High and Low episode 30 recap

Raymond pointed a gun toward Ben. Ben pointed a gun toward Michael. Michael pointed a gun toward Raymond. Ben told Raymond to point a gun toward Michael since he caused Kate to die. Raymond yelled and pointed a gun toward Michael and said he will never trust him again. Michael told Raymond not to listen to Ben since he only wants them to fight. Michael said he made a lot of mistakes but it wasn’t his choice. Michael said he won’t blame Raymond and they will always be brothers. Ben told Raymond to shoot Michael since he is ready to die. A gangster tried to shoot Raymond. Raymond tried to avoid and accidentally shoot Michael. Ben laughed and said he’s been waiting for this. Ben said he pressed the button and caused the bomb but Raymond was right about Michael being ad dirty cop. Ben showed Raymond the evidence and said Michael had to cover up for his friends. Ben tried to send out all the evidences but Michael hacked into his gadget and erase them. Kate came and pointed a gun toward Ben. Ben shot Kate. Kate told Ben that she is pregnant with his child.Kate apologized to Raymond. Kate fainted.The police came. Raymond chased Ben. Ella drives Raymond trying to catch Ben on the truck. Ben got out of the truck. Raymond and Ella chased Ben in the forest. Ella and Raymond saw cocaine in Ben’s truck. Raymond and Ella shoot the cocaine to lure Ben out. Ella and Raymond visits Kate at the hospital while she is in coma and said she has to wake up since she endured so many things. Ben got in the boat and saw The Columbian man with his face cover with white bandages. The Columbian man pressed the bomb and died with Ben. At the church, Elaine said she can’t tell good guys from bad guys anymore. She said Michael is turning bad to save his friend but he is a good father. She likes Michael’s love and courage toward the people around him. Elaine read Michael’s letter to Raymond aloud to everyone. In the letter Michael said he wanted to be a good cop but he can’t so he hoped Raymond can be a good cop for him. Elaine put on the wedding ring on Michael’s finger. Jazz and Law Lok Lam confessed their crime. Kate died when her baby boy got out. Ella told Raymond that he doesn’t need her to take care of him so he’s leaving. Raymond said Kate will understand it someday. Raymond said anything can happen if you have Faith. Raymond and Ella play with bubbles which the kids blew. Ella becomes the madam of the SDU members Vincent Wong, Benjamin Yuen, Oscar Leung, and Him Law who worked as NB. Raymond take care of Kate’s son.

