Last Steep Ascent episode 25 (End)

Another drama on the list I finished recapping. 🙂 It’s nice to keep track of which dramas I finished recapping because I didn’t stop it in the middle of the dramas.

Moses told Law Lan that she can pay Joel back by installment. Moses told Matt not to borrow from loan sharks anymore. Moses told Katy that Matt was worried that the villagers will be starved after losing the fleeceflower roots so he borrowed 3000 dollars from loan sharks. Moses said Matt could get 2,400 dollars and had to borrow 600 dollars from the staff. Moses told Matt he paid the money for him and he asked him to go to the pawn shop and redeem the watches and gold rings and return them to others. Matt told Moses he regrets not being his student. Law Lan told Moses to come dine with her tomorrow evening. Moses told Maggie if Law Lan is busy then she could eat red bean soup with him. Moses told Maggie that Joel has many business so he may be in Shanghai today and hongkong tomorrow, and might not be in Canton for some time. Maggie told Moses she wants to treat him some red bean soup. Moses said whereever the moon shines, he’ll be there. Maggie asked Moses if he saw the moon shine last night.Moses remembered he sat next to Maggie after she she looked at the moon and slept. Joel and Samantha listend to music in their office. Joel told Moses he’s just blurry and his eyes are not blind and he can see him. Awe. ha-ha. Moses told Joel he is resigning but he’s not going to Ho Ching Tong. Joel told Moses to take care of the business for him so he can travel with Samantha. Moses told Joel that he found a good candidate to replace him. Samantha asked Moses if he told Maggie he’s leaving. Samantha told Moses that he bought Ho Ching Tong for Maggie, and if she was Maggie she would throw herself for him. Samantha asked Moses how can Maggie smile if she’s not with him. Joel told Samantha they are not the same level as them and where is his pear. Law Lan, Maggie and their family wait for Moses for dinner.Benjamin Yuen came back home and told Maggie it’s not easy being a teacher but he likes it. Benjamin said he misses his family and his mother. Benjamin and Law Lan visit Edwin’s dad. Edwin’s dad told Law Lan he already assumed Edwin set the fire before he got arrested. Edwin’s dad apologized to Law Lan. Edwin’s dad said he always wanted to be the heir of Ho Ching Tong and meant to pass it to Edwin but Edwin didn’t want it.Edwin’s dad told Law Lan that Benjamin can take over Ho Ching Tong until Sze Hang grows up. Benjamin told Edwin’s dad he will teach and he won’t take Ho Ching Tong. Law Lan said she doesn’t know what Sze Hang will do when he grows up and they should let go of their conflicts. Law Lan told Maggie that she will hand over the company to Matt. Sze Hang can run the company with him when he grows up. She told Maggie to rest and enjoy her life. Law Lan told Maggie that Moses only has her in his heart. Law Lan told Maggie that she can go with her kids. Law Lan said she will live with Benjamin Yuen. Law Lan told Maggie it doesn’t matter that she is older than Moses, all it matters is they make a good couple. Law Lan told Maggie she will regret if she let go of Moses and she wants to see her smiling. In the morning, Maggie asked her maid where is Law Lan. Matt and Katy came home. Katy told Maggie that Law Lan left to the train station already. Benjamin told Law Lan she doesn’t want to see Maggie because she can’t bear leaving her. Kenny becomes the new manager in Joel’s company. Kenny and his two buddies showed Matt and his worker their card. Matt is happy to be the new boss of Ho Ching Tong while Kenny is happy to be the boss of Chai’s company. The workers eat hotpot together and told Moses he should buy a house of Aimee. Kenny told the workers that Aimee likes the environment in their current house since she can smell the white champak flowers. Aimee told Maggie she saw KK wrote a calligraphy in San Francisco that instead of yearning over the mountain why not cherish the one close to you. Sze Hang showed Maggie a drawing she drew of Moses looking at the moon. Sze Hang asked Maggie to tell Moses to come back and play with them. Sze Hang told Maggie that Moses visited him at school and told him that he’s leaving. Sze Hang said Moses asked him to take care of his siblings. Sze Hang said Moses is searching for the smiling moon. Maggie cried and know where Moses is.Maggie visit the villagers at the Oxen Village. Lok Ho told Maggie that Ka Ming will marry her after the school term is over. Lok Ho told Maggie that Moses visited them then left. Maggie told Lok Ho she knows Moses will be back. Maggie sat down and thought about Moses at night while looking at the drawing. Maggie looked at the moon.Maggie and Moses went up the mountain to look at the moon.Moses holds Maggie’s hands and took her to see the full moon. Moses told Maggie that it is a deserted place but all he wants is the full Moon (Sun Yuet). Maggie told Moses that it is not a deserted place since there is the sky (Miu Tin). Maggie and the kids live with Moses in the village.Raymond Wong (Sze Hang grown up) said how he was home schooled by Moses. Moses carving flight for his mom. Raymond Wong doubted if love really last forever.Raymond Wong said he dated many girls but it seems like only Moses could truly love one person. Moses and Maggie takes care of each other as they got old like when Moses’s parents were alive. Moses fainted Maggie yelled at Raymond Wong and said Moses is about to die. Maggie said for fifty years they never parted for a day. Maggie told god if he has to take a life, then take hers instead. Raymond Wong told his grandson that Maggie met Moses by touching his tooth gap. Raymond Wong told his grandson that Maggie has a smile on her face everyday he’s with Moses. Moses told Maggie he will die and if the path to heaven is hard, he will make a flight for her. Moses told Maggie don’t be rushed to join him and have fun living. Moses told Maggie he will be waiting for her in heaven. After Moses died, Maggie took the drawing to the mountain with Raymond Wong.

