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Gilded Chopsticks review

Hey guys! It’s been a while I haven’t reviewed a drama but Gilded Chopsticks is one of the recent few dramas I think it is is alright.

This drama is more of an adventure drama that have some historical figure in it.

I have a mixed feeling about watching this series. It has weak casts but the ancient historical plot about Yongzheng is what I’m interested in. I was surprised that TVB can mix modern comedy in an ancient drama.

Ben Wong as Yongzheng: Ben’s acting was good as always but I can’t see him as a lead. I was surprised that he fits his role. He fell in love with Kei Mo-suet at first sight when she was performing street martial arts. He was a good friend of Cho Lam. I find it funny when Cho Lam and Joey mistaken Ben for an eunuch. Ben helps the crown prince even after he lost his position. Ben fell in love with Cho Lam’s salted fish bun. Ben and Cho Lam’s relationship reminds me of Steven Ma and Jordan Chan in Duke of Mt. Deer 98. At the end Ben lets Cho Lam leave the palace since he knows Cho Lam likes to be free. This is the weakest Yongzheng character I’ve seen. He is unwilling to participate in the scheming. He doesn’t care for the throne. Scholar Wu convinced him to fight for the throne. He married General Nian’s sister and Lady Lai for having allies power. When Lady Nian framed Joey, he couldn’t interfere and let Empress Dowager punished her. Joey and Scholar Wu even able to hid from him about Joey’s fake death. Well, there’s a flaw of being nice or too nice. Yongzheng in this drama reminds me of how the fourteenth prince in Secret Battle of Majesty is nice which makes it a flaw if he ever get used by the bad guys.

Louis Cheung: Louis plays the role of Yinsi the eight prince. He is good as always like he was in Inbound Troubles and Brother’s Keepers. He is a careful and intelligent prince who schemes against Yongzheng. He has good networking skills and managed to get Longkodo to side with him. I would consider Louis more of a semi villain than the villain. I thought the ninth prince was even more evil than him by poisoning Kangxi. He’s not blindly evil. He slapped the ninth prince when he knew that he killed his father. He wants what’s good for the people. In real life, people also needs good networking skills too. He open sa school for the foster kids. I thought it was cute how he teased Joey. He killed himself in the end and told Joey he always loved her.

Wong Cho Lam as Ko Tin Po: Cho Lam is a chef who cares for his friend. You can tell how much he loves Nancy since he is willing to switch his eyes for her when Nancy is blind. He forgives Bob in the end to not let his revenge cycle continues.

Joey Meng: as Kei Mo-suet. She is a martial art street performer. Kangxi mistakenly executed her Dai family. She plays She loved Yinsi and believed that the throne belongs to him. She even helped Yinsi to steal the throne back from Yongzheng.

Nancy Wu as Nin Yeuk-bik: Nancy is great in acting as usual. Her brother is not pleased with her hanging out with Cho Lam since he’s not a royalty. She married Yongzheng on behalf of her brother General Nian. When she got married in the palace, she cut ties with Cho Lam to avoid troubles. Her character is pitiful. She is kind but has to go through the scheming of Lady Nian and lost her baby and her brother got beheaded.

Stephanie Ho: She disguised as a boy going to the palace to search for the Five Taste Master.


I believed that Louis Cheung has more chemistry with Joey or is it cause Ben lacks the x factor? i believed Joey loved Louis more than she loved Ben. Would you rather Ben and Joey be together or Louis and Joey?

It’s refreshing to see Stephanie Ho as Mai Su Yiu pairing with Wong Cho Lam. They were a comedic relief when they argued with each other. I liked Mai Siu Yu’s independent character She is scared of thunder but the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star song from Cho Lam calmed her down and helped her win the contest against Funimatsu, a Japanese Chef.

Things I didn’t like:

-The dialogues were a bit too modern. Well, it it has Cho Lam in it, you know that it’s going to have a bit of modern comedy in it.

-The clothes were too flashy and ugly.

– Prince number nine didn’t have enough charm to be the villain and I thought they focused too much screentime on him.

