Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (The New Bund) episode 40 recap (End)

Sunny reads the book to Nadia on the train while she sleeps. Sunny told Nadia the ending of the two main characters are happy. Nadia told her dad she will leave to France and stay there for a long time. Sunny showed Nadia some photos of the big houses in France for her to choose. Sunny told Gordon he is dating Nadia. Gordon go with Sunny to watch Nadia’s play. Gordon asked Sunny why isn’t there anyone.Master Fung’s men shot Sunny and Gordon. Sunny saw Nadia and the people in the play got tied. Gordon got injured very bad and died. Nadia cried in her house. Nadia asked Master Fung if he caused Gordon to die. Master Fung told Nadia he will investigate this case.At the funeral, Master Fung visits Gordon tomb. Sunny pointed a gun toward Master Fung. Gordon woke up and told Master Fung he won’t disappoint him. Sunny shot Master Fung three times. Master Fung died. Nadia touched her dad and cried. Nadia looked at Sunny. Nadia asked Sunny why should he go to France with her. Nadia told Sunny he is so selfish. Nadia told her servant to throw the book. Sunny asked Nadia to give him the book. Before she leaves, Nadia asked Sunny to give her the book back. Carol brought a fan to Adam hope it will help Adam wake up. Adam woke up. Carol cried and told Adam to promise her to not get away from her. Adam and Carol visit Henry and Emily. Adam told Henry he will leave to Shanghai with Carol. Carol visits Bowie’s grave and told Adam that Bowie have always been there for her. Adam eat with Sunny. Adam asked Sunny if he ever thought what is the purpose of life. Adam told Sunny that one day he will be weak and will not achieve his goal. Sunny said it is not easy to give up. Adam told Sunny that once he achieved his goal, he will find out that all the people around him have left. Adam told Sunny he doesn’t want him follow his path. Sunny told Gordon his status today is due to his work hard work. A kid begged Gordon to give him money to cure his mom. Gordon gave the kid some money. Sunny told Gordon he is so kind, and it would be dangerous if the kid is an assassin. Sunny told Gordon that Pierre might kill them. Peter asked Gordon why he doesn’t want to be the boss of the casino. Pierre told Gordon that Sunny badmouthed him today. Sunny laughed and told Gordon that Pierre would be better if he spoke in French. Henry asked Adam to let him to go with him. Adam and Carol eat with Henry, Emily and Adam’s student. Adam told Carol he’s worrying about Sunny. Adam told Carol that Pierre asked him to kill Sunny. Sunny told Gordon he will be the boss of the casino. Gordon told Sunny they have all the power. Sunny said this is the most cruel time and there will always be killing in Shanghai. Sunny told Gordon he will leave Shanghai. After Sunny left the casino,the Frenchmen shot sunny and killed him. Sunny said he wanted to go to France to visit Nadia.

The End.

Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (The New Bund) episode 39 recap