The End!

Last Steep Ascent episode 24 recap

Chief Chung received money and a letter from Edwin. Moses told Kenny that he hopes Joel’s eye surgery went well. Moses’s buddy drunkenly told Moses he always wanted the four of them working together. Moses looked at the moon. Maggie’s daughter asked Maggie why has the moon disappeared. Maggie said the moon is hiding behind the cloud because it’s shy. Moses climbed up the hill. Moses gave Joel the ring to put it on Samanthat’s finger. Joel told Samantha whether he is is blind or not, she is still his beloved wife. Edwin told Chief Chung to make sure that his workers can’t deliever his fleeceflower roots. Chief Chung told Edwin he will put pesticides in it. The herbs will turn yellow and be weaken. Matt told Maggie that Ever since Edwin took over the shop, he’s been holding the goods instead of selling them and he’s not making any money. Maggie said she’s concerned about how they pay the planting fee of the herb. Samantha Ko sent a letter to Moses that Joel met the brilliant surgeon doctor Filatov, and she only saw his eyes. Joel felt confident after hearing Filatov speaking Russian. Edwin gave his wife the key to his new house. Edwin told his wife to tell her dad that she will leave hongkong for two days. Edwin’s wife asked Edwin if he’s going to tell his dad about this. Edwin told his wife that as long as they have the money, they will have as many Ho Ching Tong and they will pocket all the money. Edwin told his die not to tell his dad until the plan has gone well and he has to go with it. Edwin’s wife said his dad might not accept the plan and fall ill. Chief Chung showed Edwin the dead fleecefloweroots. As Chief Chung lead Edwin to the farmland, he got hurt by the pebbles falling down the hills. Kenny and his men told Matt and Maggie that all their fleeceflowers got withered. Edwin’s dad yelled that he won’t pay them a cent since he gave them money to deliver the fleeceflower roots but they failed to keep it alive. Maggie told Edwin’s father that she signed a contract with them that she will pay them their damages. Edwin told Maggie to pay them herself. Matt asked Kenny how much he wants to receive. Kenny said 3000 dollars. Edwin’s dad said Ho Ching Tong cannot be ruin by him or Sze Hang will take over. Maggie told Edwin’s dad she’s planning to sell the lot to compensate the villagers. Edwin’s dad told Maggie that he will make the villages sell all the remaining fleeceflowers while she find buyers for the lot. Edwin yelled and said he can sell the lot at a higher price in two weeks and they will make five times the profit. Edwin’ dad yelled that he will not sell anything in two weeks and he doesn’t care who buys the lot. Maggie looked at the sky at night and thinks if Moses was here then this problem wouldn’t happen. Moses looked at the sky and hoped Maggie has a good sleep. The worker gave their luxuries to Matt to help the company. Matt counted that they are six hundred dollars short. Edwin’s dad told Edwin that Matt is collecting money to help the villager and what good does it help. Edwin told his dad they will make money after he delivers the lot. Edwin paid a man after he unloaded the goods. Edwin burned the warehouse. Edwin’s dad fainted after seeing the warhouse got burnt. Moses told his assistant that he needs 50,000 dollars in 3 days. Matt told Law Lan that granduncle found a buyer for Ho Ching Tong and he doesn’t care if the buyer lower the price. Edwin told Law Lan he wants to fulfill his promise and take care of the family. Katy told Law Lan “Ma let us take care of you the rest of our lives.” The doctor told Edwin that his dad has a bigger stroke than last time and might not be able to walk again. Edwin told his dad that granduncle came with his kin came and said the German could sue them for compensation and they asked him to sell Ho Ching Tong. Edwin told his dad if they sell it, they make money and will start their lives over somewhere else. Edwin’s dad asked Edwin where were he when the warehouse got fired. Edwin said he was eating dinner with some clients and he got drunk. Edwin signed the contract with the buyer selling Ho Ching Tong. Edwin told Maggie “We will go our seperate way after we get our shares sis.” Maggie said “I can’t bear hearing you call me sis.” Edwin went in the train and looked at his suitcase of money. Maggie stared at the moon thinking of Moses. Law Look get ready to take pictures with the workers. The photographer told Law Lan that everyone looks so gloomy. Maggie told the worker that they should smile so when they will remember the good times that they had together at Ho Ching Tong. Chief Fung and the Superintendent told Edwin in the train that they’ve heard he’s been stealing medical herbs in Hongkong. The superintendent told Edwin that his wife got arrested red handed and has confessed everything. The Superintendent told Edwin that his house that he bought and his money will be taken away. Chief Fung told Edwin that the warehouse keeper has been arrested and told him that Edwin paid him to open the warehouse door and Edwin set Fire on it. Chief Fung told Edwin that he is arrested with his wife and get ready to go on trial in Canton. The buyer told Maggie he’s not the buyer of Ho Ching Tong but he’s a Chai Man Pharmacy. Moses showed up. The Chai Man said Moses is the new buyer. Moses told Maggie that Chief Chung came up to him after Aimee and Kenny’s wedding and showed him the case of money he earned from Edwin to ruin the fleeceflowers root. Moses said he sacrificed a field and told his buddies to put weed killer in it. Moses knew that Edwin is cautious so he he would want to check out more, so Moses asked his buddies to throw some sands and pebbles on Edwin. Moses said he asked Kenny and the villages to make a scene at Ho Ching Tong to force him to take action. Moses said he asked Chief Fung to arrest Edwin. Moses said Edwin not only stole the herbs but also burnt the warehouse. Moses said he bought the warehouse after Edwin sold it for a low price. The contract said Sze Hang is still the inheritance of Ho Ching Tong. Moses said he used to work of KK Cheung and then Maggie and he owes the Ho a favor and promised Maggie to keep Ho Ching Tong in good state. Now he’s returning the favor and his promise.

