Enjoy those songs!

Enjoy those tvb theme songs during the Quarantine!

Detective Investigation Files

Back to Square One theme song

A Journey of Love

Slim Chances

My first impression on Forensic Heroes IV

Here’s my first impression on the first two episodes I have viewed.

1. There’ a lot of cute guys for me to fangirl, Shaun Tam, Raymond Wong, and Fred Cheng.

2. The female leads are just side characters. Rebecca and Selena doesn’t do much in the series. All the focus in on Shaun Tam heading the team.

3. Watching the Forensic staff wearing white coats reminds me of the doctor series Healing hands where the doctors wear white coats.

4.The cases doesn’t provide much evidences. All the evidences are being talked during the Forensic research then in the end the criminal gets arrested.

5. The series spend more time talking about the case during the Forensic research.

6. The tech being used is impressive.

7. The ending scene of the first two episodes scared me with the chain tied up and the tiger head.

8. I love seeing Raymond Wong and Selena Li together.

Fangirl tech guru Fever and Iron Man

Hey guys! It’s a good day for me today. Good or bad guys for you, Enjoy this post of mine! It’s been a while I did an editorial post. This will be a fun fangirling post as I watch tvb series and fangirl. Creeps back off! It is my moment of fangirling!

Internet Playboy known as IronMan where each woman he sleeps with will marry a rich man in Barrack 0 Karma.

Fever in Fist Fight who is the tech guru and created Flyingman the virtual boxing game.


❤ Jac

Pros and Cons of Asian Drama Blogging!

Pros of Drama Blogging:

1. Networking with other likedminded fans and bloggers.

2. Autonomy: Running your own blog and having your own space.

3. Sharing your knowledge.

4. Surrounded by other asians.

Cons of Drama Blogging:

1. Hard work sometimes doesn’t pay off. Blogging takes a long time and sometime it’s not enough.

2. Annoying Trolls.

3. It’s easy to give up when there are many blogs out there.

Those are my opinions. What do you think would be the pros and cons of drama blogging?

End of the Year Wuxia and hk Series recaps for 2018 !

Here are some of the old wuxia series I’m proud of recapping and watching this year. Yeah I really enjoyed all of those wuxia series.

Legendary Siblings 1

Crimson Sabre

In the Realm of Fancy

Dragon Love

For new tvb series, I’ve only recapped and watched

Apple Colada

Fist Fight

Other tvb series I’ve watched is Old Time Buddy

Old Time Buddy

I’m currently doing recaps for Fist Fight and Dragon Love!

Drama Blogs recommendation

All of those drama bloggers are still here and they are all run by asian girls just like me. Yeah am quite busy and don’t know how long I will drama blog. Here’s some of the active drama bloggers who are still here.

Casual TVB For your hk drama synopsis and historical posts need.

Hyn5 fortunate City hk drama news and info

Drama Panda for your cdrama recaps, reviews, and news.

A Virtual Voyage for your cdrama recaps and news

Former hk drama bloggers: But they had good reviews

K for tvb


I was fortunate enough to be good friends with them.

Hallmark Christmas Movies List!

Hey guys! I hope you’ve been doing well. I’ve recently been watching Hallmark Christmas movies. Here are the movies I’ve been watching. List will be updated as watch more. They have been good so far.

1. Holiday Engagement 2013

2. Once Upon a Holiday 2015

3. Christmas Land 2015

4. Sharing Christmas 2017

5. Crown for Christmas 2015

6. A Wish for Christmas 2016

7. A Dream of Christmas 2016