Missing You (HK) Review

Where should I start?

Pros about this series:It is a lighthearted series which you can watch it to enjoy and relax. I kinda struggled finish the last five episodes of this series though. The ending was a happy one but a pretty normal one. It’s fresh to see Calvin Chan and Lin Xia Wei since TVB always use the same casts.

Cons of this series: This series have weak casts such as Jason Chan as the main lead, and there are some newbies too. It can be a pros to have many supporting stars since this series mainly focuses on the cases. If it were focused on the relationships,then I would want a stronger lead. Jason’s acting is so wooden in this drama. His looks is alright but he doesn’t have enough chemistry with Linda Chung.

The cases are heart touching and a bit different since it is about searching for the people you love and you miss. The cases had some flaws that it always end up with a happy ending and people can reunite with their kins so easily and fasts. It’s TVB’s way of finishing many cases so fast and on time. :P. The most memorable case for me was the Helena Law cases about helping her siblings finally and got fifty years in jail for killing Master Keung. Helena got misunderstood by her siblings for cheating on them and runaway with Master Keung. The other memorable case for me was The Charmaine Li’s case about not accepting her biological daughter. Other cases were not that memorable for me.

There are many guest stars in this drama such as Susan Tse, Power Chan, Raymond Wong, Elaine Yiu.

Yan Ming Federation staff are Ram Chiang, Jason Chan, Linda Chung, Calvin, and Cilla. There’s not much close up scenes about Jason Chan which is fine with me. Jason plays a good guy who likes to help people.Linda Chung plays is observant. On the first day of the interview, she saw detective books in Ram Chiang’s office and she told him she also likes to read mysteries genre.I like how there’s always a food scene in this drama. The part where Cilla took Calvin to a rich restaurant was funny. Calvin helps Cilla to learn to be thrifty. Calvin is pretty funny in teasing Cilla. Ram Chiang always go on a bus because he used to have a crush on this girl who sat on the bus. The bus has purple and yellow colored chair. Ram Chiang helps Cilla understand that the friends she hung out with are based on materialistic.Ram Chiang helps Jason to figure out what careers he wants, as an accounting or a social worker. Ram Chiang told Jason that he will be richer being in the office but there are many people who needs his help. Ram told Jason to look down on the bus and said there needs a kindhearted person to help these people. Ram persuaded Linda not to quit her job because of Jason and she is capable of being a social worker.

Linda’s family: Patrick Dunn cooks for the family. Linda’s mom opens a store of Cosmetic. Linda’s brother Brian Chu performs in a band concert with Fred Cheng and other band members. Brian doesn’t like to go to University and is pressured about his family’s demand. Brian also likes to read comics.

Matt Yeung and Lin Xia Wei adds to the subplot. It’s nice to see Matt again after seeing him in Master of Play and Last Steep Ascent.Lin Xia Wei’s acting needs more improvement but she’s still new and has time. I thought Lin Xia Wei’s face looks weird but not bad. Matt plays the role of a liar who wants to be promoted fast. Lin Xia Wei got jealous of Linda for liking Jason. I don’t really care about Lin Xia Wei’s family.

I like how this series has some morals. When I was reading Ginny’s Missing You’s review in TVB’s Perspective, I had the same thoughts about Moral when watching this series. It has the moral of:

-Don’t give people too much hope because the more hope, the more you get hurt. I think that’s a good moral. When Linda told the client that she can definitely find her son on her first case. Ram Chiang and Cilla knew that The client’s son was dead.

-What you see may not be the true: When Matt Yeung keeps on lying to Lin Xia Wei about Jason and Linda has an affair. When Susan Tse lied to Jason about Mary being the third party and she lied about her cancer. When Helena impersonated Chef Long Gor’s sister and said she wanted to revenge him.

This series is alright to watch during your own time but not a must watch. It is one of the better series so far.

Suggestion: Don’t watch this series for a cute love stories or casts. Watch it for the plot and cases. I like how it is mixed of cases and subplot. Watch it for Linda Chung too. 🙂

I would give this series a 3.5 out of 5 stars for a good start of the beginning of 2013.