Last Steep Ascent episode 23 recap

I’m glad I did a recap for this drama. Two more episodes to go. It is a touching dramas although the Oxen Village scenes bored me. I like watching Moses and Maggie, Katy and Matt, Joel and Samantha Ko, Kenny and Aimee. Edwin is a handsome villain.

Aimee yelled at the police that she wants to file a report. She said Kenny beat Chan Sing up because he reaped her. The police said he won’t take the case. Then the chief came up and said he will take the case. The Chief told the police he is suspended from investigation since he got bribed. The Chief Fung told Moses that he knew Joel since he was thirteen and he lost to Joel in courting Samantha. Chief Fung said Joel begged him for an hour on the phone to help Kenny. The Chief tapped on Moses shoulder and said he must be an outstanding guy since Joel pleaded for him. Moses said he already owed Joel a lot. Aimee told Kenny that Edwin caught Chan Sing and blackmailed her to embarrass Maggie’s family. Kenny hugged Aimee and said he will never let her go again. Aimee told Kenny that she thought about him at the train station. Aimee asked Kenny if he could stay with her forever. Kenny showed Aimee the white Champak he found on the street and he said he will never put her down. Kenny proposed to Aimee. Aimee said she can’t wait to see him in a suit. Moses told Kenny he will leave Ho Ching Tong and even if he stays, he can’t help them. Katy told Maggie she will go back to Malaya and her mom haven’t spoke to her ever since. Maggie asked Katy if she doesn’t have anything to tell her mother. Katy told Maggie she wants to apologize. Maggie told Katy that Law Lan lost everything and she only has her as her daughter. Edwin’s father asked Uncle Chan to throw all of Moses’s stuff away. Matt Yeung told Edwin’s father that he is only taking over the company temporary and Sze Hang will tang over the company. Maggie asked the staff to write a resignation letter since she doesn’t want them to get bullied by Edwin and his dad. Matt and the staff said they will stay with the company even if they get bullied. Maggie said she will stay with them too. Edwin told his father he stole Moses herb tactic to become rich. Edwin’s father told Edwin that he will let the granduncle disinherit Sze Hang and make him the heir of Ho Ching Tong. Maggie looked at the herb in her company and missed Moses. Maggie ate red bean soup alone. Maggie looked at the sky. Samantha Ko brought Moses silently to meet Joel. Samantha took Joel to the stop. Joel asked Samantha where’s the brand that Moses gave him. Joel asked Samantha to let him sit where Moses sat that time he gave him the sign. Joel asked Samantha to take him to his room. Joel asked Samantha to turn on the gramophone. He said he wants to hear “When will come to me again.” Moses turned on for Samantha. Moses look at Joel taking his glasses off and cried. Moses gave Joel a paper. Moses told Joel he’s giving him his third “I owe you paper” since the chief saved his friend’s life. Moses told Joel he is back to manage the shop for him since he doesn’t work in Ho Ching Tong anymore. Aw, so cute. The brotherhood relationship between Joel and Moses is so touching. Moses promised Joel that Chai Man will still be number one in Canton. Moses told Joel he has to promise him not to give up easily. Joel cried and laughed. Moses sat at the red bean soup stall and the lady told Moses that Maggie was also sitting there. Chief Chung saw Kenny and walked away. Kenny asked Chief Chung whatt he’s doing. Chief Chung said he’s looking for his daughter. Kenny asked Chief Chung if he has the nerve to meet with Moses. Kenny asked Chief Chung if Edwin bribed him. Kenny told Chief Chung to go back to Oxen village and live a lonely life. Chief Chung sat outside of Moses house. Lok Ho told Moses not to plead for him. Kenny told Lok Ho and Moses that after Aimee gets better she will marry her. Lok Ho said she can’t attend Kenny’s wedding because she has to go to Hongkong searching for Ka Ming.Aimee serves