High and Low episode 29 recap

Mc Jin thought about how he couldn’t protect Kate. MC Jin got drunk and said he’s not afraid of dying. MC Jin climbed on the pipe sneakily in front of Ben Wong’s house. That’s so dumb. Ben Wong saw MC Jin. Ben Wong threw a trophy out of the glass. MC Jin hang on the windwow. Ben Wong came up to MC Jin and asked asked MC Jin who oredered him to do that. Ben Wong told MC Jin he is so dumb to try to kill him for Kate. Ben Wong pushed MC Jin down. Kate saw MC Jin wounded on the street. MC Jin told Kate he’s sorry he can’t take care of her. Kate cried and MC Jin said it is worth it. Poor Kate for losing all the people around her. MC Jin said he promise he will take good care of her baby. Kate pour some water for MC Jin. MC Jin spit out blood and died. Ben told Kate to leave since NB is coming. Ben asked Kate he wants to know why does MC Jin wants to kill him. Kate walked in the restroom and took some drugs. Ella asked Raymond how can Ben steal the drugs with so many security guards. Michael asked Ben if he can really steal the drugs. Ben Wong told Michael to follow his plan and asked Law Lok Lam and Jazz to join him as well. Ben told Michael to do something about Raymond. As Michael enters the warehouse, some officers asked Raymond for his ID and said they received complaints he’s been blocking the public lot. Raymond texted Ella he’s been taken by the police and something’s not right. Ben turned on the sprinkler and told Michael to ask his men to take out the drugs to the parking lot. Raymond pretends to tell the police he wants to pee. Raymond got out of the police car, pretended to pee and ran away. The Columbian guy pointed a gun toward Michael. The Columbian guys and the police shoot at each other. Ella took the shot for Raymond and got in coma. Raymond angrily punched Michael and said he knows he’s involved in this incident. Raymond told Michael the Columbian men shot everyone but him. Raymond told Michael he treat him as his big brother and won’t let anything happen to him. Michael told Raymond he treat him as his younger brother and won’t let anything happen to him either. Law Lok Lam told Michael he thinks Ben is only using him.Jazz said Ben only wants Raymond and Elaine to pick on Michael to revenge. Law Lok Lam said they are Ben’s puppets now. Michael said if Ben dies, then all the evidence of them being a dirty cop will be released. Jazz angrily throw the chair. Ben is only using Michael to help him get the goods cause he’s a cop.At least the dirty cops got a lot of money from Ben although they are being blackmailed. Ben told Michael it is easy to make money but hard to get a good assistant so he will make sure nothing happens to him. Ben told Michael stop caring for his people then he can accomplish big tasks like him. Ben told Michael the police are not his colleagues but his enemies. Kate visists Ella in the hospital. Kate thanked Ella for helping her. Kate told Ella she knows she is a good person and is a perfect match with Raymond. This scene reminds me of how Myolie visited Christine in Ghetto Justice 2. Kate cried and held Ella’s hand and said she must take good care of Raymond after she leaves. Kate poured MC Jin, her parents, and her brother’s ashes in the sea. Kate look at some documents in Ben’s room. Ella wakes up. Raymond visits Ella. Ella told Raymond she remembered she heard Kate’s voice telling her to hang on. Ella said it sounded that Kate won’t come back. Ben set up for the 3 black cops to meet each other and asked Raymond to come. Ben told Michael to ask his buddies not to hack into his computer again. Raymond knocked on the door asking Michael to open. Michael, Jazz, and Law Lok Lam leave by the back door. Raymond enters the room and got locked the room full of fire. Ben called Michael and said Raymond is trapped, and it is not late to rescue him. The 3 black cops saved Raymond out of the fire. Raymond look at their backs and faint. Ben told the three black cops that the drug dealers will cause their harm if they turn themselves in. Kate called Raymond and said she found the ambulance in the garage that store cocaine. Ben saw Kate and sent a video of him placing a bomb by Kate. Ben gave Michael and bomb and said to press it when the Columbian men come inside the ambulance. Raymond yelled at Michael that Kate is inside. Then there’s an explosion. Raymond saw Michael run with Ben. Michael yelled at Ben that Ben pressed the button. Ben told Michael that Raymond thought Michael was the one who pressed the button because he was holding the remote. Ben told Michael that Raymond will assume they are partners. Ben is causing so much misunderstandings. Ben said he wants Michael and Raymond to kill each other. Raymond pointed the gun toward Ben. Michael pointed the gun toward Raymond.

High and Low episode 28 recap

Ella told the cops that Kate has been hanging out with Ben and they could be lovers. Raymond asked Kate if she slept with Ben. Kate told Raymond she doesn’t care if Ben is using her as long a they are happy. She said she can’t turn back and her family already died one by one. Kate said she is addicted drugs but she is selling drugs which is what she hates the most. Ben teased Raymond that he must be mad because the girl he likes is sleeping with him. Ben told Raymond to leave Kate alone. Raymond told Ben to leave Kate alone if he doesn’t love her. Ben told Raymond to pick Kate up when he’s done toying with her. Raymond said Ben is trying to compete with him. You know Ben is a competitive person and doesn’t like to lose. Ben wants to win the game even if he’s a cop or a gangster. Raymond told Ben he always beat him up but he never was his competitor since he’s not good enough. Elaine confront Michael about switching her letter that the Columbian guy sent her. Michael pretends to yell at his son for being a crybaby.Michael pretends to say that Elaine wants him to lose his job.Michael told his mom to leave with Elaine and his son.Michael gave Ben the letter and Ben gave Michael money. MC Jin wants to be Ben’s chauffeur. Ben told MC Jin to be a taxi instead. Ben told MC Jin to crawl under his car to find bugs or bomb if he wants to be his chauffeur. MC Jin told Ben he already forgotten Kate and he only wants to make more money to go to China. Ben gave MC Jin some drugs. MC Jin licked the drugs but Kate yelled at him. MC Jin told Kate that she hangs out with Ben to revenge cause he didn’t help her find her her brother when Chiu Sam Kau killed him. Elaine, Ella, and Raymond watch Ben. Michael told Jazz and Law Lok Lam to help Ben.The police pointed a gun toward Kate at the recycling yard. MC Jin drove the car, held a bomb, and told Kate to enter. Raymond jumps on the top of the car while MC Jin drives. MC Jin told Kate he will shake him off. Kate told MC not to, worrying about Raymond. Raymond fell down. MC Jin fainted. Raymond pointed a gun at Kate. Kate told Raymond “You want to arrest me, I will get sentence to lifetime in jail for one billion dollars cocaine.” Kate said The Columbian won’t forgive her in jail. Kate said she will take all the crime since the cops saw her with the good. Kate pointed a knife toward her neck. Kate told Raymond either he shoots her or let her go since she doesn’t to go to jail. Raymond let Kate go. Raymond shouted and shot. Patrick asked Raymond if Kate got away or he let her go. Patrick showed Raymond the video of him letting Kate go. Patrick suspends Raymond off the case. Michael told Patrick not to arrest Kate but to catch Ben instead. Ben remembers he told his subordinate to record Kate. The Columbian guys went in Ben’s house and pointed a gun at him. Kate and MC Jin watched Ben. MC Jin asked Kate to guess how many shots. Brian Burrell told Ben that his goods are all washed away. Ben said NB is the safest place to store the goods. Ben told Brian Burrell to give him five days to get the goods back. Ben said the goods will be worth more than one billion. Raymond told Ella that Ben will likely hijack the goods. Ella asked Raymond if he can choose again, would he let Kate go. Ella said only raymond could let Kate go. Ben asked Michael to get the goods back. Michael told Ben that there is a bunch of CCTV and security guards. Ben said only the NB can steal the goods. Kate received a call that Ben sent someone to kill her dad. Kate found out she is pregnant about six weeks with Ben. Kate look at a lady’s baby and cried. Kate told MC Jin she wants to get an abortion but she can’t. Kate said the baby is innocent.

