Karma Rider episode 20 recap (End)


Raymond and Priscilla bid farewell to Evergreen Mak and Rachel. Evergreen Mak told Raymond and Priscilla fate will decide if they will see each other again. Evergreen Mak told Rachel that he had a dream that Priscilla will die as Zhu Ying Tai before Liang Shanbo. Yoyo encountered Matthew who is one of her student’s brother. Raymond and Priscilla watch Matthew and Yoyo walking with her student. Matt told Raymond he’s been promoted as the head constable. Matt drinks tea with Whitney. Kaki’s lover played by Kenny arrived at Kaki’s house. Priscilla rang the instrument then fell asleep. While Raymond piggyback Priscilla, she gave him her butterfly charm for his promotion. Priscilla asked Raymond if he dreamed of her as Zhu Yingtai. Priscilla said even if Zhu Yingtai turned into a butterfly, Liang Shangbo couldn’t be Raymond. Priscilla died. Raymond cried. Raymond remembered when he saved Yoyo from the kidnappers. Raymond buried Priscilla.

Evergreen Mak told Rachel that Raymond and Priscilla will return. Raymond said “Good Morning” to Priscilla tombstone like he promised. KK and Mrs. Ma watch the thousand peach blossoms grow. Wan Chor Hei grew up and met Evergreen Mak and Rachel. Helena brought scallion cakes for her kids in jail. Master Tung visits his son and Cilla’s grave. Raymond met Evergreen Mak again. Raymond died by aging. The two butterflies flew together. Priscilla, Raymond, and Evergreen Mak reincarnated in the modern times. As a police officer, Priscilla chased Evergreen Mak. Priscilla stared at the Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai billboard. Raymond met Priscilla. The butterflies lover flew.

Karma Rider episode 19 recap


Kong Tai Ping assassinated Evergreen Mak and Master Tung. Kong Tai Ping took Boss Woon to the cellar and said their mom has been searching for them. Kong Tai Ping said after he killed Evergreen Mak, he fell on the scallion cake stall, Helena’s hands is so warm when she touched his scar on his right eye. He saw her crying. She gave him a scallion cake and showed him her piece of jade. Boss Woon said when he was fifteen, his father owes a lot of debt then died from sickness. Boss Woon said he stole two buns and gave Helena one. He became a stranger after she gave birth to her three kids. Boss Woon said one night Helena slapped him for stealing and hit him with a cane. No one would share burden with him when he’s in trouble. Kong Tai Ping told Boss Woon if he dines with Helena then he will give him back the gold. Constable Ching got in jail. Kong Tai Ping took the maid and her sister to see Helena. Helena eat with her four children. Boss Woon told Kong Tai Ping if he doesn’t show him the gold then his mom and his sisters won’t be alive. Boss Woon’s men got arrested. Helena cried since Boss Woon wanted to kill her.

Kong Tai Ping told Boss Woon that his family his safe and he won’t see the gold. Then Raymond and Master Tung came. Kong Tai Ping told Boss Woon he brought him away so his mom could be sad. Boss Woon slapped Raymond for ruining his plan. Boss Woon told Raymond that he is the top person and can file a report against him and then handle the case. Matt came with a magistrate to arrest Boss Woon. The magistrate showed Boss Woon an arrest warrant. Flashback of Master Tung listening to Boss Woon ordering Constable Ching to kill Kong Tai Ping. Boss Woon pointed a sword toward his neck and said no one can kill him. Boss Woon killed himself and fell on Kong Tai Ping.

Priscilla got a heartache. Evergreen Mak woke up. Flashbacks of Kong Tai Ping brought Evergreen Mak to Rachel. Priscilla told Raymond that her heart keeps on aching but she will try to open her eyes to see him. Priscilla held Raymond’s hands and said they can wait till the day of thousand peach blossoms grow.

One more episode to go. Woot!

