Hey Arnold! Matching Dates!

You know how in Hey Arnodl!, Arnold is a perfect character with a poor family background. But his personality can matches almost every of the female characters except Helga.

Arnold and Rhonda have the nice looks and fashion.

Arnold Big Patti have this sophisticated personality.

Arnold and Phoebe are booksmart.

Arnold and Lila are both perfect.

Arnold and Helga have this dynamic personality and matches chemistry wise.

If you Hey Arnold fans pick a date for Hey Arnold! Who would you pick?

Hey Arnold! Arnold’s Christmas

Finished watching Hey Arnold! Arnold’s Christmas which was airing on my channel on TV. It was a touching episode of sacrificing for the happiness of others.

Mr.Nguyen gave his daughter to some soldiers during the Vietnam War so she can have a better life. Mr. Nguyen wish he could see his daughter again for Christmas. Arnold deals with an officer if he can shop all the presents on the list for him, he will search for Mr.Nguyen’s lost daughter to him. Arnold and Gerald shopped for all the present except the Nancy Spumoni boots which they couldn’t find. They search everywhere in the city but everyone laughed and said they were running out of it last month. Helga’s mother gave Helga a Christmas present which is the Nancy Spumoni’s boots. Helga skated dreamily in those Nancy Spumoni’s boots on the ice but looked at the list and realized Arnold also wanted those boots. She wanted those boots for Christmas but her crush Arnold also need it. Helga went to the officer and gave him the box of boots and persuaded him to find Mr. Nguyen’s daughter for him. During Christmas party, Arnold’s family opened their presents. Oscar received a pack of coal. There were no presents for Mr.Nguyen under the tree. Mr. Nguyen doesn’t want any presents. Someone knocked on the door. Mr. Nguyen’s daughter’s May came and reunited with Mr. Nguyen and he called her a filial daughter. Mr. Nguyen introduced his daughter May to his family. Gerald told Arnold that perhaps there’s an Angel looking out for him. Helga wishes Arnold a Merry Christmas.

The End.

Hey Arnold! Arnold’s Valentine

What’s so special about this episode? Arnold realized that his crush Ruth isn’t what his first impression of her was like. Arnold has a crush on Ruth at first sight an impressed at her nice personality without ever talking to her before. Well, sometimes what we see isn’t what we know about the person.

-Arnold goes two timing when Helga impersonated his French pen pal Cecile and set up a date with him on the day of his Valentine’s date with Ruth.

-Arnold is known as the perfect and righteous guy giving advices to his peers but this is one of the few times he listens to Gerald’s advices and is breaking the rules being a two timer despite he once played Hookey.

-Helga tries to sent a Valentine Card to Arnold but keep on scratching her love letters not feeling the writing makes sense. This is one of the few times Helga is having the courage to almost tell Arnold she likes him. It’s hard to invite your crush without being manipulative or too cheesy. It was a coincidence Helga sat next to Cecile on the plane.

-Helga spent some money to do her hair, learning French and eating diner at an expensive French Restaurant.

-This is one of the rare times Helga do the makeover except for the episode Helga’s Makeover.

-Helga invited Arnold to a diner date in Chez Paris which is also the same French Restaurant she invited in Diner for Four.

-Arnold sent Ruth a Valentine Card for a diner date but Helga took the advantage and invited Arnold to Chez Paris. Gerald thought of an idea of having Arnold inviting Ruth to the restaurant next to Chez Paris since he has two dates on the same night.

-Arnold dressed in a nice black tuxedo making Ruth mistaken him as a waiter. Ruth thought Anonymous was a person’s name.

-Arnold gets bored when Ruth talks about her hair while the waiter complimented her hair.

-Arnold likes Helga’s personality when he sees the gentle side of her as Cecile. Perhaps if Helga do her hair and acted gentle, Arnold could fall for her.

-Arnold notices Cecile’s accent is so American when Helga impersonated her.

-Arnold orders a hamburger in Chez Paris which means he doesn’t know much about French Food. This is an elegant French Restaurant unlike a fast food place.

-Arnold mentioned about Helga stood out to him (which means he notices her) when Helga asked him if there’s a classmate that he likes.

-Gerald covered up for Arnold impersonating Arnold and invite Cecile for a hamburger on the next block.

-Arnold kisses Helga on her hands just like French greeting goodbyes. This is the first time Arnold kisses Helga unlike where Helga schemed to get that kiss like in the episode School Play.

Hey Arnold: Helga’s lines

Since I watch Arnold every night and it has been reairing on my tv, I thought writing a bit about Helga G.Pataki’s personality.


Helga is a character that is well described which makes others can easily relate to her. Helga protect herself using anger but is kinda on the inside. She is smart and independent.