Missing You (HK) episode 20 recap

Susan cried and said Sorry to Jason. KK Cheung told Susan that she lied after another lie and he can’t apologize to Mary. KK told Susan he has to divorce her. Sam told the Yan Ming that the doctor told Susan she had two arteries. KK doesn’t believe it. Sam said his mom doesn’t want to take the operation. Linda visits Susan at the hospital and told her that she doesn’t agree with her but doesn’t want her to be like this. Susan cried and said she can’t even apologize to Mary and she rather be the one who died. Jason showed KK his house. Jason told KK he used to build his own furniture to save money. Jason showed KK a picture of Mary, Lily, and him at the Ferris Wheel. KK told Jason he met Mary at the university. He was poor and had to take a part time job. Mary would give him a big portion of meal at the noodle store. He said Mary helped him graduate financially. Jason told KK that Sam said his mom is not faking cancer this time. KK told Jason that Susan caused Jason to be orphan and Mary to die and he can’t forgive her. Jason yelled at Susan that she wants to die so they can feel guilty.Linda told Jason that Susan agree to take the operation. Jason told Linda that he should set everyone free since there will be no winner. Lin Xia Wei told Jason that Susan gave one million to charity to the children ‘s home. Jason told KK that he wants the family to be happy. KK gets back with Susan. Susan thanked Jason. Jason told Calvin he has to thank Linda for her support. Lin Xia Wei apologized to Linda for saying harsh words to her last time and believing Matt. Lin Xia Wei told Linda that she really wants to get back with Jason. Lin Xia Wei asked Linda if she will pick Jason. Linda told Lin Xia Wei she will pick her brother since she never thought of going out with Jason. Lin Xia Wei thanked Linda. Linda told the Yan Ming she will resign and go to Australia with her brother. Cilla told Linda that they didn’t have time celebrate the farewell party with her. Jason asked Linda why doesn’t she reconsider. Lin Xia Wei asked Jason to go to the movie with her. Jason and Lin Xia Wei saw Matt dating another girl. Jason hugged Lin Xia Wei and said she deserves to win him back. Linda saw Jason holding Lin Xia Wei’s hand. Lin Xia Wei told Jason that after he held her hand, she knows that he doesn’t have feelings for her anymore. Jason told Lin Xia Wei they will always be friends. Lin Xia Wei told Jason to grab who is the most important to him. Brian asked Linda if she can stand not seeing Jason again. Brian told Linda she doesn’t have to go with him in Australia. Brian asked Linda not to give Jason up for him. Cilla told her colleagues that Linda is leaving tonight. Jason saw a yellow slip of paper in the ferris wheel. The paper said Linda hopes the ferris wheel will bring him happiness. Jason red the green slip of paper which said she hopes he eat at Brother Lung’s restaurant everyday and work succesfully with his new partner.. He took out a blue slip an it said she wishes he’s happy with his girlfriend. The orange slip said she wishes him being happy with KK. She wishes him being happy with Lin Xia Wei forever. Flashbacks of Jason and Linda. Jason went out and search for Linda. Brian told Jason that Linda said she haven’t eat Lava Cake for a long time. Brother Lung told Jason that Linda just left after eating the lava cake. Linda sit on the bus. Jason ran and ran many blocks. Jason saw Linda getting out of the bus. Jason search for Linda in the crowd and yelled her name. Jason stood on the traffic light pole and asked the people to search for Linda. A girl told his boyfriend it is so embarrassing for Jason to yell. The girl asked Linda if she is Ho Yu Fung. Linda cried. Jason hugged Linda and said she’s the most important in his life now. Linda told Jason that she is not his kin. Linda asked Jason how could he use Yan Ming’s name to search for her. Jason told Linda he will try his best to make her his kin. The crowd applauded. On the bus, Vincent asked Cilla if the girl in front of her is pretty. Cilla told Vincent to go out with her if he thinks so. Vincent asked Cilla if she is jealous. Ram Chiang saw Siu Hau Hau’s card name on the bus and thought about her. A fat bus driver came, Ram Chiang got out of the bus and ran. The bus driver changed the card name to her name. Linda returned to Yan Ming. Jason held Linda’s hand and told Cilla and Calvin he got her back. Calvin, Cilla, and Jason told Ram Chiang to rehire Linda. Ram Chiang agreed. Mr.Tsang came back and told the Yan Ming that he cloned his dad. Jason and his colleagues said “Shh.”

The End

Missing You (HK) episode 19 recap

Jason took Linda to a noodle soup shop of his grandma. KK Cheung introduced professor Kong, Dean of the Faculty of Law to Jason and Linda. KK said the committee selected him for Dean since professor Kong is retiring. Jason helped KK finish building the bookcase. Susan made fresh fruit mills. KK told Jason he can stay up late helping him working on the mahogany wood and then sleep in the guest room then they will go out to eat. Susan saw Lin Xia Wei at her company. Susan wish Lin Xia Wei good luck on her interview. At the restaurant, Lin Xia Wei told Susan she got hired. Susan told Lin Xia Wei that Jason and KK get along so well. Lin Xia Wei told Susan that Jason is an orphan and didn’t know who is his dad and he took his mother’s last name.His mom abandoned him since he was five. Lin Xia Wei said Jason is 27 years old and met her at a university. Lin Xia Wei cooked lemon chicken for Jason and thanked him for helping her.Lin Xia Wei saw a photo of Jason with her mom and stepsister. Lily sent Jason a photo of a guy who might be important to Mary. Jason and Linda went to the library to search for the yearbook of the date 1985 when his dad graduated. Jason and Linda saw the picture of KK and was surprised he might me Jason’s dad. Linda said Mary tore the photo because she hated his dad but glued the photo back because she still loves his dad. Linda told Jason that if KK isn’t his dad then he might have news about him.A guy stared at Jason and Linda walking out from the library. Susan heard Jason called KK. Susan told KK that he has to play Bridge with Law Sire tonight. KK thought he had a meeting with him next week. Susan called Law Sire and lied that KK wants to play Bridge with him. Mary asked Jason if Mary is his mom. Susan told Jason that she and KK were dating while they were studying in law. They always went to his grandma’s noodle shop. Susan said they planned to get married but KK cheated with Mary. The Susan got hurt. Susan said KK promised her he will study in England so he won’t see Mary.Susan said KK wanted her to explain to Mary after he leaves to england. Susan told Jason that she doesn’t want the media to know that KK has an illegitimate son since he’s running for Dean. Susan begged Jason to wait two more years to tell KK he’s his son. Susan told Jason that she has cervical cancer. Jason told Ram Chiang he doesn’t want to investigate his case anymore. Jason told Linda that he doesn’t want his dad to lose the Dean’s position and he doesn’t want to hurt Sam. Ram Chiang asked Linda he wants her to tell him the real reason why she quits. Ram Chiang told Linda the real reason he likes riding the bus is because he fell in love with a girl when he was in school and they went to the same bus. Her name was Siu Hau Hau. He only peeked at her on the bus. One time he saw her fighting wit hher boyfriend. He gave her a handkerchief when she cries so much. He didn’t have the courage to tell her if she wants to hang out with him after the bus rides. Ram Chiang told Linda if he asked her, she might turned him down. Ram Chiang told Linda not to make an excuse to quit her job. KK told Susan he was so happy when Jason helped him with the woods. Susan told KK that she has cancer. Susan told KK she wants to have a treatment in England. Sam told Brian and his bad members that it will be the last time he will perform because he’s going to Englan to get his Masters. Sam said his whole family is moving to England next month. Jason left the church after hearing KK called him he will bring cheesecake for him. Jason told Linda he doesn’t want to ruin Susan’s happy family. Linda saw the nurse chatting about Susan about her being on the magazine cover page. The spy told Susan that he fired an investigator who stole his USB. Sam complained to his mom that the reporters are so rude to say that KK has an illegitimate son. Sam thought his dad lied about KK having a son. Linda showed Jason the magazine. Sam got mad and went to the bar. KK told Sam that he didn’t kow that Jason is his son. KK asked Jason if he is his son. Susan pretended to feel ill. Jason told KK that he is not his dad. Linda told Jason to not lie since Susan is pretending to be sick. Linda said when she went with her mom for a check up she herd the nurse saying that Susan’s pap test is fine. Linda told KK that Jason is his son. Jason told KK that he didn’t want to ruin his family since his mom was the other woman. KK asked Jason who told him that his mom is the other woman. KK told Jason that he dated his mom during university. He gave his mom a graduation picture promising her he will come back. KK told Jason that he sent the letters to his mom but the letters keep on being returned.He looked for Mary at the noodle shop but she wasn’t there. KK told Susan she is heartless for breaking them up. Linda told Susan that she lived a happy life while Mary and Jason suffered. Linda told Susan that Mary suffered from chronic depression, then dementia then died from cardiac failure.

