A Change of Heart review

A Change of Heart deal with many characters twists and changes. What happens if you found out that your lover has a change of heart? The thing I like about this series is seeing many complex characters changes. This series has a lot of morals at the beginning and ending of each episode and make us think what leads us to do in different situation.

I believe Joey has the hardest role out of the main leads in this drama. She plot everything for her husband and will get rid of anyone getting in her way. After Michael got a heart transplant, his view on society changes which cause a lot of troubles. Michael tries to turn Joey to the right path. Michael is such a good boss to Bosco. Who wouldn’t want a boss that promote you right? Joey and Benjamin use each other to relieve their stress. Benjamin is jealous of Yuet for getting promoted by Michael at a short time. Joey is jealous of Niki being with Michael.

This drama has two cases: Yat’s death and Niki’s mother killer though the series isn’t focused on those cases and has a bunch of random scenes thrown in. I find the second half of this series drags with Niki persist trying to find her mom’s killer and misunderstood Michael for it. Yet it is tear jerking that Niki has to arrest her best friend’s mother. It would be easier for her to arrest someone she doesn’t know right?

Boco’s Yat Doctor Role is everyone dream guy. I honestly prefer him over Yuet though Yuet is funny. Yat cheer Niki up with the smiley cloud and fireflies. Bosco did a good job portraying two different characters. Didn’t really fell for the love for Yuet and Niki. The swimming pool scene was just awkward. Both Yuet and Niki’s personality different. Yuet is amusing but Niki is serious. Niki also has a complex character dealing with her mother’s killer. She has to stay strong as the boss of the police but she has to deal with finding her boyfriend’s killer. She then sees Michael’s personality similar to Yat which leads to Joey’s misunderstanding of Michael and Niki’s relationship.

Vincent Wong, Elaine Yiu, and Mandy Wong brings some entertainment. Elaine’s character is arrogant on the outside but nice on the inside. Vincent Wong likes to play detective. Mandy is a funny con girl.

I feel so sorry for JJ Jia. She’s the most innocent in this drama. She lost her baby. Her boyfriend has an affair with Joey and then got shot by Niki.

The series kinda drags with Sammy blackmailing Joey for money. I did feel poor for Joey getting her face scratched by Lam Keng. Michael end ups dealing with enemies by the law instead of by force. I can see how Joey is frustrated with Michael’s character change. The plastic surgery was unrealistic. It did freaked me out seeing two Niki. How can Joey get a plastic surgery to look exactly like Niki? Ending of this drama is okay to watch. The Joey lookalike was unnecessary. It was touching how Michael hugged Joey and Joey found out that Michael only loves her all along.

I appreciate this series is fast paced though there are some unrealistic and draggy scenes. It’s one of the better drama this year.

Rating: 4/5.

A Change of Heart episode 30 recap (End)


In the hospital, Joey’s dad asked himself why is Vincent badly injured and Joey’s face is disproportion. Joey told her dad that he is selfish. Joey’s dad asked God to let him die instead of Vincent. Joey asked her dad if he knows how much she suffer when she found out her mom died. Joey’s dad commit suicide. Vincent mom yelled at Joey for breaking up her family. Vincent’s mom told Joey she’s ugly inside and outside.

At the restaurant, Joey has an illusion of seeing Yat which played by Yuet. Joey nervously rushed and ran to her car. She got scared seeing Yat in her car. Joey left the car and saw Niki yelling at her and said Michael will not go for her. The car’s alarm beeped. Joey crazily yelled that she will testify against Niki for killing Benjamin. Niki told Joey she got captured in the camera when she threw the bricks at Yat. Niki showed Joey that photoshoot of her with the bricks and said someone happens to take her picture and put it on the social networking sites. Joey told Niki that Yat is a good guy and she didn’t meant to kill him but he prevented Granny Kam from committing suicide. Joey told Niki she loves Michael very much but she changed his heart. The police came. Yuet told Joey it was set up and the picture was fake. The police arrested Joey. Michael asked Joey how can she be such a fool. Michael told Joey he will wait for her.

Tomato C told Joey that she found her clip Benjamin and Joey fighting using the password “I Love You.” It contains evidence of her money laundering. While driving, Jack passed by the truck and fell in the sea. At the hospital, a patient bumped into Elaine. Elaine’s flowers broke. Elaine cried and asked Vincent to not make her wait for him. Vincent woke up and pretends to faint. Vincent apologized to Elaine and said he won’t make her wait again.

JJ told Niki and Yuet that she will leave to Shanghai. JJ told Niki and Yuet that if Benjamin didn’t return to blackmail Joey then he wouldn’t have died. JJ apologized Niki for slapping her. JJ told Niki to cherish what have since she won’t have a second chance. Niki told Yuet now that her mom’s killer got caught, she wants to live a normal life an not be a cop. Yuet told Niki to let him keep her company. Yuet told Niki he wants to travel with her. Niki told Yuet so many stuff happened and she wants to travel alone. Niki asked Yuet if he can give the life she wants. Yuet told Niki wherever she is, she has to send him a picture of her and be in touch. Yuet told Niki he will wait for her no matter how long it takes.

One year later, Mandy became a singer. Mandy mentioned her rich husband to Yuet, Elaine, and Benz. Elaine told Vincent to learn to be like Mandy’s husband. Yuet told Benz, Elaine, Vincent, and Mandy that Niki still sent him email sometimes.

Niki came back and hugged Yuet. Yuet promised Niki to come to the cave each year to look at the fire flies with her. He wants to bring his baby with her. Niki tries her wedding dress.Niki looked in the mirror and saw Joey with the new plastic surgery looking exactly like her. Yuet heard Joey’s voice on the phone.

