Master of Play episode 30 recap

Rebecca asked Adam to leave Aimee alone and not to press charge cause Aimee is already pitiful. Rebecca told the cops that Aimee is also a victim and she told them to balance the law and compassion. The cop told Rebecca he hopes she will not let go of Aimee because she thinks Aimee is her daughter. Adam tries to get into Moses mind and thinking that Moses tries to be Adam. Wow! Adam sent an SMS to Aimee’s friend Sandy telling her to come at Moses’ house to perform magic. Adam is turning crazy thinking he’s Moses. Aimee told Adam that if the reporter knows he’s that crazy, then he cannot turn back. Adam acting like Moses saying “I’m not Kun Siu Nam”. Aimee begs Adam to wake up. Adam cooks food for Aimee and act like Moses. Aimee cried missing his brother and takes Adam as Moses. Rebecca told Adam that she doesn’t care who is right or wrong, she just wants him to forget the past. Rebecca told Adam to not worry about others, and just worry about himself. Rebecca said that Aimee is a victim but her brother killed her husband. Rebecca told Adam she likes Aimee as daughter and defended her to the police but she can’t face her. Adam acting like Moses poured sleeping pills in the tea for Rebecca to drink. Will told Aimee that Moses is dead, and to pretend that a dead person is alive is not the best way to remember them. Adam acting like Moses prepare to perform in the play and thinking of getting Aimee back. Aimee asked Adam to tell him honestly who is he now. Aimee told Adam that everyone calls him “Kun Siu Nam” because he is really Kun Siu Nam. Aimee told Adam, although she misses her brother, she cannot take Adam as her brother. Aimee told Adam that he may know what is on Moses’s mind but he can’t perform his magic tricks. Aimee told Adam that when he performs the underwater lock shows, he will die. Adam punched Aimee and she fainted. The cops say Adam’s eyes look strange. Adam saw Maggie telling him that Moses doesn’t want him to die and why he’s torturing himself like this. Maggie told Adam that he doesn’t miss her the most. Adam found out he misses Tansy. Maggie told Adam if he’s dead, Rebecca will miss him. Maggie said if Adam dies, then no one will miss Tansy. Aimee woke up and yelled at everyone that Adam can’t open the lock. Rebecca woke up and tries to find Adam. Ok. I was confused during the ending, wasn’t sure if Adam died or not. We can interpret that the people listened to Aimee that Adam is getting in Moses’s mind or the people didn’t save Adam in time. It’s open ended and depends on how you view it. I interpreted Adam lived and dreamed that he wants to remember Tansy. He was glad that he can finally accept the reality and release his evil soul.The ending scene shows an empty room of Adam’s studio with Adam’s cup of tea. His colleague rehearse the Shakespeare play.

Master of Play episode 29 recap

Lots of stuff happens in this episode.Rebecca gave Aimee a bracelet and told her to wear it when Aimee’s daughter is married. Aimee told Rebecca that date will be too far away. Rebecca told Aimee it doesn’t matter who wears it, they are family. Adam watched Moses’s old underwater chain show on TV. Adam pick a card out of the deck and tries to get into Moses mind talking to his split personalities. Adam imagine Moses telling his split personalities that he doesn’t want Adam to die, he just wants him to lose everything near him. Adam imagines that Kenny telling Moses that Adam thinks he is smart, and see how he feels when all the people around him die. Adam imagines Rachel Kan telling Moses that the cops are weak and needs Adam’s help so no need to kill him. Adam imagines Moses saying the smartest one must die. Adam imagines Edwin saying nothing good will come to being a smart ass. Adam imagines Moses strangles Ram Chiang. Adam worries that Ram Chiang will be Moses next target because he is his closest friend. Adam told Ram Chiang that now he know Moses and his father’s past,he understand better how his mind works. Moses told Ram Chiang that he loves his sister Aimee and he wouldn’t easily give Aimee for Adam to take care. Adam told Ram Chiang that he knows that he will not help him investigating the case, but Moses doesn’t understand. The bar tender asked Adam how is Mr. Cheung.Adam reply “I’m fine.”,pretending to be Moses. The bar tender look surprised. Adam sits on a chair drinking wine trying to get into Mose’s place talking to his split personalities saying “Whatever I lost, Kun Siu Nam won’t have it either”. Adam imagines Moses strangle Rebecca. Adam told Rebecca if Moses didn’t barge in her house last night, it must have been him. Adam look crazy pretending to be Moses in this episode. Aimee told Adam that there is something she needs to tell him. The cops said that Moses just use Kelly as his cover to got to L.A, he’s actually hiding in Hongkong. The cops said they must protect Adam and his family. Adam told the psychologist, after his daughter Tansy got kidnapped, he rather perform on stage than be himself. The psychologist told Adam he needs and anti-depressant drug. Adam barge in Rebecca’s house acting like Moses trying to strangle Rebecca but he saw Aimee. Aimee got scared seeing Adam acting like Moses. Aimee told Adam to wake up, he is not his brother, and he is in too much into Mose’s character. Adam keeps on telling Aimee that “I am really Cheung Sai Yeung”. Moses told Adam “If you are Cheung Sai Yeung, then who am I?”. Moses laughed and told Adam that he really thought that he killed his dad to save Aimee? Moses said he was just 15 years old back then, he couldn’t even beat him, how could he kill him? Moses told Adam that Aimee is not Tansy and he told him to leave his sister alone. Aimee cried and told Adam that she’s sorry that she lied to him. She said she lied to him that she is Tansy so Adam wouldn’t pursue Moses involvement in kidnapping Tansy. With the police involvement, she had to lie. Moses told Adam that his daughter Tansy has been long dead. Moses told Adam that his dad killed Tansy and he can’t repay him. Moses told Adam that his goal was to raise his sister to live a normal life but he wouldn’t leave him alone. Moses strangled Adam and said because of him, he lost everything. Aime hit Moses with a vase so he wouldn’t kill Adam. Moses tries to strangle Aimee, then Adam pushed a knife toward Moses back. Moses told Adam that he can never find Tansy. Aimee told the police that when she was in coma, she heard Moses telling her that he killed Adam’s daughter. Aimee told the cops that Moses killed Jerry, Uncle Tin,Steve, and Tansy. Aimee said she wanted Adam and Rebecca to be her parents, but she does not deserve them. Adam dreams of reuniting with Tansy.

