All about Tin episode 2 recap

Lin Tin had a duel with the villager and beat his first step Lin Tin drinks with the villager. Lin Tin said he has a dream of dying under his enemy. He envies him and the lady. Lin Tin told the villager when he found out how to break his second move, he will see him again. The villager told Lin Tin the third move. The monks surrounded the villager and his wife. The villager told the monk he has to take his treasure. The villager was about to punch the monk then stopped. The villager punched the monk. The vilager fought with the monks and took the treasure. The monk saw the map on the back of the villager. The monk told the sect leaders to fight with the villager to get back the treasure. The monk said a hundred years there’s a myth that there’s a secret, whoever know this secret will rule the world but to know this secret, the person must possess a treasure. The monk said the map is in the villager’s back.

During the night, the lady sneaked out of the house. The villager eavesdrop the lady talking to her sister. Her sister told her to kill the villager but she hesiated. The lady put some powder on the cup of water and told the villager to drink it. The villager drink it and pour down the water. The villager fainted. The lady carved out the map while crying. The lady put down the knife. The villager wakes up and asked her why did she do it. The villager asked the lady when they first met, was it a setup. The lady said she was a spy to find the map but she thought he didn’t have it. After he became the leader of the tribe, he has the map carved on his back. After he has the map on his back, she didn’t think of betraying him anymore because she loves him. Her master wants to control her so she gave her a poisonous pill that she has to drink it every year or she’ll die. She loves him so she doesn’t care about death. She wants to follow him. She never thought of stealing the map for the medicine. The villager was about to leave. The lady gave birth to her son. The villager gave his son the name Lip Kong Tin. The monk suggests the sect member to spare the villager after they take back the treasure. The monk sit and wait for the villager and asked him if he remembered the gold shirt’s he’s wearing is when he first met him and saved him so he just want to chat with him as a friend. The priests told the monks that the monk is in danger. The priests fought with the lady. The lady threw needles and the priests died. The priest came to ward the lady.

The monk told the villager he must save the villagers but he can’t let the treasure falls in the hand of a bad guy. The monk told the villager he can persuade the sect not to kill his tribe but he must not give the treasure to Cook Yan. The villager returned home and found the lady and the baby missing and thought the monk did it. The villager killed the priests. The monk asked the priest why did he kidnapped the villager’s son. The priest told the monk that they should kill the villager for killing their members. The villager came. The monk poke his eyes. The sects fought with the villager. The villager chopped the lock and saved the lady. The lady is blind. The sect surrounded the villager and the lady. The lady’s sister came and said her master wants her to come. The sect leaders fought with the villager and stabbed his back. Lin Tin took the map and fought with the sect. The villager told Lin Tin to teach his son martial arts to defeat the sect and give him his skin and save his tribe. The villager dies.

Lin Tin made a grave for the villager and put the map in Kong Tin’s body. Lin Tin came to the tribe and saw the villages dead. Lin Tin fought with Cook Yan’s sect. Cook Yan threw the jade out of his sedan chair. Lin Tin remembered that his major flaws were he couldn’t forget his past. Lin Tin burned the jade and looked for a doctor to heal Kong Tin. Kong Tin grew up with the doctor and farm.

All about Tin episode 1 recap

The series starts with a martial artist flew in the snow cave and found a dead body. The martial artist went to the restaurant wondered why there are many martial artists in the restaurant. The martial artist sneaked in the room and found a sword. The martial artist stood on the roof and saw the monks transfer energy for his brother Lip Kong Tin. The sect members got ill and told Kong Tin that their power can only retain his life for a month. The sect members die. The martial artist helped Kong Tin. Kong Tin and the martial artist read the words on the rock. Kong Tin said he saw a few years ago he buried two birds and used this place as a cemetary. He will join his wife. Kong Tin died.

Twenty five years ago, on the way on the road the priest found a guy who fainted. The guy said he got robbed. The priest bowed in front of the mountain. The lady took care of him. The priest did a ceremony and died. The lady asked her brother if someday she dies what would he do A villager said the village been assassinated. The lady told her brother she finds someone very suspicious.The villagers came into the uncle’s tent and asked him. The uncle pretends to injured his leg and used his sword and stabbed the villager. The uncle and the mask guy fought with the villager and bomb exploded and they left.

The masked sect burned the village and fought with the villager. The masked sect leader said he wants his map. Cook Yan, the leader of the sect came out from his sedan chair and deals with the villager to give him the map unless he tells him why does he want it. Cook Yan said the map contains a huge secret. The masked members was about to carve out the map from the villager’s back but Cook Yan has another idea of letting him use his martial arts to lead him to take the treasure from the temple. Cook Yan gives him four months to go with him or else he will kill his members. Cook Yan told the mute guy that if he carved the map out of the martial artist’s back he will suicide. Rather than doing that, he rather uses him to steal the treasure from the temple. The treasure is related to a big secret. It will be good if the martial artist found the treasure, but if someone discover the map on his back, the other sect with fight each other. Then he will use the chance to rule the world.

The lady got a belly ache. The villager asked the lady if she is pregnant with him. The lady said he’s too busy with other things, she doesn’t want to pressure him. The lady said when she was little she wanted to touch the moon. The villager took the lady to watch the moon. The wind blew. The lady tripped from the hill and the villager held her up. Some brothers rescued them. The monk treated the lady and the villager congee and buns. The monk suggests the lady and the villager to leave because there will be a disaster coming. Lin Tin Wei Ngor came and punched the monk. Lin Tin fought with the monks. The villager thought about the assassination in the village and fought with Lin Tin. The villager had a duel with Lin Tin and left. The monk said Lin Tin is a good martial artist and look for other good martial artist to have a duel. The monk said Lin Tin is the top martial artist in the temple. The monk said a few years ago his arm got chopped. Lin Tin told the villager he found a way to break his move. The villager walked with the lady and said he doesn’t want to fight with him. Lin Tin went in the house to take the sword for the villager to break the chain. The villager took the sword and told Lin Tin he can’t owe him. The villager used the sword to chop the chain for the lady but it didn’t break. The villager asked Lin Tin if he wants to have a duel with him.