Michael received a text from Joey impersonating Niki saying that she doesn’t really want to marry Yuet. She wants to see him the most. Joey went to Michael’s home. Joey kissed Michael. Michael told Joey to respect herself. Michael told Joey she admired Yuet as his brother and he can’t be with her. Michael said he’s attracted to Niki because he got Yat’s heart. Michael said he loves his wife the most. Michael said his greatest regret is he haven’t put Joey on the right path.Michael told Joey he has failed her. He rather give his second life to his wife if he can turn back the time.When Joey speaks, Michael recognized her voice. Joey hugged Michael and said they can turn back the clock. Joey told Michael she is his wife. Joey told Michael that she didn’t die after the car fell in the water. She didn’t want to go to jail so she created a new identity. Joey told Michael she is jealous of Niki. Joey asked Michael why many people like Niki. She made herself looks like Niki since she thought he likes her. Joey apologized to Michael for misunderstanding him. Michael asked Joey where’s Niki. Joey told Michael she just sent a text to Yuet and they will die. Michael picked up a knife and asked Joey where’s Yuet and Niki or he will kill himself.

Yuet searched for Niki by the trashbin. Yuet watch the tablet and saw Niki being tied. Joey asked Yuet to jump down if he wants to save Niki. Michael called Yuet and said he knows where Niki is. Joey told Yuet and Michael she put Niki in a container but can’t remember which box. Yuet grabbed Joey. Joey pointed a gun toward Yuet. Joey told Tomato C that she took Sammy’s gun and meant to kill Michael then herself. Joey told Tomato C she loves her husband so much that she wants to die with him. Tomato C told Joey that Sammy died because of her. Joey showed Yuet which box she hid Niki. Yuet managed to save Niki. The boxes fell toward Michael. Joey pushed Michael in order to save him and got injured.

Michael hugged Joey. Joey told Micheal she can hear his heartbeat. Joey told Michael to cherish his second life. Michael kissed Joey before she dies.

Yuet and Niki look at the smiley cloud. Michael saw a teacher lookalike Joey taking her kids to a field trip while he is gardening. Yuet juggles wine bottles in front of the kids. Like our candles, our lights will go out someday. But if we can light up another candle before it goes out. The light of hope can be carried on. Which will you choose. To bring people around your tears or cheer when your light is still growing?

The End!

A Change of Heart episode 29 recap

At the conference, Yuet told Michael he was hit on the head and the letter from Benjamin got stolen. Yuet asked Michael if he was the one who use the tiles to kill Yat. Yuet asked Michael to answer in in front of the reporters.Yuet punched Michael. In the car, Michael told Yuet he didn’t took the letter and he didn’t know that Benjamin wrote such a letter. Michael remembered Joey got out of the roof before he fainted. Michael told Yuet to consider him as the killer. Michael drove the car quickly. Yuet told Michael that he can’t exchange his life for his brother’s life.

Niki asked Yuet why does he think Michael did it. Niki said there are many doubts in the letter. Niki asked Yuet if he did actually see Benjmamin writing that letter. Niki said someone could have forged Michael’s signature. Niki said Joey’s statement is not reliable. Niki said she wants to find Yat’s killer as much as he does. Niki seems to be more open minded than Yuet in this one. Maybe Yuet got jealous of Michael and assume he likes Niki. Niki told Michael she doesn’t want to repeat the same mistake by being too emotional and suspect Michael as the killer. Niki told Yuet to calm down and think if someone is using him to destroy his relatinship with Michael.Niki told Yuet that Michael has the same expression when she asked him if he killed her mother. This is what I call what you see may not be the truth. Jealousy can make you blind.

Michael told his subordinate he won’t file a divorce toward Joey. Michael said he can’t bear to divorce Joey after Lam Keng scratched her face. Michael told his subordinate to keep to himself about the money laundering. The cops interrogate Michael about money laundering. The cops told Michael that an informant said he’s behind it. Joey told the cops that Yuet and Benjamin took orders from Michael. Looks like Joey refused to change for Michael.Michael told the cops he dind’t interfere in Joey’s business with Lam Keng.Then he suspected something wrong with the book. Joey told the cops she doesn’t know anything about film making and it was Michael and Martin who introduced her to Lam Keng. Joey told the cops that she saw Michael shaken at the roof but he wouldn’t tell her what happened. Michael told the cops he didn’t know Yat’s heart is suitable.Benz asked Michael if he knows the truth and doesn’t tell him then how can he face Yat. Michael told Benz he saw Joey coming from the roof. Yuet smiled and told Michael he reported against him.

Sammy told Joey that he gave her the clip but she still owes him 500k. Sammy asked Joey to give him one million dollars for the letter. Sammy told Joey he made a copy of the clip. Joey told Sammy she recorded the conversation at the hospital. Sammy told Joey she will be in a bigger trouble than he is. Joey told Sammy if he works for her,she will pay him even more.

Niki looked at the photos and told Tomato C that the person who attacked Yuet doesn’t look like Michael from behind. Tomato C told Niki it is easy for Michael to dodge the camera. The letter only harms him. Niki told Tomato C the letter could be fake.Niki told Tomato C the key is the man in black who stabbed Yuet. Niki asked Tomato Ca where did she get the new handbag. Tomato C told Niki that Sammy gave him. Niki asked Tomato C where did Sammy got the money. Tomato C said a relative gave Sammy some money.

