Bewared of Divide and Conquer in Asian Community

As asians are familiar with these statement by white trolls to divide asian men and women and happy seeing them fight each other. White trolls are white men with yellow fever who see asian women as sex objects. They get really triggered seeing asian men and asian women unite in asian community. Whenever they see asian men bashing asian women, they are happy and will take the chance to defend asian women and say they love them. But unfortunately, there are some bitchy asian women or hapas who self hate and will be submissive to those white trolls and have no asian pride. When there are white trolls pretending to be asian women on asian reddit. White trolls enjoy pretending to be an asian women or hapa to make asian men look bad. Here are some divide and conquer tactic white trolls will use on asians. (But some asian women will be gullible or self hate and side with white trolls).
Here are some quotes white trolls will use:

“That’s why asian women turn to whites” because asian men bash asian women.

“Toxic Masculinity Boys”. As you know trolls enjoy using this word to label asian men. Actually anyone who uses this word would be a suspect of a white troll and should be banned.

“I love asian women” Well that quote make white trolls look misogynistic when they see asian men and women fight each other. It’s not cool though submissive asian women will believe in it!

If you have other quotes that white trolls can use to divide asian men and women, you can state it!

I’ll list my opinion here how I view asian men on reddit. Yeah I do not agree with harassment or bashing of asian women and some can be extreme but there are some asian guys I enjoy supporting on there. Plus we are asians after all.


Non-Asian Men Perspective on asian reddit and white men

I thought it was pretty interesting how some non-asian men who are in a relationship with an asian female give me their perspective on how they view asian reddit. I thought it was interesting how some of my non-asian friends have different point of view. Though sometimes I do disagreed with them as an asian girl, but they do share their views how they view asian reddit.


“My point of view is, I am in a relationship with an Asian woman. I get flack from white racists who regard white men dating non-white women as race traitors. And I see all kinds of horrible things being said on those Azn Identity threads about relationships like mine. I just can’t agree with people who don’t accept people loving who they want. And I find it incredibly racist and controlling.”

“Some of the things she says in that thread make sense, but I also know that she is way more crazy on her own blog page. So I don’t disagree with her that Half Asians face discrimination and are often regarded as Asian (I had a good friend who was half korean but everyone just thought he was Korean for example). My feeling is most of the people on these threads would benefit from stepping away from the keyboard and getting a breath of fresh air.”

“But that is the same argument the guy in the video makes (he says he isn’t racist because he has an Asian wife). They might not be racist against White Women, but they could be racists against Asian Women, white Men, black men, etc. Racism is complicated. People are sometimes just racist against a narrow group, or have weird exceptions. I think what they are engaged in is a very different kind of racism than say a white supremacist. But they are ultimately still judging people based on race and saying certain races should be doing certain thigns”

Talking about some white guys who opposed asian reddit

“Guys like him are strange. I think he is part of a movement of people in the alt right who believe in white pride without the hatred associated with neo-nazis and skin heads (they basically say white people should be proud and asian people should be proud). But ultimately these guys usually end up being pretty racist whenever you dig into their views. It is cloudy because there are so many new movements forming it is difficult to quickly categorize them. I would say he is probably a reactionary conservative who is at the least a bit racist, at worst he is a lot more racist than he is suggesting. My guess is his political views are built as a reaction against social justice movements. He also seems a bit like a jerk to me. I think he is basically a reactionary.”

“It is a little confusing. I don’t know who he is, and so I don’t have context from his previous views. But what he is saying on the video is he doesn’t consider himself a white nationalist. White nationalists believe in an all white ethno-state, and want to remove non-whites or believe whites should have a superior position in society through official policy. He says his views are that he is just against racism directed at white people. That is a distinction. I would probably label him a conservative or alt-right based on what he is saying. Doesn’t mean he isn’t racist though. But what he is saying is a true white nationalist wouldn’t have an Asian wife (which is true). Because white nationalists are against mixing races. But he still could be a nationalist, a racist, or other things. White Nationalist and White Supremacist mean very specific things. So he is using those specific definitions to make an argument about what he should be labeled. Again though, without knowing what the guy has said in the past, it is very difficult for me to assign a category to his political views.”

A mexican guy

“I don’t know how you see me. I’m not trying to be anti- Asian men. I see lots thing wrong .”

“if Asian women reject asian guy but didn’t give him a reason. He assume she rejected him because his race. it doesn’t work on pushing AMWF. it show you want validation and trying proof that you are better than asian women.”

