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Dragon Love episode 13 recap

The dragon doesn’t want to pay and told the restaurant boss that he’s a dragon king and is generous for eating at his restaurant. He’s been eating potatoes for seven days. The restaurant servers beat the dragon up. Siu Yu came and paid the server. The dragon ate chicken from the statue. The dragon told the people he will chop them. Siu Yu’s brother asked Siu Yu and the dragon for money to repay his gambling debt.   The dragon wants to throw away the plant. Siu Yu told the dragon to work hard. Siu Yu feels useless. She doesn’t know what to do seeing the dragon stress. Siu Yu told the dragon to be confident and do good deeds.  Siu Yu helped the elders on the street.The dragon apologized to the server and told the story of the dragon to the people. The dragon and Siu Yu ate meal which the people gave them. The dragon feels happy and wants to tell stories to the people.

Sun Yuet heal her maid’s injuries on her foot. Yip Hei praised Sun Yuet of doing good. Sun Yuet put bandages on Yip Chu’s arm. She wants to play ball with him. She pretends to get injured and hit him. She told him that having a good friend like him, she doesn’t wish for anything. Yip Chu told Sun Yuet he will go overseas for his mission. Sun Yuet told him that he can hang out with her when he’s back or she can visit him.

Yip Chui looked at the golds and told Yip Chu that Dai Pang gave her. Yip Chu told Yip Chui there must also be wedding invitations. Dai Pang gave Yip Chui a divorce letter.  Dai Pang told Yip Chui anyone who is with her will die. Yip Chu wants to marry him right now. Dai Pang fainted. Yip Chu carries Dai Pang to his room. Dai Pang’s servant told Dai Pang that he can tell that Yip Chui cares for him. Dai Pang’s servant suggests he marries Yip Chu then get a mistress prettier than her. Dai Pang thinks of putting sleeping pills in Yip Chui’s bowl.

During dinner, Dai Pang told Yip Chui he realizes she cares for him. He pour on wine for her. Yip Chui held a cup of wine and drank it. She feels so happy. Yip Chui put in food for Dai Pang. Dai Pang choked. Yip Hei sighed he can’t forget Siu Yu. Dai Pang drank the bowl of medicine. Dai Pang choked. Yip Hei wonder why Dai Pang’s illness is getting worse. Dai Pang drank a bowl of drank a bowl of tea which Sun Yuet gave him and he felt well. Sun Yuet told Yip Hei that Yip Chui is dead and once he gets well, he can leave. Sun Yuet told Yip Hei that Dai Pang is scared of Yip Chui. Yip Hei looked at the flowers and found them beautiful. Sun Yuet told Yip Hei that there are many beautiful things around him he didn’t notice. Yip Hei drew a painting. Yip Hei’s mother looked at the painting and is impressed Sun Yuet cheered him up.

Sun Yuet hangs out with Yip Hei and Yip Chu on the street. Sun Yuet looked at the farbics. Yip Chu told Yip Hei to buy a gift for Sun Yuet. Siu Yu walked around and saw a lantern of butterfly. Siu Yu saw Yip Hei buying a lantern of butterfly. Yip Hei gave Sun Yuet the lantern. Siu Yu told the dragon to go home. The dragon finish his story. Yip Hei and Sun Yuet heard some men said they heard the story of the dragon. Yip Hei went with Sun Yuet. He picked up Siu Yu’s jade. Sun Yuet drinks and isn’t satisfied that Yip Hei still thinks of Siu Yu. Siu Yu searched for the jade at the restaurant and saw Yip Hei praying in front of the lantern. Yip Hei followed Siu Yu. Sun Yuet turned around and told Yip Hei to forget Siu Yu. Sun Yuet told Yip Hei she is also ill. Siu Yu threw a piece of poem. Yip Hei and Sun Yuet read it. Yip Hei held Sun Yet’s hands and promised they will start over.



