House of Harmony and Vengeance episode 30 recap

Myolie told Linda that she’s the king’s daughter. She gave Linda the books of saber dance as a gift in case she cannot return. Linda gave Myolie her peony cake. Linda thought about what is more important, friendship or winning? Linda told JJ Jia that Myolie’s selfless made her feel selfish. Linda said she will help Myolie finishing this contest. Evergreen Mak is on the search to arrest Bobby. Bobby pushed his sword on his belly in front of Evergreen Mak to repay for Evergreen Mak’s father. Linda gave JJ Jia her embroided shoes. Myolie helps JJ Jia put it on. Myolie told Linda she will seized the empress and tells the majesty the truth by any chance. KK Cheung received a note that Myolie is confirmed to be the princess. Linda saw some guards about to shoot Myolie while she dances. Linda dances toward the position of the guards. Bobby, Evergreen Mak, and Kwok Fung pushed vase on the head of the guards. The empress told the majesty she found the person who killed Lady Lai; she told him to leave. Bobby beg the king to save Myolie. The empress slapped Myolie. Myolie told the king that the empress killed Lady Lai and framed her mom. Myolie told the majesty that physician Ho said there’s something wrong with Lady Lai’s body. She told him to reexamine Lady Lai’s body. The king saw the empress’s bracelet bead on Lady Lai’s jaw. The king told the empress that she gave her the bracelet with 13 beads on it but now she only has 12 beads. The eunuch stood up and told the majesty that he saw the empress killed Lady Lai when Myolie’s mom sent her a letter that she’s pregnant. He sent a secret letter to Myolie’s mom to flee. The emperor arrest the empress and KK Cheung. Linda Chung told Evergreen Mak she likes Lam Fung. Evergreen Mak said he is Lam Fung. The majesty gave the Cheung Lai Yeung 10,000 Taels. Bobby shared the Taels with everyone. Happy Ending.

House of Harmony and Vengeance episode 29 recap

Yoyo Chen pretends to faint in front of Sire after performing her dance at the banquet. William Chak told Sire that he loves her whether she wins the contest or not. Angela Tong told Myolie she must collaborate with Linda to win the Prima Donna. Linda got mad that Myolie haven’t left. Linda asked Bobby how could Myolie be so selfish to return with him. Bobby told Linda that he’s the one who asked her to return to participate in the contest. Bobby told Linda that even if Myolie isn’t here, they wouldn’t have a happy ending. He said he only likes Linda’s as a friend and he admire her talent. Bobby told Linda that he only loves Myolie and he’s sorry he hurted her. Linda blackmailed Bobby that he must marry her or she will tell the queen that Myolie is the prisoner’s daughter. Myolie told Linda love can’t be forced. Linda slaps Myolie. Evergreen Mak told Linda he doesn’t agree with her method of revenge and she just wants faces. Evergreen Mak told Linda that Bobby killed his father and stole his identity. Evergreen Mak asked Linda if it is worth it for her to give up her life for her pride. Bobby told Evergreen Mak that he’s under KK Cheung’s order to banish him out of the border. Kwok Fung tries to kill Evergreen Mak then Evergreen Mak fell down the hill. Bobby told Linda she will marry her as she said. Bobby pretends to ask KK Cheung to lend him the jade pendant to lure the dancers. Bobby announced to the dancers that he will marry Linda when the contest is over. Linda spilled wine on Bobby and announced that Bobby is greedy and he only wants to marry her for fame. Linda called off the betrothed. JJ Jia told Linda “Yuk Ying is still Yuk Ying, she always wants to win!”. JJ Jia told Linda that although she lost her love, she won’t revenge him. Evergreen Mak told the empress he saw Bobby gave the jade pendant to a dancer but he only saw the back of the dancer. The empress ordered KK Cheung to arrest Bobby. Evergreen Mak is to take up Bobby’s position as the director.