High and Low episode 27 recap

Raymond told Patrick Dunn that he found out that Kate has an application where it follows what the cops are doing so they can sell drug easier.Raymond said the cops can hack into their application and find their location of drugs. Ella told Raymond he wants to arrest Kate because he doesn’t want her to get killed by the drug dealers. Ben watch Kate and MC Jin run from the cops. Ben texts Michael to let Kate go. Michael texts Ben to let Kate and MC Jin go in the boat. I’m surprised that Ben is helping Kate and MC Jin. When did they collaborate? Raymond and MC Jin shoot at each other, and the explosion cause MC Jin to lose an eye. Kate helps MC Jin escape on the boat. Raymond told Michael he thinks someone secretly helps Kate. Ben Wong sit down eating with Raymond and Michael and said he thought they became enemies after Derek died. Ben said he was framed being a police. Ben said those remaining cops aren’t good either. Ben praised Raymond of promoting Kate to drug queen. Raymond got mad at Ben. Ben told Raymond he knows how they work. Kate asked Raymond if he needs to be so evil. MC Jin almost died and lost an eye because of him. Kate told Raymond that MC Jin is not lucky to escape, the cops are just incompetent. Kate told Raymond if he hurt the people are her, she will hurt him ten times. Kate told Raymond to not talk about the past when her brother didn’t die, she didn’t get raped by Chiu Sam Kau’s men and he didn’t get her addicted to drugs. Kate said all the flowers in llama has been dead and there is no turning back. Kate said she hurt all the people around her including Raymond. Ben walked in the room and told Brother Lung that he helped Kate escaped. Ben showed Kate a news that Chiu Sam Kau hung himself to dead. Ben said he showed Chiu Sam Kau a photo of his illegitimate son. Ben told Kate he will work with her selling drugs. Ben is an intelligent person that he can blackmail Michael and help Kate. This makes the police dumb. Ben gave Michael 300,000 dollars. Ben told Michael, Jazz, and Law Lok Lam to obediently work for him. Ben told the drug dealers that MC Jin lost one eye but hasn’t complaint and he has brotherhood. Raymond came and asked Kate why does she hang out with them. Kate said they are the same kind of people as her. I think Kate is sensitive about herself and think she belongs to that drug clique. You know how Kate always feel inferior to Ella because Ella is the daughter of the police superintendent.Kate told Raymond if Ben told her about Chiu Sam Kau’s plan then she would also rescue her brother and end up in the same way. Brother Lung and Ben plans to use the cops to suppress the Columbian guys who stole their drugs. I was thinking the same as Law Lok Lam and Jazz when they asked Michael if they are supposed to be blackmail forever. I was thinking they should do something to try to get the video back or they will be blackmail by other people. Law Lok Lam said they didn’t know who was the last agent but now they know Ben Wong is the agent so they have to plan something to get the evidence back. I agree with Michael that Ben is a smart guy and can cause them harm. Ben sent Michael a text to arrest Brother Lung. That what it means the closest person to you will cause you the most harm. The drug dealers slapped Kate.That’s why Raymond is so worried for Kate getting in trouble with the drug dealers. The drug dealers hold Kate and was about to cut her finger for betraying Brother Lung. Ben Wong came and said he’s the one who betrayed Brother Lung. Ben Wong is so cunning to collaborate with the Columbian drug dealers. I must laugh but applaud for his intelligence in this series although I don’t like his character. Ben asked Brother Lung’s men to work with the Columbian guys and make millions of dollars. Ben gave Michael money as a reward for getting rid of Brother Lung. Michael told Ben if he dies, he will make sure he dies before him. Ella told Ben that he sent his parents to China so they will safe that means he still has some conscience.Ella told Ben that it is not too late to quit. Ben asked Ella if he wasn’t a gangster would she still ask him out. Ben said he didn’t mind if his family was poor but why did he have to sell ice cream in front of his school and even treated his teacher and principal ice cream. Ben said he’s not that incompetent at school. Ben said he compete and worked hard in the police force but at the end he lost everything. Ben said some people in the police force made bigger mistakes but they are fine. Ben said it is because they are afraid he will get promoted so they had to get rid of him. Ben said he will be successful if he’s playing the bad guy. Ben said Ella is not capable of catching him. Ben told Kate he wants to make the recycling place a place for trafficking drug and he will take over the Southeast Asian Market. Raymond told Michael his move is unpredictable since he failed to arrest Kate but he managed to arrest Brother Lung. Kate visits her dad in jail. Kate’s dad ask her to not sell drugs since she will get in trouble. Kate told Ella that visiting her dad makes her thing of her sad past while Ella is like a princess. Kate is still sensitive that she’s not as good as Ella. Kate told Ella she is wicked while Ella is a princess. Ella told Kate she can be a princess and find a prince charming. Kate said princess charming is not meant for her. Kate thanked Ella for letting her see her dad. Kate’s dad got in coma. Ben’s dad remembers he sent some people to hit Kate’s dad for ask Kate to quit drugs. Kate look at her drawing of her and her dad and cried. Ben always has a two face where he pretends to be nice on the outside but evil on the inside. Ben look at Kate taking drugs and hug her and say she still have him. Ben raped Kate. MC Jin saw Ben and Kate naked in the room and walked out. MC Jin hit Raymond and said he got Kate into this situation.MC Jin said he fell for Kate but couldn’t help her. Raymond told MC Jin he’s the closest person to Kate.MC Jin begs Raymond to help Kate and said Kate only loves him.