Master of Play episode 28 recap

Matt Yeung’s subordinate told Moses that he suspects him of murdering someone in Adam’s house. He asked Moses if he argued with Aimee in the car and why did she got out in the middle of the street. Moses said he argued with her about doing magic tricks and she was angry so she got out of the car. The police said Moses’s fingerprint is similar to the fingerprints in Adam’s house. Moses said that he always go there to teach Adam magic tricks. The lawyer told Moses that Adam and his wife will pay the hospital bill for Aimee. The police interrogate Aimee about the incident. Adam told Moses that Aimee told him that she is Tansy and Moses was one of the kidnappers. Moses yelled at Adam and said Aimee is her real sister. Aimee lied to the police that Moses waited for her at the office after work. Adam told Moses that he did not expose him not because of Aimee begging him but because he can’t forgive himself after kidnapping her and think this war should end. Rebecca told her son that it’s not that she doesn’t believe Adam but she is not sure if Aimee is really Tansy. He asked him if he thinks Aimee is his sister. Rebecca said she doesn’t know how to deal with it since everything just happen so sudden. She said after her husband died, and now her daughter comes back. She said she should be happy but she feels so strange and she feels it is not real. Ram Chiang told Adam to be truth to himself that he doesn’t believe that Aimee is Tansy. Adam said that Moses couldn’t kill Aimee but killed her father by mistake. Ram Chiang asked Adam that he saw multiple personalities in Moses too. So Adam found out Moses has split personalities due to the bar and his customers being burned. Ram Chiang told Moses that if he believed what Aimee said, then he should believe that Steve’s dead was an accident. Adam told Ram Chiang that he has to forgive Moses just because he saved his daughter’s life. Adam told Moses that Aimee wants to see him one more time because he took good care of her. Adam told Moses that Aimee only wants to live a normal life.Aimee told Moses she is really moving out. She said so many dead surrounds him. Aimee told Moses that Steve’s dead is a different story, and it is a lie she is stuck for life. Aimee told Moses he doesn’t need to apologize; he took good care of her for 25 years. She said she can’t tell if Moses is a good person after all the killing he did, but this lie is to repay him. Aimee told Moses to go to Las Vegas with Kelly to perform magic. Aime said even though she lied about Steve’s dead, the police will soon find out the truth. Moses told Kelly that magic can make something disappear but it can’t change reality. Will told Aimee that Adam should marry Rebecca so the family could reunite. Adam told Ram Chiang that Aimee is sad because she missed Moses but there is something Aimee is afraid to tell him. Aimee told Adam she feels uncomfortable to call him “Daddy” since she used to call him by his name. Adam said different name doesn’t matter since it is just a name. Aimee told Adam she will call her “Daddy” in odd days, “Kun” on even days, and “Hey” on Sunday. Adam told the police since Moses blamed him for letting him be in this situation, he will target the people around Adam. He wants Adam to feel how it is to lose something. Moses capture that guy who gossips about Maggie.