Vincent told Joey he found some plastic surgeons for her.Joey yelled at Vincent and asked him to tell her how ugly she looks. Joey told Vincent he must be happy seeing her like this. Joey asked Vincent why did he treat her mother like dirt. Joey dropped the basket of fruit and saw a letter. In the letter, Vincent said Joey should get a plastic surgery and her father is sick an sorry about what he did to her mom.He dared not asking her to visit him at the hospital. His last wish is going to the grave and apologize to her mom. Vincent told Yuet he’s going back home to stay with his mom. Vincent asked Yuet if he feels better by reporting Michael.

At the market, Vincent told Elaine if Akina is happy in jail with her conscience, she should too. Elaine bought many noodles for Niki.Vincent asked Elaine to have a party for Niki. At the party, Vincent told Elaine they can have a more optimist mindset if they don’t think death is the end. Life should be measure by its meaning instead of its lenght. Yuet took out Vincent’s flower of love. Vincent kisses Elaine. Elaine came up and hugged Vincent. Jack and Benz told Niki that Sammy shopped at designer store and always goes out to eat. Benz told Nikki that Sammy doesn’t have an aunt. Niki told Jack and Benz that she suspects that Sammy got the evidence and blackmailed Joey. Niki told Benz and Jack she will catch Sammy if he really did it.

While checking Sammy’s room, Niki and Tomato C saw Sammy’s black suit. Sammy enter the house and heard Niki and Tomato C talking, and ran. Vincent dropped Joey off to her house. Sammy grabbed Joey. Vincent saw Joey’s scarf in his car. Sammy asked Joey to give him five million dollars. Joey asked Sammy to give her his gun then she will give him five million dollars. Niki told Tomato C that Sammy must be working for Joey. Sammy took the five million dollars and refused to give her the gun. Sammy grabbed Joey. Vincent came to Joey’s flat. Sammy beat up Vincent and ran. Sammy saw Niki and Tomato C and run. Sammy got crashed by a van on the street. Sammy told Tomato C “I Love You” before he dies.

At the hospital, Michael asked Joey what happened. Joey told Michael she doesn’t know if Vincent will live or die. Michael asked Joey when did she become so cold blooded. Joey told Michael she’s the same as when he was young. Joey told Micheal he will suffer. Michael took Joey’s mask and saw her scar. Joey told Michael he will never make up for it. We all get hurt now and then. But if you keep insisting you’re the victim, you’ll deepen the wound, and you’ll never be happy.

Niki told Yuet she suspects that Sammy attacked him from the back. Elaine cried and asked Niki if Vincent will die. Mandy, Yuet, and Niki holds Elaine’s hand and pray for Vincent. Joey told Jack and Benz that she had a one night stand with Sammy. Yuet apologize to Michael for accusing him of kiling Yat.Michael told Yuet he was never angry with him. Michael told Yuet that Joey made all those mistakes because of him. Niki told Yuet she believes that they will catch Joey. Niki showed Yuet the smiley cloud.Yuet told Niki that someone might have taken the picture of the smiley cloud when Yat died.

A Change of Heart episode 28 recap


Michael told Joey that Yuet told him that she has been bribing the shareholders to take her side. Michael yelled at Joey for money laundering with Lam Keng, and caused Benjamin to die. Michael asked Joey to hand over her share of the company. Joey wants to divorce Michael and he has to give her half of his asset. Michael told Yuet he wants to draw the line with Lam Keng.

At the restaurant, Mandy told Yuet to try to get Niki back. Mandy rejects Yuet’s offer of becoming his assistant. Mandy told herself that if she can’t find a job then she’ll be homeless. Mandy saw a rich man left his cell phone on the table. Mandy took it. Mandy feels guilty and returned it.

Lam Keng’s men grabbed Joey in the car. Lam Keng asked Joey to give him 200 million dollars as capita and interest. Lam Keng gives Joey one week to pay her debt. Michael gave Lam Keng fifty million dollars. Michael told Lam Keng he can hand him over to the cops since he laundered money from his company. Michael told Lam Keng he’s lucky he didn’t get arrested. Michael said he’s friends with the police and gangsters. He told him to take the money or he’ll lose everything. Michael asked his servant to put two bodyguards to protect Joey.

JJ and her friends attended Benjamin’s funeral. Michael told Niki she didn’t do anything wrong and he should bear some responsibilities. Yuet told Niki he hopes she understand that he was men to her to find evidence against Joey. Niki told Yuet she only wants to find Yat’s killer.

Niki followed Joey and asked her if she has a secret to hide with Benjamin. Niki got suspended for harassing Joey. Mandy told Benz she founda steady boyfriend. Mandy promised Niki she will be a good girl from now on. Vincent gave Yuet a cup of drink. Vincent asked Yuet to punch him back. Vincent told Yuet that Granny Kam saw Joey, Benjamin, and Michael before she suicide. Yuet and Niki watch fireflies. Yuet told Niki maybe Yat gave them fireflies so they could be together. Yuet tried to kiss Niki but she said she’s not ready. Yuet promised Niki he won’t fall for another person and will wait till she accepts him. Yuet took out Niki’s watch and said he will consider it as a time capsule. Those who want love swear they’ll give up everything for it. But when loves does show up, how many are willing to give up what they have for it.