High and Low episode 26 recap

Ben asked Ella why doesn’t she believe him but he believes what Raymond say. Ben said Raymond framed him because he doesn’t want him to arrest Kate selling a bunch of drugs. Ella asked Ben why doesn’t he admit his mistake. Ben Wong told Ella he knows she likes Raymond so she believes what Raymond says.Ben Wong told Ella she won’t deny if Raymond asked her to sleep with him. Ella slapped Ben. Ben told Ella he always thought they had a chance together but this slap means they don’t. Ella said she never thought she will go out with Ben. Ella said she hopes Ben won’t make anymore mistake. Ben said his resignation is NB’s loss. Ben got mad finding out that Jazz and Law Lok Lam checked his room. Brother Lung told Kate that Raymond wouldn’t let her go and keep on investigating them and the drug is delivering very slow. MC Jin gave Kate an applicaton where she can locate the whereabout of the cops. Kate told MC that they made million of dollars in a few days. Kate said she would have paid for her brother’s medication if he was still alive right now. Kate told MC she wants everyone to buy her drugs and she will get rid of whoever is in her way. Michael told Derek at the funeral that he wants to get back with Elaine. Elaine will be in charge of the Operation Unit temporary. Michael asked Elaine to go eat with him at a new restaurant on saturday. Michael,Jazz, and Law Lok Lam attends Uncle Chan’s wedding. Michael is Uncle’s Chan’s best man while Elaine is Granny Sung’s maid of honor. Michael told Elaine she looks pretty. Michael told Elaine he wants to live with her forever and take care of her when she is sick. Michael asked Elaine if she will marry him. Elaine agreed and everyone applauded. Ben saw Lily and asked him if she doesn’t like him anymore because he quit his job. Lily told Ben she broke up with him because he’s like a different person.Ben grabbed Lily. Jazz came and told Ben he is her boyfriend. Ben messed with a gangster’s girlfriend and got beat up at the bar. Elaine tried the wedding dress and asked Ella how’s her relationship with Raymond. Ella told Elaine that Raymond likes Kate. Before Michael’s wedding, Jazz texted Lily that she is gorgeous.Ben came up and congratulate Michael and said what he’s done will follow him.Michael received a video of Law Lok Lam taking money from the drug dealer.Michael apologized to Elaine and said he can’t marry her. Michael told Jazz and Law Lok Lam he thinks that someone got hold of the agent. Elaine gave Michael a checque and said she doesn’t want to owe him anything.Elaine told Michael she wants to know the reason for cancelling the wedding. Michael said he doesn’t feel comfortable living with a higher ranked wife.Michael said he couldn’t love her as he loves himself. Michael said he’s not hiding anything from her but he’s doing this because he loves her. Elaine told Michael why can’t he be honest with her. Elaine said she hopes that he will tell her what happened someday. Michael told Raymond he doesn’t care what happens to Kate but he must know he’s on both sides of the law. Raymond said he will arrest Kate if she did something wrong. Michael suggested to Elaine to break up Kate’s thug to arrest them easier. Law Lok Lam and Jazz laughed and told Michael they are surprised that Elaine agreed with his method although she was mad at him. Michael received a text to meet him at the factory. Michael pointed a gun toward the new agent which is Ben Wong. Ben Wong told Michael “Surprised?”. Michael asked Ben where did he got the evidence. Ben said he found them himself. Ben said he has proof in his hands of all the illegal things Michael did. Ben told Michael to keep in touch with him cause he needs his help and don’t turn the chip when he goes to bed. Ben told Michael he found Ram Chiang and the hitman’s body during the rain and he found the chip. Kate told his brother that he won’t forget who killed him. Kate is not that bad, she just went the wrong way to revenge for her brother cause she thinks being the drug queen is the only way she can revenge other drug dealers. MC Jin told Kate she sent someone to kill Chiu Sam Kau. MC told Kate that Chiu Sam Kau is well protected in prison so the gangsters couldn’t kill him. MC Jin told Kate Chiu Sam Kau beat up her father to warn her. Kate visited her father.Kate’s father told Kate that Chiu Sam Kau will beat him up more if Kate do it again. Kate’s father told Kate he told her this so she can be prepared. Kate said she will take care of it and she told MC Jin not to do anything.