Master of Play episode 27 recap

Rebecca’s son asked her if he still loves Adam. He said he thinks that she matches with Adam more than his dad.Moses grabbed Aimee in the car and put the fake hand in the bag. Moses told Aimee that the dentist is dead but not Adam. Aimee ran out in the middle of the street and got hit by a car. Adam heard Aimee got in the hospital, he got mad at Moses for killing Rebecca’s husband, stealing Maggie’s fake hand, and causing Aimee to be in an accident.Moses told Adam that Adam brings bad luck to his daughter, Maggie, and now Aimee. Moses asked the nurse to only let him visit his sister. While Aimee is in coma, Moses tells her that he doesn’t deserve her as a sister but he already gave her the best. He said he never felt good about owing Adam. He said he tries to avoid him but he let her be friends with him. He said she only can blame dad and those creeps about how broke they were. He said he was beaten by by his dad when he was fifteen. He said he thought if he kept an eye on, then no one with get hurt but in the end he had no choice. Rebecca madly went into Aimee’s room to confront Moses. She told Adam that Steve did not accidentally died.Rebecca cried and told Adam that Tansy and her husband died because of him. Moses complained to the police about Adam barging in Aimee’s room. Matt Yeung’s subordinate told Moses that he wasn’t there and there’s no way that they could press charge. The police asked Moses what did he fight with Adam about.The police found it weird that during the same night, someone robbed Adam’s flat and then Aimee got into a car crash. Moses said he picked Aimee up from work and don’t care who got robbed. Steve’s son told Adam that he missed his dad’s jokes. Adam sighed to Will that he arrived five minutes late to pick up Tansy after the rehearsal, and she has been taken. Adam told Will that Rebecca and he knew that time doesn’t matter because the kidnapper will eventually kidnap her anyway. When Moses returned to the hospital to check on Aimee, she went missing. Moses crazily came up to Adam and confront him that he and Rebecca kidnap Aimee. Adam’s colleagues told Moses that Adam has been rehearsing with them. Adam told Moses that he thinks of Aimee differently than he thinks of him. Adam’s colleagues told Moses to go home and look for her. Aimee walked in the middle of the street. Moses saw the tree changed colors. Rebecca told Adam that Aimee is Tansy. Rebecca told Aimee that no one will bully her again from now on.

Master of Play episode 26 recap

Matt Yeung’s subordinate told Adam that Maggie hid her blade inside her mechanical arm. Adam saw Esther and Tsui Wing walking together with illusion. Moses fought with a guy about telling the reporter about Maggie and he warned him of not appearing in front of him again. Aimee is thinking of how to explain to Moses and Adam about Maggie being the killer. Rebecca told Aimee that she doesn’t have to worry about Adam because Adam wasn’t sure if Maggie went out with him for a motive. Adam told Moses that Maggie killed herself to cover up for him, and how could he just go into her house to look for evidence against him? Moses told Adam that he rather do something for her than cry. Adam told Moses that if he wanted to do something for Maggie, he should have turned himself in. Moses asked Adam if he should have told the police that he has been fooling around and making Maggie jealous and die. Moses told Adam that if he hasn’t been investigating this case then Maggie wouldn’t have commit suicide. Adam told Moses that so he thinks that he would forgive him. Moses told Adam that he can’t read his mind. Moses told Adam that he will see more than he can handle when he can read his mind. Aimee cut the tree with a haywire and it reminds Moses of Maggie. Moses cried while laying on his bed and told Aimee that Maggie used to say that the hand would make a lot of noise. He said but now it won’t make anymore noise. Cheng Sir talked on the radio saying that winning or losing the stock is the same as when life goes up and down. He said too much money and too stuff happening in life can be a burden. Whether it is good or bad, it is up for us to judge and we must look ahead. Even if we lose so much money, we mustn’t kill ourselves and everything will be healed but the scar will leave behind. Matt Yeung’s subordinate told Adam that Maggie might be a copycat of the serial killer and tries to cover up for him.Adam told Ram Chiang that he wanted to expose Moses but he wants to respect Maggie’s last wish. Ram Chiang told Adam that if he wanted to expose him, he would have done it to the police already. He doesn’t want to expose Moses because he is his friend. Ram Chiang told Adam that Adam wanted to find out why Moses killed those people. Adam checks the jekyll bar. Moses found out that Adam checked his background, he is afraid that Adam will go after him. Moses look at Maggie’s fake hand.Moses heard the opera in Adam’s house and strangled Rebecca’s husband mistakenly.