-It’s diverted from the history.

-Ben as Yongzheng in this drama is just too weak as the king.

-The screentime of Joey and Louis were just too minimal. I wished Joey’s character has more things to do than simply be a love interest.

Plot were predictable but it does have a bit of scheming and side relationship plot to keep you watching. I thought the best part was when the Asin Goro tries to find the will which Cho Lam possessed.

Watch it if you like ancient comedies. I would not recommend if you want a real historical political plot.

I would rate this drama a 4 out of 5 stars despite the weak casts but it was entertaining.

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Gilded Chopsticks episode 25 recap (End)



Yonghzeng let Bob to participate in the cooking competition against the Russian ambassadors. Bob bullied Cho Lam. Louis kicked Bob and asked Cho Lam to meet him. Stephanie saw Louis gave Cho Lam a pill and asked him to put in Yonghzeng’s food. Stephanie got caught by Yinsi. Louis gave Cho Lam a knife and asked him to kill Stephanie. Yinsi locked Stephanie up with Joey. Cho Lam represents Russia to cook against Bob. During the contest, Bob won the first round and Cho Lam won the second round. In the third round, Cho Lam and Bob cooked tofu pudding. Cho Lam put the pill in the tofu. Yonghzeng looked at Cho Lam’s salted fish in the tofu pudding Cho Lam said to be a good king is the same as cooking, the cured of aroma salted fish combined with another flavor will bring a new taste. The king thought about being innovative and announced Cho Lam as the winner. Longkodo killed Yongzheng guards. Yongzheng threw up. Yinsi wore the majesty gown and said he’s the new emperor of Qing. Longkodo bowed to Yinsi.Yinsi ordered Longkodo to arrest the magistrates. Cho Lam told Yinsi a country can’t have two emperors. Yongzheng woke up. Cho Lam showed Louis his poison and said he used salted fish powder instead. Flashbacks of Yongzheng apologized to Cho Lam in jail for scaring him. He found out that Cho Lam and Nancy were being set up. Yongzheng asked Cho Lam to put an act for him. Yongzheng ordered the guards to arrest Cho Lam. Yinsi put a knife toward Cho Lam’s neck. Yinsi killed himself and said he lied about not loving her.

Joey told Yonghzeng that Scholar Wu put the revival decoction and stopped he sleeping drug. Cho Lam put Mandala Flower in his tea. Joey said he couldn’t bear seeing him heartbroken so he wanted him to see her again in the dream. Joey cried and apologized to Yongzheng she can’t stay in the palace. Joey asked Yongzheng to promise her to be a good emperor. Cho Lam gets together with Stephanie. Yongzheng told Cho Lam that Longkodo, Lady Yee, and Kok Goong Goong has been put in jail. Cho Lam asked Yongzheng to forgive Stephanie for disguising as a man going to the palace. Cho Lam decided to leave the palace. Cho Lam requested Yongzheng to let him marry Stephanie. Bob asked Cho Lam to use the knife to chop his thumb. Cho Lam dropped the knife and said he can keep his thumb. I like the quote “Why fight for the meaningless number 1, let’s cook food to bright the majesty’s birthday”. Cho Lam cooked brought food for Nancy and asked her to identify the ingredients. Cho Lam and Bob brought dishes. Cho Lam had a nightmare of Yongzheng castrating him. Yopngzheng gave Cho Lam a bag of money and wish him luck before he lives. Yongzheng knows that Cho Lam enjoys being free that’s why he didn’t make him stay in the palace. Yopngzheng said Cho Lam will always be his good friend and he will always remember what they’ve been through. Cho Lam runs a restaurant with Stephanie. Cho Lam and Stephanie have a baby. Yongzheng saw Joey and chased her. Cho Lam and Stephanie cheer their baby.

Happy Ending!

Comment: Great Series, I had fun recapping it and it gave me memories of the good ancient series especially Duke of Mountain Deer 98 and Happy Ever After. It’s not the best series but the better out of the recent ones that TVB has been making.