High and Low episode 25 recap

Patrick told the police that Kate Tsui took over the drug triad. Raymond must be really frustrated about the girl he likes become a drug dealer. Raymond impulsively told Kate he will arrest her if he has the evidence. Kate thinks in her mind that she will be the drug queen to revenge for her brother. The villagers told Ella that Ho Hai took pictures on his birthday and might have snapshots of Kate being kidnapped. Ben Wong burned Ho Hai’s flat and Ho Hai got hurt badly.Ella cries and told Ben Wong she was too open asking the villager about the case and now she got someone killed. Ben said it was just a coincidence. Derek told Jazz and Law Lok Lam to trust no one but Michael. Jazz told Derek that Michael has been anxious to figure out the two numbers. Derek go to Macau with his family. Derek gave his wife 100,000 dollars and told her to save it for him. He lied that he use it to gamble. Derek told his wife to take the kids to swimming pool. Derek sit alone and told his wife that he’s worried if he’s a good father to his children. Derek’s wife told Derek that kids gave him 100 marks to be a good father. Derek’s wife gave Derek 20 marks for being a good husband. Raymond told Michael that he received a message that he is a dirty cop and the location where he hid his money. Raymond search for the money but couldn’t find it. Michael told Raymond he is disappointed in him for not trusting him. Michael saw Derek’s body and letter saying he committed suicide because he did something wrong. Michael showed Jazz and Law Lok Lam Derek’s video. In the video, Derek said he killed the agent and the Hitman so no one could threaten them then he killed himself. Law Lok Lam and Jazz cries while watching the video. Derek said in the video the case can be close and his wife can get pension. Law Lok Lam, Jazz, and Michael gave Michael’s wife money. Raymond told Patrick Dunn that Ghost worked as a dirty cop. Ben told Patrick he suspected Derek died to cover for someone. Raymond suggested they should freeze Derek’s account for investigation. Patrick said they can’t freeze Derek’s account until it is confirmed he is a dirty cop. Ben research a case where Michael released a drug dealer. Ben is thinking of finding the suspect to see if Michael is really a dirty cop. Michael told Law Lok Lam and Jazz that Ben must have been hiding something since he lied that he was at Kate’s flat when Chiu Sam Kau kidnapped Kate. Michael said he thinks Ben is the owner of the footprint. This series is getting boring and draggy. Jazz Lam checks Ben’s wardrobe and saw a bunch of new shoes. Law Lok Lam told Raymond that Ben bought new shoes since the footprint incident. Raymond punched Ben for not helping Kate when Chiu Sam Kau kidnapped her. Ella told Ben that the shoeprint match his shoes. Patrick Dunn said he will give the case to a high ranking officer to judge. Ben resign from the police.

