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Fist Fight episode 24 recap

Cheung Fei fan took Ma Si Ting to Chang Man Kei’s house and said she can have it. Ma Si Ting doesn’t want the house since it gives her bad memories. Ma Si Ting told Cheung Fei Fan to not do dangerous thing again, if he fails to take care of her grandma, she won’t forgive him. Ma Si Ting prayed in God of Search where’s Cheung Fei Fan. Wang Sing Hang welcomes Ha Tin Hang’s boss to the knight club.

During dinner, Ho Tit Nam’s mother told the three brothers their parents also want them to get married and have kids. Double and Ha Tin Hang told Ho Tit Nam to marry Ching Ching. Cheung Fei Fan told Double, he won’t let Wan Sing Hang catch his mistake or he will be his next target. Cheung Fei Fan apologized to Double for nearly getting him killed. Ha Tin Hang’s boss told his boss that he successfully got into the Knight Club.

Ha Tin Hang and Lui Wai Bing think it’s funny that Cheung Fei Fan work harder in the investigation of their parents than Double. Cheung Fei Fan wants the tech guy to search for Soron, the dark web guy. Lui Wai Bing and Stone followed a  guy. Lui Wai Bing fought with him and put a device in his pocket. Lui Wai Bing saw Stone talking to the web guy and he told him he can kill Ha Tin Hang if he needs to.

In the van, Stone told Lui Wai Bing if it was so nice they could go back to Iraq. Lui Wai Bing pointed a knife at him. Lui Wai Bing told him, she put a tracker device on his men, and they all disappeared so she became suspicious Lui Wai Bing asked him what he and Ha Tin Hang did wrong.  Stone told her it was his mission to be near Ha Tin Hang from the beginning. Lui Wai Bing told Stone that she took him and Ha Tin Hang as best friends. He can’t imagine one of them will be missing.  She told him to tell Ha Tin Hang and he will forgive him. Stone told her they won’t have a good ending working against the organization. Stone points a gun at her. Lui Wai Bing said she feels like the luckiest person getting to know her and Ha Tin Hang. Stone told Lui Wai Bing he will leave Hongkong. She and Ha Tin Hang must take care. Lui Wai Bing cried.

The tech guy lead Cheung Fei Fan to the dark web guy. Cheung Fei Fan wore his headphone and went in the virtual world.  Cheung Fei Fan asked the dark web guy about the financial powers of the Knight Club. Cheung Fei Fan shot at two of the Dark Web guy’s man.  Ha Tin Hang drove his car and saw Lui Wai Bing dead in the van. Cheung Fei Fan wonders why did the dark web guy wanted to kill Lui Wai Bing. Soron emailed Cheung Fei Fan he will grand him his wish. Raymond and the dark web guy are happy that Cheung Fei Fan got stuck.

Ha Tin Hang got mad and asked Double if he knows where’s Cheung Fei Fan is or if he killed Lui Wai Bing. Double showed his phone and said he kept on calling Cheung Fei Fan but he wouldn’t pick it up. Stone and Ha Tin Hang threw papers for Lui Wai Bing. The tech guy’s computers got frozen. The dark web guy interrupted and said whoever knows his real identity must die. The tech guy got scared and walked down his flat. The phone of the people rang, and they picked them up. The tech guy got disturbed and walked and a person stabbed him using his knife. Cheung Fei Fan held on to the tech guy and he  said bumblebees can’t fight and he died.

Cheung Fei Fan went in Holyman’s room and picked up his figures. Cheung Fei Fan looked on the back of the box and saw a phone. He left Holyman’s house. Ha Tin Hang saw him and grabbed his neck. Ho Tit Nam came and fought with Ha Tin Hang. Ho Tit Nam told him they don’t know if Cheung Fei Fan killed Lui Wai Bing. Cheung Fei Fan thinks Holyman knows the dark web guy’s secret so he silenced him.