Niki asked Michael where was he when Yat died. Michael said he went to the roof to look at the world but he passed out. Michael told Niki he can’t remember if Joey and Benjamin waked together to the roof. Michael told Niki that Joey might be ruthless but she won’t dare to kill Yat. Niki asked Michael what’s the relationship between Benjamin and Joey.Niki told Michael that she suspects that Joey hid Yuet’s camera. Micheal searched Joey’s room for the camera. Michael told Joey told be cautious when she goes out. Lam Keng’s men captured Joey. Joey’s face on the left got cut. At the hospital, Joey cried and asked Michael if he’s satisfied. Vincent asked Michael why did Lam Keng hurt Joey. Michael told Yuet and Vincent he has to take care of Lam Keng. Joey took off her bandage and stared at the scar on her face and cried in the bathroom.

Michael’s men captured Lam Keng and his family in Thailand. Michael decides to let Lam Keng and his family off. Michael told Yuet he let Lam Keng go because he doesn’t want to have a revenge cycle. Michael told Yuet he’s changed maybe due to Yat’s heart. Joey told Yuet to watch out for Michael if he’s so good to him. Joey told Yuet that Michael is afraid of dying so he had his employee body check to see which heart suits him. Joey told Yuet that maybe Michael checked Yat’s blood. Vincent told Yuet that he also suspected that Michael kiss Yat because he saw Michael rehearse the hand throwing at the rooftop.

Sammy showed Joey the clip of Benjamin and her that he found in her room. Sammy told Joey he found the spy cam while investigating her room.Sammy asked Joey for three million dollars for the clip. Joey told Sammy she will give him four million dollars but he has to do something for her. Yuet saw Benjamin’s letter in the box and read it. The letter said Michael killed Yat with the tiles and asked then came back for the operation, and he asked Joey and him to keep the secret.Sammy knocked Yuet. Yuet fainted and only saw the back.

2 more episodes to go: Can’t wait to finish it. 🙂

A Change of Heart episode 27 recap

At the hospital, Yuet eavesdrop on Niki talking to the doctor. Joey asked Yuet to persuade the shareholder to support her. Yuet helped Niki picking up a bottle of water. Niki thought it was a nurse. Yuet took Niki outside for a stroll. Niki told Yuet she just wants to get well to wrap up all the cases. Niki asked Yuet about his name, thinking he’s a nurse. Yuet said he has a sore throat. JJ thanked Yuet for persuading Benjamin to leave. Yuet thanked Benjamin for helping him getting a job. Benjamin told Yuet he underestimated his power. Benjamin told Yuet he didn’t beat him. He quits. Yuet wish Benjamin and JJ happiness in Shanghai.Benjamin told Yuet to be careful.

At the hospital, Niki told Elaine to not call Yuet. Niki recalled Yuet looked at her during the crash, and took her for a walk. Yuet visits Niki at the hospital at night and left her a music box. Niki pretends to fall asleep. After Yuet left, Niki looked at the music box. At the restaurant, Benz told Vincent he failed to take care of Akina’s orchid. Benz told Vincent if he can save people, he can save flowers. At the flower shop, Vincent saw Elaine buying new flowers. Vincent asked the store owner to let him buy the remaining orchid.

Joey looked at Yuet dealing with the shareholder. Henry called Joey and said she will be the CEO instead of Michael. Joey’s stepmother called Joey and said her father got a heart attack. Vincent asked Yuet why didn’t he visit Niki. Vincent asked Yuet if Niki’s car crash is related to him and Joey. Vincent asked Yuet how can he hurt Niki to get promoted. Yuet asked Vincent to court Niki if he likes her. Vincent punched Yuet. Great Aunt yelled at Yuet.

Some gangsters harassed Niki. Yuet beat up the gangsters and held Niki’s hands and ran. Yuet and Niki jumped in the pool. Yuet kiss Niki in the pool. Niki asked Elaine if Yuet is the one who saved her in the pool. Niki gets back to work. Niki’s subordinates told Niki that they investigated that Bejamin and Joey met Michael at different time during Yat’s death. Niki asked Sammy to come in her office. Niki asked Sammy if he has financial problem. Niki told Sammy if she continue to receive calls, then it might affect his promotion.

Benjamin told JJ they will leave Shanghai after he finish his business in the office. JJ told Niki she’s worried about Benjamin since he’s on his way to the office. Joey gave Benjamin a cheque of five million. Joey asked Benjamin what would Lam Keng do to him if she calls him. Benjamin told Joey if she hasn’t seduced him then he wouldn’t have done anything illegal. Joey told Benjamin he’s just a dog who serves her well. Benjamin slapped Joey and grabbed her. Benjamin pointed a knife toward Joey. Niki shot Benjamin. JJ looked at Benjamin’s body at the hospital. Niki apologized to JJ. JJ slapped Niki and asked her why did she kill him.

At the police station, Jack asked Joey why did Benjamin returned to the office. Joey told Jack she didn’t know why Niki shot Benjamin when he started to put the weapon down. Joey told Jack that Benjamin heard Niki’s warning to put the weapon down. Niki told his boss that Joey is lying. Niki told Joey she can’t frame her with a lie. Yuet told Niki he can report her for harassment. Niki slapped Yuet.

Yuet went back in the office and saw the plant missing and got nervous. Michael returned to the office and saw Joey sit at his desk. Michael told Yuet to start packing. Joey asked Michael to resign and hand everything back to her. Michael told Joey to quit before it’s too late. Joey asked the shareholder to remove Michael from his position. Joey said an ex-convict will ruin the company’s image. Michael told the shareholder he was attacked by a young man in jail who was a victim of his Sleeping City project. His mother got sick. His father took several job to help paying his mother’s medical bill. He took drugs to help his family and got arrested. Michael said his own joy of hurting people for money had brought pain to a family. Michael said he wants the company to earn money with conscience. The shareholder told Michael he should be a priest instead of a CEO. The other shareholders raised his hand for Michael and said they don’t want to make illegal money. Joey told Michael he played her like a fool. People often complain about not having enough opportunities. Not an opportunity to get ahead or make amends. When in fact chances get past them everyday. It’s just that they don’t make use of them. When the opportunity time has gone by, people continue to complain about their bad luck.

