Fight for Love episode 20 recap (End)

Ho Dan visits Bowie. Bowie told Ho Dan it was his fault for not thinking of Sonija’s feelings. Sonija told Bowie she wanted to tell him she will forget him. The martial art teacher gave Patrick a flyer for the national boxing competition in Hongkong. At the boxing match, Patrick fell down and got hurt badly. To motivate Patrick, his girlfriend kissed him. Patrick punched his opponent and won the contest. Patrick showed the gold trophy to his girlfriend. His girlfriend found a ring. Ha Yu and his friends goes to Beijing. Bowie pretends to court Ho Dan to motivate the martial art teacher. The martial art teacher sadly left the restaurant. The martial art teacher knocked on Ho Dan’s door and told her he always loved her but because of his status as her assistant. He knows he’s not a sweet talker but this time he has to have to courage to tell her. He hopes to eat her homemade cake each night. Ho Dan walked out of the room and hugged the martial art teacher. Ho Dan and the martial art teacher takes wedding photos. Bowie’s friend showed a new house for Bowie. Bowie stared at the meat stick stall and thought about Sonija. Sonija dropped her piece of paper on Bowie’s floor. Sonija sent a piece of paper to Bowie to picked up her paper. Bowie placed the paper under Sonija’s door. Bowie saw the top of the wall leaking and told Sonija on the phone if her bathroom is leaking. Bowie, Ho Dan, and the martial art teacher watch Ho Dan’s ex performed. As Bowie signed the paper, he recognized Sonija’s name. Bowie called Sonija on the street. Sonija smiled and bumped into a car and fell down her bicycle. Bowie held Sonija’s hand at the hospital. Bowie asked Sonija to promise him not to leave him again. Sonija told Bowie she was confused but she really likes being in Beijing cause no one knows her and she feels free. Bowie couldn’t believe Sonija’s mandarin and handwriting has improved. Bowie helped Sonija walk. Some martial art students jogged by. Bowie and Sonija hugged each other.



The End!

Fight for Love episode 19 recap

Damn. Those old modern tvb series were good. Much better than the current modern dramas.

Sonija sighed that Ho Dan sacrificed for Bowie but she couldn’t help as much. The martial art teacher folded 999 paper cranes for Ho Dan to get well. Kenny went to Sonija’s friend’s house. Patrick brought food for Sonija’s friend. Kenny grabbed Sonija’s friend and tied her and Patrick. Kenny left the house and got chased by the triad. Bowie saw Kenny and helped him. Sonija saw Ho Dan and Bowie happily holding the paper crane. Bowie told Ho Dan it was the martial art teacher who fold those cranes. Bowie visited Kenny in jail. Mary told Sonija if she has a choice, she rather spend a few more years studying. Sonija’s friend invited Patrick to dinner. Sonija’s friend kissed Patrick. Patrick bleeds his nose. Ha Yu told Miss Nine he ate too much healthy food which caused him to bleed his nose. Patrick asked Ha Yu why did he bleed his nose also. Sonija got the lead role. Sonija rejected the offer. Ho Dan wrote a letter which said happiness has been around her all along. Ho Dan hugged the paper cranes bottle. Bowie invited Sonija to dinner. Bowie asked Sonija if he did something wrong which caused her to avoid him. Bowie read Sonija’s letter bidding farewell and wishing him and Ho Dan well. Bowie searched for Sonija and said he has lots of stuff to tell her. He’ll forever remember her.


Fight for Love episode 18 recap

Bowie got sued for plagiarizing the proposal. Bowie meet Kenny at the basketball court. Bowie asked Kenny if he ever feel ashamed whenever he cleaned up his mess. Kenny apologized to Bowie for betraying him. Bowie asked Kenny to go to the police station with him. Kenny was about to hit Bowie with a wine bottle but he left. Bowie told Sonija she is naive for giving up her movie lead actress dream to help him. The producer asked Sonija if she is willing to film porn movies. Ha Yu and Patrick saw a newlywed couple on the street. Ha Yu went on a date with Miss Nine and gave her a bouquet of red roses and a pom. A client asked Ha Yu to massage him. Ha Yu searched for the ring. Ha Yu proposed to Miss Nine. Sonija gave Bowie some money. Ho Dan told Bowie she must be honest and tell him that Sonija was willing to take nude photos to gather money for him. As the crowd took photos of Sonija, Bowie took Sonija away. Sonija told Bowie she feels intimate when he held her hands and ran. A gangster told Ha Yu that Kenny played gambling in Macau and is in debt. The martial art teacher brought food for Ho Dan. They sat outside at night waiting for Kenny. Ho Dan and the martial art teacher saw some gangsters took Kenny. Ho Dan chased Kenny. Kenny pushed Ho Dan down the stairs.