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Dragon Love episode 12 recap

Three years later, Yip Chu passed the exam. Yi Chui brought a sedan chair for Yip Chu. Yip Hei told his mother there are many doctors in the palace and they can exchange knowledge. The majesty invited Yip Hei to solve the chess piece with him. Yip Hei told the majesty to give the soldiers food to show them that they are strong and their enemies will retreat. Yip Hei looked around his room in the palace and found it similar to his medical room. Sun Yuet came and told Yip Hei she wants to learn medicine with him. Yip Hei told her to not play. Yip Hei told Sun Yuet to memorize the words. Sun Yuet took Yip Hei to the table and showed her the breakfast she made for him. Yip Hei held a herb and told her about it’s medication. He asked her to take notes. Sun Yuet looked at the fortune paper in the temple. Yip Chu stares at Sun Yuet and found her still as beautiful. Yip Chui read the fortune paper for Yip Chu that his lover has someone else.


Sun Yuet put water on the flowers and told her maid to boil some medicine. Yip Hei yelled at Sun Yuet for not being serious in making medicine. Yip Hei yelled at Sun Yuet that she can’t make random medicine for patients. Sun Yuet whined about she spend days planting flower teas and her hands got hurt. Sun Yuet asked him if he is willing to be the prince. Yip Hei said he just wants a quiet time and don’t want to think of romance anymore. Yip Hei told Sun Yuet he can teach her medical but he can’t be the prince. Sun Yuet decided to work hard to study medicine.


Yip Chui bought a few fabrics and saw Dai Pang’s gold on a lady. The lady told Yip Chu she is a prostitute in the brothel. Yip Chui went in the brothel and slapped Dai Pang. Dai Pang told Yip Chui he can have mistress. Yip Chu punched Dai Pang.  Sun Yuet and Yip Hei saw Yip Chu. The majesty ordered Dai Pang to marry Yip Chui. Dai Pang told the majesty that Yip Chu has beaten him up. The majesty removed Yip Chu’s rank. Yip Chui said Dai Pang went to the brothel and wants a mistress. Yip Hei told the majesty what would he do. Dai Pang said Yip Chu only punches him a bit and he is willing to let go. The majesty forgives Yip Chu.

Sun Yuet wants to treat Yip Chu’s injuries.Sun Yuet made medicine and burnt her hands. Yip Chu ached his arm as he puts the medical herb. He told her to hang out with Yip Hei. Sun Yuet wonders if she should help Yip Chu or Yip Hei. She realized she made the wrong herb. Yip Chu vomit. Sun Yuet blames herself. Yip Chu said even if he dies, he won’t blame her.  When he loves someone, he can’t control himself.  He took the exam to be a captain because of her. Sun Yuet remembers they are brothers and play ball. Yip Hei looked at the rose and the pair of butterfly.

A man stole golds from Siu Yu’s brothers and said his mother needed money to buy medical herb. Siu Yu gave him the golds. Siu Yu and his brothers got punished to be a person to do good deeds. Siu Yu and her brothers saw their plant losing leaves and assumed the dragon must have done something wrong. The dragon ate chicken and drink wine.


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Dragon Love episode 11 recap

Yip Hei confronted Chow Ou Tin for killing Siu Yu. Yip Hei told his mother that Siu Yu only want to be a good wife and why does she treat her badly. Yip Hei’s mother said it is Siu Yu’s fault for being a dragon. Yip Hei said even if Siu Yu is a dragon, he will still be with her. Yip Hei’s mother slapped Yip Hei. She won’t let them be together. The dragon tries to heal Siu Yu. The dragon got mad that Yip Hei’s family has injured Siu Yu. Yip Chu asked Chow Ou Tin if dragon and people can’t be mutual for each other. Chow Ou Tin doesn’t blame Yip Chui even if she makes him blind. Yip Chui brought food for Chow Ou Tin and called him father. Yip Hei thought of Siu Yu and cried while holding his jade.

The next morning, Yip Hei’s mother and siblings search for him. Yip Hei pulled his boat. Yip Hei’s blood dropped in the sea. Siu Yu wakes up and begs the dragon not to harm Yip Hei.  The dragon burns Yip He’s canoe and told him to go under the water to see Siu Yu. Yip Hei looked at his pair of jades and walked underwater. Yip Hei’s mother search for Yip Hei. Yip Hei’s mother watches him and cries and asked him not to leave her. Yip Hei laid underwater and dropped his pair of jades. Siu Yu picks up the pair of jades and kisses Yip Hei.  On the shore, Siu Yu held on to Yip Hei. The dragon saw Yip Hei deeply in love and told him to get married. Yip Chu and Chow Ou Tin ran in the forest searching for Yip Hei.