Carol got in coma in the hospital. Adam and Henry asked the Japanese man for the medicine. The Japanese swallow a pill trying to kill himself. Adam picked up the Japanese man’s button and gave the doctor a medicine for rat. The doctor said they have to wait 24 hours. Adam put the medicine on himself. Carol woke up but Adam fainted. Carol cried and touched Adam’s hand and asked him to wake up. Sunny told Gordon he would try the poison for Nadia. Gordon bought western cakes for Nadia. Someone donated 100,000 dollars to Nadia’s play. Sunny told Nadia he can ask his friend to give the music of Jean Louis for her. Sunny asked Nadia to be his partner at the banquet.Sunny waits for Nadia down the house. Sunny went to the banquet alone. Sunny walked on the street alone. Sunny saw Nadia on the street. Sunny told Nadia “Happy New Year” and light up the fireworks. Sunny bought a box for Nadia. The orchestra played Jean Louis music for Nadia. Nadia thanked Sunny and went home. Nadia smiled closing the door. Nadia received flowers from Gordon. Gordon told Nadia that he won’t give up on Nadia so easily. Nadia look at the gift that Sunny gave her. Gordon invited Nadia to go to the restaurant to celebrate their anniversary. Shirley told Gordon she should explain to Gordon instead of giving him hope. Gordon wait for Nadia at the restaurant. Gordon drinks and knocked on Nadia’s house. Nadia told Gordon she only cares about him as a friend. Gordon kissed Nadia. Nadia pushed him.Gordon stands on the ceiling and said he didn’t kill Patrick. Gordon said he can’t let her be with Sunny. Sunny asked Nadia to change the subject to distract Gordon. Gordon tried to jump down but Sunny saved him. Gordon beat Sunny up and cried and said “Why?” Gordon stands in front of Nadia’s house. Nadia told Gordon they can still be friends. Gordon gave the divorce paper to Nadia. Sunny invited Nadia to dinner. Nadia danced with Sunny happily at the studio. Sunny holds Nadia’s hand with the umbrella. Nadia asked Sunny to remember his time with her at this moment because after today, they will go to their separate way. Nadia asked Sunny if he can give up his revenge for her. Sunny paused for one minute. Nadia left. Nadia and Shirley left Shanghai. The train stopped and the lights are out. Sunny told Nadia he can give up on everything but her but everytime he’s with her he thinks of the dead of Noel and her family. Sunny told Nadia he can’t let go of his revenge but he really loves her. Sunny asked Nadia to leave Shanghai with him.

Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (The New Bund) episode 38 recap

Carol wants to kill herself in jail. Adam told the gambler he rather be a normal guy so he can live a peaceful life with Carol. The Japanese put some sleeping vaccination on Carol.Carol picked up a pill on the floor. Gordon gamble the company money. Nadia made soup for Gordon’s mom. Gordon walked with Nadia and asked her to moved back to his house. Gordon told Nadia he didn’t kill Patrick. Master Fung yelled at Gordon for losing the goods. Gordon yelled at a woman that he is loyal to Master Fung but when he lose the goods, he wanted to kill him. Gordon drinks. Ching showed Gordon the goods. Gordon asked his friend to ask Master Chung to meet him. Gordon sells Master Fung’s good behind his back to earn more money. Gordon said if he doesn’t think for himself, he will die. Gordon thanked Sunny for helping him showing him the good. Sunny told Gordon he can choose his path now but he doesn’t dare and Master Fung lost his power. Bowie and Adam’s student saw the Japanese man with Carol. Bowie thinks it is a trap for Adam to show up. Mr. Chan asked the Japanese man to use Adam to get back the book. Bowie, Adam, and Adam’s student beat up the Japanese man. Bowie find it strange that there’s only a few guards. Bowie yelled there’s a bomb. The Japanese man brought Carol.The Japanese man told Adam to steal the Chinese book from Sunny to exchange for Carol. Gordon gave some money to his friend and said Shanghai will belong to them. Gordon shot a traitor. Sunny asked Gordon to use Master Fung’s money to play the stock. Master Fung asked Gordon to follow the stock. Master Fung ordered his servant to give him the account book for him to check. Gordon told Sunny that Master Fung won’t believe how much money he lost. Master Fung got pissed that Gordon made a fake account book. Master Fung lost 23 million dollars and felt dizzy. Master Fung told Nadia that Gordon betrayed him. Nadia asked Sunny where is Gordon. Nadia asked Sunny if he and Gordon wanted to fight against her dad. Sunny told Nadia he doesn’t know what happened. Sunny told Gordon he will wait for Master Fung to make his move. Master Fung asked Pierre to make Sunny and Gordon to fall down. Pierre told Master Fung he needs to use his brain to win the casino fairly. Master Fung told Sunny and Gordon to beware to go down. Gordon told Sunny that Nadia doesn’t know anything and he doesn’t know if she will forgive him. Sunny told Nadia he haven’t met Nadia. Nadia asked her dad if he’s alright. Nadia asked her dad to go to the doctor. Nadia received a flower. Nadia told Shirley she can’t be with Gordon. Adam asked Sunny to give him the Chinese book. Adam told Sunny he has to save Carol. Adam brought the book to the Japanese man. Carol swallowed a pill and told Adam she doesn’t want him to be a fugitive, and she fainted. The Japanese shoot the Chinese. Bowie got shot by the Japanese and died.

Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (The New Bund) episode 37 recap

At the village,Adam gave Carol some fish and Bowie some beef. Bowie said it might be good for Adam to forget everything since he is so happy right now. Carol cooked some meals and congratulate Henry and Adam’s student to return to Shanghai. Henry told Carol he plans to buy a small house at the village with Emily to take care of Adam. Carol told Henry she can take care of Adam and she doesn’t want to stop him to live his peaceful life. Henry gave Adam his watch that he gave him on his first birthday. Adam gave Henry and his student a paper fan. Adam asked Carol what does wife means. Adam won a gambling game. Carol forbid Carol to gamble. Adam went gambling in the morning. Adam told the gambler stall owner he cheated. The gambler stall owner beat up Adam and ran. Adam told Carol he remembered seeing her hugging him he was cold and he remembered they flew a kite. He remembered they gambled at the casino. Carol told Adam they are happiest together right now. Carol wants to move to a house in the mountain so Adam won’t be affected by the gamblers. Adam told the gambler he won’t go with him since Carol won’t let him go.The gambler cried and said his fiance won’t marry him because he lost money from gamble. Adam went with the gambler and won many games. Adam told the other gamblers that the stall owner is cheating. The gamblers asked the stall owner to return their money. Carol saw Adam drink with the gamblers. Carol slapped Adam. Carol asked Adam to go. The gambler asked Adam to give Carol a ring to cheer her up. Adam put a ring on Carol’s finger and said she is his wife. Adam and Carol attends the gambler’s wedding. Adam asked the gambler what does pregnant means. The gambler told Adam to intimately be with Carol. Adam peaked at Carol taking a bath. Adam and Carol touched each other. Gordon and Sunny shoot other people. Sunny and Gordon tries to find the book. The Chinese man ordered people to find the book and kill Sunny. Gordon and Master Fung eat and drink with the Japanese man. Master Fung gave the Japanese guy his lost suitcase to help him having a position. Master Fung saw Sunny walking with Mr. Chan at the banquet. Mr. Chan said he will use Master Fung 800,000 dollars to give it to the government to give it to charity. Sunny told Gordon to be careful of being the scapegoat for Master Fung. Master Fung told the reporters that he has a person who bribed Mr. Chan. The reporters asked if it was Gordon. Gordon told his friend that Sunny is right. Shirley visits Patrick gave.Sunny apologized to Shirley and Nadia he couldn’t save Patrick but Gordon might have a reason. The Japanese man saw Adam’s watch from the gambler. Adam bought medicine for Carol. The Japanese man kidnapped Carol. The Japanese man tried to shoot Adam. Adam remember a bit of the past.Adam then regained his memory.

Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (The New Bund) epsisode 36 recap