Master of Play episode 25 recap

Moses told Henry that he wants to kill Maggie because he doesn’t want her to turn out to be a serial killer like him. Henry told Moses that Maggie did that so Moses can go on with his life. Aimee told Rebecca’s husband that she can’t be friends with Adam because he is dating Maggie. Adam doesn’t know how to explain his relationship with Maggie to Rebecca. Rebecca told Adam to be patient. Adam ignores Maggie’s call. Maggie watched Adam’s play and left. Maggie asked Moses if he gets bored going to the Jekyll bar everyday. Moses told Maggie that he owes her an apology. Maggie told Moses that it is her decision. Moses told Maggie that he doesn’t even know what he is thinking. Maggie told Moses to stop lying to themselves. Moses told maggie that he used to work part time in the jekyll bar at night. He said after the fire broke, he saw some guys who tries to save themselves by trampling by each other. Maggie doesn’t know how can people be happy living being evil and he asks Moses if he is happy killing people. Esther told Moses to promise that he will never hurt or kill others again. Moses told Esther to come back to him then he will promise. Maggie told Moses that she only wants to be with him. Maggie made out with Moses then handcuffed him. Maggie told Moses that Adam Cheng already has a clue of what is going on. Maggie told Moses to please not listen to his multiple personalities anymore. Moses managed to break the handcuff. Maggie turns herself to the cops. Maggie admits Moses’s crime too. Maggie commits suicide in jail.

Master of Play episode 24 recap

Maggie dreamed of Tsui Wing and her went shopping together. Tsui Wing told Maggie that he hopes the government will pass a law to raise a tax for shopping bag because people only used them once. He said he studied medicine but dropped out. He said before he graduated in Australia, he did his intership in a war zone and witness a lot of people die. After that he earned his degree then got depressed when he did his intership in Hongkong. He said he must fight alone to protect the environment. In the present, Moses came back to that old bar and saw a tiny piece of Maggie’s mechanical hand. Adam told the police that he worries Matt will harm Maggie. The cops said Matt is still a cop, he won’t do something illegal. Maggie changed the locks. Maggie throw the saw away and other evidences. The Chief yelled at Matt’s subordinate about how can they trust Adam’s method of solving the problems. Matt’s subordinate said if they can’t solve the case using the police way then consider Adam’s way as the second choice. Adam is reading Matt’s file to see what he’s thinking. Yuck! Makes me want to throw up. Maggie called the dogs to eat Matt Yeung’s bone. Moses took Matt Yeung’s bone and tries to get rid of it by boiling it. Moses goes to the restroom and throw up after looking at the bone. The police said the DNA doesn’t match Kong Sir, and it belongs to whomever drove Kong Sir’s car. The police said that Matt Yeung was right about Tsui Wing had an accomplice(which is Maggie).The police said Kong Sir is a racer when he drives. Adam suspect Maggie when the police told him that the driver cannot drive stick shift. Adam thought about Maggie’s missing hands( which Matt Chopped) and Matt said Maggie is the only lead. Adam also thought about how Maggie saw Tsui Wing on the screen. Adam rehearse the crime while listening to Tsui Wing’s statement about the world is evil because of humans. Adam told Helen Ma that he will just register with Maggie for the wedding and not to plan it big to make her happy. Adam told Maggie to stay at his house longer. Adam made out with Maggie. Moses deny that Maggie is the killer. Edwin told Moses that Maggie murder people by slaughtering them with one hand. In the taxi, Maggie recalls that she saw Moses switching places using different identities(Eric, Edwin, Martin, and Michelle) talking to himself at the old bar. Adam said when putting a mask on, we can switch to different characters. Adam told Ram Chiang that he can’t tell if Maggie loves him or not. Adam doubts that Maggie still love Moses and must have a reason to be near him. Adam said he rather not know the reason behind this mask. Adam tries to kill Maggie but doesn’t want to. Moses’s personalities beat him on the street.