High and Low episode 24 recap

Raymond handcuffed Mok Wai Lam, a drug dealer who is related to the recycling yard case. Ella told Jazz and Law Lok Lam that Raymond is interrogating Mok Wai Lam to figure out the dirty cops. Derek told Law Lok Lam and Jazz even if he gets caught, he won’t reveal them out. Law Lok Lam told Derek to be careful since Raymond is investigating the dirty cops behind the recycling case. Derek’s family go to Macau for a vacation while he stays at home. Derek hugged his two children and asked them to take care. Derek took some money to go to Thailand and look at his family photo. The agent ordered a hit man to kill Derek. Michael asked Ram Chiang about the location of the battery factory in the forest. Ram Chiang look at Michael strangely after he leaves. Michael saw the hitman leaving the factory. Michael follows the hit man’s car and found himself in front of Derek’s house. Michael enters Derek’s house and saw Derek fainted lying down the sofa. Michael got pulled by the hit man by the neck with a rope. Michael fights and grabs the drug leader’s neck and knock him down. Michael reads the hit man’s text messages. Michael sent a a photo of Derek to the agent using the hitman’s phone. Michael handcuffed the hitman and took his coat off and his phone with him. Derek wakes up. Michael tells Derek that the agent thought Derek is dead after he sent him his photo. Michael said the agent sent him a number 2901 after he thought he killed Derek. Derek impulsively wants to kill the agent. Michael told Derek that Raymond is investigating the case, they will be exposed if they find the agent. Michael told Derek he will give him some money before he leaves for Thailand. Michael told Derek he took money from the agent but didn’t want to share with the 3 black cops because he didn’t want them to spend too much. Michael showed Derek where he puts his money he received from the agent. He said he never used a penny. Michael said he saved it so they can use it when they are retired but he didn’t expect they have to use it so early. Derek told Michael he kept all the money not because he wants to save it but because he wants to take the fall for them if they get in trouble. Michael is such a loyal friend and their good leader. Derek cries and say why is he always so impulsive. Raymond asked Michael why didn’t Derek leave to Macau with his family. Raymond told Michael it is a serious crime if he helped him hide. Michael asked Raymond why is he so hard on Derek. Raymond reminds Michael to not help Derek because he is his friend. Raymond said Mok Wai Lam told him he contacted the big brother middleman of the dirty cops. Michael told Jazz and Law Lok Lam not to contact Derek. Ben saw Jazz gave a red rose to Lily. Ben asked Jazz to make 70 copies of the info of the suspects by hands instead of printing it. Michael saw the number 58029517 on the newspaper in Derek’s house. Michael asked the hit man what those the numbers mean. Michael asked Jazz to help him decipher the code. MC Jin and Kate deliver a pack of 300 million dollars to the drug dealers. The drug dealers pointed a gun toward them and said it is fake money. The drug dealers asked them if they pocketed some of the money. The cops came. Kate told MC Jin to jump down from the ceiling. MC Jin and Kate jump down. MC Jin told Kate that Brother Wai set them up an they can run away with one million dollars. Kate said whoever mess up with them won’t have a happy ending and they will live. Jazz explains to Michael how he got to those two set of numbers. Michael saw the set of number on a sign near a plumbing factory. Michael found out that the hitman will meet the agent there. Elaine asked Michael if something is bothering him and if he’s been very busy. Elaine told Michael that he never tells her anything and always keep everything to himself. Brother Wai got mad and told his colleagues he wanted to frame Kate and MC Jin for taking the money but now he lost million of dollars. Brother Lung and his men pointed a gun toward Brother Wai. Kate and MC Jin came along. Kate pointed a gun toward Brother Wai and told him never to appear again. Brother Lung said he is not sure if they are putting on a show. Brother Lung told Kate to throw Brother Wai off the building to prove her loyalty. Brother Lung told Kate that if she doesn’t do it, he will throw her too. MC throw Brother Wai off the building. There’s no turning back for MC Jin Kate now.