Missing You (HK) episode 18 recap

Lily said when her mom is in a good mood she will chat with her, but when she is sad she would look at the Ferris Wheel. Lily showed Jason her mom’s diary.Jason reads the diary. Jason read the diary. She left with her husband to Canada and never told him about Jason. Mary said she never took Lily for a ride on the ferris wheel because she owes her one. She really wants to hold him and apologized to him. Jason carried her mother on the ferris wheel. Mary apologized to Jason for abandoning him. Jason said he has a good job and a good life. Lily took pictures of Jason, Mary,and Linda. Mary died with Dementia. Jason told Linda that he only seen his mom for three days and now she passed away. Linda said Mary must be relieved that Jason live a normal life. Linda told Jason he has always been optimist and shouldn’t live a sad life after her mother’s death. Linda told Jason he still have his colleague, a good partner, and a friend. Lily told Jason she haven’t seen her mom smiled for a long time. She will take her mom’s ashes to Canada. Linda gave Jason a ferris wheel as a gift hoping it will bring him warmth and happiness. Susan gave Jason, Linda, and Brian a ride to KK’s party. Linda gave KK a big red wine as a gift. Brian praised Susan a good cook. I told you this series has a lot of food. Sam said his mom was a laywer but gave up her career to be a homemother. KK said Sam praised his mom but what about his dad. Sam said his dad made woods into a coffee table. KK showed Jason the shelves he made. KK showed his bookcase in the Qing Dynasty to Jason and said his pa used to teach him how to read and write. Jason asked Matt why did Lin Xia Wei retired. Matt said Lin Xia Wei has stalked Roger. Matt said she is packing up in the office. Lin Xia Wei told Jason she always thought she was a winner but now she is a loser at relationships and career. Lin Xia Wei said Matt turned the clock one hour late and he took over her presentation.Matt laced her wine and he turned off her alarm clock. Lin Xia Wei said Matt courted Linda to please her, and then court her to please Roger. Matt stole her big clients.She wouldn’t tell her mom because she doesn’t want her to worry.Jason asked Lin Xia Wei to stay in his house. Cilla told Calvin that Jason shouldn’t let his ex staying at his house.Cilla told Calvin that Lin Xia Wei moved in Jason’s house to make up with him. Linda told Cilla that it is Jason’s choice and don’t be too nosy. Jason told KK he can restore his bookcase. Jason introduced KK and Susan to Lin Xia Wei. Jason reads a note from his diary that his mom’s dementia is getting worse and she keep on seeing a man who wore a lawyer gown. Brian told his parents and Linda that his friend Tommy asked him to study abroad in Australia. Brian wants to study ocean ecology and environmental protection in Australia. Linda told his parents that he can study psychology in Australia to understand more about human mind. Linda gave Ram Chiang her resignation letter. Ram Chiang asked Linda if she is sure. Ram Chiang told Linda to think about it cause he doesn’t want her to regret. Jason asked Ram Chiang and his colleagues to find his dad. Jason said his dad is a lawyer. Ram Chiang asked Linda to take up the case.