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Gilded Chopsticks episode 24 recap


Yongzheng angrily asked Kok Goong Goong to put Cho Lam in jail. YonGzheng let Stephanie take over Cho Lam’s place. Chun Wong cooked wings for the maid since her time to live is almost over. Bob saw Chun Wong frying the wings and he wanted a challenge with him after recognizing him as the five taste master who beat his master. As General Nian begged Yongzheng to spare Nancy, he ordered the guard to put him in jail. General Nian and Cho Lam sighed about the mistrust of the king to them. Longkodo used a rope to hang General Nian and killed him. Poor Nancy when May told her that General Nian died. Nancy cried and wants to see her brother. Nancy had a miscarriage. The bodyguard told Yongzheng he found out that Yinsi is still alive hiding somewhere. Yongzheng blamed Cho Lam for causing Nancy to have a miscarriage and losing his son. Yongzheng wants to turn Cho Lam into an eunuch. I’m assuming that TVB wants to unnecessary turn Yongzheng evil to have an excuse to follow the history that he’s evil and a bad king? Yongzheng gave an order after this castration, Cho Lam has to give out 10,000 salted fish buns to the market until he can return to the palace again. Not sure if it was an act that the body guard did catastrate Cho Lam. Nancy turned crazy after losing the baby. Bob got to be the head chef. Jack and his friends tied Bob in a sac and beat him at night. Stephanie asked Chun Wong to honestly tell her if he’s her father. Chun Wong told Stephanie he is ashamed to admit he left her mother for a maid. Stephanie yelled at her father. Cho Lam sadly cooked salted fish buns for the customer. Seeing Scholar Wu staring at Cho Lam reminds me how he told Cho Lam that it would be an omen if he goes to the palace. Bob tied Stephanie up and blackmail Chun Wong to challenge him. Chun Wong cut his thumb and showed to Bob as a compensation to his master’s life. Stephanie cried. Chun Wong said he wanted Bob to get out of revenge. Stephanie said she knows he’s dong to repent his mistakes for her. Stephanie and her father and Jack visited Cho Lam while he cooks salted fish buns. In the woods, during the night, Yinsi asked Cho Lam to help him overthrow Yongzheng. Yinsi saw Joey running. Joey asked Yinsi if he ever loved her. Joey asked Louis to leave with her and live a peaceful life. Yinsi pushed Joey away and said he never loved her and they will go to a separate way from now on. Joey asked Louis if he will kill her again.

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Gilded Chopsticks episode 23 recap


Yonzheng drinks with Cho Lam and grieves about the death of Joey. Yonzheng kissed and slept with Nancy thinking her as Joey. Rumors cirulating about Yongzheng stealing the throne. Yonzheng punished a prince for spreading rumorws. The magistrates plead the majesty to be lenient about this case. The majesty scold and stood up. Yonzheng dreamt of Joey. Yongzheng asked Scholar Wu to summon Joey’s spirit. Scholar Wu gave Yonzheng a poison and asked him to lie down. Yonzheng saw Joey in his dream and asked her for forgiveness. Joey asked Yonzheng to be a good king and maintain peace between the Hans and Manchus. The majesty gave Nancy the title of Noble Consort Wah. Lady Lai wants to become the empress. Lady Lai’s maid threw grains on the ground. Nancy tripped lightly. May bumped into Lady Lai and they both fell down the stairs. The doctor told Yonzheng that Nancy is two months pregnant. Yonzheng wants to use the extra money against corruption but the magistrates object. Yonzheng stared at Longkodo and Yini’s gang pretending to support him. Yongzheng asked his bodyguard to find out who else is behind the corruption. Scholar Wu told Yongzheng he can’t scare those traitors or Qing will be unstable. Cho Lam cooked dinner for Nancy and found a way to do Yogurt Flambe. Cho Lam rubbed Nancy’s eyes. Lady Lai told Yonzheng there are rumors about Cho Lam and Nancy making love in the garden. Stephanie sent a letter to Cho Lam. Empress Dowager showed Yonzheng the golden chopsticks she found in Cho Lam’s room and asked Yongzheng to do something about Nancy and Cho Lam. Nancy and May fell asleep after smelling the scent. Cho Lam brought food to Nancy and fell asleep. Yongzheng saw Cho Lam dressing up with Nancy sleeping on the bed.