Yip Hei’s mother prayed in front of Yip Hei’s father’s tablet and promise if Yip Hei is well she will do anything. Yip Hei ‘s mother agrees with the dragon to let Yip Hei marry his daughter. Chow Ou Tin and Yip Chu ran in circles. Yip Chu uses his sword and got out of the forest.

Yip Hei and Siu Yu went home and kneel and apologized to his mother. Yip Hei’s mother gave them a charm. Yip Hei told his mother after they get married, the feud of twenty years will be settled. Chow Ou Tin and Yip Chu saw dragons greeting Siu Yu’s brothers. The dragons drink with Siu Yu’s father. Siu Yu’s father fought with Chow Ou Tin. Yip Hei begs him not to kill Chow Ou Tin. Siu Yu’s father gave Siu Yu the pearl. Yip Hei and Siu bowed on the wedding ceremony. The thunder stroke. Yip Hei’s mother told Yip Hei that god forbids and they should end. Yip Hei and Siu Yu bowed. The thunder stroke and burnt houses. The thunder stroke on Siu Yu’s mother and brothers. The blocks fell on Yip Hei.  Yip Hei told Siu Yu they will live together for a lifetime. Yip Hei passed away. Siu Yu uses her pearl and breathe in Yip Hei’s mouth. Yip Hei wakes up. Siu Yu told Yip Hei that his mother his right, they can’t be together. He has to forget her. The thunder burnt on Siu Yu.


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Dragon Love episode 10 recap

Yip Hei’s mother confronted Siu Yu of being a dragon. Yip Hei’s mother fainted. She said it is godwill. She begs Siu Yiu of not seeing Yip Hei again. Yip Hei’s mother begged Siu Yu to leave. Yip Chui and Yip Hei brought fabrics home. Yip Chui told her mother she now loves Siu Yu the most. It is raining. Yip Hei’s mother told Siu Yu she knows best when the rain will stop. Yip Hei’s mother asked Siu Yiu she is only an old woman and how she can compete with god. Siu Yiu said perhaps god wanted to give Yip Hei to her. Yip Hei’s mother said she must find the dragon to persuade  him to take her away. Yip Hei’s mother bowed in front of the dragon’s statue. Siu Yu used her power to pushed the hay under her knee. Siu Yu said she worked hard to be a human and why does Yip Hei’s mother always want to break them up. Yip Hei’s mother told her she is really good and wanted to marry her to her son but too bad god didn’t let them be together. Siu Yu said even if she’s a dragon, she also has feelings. She promised she will take good care of Yip Hei. Yip Hei’s mother said if they get married there would be chaos. Yip Hei’s mother jump down the sea. Siu Yu uses her power to pick her up. Siu Yu  promises Yip Hei she will leave Yip Hei but she requests to stay with Yip Hei for one last time.


Siu Yu made a lot o herbs. She frees the pair of butterfly. Siu Yu make a wish on the flower lights that Yip Hei and his family is well. Yip Hei wakes up and reads the letter form Siu Yu their fate has ended. The butterflies flew around Yip Hei.

Yip Hei’s mother said though Siu Yu is nice but she is different from them. Yip Hei’s mother told Yip Hei to not blame her. Yip Hei’s mother said Siu Yu understands and left. Yip Hei told his mother he has never blamed her. Yip Hei drinks with Yip Chui. Yip Hei told Yip Chu that he made some medicine for his mother. He told him to take care of their mother. He will leave town to do check ups. Flashbacks of Yip Hei followed the butterflies and met up with Siu Yu. He hugged Siu Yu and plans to build a boat to go to the dragon kingdom.