Missing You (HK) episode 17 recap

Linda looked at the phone bill and found out that her brother sold his cell phone for 2000 dollars. Linda told her parents that she gave 2000 dollars to Brian to rent a band room. Jason looked at the bill and said Brian withdrew 200-300 dollars a month.Jason said that Jason made more money starting the beginning of May. Jason said he suspects Brian buy drugs. Jason asked Linda’s parents if they have Brian’s friends number. Linda cried and told Jason that her brother got a limp because of her. When Brian was five, she took her brother to the park while her parents went grocery shopping. She bought ice cream for her but didn’t see him when she returned. Linda said she found him ten days later. A crazy woman kidnapped her brother and broke his legs. Linda cried and told Jason that she lied that Brian wanted the ice cream so her parents won’t yell at her. Linda said she took care of Brian so her parents won’t worry about him but she pushed him too hard and now he’s on drugs.Linda said her brother wanted to be in IVE but she thought university was best for him. Jason called Linda and said Gary should know Brian’s friend Sam. Linda called Sam. Jason and Linda met Sam. Linda told Sam she bet that her brother is upstairs doing drugs. KK told Linda that his son Sam would never do drugs. Sam told Linda that Brian has been acting weird while they were practicing for the band show. Sam followed Brian at the bar and saw him using ketamine. Sam fought with Brian. Brian told Sam that he’s a lawyer and can never be like him. Sam told Brian that drugs will ruin his life. Sam told Linda that the pub is called Nova pub and is run by Brother Happy and he died his hair blonded and has a tatooe behind his neck. Linda rushed to the bar and confront Brother Happy. Brother Happy and the drug dealer beat up Jason. Linda thanked Jason for calling the cops. The judge told Linda that Brian haven’t been to Brother Happy’s bar for weeks. Jason took Linda to the bus ride. Linda said she won second place at a school race and wanted to share the joy with her brother but he was unhappy.Linda said she doesn’t race anymore from then on. She only wants to make her brother happy. Linda had a dream of her brother twisting and aching in a dark house. Linda said her brother suffered from post traumatic stress disorder.Linda said when she went to the beach with her brother during the summer, it was the first time she saw him smile playing in the water.Jason and Linda went to the beach to search for Brian. Brian plays in the water. Linda saw Brian behind the canoe. Linda hugged Brian. Brian said he is in pain. Brian returned home with Linda and Jason.Brian cried and said he only wanted to avoid his responsibilities. Brian said he felt pressure and couldn’t face them. Brian said he sold his cell phone to buy drugs. Brian said he went to the beach so he can have a good time. Linda’s father told Brian that they can deal together as a family.Linda told her brother he won’t be facing the problems alone. Lin Xia Wei came to Jason’s house and returned his keys and said he seems relax without her here. Lin Xia Wei said Roger trusts Matt. Calvin brought beef chin for his colleagues. This series always have food. Yum. Lily Ho came to Yan Ming and told Linda she is looking for her stepbrother Sze Yit Him. Lily said her parents got married in Canada. Her brother was born before her mom got married to her dad. Her dad died two years ago and her mom isn’t feeling well and kept calling her brother’s name. Jason recalled her mother left him by the Ferris wheel. Linda told Jason that she thinks his mom is really selfish for flying with a guy in Canada after leaving him. Jason told Linda he felt uncomfortable when his sister came. Jason and Linda came to Lily’s house. Jason told Lily that he is her brother she’s looking for. Jason said he worked in Yan Ming so he can find his mother Sze Kit Ho. Jason gave his profile to Lily. Lily brought Jason to see his mom.