Master Fung greets Peter and Mr.Morris at the banquet. Gordon told Tin Yau the the assassin is standing next to the english captain. The assassin tries to shoot Master Fung. The englismen grabbed the assassin. Gordon pointed a gun at the assassin and asked him who ordered him. The assassin pointed at Tin Yau and said he ordered him to kill Master Fung. Tin Yau found out that Gordon set a trap for him. Tin Yau grabbed Pierre’s wife, then ran. Peter ordered his men to arrest Tin Yau. Master Fung told Gordon he already got ride of Adam and Tin Yau; now he has to deal with Sunny. Tin Yau ran and saw Sunny. Tin Yau asked Sunny to kill him. Sunny asked Tin Yau how is Adam. Tin Yau said he made a lot of mistakes but Adam still cares for him. Tin Yau gave Sunny a coin to give to Adam and tell him he doesn’t owe him anymore. Sunny shot Tin Yau. Sunny told Tin Yau he won’t be gullible like Adam.Patrick’s colleague told Sunny that Gordon hired someone to car crash Patrick. At the hospital, Sunny asked Gordon if he killed Patrick. Gordon told Sunny that he killed Patrick for Master Fung on behalf of survival.Nadia slapped Gordon. Shirley slapped Gordon and cried. Nadia packed her baggage and leave and said she doesn’t wand to be his wife anymore. At the farm, Carol reads Bowie’s letter that he’s helping Henry finding Adam, and Sunny killed Tin Yau. Carol saw Adam at the farm. Carol saw a worker spanked Adam.A man told Carol that Adam is pitiful that his boss never gave him boss. Carol gave Adam some buns. Carol told the worker she has to take Adam with her. The worker asked Carol to pay him three hundred dollars. Carol gave the worker two hundred dollars with some jewelries. Carol cooked some meal for Adam. Carol helped Adam taking a bath. Carol cried and said Adam is a good guy but why he ends up like this. Adam yelled “WOAH” at Henry and his student and laughed. Adam yelled “Woah” at Carol. Carol accidentally spilled tea on her origami fan. Bowie yelled at Adam. Carol told Bowie she will make thousands of origami fan for Adam to gain back his memory. Gordon’s mom kneeled in front of Nadia for her to come back home. Nadia sleeps in the living room.Gordon’s mom told Nadia to have more empathy on Gordon. Gordon’s mom gave Nadia her ancestor’s ring. Nadia asked Gordon to promise her not to kill anyone anymore. Gordon thanked Nadia for forgiving him. Patrick finally work up from coma. Sunny told Nadia he will send some men to protect Patrick. Master Fung told Gordon if Patrick ever wakes up, he doesn’t want to see him again.Gordon told Nadia they will celebrate his mom’s birthday. Master Fung yelled at Gordon for forgetting to kill Patrick. Master Fung told Gordon he can’t be indecisive. Shirley asked Patrick to quit his job as a police. Patrick Shirley to not worrying and he will marry her. Master Fung’s ment shot Patrick to death. Shirely asked Gordon why did he killed Patrick. Gordon told Nadia that he didn’t kill Patrick and he tried to save Patrick. Nadia cried and left Gordon’s house. Nadia told her dad she can’t live with a cold blooded person like this. Sunny told Gordon if he realized he’s being used by Master Fung. Sunny told Gordon that Master Fung will use him if he needs him but he will dispose him if he’s no use. Sunny told Gordon he doesn’t want to lose a friend.

Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (The New Bund) episode 35 recap