House of Harmony and Vengeance episode 28 recap

Linda told Bobby she risked her life saving him, she won’t let him pay for it by finding Myolie. Bobby followed Big Mouth and saw Myolie talking to her mother planning to leave. Bobby plans to leave with Myolie. Myolie told Bobby the secret that she’s the princess. Bobby told Myolie the secret that he’s not the real Kiu Bo Lung. Bobby told Myolie to come back and perform well on the Prima Donna contest. Bobby lied to Linda that he didn’t see Myolie. Sire Ma told Yoyo Chen she will be her competitor in the Hundred Flowers Crown contest. Sire Ma wants to boost Yoyo Chen’s motivation up by belittling her. Matthew Ko told JJ Jia that he loves her and if she wins the Prima Donna contest, he will make her a princess. William got trapped in the forest with Sire Ma. JJ Jia told Jess Sum she will not be happy if she wins the Prima Donna because she likes William Chak. Bobby watch Myolie practicing her saber dance. JJ Jia told Linda that she doesn’t want to play dirty tricks against Myolie again cause she almost lost her lover. JJ Jia said she would use her sincerity to win the fight. She doesn’t want to second guess in love and want to be honest. William Chak honestly tells JJ Jia that he can’t be her bethrothel and he doesn’t want to hurt her or Sire.KK Cheung wants to get rid of Evergreen Mak.

House of Harmony and Vengeance episode 27 recap

Myolie asked Linda have she ever considered exchanging herself as the daughter of the prisoner for Bobby? Linda told Myolie that if she told the queen that she is the emperor’s daughter she would die for sure. Linda told Myolie that she won’t let Myolie exchanged her life for Bobby so she can show she is selfless. Linda said she only wants to save Bobby because of her future between him and her. Linda told the empress she knows where is the prisoner is but she has to exchange for Bobby. She said she saw the jade before but loved her dancers so she didn’t tell but now she knows she should be loyal to the empress. The empress ask Bobby to find the daughter of the prisoner to exchange for his life. Linda told Myolie if Bobby wants to live he has to hand her to the queen. She told Myolie to run away.Bobby tries to search the red string as the key to find the prisoner. Myolie told Bobby she wants to take a break to visit her mother. Bobby told Myolie after he find the prisoner’s daughter, they will love together happily. Myolie bid farewell to her mother. Sire told Yoyo Chen that there’s was a self picked test to pick the best dancers but she was asleep. Yoyo thought Sire Ma didn’t wake her up because she wanted to compete with her.Yoyo blamed Sire Ma for losing her chance to dance five years ago and be in debt, and telling Linda about her dancing alone in another place at night. Angela told Yoyo that she can’t let her take part in the contest because she’s ill. Yoyo told Sire, it is because of her she is suffering. Bobby found out from the store owner that the jade belongs to Myolie.

House of Harmony and Vengeance episode 26 recap

Linda Chung is so selfish for letting the whole conservatory in trouble just because of her grudge toward Myolie. If we hate Linda, that means she is a great actress. Jess Sum, Angela Tong, Bobby, and the director of Chun Yat Yuen knows that it was Linda and JJ Jia setting Myolie up. Jess Sum proposed to sacrafice Myolie for the sake of their lives. Angela and Bobby disagreed. Jess Sum punished JJ Jia by hitting her leg until she admits she did wrong. Other dancers pleaded for her. Angela Tong told Linda that to be a good dancer isn’t to use tactics to defeat the enemies, it is using the heart to promote the dancing. Angela told Linda that she knows she is a kind girl but she cannot be blinded by jealousy when using the art of dancing. The majesty is waiting for his daughter in the woods after seeing her letter. Myolie came too late so she wrote a quote on the tree to meet him again. The empress were touched by Myolie’s kindness of willing to shorten her life ten years for the little princess so she forgave her. Linda feels frustrated since she does not want Myolie to shorten her lives but she just wants her to step down from being a principal dancer. Evergreen Mak is mad at Bobby for turning Linda into a villain. Evergreen Mak framed Bobby of having a rebellion to the majesty by showing a rebellion letter. Evergreen Mak is the same kind as Linda who uses dirty tactics when they are jealous. Suits them to be a couple. Bobby took Evergreen Mak’s identity, now he has to take the consequence that Evergreen Mak did. Myolie and Bobby hold each other’s hands. Myolie asked him to hold on until she wins the Prima Donna Contest.