tea for Maggie and Law Lan. Kenny told Maggie and Law Lan that he and Aimee will plan fleeceflower roots in the Oxen Village. Law Lan asked Katy to go shopping for jewelries with her. Moses looked at the crescent moon. Moses saw Maggie.Moses told Maggie the one with the tooth gap was him and it is destiny the met each other. Moses told Maggie he always wanted to call her Sun Yuet.Maggie told Moses that when it rained, she wanted to go see him first and was about to knock his door but didn’t. Maggie said if Moses is happy then she is happy. Moses said when there’s a sky “Miu Tin” then there will be a moon (Sun Yuet). Moses and the people in the Oxen Village celebrates Kenny and Aimee’s wedding.

Last Steep Ascent episode 22 recap

Aimee left behind KK’s necklace and an apology letter in the room. Maggie’s mother in law told everyone that Aimee got stomach cramp so she is at the hospital. Moses told Kenny that Aimee ran away. Moses asked Kenny to find Aimee. Edwin’s dad told everyone that the meeting is just a scam and he heard a rumor. Moses told Maggie to go upstairs and make sure the kids doesn’t go downstairs. Maggie’s mother in law told Edwin’s father to leave if he’s not happy. Edwin’s father announced that Aimee is not Law Lan’s god daughter. Edwin’s father told the granduncle that Aimee is KK’s mistress. Edwin showed the granduncle a picture of KK and Aimee in San Francisco. Edwin’s dad said KK bought her as a maid and raped her. Moses said the photo is real but what they said are lies. The granduncle told Law Lan that if KK raped Aimee, she should have given Aimee a proper title instead of hiding it. Edwin said Law Lan already have a motive to throw Aimee out after she got her a grandson. Moses yelled at Edwin that Law Lan has a whole in her stomach and she can’t get hurt again. Edwin asked Matt Yeung if he should call the police on him for colluding with an outsider to cheat on him. Edwin said that Matt’s plantation got shut down a year ago. Edwin showed a news about Matt’s father closed the plantation to pay off debt. Edwin’s wife said Katy wore a fake jewelry. Edwin said Matt wants to take all the family’s fortune. Edwin said that Maggie is having an affair with Moses. Edwin asked the Chief what did he see. The Chief said he saw Maggie laying on Moses’s shoulder during the rain. Moses told everyone that he worked in Ho Ching Tong because Maggie promised she’ll pay him a large sum of money. Moses said he’ll only work for one year. After he received the money, he will return to his hometown and buy a land and build a house. Maggie told Moses she will end his contract now. The granduncle announced to let Edwin be the custodian. Maggie said she’s not an outsider; she is KK’s wife. Law Lan took the ancestor’s tablet down and said take a good look at everyone. She admits defeat and hand over the family’s fortune to them. Law Lan said when the Ho’s family is ruin, then blame Edwin and his dad. The granduncle said he will be accountable for the family fortune. Edwin’s dad said he can assure them that The Ho’s fortune will increase and they will get a bonus eery year. Aimee bought some fabrics. Aimee told the store owner if he finished sewing the clothes, send it to Kenny’s address. Kenny asked the Champak stall owner if she have seen Aimee.Aimee look at Kenny’s card and thought about Kenny. Aimee saw the scum at the train station. Aimee left her luggage and ran. The scum stole Aimee’s money and yelled at her that she only have ten dollars. Kenny beat up the scum. Kenny carries Aimee to the hospital. Uncle Chan brought the police to search for Kenny at Moses’s house. The police said Chan Sing was beaten half to deadth and they found Kenny’s name card at the scene. Moses asked Samantha if Joel is friends with the policeChief Fung. Samantha said Joel used to be friends with them but now they don’t talk anymore after they fought over her. Kenny looked after Aimee at the hospital. The police searched for Kenny at the hospital. The police told Kenny he’s now under arrest.