Karma Rider episode 18 recap


Rachel told Raymond and Priscilla that she killed someone before and wouldn’t think she was a burden to Evergreen Mak. Evergreen Mak looked at the Buddha figures and told Raymond that they are evil. When the good people are dead, the good people are punished. Raymond and Priscilla asked Evergreen Mak if he saw the back of the assassinator of Rachel. Butterflies surrounds Evergreen Mak. Evergreen Mak has an illusion of himself dying and Rachel getting hurt by Kong Tai Ping. Raymond fought with Kong Tai Ping. Raymond got stabbed by Kong Tai Ping. Evergreen Mak hit Kong Tai Ping’s head with the plates hard. Priscilla got hurt in the stomach and fainted. Priscilla woke up and hugged Raymond and said Evergreen Mak is crazy. Raymond told Priscilla he will get a butterfly tattoo like her. Raymond said that Evergreen Mak is the devil now and he can really kill Kong Tai Ping.

Matt, Whitney, and Raymond suspect that Boss Woon is behind all the chaos in Kau Lau town. Kong Tai Ping being injured kneeled in front of the Buddha figure. KK took Mrs. Ma out in the plain. Mrs. Ma asked KK who he is. KK put a seed on Mrs. Ma’s hand. Mrs. Ma recalled when KK gave her a seed and asked her to put water for it to grow. KK told Mrs. Ma she doesn’t need to shed tears for him. Priscilla got a heartache again and Raymond put a jacket on her.

Raymond told Priscilla that Evergreen Mak almost died when he was carrying him eighteen years ago. Evergreen Mak dragged Kong Tai Ping and said Buddha should deal with the bad guys. Evergreen Mak punched Kong Tai Ping back and forth. KK told Raymond that he can’t help Evergreen Mak because is has so many desires. He wants to revenge to change the fate. Evergreen grabbed a rock and about to place on Kong Tai Ping. Evergreen Mak stares at the Buddha evil Buddha and it broke to the nice Buddha. The civilians wait for Boss Woon. Kong Tai Ping woke up and about to punch Evergreen Mak.

Karma Rider episode 17 recap


Boss Woon told Tong Kai Ping that Master Pak might betray him some day. Tong Kai Ping showed Master Pak two gangsters’ heads then killed him. Evergreen Mak locked the bathhouse so Rachel won’t remember her sad past. Kong Tai Ping stared at Master Tung and was about to kill him but saw Raymond. Raymond came to ask Master Tung to let Priscilla burry his son with Cilla. Master Tung asked Raymond why does so many innocent people die but so many criminals living. Priscilla gave Mrs. Ma some preserved plums.

KK told Raymond and Priscilla that Mrs. Ma hit the peach blossom with an axe. Mrs. Ma told KK that the peach blossom shouldn’t grow again. Mrs. Ma chopped the peach blossom tree. KK kneel and apologized to Mrs. Ma. KK told Raymond that Mrs. Ma is right that he is not fit to be a mentor.KK said he has failed Mrs. Ma. KK told Raymond that he can tell that he and Priscilla are destined to be together. Priscilla has a heartache on the stream.

Raymond told Yoyo she is the bald boy who told her to follow the butterfly lovers. Yoyo told Raymond that she only sees him as her brother after he returned. Yeah that happens when you used to like someone but you see them again “Oh oh, I only like you as a friend.” Raymond told Yoyo he wants her to let go. Yoyo told Raymond he saved her two times. She will need to save herself for the third time. Raymond gave Yoyo some caramel treats. Raymond watch Priscilla performing the Butterfly Lovers. Raymond told Priscilla that he dreamt that he is Liang Shanbo and she is Zhu Ying Tai. Raymond hugged Priscilla. Priscilla showed Raymond the tattoo of the butterfly lovers that Kaki made for her. Raymond promised Priscilla she won’t be alone anymore. Raymond told Priscilla he will take care of her forever. Raymond told Priscilla they will be a pair of butterflies who will never part.

The next morning, Raymond visits Priscilla. Helena’s cake is burnt. Priscilla asked Raymond to grab a bite. Raymond told Priscilla he will take one and she will take the other. Raymond brought the cake for Helena’s daughter in jail. The maid and Kong Tai Ping also ate one. Raymond told Priscilla he wants to travel with her and he wants her to eat a lot cause he doesn’t want her to be too skinny.