House of Harmony and Vengeance episode 25 recap

I gotta say that although this series was draggy toward the middle, it was one of the better tvb series this year. I find myself struggling watching tvb’s 30 episodes nowadays. I thought Master of Play is boring but it is passable to watch when I have time. I like House of Harmony and Vengeance better since the plot is more fast paced and entertaining although it is silly at times, but it is a comedy. This is like when I watched Can’t Buy Me Love a lot faster than Growing Through Life.

Bobby is lovesick about Myolie. Angela gives Myolie special training as a probational dancer. This drama is getting better when Myolie is revealed to be the king’s daughter. Myolie refused to admit that she helped Bobby when he had a heartstroke in the tofu stall. Evergreen Mak pleaded the majesty to submit his music; KK Cheung got mad. The little princess passed away. The empress ordered KK Cheung to kill all all the woman regardless if they are the majesty’s past lover’s daughter. Myolie’s mom pretended to be a granny which fools the guards. KK Cheung wants Cheung Lai Yuen and Chun Yat Yuen’s principal dancers cooperate. Bobby wants Myolie to peform but she is only a probational dancer. Myolie beg Bobby to let her be a principal dancer. Bobby agreed since she gained recognition in front of the majesty. Linda is jealous of Myolie since Myolie only rose to the same status for 3 years and Linda took many years to climb on her status. Oscar Leung told Linda that if she feels uncomfortable, she should talk to Bobby about the business or is she afraid of being embarrassed if Bobby rejects her. Oscar asked Linda why does she needs to be jealous of Myolie. Linda said she will prove to Bobby that he made the wrong decision. Bobby told Evergreen Mak Chun Yat Yuen will present the music. Both Evergreen Mak and Linda got blinded by their jealousy. Myolie told her mom she will put he majesty’s poem to where he can see it in the palace. JJ Jia provokes Linda Chung’s jealousy by mentioning Myolie. JJ Jia uses Linda Chung’s jealousy to make Cheung Lai Yuen lose faces. The majesty saw Myolie’s poem that she posted. During the banquet, Bobby dreamed about Myolie. Suddenly the music slow down which makes Myolie loses her steps. Linda told Myolie that from the day she stole her lover, they can’t be friends anymore.

House of Harmony and Vengeance episode 24 recap

The magistrate told Evergreen Mak to forget everything since he already have another son after losing one. Evergreen Mak is really upset about losing his identity. Bobby is pretty considerate toward Evergreen Mak in sending men to protect him and prepare concoction for him. If I were in Evergreen Mak’s shoes where someone stole my identity, I would be mad too. Poor Myolie for liking Bobby but she has to avoid him for Linda. Evergreen Mak told Linda that she doesn’t love Bobby that much, she just wants to compete with Myolie just like he wants to get his identity back. Yoyo Chen got mad at Oscar Leung for not having confidence in dancing. If Yoyo Chen doesn’t show up in Cheung Lai Yuen, she will be dismissed. Yoyo Chen got disapointed in Oscar Leung for being a coward. Oscar Leung peform his dance in front of Bobby and others. Bobby told Myolie that he loves her and he told her not to avoid him because of Linda. Linda told Myolie to remember her promise of not meeting Bobby alone. JJ Jia asked William Chak to help her have the opportunity to perform in the princess’s banquet but William said KK already announced Cheung Lai Yuen will do it. JJ Jia played the harp for Matthew Ko. Sire Ma got mad at William Chak for falling for the lust of JJ Jia and JJ Jia for playing dirty tricks.The empress got upset that the princess can’t be healed. Linda got angrily seeing Myolie taking care of Bobby at the tofu stall.

