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All that Bitter Sweet is Bitter episode 2 : medication

Since I’m studying pharmacy, it was nice to hear some medical terms in the series.


The little boy has cold rashes Linda asked his father some medical questions:

Linda: Why does people think rats can cure disease?

Elliot: Some people think steamed buns can cure tubercluosis. Some even says rats that have even herbs can cure diseases. If you eat rats, your health will get worse.

Linda: How can you tell if someone has cold rash?

Elliot: It’s not common in Foshan. The winter is comming. You have learned from me, now tell me the symptom of cold rash.

It’s cause by invasion of cold wind, usually during the change of season. Red rashes are found in the limb and cheek. They are not painful or itchy and do not contain blood or pus. Cold rashes are divided into cold rash, heat rash, and toxic exanthems. Cold rashes are red, heat rashes are bright red and toxic rashes are black and may fester and form a scab. We must check the pulse. Slippery and flighty means a febrile disease. Astrigent means a cold diseases. A rapid pulse means a febrile disease, a slow pulse means a cold disease. Judging from a superficial or deep pulses, we can determine it is cold on the outside and hot from the inside and vice versa. Cold rashes are usually feverish but they will get well with enough rest and right medicine. If a person has always been deficient in vital energy with poor circulation,gets feverish and has epileptic seizures then what? Because he patient’s liver is weak, the body is full of toxin, the sweet potatoes he eat clogs up the stomach. When caught with cold rashes which add to harmful effects, his fever won’t break, his seizure will become more frequent, it will be serious

Elliot: He’ll die if he doesn’t seek medical help. You’ve applied the four method of diagnostic methods correctly. What would you perscribe?

Linda: Boil with water, milkvetch root, cinnamon, aconite, codonopsis root and baizu, using alternatly gentle heat and high heat.After fourteen dosages the patient will get well.

Elliot: But you used codopsis root, Gingseng would be more effective.

Linda: I know but Gingseng is too expensive, most people can’t afford fourteen dosages, that’s why I picked codonopsis root. Though it’s not as effective as gingseng, it still can cure people.

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All that Bitter is Sweet episode 1 screencap

Same as Line Walker, I didn’t watch the whole series, and only watch a bit of it. Watching dramas takes up a lot of my time, since I don’t really have much free time these days, I’ll just watch bits and pieces and recap and screencaps some scenes I find interesting.

Raymond took Linda to a poor community called Fly Lane. They encountered a poor girl but she ran. They chased her but Linda twisted her leg. Raymond climb up the ladder, and Linda left behind in the alley. Jazz stole Linda’s golden necklace using a hook.


Scary Symbols


Linda freaked out seeing Ruco in the light. Ruco asked Linda to close her eyes. He used his signals asking Jazz to return the necklace. Ruco suggests Linda not to wear valuables on the street and keep it safe.