Missing You (HK) episode 16 recap

Cilla told Calvin on the bus that she saw Matt kissing Lin Xia Wei. Cilla told Linda that she saw Matt hugged Lin Xia Wei and kissed her. Cilla told Linda she recognized Lin Xia’s purse and outfit. Linda told Cilla to not tell Jason about it until she is sure.Matt told Lin Xia Wei they have to tell Jason what happened between them. Matt told Lin Xia Wei that he has feelings for her and he stayed with her in the office every night because he doesn’t want her to be alone. Matt told Lin Xia Wei that Jason was wrong for not cherishing her. The next morning, Matt saw Jason and then kissed Lin Xia Wei. Cilla told Linda that Jason is so quiet so maybe he found out Lin Xia Wei cheated on him. Calvin went in the nursing home; she returned the flat, and Jason is homeless. Jason told Calvin he can stayed in his house since he brke up with Xia Wei. Lin Xia Wei told Linda she caused Jason to break up with her. Lin Xia Wei told Linda that Jason beat up Matt because he likes her. Lin Xia Wei told Linda that Jason pretended not to know that Linda has a crush on him. Lin Xia Wei asked Linda if she never wished she and Jason breaks up. Linda told Jason to go back and explain to Lin Xia Wei. Linda told Jason that Lin Xia Wei started her relationship with Matt because she thought she was dating Jason. Jason told Linda when he was in high school he had a crush on his english teacher and he went to school even when he was ill to see her. Now he even forgot her name. Jason told Linda he doesn’t want his break up with Lin Xia Wei affect their collaboration at work. Jason said he’s worried about Xia Wei since Matt is a good liar. Linda told her mom at home that Jason made it clear that he doesn’t like her and she only sees him as a colleague. Linda told her mom she is only worried about her brother going to university and she is planning to take a break. Calvin told Ram Chiang he found the answer to Mok Wai Leung case. Calvin said Wai Leung has mild intellectual and autism. Ram Chiang told Cilla, Jason, and Linda that Wai Leung’s mom Tsui Sau Ping took him took Wai Leung to the train station to visit his grandma in mainland. The train was so crowded, so she took some stuff out of her luggage. Before she could go back, the train already moved. Sau Ping asked Wai Leung to stay in Lo Wu but when she went to Lo Wu, he is missing. Calvin said he found a couple whom adopted a three years old boy and the boy is the same age as Wai Leung. The boy can’t speak very clearly and has a hongkong accent. Mrs. Ha told Jason and Linda that this morning, the pipe got bursted and the house was flooded with water. Mrs. Ha told Linda and Jason that Sau Ping’s phone line got cut since she couldn’t pay the bill. Mrs. Ha told Jason and Linda that Wai Leung’s parents fight all the time and Wai Leung’s dad moved out one year ago. Jason and Linda saw Sau Ping distributes flyers of Wai Leung on the street. Sau Ping told Jason and Linda that her husband thought she was retarded and begged her to give up on searching for Wai Leung. Sau Ping said she had a dream that Wai Leung is a beggar. Sau Ping said she sold the gold bangle that her mother in law gave her to exchange for money. She gave money to the man who said he found Wai Leung. The man disappeared with the money. Her husband yelled at her and left the house. Linda told Sau Ping that she found the Kan couple in Qingyan whom adopted a four years old boy named Lai Sing. Uncle Kan taught Lai Sing to an adept tea frying. Linda told Brian to dress properly, and she will go to the university interview with him. After the interview, Brian told Linda that he would be accepted in the university in condition that he makes a C in the subjects. Linda showed a photo of The Kan couple and Lai Sing to Sau Ping. Linda said Lai Sing likes to play with rubber bands. Sau Ping said Wai Leung used to form star shapes using rubber bands. Jason and Linda took Sau Ping to meet the Kan couple and Lai Sing. Lai Sing looked down. Mr. Kan said Lai Sing barely talks to others but he’s a good boy. Mrs. Kan said she knows his mother must be looking for him so she took him down to Sau Ping. Sau Ping cried in the restroom and told Linda that Lai Sing is not her son and she struggled to find her for four years. Brian told Linda he rejected his friend Sam performing the concert because he has the university interview. Linda told her brother that she will buy him a new cell phone as an early present for the interview. Sau Ping told the Kan couple that Lai Sing’s biological mom will be thrilled seeing him growing in to a big boy. Sau Ping gave Lai Sing soem chestnuts. Sau Ping told Linda and Jason that seeing Lai Sing with the Kan, gave her hope that Wai Leung is with a warm family. Sau Ping told Jason and Linda that she wants to help the orphans and hope that he can find Wai Leung someday. Brian failed the exam and ignored Linda’s call. Linda read a letter from his brother that he did poorly on the exam and can’t go to university. Linda anxiously search for Brian’s phone book. Jason called Linda that the DSE results are out.

Missing You (HK) episode 15 recap

At the hospital, Jason told Siu Wan to hold his hand if the skin graft in her arm hurts. Linda and Jason asked Taylor to go to the court to testify against Cherry. Taylor doesn’t want to because his current girlfriend will know about his past relationship with Cherry.Sis Han begged Taylor to go to the court. Sis Han said she dreamed of Siu Wan had boiled water splashed on her head. Taylor’s girlfriend asked Taylor to go to the court if Cherry is that bad. The judge asked Taylor in the court that he doesn’t know about Cherry and her daughter relationship for the past three years after he broke up with her. Cilla told Calvin that the skin graft creeps her out. Calvin told Ram, Linda, and Cilla that adults can’t stand the pain but Siu Wan has to endure the pain. Matt called Lind to have Mediterranean dinner. Linda said she’s busy taking care of Siu Wan. Linda teared up about Siu Wan and told Jason she feels so bad seeing Siu Wan having a skin graft. Matt asked Linda if he can come to the hospital. Linda asked Matt to go home. Matt asked Linda to meet him down the hospital. Matt asked Linda if she doesn’t want to see him since Jason is there. Matt asked Linda if she has a crush on Jason. Matt called Jason to let him hear his convo with Linda. Matt told Linda that she rejects him on dates and keep on saying she’s busy. Linda told Matt that he’s not ready to go out with him but leave Jason alone. Matt asked Linda why does she have to be the third party between Lin Xia Wei and Jason. Matt told Linda to tell Jason he likes him. Poor Linda getting used by Matt so he can have Lin Xia Wei. Jason told Matt that he and Linda are just colleagues. Matt told Jason he is good at having two girlfriends. Matt told Jason that Linda has a crush on him for a long time. Matt asked Jason what did he do with Linda. Jason punched Matt. Lin Xia Wei saw Matt’s face bleeds and asked him what happened. Matt said he went to the hospital to see Linda and saw her eyes are all red. Matt said he can feel there’s something between Linda and Jason. Matt said Linda ignored him and left. Matt said he asked Jason how he could have done this to Lin Xia Wei. Matt said Jason told him to stay out of business. Lin Xia Wei accused Jason of liking Linda. Jason told Lin Xia Wei that Matt insulted Linda and her. Jason told Lin Xia Wei she trust Matt more than him. Lin Xia Wei told Jason that Linda told her she has a crush on him. Lin Xia Wei said Jason never hit anyone but now he hit someone because of Linda. Jason forgot to bring presents for the kids. Jason told the foster mother he’d like to make it clear to Linda but there’s so much stuff going on. Ram Chiang told Jason, Linda, Calvin, and Cilla that Siu Wan will go to the court. KK Cheung removes his wig to ease Siu Wan’s fear. The lawyer asked Siu Wan how did she got her arm scalded. Siu Wan got scared and stayed silent. KK asked Siu Wand the questions gently. Siu Wan finally answered that she was in granny’s house with her mom and brother Pui and they were fighting and she got scared. She covered her ears then her arm got hurt. Siu Wan yelled “It really hurts. I don’t want to talk about it!”. KK Cheung saw Siu Wan saw Cherry and then called Brother Kwai and Sister Han “Mommy, Daddy, I want to go home.” Lin Xia Wei packed her stuff and told Jason she will be going to Singapore for five Days on a business trip with Matt. At the court, KK said it is despicable for Cherry not taking care of Siu Wan for three years and take money from Brother Kwai and Sis Han. KK Cheung announced Cherry guilt of neglecting Siu Wan and will be jailed for one month and suspended for one year. Siu Wan will be given to the social service. KK said it is heartwarming for Sis Han and Brother Kwai to take care of Siu Wan. KK said he wrote a recommendation letter to the social services that Sis Han and Brother Kwai can be the foster parents. Ram Chiang has written a letter on behalf of Yan Ming for Sis Han and Brother Kwai. Jason and his colleagues celebrates with Brother Kwai and Sis Han at Chef Lung’s restaurant about the winning the case. Jason told Lin Xia Wei he was mad how she trusted Marcus but he realized she’s the most important person for him. Linda’s mom told Linda that Lin Xia Wei quit going to her cosmetic and paid her the bill. Calvin told told his colleagues that his granny sprained her arm and wanted to go to nursing home. His granny knows he can’t spend much time with her due to work so she secretly called the social worker Cilla sad behind Calvin on the bus to cheer him up. Cilla said when she was sad, Ram took her on the bus ride. Cilla saw Matt kiss Lin Xia Wei outside the bus.