Cheung Fei Fan sneaked in Flyingman and log onto his computer. Ha Tin Hang followed him and fought with him. Cheung Fei Fan told him it was a setup. Ha Tin Hang was about to stab Cheung Fei Fan and they have telepathy. Ha Tin Hang thinks Cheung Fei Fan is his brother and knew it all along. Ma Si Ting told Yeung Ching Ching she must trust and help Cheung Fei Fan. Chan Ling saw Ha Tin Hang punched the punching bag hard. Ha Tin Hang cried and told her that Lui Wai Bing got killed by Cheung Fei Fan but he is his brother. Chan Ling kisses and hugged Ha Tin Hang. Cheung Fei Fan tries to decode Holyman’s disc. Cheung Fei Fan made a live broadcast.



Comment: Lots of stuff happens in this episode, it is probably one of my episodes since it doesn’t have much scenes of the knight club.

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Fist Fight episode 23 recap

Ha Tin Hang bought a birthday cake for Lui Wai Bing. Ha Tin Hang gave Lui Wai Bing a present. She guess it’s a wrist guard. Ha Tin Hang and Lui Wai Bing looked at the stars and thought about their days in Iraq. Ha Tin Hang complimented Chan Ling of being nice. Lui Wai Bing told him to woo Chan Ling. Lui Wai Bing’s colleague told her he knows she’s onto Ha Tin Hang.

To King Tsun came to the knight club and accused Wan Shing Hang of leaking out the list and put all the blame on Chang Man Kei. Wan Shing Hang made an announcement that To King Tsun will be expelled from the Knight Club. Chang Man Kei’s women beat up To King Tsun. A man received a call that To King Tsun will expose a huge secret at the press conference. Chang Man Kei met up with Wan Shing Hang. Chang Man Kei asked him what did he to to Pong Si Kai forcing him to leave over night. Chang Man Kei accused Wan Shing Hang of killing Ko Chin Cheong and his wife. Wan Shing Hang told Chang Man Kei he had no reason to kill Ko Ching Cheong. Ko Chin Cheong found out that he stole the wealthy man’s money so he killed him. Wan Shing Hang told him he can’t think of anyone who wants to dig up the old case except for Ko Chin Cheong’s sons. Wan Shing Hang thinks it’s Pong Si Kai. Some men threw a bomb and rescued To King Tsun. Wan Shing Hang received a text that To King Tsun has been rescued. Wan Shing Hang told Chang Man Kei that a minor accident has happened and the press conference can be cancelled. Chang Man Kei received a call that someone took To King Tsun.

Cheung Fei Fan watches the clip with Double and said Wan Shing Hang is sly but his expression betrayed him. Wan Shing Hang told To King Tsun to resign. Chang Man Kei watches To King Tsun making a speech of revealing names of Tycoon. Cheung Fei Fan told Chang Man Kei they can find Pong Si Kai. Chang Man Kei and Cheung Fei Fan got attacked. In the hospital, Ching Ching asked Cheung Fei Fan who shot him but he didn’t tell. Cheung Fei Fan received a get well card from Wan Shing Hang. Flashbacks of Cheung Fei Fan told Double to send some men to shoot him so Chang Man Kei will suspect Wan Shing Hang.

Cheung Fei Fan ate with Ma Si Ting. Ma Si Ting trust Cheung Fei Fan will never harm her and he’s doing something big so he can’t tell her. Cheung Fei Fan asked Ma Si Ting if she heard the story of Cain and Abel. They were brothers. The older brother killed the younger brother out of jealously. God told them not to trust their brothers. Ma Si Ting asked Cheung Fei Fan if he watched the movie Ashes of Time. The greatest trouble for a man is his unfailing memory. He should be like her and forget what happened before. Cheung Fei Fan wrote in Ma Si Ting’s notebook she doesn’t have to trust anyone but she must trust him.
ate with

Ching Ching told Ha Tin Hang and Lui Wai Bing that the bullet isn’t strong enough to kill Cheung Fei Fan. Lui Wai Bing said Cheung Fei Fan is adopted. Cheung Fei Fan been staying in a hotel. Chang Man Kei called Cheung Fei Fan and told him to tell Wan Shing Hang to go to the meeting with the team.

