Come on Cousin episode 6 recap

Jing Man got sausage mouth. Jing Man stayed in Vivienne’s massage parlor. Jing Man and Kwok Bo came to take Jing Man home. Jing Man’s mother told Joey that Joi Yeh looks like a beggaer. As Vivienne fights with Jing Man’s mother. Joi Yeh put on the glasses for Joey. Jing Man told her mother she wants to stay in the massage parlor and she asked her to leave her alone. Jing Man’s mother saw Jing Man’s sadness and decided to let her be independent. Joi Yeh gave Jing Man a novel. Jing Man greets the priest. Jing Man choked, the priest helped her. Jing Man’s mother mistaken him of seducing Jing Man. Mr. Bing sent an invitation to Jing Man’s mother. The priest sent Joi Yeh an invitation to his church. The triad came to Joi Yeh’s house demanding for Lam Suet. Lam Suet’s parents faked death. Choi Yeh gave Lam Suet some money to repay her gambling debt. Yau Tin and Lam Suet run from the triad and faked death. Yau Tin stared at Lam Suet wiped up his face. Lam Suet saw Mario work out with Yau Tin’s mother and she screamed. Mario denied Lam Suet being his girlfriend. Mario doesn’t want to dump the pretty Lam Suet but also don’t want to lose his fortune of Yau Tin’s mother. Mario pretends to cry and told Lam Suet that Yau Tin’s mother molested him but he wants to stay with her to earn more money. Lam Suet gave Mario a thousand dollars. Yau Tin asked his mother for some money so he can court Lam Suet. The priest gave Lam Suet a ticket to the showbiz. Lam Suet arrived at the record company and met the triad.


Come on Cousin episode 5 recap

A new character Crazy Horse shows up in this episode. He and the priests caught a thief in Yau Tin’s store. Mario got mad seeing his godfather taking his father (Crazy Horse) to him. Yau Tin accidentally hurt an elder man at the basketball court. He mistakenly threw the asthma inhaler which looks like a candy. The elderly man mistaken Yau Tin as Crazy Horse unfillial son. Crazy Horse helped the elder man up. Jing Man’s mother thought Crazy Horse was the elderly man’s father. Jing Man’s mother told him not to trust strangers easily especially well dressed men. Yau Tin saw a sexy girl and followed her. Some men wearing a pig mask fought with Yau Tin’s guard. Crazy Horse hit Yau Tin with a hammer. Crazy Horse told Yau Tin that he’s lucky that the elder man didn’t point his finger at him or he wouldn’t be alive. Mario saw his father at the boxing room at night. Mario told his father that his name is Mario not Maria. Yau Tin’s mother is hiring a personal trainer. Mario dances in front of Yau Tin’s mother and showed his chest to the candidates. Jing Man’s mother gave Kwok Bo permission to marry her daughter. Kwok Bo sang the classical song proposing to Jing Man at the bar. Kwok Bo kissed Joey. Joey teared up and got allergic to lip balm. Kwok Bo said he wouldn’t know since he never kissed Jing Man before.


Come on Cousin episode 4 recap

Yau Tin filmed a clip to promote himself at the market. The employees are dissatisfied and boycott. Yau Tin announced to close down the store for three days. Joi Yeh’s father gave Joi Yeh some money to buy some shampoo to clean his messy hair. Joi Yeh received a call to represent a show and speak for the employees. Joi Yeh speaks against Jing Man’s mom for siding with Yin Tau. Jing Man then put on her glasses and raise her voice confidently. The next day, Vivienne came and boycott with Joi Yeh. Yau Tin gave the employees a red packet playing a prank on closing down the store. He brought the Practical Joke Host Jonhson Lee. Yau Tin announced there will be an adjustment of toilet papers. Jing Man hit Joi Yeh at the market, and fainted when she caught an orange which she is allergic. Jing Man drank the tonic soup and got well. Jing Man invited Joi Yeh to dinner for her birthday celebration. Kwok Bo played the harp and wrote a calligraphy for Jing Man. Kwok Bo and Jing Man dated but never kissed. Jing Man’s mother doesn’t like the idea Jing Man is on her boyfriend.


Come on Cousin episode 3 recap

-Marco paid for Lam Suet at the grocery store. Lam Suet stared at Marco and dream of Marco asking her if she’s Kate Tsui, Linda Chung, Fala Chen. Marco asked Lam Suet if she thinks he’s playing Captain Sam or Captain Cool. Marco teach Lam Suet to be an actress. At the clothing store, a fan recognized Marco as Louis Cheung and asked him for an autograph. Marco took pictures for Lam Suet and asked her on a date. Lam Suet participated in the contest but failed. Lam Suet saw her father with Tin Yau’s father and misunderstood him for ruining her contest chance. Joi Yeh overheard Lam Suet told her father he faked dementia so he could come home. Choi Jeh’s father explained he faked dementia to make up for Joi Jeh’s childhood unhappiness. Tin Yau planned a Siberian Food Festival. Joi Yeh took of his bear hat and saw Jing Man walked by and remembered she was his childhood friend. Joi Yeh demanded Tin Yau to change the supermarket rules. Marco took his clothes off, then his colleagues took the clothes off.


Come on Cousin episode 2 recap

Choi Jeh demanded Yin Tau to take the poster down since it blocked the light. Jing Man arrived and watch the strike. The poster fell down.

-Yau Tin’s father gives Yau Tin three days to clean this mess or he’ll fire him.

-Choi Jeh’s mother told Choi Jeh that his father read his diary and regret not taking him to places he want to go.

-Ooh Kenneth Ma as a guest star performing the play with Choi Jeh’s father.

-Choi Jeh’s father saw Choi Jeh on the tv asking him to come home.

-Lam Suet runs a hair salon and said someone wanted double eyelids like Song Hye Kyo.

-Mario works in a supermarket and a man told him it is beyond his strength for that job.

-Choi Jeh arrived hme and saw Lam Suet.

Joey has such as minimal role. :/


Come On Cousin episode 1 recap

-Difference about the life of the rich (Yau Tin) and the poor (Choi Yeh)’s family.

– Yau Tin and Joi Yeh parents called their son to arrive home to visit their father for the last time.

-Joi Yeh passed by a restaurant and heard a kid asking his dad “Why does the pineapple bun doesn’t have pineapple” in it. Joi Yeh recalled his bad relationship with his father.

-Choi Jeh returns home seeing his father has alzheimer.

-Yau Tin can’t wait to inherit his rich father’s asset pretends to mourn. Yau Tin’s father wakes up and spanked Yau Tin.

-At the banquet, Yau Tin socializes with a lady and brag about himself but his classmates also claimed the status. Yau Tin’s father got angry finding out that Yau Tin was fooling around in Charles University but never graduated.

-Female guards guarding Yau Tin.

-Choi Jeh’s mother picked up organic vegetables in the trash. Choi Jeh told his mother he will get a job and take care of the family.

-Choi Jeh went for a massage.

-Choi Jeh stared at Yau Tin’s business promotional poster.