A Change of Heart episode 26 recap


Niki asked Granny Kam what did she say before Granny Kam commit suicide. Joey told Niki that she told Granny Kam that if she refused to sell her shop, she and her son will suffer. Joey told Niki she didn’t say anything to threaten Granny. Benjamin asked Joey of she killed Yuet. Benjamin told Joey he is covering for her by being her alibi. Benjamin told Joey he saw her following Granny Kam when she told him to take care of Michael. He came to check on Michael then saw Joey coming down from the roof. She lied to the police she was with Benjamin during the accident. Joey told Benjamin that she followed Granny Kam after threatening her, but then Yat showed up. Joey said she got confused. She saw some cans and tiles. She pushed the tiles on Granny Kam to make Michael’s business wish come true. She didn’t mean to hurt Yat. The accident gave Michael a new heart. Joey thought her effort was worth it for saving Michael but she didn’t expect they are unhappy.

Michael got beaten in jail by some men sent by KY. A gangster Hung told Michael that because of his Sleeping City project, he took drugs to support his parents. Joey told Michael she slapped KY. Joey asked Michael if he regretted staying in jail. Michael told Joey his mind feels peaceful in jail. Michael told Joey when he gets out of jail, he will build a business to help those that he hurt in the past. He doesn’t want to fight with KY since it leads to the endless cycle. Joey told Michael that Benjamin and Yuet joined her because he’s useless. Michael told Joey that Yuet will betray her for money.

JJ told Benjamin if he still loveS her and the baby, then stop doing things that will hurt them. JJ told Benjamin she saw him holding Joey in his arm. Benjamin told JJ that Joey and he are only using each other to feel better. He only loves JJ.Benjamin asked JJ to forgive him. JJ told Benjamin that they can start over but he must leave the company to go to Shanghai with her. Benjamin told JJ he can leave Joey but he worked hard as a General Manager in the company. JJ cried and told Benjamin she will leave with the baby to Shangahi. JJ packed her stuff and leaves. Benjamin accidentally pushed JJ. JJ bleeds. JJ lost the baby. Elaine asked Benjamin what happened. Elaine slapped Benjamin. Benjamin cried in his car. Benjamin told Joey he wants to resign. Joey told Benjamin after they kicked Yuet out, she will give him one month off.

Great Aunt took Niki’s phone and asked Yuet to come return it to her. Niki told Yuet that she dated him at first partly to investigate Michael but then she starts to love him. Yuet told Niki it’s too late since they are hiding too much from each other. Yuet told Niki he’s working for Joey. Yuet told Niki he spent the night with Mandy after they argued. Niki asked Mandy why did she sleep with Yuet. Niki told Mandy she always forgive her when she lied because she is her childhood friend. Niki told Mandy to leave. Yuet told Mandy it’s useless to apologize to Niki since she is so stubborn. Niki saw Mandy told Yuet that she wants the best for Niki. Yuet told Mandy she won’t get Niki back. Niki told Mandy she hopes she won’t do anything she’ll regret. Niki dump Bosco.

Elaine asked Doctor Mok if he’s busy since he haven’t called her in a week. Doctor Mok breaks up with Elaine because he doesn’t want their children to have a grandmother (Akina) whom is in jail. Elaine yelled at Doctor Mok and spit tea on him. Niki hugged Vincent and cried and said she broke up with Yuet. Elaine saw Vincent hugging Niki, and she left. Yuet put a camera in Joey’s office.

Joey told Benjamin to spend more time with JJ. Benjamin asked Joey if Yuet was the one who told her about the miscarriage. JJ carried a fake baby and looked at the baby stuff and cried. Benjamin listened to JJ wanting to commit suicide. Benjamin hugged JJ and said they can start over in Shanghai. Benjamin told JJ that after the doll fell, he realized that money and power is not the most important and that she is the most important. JJ told Benjamin that after looking at the picture of the smiley cloud, she wanted to give him a second chance. Benjamin told JJ to take care of her health then they will have another baby in Shanghai. Benjamin told Joey he wants to resign. Benjamin said JJ is more important than his career. Benjamin asked Joey to give her fifty million dollars then he will leave Hongkong without disclosing about Mr. Lam.

JJ told Niki that she can be with Benjamin thanks to her. JJ and Niki saw Joey and Yuet. Joey told JJ that Benjamin won’t be anything without her. Joey told JJ to be careful being friends with Niki. JOey asked Niki if she wants to arrest Michael again or want to seduce him. Nikki follows Yuet and Joey. Yuet U turn and caused Niki to get hurt in the crash. A relationship is often put into a test.The test can be a stumbling block. Or the magic rock that can improve the relationship. The kind of result you have depends if you choose to face to test or run from it.

A Change of Heart episode 25 recap


Yuet apologized to Mandy. They told each other not tell Niki. Mandy told Yuet he can lose his girlfriend but she can’t lose her best friend. Niki told Mandy she’s been apart with Yuet because they think differently. Niki told Mandy that Yuet cut the SME loan in order to please Joey. Mandy remembered Joey asked her to persuade Yuet to take her side then she can become an actress.