High and Low episode 23 recap

Law Lok Lam, Jazz Lam, and Derek Kwok eat hotpot together. Does the hotpot makes you hungry? Law Lok Lam and Jazz told Derek to forget who’s right or wrong. I’ve always liked Derek Kwok as an actor. Jazz told Derek that the agent ask Michael for work and he is always on call. Derek’s wife ask Derek to cancel the kids study tour. Derek refused and said he will find a way although he is in short of money. Raymond told Michael he suspects Derek for taking bribes from the drug dealers. Derek’s wife ask Derek how did he got 300,000 dollars. Derek responded that it is a bank mistake. Michael told Jazz and Law Lok Lam that Raymond is tailing Derek and they will be in trouble if they accept his call. Michael said he will solve the problem; he told Law Lok Lam and Jazz not to see Derek. While Raymond and the police investigate the Brother Wai’s office, Kate hit Raymond on his head with a bottle. That must hurt Raymond on the inside and outside. Raymond visits Kate in jail and said he knew she was hiding from him. Raymond said he visited Kate’s mom’s grave and he knew she wasn’t there because the flowers got withered.Raymond showed Kate a flower that isn’t withered. Raymond said the flower hasn’t withered because Kate’s mom wants her to live a good life. Kate told her lawyer that Raymond harassed her. I think Brother Wai will influenced Kate more in being a drug dealer. She is already addicted to drug after being stressed about her family’s death and being raped. I can’t imagine anyone else play Chan Kat Pink. She is the perfect person to play Pat. Patrick Dun yells at Raymond for bugging Kate. Ella told Raymond she knows he visit her so she find an excuse to get out of jail. Ella told Raymond he will only get himself in trouble. Ella look at Kate and plans to ask her to stop file the complaint. Raymond yelled at Ella that if she asked Kate, Kate will file another complaint. Ben told Ella that he doesn’t need to make her talk; he only needs to be there for her then she will start talking. Ben told Ella not to keep everything to herself. Ella is sad because he caused Raymond more trouble than help. Ben said it is time for her to let go of Raymond if he doesn’t appreciate it. Ben told Ella she will find someone who will appreciate her. Michael told Derek to tell the bank that they mistakenly deposit 300,000 dollars in his account. Michael assumed the agent put the money in Derek’s account to make him the scapegoat. Derek assumed that Michael did it to frame him. Derek’s wife called Derek that the kids are gone. Raymond told Derek he brought the kids to eat ice cream. Raymond told Derek he has a bad temper and set a bad example for the kids. Raymond told Derek to stop what he’s doing. Raymond told Michael if he doesn’t arrest him, someone will arrest him eventually. Raymond said if Derek turns himself in, he will get a lighter sentence. Raymond told Michael that Derek is a dirty cop and he will arrest whoever helps him. Michael told Jazz and Law Lok Lam he will catch the agent. Ella checks the footprint in the desert pier, and found someone followed Kate without calling the police. Ella saw the footprint on the towel similar to the footprint she found. Ella assumes the footprint belongs to someone in NB. Ella told Ben that she found the footprint of someone who followed Kate. Ben switch shoes and hide his current shoes. Ben eat dinner with Ella. Ella took a picture of Ben’s shoes and said it couldn’t be him. Ben gave Ella the names of the other people in NB. Ben ask Ella to go to the movie after dinner. MC Jin drives Kate during her first mission for Brother Wai. Kate gave the drugs to the drug triad and didn’t received any money. Kate and Mc Jin fight with the drug dealers. Brother Wai watch MC Jin hit the drug dealers. Brother Wai applaud MC Jin and gave him a pack of money. MC Jin told Kate to visit her father. Kate takes drugs stressing about her past.