Last Steep Ascent episode 21 recap


Aimee told Edwin she will abort the baby. Edwin told Aimee he will charge that scum of rape and everyone will know who’s baby she has. Aimee said she will say nothing. Edwin told Aimee he will drive that scum away if she is willing to collaborate with him. Edwin told Aimee she doesn’t want Kenny to know she’s been raped. Aimee cried while getting in the cart. Aimee fainted while walking upstairs in Maggie’s house. Kenny gave Aimee his Ho Ching Tong name card. Kenny ate with Aimee. Kenny told Aimee he will read more newspapers to learn more words . Maggie told Aimee in her room that her mother in Law yelled at the servants after they let her going out. Maggie told Aimee to give Katy some time and she will be nice to her. Maggie told Aimee she can go out with her so she won’t get in trouble. Lok Ho wrote to Aimee that her bofyriend went to hongkong for work and sent the principal to give her his watch. Aimee wrote to Lok Ho about Kenny being happy in his work and always helped her when she’s in trouble. Joel angrily yelled at Samantha Ko. Samantha told Joel that she saw Moses walking by the hospital. Joel afraid of Moses knowing he is blind, yelled at Samantha for telling Moses where he is. Joel asked Samantha to prevent Moses to come see him. Joel got happy being able to pick up his drink after he put it down. Moses asked Samantha what happened to Joel. Samantha told Moses that Joel doesn’t want him to see him at this state. When Moses came in, Joel pretends to read the newspaper. Samanthat picked up Joel’s ring. Joel pretends to say that he saw his ring dropped over there, and he is picking it up. Moses put the ring on the floor for Joel to pick up. Moses pretends to tell Joel he has to see a friend. Moses asked Samantha while walking with her, how come Joel becomes blind. Samantha told Moses that Joel woke up one day and suddenly found everything blurry and the doctor said he has to replace his retina. Samantha told Moses he knows how much Joel cares about his face. Samantha said Joel pretends to be able to see and won’t admit he’s sick. Samantha cried and said Joel won’t let anyone help him and he always yells. Samantha cried and told Moses that Joel gave her the keys and told her to get as much stuff at his house and leave. Moses told Samanthat that Joel yelled at he because he cares for her. Moses told Samantha to go to Shanghai or Western Countries to cure Joel’s eyes. Moses told Samantha he wouldn’t be doing well without Joel giving him opportunities. Maggie invited her colleagues to her house gathering. Moses wrote a letter to Mr.Thomas that Joel got keratis. The chief and Lok Ko visits Aimee. Aimee cried and told Lok Ho everyone who cares for her will be at the adoption ceremony. The chief thanked Edwin to invite him for the event. Edwin saw the servants whispering to each other. Edwin asked his wife to check out. The servant told each other that Aimee is not in her room. Edwin told Uncle Chan and his dad the show must go on without Aimee. Edwin released the scum. Kenny saw the scum got of jail.