Yip Chui looked at the flyer of Chow Ou Tin. Yip Chu asked Yip Chui if she misses her father and if he is an assassin like Chow Ou Tin. A person stole Yip Chui’s bag of money. Chow Ou Tin picked up the bag of money and give it to her. He chases Yip Chui. Yip Chui threw incense powder on Chow Ou Tin. Yip Chu brought Yip Chu home and wiped his eyes. Yip Chui said she doesn’t care if Chow Ou Tin goes to hell. Yip Chu slapped Yip Chui. Yip Chu told Yip Chui that Chow Ou Tin is their father. Yip Chui refuses to believe and left.  Chow Ou Tin asked Yip Chu if he can call him father. Yip Chu said he doesn’t want to catch the dragon. Yip Chu agrees to leave with Chow Ou Tin if he stops catching the dragon. Chow Ou Tin promises and will hand over his sword. Yip Hei’s mother is pleased that Chow Ou Tin stopped chasing dragons.

Yip Hei’s mother is happy having Yip Hei by her. Yip Hei feels guilty he couldn’t bring her happiness. Yip Hei rubbed salt water for his mother. Yip Hei’s mother asked why the bottle is so huge. Chow Ou Tin told Yip Hei’s mother he sensed a dragon blood odor with flower on Yip Hei. Yip Hei’s mother read the letter of Yip Hei leaving to the dragon kingdom. Yip Hei bowed in front of his mother. Yip Chu  and Yip Chui tied up Yip Hei. Siu Yu’s brothers wonder if Yip Hei won’t come. Wind blew. The sword glows. Yip Hei’s mother told Yip Chu to protect the sword. Yip Hei yelled and untied himself. Chow Ou Tin fought with the two dragons. Yip Chu chopped them.  Chow Ou Tin chopped Siu Yu.  Siu Yu turned into the dragon. The two brothers took Siu Yu away. Yip Chu stopped Yip Hei.




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Dragon Love episode 9 recap

Yip Hei told Sun Yuet he doesn’t have the deed to be a prince. If he wanted wealth, he would have study for his licensce to be a palace docotr. Sun Yuet told him if he doesn’t care about wealthy, she will not be a princess and will follow him. Yip Hei said he only likes Siu Yu. Sun Yuet told him she can make medicine and make dumplings and why she isn’t as good as Siu Yu. Yip Hei said they can’t be a couple. Yip Hei asked Sun Yuet there are many princes in the palace but why she doesn’t choose them. Sun Yuet whined that no one in the palace has ever go against her but now he dares reject her. Sun Yuet asked him if he is afraid she will punish him death. Yip Hei apologized. Sun Yuet told him she hates him and she left. The majesty’s guards lead Siu Yu to the majesty. The majesty ordered Siu Yu to leave. He gave her one hundred thousand golds. Siu Yu refuses to take the gold and leave Yip Hei. Siu Yu refuses to believe that Yip Hei loves another woman. She told the majesty thty that they love each other like this butterfly i n this cage. The majesty pushed the cage and the butterfly left. The majesty bid with her if she can find the butterfly in three days, he will retreat the order.

Siu Yu searches for the butterfly. She fainted. Sun Yuet brought her home. Sun Yuet told the majesty that since Yip Hei and Siu Yu love each other why should she interfere. She begs the majesty to release Yip Hei. Sun Yuet said Siu Yu is ill but passed through the sea to find the butterfly and she couldn’t do it. The majesty said he already made a deal. Siu Yu told Sun Yuet she only wants to see Yip Hei. Sun Yuet bowed in front of the majesty. Yip Hei asked Siu Yu why is she so naive. Siu Yu said she must be his wife. The majesty ordered the guards to take them out. Yip Hei said they will be together even if they live or die. Yip Hei kicked the cage. The other butterfly flew it with the butterfly. Sun Yuet told Siu Yu she won. The majesty said perhaps this is god’s will.

Yip Hei gave Siu Yu a bowl of soup. Sun Yuet stands outside and cries. Yip Hei told Siu Yu she wants to visit the dragon in laws. Siu Yu said she heard from her mother that every year after death, they can build a boat to visit the dragon kingdom but she thinks it’s only a myth.