High and Low episode 22 recap

Michael told the agent he won’t work for him. He said the police is suspecting Derek and the black cops can’t help him anymore. The agent said Michael was in Macau so he had to ask Derek to help. Michael said the agent shouldn’t have paid him. Derek told the agent that he works with his buddies as a team and he can’t work for him if Michael doesn’t agree. Ram Chiang told Derek he feels sorry for him since he works for him while Michael earn all the money. Ram Chiang told Derek to work for him to make money for his family. Ram Chiang will pay Derek double the money as last time. Derek agrees to work for the agent. Michael told Derek to not work for the agent since Raymond already suspected him. Derek told Michael he’s just scared he will replace him to get paid. Michael nicely said to Derek he will explain to him later but don’t mess up the police’s operation. Michael paid a guy for cleaning up the evidence that Derek left. Jazz returned the earring to Lily. Jazz showed a video of Lily biting his arm that day she was drunk. Lily cried and said Ben dumped her. During the mission, Raymond and Ella saw Kate taking drugs. Kate managed to run away from them. Raymond got mad at Ella for not telling him about Kate taking drugs. After the drug dealers got arrested,Kate gets out of the house, and Raymond and Ella walked toward Kate. Raymond asked Kate why did she take drugs. Kate yelled at Ella that she knows she is trash and Ella should go for Raymond. Raymond slapped Kate and said everyone is trying to help her but she doesn’t appreciate it. Raymond told Kate to look at the mirror. Kate yelled that the gangsters raped her. Kate said she is taking drugs to forget about the incident. Kate yelled she can’t take this anymore. Kate ran away from Raymond and Ella. Derek thinks it is not fair that his job is small while Michael, Jazz, and Law Lok Lam has a big job as cops. Derek told his wife he wants to transfer and doesn’t want to work as NB. Derek accidentally leaked the police data online and Patrick Dunn scold him. Michael told Derek his computer had a virus. Michael suggested to Patrick to demote Derek. Derek yelled at Michael that the only mistake he made was working for him. Raymond yelled at Chiu Sam Kau where is his subordinate. Raymond said he can do anything for Kate. Raymond hit Chiu Sam Kau. Ella received a call that someone saw Kate in the fruit market. Raymond and Ella wait for Kate in the car. Raymond put on his jacket for Ella while she is sleeping. Ella walk out in on the street and carelessly got hurt by a car. Raymond carries Ella. Raymond told Ella it is useless to search for Kate since Kate is hiding from them. Kate received a call from her spy. Ben follow Ella and Kate. Raymond beat up the drug dealer hard. Ben Wong stopped Raymond. Ben got nervous hearing Ella telling him that Kate was raped by Trumpet. Ben thought about the time he listened to Raymond and Kate’s conversation in front of her house. Ben told himself that what ever happened to Kate isn’t his fault. MC Jin boxed against a man. MC Jin got hurt badly and lost. MC Jin gave Kate drugs. Master Tin’s gang who bet on MC Jin got mad and beat him up. Brother Wai’s gang told Master Tin’s gang to let MC Jin and Kate go. Brother Wai told Kate that her father saved his life he asked him to look after her.

High and Low episode 21 recap

I’ve been struggling finishing tvb dramas this year but I’m pretty surprised I could finish recapping some of the series this year despite most of them are just okay. I got into a habit of recapping dramas as I watch them since I created this blog.

Patrick Dunn praised Ben Wong of handling the drug case well. Ben asked Ella to cheer up Kate. Raymond told Kate he can’t live without her and he will take care of her. Ella saw Raymond kissed Kate in the forehead and got sad. Ben told Ella he’s been paying attention to her and he knows she likes Raymond. Ben Wong said he would choose Ella. Ben told Ella he’s happy she is smiling again. Lily tried to call Ben at the bar. Jazz saw Lily got drunk and some men harassing her. Jazz brought Lily to his home. Lily slapped Jazz thinking that he raped her. Derek, Jazz, and Law Lok Lam teased Michael that he gets to spends his vacation with Elaine in Macau. Law Lok Lam told Michael he only worries that the agent will call Michael during their vacation. The agent thanked Derek for helping him throwing away the drugs from the police. The agent paid Derek some money. Derek refused to take the money. Ella saw Kate taking drugs. MC Jin yelled at Ella to not call Raymond to stop her from taking drugs. MC Jin told Ella that Kate cried and has been silent ever since her brother died. Ella told MC Jin that Kate will get addicted to drugs. Michael Miu was surprised Derek has the money to buy the Dialysis machine. Michael read the case that the police found nothing. Derek yelled at Law Lok Lam for breaking his Dylasis machine. Michael look at Derek suspiciously. The store owner told Derek the machine can’t be repaired. Derek lied to Michael that he won the lottery so he had the money to buy the machine. Michael asked Derek if he or his wife kept the receipt. Derek told Michael the truth that the agent called him. Michael told Derek he can’t take the agent’s money. Michael told Derek to ask him if he needs money. Michael told Derek he never took money from the agent. Michael told Derek if they take money from the agent, that means they are dirty cops. Ella took Kate to the church. Kate wiped away all the stuff in the church and say the bible always say the same stuff. MC Jin told Ella to take care of Kate. Ella cooked dinner for Kate. Kate threw up after she ate. Kate told Ella to go away; she said Ella only wanted to help Raymond. Kate told Ella to sleep with Raymond so he can like her. Kate asked Ella what is so good about her; she is only rich. Ella got out of Kate’s house and cried. Ella handcuffed Kate. Kate tried to cute the handcuff with a knife. Kate took Ella’s key and got out of the house. Raymond and Kate searched for Kate. Raymond suspected there are dirty cops selling cocaine. Raymond and Ella found out Law Lok Lam, Derek, and Jazz took part in the recycling operation.Raymond told Michael he checks the bank account of his 3 friends and he found out Derek has financial problems. Raymond told Michael to look after Derek. Michael received a call from the agent.