Cheung Fei Fan told Ching Ching to get in the car with him. Ching Ching called Wan Shing Hang and said she got a witness who knows about the murder of Ko Ching Cheong and his wife. She asked him to send his members to come to confirm. Chang Man Kei ate with his members. Cheung Fei Fan and Ching Ching looked at the cctv and suprisingly saw Ho Tit Nam and Ha Tin Hang coming. Cheung Fei Fan saw some men and came to alert Ho Tit Nam and Ching Ching. Some men arrived pointing their guns at Ha Tin Hang, Ho Tit Nam, and Cheung Fei Fan. Chang Man Kei laughed and want to see Wan Shing Hang and Cheung Fei fan die together. The men were about to shoot them but Wan Shing Hang’s crew shot at the phone causing them to lose signal. Cheung Fei Fan asked Wan Shing Hang how did he know Chang Man Kei wanted to kill him. The cops came with a warrant to arrest Chang Man Kei. Wan Shing Hang showed Chang Man Kei a video he recored of him bribing a man. The man’s crew shot Chang Man Kei’s crew. The cops shot the three ladies. Chang Man Kei left through the back door.

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Fist Fight episode 22 recap

Yeung Ching Ching, Ho Tit Nam and their crew wants to take down Chang Man Kei. The member of the knight club told Ching Ching that Ko Chin Cheong suicide and there were no evidence that Chang Man Kei did killed him. Wan Sing Hang told the members they must put all the blame on Chang Man Kei. Wan Sing Hang said it’s hard to change someone’s mind but it’s one in a million chance to find a genius. He would like Cheung Fei Fan to join them.

A man in a mask shot Ching Ching in the parking lot. She hid behind the car and got injured. She took out her gun and stands up and shoot. Ho Tit Nam seeing Ching Ching injured and got angry and wants to kill Chang Man Kei. Cheung Fei Fan showed some evidence of Chang Man Kei took some money from some transferred account. Ho Tit Nam and Ha Tin Hang fought with Chang Man Kei’s women in the parking lot. Chang Man Kei left. Chang Man Kei met Cheung Fei Fan. Cheung Fei Fan lead him to the top of the building. Cheung Fei Fan pushed Chang Man Kei down the trash bags on the truck. Then he jumped down.

Cheung Fei Fan asked Chang Man Kei if he killed Ko Chin Cheong. Flashbacks of Chang Man Kei giving money to the men to find the evidence back from Ko Chin Cheong of his bribery. Chang Man Kei said he didn’t kill Ko Chin Cheong. He and his wife were bunt to death. Cheung Fei Fan wants to collaborate with Chang Man Kei to find the killer of Ko Chin Cheong. Ha Tin Hang told Ho Tit Nam he suspects Cheung Fei Fan made up the evidence of Chang Man Kei for a different purpose. Ha Tin Hang told Ho Tit Nam they also need to keep an eye on Cheung Fei Fan.

A person online added Cheung Fei Fan in the chat room and said he knows he made up fake evidence of Chang Man Kei, he has the real evidence. The doctor told Ma Si Ting she has the first stage of dementia. While walking in the beach, Ma Si Ting wondered why she has possessed her grandma’s dementia instead of her parent’s genes. Cheung Fei Fan said she has bad genes but found a handsome and tall man like him. Cheung Fei Fan told Ma Si Ting if she falls sick, he will take care of her grandma. Ma Si Ting told Cheung Fei Fan she remembered he said he will give her several million dollars. Cheung Fei Fan laughed at her being a lousy actress. Ma Si Ting told him she can deal with it. He has enough to worry about already.

Cheung Fei Fan met with Holy Man. He gave her the document of evidence against Chang Man Kei. Cheung Fei Fan’s father followed Chang Man Kei. Cheung Fei Fan gave Chang Man Kei the document. He wants Chang Man Kei to find the real killer of Ko Chin Cheong. Cheung Fei Fan’s father saw Cheung Fei Fan in the car with Chang Man Kei. Cheung Fei Fan speed up in the road. Ha Tin Hang and Ho Tit Nam follow him. Cheung Fei Fan burnt the document and threw it in the sea. Chang Man Kei got out of the police station and bragged how they didn’t have any evidence.