Dai Pang’ servant told Dai Pang that the princess has returned and Yip Chui is a fake princess. Yip Chui held an arrow and told Dai Pang to eat the pear. Dai Pang told his guards to catch Yip Chui. He told her that the majesty has found the princess. Dai Pang pushed a pear in Yip Chui’s moth and held a knife to cut it. Dai Pang received an edict to meet with the majesty. Yip Chui showed the document that he promised to be with her. The majesty grant their marriage. Dai Pang tripped and bumped his head down the table. Dai Pang received a letter that her grandma has passed away. Dai Pang thought of a way of since his grandma has passed away, he can spend three years on the funeral and delay his marriage with Yip Chui.

The majesty pray in front of Yip Hei’s father. Yip Hei’s mother told the majesty that Chow Ou Tin wanted to convince her son Yip Chu to catch the dragon. Sun Yuet kicked a ball at Yip Chu. Sun Yuet dresses up as a male and played ball with Yip Chu. She told him she wanted to keep some memories so she dressed up like a male. These time are hte happiest moment. She is satisfied of losing Yip Hei since Yip Hei makes a good couple with Siu Yu. Yip Chu played the harp and got mad that the string is broken. He carried the harp and searched for Sun Yuet. Yip Chu bought a bag of meat and asked Chow Ou Tin why doesn’t he worry. Yip Chu asked Chow Ou Tin if he found his son, would he stop chasing the dragon. Yip Chu’s mother came and slapped Yip Chu that he is stubborn and should follow Chow Ou Tin. Yip Chu followed his mom and dropped his sword jade necklace. Chow Ou Tin picked up his necklace. Yip Chu asked his mother why doesn’t he spare Chow Ou Tin. Yip Chu’s mother said she already begged the majesty to forgive Chow Ou Tin but he is stubborn. Yip Chu’s mother asked him why he is so good to him. Yip CHu said Chow Ou Tin is his father. Chow Ou Tin looked at the pair of sword jade.

Yip Hei’s mother accidentally dropped the bowl of water on Siu Yu. She felt nervous and relieved that her feet isn’t wet. Chow Ou Tin visited Yip Chu and showed his jade and told him he can sacrifice for him but he can’t reunite with him. Yip Chu told him if he didn’t persist chasing the dragon, his mother wouldn’t have been dead. Yip Chu told him he should leave.

Chow Ou Tin accused Yip Chu’s mother of getting in his way reuniting with his son. His dagger trembled and he sensed a dragon. Yip Chu’s mother looked at the boiling pot and wondered where’s Siu Yu. Siu Yu hid behind the wall. Yip Chu told Chow Ou Tin to not go since there are guards. Chow Ou Tin smiled that he cares for him. Yip Chu begs Chow Ou Tin to not harm his mother. Chow Ou Tin promises him. Chow Ou Tin wants to see Yip Chui. Yip Chu told him to leave then he will tell Yip Chui to see him.

Yip Hei’s mother put on the tassels on Siu Yu’s head and the pearls fell down. Candle Lights turned off and clouds turn dark when Yip Hei is on his way to Siu Yu. The rice cake got torn. Siu Yu worries she and Yip Hei can’t go against god. Yip Hei told her no matter what, he will be with her. Yip Hei’s mother wakes up during the night thinking that Siu Yu is a dragon. The next morning, Siu Yu’s mother dropped a bucket of water on Siu Yu’s feet. She freaked out and went in to dry it. Yip Hei’s mother eavesdrop on Siu Yu and saw her dragon tail.

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Dragon Love episode 8 recap

Yip Chu was about to kill the dragon. Yip Chu’s mother told the dragon he can leave. Yip Chu told his mother he isn’t satisfied if he doesn’t kill the dragon. Yip Chu’s mother told Yip Chu that the dragon has changed for the better and he won’t force marriage his daughter to Yip Hei and will leave. Yip Chu’s mother tries to get rid of the sword and got pushed back. Yip Chu’s mother told Yip Chu to get rid of the sword. On the top of the sea, Sun Yuet told Yip Chu he doesn’t dare to leave this sword.