Talking about white guys who opposed asian reddit

“white racist males try earn respect just by jumping and defending asian women. Bashing asian men.”

“There are of famous white nationalist hide their view and date asian women but the women doesn’t know because she doesn’t know western stuff.”

Chill and relax!

Asian Reddit can be a bit to much for me and crazy though I just lurk. I’ve been just observing as i’m not familiar with politics. Let’s just chill and relax and take a break!

Here’s a song I’ve been onto! It’s an mv of ATV’s Heroine of Yang II.

❤ Jac

The term white supremacy and background!

Hi, So you know I am a big fan of wuxia and asian dramas and have many asians who are my blogger friends. I also have a few white men in a wmaf relationhsips who follow me for wuxia!

I asked a few questions to a white man in a wmaf relationship about the term white supremacy. I asked him if wmaf or amwf is white supremacy because I was kinda confused. He has a degree in history and help me clear up some stuff I’m confused about a few times.

Here’s his reply:

“No. White Supremacy is a system where white people have political, social and cultural control. It is about power and segregation. Under White Supremacy, Asians wouldn’t be able to marry whites, just like black people in the south couldn’t. In the south black men were often killed just for looking at a white woman. White Supremacy as a worldview is one that claims white people are superior to all other races due to their genetics. Almost without exception, white supremacists are opposed to interracial marriage because they believe it waters down the bloodline. This is why I keep saying it makes zero sense to frame interracial dating or marriage as contributing to white supremacy. Historically in the US it used to be illegal for interracial couples to marry. It became legal because people who didn’t like white supremacy fought against the law.”

“The other problem with invoking white supremacy that way, is it waters down the term itself. There are real racial injustices that remain from the racist policies the US used to have. But if people use it to say an asian man and women dating is a form of white supremacy (which 95% of the population will regard as a ridiculous argument) then the term starts to lose its meaning and when we talk about white supremacy in terms of things like how minorities are ore impacted by longer jail sentences or how asians might be discriminated against in the work place, people don’t listen as much because they the term has been applied to too many questionable things.”

Another wmaf had a chat with me and he told me about his background and how did he get interested in asian culture.

“I honestly don’t really care about all this racism stuff. Let me tell you about my life. My parents (white) moved from california to oklahoma shortly after they were married. They were the only white people to sit on the “black side” of the church in Oklahoma. Later they moved back to california, and were close friends with a black family. Both families had children around the same time, so my best friend growing up was black. And guess what, we shared the same first name. So for most of my young life, I didn’t even think that there was a difference between black and white people. Later, I became very interested in Asian culture. I loved Jackie Chan movies. Every week, my brother and our friends would go to eat Pho at the best vietnamese restaurant in San Diego (SD has a huge vietnamese community). Later I learned to speak Chinese. I moved to China and lived in a small city. I married a Chinese woman and now my son is Chinese/Asian. ”

So as much as I have plenty of asians who are my friends and enjoy chatting with me about wuxia and asian dramas, I also have a few white men who are fans of swordfighting movies and wuxia and follow me for that. I am grateful for those who follow me and support me out of goodwill. I have never thought of myself as an expert of asian dramas or wuxia and just an asian girl who is interested in them and watch them for fun.

Well isn’t it amazing, I used to be against asians on reddit cause I thought they were racists but some asian drama bloggers who are asians helped me explain about racism against asians and what they do is good. I eventually became good friends with asian men from reddit and became understanding toward them. We are both asians and have the same hobbies and understand each other as asians. Yeah I used to fight with a few asian drama bloggers but we became good friends due to same hobby of watching asian dramas and wuxia. Yeah despite some asians are honest but they care for me and support me. Sometimes I ask a few white men and women for opinions and they tell me “Remember I’m not asian so sometimes I don’t know how asian community feel”. Yeah wmaf would give me their opinions on it but they would tell me they are white so usually they stay out of talking about asian issues. They also tell me to be careful, there are a lot of bad guys out there too. And they said it’s always better for me to talk about it since I’m an asian girl.

❤ Jac

Zhan Zhao Eye Candy!

So as you know I grew up with wuxia and asian dramas and have been addicted to it since I was a child. I’m in the mood of posting one of my favourite Eye Candy character Zhan Zhao from Justice Bao. I just fell in love watching him onscreen! As you know I’m a big fan of wuxia swordfighting series! This will be a fun post to relax! If you have any favourite asian actor and actress Eye Candy, you can share it too. But I’ll make this post dedicated to my favourite Zhan Zhao. 🙂