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Gilded Chopsticks episode 22 recap


General Nian guards the city gate. Cho Lam brought food for General Nian on Nancy’s behalf. Louis plans to cause Yonzheng to die mysteriously. Joey plead the majesty to let Nancy see General Nian.

Lady Yee placed a voodoo doll in Joey’s room and set her up. Joey told Empress Dowager if she was found innocent, and the majesty comes back and found her punishing her wrongly, then it will taint her reputation. Cho Lam and Stephanie intimately tasted the fish snack together. Jack saw Cho Lam and Stephanie and thought they were gay. Jack kept on talking about it, then Cho Lam whispered to him that Stephanie is a girl. Empress Dowager moved Joey to the temple. Cho Lam told Yonzheng that Joey never liked eating Tofu Pudding but suprisingly loved it when she came to the palace. Yonzheng realizes what Scholar Wu told him. Yonzheng tries to figure the secret in the Sultra leter. Yongzheng brought the tofu pudding for Joey and lied it was brought from her mother. Yonzheng saw how Joey decipher the message. Yonzheng asked Joey if she’s Yinsi’s accomplice. Joey told Yongzheng she felt guilty that he used her to steal the throne from Yinsi. Yonzheng cried and asked her to leave.

Yinsi assassinated Yongzheng but Joey interfere. Joey refused to kill Yonzheng. Yinsi punched Yonzheng and ran when the guards arrived. Empress Dowager locked Joey up in jail. Longkodo told Empress Dowager that Joey should be punished by deadth for assassinating Yongzheng and Kangxi. Yonzheng told Joey he can give up the throne for her. Scholar suggests a plan for Joey but she has to die to make it work. Cho Lam brought Joey a bowl of food in jail. I wonder if Cho Lam put some sleeping pill in Joey’s food. Kok Goong Goong placed wet papers on Joey’s face. Empress Dowager asked Yonzheng to eat with Lady Yee.

Cho Lam and Yonzheng search for Joey’s grave. Cho Lam told Yongzheng that he bribed the guards to place the bamboo stick by Joey’s grave. Flashback of Scholar Wu told Yongzheng that he has to dig Joey before One o clock. Yonzheng managed to dig up Joey but Scholar Wu told Yongzheng it’s too late and she’s dead. Yonzheng hugged Joey.This scene reminded me of Happy Ever after when Kwong Wah carried Nadhia Chan and found out she sentenced to dead by Empress Dowager.

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Gilded Chopsticks episode 21 recap

This drama haven’t fail me so far. Every episode is fun and doesn’t keep me from being bored.


Stephanie told Cho Lam now she wants him to fall for her. I love seeing those beautiful ancient umbrellas in this drama.After hearing from May that Nancy has been kneeling the whole day, Cho Lam came and kneel wit hher. Kok Goong Goong ordered the guards to take Cho Lam away. Cho Lam pleaded for Nancy and Yongzheng called the penalty off. Yinsi sent an assassin to try to kill Joey and blamed it on General Nian’s order. General Nian told Yonzheng that it’s a setup to frame him since Joey got poisoned and got attacked again. General Nian said Yonzheng is using this excuse to remove him since his power is growing. Yonzheng breaks up ties with General Nian and locked him up. Poor Nancy, she married Yonzheng out of will and now have to suffer losing her brother. Cho Lam plead Yonzheng for General Nian and he got mad.

Funimatsu wants to compete with Cho Lam and Stephanie again. Yonzehng asked Cho Lam to represent Qing compete with Funimatsu. Stephanie whined to Cho Lam that she may lose her life if she lose this culinary competition.Chun Wong teaches Cho Lam in cutting fish. Stephanie knocked Cho Lam down knowing that even the Five Taste Master can’t beat Funimatsu so his winning chance is slim.