Fight for Love episode 17 recap

Bowie and Sonija ate dumplings made by Ho Dan. The director asked Sonija to take the position as the lead actress and fly to US tomorrow. Stella told Bowie that another company has the same proposal as his. Bowie told Sonija she is like a drug because everytime she is with him,there’s always something going on. At the hair salon, Kenny’s girlfriend let Sonija’s friend borrow her phone. Sonija’s friend saw a photo of Kenny and his girlfriend and found out Kenny has been two timing. Sonija’s friend followed Kenny and his girlfriend. Kenny saw Sonija’s friend sleeping in his car. Sonija’s friend went to Patrick’s house and boxed. Sonija’s friend vomitted and went to the doctor. Sonija told Patrick she isn’t pregnant with Kenny but only has stomach ache. Sonija’s friend asked Patrick if he wouldn’t mind being with her if she’s pregnant. Sonija’s friend told Patrick she will cherish his kindness. Ha Yu asked the martial art teacher what does he think of Miss Nine. Ha Yu told the martial art teacher about Miss Nine’s taste. Ha Yu gave Miss Nine’s ring to the martial art teacher. The doctor told Ha Yu he only has a runny nose and he only needs to take a few pills. The martial art teacher goes out with Miss Nine. Ha Yu chased Miss Nine and tripped. Patrick said he already told them everything. While eating dinner, Bowie’s friend told Bowie he suspects Kenny for stealing his proposal. Sonija rejects the the lead actress post to be with Bowie. Sonija cooks meal for Bowie. Ho Dan helps Sonija cook. Bowie tasted Sonija’s overcooked meat. Ho Dan and Sonija stared at Bowie working.


Fight for Love episode 16 recap

Kenny and his colleagues asked Bowie about him being with Ho Dan. Bowie asked his friend about sleeping in Stella’s home last night. Kenny asked his girlfriend to be his guaranteed for a stock of three hundred thousand dollars to save for their wedding. Ho Dan saw the actress perform a love scene and she thought of what she said to Bowie last night. Bowie and Kenny ate food together. Ha Yu told Patrick he’s been bleeding his nose. Miss Nine’s friends stared at the martial art teacher infatuated fixing the light bulb. Ha Yu visited Miss Nine’s home and asked him to take care of Miss Nine when he leaves. Ha Yu gave Miss Nine tickets to the theater. Patrick suggests Ha Yu to go to the doctor for a check up. Ha Yu told the martial art teacher to watch the movie with Miss Nine. Kenny’s girlfriend saw the red paint on the wall. The loan shark grabbed Kenny’s girlfriend in the taxi. Patrick punched the loan shark. Patrick took the debt. Kenny apologized to his girlfriend. Kenny asked Patrick to buy him two bowl of pho. Kenny brought food for Bowie and saw his Cyber Girl commercial proposal on his computer. Bowie picked up Ho Dan home. Bowie forgot his laptop in the taxi. Bowie and Ho Dan search for the taxi which he forgot his laptop. Ho Dan asked Bowie to go home and get a good sleep while she waits in front of the taxi storage. Ho Dan ran and gave the laptop to Bowie. Bowie was surprised his commercial got erase as he presents in the company. Ho Dan brought food to Bowie. Sonija arrived to Bowie’s home.


Fight for Love episode 15 recap

Bowie’s friend got upset eavesdropping his colleagues laughing behind his back. Bowie’s friend brought food for the cats. Bowie’s friend asked Stella to touch it. Ha Yu told the martial art that one Jet Li is better than plenty of useless martial art students. He gotta choose carefully his disciple. Miss Nine lost the ring Ha Yu gave her. Ha Yu found the ring on the street. Miss Nine played mahjong and asked Ha Yu to pay the debt for her. An acupuncturist told Ha Yu he has a tumor. Ha Yu bleeds his nose.. Ha Yu demanded Miss Nine to return the ring. Ha Yu punch some gang. Another actress Mary came and acted with the actress and complained that she can’t act. Mary encouraged Sonija that someday she will have opportunities to shine in this acting industry. Sonija goes to Mainland to film. Bowie and Ho Dan went to the video store. Bowie bought a video of The Bund 1980. Bowie and Ho Dan watched The Bund and discuss about Hui Man-keung’s character. Ho Dan asked Bowie if a man is great for sacrificing everything for love. Stella and Bowie’s friend arrived at Mid Autumn Festival party in Bowie’s house.Kenny’s girlfriend upset that Kenny isn’t at the party. Patrick saw Kenny with another girl on the street. Patrick asked Kenny to go to the party. Bowie’s friend and Stella watch the stars. Bowie’s friend asked Stella to make a wish. Ho Dan helps Bowie wash the dishes. Bowie’s friend and Stella feed the cat. Bowie’s friend told Stella today is the happiest Mid Autumn Festival because there’s her. Stella agrees but he must propose to her in Mandarin. Bowie and Ho Dan watches The Bund together. Ho Dan slept on Bowie’s shoulder and blurted out she came to Hongkong to see him.