Akina told Niki at the temple that she should feel relieved that Michael got arrested. Niki told Akina the maximum sentence for Michael is lifetime imprisonment. Niki hugged Akina and said she’s happy to have a godmother. JJ cried and put Benjamin’s shirt in the trash. JJ tried to persuade Mrs. Leung, a client from jumping down the ceiling. JJ told the client that every couple fights and even she fights with her husband. If she jumps, there’s no turning back. JJ showed the client her family portrait and said she must live for her kids. Niki told JJ she’s a failure at dealing with relationships. Niki told JJ to try to get to know her husband more. Niki sends JJ a picture of the smiley cloud.

In jail, Joey asked Michael if he regretted for turning himself. Michael said he didn’t kill anyone and the court will give him justice. Joey told Michael he will regret not listening to her. Michael said he feel relieves being in jail because he harmed others for money. Michael asked Joey to stop working for Mr. Lam. Niki saw a flower pendant on her mom’s box. Niki took a picture of the evidence. Benz asked Akina why was she on Niki’s mom’s flat. Benz told Akina she found her old name in the resident list.

Vincent took a picture of Elaine putting make up. Elaine met with Doctor Mok. A waiter accidentally spilled food on Elaine. Elaine is being kind about it. Elaine kicked Vincent’s legs when Vincent told Doctor Mok she is not in her old self. Elaine told Vincent to mind his own business. Elaine stomped on Vincent’s foot.

JJ looked at Benjamin and Joey at the restaurant and left to the bathroom. At the bathroom, JJ asked Joey why did she had an affair with Benjamin. Joey told JJ that Benjamin had an affair because she is a bad wife. Joey told JJ that Benjamin is stressed about competing with Yuet but she kept on nagging him and praising Yuet. Joey told JJ that Benjamin needs a woman who will help him with his career. JJ hurts her belly and faint.Joey told Benjamin to make sure JJ doesn’t spread their affair or it will bring a bad light to Michael.

Niki told Vincent she doubts with Michael is innocent. Niki told Vincent to go for Elaine before it’s too late. Vincent showed Niki the picture of Elaine. Niki saw the same star necklace on Elaine. Benz saw the star necklace on Elaine. Niki and Vincent went over to Akina’s house.Benz drove Akina away to Mainland. Niki called Benz and asked him to turn himself before it’s too late. Benz told Niki that Akina didn’t mean to kill her mom. Niki told Benz he can’t break the law. Niki chased Benz. Benz asked Niki to let Akina leave. Benz and Elaine begged Niki to let AKina go. Akina told Niki she will bravely face the consequence. Akina told Niki that she went in the house after Michael left. She stole her mom’s money. She pushed her mom and her mom fell down and died. Akina cried and told Niki the greatest punishment is having an uneasy conscience.Niki asked Akina why did she have to kill her mom. Niki told Akina that her mom promised to leave with her when she earned enough money but that day never happened. She became a cop to find her mom’s killer. I understand that the killer is not the main character. What is challenging is how Niki would react if she found out her close kin killed her mom. Niki asked Akina if it was a mistake for her to find the killer. Akina told Niki that if she hasn’t taken any drugs she wouldn’t have caused her mom to die.

Elaine told Vincent she feels so useless not being able to help her mother. Elaine told Vincent if she didn’t wear that necklace then her mom wouldn’t be arrested. Elaine asked Vincent who will take her mom in jail. Niki apologized to Michael. Michael told Niki he wouldn’t have felt better if she did not arrest him. Michael told Niki he will do more deed when he gets out of jail.

Joey told Niki to leave Michael alone. At the hospital, Granny looked at the ceiling and nervously told Vincent she saw someone up there before Yat died. Vincent called Niki and suspected that Yat’s death is not an accident. Taking the legal penalty doesn’t mean that the wrongdoer has repented. True repentance comes from remorse. But how many dare to face their own conscience.

A Change of Heart episode 24 recap

Michael apologized to his colleagues for the trouble he caused for the company. The worst thing it can happen for him is to be in jail for a few months. Michael made Yuet CEO of the company. Michael told Yuet to find proof that Joey is laundering money for Lam Keng. Niki gave Yuet a new watch. Yuet also bought a new watch for Niki. Niki told Michael he’s frustrated about Michael not being arrested. She doesn’t want Michael to come between their relationship. Yuet suggests his shareholder to pull money from the movie for the design cost. The shareholder objected. Michael told Joey that the police got enough evidence to arrest him. Michael said he feels relieved that he amends for his mistake. Joey asked Michael if they can be happy like they used to be. Joey told Michael she won’t turn herself like he did.

Yuet’s colleague told Yuet that the meeting is cancelled and Joey is having a party at Night Shadow to celebrate the completion of filming. Yuet had many toast of drinks at the Night Shadow. Yuet told Mandy she doubt if Michael promote him to play him. He has no power and people keep on trying to get rid of him. Mandy told Yuet that Michael and Joey is using him to patch up their relationship and if they get back together, he will go down. Mandy told Yuet he needs to find a way to go up, or else he will fail if Michael gets mad at him. Other girls came toward Yuet and asked him to drink with them. Some reporters took pictures of Yuet.

Akina teach Elaine how too cook. Akina told Elaine to think about Vincent. Benz told Akina that Vincent has a crush on Niki.Akina asked Benz about Niki’s mother case.