Cheung Fei Fan’s father and sister asked Cheung Fei Fan why he hung out with Chang Man Kei. Cheung Fei Fan told his father and sister to not act like they are in korean dramas. He has enough troubles already. Cheung Fei Fan’s father asked Cheung Fei Fan if he knows why he doesn’t help him, it’s because he found him on the street. Cheung Fei Fan told him he knew it long ago. Flashbacks of Cheung Fei Fan took his father’s hair string while he’s drunk and tested the DNA.

Ho Tit Nam told Ha Tin Hang them brothers didn’t grow up together but Double is okay. He does’t know there’s bad guys. Ha Tin Hang said it’s hard to deal with Fever, and if Double inform him then it will be hard to fight him. Ho Tit Nam saw Chan Ling and he took the basket of towels and let Ha Tin Hang carry it for her. Chan Ling joked with Ha Tin Hang and massaged his head.

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Fist Fight episode 21 recap

Cheung Fei Fan noticed the doment size doesn’t fit the box. Ha Tin Hang asked Stephen if he can find the document for him. Ha Tin Hang suspect someeone from Special Branch did it.

Ma Si Ting told Ching Ching to recall what she liked with her father. Si Ting said she sued to want to live in a castle because her father called her a princess. Ching Ching remembered her father told her he will buy her a houseboat. Ching Ching looked for the boat Princess Mary. A guy said an uncle bought a boat his father’s boat for his daugher for a gift. His father died so he didn’t want to waste money so he moved the boat. THe uncle went to Hongkong for something urgent so the boat was never assigned to him. He never returned so he refurbished the boat and took the name. Ching Ching told him she will repay for the boat and for maintaining the boat. Ching Ching came and asked Ha Tin Hang back then her father bought her a houseboat and how could he kidnap him. Ha Tin Hang said her father is involved in everything.

Cheung Fei Fan and his crew looked for Si Ting. Cheung Fei Fan met Si Ting on the hill. Si Ting said she is looking for the ring her dad gave her mom. Cheung Fei Fan told Si Ting she was looking for Ching Ching Ching’s houseboat. Si Ting said she she couldn’t find the houseboat so she came to search for the ring. Cheung Fei Fan asked her what’s going on. Si Ting said she sometimes don’t know what’s she’s doing. Cheung Fei Fan told her he cares for her and he asked her if she has her grandmother’s dementia. She nodded. Cheung Fei Fan said it’s okay it’s not a big deal. Si Ting said she doesn’t want to be like her grandma and forget everything. Cheung Fei Fan said he will be there for her. She doesn’t need to worry. Cheung Fei Fan gave her the coin of god of search. Si Ting prays. Cheung Fei Fan told her to remember she must trade the most valuable thing. Si Ting said she doesn’t know what to trade yet.

Stephen gave Ha Tin Hang the document. Some men chased Ha Tin Hang. Ha Tin Hang threw the document to Cheung Fei Fan. Some men beat up Cheung Fei Fan and stole the document. Cheung Fei Fan thinks there’s a mole and wants to find out where’s the matchbox came from. Cheung Fei Fan took the match box for a test and found info that the person made three phone calls to a person in Hongkong. He called him and Chang Man Kei picked up the call.

Ching Ching and Ho Tit Nam read the note from her father and listened to the cassette and it stops and her father told him if he doesn’t know if he can make it alive.Ching Ching showed Cheung Fei Fan and his crew the cassette of her father said Ko Chin Cheong told him he is in danger. Chang Man Kei stole the money. Then Chin Cheong and his wife died. Ching Ching said Chang Man Kei hired three killers to kill the three bothers parents. Cheung Fei Fan went back to train station and grabbed his document and met Ha Tin Hang. Cheung Fei Fan asked Ha Tin Hang about exchanging info with M9. Cheung Fei Fan read the document and saw a photo of Wan Sing Hang with the the special branch and he recognized the wine manager.

The wine manager pointed a gun on Ching Ching’s head. M9 shot the wine manager Stephen told Ho Tit Nam M9 will take over. Wan Sing Hang’s butler knocked down Ching Ching. Cheung Fei Fan asked Stephen if he used Ha Tin Hang to find info for him. M9 came. Ching Ching woke up and told Cheung Fei Fan Ha Tin Hang’s boss and the wine manager didn’t want to get arrested so they killed themselves. Flashbacks of The wine Manager and Wan Sing Hang’s butler conversation about Chang Man Kei sent them to kill Ko Ching Cheong for one million dollars and then Ching Ching’s father Kar Hon Sang. Ha Tin Hang apologized to Ching Ching for mistaken his father as the killer.