Karma Rider episode 16 recap


Yoyo’s dad told Raymond that Yoyo is happy when she goes to school and see the kids. Raymond watch Yoyo teaching the kids. Yoyo told Raymond that she wore new clothes because she doesn’t want to think of the past. Raymond and Yoyo stared at the butterfly lovers. Yoyo said she can’t choose to reunite with her lover because she wants to be independent. Master Pak teased Master Tung for losing his son. Master Tung hit Master Pak with a pot. Kaki returned home and hugged her sisters. Kaki and her sisters build some sand dolls at the beach. Kaki drew a face of her lover on the sand. Priscilla showed the maid’s sister the jade in jail and said Helena misses her. The maid’s sister got mad. Priscilla and her sisters ate biscuits together. Cilla walked in the water with Master Tung’s son ashes. Priscilla and her sisters searched for Cilla. Helena cried and showed Cilla’s letters to Priscilla and her sisters. Everyone cries while reading Cilla’s letters to them. Raymond read Cilla’s letter that he must take care of Priscilla like a pair of butterfly lovers. Priscilla cried and laid on Raymond’s shoulder. Raymond and Priscilla stared at a pair of the butterfly lovers. Boss Woon became the mayor. Boss Woon helped the poor financially and distributed buns to the poor.

Karma Rider episode 15 recap


KK told Raymond he knew he was the boy he saved when he first saw him. Rachel told Evergreen Mak that she remembered when her parents forced her to marry a man whom is thirty years older than her. He kept on hitting her. She wanted him to hit her harder. She wouldn’t suffered if she died. She pushed him on the water while he was drunk. She turned herself in. The constables saw her injuries so they sentenced her to five years of imprisonment instead of lifetime. Evergreen Mak asked Rachel told Rachel she came back and open the bathhouse because she wanted to imprison herself. Raymond told Evergreen Mak that the maid used to knife to kill Master Tung’s son.

Raymond told Priscilla that Yoyo teamed up with her maid to stage the kidnapping since she didn’t want to marry someone she didn’t like. She didn’t expect that the kidnapping would be real. Raymond told Priscilla that the maid could be Helena’s daughter. Raymond said the maid has the second piece of jade. Helena’s son has been arrested. Helena’s daughter has escaped. Raymond told Priscilla he will support her even if she goes astray. Raymond told Priscilla he will keep her company for the night and will bring Yoyo to KK the next morning.

Raymond stared at Yoyo and remembered she dreams of her being Zhu Yingtai. Yoyo cried and told Raymond that if she didn’t pull the knife from her maid then Master Tung’s son wouldn’t die. Raymond told Yoyo that her dad misses her too. While Raymond piggyback Yoyo, she told him about how the bald guy asked her to follow the pair of butterflies. Yoyo assumed he got caught by the kidnappers. Yoyo said she can’t fall for anyone except bald head. Yoyo said she made her dad worried and someone died because of her. Helena bowed to Master Tung and said the maid is her daughter. Master Tung told Helena that he wanted his son to be the top scholar and bear him a grandson. Master Tung asked Helena to get out.

Tong Kai Ping gave Yoyo a cake in prison. Cilla looked at Master Tung’s so poem and asked the scholar what the poem means. The scholar said it means “There will be a day when it comes to an end.” Cilla read the poem on the wall and hopes that Kaki will return home.

Karma Rider episode 14 recap


Yoyo hurt the maid and left the house. Yoyo hid in Rachel’s bathhouse. Master Tung’s son wrote a poem for Cilla. The maid told her sister she doesn’t want to hurt Yoyo again. The maid’s sister told the maid that their mom left them when they were seven. The maid’s sister told the maid that their mom left them to find the two sons. Helena’s four children are all bandits. The maid’s sister told the maid they must find Yoyo. Rachel saw Yoyo hiding on her bathhouse. Yoyo anxiously told Rachel that she got kidnapped at the age of five when she was dressed like a boy. Now she got kidnapped again when she’s dressed like a boy. Rachel asked Yoyo to turn herself in and everything will be fine. The maid and her sister came and searched for Yoyo in the bathhouse. The maid’s sister pushed Rachel on the spa. Evergreen Mak came and saw Rachel drowned. Evergreen Mak hugged Rachel. Rachel told Evergreen Mak not to save her since there is a cause for misery.