Last Steep Ascent episode 20 recap

Edwin told his dad that he paid the chief of the Oxen Village to tell him every detail about Moses and Maggie. Edwin said Moses and Maggie either watch the moon or eat soup. Edwin’s dad said Aimee got pregnant with KK then got dumped by him. Edwin’s wife said Aimee got pregnant. Edwin’s wife told Edwin that he will keep an eye on Aimee and Maggie. The maid told Katy in the kitchen that she worries that Maggie got scammed by Aimee. Katy whined to the maid that Aimee gets to eat Bird Nest Soup while she gets to eat Papaya and Fungus soup. Aimee took Katy’s seat during dinner.Katy got angry. Aimee told Maggie’s kids their names. Maggie’s mother in law told the kids that Aimee will eat with them from now on. Maggie’s mother in law told the kids that Aimee will have a baby and they can play with her baby soon. The kids got happy and Katy got angry. The three kids said they will be good. Sze Han asked where is Moses. Maggie’s mother in law said Moses went on a business trip. Maggie’s mother in law told Katy to reschedule her free day to have a small gathering to announce Aimee is pregnant. Aimee take are of the bed. The maid told Aimme that she bought ginger lilies instead since she couldn’t find white champak. Aimee heard the maid whispered to herself that Aimee can’t live without white champak. Aime bought a pack of white champak. Aimee’s raper followed Aimee and asked her for some money. Aimee punched the raper and bleed his fingers. Aimee saw the raper following her again when she got to Maggie’s house. She tapped the fence and asked the servant to hurry up open the door. Edwin’s wife saw Aimee’s raper. Edwin’s wife asked Katy what is Aimee’s background. Katy said Aimee is her godsister. Aimee is a loner and hardly talk to anyone. While Katy eats eggroll, Edwin’s wife told Katy that her jade is so pretty. Katy said Matt bought it for her. Edwin heard Kenny told Moses and Maggie that he beat up a scum who tries to rape Aimee. Maggie told Moses she can’t attend the pharmaceutical gathering since she is celebrating Sze Han’s friend birthday. At the gathering, Samantha told Moses that Joel’s eyes haven’t got well. Moses told Samantha to keep inform him about Joel. Maggie’s daughter told Maggie that Sze Han will marry the birthday girl. Maggie told her daughter that Sze Han will marry the girl instead of Sze Chi because she’s older than Sze Chi. Maggie’s daughter told Maggie that no one likes her. Maggie told her daughter that she wants to spend more time taking of her kids. Moses eat the read bean soup at the stall alone while Maggie feed birthday cake for her daughter. Edwin’s wife told Edwin that she saw a man followed Aimee and Aimee got scared. Edwin’s wife told Edwin that Katy wore a fake jewelry.The raper followed Aimee again after she got out of the house. Suddenly the police arrested the raper and said someone filed a report on him. Kenny wrote a letter to Aimee to hang out. Edwin asked his wife to look at Aimee’s stalker and asked if it is him. Edwin told the raper he knows who he is and he molest and steal things. Edwin told him that he can get eight to ten years in jail if he raped someone. The police beat him up. The raper confessed he knows Aimee. Edwin’s wife told Aimee that she saw the police arrested an employee because he pickpocket someone and he got beaten up. Aimee asked the police to let her see the raper but she met Edwin instead. Edwin told Aimee that if he were her, he would fight for justice for her baby. Aimee saw the raper in jail and she got scared. Edwin yelled that her baby is the raper’s baby. Edwin told Aimee he will cover up the lie for her. Edwin said Maggie’s mother in law only want the baby and not her and he wants to prove how wicked Maggie’s family is. Aimee told Edwin that Maggie is nice to her and he won’t be able to blackmail her if she loses the baby.

Last Steep Ascent episode 19 recap

Uncle Chan blabs that Maggie will go to Moses when she needs help. Matt told Moses he hired a new warehouse keeper. Uncle Chan gossip to the worker that Moses came back daydreaming. Uncle Chan said Moses know Maggie will come home late and he asked him how did he know about it. The worker Sea Fish asked Uncle Chan why doesn’t he ask Moses and Maggie if they had an affair if he wants to know. Kenny told Sea Fish to not let him hear the word affair again. Kenny’s friend told Kenny that the gossip is getting bigger. During lunch time, Moses asked his colleagues why are they so quiet. Matt asked Moses why did he name the village “Two Oxen”. Moses asked his accountant that everyone seems to cannot sit still and wants to rush after eating. Moses asked the accountant if there is something he doesn’t know. The accountant told Moses he yelled at them. Moses told the accountant he never seen him yell at anyone. The accountant said when Moses is not around he followed the book. Moses asked the accountant if he yelled at them because of him and Maggie. Samantha Ko told Moses that Joel has been irritated about the gossip about him and Maggie. Samantha said people been gossiping about Maggie doing the laundry for him and having and affair with him. Samantha told Moses he left Joel’s company because he loves Maggie. Samantha told Moses that people gossip about him and Maggie stay up late together and are lovey dovey.Maggie and her mother in law visit Aimee. Aimee dropped the scissor. Maggie’s mother in law told Aimee that pregnant woman should not use scissor cause it might hurt the baby. Maggie’s mother in law told Aimee that she is her goddaughter. Moses told Maggie he can’t spend the night with her because he has to talk to the new warehouse keeper. Uncle Chan saw Moses and Maggie walk down together and wrote it on his diary. Maggie told Moses that her mother in law would accept Aimee in the condition that she puts the inheritance under Sze Han and her house under Maggie’s name. Maggie said her mother in law didn’t want her name to be tarnished so she made Aimee her daughter in law. Moses said she did it for Maggie. Moses payed a Town Crier 25 dollars to be his warehouse keeper. Moses told Maggie that he noticed the Town Crier would show up on time whether it is raining or if he’s sick. Moses said there is nothing to worry about people stealing at night with him watching. Moses told Maggie that other people have been gossiping about him being a country bumpkin trying to climb and trying to court Maggie and take over Ho Ching Tong. Moses told Maggie that people also say they would stay together after the shop is closed and eating lovey dovey soup together at night. Maggie said her mother in law did so much for her trying to keep her from hearing those gossips. She said has three loving kids. Maggie said Moses is 30 years old which is seven or eight years younger than her. Maggie said he can’t find girls if the gossip doesn’t stop. Moses told Maggie he’s not interested in finding girls. Moses asked Maggie if she would like to eat red bean soup with him. Maggie said only one last time, and she said she will introduce him to her young friend. While waiting for the restaurant owner to come, Maggie told Moses it is the boss lady washing laundry for her helpful manager. Maggie told Moses she doesn’t think the granny will come but there’s a wonton soup nearby and she won’t eat with him. Moses told Maggie he’s going home too. Moses watch Maggie walk in the cart. Uncle Chan gave Edwin his diary where he wrote down Moses and Maggie’s timing. Edwin told Uncle Chan not to tell anyone that he returned. Edwin told his father he found out that Aimee and Kenny are another pair of adulterer. While Kenny helps Aimee pack up her stuff, Aimee told Kenny she can call him by anything he wants. Kenny told Aimee he will call her “Hey!”. Aimee’s raper stared at Aimee in the car.Kenny bought a packet of white flowers for Aimee but it’s tool ate.