Cheung Fei Fan sighed and asked Si Ting if he should trust Ha Tin Hang. Si TIng thinks he should trust him. She has dementia and she started to doubt everyone but now she realizes she doesn’t trust herself. Si Ting told Cheung Fei Fan as long as she sees him and and her grandma everyday, she doesn’t mind what she will lose. Cheung Fei Fan hugged Si Ting and closed his hands. Ha Tin Hang released his father. Ching Ching hugged Ho Tit Nam on the boat and don’t mind where he goes as long as she goes with him. Ching Ching wished her mom was here so she will know her dad didn’t desert her.

Wan Sing Hang visited his butler and the winery manager’s grave. Flashbacks of Wan Sing Hang’s butler messed with the tape to put blame on Chang Man Kei. Cheung Fei Fan told Wan Sing Hang that there are decent gentlemen like him but there could be demons inside. Wan Sin Hang said knowing the result is not important, what is important is if the result will be beneficial. Cheung Fei Fan asked him if he should let someone else take the fall for him. Wan Sin Hang told him he should look up to god since he has more justice than a man.

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Fist Fight episode 20 recap

Cheung Fei Fan and Ma Ma Si Ting searched in the room for the newspaper of boxer Ko Tsau. Yeung Ching Ching found out Ko Tsau has three sons that have the same birth as Cheung Fei Fan, Ha Tin Hang, and Double. Ha Tin Hang and Ho Tit Nam burnt papers for their father.

Sifu got beaten by two former prisoners. Sifu asked Ho Tit Nam to lend him eighty thousand dollars. Ho Tit Nam watched the news of Sifu killed two people. Sifu doesn’t want to turn himself in and wants to leave Hongkong. Ho Tit Nam told Sifu he will go and withdraw hundred thousand dollars. Ching Ching called Ho Tit Nam asking if he saw the news of Sifu and he should turn himself in. Ho Tit Nam said he is still looking for Sifu. Ching Ching came. Ho Tit Nam and Ching Ching came home and saw Chan Ling being tied up. Chan Ling told them that Master Shun found a speedboat for Sifu to escape. A man stabbed Sifu by the harbor. Sifu told Ho Tit Nam to keep doing boxing. He died.

Ho Tit Nam thought about if Sifu didn’t have fights in prison, he would have been released earlier. Cheung Fei Fan investigated that Wan Sing Hang was the lead of Finance team and there was a fire in Ha Tin Hang’s parents place. They sent Ha Tin Hang and Double to England and Ho Tit Nam to Temple Street. Wan Sing Hang came and explained the members were transferred in different teams and Ko Tsau got charged for auditing. Wan sing Hang wondered who wants to go against the Knight Club. The Knight Club said back then Pong Si Kai in the finance tried to attack them and they weren’t scared.

Cheung Fei Fan and Ma Si Ting sneaked in Kin Lok’s home using the virtual world. A fire occurred and there was a dead body. Cheung Fei Fan said the person set the alarm and staged the scene like a suicide.

Ho Tit Nam’s mom saw Ho Tit Nam researched Chan Po. She told him that Brother Loi used to be called Chan Po. Ho Tit Nam’s mother asked Brother Loi to remember if he was at Kin Lok’s scene.Ho Tit Nam’s mother watches Brother Loi rubs his head and said he’s Chan Po. Brother Loi said he saw the killer. He came to give the passport to the person. A fire occurs. There was a fire alarm. He saw the killer walking out. The cops interrogated him but he couldn’t say he saw the killer because he was carrying a fake passport. The cop took Ha Tin Hang and his brother.

Yeung Ching Ching came and asked Cheung Fei Fan why does has the photo of her father. Ha Tin Hang told Ching Ching to help him find evidence to prove her father's innocence. Ching Ching said she doesn't need to investigate and her father isn't he killer. Cheung Fei Fan looked at the document and wondered why the Special Branch is involved in a small case of a couple died.