Yip Chu threw the sword in the sea and told Sun Yuet that his mother has raised him so he can’t upset her. Yip Chu drinks. Sun Yuet asked him if he regrets throwing his dagger. Yip Chu told Sun Yuet she also lie to herself. She knew Yip Hei only love Siu Yu. Sun Yuet told Yip Chu she will persist being with Yip Hei as long as he isn’t married to Siu Yu. Yip Chu showed Sun Yuet his sword necklace which is more valuable than the sword. Sun Yuet looked at the sword necklace and told him it isn’t a regular one and it is a pair matching with his father. His father must be a general. Yip Chu threw up. Chow Ou Tin asked Yip Chu why did he spare the dragon.

Yip Chu looked at the sword jade on Chow Ou Tin. Yip Chu looked at Chow Ou Tin visiting his children’s tablet. Yip Chu told Chow Ou Tin that he sacrificed to kill the dragon for many years, why won’t he rest. Yip Chu told Chow Ou Tin he threw his sword on the sea. Chow Ou Tin saw the sword on the rock. He threw a rope and swing and grabbed the sword. Yip Chu tripped. Chow Ou Tin held him. Yip Chu took care of Chow Ou Tin. Yip Chu gave Chow Ou Tin his sword. Chow Ou Tin told him to think carefully, he isn’t a normal person and only he can accomplish his mission of killing the dragon for him. While taking bath, Yip Chu wonder why he must be the one.

Yip Hei and Siu Yu picked up herbs and watching butterflies flying around the flowers. Siu Yu chopped the wood and saw the ingredients being flown and organized. The dragon visited Siu Yu. The dragon told Siu Yu they have to leave for six months since it won’t be raining. Siu Yu whined she has to get used of doing chores for Yip Hei. Siu Yu felt weak while sweeping the floor. Yip Hei and Siu Yu watches the flowers but they haven’t blossomed. Yip Hei sighed about he couldn’t find medicine. Siu Yu uses her power for the flowers to blossom on the other side of the garden. The flowers wittered. Yip Hei looked at the fruits being organized and he thought Siu Yu uses her power to do it. Yip Hei told Siu Yu they have to work hard instead of using power so that it will be more valuable. Siu Yu fainted. Sun Yuet gave her water. Sun Yuet compliment Siu Yu as strong. Siu Yu told Sun Yuet to promise her not to tell Yip Hei about it. Sun Yuet made desserts for Yip Hei. Yip Hei wiped off Sun Yuet’s mouth.

Dai Pang’s servant told Dai Pang that the majesty is coming. Yip Chui wants to go hunting with her. Dai Pang told Yip Chui that the majesty is coming. Yip Chui told her mother that Dai Pang loves her and will protect her against the majesty. Yip Chui gave her mother a bag of gold. Yip Chui perform dances and serve food for Dai Pang. Yip Chui put sleeping powder on Dai Pang’s dish. The next morning, Yip Chui cried that Dai Pang has slept with her. Yip Chui cut a piece of Dai Pang’s hair and her hair and told him to write a letter they will be together.

Sun Yuet helped Yip Hei prepare medicine. Sun Yuet bought a pair of rabbit jade. Yip Hei did a check up for the majesty. He discusses chess move with the majesty. Yip Hei told him that the leader have to have kindness. A leader who doesn’t care about the soldiers will be criticized by the people. The majesty asked Yip Hei why won’t he use his talent to work for the government. The majesty told Sun Yuet to marry Dai Pang. Sun Yuet refuses. The majesty asked Yip Hei what if she marries Yip Hei. Yip Hei eat a bowl of dumpling. Sun Yuet came and told Yip Hei she is the princess Sun Yuet. She showed him her rabbit jade and said if he marries her he will be the prince.

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Dragon Love episode 7 recap

Yip Chu and Sun Yuet watches Yip Hei and Siu Yu buying a hairpin. Yip Chu said they are already a match, why does she have to be in the middle. Sun Yuet went to the store and bought the same hairpin and earrings which Siu Yu bought. Yip Chu told her even if she tries to be like Siu Yu, she can’t cause Siu Yu is so kind. Yip Chu asked her why doesn’t she spend her time learning the palace rules instead. Sun Yuet told him to tie her feet. Sun Yuet practices palace maid manners. Yip Chu complimented her. Yip Hei plays the harp and recite a poem. Siu Yu and Sun Yuet then continues the poem. Yip Chu performs martial arts when it is his turn. Sun Yuet got mad.

