’t here. The official said Bo Yee is busy with family affairs. An official told the the majesty that there’s a disaster of losing goods, he hopes he would give the people hundred thousand golds to help the people. The general said they only need to send like three thousand golds. The officials bowed hoping the majesty will help.

Tin Wah served tea for the officials and the general. Tin Wah told the general that someone must have offended him. The general told him to leave. Tin Wah said if there’s someone who offended him he won’t forgive that person. Tin Wah eavesdrop on the general told the officials if Tin Wah was that good, he wouldn’t have to try to please other people. Tin Wah hit the Feng Shui causing the official to die. Tin Wah told the general that the official died today due to him. Tin Wah said he can use Fengshui to save or harm people. The general showed the map of the garden and told the majesty to give five thousand golds to help the people and use the remain gold to create the garden. The majesty asked Bo Yee his opinion on the garden. Bo Yee told the majesty that the world isn’t stable and if he wants to have more concubines, people won’t respect him. The general told the majesty that Bo Yee dared to compare him to the previous majesties.

Tin Wah fought with the Mongolian priest. The Mongolian priest threw his paper surrounding Tin Wah. The paper exploded. The general invited the Mongolian priest. The Mongolian priest complimented Tin Wah of being able to break his paper which means he has high dark powers. The Mongolian priest did a spell to see Princess Ngan Fung. When Ngan Fung visited Ching Mui’s body, the mirror exploded. Tin Wah believes maybe Ngan Fung knows Bo Yee.

Ching Mui’s father feels useless he couldn’t find the ginseng. The Mongolian priest kidnapped Bo Yee’s mother. Bo Yee uses his demon sword and defeated the bear. Bo uses his sword and fought with the priest.

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Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 8 recap

Ching Mui and Bo Yee hanging visited the official mansion. Bo Yee ate with Tin Wah. Bo Yee told Tin Wah he just came to the palace to assist the majesty. The general wants a settlement with the Mongol. Tin Wah told the officials he agree with the general they should settle so they will have time to rest. The majesty asked Tin Wah how does he look. Tin Wah told the majesty he must haven’t slept well. Tin Wah told the majesty to go to the temple so he can feel better. Bo Yee told the official that the majesty will be in danger tomorrow. He will protect the majesty.

Tin Wah leads the majesty to the temple. They took a break. Some assassins in the black mask attacked the majesty. While Tin Wah fought with the assassins, the majesty left the sedan chair and hid and tripped behind the bush.. The majesty followed the green bird to the beach. The assassin came toward the majesty. The majesty bowed in front of her and said if she forgives him, he will give her anything. The assassin said it is a pity the dynasty has a useless emperor. Bo Yee grabbed the majesty. Tin Wah fought with the assassin. Bo Yee told the majesty that it is a deed he pray in the the temple  but it is unfortunate the assassin took advantage of the opportunity. The official told the majesty about the white horse incident last time. Bo Yee said Tin Wah helped him. The majesty asked Bo Yee why does he always have nightmares. Bo Yee told the majesty to hang the dragon pendant higher. The official told Bo Yee that he thinks Tin Wah is collaborating with general to scheme. Princess Chiu Fung saw Bo Yee. The general asked Tin Wah about Bo Yee. Tin Wah told him that Bo Yee’s power is ten times higher than him. Tin Wah said Bo Yee’s father is a famous fortune teller Lai Dang San.

At the court, the majesty asked Tin Wah if he did the horse coming across the lake. Tin Wah told the majesty he didn’t think of receiving any rewards, he just wanted him to be safe since if he’s safe then the people will have hope. When he fell in the sea, he had in mind that your majesty cannot die. He jumped in the sea. They both fainted and he was safe. When he woke up, everyone praised him of being the hero. But he did wanted to help him. The officials asked the majesty to forgive. The majesty gave Bo Yee the title of a priest. Tin Wah congratulates Bo Yee and left. Tin Wah drinks and get upset. Tin Wah told Bo Yee he deserves his accomplishment while he doesn’t know anything except risking his life. Bo Yee told Tin Wah he never thought of fighting with him. Tin Wah told him that he betrayed him.

Princess Chiu Yung greets the official. The general praised Lai Bo Yee’s father of choosing a good fengshui for him. Ching Mui called him a hypocrite. Chiu Yung yelled at Ching Mui for being a maid and being rude to the general. She told her maid to slap Ching Mui. Bo Yee asked the Chiu Fung to forgive her. Chiu Yung slapped Ching Mui. Ching Mui left. Bo Yee followed Ching Mui. Chiu Yung wanted to slap Ching Mui. Bo Yee prevented her. Chiu Fung told him that he treated her this way for just a maid. Bo Yee said he grew up with Ching Mui and he won’t let anyone harm her. Chiu Yung got upset and left.

The official told the majesty that there can only be one priest. Tin Wah bowed in front of the majesty that Bo Yee deserves to be the priest. Bo Yee and the general told the majesty that Tin Wah is also a talent. The officials take back their treasures from Tin Wah. Tin Wah receives and edict of losing his post and he can’t have the antiques in the room. Tin Wah cried and pack his stuff. Tin Wah gave the general’s wife a hairpin. Tin Wah puts the hairpin on the general’s wife. The general’s wife wished she has a son like him. The general’s wife wants to adopt Tin Wah as her son. The officials brought gift to the general and his wife for adopting a son. Princess Ngan Fung got injured and fainted. Two men picked her up and wanted to rape her. Ngan Fun killed them. Bo Yee told Ching Mui he worries that Tin Wah will help the general doing bad things. Bo Yee and Ching Mui found the Ngan Fung fainting. They picked her up.