Missing You (HK) episode 14 recap

Cherry told Gary that he is using his daughter as an excuse to dump her. Cherry said it is hard to be with Koey. She would not babysit Koey if he didn’t have several pub. Cherry said she has to work on several jobs, babysit his daughter, and sleep with him. Cherry called Siu Wan a jinx and she should have thrown her out a long time ago. Cherry told Jason and Sis Han she can yell and slap Siu Wan. Jason and Lin Xia Wei play tennis with Matt and Linda. Lin Xia Wei happily saw Matt helped Linda when she twisted her wrist. Lin Xia Wei told Jason that Marcus is a hardworking guy and she’s happy for Linda. Jason hurt his wrist. Lin Xia Wei told Linda she arranged this blind date because she finds Marcus good. Jason told Matt he hopes Linda find a guy who is honest with her. At the bar, A woman asked Matt to take a picture with her. Linda, Matt, Jason, and Lin Xia Wei play truth or dare. Matt asked Jason if Lin Xia Wei was his first crush. Jason answered he had a crush on a former classmate whom he no longer contact. Matt asked Linda if she ever had a crush on someone. Linda drinks. Lin Xia Wei spins the bottle and asked Matt how many marks will he give Linda. Matt said 90 but when he get to know her, he might give her 100. Matt asked Linda if she ever had a crush on her classmate or colleague. Linda drinks again. Matt asked Linda if she ever had a crush on someone else’s boyfriend. Lin Xia Wei drinks for Linda and said Linda had too much wine and don’t let her go on. Matt said Lin Xia Wei doesn’t want Linda to answer or she already knew the answer. Looks like Matt is insecure and wants to know if Linda likes Jason. Sis Han came in the Yan Ming federation and said Siu Wan is missing. Jason asked Sis Han if she called Cherry. Sis Han said she called Cherry but she didn’t pick up.Linda said the only home Cherry and her daughter could go is her mother. In Cherry’s mom’s house, Siu Wan told Sis Han the show on television is scary. Cherry’s boyfriend watch a gun shooting show. Cherry’s boyfriend told Jason and Linda to go deal with Cherry at the hair Salon before taking Siu Wan. Cherry told Jason, Linda, and Sis Han she wants to live with her daughter. Cherry asked Sis Han not to bother her anymore or she will filed he for harassment. Cherry meet with Sis Han and Brother Kwai at the restaurant. Sis Han told Cherry she will take care of Siu Wan for her.herry told Sis Han and Brother Kwai that Siu Wan cheered them up and now they dared to charge her. Cherry said she should have charged them instead. Cherry said if they haven’t asked for the birth certificate she wouldn’t have lost her job. Cherry said maybe she should take Siu Wan to the native village and she will go to the village primary school. Cherry told them she will sell Siu Wan for 400,000 dollars. Linda’s mom saw Linda rejected Marcus on the phone. Linda’s mom told Linda to give herself a chance. Sis Han gave Cherry 70,000 dollars instead of 100,00 dollars for the first installment. Brother Kwai went in Cherry’s home and asked her to give Siu Wan back. Cherry’s mother told Cherry to give her 20,000 dollars. Cherry’s mother told Cherry to either give her the money or leave with her daughter. Cherry’s mother beat Cherry. Siu Wan accidentally bumped her right arm in the boiled water. Siu Wan yelled. Brother Kwai tries to break in the door. Brother Kwai told the officers that Siu Wan got abused. Matt Yeung took Linda to the restaurantand have Mediterranean food. Matt said the chef is retiring and going back to his native country. Linda received a call from Jason that Siu Wan got burnt. The doctor said Siu Wan needs skin gratification. Ram Chiang said the Justice department has charged Cherry of neglecting and ill treatment of the child and the case will go to the court. If Cherry is guilty,then Sis Han can adopt her. Matt Yeung told Lin Xia Wei that Linda and him never made to their first date restaurant since Linda went left for work. Matt said there are other officers in Yan Ming and what is so urgent. Matt said he thought about it all night and Linda might not be ready for him. Matt told Lin Xia Wei to ask Linda if she can’t let go of her past relationship. Lin Xia Wei got drunk and Matt helped Lin Xia Wei. Matt looked at Lin Xia Wei and tried to kiss her. At the court where KK Cheung is the judge, Cherry said how could she asked Sis Han for money. Cherry said she was poor and she stole Siu Wan to take a look at her,and she was happy Siu Wan is growing up. Cherry said it hurt her hearing Siu Wan called Sis Han mother. Cherry said she can’t wait to take care of Siu Wan so she took her a way. Cherry said Siu Wan tried to take a cookie on the cupboard and accidentally burned herself and she wished it was her who got burned. Cherry’s mother said Cherry tried to warn Siu Wan about the boiled water but it was too late and Brother Kwai kept on banging on the door.