Joey happily hummed the music and told Benjamin she is happy that she is in control of the Night Shadow. Joey said she’s not happy that Michael turned himself. Benjamin looked at Joey and said she is ruthless but very attractive. Joey asked Benjamin how is his relationship with JJ. Benjamin told Joey he promised that he won’t be with other woman but her. Joey and Benjamin kisses each other. Vincent mumbled in front of Elaine. Elaine asked Vincent to say it faster. Vincent kissed Elaine. Elaine slapped Vincent and said she understand they that they are just friends. Elaine told Vincent she doesn’t want to be a substitute. Vincent and Elaine saw Joey and Benjamin kisses each other. Vincent told Joey she’s no different than his dad. Joey told Vincent that it is common to have affairs these days. Joey told Vincent to tell Michael about their relationship if he wants to break up her family. Elaine asked JJ if Joey treats her well. Elaine told JJ there are many reasons why Joey treats her well. Vincent called Elaine and told her not to tell JJ about Joey and Benjamin. A client told JJ and Elaine that Easy Do wouldn’t give her loan.

Niki got scold by her boss for telling her men to investigate her mom’s case. Benz told Niki’s boss he found another another fingerprint on the scene. Michael got mad at Yuet and Joey for stopping the SME Loan Plan. Joey told Michael that Wonder Eyes is making a lot of profit and she is happy.

Benz asked Michael to come for investigation of Niki’s mother’s case. Benz told Michael that his fingerprints match the fingerprint on the glass. Michael told Benz that he backed himself from the wine bottle when Niki’s mom tried to hit him. Then he pushed Niki’s mom and took the money and ran. Michael told Benz he robbed but he didn’t kill anyone. Benz told Michael he’s being charged of murder. Michael told Benz he didn’t kill anyone. Joey told Niki she’s despicable for getting near Michael to get evidence. Niki told Joey that Michael deserves it. Yuet asked Niki if she was getting close to him to investigate Michael. During the hotpot, Mandy came in Elaine’s restaurant and picked up sausage. Elaine asked Mandy why did she asked the model to come between Niki and Yuet.

At the bar, Yuet told Mandy he doesn’t know if he should trust Niki or not. Yuet kisses Mandy. JJ saw Benjamin calling Joey at night. Benajamin told JJ he has to get back to the office. JJ followed Benjamin to Joey’s house. JJ saw Benjamin kissing Joey at the balcon. Benjamin told Joey she should be happy Michael got charged for murder. Joey slapped Benjamin. Joey told Benjamin he can’t replace her husband but if he do what she says, he will get more. Joey and Benjamin kiss each other on the bed.

In prison, Michael had a nightmare of Niki’s mother asking him why did he killed her. Niki looked at her mother’s portrait. Some people keep on pursuing the truth, while other run away from it. But for those after the truth, have they considered if the truth is revealed. Will they able to take what’s behind it.

A Change of Heart episode 23 recap


Niki asked the security guard if he robbed her mother and killed her by mistake. The security guard said he slapped her mother cause she wouldn’t leave him alone. He pushed her mother when he heard someone coming downstair. Akina looks anxious when Vincent told her that Niki is investigating the case. Vincent told Yuet that Niki defied her boss order to gather proof for his case. Yuet gave Niki a bouquet of flowers and apologized to her. Michael saw the news about Niki’s mom and the security guard. Michael thought about how he pushed Niki’s mom and took her money. Michael asked Niki if she approached him to investigate him. Michael said he made a lot of money in 1987. Michael told Niki he didn’t kill her mom. Michael told Niki if she wants to arrest him she needs to have proof.

At the vending store, Mandy saw a guy tricked a girl by buying her video games. Mandy recorded the conversation between the guy with his friends using her cell phone. Mandy showed to the girl what she recorded about lacing the drink. Michael took the girl out and scold the guy in the street. A client Mrs. Tang told JJ tha t her husband had an affair when she is pregnant. While Benjamin talked to Joey, JJ thought about when Joey told her to think best for her family and it is normal for men to play around as long as they know their way to come back. JJ aske Benjamin to honestly tell her if he had an affair. Benjamin said he was drunk and didn’t mean to sleep with his client. Benjamin promised JJ that he will take good care of her and the baby.

Benz ate lamb for dinner with his family and Vincent. Benz told Akina he’s eating lamb for his kidney to feel better. Akina said having a doctor friend like Vincent is handy if anything happens. Akina told Vincent and Elaine they make a good pair. Akina told Vincent they don’t need to dig out the case about Niki’s mom since it has been twenty years. When Vincent said it is easier to find evidence with today’s technology, Akina got shocked and dropped her bowl. Vincent thought about when Elaine kissed him. Elaine returned the necklace to Vincent. Vincent mumbled and told her to keep it.

Akina asked Niki if she made any progress on her mom’s case. Niki told Akina she will catch the killer even if she lose her job. Yuet showed the clip of Mandy saving the girl. Yuet suggest Joey to let Mandy film. Joey give Mr.Lam’s project for Yuet to follow. Benjamin told Joey that Yuet is smart, he might spot something is wrong if he signs the paper. Yuet’s subordinates praised Yuet and Mandy. Yuet told Mandy she must have power to earn people’s respect. Mandy asked Yuet to sign a document for her. I feel something is wrong.

Michael told Joey that she asked Yuet to sign many documents and didn’t let him see the books on the movie city. Michael asked Joey why did Lam Keng invested so much money on the film. Michael told Joey he doesn’t want to have any deal with Lam Keng. Joey told Michael if she didn’t work with Lam Keng, then he wouldn’t be CEO. Joey told Michael he has changed. Michael said he doesn’t want to waste his second life so he must change. Joey said Michael has fallen for Niki. Michael told Yuet to stay in Wonder Eyes to keep an eye on Joey to gather evidence and get ride of Lam Keng.