Last Steep Ascent episode 18 recap

Moses asked Kenny why did he lied to him and hid Aimee. Moses checks the prescription and found out Aimee is pregnant. Kenny told Aimee to stand behind him and let him do all the talking. Moses told Kenny it is a good thing he forgot about his past and starts liking Aimee. Moses asked Kenny why did he has to run away with her. Kenny said the baby is his. Moses said there’s nothing to hide. Moses asked Kenny why did he come back to get his wife’s photo. Aimee said the baby doesn’t belong to Kenny. Maggie asked Aimee if she is carrying KK’s baby. Maggie told Aimee the baby’s last name is Ho and it is about her and KK’s busines. Maggie asked Aimee to live with her. Aimee apologize to Kenny and said they shouldn’t lie to themselves about forgetting their love. Kenny told Aimee to promise him that she will live happily. Moses told Kenny to give back his 200 dollars and buy four train tickets. Moses sit with Maggie at night and asked her if she would like some glutinous wine. Maggie told Moses that KK loved Aimee the most so Aimee should be pregnant at his house. Maggie said she’s happy if her kids are happy. Maggie told Moses she’s doing KK’s favor by taking care of Aimee. Moses told Maggie to ask him for help if she needs. Kenny look at the photo of him and his wife while packing his things. Aimee stared at her necklace and apologized to KK and cried. Aimee went to Kenny’s wife grave and said the baby she is holding isn’t KK. She said Kenny helped her so much. Aimee said she doesn’t dare to tell Kenny the truth and she doesn’t want to be his burden.Aimee asked Kenny’s wife to look over Kenny. The kid in the village gave Aimee a piece of candy to smile. Aimee bid farewell to the people in the village. Mr. Law stared at Lok Fo. This is such a sweet and good series. Moses, Maggie, Aimee, and Kenny look for seats at the table in the train. Moses told Maggie that her mother in law might be mad at her for bringing Aimee home. Kenny placed some flowers from Auntie Siu by the window since Aimee is allergic to it. Moses’s friend joked to Moses to say Aimee is his cousin when Aunt Tsui asked him. The school principal told Maggie that her kids have been skipping school for ten days. The kids got home and told Maggie that their grandma and Katy took them to the amusement parks and they won prizes. Maggie got mad that they didn’t go to school. Maggie told her mother in law that if she keeps on playing with her kids then they won’t have the motivation to study. Maggie asked her kids to give her the toys and go to her room and study. Maggie told Moses she can’t spend time with him to make up for her lost time at work. Maggie told Moses indirectly in front of her mother in law “It takes 3 years to take good care of the kids but it takes 3 days to spoil them.” Maggie asked her kids in her room if they remember why they have to go to school. Maggie told her kids they can have their toys back after they finish their homework. Maggie promised her kids to take them out to eat every month for pancakes and win toys at the amusement park. The kids told Maggie she missed her a lot. Katy smiled looking at the kids hugging Maggie. Matt told Maggie’s mother in law that she took the kids to play because she’s afraid of all the gossip about Maggie and Moses. Maggie eat with her mother in law at the food stall and asked her if she’s still mad at for pinpointing her for setting bad example for the kids. Maggie told her that Aimee tried to kill herself at the village because she carried KK’s baby. Maggie’s mother in law asked Maggie how does she know the baby belongs to KK. Maggie’s mother in law told Maggie she will change the inheritance to Sze han and Maggie will be his custodian until he is 21 and hand everything to him then. Maggie’s mother in law said if Maggie agrees to what she propose then she will agree to let Aimee stay.