Missing You (HK) episode 13 recap

Chef Lung and his works, and Jason and Linda watch the DVD “True Love is Rare” in the restaurant. Charmaine is only a cameo in the film. Linda told Jason she usually couldn’t wait to find kins for the clients but now she has doubts. Linda said it might be good if Siu Wan never finds her mom. In the company, Calvin said Cherry owes a lot of people money and enjoy flirting with men. Cilla said Cherry laid her eyes on every man. Mrs. Wan told Jason and Linda that there’s a good private school for Siu Wan to enroll in next week. Mrs. Wan said she told the school that Siu Wan’s mother is out of town so they let her submit her birth certification. Jason told Linda that the social workers might take Siu Wan away. Linda said then Siu Wan would be separated from Mrs. Wan. Jason asked Linda if she is free to go with him buying the presents for the foster kids. Linda lied that she has a date. Linda’s mom told Linda Lin Xia Wei’s face is getting well and she only has to come once a week for Aloe Vera. Brian played the guitar in his room. Brian told Linda that is friend Sam found a pub for them to perform and they will perform tomorrow night. Brian asked Linda to come to his first show. Brian told Linda she is his number one fan; Brian play the guitar. Linda look at the guideline and said she thought he picked his major already. Brian told Linda that some of his friends went to IVE and they really like it. Linda asked Brian to repeat his final year instead of going to IVE. Linda told Brian that the job market is competitive and he needs a degree to have more opportunity. Linda said his band is important but his studies is important too. Linda asked her colleagues to go with her to watch her brother’s show. Brian introuced his band members to Linda’s colleagues. Linda and Jason saw Brian’s boss Gary taking to his daughter Koey with herry. Gary and Cherry happily sang with the child. Jason and Linda followed Cherry and asked her about Siu Wan. Cherry said she doesn’t know Siu Wan. Cherry told Jason and Linda she is not a good mother to Siu Wan and too ashamed to meet Sis Han and Brother Kwai. Jason told Cherry that Siu Wan misses her. Cherry hugged Siu Wan and said she misses her. Mr. Wan yelled at Cherry about leaving Siu Wan when she was two. Cherry said her mom lost money from gambling in Macau and she had to pay her debt. Cherry said she didn’t have money to pay the rent and she didn’t want Siu Wan to suffer with her. Cherry said she saw Sis Han and Brother Kwai so good to Siu Wan so she let her stay with them. Linda asked Cherry what is her relationship with Gary. Cherry said Gary is her boss in the pub and let her stay. Gary divorced his wife and she helped him take care of his daughter. Cherry told Sis Han and Brother Kwan give her a half year then she will take care of Siu Wan. Cherry told Sis Han she will call her when she finds Siu Wan’s birth certificate. Jason told Linda he doesn’t believe Cherry would abandon Siu Wan if she has financial stability. Linda said she is not as generous as Jason since she feels uncomfortable hearing what people said about Cherry. Jason told Linda there will be cases harder than Siu Wan. Jason told Linda that Lin Xia Wei has been really busy and worked late at night. Jason asked Linda to join him to dinner with Brother Lung but Linda declined. Linda asked Jason to have a late snack with Lin Xia Wei. Matt Yeung brought dinner and coffee for Lin Xia Wei. Siu Wan told Linda and Jason that Cherry is taking her to the park. Jason took a photo of Cherry and Siu Wan. Cherry told Sis Han she still haven’t found Siu Wan’s birth certificate.Cherry told Sis Han that there’s a pipe in the pub and water burst out so she has to go back and help. Lin Xia Wei asked Linda to take Marcus’s call for her while she is doing facial treatment. Linda went pick up the files for Matt. Matt dropped his files on the street and Linda picked up for him. Linda mistaken someone for Marcus. Matt helped Linda. Linda laughed and told Matt “So it was a mistaken identity and you are Marcus.” Lin Xia Wei asked Matt what does he thinks of Linda. Cherry gave Sis Han the birth certification. Sis Han asked Cherry to sign the registration letter. Jason take Siu Wan out for fun. Siu Wan met Gary. Gary asked Siu Wan who is her mother. Siu Wan pointed at Cherry but Gary stared at Sis Han. Gary asked Siu Wan to stay to celebrate his daughter Koey’s choir contest party. Koey pulled Siu Wan’s teddy bear. Cherry asked Siu Wan to let Koey have it. Cherry slapped Siu Wan’s hand and said “Let Go”. Koey holds the bear. Jason asked Cherry how can she treat her daughter this way. Gary saw Jason yelled at Cherry that she left Siu Wan for three years and now she takes the doll away from her. Gary told Cherry that he heard Siu Wan calling her “mother” and Cherry is still lying to him. Gary told Cherry is so heartless for not taking care of her daughter. Gary dumps Cherry.