Master of Play episode 23 recap

Adam and Matt listens to Tsui Wing’s statement that he’s using a different method of saving many people in this world. He said only a small percentage of people are saved in this word while many are still suffering. Moses told Aimee he knows she is avoiding Adam for him. Moses told Aimee he has other important things to do and she doesn’t need to dwell on the past. Moses told Kenny that Adam can’t be the wednesday night killer since he stayed with him that night. He said he only wants Adam to leave Aimee alone. Adam said that Tsui Wing felt alone and wanted more recognition so he commit suicide and he thought that there will me more people like him who will save this world. Adam told Matt’s subordinate to tell Matt Yeung to solve the case using the cop’s way. Maggie’s car squeaked while she drives Adam. Moses watch Adam and Maggie going to her house. Moses saw Matt Yeung in the car. Matt Yeung searched that old bar and look for evidence by using Adam’s way. Moses doubt if Matt Yeung is the serial killer. Matt Yeung told Maggie that he suspects that Jerry’s dead is related to Tsui Wing’s accomplice. Matt Yeung brought a hypnotist to help Maggie remember what happened 3 years ago. Matt’s subordinate told him that cops also have discipline and if it weren’t for Charlie, he wouldn’t work hard under him. Adam told Matt Yeung he has no right to keep on harassing Maggie. Matt Yeung said that last night the serial killer didn’t kill anyone and if he quits now then they will have no clue who is the serial killer. Adam told Matt Yeung to stop investigating the case or else he cannot turn back. Adam didn’t see Maggie in her house. Matt Yeung captured Maggie. Matt Yeung told Maggie to help him by remembering what happened. Adam saw Maggie’s phone on the street and called the cops to help. Matt Yeung used the saw to chop Maggie’s fake arm. Maggie pushed a knife toward Matt Yeung’s belly. Maggie told Matt Yeung that now she has more killing to do. She strangled Matt Yeung’s neck. She cleans off his blood.

Master of Play episode 22 recap

Matt Yeung confronts Michael (the gay man) being the wednesday night killer. His subordinate told him that they closed the case and he doesn’t have the right to pursue it. He knows that Matt is trying to get into the killer’s mind like Adam. Adam told Moses that Maggie is doing well at her house. Adam holds Maggie’s hand. Aimee looked at Moses perform magic in front of everyone on the street. Maggie told Aimee to go back with Moses. Aimee asked Adam why did he go out with Maggie after she just broke up with Moses. Maggie look at Moses’s ring. Rebecca told Adam to not dwell on the past. Rebecca said he told the film director to replace Moses because she knows Adam can’t face him. Aimee gave candy to the kids. Moses told Aimee to pick up her cello. Maggie cried while hugging Rebecca. Maggie saw Tsui Wing on the screen and got scared when she tuck in Adam’s USB. Adam said he just wants to investigate if Tsui Wing’s case is related to the wednesday killer. Maggie said he doesn’t want Adam to get involved in this case. Maggie stared strangely at Adam when he picked up his USB and leaves. Adam and Maggie enters the room and saw Moses drunk. Moses told Adam that he stole his girl. Maggie saw Moses telling Adam that he will get retribution for this. Aimee made coffee for Moses. Moses go to his company and saw the joker card saying he knows what Moses did.

Master of Play episode 21 recap

-Moses look at Maggie going to the old bar.
-Rebecca saw Aimee’s hair on her brush.
-Rebecca saw a group of students singing.
-Rebecca asked the teacher if she thought Tansy that song.
-The teacher said that the music teacher that taught that song left and the song has been spread.
-Maggie send Moses some job applications
-Aimee called Rebecca to hang out with her.
-Moses’s girl friend asked him why didn’t he truthfully tell Maggie about their relationship.
-Moses’s girlfriend is mad and asked him why did he go to bed with her.
-Moses thought about killing his girlfriend because she might be the serial killer.
-Maggie goes to the market and thought about Adam. Ooh she starts to like him.
-Moses left his wallet at the bar.
-Aimee texted Rebecca’s son.
-Rebecca put a blanket on Aimee.
-Moses kidap his girlfriend.
-Moses tied a rope over his girlfriend’s neck, and thought that he still have Esther even if he loses her.
-Moses showed a photo of her and her friends out of town during the Wednesday night cop.
-Moses thinks his girlfriend couldn’t have killed the other two victims and definitely didn’t know he killed Jerry.
-Rebecca told Aimee that she took her and Adam on the same restaurant that they went on a date.
-Maggie is so thrilled that Adam came to her house.
-Adam said he comes to her house to reject her about the date she proposed. He wants to be at home because it is Rebecca and his wedding anniversary date.
-He said he usually would only stay alone on Tansy’s birthday.
-Adam even starts to have feeling for Rebecca. He has to forget about Rebecca and Tansy since Rebecca has a husband, and Tansy is long gone.
-A detective informed Rebecca that Tansy’s information is the same as Aimee. He tells her to take her blood sample to examine if they are really related.
-Adam told Maggie that he can be boring as a partner.
-Moses thinks Maggie is the real killer.
-The question is: Does Maggie pretends to break up with Moses?