Stephanie arrived and asked the majesty to grant her permission to compete with Funimatsu. Stephanie signed the death contract with Funimatsu. Stephanie suggests they blindfoled themselves and cook. A thunder stroke and Stephanie dropped the knife. Cho Lam arrived and sung “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. As the competition ended, Funimatsu said he knows they both have cut 108 slices. Stephanie asked Funimatsu if he dares eating his fish. Funimatsu told Stephanie she is an expert at knife and has the courage and deserves to win. Stephanie fainted and Cho Lam hugged her. Cho Lam told Stephanie she taughthim how to love by risking her life. Stephanie asked Cho Lam to tell her those three words. Cho Lam cried and hugged Stephanie and yelled “I Love You!” Stephanie laughed and said she threw up those pieces of blowfish. Nancy kneel to plead for General Nian. Cho Lam asked Yonzheng to be merciful of General Nian based on his contributions and it would be a blessing if he spare lives.

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Gilded Chopsticks episode 20 recap

I hope to see more of Louis Cheung’s scene Please! His role is pretty minimal though the eight prince is an important character.



Nancy yelled at Cho Lam to not bring her anymore desserts to prevent them getting in trouble. Cho Lam and drinks and fell in the water but Stephanie saved him. Cho Lam and saw Stephanie did the CPR for him and he’s about to throw up. General Nian suggests Yonzheng to stay away from Joey. Lady Yee angrily walked in Joey’s room. Lady Yee pulled Joey’s duke embroidery. Joey pushed Lady Yee. Lady Yee angrily said she’s going to see Empress Dowager. Unfortunately Joey is in a dangerous situation, the Empress Dowager has a grudge toward her lowly status. Empress Dowager told Joey “I don’t care who started the fight, Lady Yee is more noble than you and is Yonzheng’s consort. I order you to kowtow to her.” Joey was like “I only agree if it’s reasonable or else even if the majesty order me I wouldn’t do it.” Empress Dowager ordered Kok Goong Goong to slap Joey. Yonzheng rubbed Joey’s face with the egg.Yonzheng told Joey to slap Lady Yee back if she humiliates her next time. Yonzheng told Joey she can cut the embroidery and decorated the picture for her sachet. Cho Lam got scared seeing Stephanie massaging him. Stephanie told Nancy she likes Cho Lam. Nancy told Stephanie to fight for her happiness or she will regret it. May brought the Date Cakes to Joey to cheer her up. Joey fainted after eating those cakes. Yonzheng got mad at Nancy and punished her by being under house arrest. Scholar Wu asked Yongzheng if he believed Nancy did it. Yonzheng suspects General Nian used Nancy to poison Joey.

Joey sent a letter to Yinsi that she succesfully fooled Yonzheng. Yinsi uses Joey to get near Yonzheng. Yinsi asked the tenth prince to create a fake seal to frame General Nian. Scholar Wu checked Joey’s pulse and found out the person used Chibai poison which is a light poison. Scholar Wu doubts the purpose of the person to poison her if he doesn’t want to kill her. Joey’s mother told Scholar Wu that Joey often eat tofu pudding more than usual. Scholar Wu ordered Yonzheng’s bodyguard to check the Tofu Pudding shop but it was abandooned. Scholar Wu showed a sultra in the basket of Tofu Pudding to Yonzheng to decipher it. Scholar Wu told Yonzheng he’s afraid that Yinsi is using Joey to get near him. Yonzheng got mad and refused to believe.

Bob locked Cho Lam and Stephanie in the kitchen and threw the frogs. Cho Lam got scared seeing Stephanie. There’s a thunderstorm, Cho Lam hugged Stephanie to calm her. Cho Lam has a dream that he’s marrying Stephanie. Cho Lam knocked on Stephanie’s door to make it clear to her. While Stephanie tripped after walking out of her bathup. Cho Lam burst in the bathroom and found out Stephanie is a girl.