Missing You (HK) episode 12 recap

Jason and Cilla are surprised that Linda and Lin Xia Wei becomes good friends at his house. Linda explained to Cilla and Calvin while Lin Xia Wei explained to Jason about that pervert in the theater. Cilla told Linda that she and Lin Xia Wei likes the same film. Lin Xia Wei said Linda is a good friend. Brian asked Linda for his guitar. Brian said he gotta practice hard on the guitar so he can practice performing on a band. Out of topic but the eng sub sometimes spelled the word wrong like how they spelled practice “practise” and apologize “apologise”. Linda told Brian she will give him his guitar back but he must promise him not to smoke or drink after the practice. Jason and his friends celebrate the case at Brother Lung’s restaurant. Brother Lung said he got his flat back and his sister is healthy. Cilla told her colleagues they should eat cheap lunch. Calvin teased Cilla that if her dad gives her credit card back then she would go to London station next to the bookstore. Miss Wan’s daughter Siu Wan took the stuff that her parents gave her asked Jason and his collegauges to find her mom. Jason took Siu Wan to her parents. Miss Wan told Jason she is not Siu Wan’s real mother and her biological mother has been missing for three years.Mrs. Wan told Jason and Linda that Siu Wan’s real mother is Cherry and she used to give her 3000 dollars to take care of her during the day and she usually picked her up at night. Then a week later Cherry never picked Siu Wan up. Mr. Wan said he found out that Cherry owed the landlord three months rent. Mrs. Wan said it pains her to hear Siu Wan asking why everyone has a mother except her. Mrs. Wan told her that her mom is out of town for business. Mr. Wan said Siu Wan is unhapppy for not being able to be registered for school without her biological mother. Lin Xia Wei go shopping with Linda. Glad to see they are good friends. Lin Xia gave Linda a jacket to try on. Lin Xia Wei called Linda a perfectionist after seeing Linda wants the clothes to be organized. Mrs. Wan showed Linda and Jason, Siu Wan’s room and desk. Linda looked at Siu Wan’s report card and she has straight As.Mrs. Wan showed Jason and Linda, Siu Wan’s vaccination. Mrs. Wan said she uses the photocopy of Siu Wan’s birth certificate to fill out forms but she needs the original copy to enroll her for the school. Mrs. Wan told Linda and Jason that Cherry’s boyfriend name is Tayler and he is a boxer. Linda told Jason that there is not record of Cherry’s death. Brother Tung told Linda and her colleagues that Taylor was a famous boxer back then but his ligaments broke so he became a coach instead. Jason and Linda asked Taylor if he is Siu Wan’s dad. Taylor said he met Cherry when Siu Wan was two so he couldn’t be her dad. Taylor said he paid the rent for Cherry and she would stay with him for the night. Taylor said one time Siu Wan had a fever, and he yelled at Cherry for not taking care of her. Cherry said it is not of his business since Siu Wan isn’t his daughter. Taylor said Cherry kept on looking at the photographer who took a picture of him after the boxing match. The photographer told Jason and Linda that Cherry daydreams of becoming a star and begged him for taking photos for her. Linda saw Siu Wan’s photoshoots and asked the photographer to give her some of the photos.The photographer said he dumped her after seeing a sexual text message on her phone. The photographer said he watched a movie “True Love is Rare” with Cherry two years ago. Linda sweat in the elevator. The film director told Jason and Linda that Cherry is pretty popular in demand and the party type. The film director said she got the company in trouble in eleven months so he fired her. In the elevator, the elevator was out of service, and Linda yelled for help. Linda got stuck in the dark elevator. Jason tries to push the elevator. Jason coughed and asked Linda to not be scared and nothing will stop them. The firemen came to save Linda. Linda hugged Jason after she got out of the elevator. Linda tries to remind herself not being the third party between Jason and Lin Xia Wei’s relationship. Linda said Cherry has three different phone numbers and changes after she dumped her boyfriend.Linda returned Lin Xia Wei’s DVDs and told Jason she doesn’t have time to watch them. Jason told Linda that Lin Xia’s Wei face got itchy since she used skincare cream. Linda told Jason to tell Lin Xia Wei to go to her mom to use the right product for her skin. Linda asked her mom to make Lin Xia Wei look pretty. Cilla told Linda she can take as much food samples without paying. Linda’s mom called Linda that the store owner who sells ALoe Vera left to her hometown. Linda said she can find some Aloe Vera. Linda brought the whole plant of Aloe Vera for her mom. Lin Xia Wei told Linda’s mom that Jason will take care of Linda at work. Linda’s mom remembers Linda told her about her friend liking a guy who has a girlfriend. Linda’s mom told Linda to not let her feeling affect her work and don’t be the third party or she will be miserable. Taylor told Jason and Linda that Cherry always fights with her mom. When Cherry was a teenager, she left Cherry. Cherry’s mom told Jason and Linda that Cherry was pregnant when she was sixteen and she had the baby just to spite her and she didn’t know who is the father. Linda told Jason that it is wrong for Cherry to dump her daughter but Cherry’s mom is the same. Jason told Linda to stay calm and be objective. Siu Wan showed a DVD of her mom.