Helga G. Pataki always daydream about Arnold then yelled at Arnold when he asked her “What are you doing Helga?” . Then Helga yelled at Arnold it’s none of his business or lines to drive him away. In the show “Best Man”, when Helga keep saying “I do, I do,”, while daydreaming of marrying Arnold. Arnold asked her what she’s doing. She said “I do not like you touching my hands”. Helga would often tell Arnold to get off though she thinks the opposite. Though Helga is always mean to Arnold, she is really caring toward him. In the show “Parents day, when Helga’s father Bob called Arnold “We are not going to lose to that orphan boy”, Helga consoled Arnold by yelling at him. Helga also consoled Arnold when Lila dumped Arnold in “Arnold &Lila”.

Lila knew Helga loves Arnold in “School Play” after she asked Helga she will give her the role of Juliet if she admits she like Arnold.

The psychiatrist knows Helga likes Arnold in “Helga on the Couch” when she keeps on mentioning his name while looking at the pictures.

These are the catchlines that Helga often uses:

“None of your beeswacks Football Head!”
“Move it Bucko
” Oh Criminy!”

There were times where Helga tried to be like Arnold’s crushes to gain Arnold’s attention. She impersonated Arnold’s pen pal Cecile in Arnold’s Valentine and disguised as Lila in “Helga’s Masquerade”. It turns out that Arnold complimented Helga and doesn’t find her so bad everytime she is nice to him.

Hey Arnold! Oskar can’t read

During dinner, Ernie asked Oskar to pass the salt, he passed the pepper instead. The mailman asked Oscar to sign the paper but he made up an excuse he’s busy. Arnold’s grandpa asked Oskar to read the recipe while he cooks, Oscar said the onion (which is far from him) prevented him from seeing the words. Oscar held the fishbowl water and asked Arnold to help him open this aspirin. Ernie teased Oskar for being illiterate. Ernie made a bet of fifty bucks that Oscar can’t read. Arnold teachers Oskar to read. Oskar asked his wife to fill out the spelling worksheet for him. Oskar gave some chocolate and asked the chocolate boys to read The Tale of Two Cities for him until he can memorize it. Oskar reads The Tale of Two Cities in front of his friends. Ernie gave Oscar the book War and Peace and asked him to read it. Oscar recited The Tale of Two Cities. Arnold and his neighbors are mad. A kid asked Oskar to read the map for him. Oskar walked on the street sadly. Oskar asked Arnold to teach him to read. Oskar reads the children book for the kids at the library. Arnold gives Oskar a map and asked him to use the map to go home. Oskar got lost in the subway and he sat down and saw the kitty and pet it. Oskar recalled he read the book Pet the Kitty and is confidence he can go home. Oscar returns home and reunites with his family.








Hey Arnold! Mr. Huynh goes country

Arnold and Gerald is impressed at Mr. Huynh’s singing In the bathroom. Arnold and Gerald suggests Mr. Huynh be a country singer. Mr. Huynh told Arnold and Gerald he enjoys a simple life working at the restaurant. Mr. Huynh’s song is played on the radio. Customers asked Mr. Huynh for an autograph. MC Mr. Randall came up to Mr. Huynh and asked him to sing on the show this sunday night. At the concert, Mr. Huynh made a speech that he likes writing songs but he is a simple man and has a dream of being a grand chef in the restaurant. This will be his last time he will perform his song.







Hey Arnold! Family Man

Mr. Huynh is picking a new head chef who is a family man. Mr. Huynh is worried Rockwell, a chef who can’t make a taco will be promoted to the head chef. Mr. Huynh would like to be a head chef but afraid of losing the position because he only has his daughter May as his family. Oscar photoshopped his roomates in a family picture for Mr. Huynh so he can get free tacos when he becomes the head chef. Oscar tucked in the photo in Mr. Huynh’s pocket. Mr. Huynh’s boss looked at the family picture, Mr. Huynh said Arnold’s father is his father and Oscar’s wife is his wife. Mr. Huynh and his friends organized the house and let out the dogs and cats. Mr. Huynh’s boss ate with Mr. Huynh and his friends, he told him that Arnold doesn’t resemble him. Mr. Huynh responded that Arnold has his granda’s gene. Mr. Huynh’s boss asked Mr. Huynh “But I thought you said he adopted you?” Mr. Huynh said the more time Arnold spends with his grandpa, the more he looks like him. Oscar’s wife told Mr. Huynh’s boss that Arnold introduced her and her husband. Mr.Huynh’s boss “Arnold but he is your son?”. Mr. Huynh said it was a different Arnold. Mr. Huynh’s boss asked Mr. Huynh why does he keep on calling Arnold’s grandpa “Grandpa”. Arnold’s grandma came and dressed as the queen. Mr. Huynh confessed that they are not his family and he lied so he can be the head chef. Mr. Huynh is thinking of firing Mr. Huynh. Arnold explained to Mr. Huynh’s boss that they are not blood related but they treat each other like a family. Mr. Huynh’s boss changed his perspective that Arnold’s family care for each other as family and let Mr. Huynh be the new head chef.