Master Tung’s son found Yoyo hiding in his chest. Cilla went in Master Tung’s son room and saw Yoyo. Master Tung’s son asked Cilla to help Yoyo. The maid pointed a knife toward Yoyo. Cilla fought with the maid. Master Tung’s son took the stab for Cilla. The maid’s sister pointed a knife toward Yoyo and took her out. Master Tung’s son told Cilla he wants to see ever everyday. When it’s sunny they’ll eat watermelon. When it’s raining, he will cover up the rain for her with his shirt. He wants to see her smile all the time. KK checked Master Tung’s son’s wound. Yoyo grabbed the knife and told the maid’s sister she won’t let her off. The maid grabbed the knife and asked her sister not to kill Yoyo. Yoyo stared at the butterfly and remembered Raymond told her the butterflies will lead her the way. Yoyo followed the butterflies and saw Raymond. The maid’s sister was about to stab Yoyo but Raymond grabbed her.

Master Tung’s son bleeds and told Cilla that the smartest thing he did was meeting her. Master Tung’s son died. Master Tung came and hugged his son. Master Tung asked his wife why didn’t she look out for his son. Cilla went in Master Tung’s son room and stared at the poem he wrote. Cilla grabbed a knife and tried to kill herself but Priscilla prevented her. Cilla grabbed Master Tung’s son shirt and cried. Master Tung promised his wife he will find the maid to revenge for his son.

Karma Rider episode 13 recap


Evergreen Mak has an illusion of Yoyo being kidnapped. The kidnappers talked to each other about demanding Yoyo’s father thirty thousand taels. Lok Fei slapped Yoyo’s maid and asked her to give her the key. The maid’s sister knocked the Lok Fei down. Yoyo wrote a poem on the paper of “Loving like a pair of butterflies until death tear us apart. The maid’s sister knocked Yoyo and tied her with a rope. It’s Mid Autumn Festival, Priscilla and her sisters pray for Helena’s children being well. Master Tung tells his wife that hi son is studious. Master Tung shared his moon-cakes with his wife. The maid’s sister cut Yoyo’s finger. Poor her. Raymond followed Yoyo’s maid.

Priscilla stared at the butterfly lover statue. Raymond stared at the butterfly lover statue. Cilla dresses elegant with Master Tung’s son during the Mid Autumn Festival. Master Tung’s son told Cilla they may only meet once a month. Cilla got mad. Master Tung’s son told Cilla he needs to study hard to be the top scholar then bring her home. Cilla asked Master Tung’s son what does long heaven and earth means. Master Tung’s said it means they can live long staring at the moon together though they are thousand miles apart. Master Tung’s son told Cilla he wants to spend every mid autumn festival looking at the moon with her. He wants to be with her for a very very long time. Master Tung’s son and Cilla stared at the moon and draw together. Kaki looked at the moon with her lover. Evergreen Mak ate fruits and stared at the moon with Rachel. Matt stared at the moon with Whitney. KK stared at the moon and looked at Mrs. Ma. Mrs. Ma looked at the moon and remember spending time with KK.

Raymond watch the play of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai. Raymond dream that Yoyo is Zhu Ying tai. Yoyo’s father received another ransom letter of fifty thousand taels. Yoyo’s father told Matt that one time he came home late during the mid autumn festival, Yoyo was worried he got kidnapped. Raymond doubt why the maid cares so much if Yoyo finds her true love. Yoyo’s stepmother is concerned about Yoyo’s wedding but she didn’t care for Yoyo’s safety when she got kidnapped. Raymond said Yoyo’s father cares about who Yoyo wants to marry. Matt said so Yoyo’s stepmother staged the kidnapping with Yoyo’s maid. The constables found Lok Fei’s body and saw the maid’s jade. Evergreen Mak saw the maid going inside the house. The maid wiped Yoyo’s finger. Yoyo yelled at the maid. Yoyo asked the maid to set her free. Yoyo pointed a knife toward the maid. The maid fought with Yoyo. Evergreen Mak looked at the picture of Yoyo and has an illusion of the maid kidnapping Yoyo. Evergreen Mak hit the instrument to alert Raymond. Matt and the constables follow the kidnappers. The kidnappers throw out money on the street to disturb the people on the street.