Fight for Love episode 14 recap

Bowie’s friend made breakfast for Bowie. Bowie’s friends indirectly told Bowie’s friend that there are some people who don’t want to see you again after work. Bowie’s friend misunderstood them talking about Stella. Bowie told his friend he put a password on his computer because he doesn’t want anyone to dig his private stuff. Bowie’s friend took a bath and wash his clothes. Bowie and his friend fought over an underwear claiming its their. Bowie’s friends complained about their company. Bowie’s friend asked Bowie suggestions for suggestions about the proposal. Stella asked Bowie to return to the company. Bowie’s friend took Stella to the arcade. Bowie’s friend told Stella she’s not as cold blooded as others sad. He told her when others know each other for a short time, they can know it better than those who are in a relationship for a long time. He hopes she drink and smokes less. Ho Dan styled the hair for Sonija. The director praised Ho Dan filming the flying scene. Sonija took photos as model for Bowie’s company. Sonija fell asleep and missed the bus stop to the wine store and rushed back. The lead actress is jealous of Ho Dan. The actress put her phone in Ho Dan’s purse and accused her. Ho Dan got fired. The martial art teacher gave Ho Dan some money. The martial art teacher asked Sonija what happened to Ho Dan. The martial art teacher fought with some employee for Ho Dan. The martial art teacher asked Ho Dan why didn’t she tell him that they bullied her. He asked her to go to Beijing with him. Ha Yu helped the martial art teacher fought some men at the restaurant. The martial art teacher apologized to the actress and asked the producer to let Ho Dan stay at work. The martial art teacher bowed in front of the actress. Ho Dan and Sonija saw him. Ho Dan and the martial art teacher stared at the beautiful sea.


Fight for Love episode 13 recap

Sonija bought a shirt for Bowie. Sonija waits in front of Bowie’s house and told Bowie to not let her wait long next time.Bowie gave Sonija his house keys. Sonija saw Ho Dan filming a martial art. Sonija told Bowie that she saw Ho Dan and asked him what’s on his mind. Ho Dan saw Bowie in the convenient store. Ho Dan told Bowie she’s in Hongkong to gather money for her boyfriend to open his musical store. Bowie told Sonija he met Ho Dan. Ho Dan wrote a letter to her parents about feeling well in Hongkong. She wrote a letter to her ex boyfriend to treat her current girlfriend well. Patrick and Ha Yu visits the new WuDang martial art school. Ha Yu and Patrick was surprised to see the martial art teacher from Beijing here. Ho Dan told the martial art teacher there’s lots of food she tried in HK. The martial art teacher perform some movies in front of the students. Ha Yu tried to fight with the martial art teacher and tripped. Miss Nine put on the bandage for Ha Yu. Patrick saw Kenny with another girl. Patrick bought a camera desperately from a girl on the street and took photos of Kenny and the girl. Kenny told Patrick he will tell his girlfriend the truth after he goes to the theater with this girl. Patrick decided to not reveal the photos to Kenny’s girlfriend. Bowie and Sonija look for a new bed at the mall. Sonija ate meat with Bowie on the street but still found the one in Beijing taste yummier. A friend from Beijing visited Bowie and stayed in his house. Bowie announced to his friends he is dating Sonija. Bowie and Sonija asked his friend to go home.


Fight for Love episode 12 recap

-Bowie performed Tai chi.

-Bowie and his friends sighed about not having a job.

-Sonija lost her room and assistant.

-A girl on the bus asked Sonija for an autograph.

– Bowie saw Sonija on the charity show eating cockroaches.

-Sonija took Bowie to the beach to pray. Sonija took Bowie to her grandma.

-Sonija sighed to Bowie about her loss of status. Bowie hugged Sonija.

-Sonija’s grandma is happy for Bowie and Sonja thinking they are dating.

-Bowie held Sonija’s hands and hung out with her.

-Sonija showed Bowie the heart picture on the tree of her and her first boyfriend. Bowie scratched it and kissed Sonija.

-Bowie went to the bar to find Miss Nine. Ha Yu beat up a guy. Miss Nine told Ha Yu she came here to cook.

-The bar got into a fire Ha Yu and Miss Nine worried for each other. Ha Yu play mahjong with Miss Nine’s friends. Miss Nine showed Ha Yu a necklace she wants at the jewelry store.

-Bowie and Sonija open their own wine business.


Fight for Love episode 11 recap

Bowie told Stella he only wants to focus on his business at the moment. Bowie check out a new car to buy. Sonija search for new fabrics for her dress. Bowie’s boss gave the project to Stella and Wilson. Stella told Bowie that Wilson will be his new boss. Bowie looked upset about his project being given to someone else. Sonija dressed up nicely to film for Hollywood. At the conference, Sonija was surprised that the other actress got to be the lead in the film. Some ladies teased Patrick to ask him to fight with them using martial arts. Ha Yu asked Patrick to vow he won’t like any girl besides his current crush. Ha Yu took Patrick to the bar to check our girls. Two girls asked Patrick to buy their beers. Ha Yu drove the girls away and told Patrick that girls are sly. Ha Yu saw Miss Nine with another male and got jealous. Ha Yu went to the bar with Patrick and check out the girls and praised them. Bowie got demoted to another team. Bowie told Stella don’t worry he won’t give up easily. Bowie changes the light bulb. Bowie fix the toilet. The ladies gossiped in the restroom that they feel great seeing the cocky Bowie doing chores, if Stella hasn’t backed up for him he would be fired. Bowie resigned from the company. The director told Sonija she is so cocky and popularity is going down. Bowie and Sonija took a walk and thought about when they will rise.