Ching Ching told Ho Tit Nam she believes her dad not because he is her dad but because he is a good cop. He told her there’s no Superman but there are police who upholds justice. She's proud of him. Ho Tit Nam asked her if her dad said anything before he left. Ching Ching said before her mom passed away, she thought her father had another woman so she told her to use her last name instead. Ching Ching thinks perhaps her dad was in danger and didn’t want her mom to get hurt or perhaps he died long ago. Ching Ching wants to find her dad to prove his innocence. Ho Tit Nam told Ha Tin Hang not to put pressure on Ching Ching anymore. Cheung Fei Fan told them they can find evidence through Special Branch. Ho Tit Nam asked Ching Ching if she will join him going to England to find the special branch. Sitting leaned on her grandma and said Cheung Fei Fan may look mean on the outside but he acts mature on important situation. She asked her if she thinks he is really nice. Cheung Fei Fan reads Si Ting’s notebook.

Ching Ching visited Ha Tin Hang's foster father and showed him a photo of her with her dad and said when he was in hongkong, he always visit her home. Ha Tin Hang's foster father told Ching Ching to help him. Double looked at the chain on the foster father's leg. Ha Tin Hang told him he pretended to be dumb all along. Ching Ching asked Ha Tin Hang if he knows this is imprisonment and he could get him arrested. Ha Tin Hang yelled at him and asked where did he go. Ha Tin Hang's foster father told Ching Ching that that her father left related to stock and finance. He said he bought her a gift. Ha Tin Hang’s foster father said that’s s all he knows and please let him go. Ching Ching told Ha Tin Hang that is all he knows and don’t put pressure on him.

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Fist Fight episode 19 recap

Ho Tit Nam told Yeung Ching Ching to take him to the warehouse. They saw Ha Tin Hang and double fainting. Ho Tit Nam asked Double if he felt the telepathy. Double apologized for keeping from them that he is the third brother. Double said he knew he has telepathy since he was sixteen. He asked Cheung Fei Fan to research his background. Double said Cheung Fei Fan is the only person he trust. Double said the first time was when he was playing video games and the second time was when Ha Tin Hang and Ho Tit Nam were shooting in the yard. The third time he had telepathy was at the mansion. Ho Tit Nam asked Double where’s the cop who bought the fake passport and took him to England.

Cheung Fei Fan told Double they must be careful of text messaging each other. Double told him he doesn’t understand why he asked him to pretend to be their brother. Cheung Fei Fan asked Double who is powerful enough to pay Mr.T to fight against Ho Tit Nam. It could be an organization. Cheung Fan said he knew that Ha Tin Hang and Ho Tit Nam were his brothers so he made the boxing match a hot topic. They could find out a huge secret and gets killed anytime.

During the barbecue party, Ho Tit Nam told the crew that during the match, his telepathy was seized by Ha Tin Hang. Chan Ling asked Ha Tin Hang when Ho Tit Nam saved her, was he the person who stared at her. Ha Tin Hang said he knew she was in danger and he didn’t want her to get hurt. Ha Tin Hang sneaked in Doubles room and took some DNA samples. Sean and Buddy stopped a car and switched the DNA documents. Double went in the lab. The lights turn off. Cheung Fei Fan switched the DNA document.

Cheung Fei Fan gave Sifu the money. Ma Si Ting’s grandma cooked and told Si Ting that Cheung Fei Fave gave her the real necklace. Ma Si Ting’s grandma asked Cheung Fei Fan if he is seeing someone and what does he thinks of Ma Si Ting. Cheung Fei Fan said she is kinda dumb and not competent at work. He told her he can find guys online for Si Ting. Ma Si Ting’s grandma told Cheung Fei Fan he’s a good person and she wants him to take care of Si Ting. Si Ting’s grandma fainted in the restroom. The doctor told Si Ting that her grandmother has dementia. Siting cried and told Cheugn Fei Fan she rather be the one who has dementia. Cheung Fei Fan told Si Ting she can take care of her grandmother. Her grandma has entrusted her to him. Si Ting cries and lean on Cheung Fei Fan.