Joey called Yuet and asked him to call her after he checks his bank account. Joey gave Yuet a villa to cheer Michael up. Joey showed Yuet some photos of Michael and Niki. Michael read about the security guard’s suicide. Niki asked Michael how can he answered to Yat if he keeps on doing evil deeds. Joey asked Michael if he plans to confess his robbery crime to the police. Michael told Joey he will always love her no matter how much he has changed. Joey asked Michael to not turn himself in and leave to Australia with her. Michael apologized to Joey.

Michael told the police he was broke and asked Brother Chu for money but he refused to lend him. He saw the security guard running away. He saw a lot of money on the floor and Niki’s mom fainted. He picked up the money and Niki’s mom woke up and hit him with a wine bottle. That’s why he knew that the security guard didn’t kill Niki’s mom. Michael said Niki’s mom was wounded when he left and he doubted if he killed her. Joey sat on the heart that Michael made for her at the beach and cried about Michael’s change of heart.

Niki asked Benz why didn’t he charge Michael for murder. Benz told Niki that Michael only came to clear the security guard’s name. Joey told Yuet it is hard for him to stand up without Michael backing him up. Joey told Yuet to go back becoming a bartender. The more one has, the harder it is to make a choice. When fame and fortune is pitched against one’s conscience, how many people would choose the latter?

A Change of Heart episode 22 recap


Yuet told Niki he was drunk and fell asleep on the street when Vanessa died. Niki asked Yuet if the ketamine belongs to him. Mandy told the cop maybe he remembered wrong. Mandy pretends to have a headache. Mandy asked Niki if she suspects Yuet. Mandy told Niki she is Yuet’s boyfriend though. Wong Sire asked Niki to pass on the case since Yuet is her boyfriend. Vincent told Great Aunt that if anything deals with money, he will back Yuet up. That’s what friends are for. 🙂 Great Aunt asked Vincent how come Niki doesn’t seem to care. Vincent said Yuet was fooling around with Vanessa and the ketamine poured on him which makes the police misunderstand that Yuet is the killer.

The security guard told Vincent and Niki that he saw Yuet grabbing Vanessa in the bathroom then Vanessa died. Vincent saw a magazine of Vanessa on the Security guard’s pants. Vincent joked with the witness he’s not a cop but a fan of Vanessa. Niki doubted why the security guard lied.

Joey and Benjamin came do deal with Brother Keung about filming. Joey and Benjamn saw Brother Keung’s men beating up a man. Brother Keung told Benjamin to sign a document. Brother Keung told Benjamin and Joey they will earn a lot of money as long as they are not stupid like the guy he beat up. Benjamin and Joey watch Brother Keung boiled the man. Benjamin told Joey if they don’t work for Brother Keung, he will kill them. Joey thanked Benjamin for his help but she doesn’t want to drag him in this mess. Joey said she will sign all the papers. Benjamin told Joey to give him time to sort this situation out. Joey apologized to the shareholders for not researching that Vanessa was taking drugs. During dinner, Michael told Joey he was happy when she made soup for him when he’s sick. Joey told Michael that she thought they would be happy after he got the heart transplant but Niki out in their way. Michael promised Joey she will ignore Niki from now on. Joey got mad looking at the photos of Niki and Michael.

Niki and Benz saw the ring and the CCTV in the security guard’s drawer. Niki told Yuet that though he is innocent from murdering Vanessa but he supplied Ketamine on Vanessa. Yuet asked Niki to not use that kind of tone with him. Wong Sire warned Niki not to crack the case without his permission again. Niki told Benz if they can compare Michael’s DNA with the blood then they can prove Michael is her mom’s killer.

Yuet asked to resign from the company. Joey told the shareholders they will fire him if the made one more mistake. Benjamin and JJ brought baby stuff. JJ saw a painkiller wrapper in the car and questioned Benjamin. Benjamin said he has an headache. JJ saw a condom wrappers in the drawers and got upset.

Yuet asked Niki why didn’t she pick up his calls. Yuet tried to kiss Nikki but Nikki avoided him. Yuet opened the door and saw Mandy peeking. Niki apologized to Michael. Niki asked Michael why is he so good to Yuet. Nikki touched Michael’s cap and picked up Michael’s string of hair. JJ told Joey that Benjamin has an affair. Joey told JJ to play dumb and it is impossible for men to be faithful.

Joey asked Yuet to help her follow a movie project. Yuet asked Joey why does she let him help her. Joey told Yuet she didn’t like him at first because she thought he wants to flattered Michael for money but now she sees him capable. Joey asked Yuet to help her fix her relationship with Michael. Joey asked Yuet to give Benjamin a hand. Michael asked Yuet to keep an eye on Benjamin and Joey to see what Wonder Eyes is up to. Michael told Yuet that Joey is a good talker. Michael told Yuet to use ears as his eyes. Yuet asked Michael if he gets to pay double for being an undercover.

Benz gave the report to Niki that Michael’s DNA doesn’t match the blood. Benz told Nikki to start over. Niki bumped into a car and got injured. Niki asked Yuet to stop being so nice to her since she’s so busy. Benz told Niki she doesn’t want to use Yuet to get near Michael. Mandy told Yuet at the bar the more he wants, the harder it be for him. Mandy told Yuet to lay on her shoulder. Yuet bit on Mandy’s shoulder. Niki received a call from Benz that the security guard’s finger prints matched the murder scene. Do you judge with your heart or your eyes? Sometimes you rely too much on your instincts that you tend to get the wrong idea and make it hard to see the truth.