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Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 7 recap

Bo Yee brought the lady home and she called him her husband. The lady got agitated and told the maid not to separate her her husband, their son can’t lose a father. Ching Mui went to her room and cried. Bo Yee asked the lady if she remembered where did she wanted to go.  She said she remembered he took her to see the opera and looked at the garden and go fishing. She now has a baby with him, why does he want to break up with her. The lady told Bo Yee to stay by him. Bo Yee told her to stay here for the moment. On the street, Ching Mui heard the old ladies chatting about the lady  uses a spell to hypnotize Bo Yee. Ching Mui told Bo Yee though she doesn’t know what is his relationship with this lady but she hopes he resolves this fast since there are rumors. Bo Yee’s mother brought him a bowl of congee. Bo Yee asked his mother if she believes he is innocent. Bo Yee’s mother asked Bo Yee if he can’t find her family. Bo Yee said will keep on taking care of the lady. There are many people who don’t have a home. He will try to help other people as much as he can. He will work hard to find the lady’s family.

During dinner, the maid told the lady to eat pig bone. A lady came and found the lady. The lady refuses to go back. The lady claimed that the lady is a prostitute and she came to take bring he back. The lady fainted. Bo Yee’s father gave the lady a cheque to pawn the lady. Ching Mui looked at the lady taking a nap, and asked her what is her agenda of pretending to be crazy. The lady knocked on the door for Ching Mui. A master slapped her. She hit him with a vase. She fainted. He kicked her. He fainted. Ching Mui came and screamed. The doctor apologized that the lady couldn’t keep her baby.  Ching Mui apologized and cried she thought the lady wanted to see the master. Bo Yee yelled at Ching Mui for not being careful. The lady woke up and told Bo Yee she faked being crazy hoping she could take care of her baby here but she found out she is so selfish. She wrongly trusted the master and now lost a baby which is a good thing so she doesn’t have to suffer.

At the court the lady accepted the crime of hitting the master. The master asked her if she regret offending him. The lady pushed his head toward the pole and she wants to die. The guards pushed him. Bo Yee believes there are good officials out there. The official came and told her to rest. She has to go to the court tomorrow to witness. At the court, the lady said she hit the master but didn’t know he is in the house. The lady said she told him she is pregnant. The master wouldn’t admit and told his servants to beat her and make her leave. The master said that the lady has slept with many men, and how would he know the servants beat her up. The official asked him why would the servants beat her up without his order. The official said though the lady hit his head, his baby died and she got injured. The official asked the guards to hit the master a hundred times. The official punished the lady by sweeping for two days. The lady plans to go back to her hometown. The lady feels welcome at Bo Yee’s house.

The lady told Bo Yee that she can tell that he really cares for Ching Mui. He should explain to her. Bo Yee said he only sees Ching Mui as his sister. He never thought of being with her. The lady said she grew up in a brothel and never realized there is someone out there who cares for her. She hopes he thinks carefully about her feelings with Ching Mui ant not let go of this relationship. Bo Yee thought of Ching Mui. He apologized to her he was kind of harsh on her. Ching Mui said the lady made her thought of many things, some things can’t be forced. She rather they be friends since they can share everything they want.

Bo Yee and Ching Mui went with the official to find the lady in the brothel. Ching Mui said she got robbed and so she stayed here in the brothel. Ching Mui told the lady to fight for herself instead of accepting her fate. She thought she would be fine after getting married but she met the master again and now she ends up here. She can’t change her fate. Bo Yee does a spell to change the lady’s fate. The master ordered his guards to fire arrows. Bo Yee uses his sword and threw at the guards. He threw up blood. The lady thanked Bo Yee, she can now escape this world. She died. Bo Yee stayed in the lake and thought of his family.

Ching Mui hugged Bo Yee while he heals. Ching Mui fainted. Bo Yee wakes up and carries Ching Mui and hugged her and said she can’t die. Bo Yee said he has to marry her. She can’t die. Bo Yee cried. Ching Mui told him she won’t die easily, he still missing her a piece. Bo Yee held his jade and hugged her and said they won’t argue anymore and will always be together. Bo Yee feels upset she couldn’t save the lady.

The official visited Bo Yee and praised his Fengshui skills and asked him if he knows about the horse power. Bo Yee said he heard of Tin Wah’s using the horse. The official told Bo Yee he is the real hero. He recognizes Bo Yee’s handwriting to the lady as the same that was written on the horse. Bo Yee denied and said it is Tin Wah’s achievement. The official told  Bo Yee he is the savior of the dynasty. Bo Yee refuses to go to the palace. The offficial hopes he can go to the palace and help the majesty. Bo Yee told Ching Mui to go with him to the palace. Bo Yee and Ching Mui farewell to their family and go  with the official to the palace. The general suggested the majesty to increase the tax and he listened. The general is happy that he and Tin Wah can soon have their dynasty in their hands. Tin Wah told the general he is only her to lend him a hand.