Karma Rider episode 12 recap


Kaki and her sisters play Mahjong with Helena. Kaki left at night. Priscilla and her sisters teared up. Raymond read the paper hat Yoo’s pawned her earrings for thirty thousand taels. Matt and the others investigate Yoyo’s case. Matt asked Raymond to rest since he keep on rubbing his head. Priscilla called Raymond that she’s upset about Kaki leaving. Raymond told Priscilla that besides the parting, not getting what she wants is also the hardest part of the eight suffering. Raymond said Priscilla is unhappy because the four scallion girls are separated. Priscilla wouldn’t let Raymond see her face since she has pimples. Raymond told Priscilla he will stand up for her if someone laughs at her. Raymond hurt his head and told Priscilla he keeps on having a headache and has weird dreams, and now he starts to grow some hair. Priscilla rubbed Raymond’s hair. The next morning, Mrs. Ma started at Priscilla cutely touched Raymond’s hair. Raymond inserted a scarf under Priscilla’s head.

Raymond looked at the butterflies decoration in Yoyo’s room. Priscilla made medicine for Mrs. Ma. Priscilla told Mrs. Ma when she was five, she got sick all the time when she got kidnapped. She ran and got saved by a farmer couple in the village. Another girl who was found by the sea also got saved. She gave her a plum. The girl eat big plum while she eat small plum like big sister and lil is.Priscilla asked Mrs. Ma if she tried to kill herself in the river eighteen years ago. Mrs. Ma said KK forgot his promise and she couldn’t marry a guy she didn’t like. Priscilla told Mrs. Ma she won’t be alone anymore. Raymond gave money to a spy. Raymond held Priscilla hands when Master Tung demanded to see her face. Raymond asked Priscilla to tell her sisters to inform him if they see Yoyo. Raymond followed Priscilla. Priscilla took out the scarf and stared at it. Raymond showed the picture of Yoyo to Evergreen Mak.Raymond told Evergreen Mak that he found out that the butterflies in Yoyo’s room is related to her poem about freedom of love . Raymond doubts why the maid said Yoyo is eager to get married. Raymond told Evergreen Mak that he dream that he became Liang Shanbo. Evergreen Mak asked Raymond if he could be Zhu Yingtai since Raymond owes him in his previous life. Raymond told Evergreen Mak he has hair. Evergreen Mak asked Raymond why did he sworn being siblings with Priscilla.

Karma Rider episode 11 recap


Priscilla walked in the rain thinking about Raymond. Priscilla stared at the read and green butterflies on her right arm. Priscilla and Raymond stared at the butterflies flying away. Raymond said if the butterflies returned, he will put them in the shelter. Raymond said he also wants to put Priscilla in the shelter. Raymond held the umbrella and walked with Priscilla in the rain. Raymond told Priscilla she won’t be alone anymore. Raymond sworn in front of Liao Shangbo and Zhu Ying Tai that he and Priscilla will be siblings. This must broke Priscilla’s heart. Raymond had a dream of himself as Shanbo again.

Raymond stared at Yoyo on the street. Yoyo stared at Raymond. A masked guy captured Yoyo on the street. Yoyo’s servant told Raymond that Yoyo’s mother got lost during the lunar new year. Yoyo’s mother came home dirty.After the incident, Yoyo’s father would let Yoyo’s mother do everything. Yoyo told Whitney that something’s wrong with Yoyo’s room but he can’t figure it out. Raymond said he kept thinking about the butterflies decoration.

Priscilla’s sisters showed Priscilla her butterfly necklace and said something must be wrong with her relationship with Raymond since she never left her necklace behind. Kaki cried. Kaki told Helena and her sisters that she will leave with her crush. Kaki gave all of her savings for Priscilla to keep it. Kaki said he saved her three years ago at Fu Yung Town when she was stealing something at a house. She took care of him in a hut in the forest for three days. She wanted to know his identity. He played a tune on his recorder. He didn’t want to talk because he’s afraid his voice would be tray him. It was the first time she heard her voice. The next morning he left and he left the recorder for her. Kaki said her crush has been looking for her for the past 3 years and want to run away with her. Priscilla and her sisters cried and don’t want Kaki to leave. It was pretty touching about the hero saving Kaki. The acting of the casts definitely needs more improvements. Priscilla and Kaki remember that they promised to never separate from each others over boys. Priscilla held Kaki’s hands and wish she and her lover happiness. Kaki told Priscilla she can tell she misses Raymond. Kaki told Priscilla it will hurt her to keep it to herself that she loves him. Raymond and the constables found Yoyo’s earrings being pawned for thirty thousand taels.