Last Steep Ascent episode 17 recap

Maggie Cheung told Moses she still have her three kids but Aimee doesn’t have anyone by her. Moses told Maggie that Aimee wanted to die and there are things they don’t know about her yet.

Kenny remember he saved Aimee in the sea. Kenny told the doctor to not tell anyone that he saved Aimee. Aime asked Kenny why does he cares for her and the baby. Aimee told Kenny that he takes her as his wife and doesn’t want her wife to die again so he saved her.Aimee cried and said her baby is another debt. Kenny told Aimee that it is faith that they meet and he will take care of her. Kenny asked Aimee to marry him and the baby will be his.Kenny told Lok Ho that Aimee wants him to say she’s dead. Kenny let Aimee stayed at his Lok Ho’s house. Kenny told Aimee they will leave to Heyuan when Maggie and Moses leave the village. Kenny said Hyuan is famous for chestnut and they can grow chestnuts for a living or save a toys for her baby.

In the present, Kenny told Moses to go with Maggie to Canton since there’s nothing to do in the village. Kenny asked Moses if he can give him 200 dollars. The chief call everyone in the village and said his daughter is missing and might be with the teacher. Kenny told Lok Ho that her dad is trying to find Mr. Lau. The chief told Mr. Lau he will have the police arrest him if he still deny of kidnapping Lok Ho. The story of the people in the village is getting boring. Mr. Lau told Lok Ho to tell where were she. Mr. Lau said being poor is a mistake. Damn. Every new long series nowadays is so draggy on the last 10 episodes. Aimee asked Lok Ho why isn’t she mad that she’s fighting with Mr. Lau. Lok Ho said Aimee will leave in a few days and she will explain to him. Aimee look at her necklace from KK. Kenny thinks about his wife. The Chief asked Moses to stay for a few more days since it is rude to leave after Aimee died. The chief said it is heartless for Kenny to forget Aimee after she just died. The Chief say Aimee died unnaturally and will become a ghost and follow him at night. Maggie said something’s wrong with Kenny since he only talk about Aimee’s funeral with the chief. Moses gave Kenny 200 dollars and told him to do whatever he needs to do in the village and then come back to Canton later. Moses look at Kenny explain to his friend about the worker’s position in Mose’s company. Moses and Maggie leave for Canton.Kenny look at the portrait of him and his wife. Moses open the door to find Aimee. Moses tapped on Kenny’s shoulder.

Last Steep Ascent episode 16 recap

Moses and Maggie wakes up and heard someone’s wedding. Moses and Maggie walked up on the plain. Maggie told Moses she bet he fell in love with a girl when he was eighteen but she fell in love with someone else and he couldn’t forget her. Maggie said maybe Moses is just picky and would only pick pretty girls. Moses said he’s too shy that’s why he’s single. Moses said he knows he’s poor and can’t afford to marry a wife. Moses said he rather stay in the village and be a country bumpkin forever. Maggie and Moses watch a wedding. Maggie told Moses maybe a boy will come out and ask to touch the bride’s tooth. Maggie told Moses she touched a boy’s tooth gap during her wedding. Moses remember he let the bride touch his tooth gap when he was little. Moses visits is past maids. Maggie introduced herself to the maids. The maids made dumplings for Moses. A mad told Moses she will marry Mr. Lau. Moses dragged Maggie away while the maids chat with each other. Maggie asked Moses if he likes any of the maid. Maggie told Moses’s parents at their grave that Moses need to find a girl. Moses remember that his parents said to bring a girl to their grave if he likes her. The doctor told Kenny that Aimee is pregnant. Kenny told Aimee that she will not be alone anymore since she has a baby. Aimee sit alone in her room and cries. Aimee asked Kenny to go out and give her a ride on the bike. While riding the bike, Kenny told Aimee he will pay for the first gift of her baby and the village is a nice place to nurture her baby. Amy cried. While Kenny bought peanuts for Aimee, she left. Kenny read Aimee’s letter that she treasures his kindness. Kenny, Maggie, and Moses searched for Aimee. Kenny saw Aimee’s handkerchief and jumped in the sea. Moses told the villagers that Kenny is a good swimmer; he’ll be fine.