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Favorite Wuxia Eye Candy!

I have to say that some Jin Yong wuxia series have gorgeous Eye Candies with loveable personality and is hard to stay away from.

Male Eye Candies

Duan Yu in Demi God and Semi Devils 96

Emperor Hong Hei in Duke of Mt.Deer 98

Female Eye Candies

Wong Yung in Legend of Condor Heroes 94

Ah Or in Duke of Mt.Deer 98

Chiu Man in Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2000

Eye Candy Couples

Kwok Ching and Wong Yung in Legend of Condor Heroes 94

Yeung Kuo and Siu Lung Noi in Return of Condor Heroes 95

Childhood Wuxia Heroes!

I love wuxia and had two main childhood heroes idol due to my parents always rent those set of wuxia series. My parents rent many wuxia series when I was a child so I got to see a lot of wuxia heroes. I love watching them performing martial arts. Here are my favourite childhood heroes. Then later on, my parents start to rent Jin Yong and other wuxia series due to they have read wuxia novels. Those heroes save the day!

Zhan Zhao, the fourth royal bodyguard known as the royal cat. I love watching him having a duel with Bai Yutang, one of the five mice.

Wong Fei Hung, Master of Kungfu of Guangdong. His father Wong Kei Ying is one of the ten tigers.