Yip Chu recited a poem alone in his room and fell asleep. Yip Chu reads the poem and hangs himself. Yip Chui went in his room and asked him if he has changed. He must have recited a poem for a girl. Yip Chui watches the dance performance and got bored. She yelled at a maid for giving her fruits with seeds. Dai Pang flirted with two ladies. Dai Pang pretended to be sick when Yip Chui went in his room. She put some patches and inserted a needle on him. Yip Chui warned Chow Ou Tin to not bother Yip Family and don’t attack the dragon. Chow Ou Tin bids farewell to Dai Pang but persists to catch the dragon.

The dragon and Siu Yu’s mother watches the people pray for him. Chow Ou Tin punched the dragon. Yip Hei’s mother helped the dragon leaving the restaurant. Yip Hei’s mother wants to annul the marriage with the dragon. The dragon got angry and scared Yip Hei’s mother. Yip Hei’s mother fainted. The dragon brought Yip Hei’s mother home and told Yip Hei he talked to his mother and she suddenly fainted. Maybe she has a fever. Yip Hei checked her pulse and said she was being shocked. The dragon encouraged Yip Hei to cancel the marriage with his lover because he and his mother already had a birth engagement of his daughter to him. The dragon took Yip Hei to see his daughter. Yip Hei said he can’t see another woman. Siu Yu brought a box of herbs for Yip Hei. She saw the dragon and ran. The dragon chases her. The dragon asked Siu Yu why is she in Yip Hei’s place. Siu Yu told the dragon not to be mad at Yip Hei because she fell for him.

Yip Hei went searching for Siu Yu. The dragon told him he dares to fall for a dragon. He said he has already killed her. The dragon told Yip Hei he doesn’t want his daughter but fell for a dragon. Yip Hei told the dragon to release her, he is willing to do anything for her. Yip Hei is willing do die for Siu Yu. The dragon is about to chop him and then laughed. The dragon told his wife and Siu Yu to come out. Siu Yu reunites with Yip Hei. The dragon told him to call him father in law. Yip Hei’s mother wake up and got scared. The dragon told Yip Hei’s mother he will follow her. Yip Hei told his mother that the dragon won’t forbid he and Siu Yu be together. Yip Hei’s mother thanked the dragon. Chow Ou Tin came and fought with the dragon. Yip Chui came and told Chow Ou Tin he dares to come here to create a mess. Chow Ou Tin said he is the dragon. Yip Chui told Dai Pang to arrest Chow Ou Tin. Siu Yiu picked up the ball and asked Yip Hei how to play. Yip Hei kicked the ball back and forth.

Yip Chu played the harp and hurt his finger. Yip Chui persists to continue for Sun Yuet. Yip Chu told Sun Yuet to play the harp and recite poems with him. Yip Chu helped untie the feet for Sun Yuet and said she doesn’t need to do that. Sun Yuet feels it is worth it for Yip Hei. Sun Yuet told Yip Chu to clean up the manuels and harp. Sun Yuet sighed she’s bored. She played soccer with Yip Chu. Chow Ou Tin came and told Yip Chu and Sun Yuet it will be his last day here. He took out his sword and told Yip Chu it can help him. Sun Yuet tries to touch the sword and she got pushed back. Yip Chu pulled the sword out and injured his arm.

Sun Yuet wrapped the arm for Yip Chu. Sun Yuet held the sword and told Yip Chu that she has seen many swords in the palace. This sword belongs to him. Yip Chu practices using the sword. Chow Ou Tin said he can train him to defeat the dragon. Chow Ou Tin told Yip Chu his wife and two babies got harmed by the dragon. Yip Chu went home and told the dragon he won’t let any demon harming his family. Yip Chu drinks with the dragon. Yip Chu followed the dragon and asked him about his motive. Yip Chu took out his sword and said he refuses to let any demon harm his family.