House of Harmony and Vengeance episode 23 recap

Myolie’s mother wants to flee. Myolie’s mom told Myolie that they can only hide since the empress framed her of killing Lady Lai. Myolie is afraid that Linda will not help her since she saw the jade. Funny how Kwok Fung asked Bobby to let him check on Angela. Bobby said Angela is not as old as the person in the picture (which is Myolie’s mother). Kwok Fung said perhaps Angela is the sister of the prisoner.Myolie told Linda that she dances to restore her family’s reputation while Myolie dances to save her mother’s life. Funny how Myolie asked a servant to pretend to be her mother in front of Bobby. Bobby likes Myolie and trust Myolie’s mother isn’t a prisoner. Bobby’s brother said the lady has cracked head. Then Myolie hit the lady; the lady pretends to have athsma. Bobby told Director Lam one of his dancer is an orphan and her age is similar to the prisoner’s daughter. Myolie told Bobby to leave when he complimented her. Linda eat stinky tofu with Bobby. Evergreen Mak sigh about not recovering his identity. Sire Ma realized her sister sneak out to dance at another place. Linda help Sire Ma find her sister but saw her brother. Linda got mad at her brother for dancing as a female. Linda asked Oscar to promise to not to dance anymore. Linda gives Oscar Leung 3 days to promote his dance.If he fails then he can’t dance anymore.Evergreen Mak angrily asked the magistrate to testify against Bobby for murdering the magistrate’s son and switching identity with him.

House of Hamony and Vengeane episode 22 recap

Evergreen Mak tied Bobby and said he will ask the officer to reveal the truth. Bobby is afraid that the officer will hurt Evergreen Mak. Evergreen Mak confront the officer that even if Bobby did killed the magistrate’s son, he was supposed to take him to the court instead of setting fire. When Evergreen Mak wanted to revenge the officer for killing his dad, the debt owners fought with the officer. Bobby and Kwok Fung saved Evergreen Mak. Evergreen Mak won’t kill Bobby but he wants Bobby to turn himself in. Evergreen Mak got mad at Bobby for telling the officer’s enemy to come to him. Bobby said he will turn himself in but he wants to enjoy his last meal with his family. Bobby told Evergreen Mak he doesn’t want to drag his family to die with him. Evergreen Mak won’t kill Bobby since he knows she will be heartbroken and he doesn’t to commit crime. Evergreen Mak told Linda that Bobby is only using her to win the Prima Dona Contest, and she wants to compete with Myolie. William Chak tested JJ Jia about the fair shoes and found out she lied. William Chak told JJ that she liked to Bobby that no one came and wreck the shoes cause he wants to give her a chance. KK Cheung found Myolie’s jade pendants and doubted which dancers obtain that jade. The empress ordered KK Cheung to find the person who miss the jades and kill her.

House of Harmony and Vengeance episode 21 recap

Jess Sum asked JJ Jia if she copied Myolie’s saber dance. Jess Sum told JJ Jia that she resort to dirty tricks on Angela Tong before but now she can’t even beat her. Jess Sum told JJ JJ Jia that she won’t participate in the Prima Donna Contest. Myolie’s mom told Myolie that her father is the majesty. The queen framed Myolie’s mom in killing Lady Lai when Myolie’s mom was pregnant. Myolie promised her mom that she will try her best during the Prima Donna to seek the king’s attention. Bobby realized Linda was mad at him about him giving Myolie the fairy shoes. Bobby said that Linda’s foot was hurt so he had to give to her during the contest. Bobby announced that Myolie will be a probational dancer which is higher than a senior but lower than a principal dancer. Linda got mad at Myolie for not rejecting Bobby’s offer. Linda returned the flag to Myolie. Bobby told Myolie that he promoted her because he thinks she has the potential to win the contest. Evergreen Mak told Linda that she and Myolie has different personalities but they are both good girls. Evergreen Mak played the fiddle while Linda played the harp. The majesty wants to appoint Evergreen Mak as the consultant of the conservatories to collect good music. KK Cheung requested to look over Evergreen Mak’s music. Evergreen Mak followed the officer thinking he will harm Bobby. The officer came to ask Bobby for more money. The officer blackmailed Bobby of murdering the magistrate’s son. Bobby told his family he planned to give the officer to those thugs that he owed money. Evergreen Mak questioned about the fire to the commoners. Evergreen Mak found out that Bobby wanted to make him the scapegoat of murdering the magistrate’s son.