Cheung Fei Fan investigates a hacker under the name of Holyman. Cheung Fei Fan fought with two men and brought Holyman home. Cheung Fei Fan said Holyman found two boxers who lost control like Ho Tit Nam. Ho Tit Nam ate with Ching Ching at the restaurant .Chan Ling hurried and took her takeout. Yeung Ching Ching asked Ho Tit Nam if he’s dumb. Chan Ling likes him. Ho Tit Nam asked when he is so popular. Ho Tit Nam asked why would he like his own sister. Yeung Ching Ching told him if he doesn’t like her, she should tell her.

Ho Tit Nam walked with Chan Ling and said he heard from someone she likes him. Chan Ling asked him if he remembers the time when he rescued her and she likes his eyes. Ho Tit Nam said that was Ha Tin Hang. Chan Ling said she felt it was touching and she only sees him as her brother. Chan Ling told Ho Tit Nam that she thinks Yeung Ching Ching likes him. Chan Ling said she can tell that Ching Ching was sad when the boy gave them the bracelets. Chan Ling told Ho Tit Nam to tell Ching Ching.

Ho Tit Nam told Ching Ching that Chan Ling said she likes him. Ching Ching asked Ho Tit Nam what’s so bad about Chan Ling. Ho Tit Nam said Chan Ling is good but he isn’t interested in her. Ho Tit Nam asked Ching Ching if there’s anyone she likes. Ho Tit Nam borrowed a cart of flowers and pushed it back. Ching Ching said she needs a shoulder to lean on. Ho Tit Nam said he will refer her to someone. Ching Ching told him to refer him to her. Ho Tit Nam brought flowers and made an announcement. He asked Ching Ching to be his girlfriend. Ho Tit Nam hugged Ching Ching and happily said he has a girlfriend.

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Fist Fight episode 18 recap

The truck stopped. Lui Wai Bing and the bodyguard got out of the truck and warned Cheung Fei Fan to not post Ho Tit Nam’s personal life online or they won’t spare him. Ha Tin Hang called the bodyguard that Cheung Fei Fan has recorded the incident on his came and may take it to the police station. A the arcade, Cheung Fei Fan played games and told Ha Tin Hang he will delete the cam if he can beat him. Ha Tin Hang told Cheung Fei Fan if he didn’t know he didn’t have time to play games when he was a kid. Cheung Fei Fan gave Ha Tin Hang the cam. Cheung Fei Fan told Ha Tin Hang he didn’t put Ho Tit Nam’s info online, it was the guys who did it. Ha Tin Hang warned Cheung Fei Fan he is very close to crossing his bottom line.

Ha Tin Hang told the bodyguard last time in Iraq, he would have been blown away if he didn’t push him. Cheung Fei Fan and the bodyguard watches the boxing match of Mr.T who made in the top 50 of the US boxing matches. He left returned to Hongkong after three years. The final round is Mr.T and Ho Tit Nam.

Wang Sing Hang told Yeung Ching Ching he wondered if Cheung Fei Fan brought Mr.T to bring more views in the boxing match. Wan Sing Hang meets up with Cheung Fei Fan and asks Cheung Fei Fan why he posted the info of Ho Tit Nam’s mother being a prostitute. Cheung Fei Fan said thousands of people post stuff online and why does he suspects him. Wan Sing Hang gave Cheung Fei Fan documents of Mr.T’s background and said he isn’t that simple.

Chan Ling hangs out with Ho Tit Nam. She thanked him for saving her life in Philippine. Ho Tit Nam told her how could he let a girl get hurt. It is a guy’s duty to protect a girl. Chan Ling told him she won’t forget his look when he saved her. Ha Tin Hang follows a masked guy and borrows the bodyguard Double’s car. Wan Sing Hang called Cheung Fei Fan that he found out from his friend a banker from New York that Mr.T received ten million dollars from a British Virgin Island Company. Mr T. drank a drugged bottle of water.

Ha Tin Hang smelled poisonous fumes and got hit by the masked guy. He go the telepathy. Three masked guys knocked Ha Tin Hang. Ho Tit Nam wants to see Ha Tin Hang. Cheung Fei Fan hid behind the boxes and heard the three masked men said they will find the third brother. Cheung Fei Fan fought with the three masked men. Ho Tit Nam got punched by Mr.T and laid down.