Nadia called Sunny that Gordon is carrying a gun and wants to kill him. Sunny thanked Nadia for still caring for him. Nadia said she’s only afraid something will happen to Gordon. Sunny told Nadia he promise that Gordon will be safe. Gordon yelled at Sunny and said he has to compete with him. Gordon pointed a gun at Sunny and said he has to die or else Nadia will miss him. Sunny told Gordon that Nadia said she only worries about him. Nadia told Gordon’s mom she will sleep with her. Gordon’s mother told Nadia that Gordon did many unforgivable things but he cares about her a lot. Nadia came to Gordon’s room and told Gordon she will forgive him this time for his mom. Master Fung asked Gordon to ask Tin Yau about Adam’s sifu and if he can’t find him then he can kill Tin Yau. Tin Yau told Gordon he can find eight gambling competitor to deal with Adam. Tin Yau told Gordon he has another plan but he has to discuss with Master Fung. Tin Yau asked Master Fung to give him half of the casino share if he wins Adam. Tin Yau told Master Fung they can lured Adam away and then tell the eight competitors to win all his money. Tin Yau told Master Fung he can use Carol to make Adam leave. Tin Yau called Adam that he kidnapped Carol. Adam search for Carol in the hotel. Tin Yau’s girlfriend called Adam that she impersonated Carol on the phone and that he’s usless for not recognizing Carol’s voice. The eight gamblers win the poker games against the audience in Adam’s casino. Adam’s student told Adam that he lost all the money in the casino. Tin Yau asked Adam out. Adam told Tin Yau he never played dirty tricks on people. Tin Yau told Adam he needs to repay him his cripple leg. Tin Yau asked his men to beat up Adam. Tin Yau beat up Adam with a stick. Adam fell down the hill. Adam’s student told his colleagues to find Adam.Adam got amnesia. Adam walked on the street with a cane.The stall owner gave Adam a bun and yelled at him and asked him what is his name. The stall owner asked Adam to beg people for money. Adam ate rice on the ground. Master Fung told Tin Yau he will distribute rice for the poverty. Adam yelled at Tin Yau to be a traitor. The stall owner told Tin Yau that Adam doesn’t know his name and everyone called him Dummy. Nadia saw Adam and doubt if it was him. Adam’s student told Henry that Adam is lost. Henry told Sunny he suspects Tin Yau collaborated with Master Fung to play Adam. Henry asked Sunny to help him find Adam. Tin Yau told his girlfriend that Adam lost his memory.Tin Yau’s girlfriend gave Adam one cent to tell him his name. Tin Yau gave Adam ten dollars but asked him to crawl under his butt. Tin Yau and his girlfriend and everyone laughed. Henry told Tin Yau he won’t forgive him if anything happen to Adam. Tin Yau paid the stall owner fifty dollars to take Adam away. The stall owner sold Adam to a worker. At Maggie’s grave that Adam is missing. Nadia told Emily that she saw a poor man that looks like Adam. The poor people told Sunny that Adam got sold to a worker. Adam told Tin Yau that the rules of the casino are affair and won’t tolerate debt. Master Fung told Tin Yau he will let his friend go this time but there won’t be a next time. Gordon told Master Fung they have to find a way to make Tin Yau mess things up so they can kick him out. Gordon asked Tin Yau to try his wine. Gordon told Tin Yau that Master Fung doens’t like him drinking wine because it makes him less elegant.Gordon told Tin Yau that Master Fung doesn’t care about him. Master Fung pretends to yell at Gordon for drinking and not asking for his consent before signing a contract. Gordon told Tin Yau that Masster Fung won’t praise him if he does well. Gordon asked Tin Yau why is he still staying if he’s being scold by Master Fung. Gordon told Tin Yau to try to get back the casino. Gordon pretends to take out a gun and told Tin Yau he will kill him. Gordon asked Tin Yau to kill Master Fung so he can take over the casino. Gordon asked Tin Yau to pay an assassin to kill Master Fung.

Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (The New Bund) episode 34 recap

Adam shot Tin Yau and said he can’t let him kill anymore people but he also can’t let Sunny kill him. Sunny told Adam he chose to end their friendship and sacrificed his relationship with Carol. Sunny said he will kill Tin Yau if he ever meet him next time, and he will also kill the person who prevents him. Adam told the doctor that even if Tin Yau is cripple it is lucky for him. Adam told Tin Yau he isn’t satisfied for not killing him. Adam asked Tin Yau to leave his house. Adam told Tin Yau that he gave him many chances but sometimes he had to hide his conscience.Tin Yau yelled at Adam for wanting to take over the casino. Tin Yau told Adam he wants to sell the casino even for Master Fung. Adam gave Tin Yau five million dollars to buy back his casino. Adam told Tin Yau that he saved his life today which is enough to repay for his dad. Master Fung’s men tries to kill Tin Yau at the train station and blamed it on Adam’s order. Tin Yau ran and saw his girlfriend. Tin Yau told his girlfriend that Adam wants to kill him. Tin Yau told Master Fung he can find Adam’s sifu to help him win back the casino. Tin Yau told his girlfriend that he lied that Master Fung has a sifu to protect his life. Sunny asked Ching to investigate the whereabout of Tin Yau. Adam’s student told Adam he doesn’t want to eat or sleep. Adam play chess with his student. Adam’s student told Adam he knows he’s lonely without Sunny, Carol, and Henry. Adam’s student asked Adam to visit Henry. Hnery and Emily do a salt business. Adam and his student eat lunch with Henry and Emily. Emily asked Adam he should think about marrying Carol. Henry told Adam living a quiet life is pretty good since he doesn’t need to be scared of being killed. Adam play cards with Henry. Adam told his student that Henry is living a peaceful life with his life, he doesn’t want to disturb Henry. The students asked Master Fung what he thinks about selling Japanese stuff and the dead about Patrick. Master Fung told Gordon to kill Sunny. Gordon and Nadia met Sunny at the banquet. Nadia told Gordon she feels dizzy. Gordon yelled at Nadia for being dizzy after seeing Sunny. Sunny asked Nadia if she is alright. Sunny tries to help Nadia. Gordon yelled at Sunny and said he can take care of Nadia and doesn’t need him. Gordon drinks. Gordon smokes. Nadia sleeps on the bed. Gordon scold at Nadia and asked her to wake up. Gordon told Nadia she acted very well. Gordon asked Nadia why did she had an affair with Sunny. Gordon told Nadia that he thinks of him as Sunny everytime she sleeps with him. Nadia slapped Gordon. Gordon tries to rape Nadia. Nadia ran and fainted. Gordon smoked. The doctor told Master Fung that Nadia’s baby died. Nadia cried and told Master Fung she wants to move back with him. Gordon brought flowers for Nadia. Master Fung told Gordon he will take Nadia home. Nadia come visits the foster kids. The foster mother told Nadia that Gordon fix the house everyday. Nadia told Gordon that the house can be fixed but the heart can’t be. The children asked Nadia to put the hands by his ears and begged Nadia. Nadia asked the kids not to throw stuff at the bird. Nadia got upset. Gordon told his friend he’s already been too nice to Nadia. Gordon drinks. Gordon told his friend that he knows that Nadia never loved him. Gordon said he almost lost Nadia and he lost his baby.Gordon drinks and told Nadia that it is because he thinks of Sunny.Gordon asked Nadia not to make excuse. Nadia told Sunny that if he keeps drinking he will turn crazy. Gordon told Nadia he has to kill Sunny.

Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (The New Bund) episode 33 recap

Sunny yelled Nadia’s name. Nadia agreed to marry Gordon. Sunny told Florence he did something very naive and got wants him to be Master Fung’s enemy. Patrick’s father post photos of him and the Japanese men on the news. Master Fung asked his assistant to teach Patrick’s dad a lesson. Master Fung’s men shot a reporter to death. Patrick’s friend told Patrick that his dad is dead.Patrick hugged his dad and cried. Patrick’s colleague watch Patrick looked at the photos that his dad took of Master Fung. Patrick’s colleague sneaked in Patrick’s office at night to steal the photos but couldn’t find it. Master Fung asked Gordon to kill Sunny.Shirley told Gordon to remember to attend her and Patrick’s wedding. Gordon told Shirley to go with the flow since life is unpredictable. Master Fung’s men crashed Patrick and stole the photos. Master Fung looked at the papers but it is all white papers. Gordon and Nadia enjoy their honeymoon. There played the classic romantic song.Gordon and Nadia ate dinner and danced together. Shirley cried and told Nadia on the phone that Patrick got hurt from a car crash. Nadia asked Gordon to go with him to visit Patrick. Shirley told Nadia that Patrick is in coma. Gordon and Nadia eat dinner with Gordon’s mom. Gordon’s mom made Nadia some pig legs. Nadia asked Gordon to let his mom lives with them. Sunny told Adam he suspects that Master Fung sent someone to car crash Patrick.Sunny asked Adam if Tin Yau is worth for him to lose everything. Sunny told Adam he plans to use the students to spread rumors about Master Fung for Patrick. Nadia asked Master Fung if he sent someone to kill Patrick. Gordon told Nadia that Sunny paid the students to gossip about Master Fung and she should trust her dad. Master Fung asked his men to raise the journalists paid by fifty percent. Gordon showed Master Fung the news that the students wrote about him trying to take the casino.Master Fung’s assistant told Master Fung that the foreign countries captain made him explain about this incident. Gordon yelled at Nadia for leaving early and returning home late. Nadia went to bed. Gordon told Nadia that he didn’t want to argue with her but he was worrying about her.Shirley told Sunny that Patrick is lucky to have good friends like Nadia and him for visiting Patrick every night at the hospital. Nadia saw Sunny in the elevator. Nadia and Sunny got stuck in the elevator. Sunny asked Nadia if she is living well. Sunny told Nadia that Gordon must be treating her really good.Gordon got mad seeing Sunny walking about of the elevator. Gordon yelled at Nadia for sneakingly seeing Sunny. Nadia said she coincidentally meet Sunny at the hospital. Gordon’s mom told Gordon that Nadia made him some soup in the morning to calm his temper. Gordon hold and umbrella in the snow by Nadia and apologized to her. Gordon asked Nadia not to leave him. Nadia sneezed. Gordon put on his jacket for Nadia. Gordon told Master Fung’s assistant to tell him any news instead of telling Master Fung since Master Fung has too much burden. Gordon had a conference with the people explaining that Master Fung’s company isn’t in bankrupt. Master Fung spread rumors that it was Tin Yau who killed Noel and her family. Sunny asked Ching to investigate if it was Tin Yau who killed Noel. Tin Yau told his servants to say that they never seen him. Ching told Sunny that the police said they saw the killer of Noel then drew the face of Tin Yau. Tin Yau packed his bag and about to leave the house. Adam slapped Tin Yau and pointed a gun and said that Heung Linh is a Japanese spy and deserves to die, but Noel was pregnant. Adam told Tin Yau he offended Sunny. Sunny pointed a gun at Tin Yau.

Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (The New Bund) episode 32 recap

Bowie asked Adam to give Tin Yau to him. Adam told Bowie he can’t break his promise of taking care Tin Yau. Adam asked Bowie to kill him instead. Bowie told Adam if he kills him, then Carol will suffer. Adam told Bowie to take good care of Carol. Carol told Bowie that she was never the most important person to Adam. Carol said Adam can revenge for Maggie and help Tin Yau but she is always last on his mind. Tin Yau told Master Fung that Adam pretends to be good to him on the outside. Tin Yau asked Master Fung to kick Adam out of the casino. Master Fung told Tin Yau they must get rid of Sunny so Adam’s power be weaken. The police arrested some of the martial arts people. Sunny told the martial arts people they don’t have to impulsively save their friends. The martial art leader said Sunny doesn’t care about his people and he only cares about revenging Master Fung. Shirley told Nadia that Gordon haven’t come to the play for a long time. Nadia received a bouquet of flowers. Nadia read the card and wait for someone. The martial arts people kidnapped Nadia. Gordon brought a bouquet of flower to see Nadia. Gordon told Master Fung that Nadia is missing. Master Fung told Gordon to investigate who kidnapped Nadia. The martial art people told Nadia she should be shameful to have a father who collaborate with the Japanese to kill them Chinese. Sunny asked the martial arts people to release Nadia. Sunny pointed a knife toward the martial art people. Sunny thought with the martial art people. Nadia untie herself and ran.Sunny took Nadia to the hospital. Sunny told Nadia he saved her because he doesn’t want to hurt innocent people. Sunny told Nadia not to tell Master Fung that the martial art people kidnapped her. Nadia told Master Fung that she’s been kidnapped by robbers who wants his money and Gordon saved her. Master Fung’s assistant told Master Fung he found Sunny’s card to Nadia. Gordon told Nadia he saw Sunny at the hospital. Nadia told Gordon she can’t be with Sunny anymore. Gordon told Nadia he hope she gives him a chance. The martial art leader told Sunny he can’t forget Nadia. The martial art leader told Sunny he doesn’t need to care about him anymore. The martial art disciple Ching decides to join Ching. The martial art leader got mad that one of his disciple will be hang up. Gordon told Master Fung that Sunny will not hurt Nadia. Master Fung said he wants to get rid of the martial art disciple to let Sunny know he’s not easily bully. Gordon picks up Nadia. The martial art people shot Gordon. Gordon told Nadia to marry him if he’s fine. Nadia agreed if he is safe. Gordon told Nadia he dreamed that he lives in a house that leaked. Master Fung said the house didn’t get leaked but is full of Nadia’s tears. Master Fung told Gordon to get well faster so he can prepare of their wedding. Sunny and Ching saw the martial art people’s dead bodies. Sunny and Gordon do the funeral for the martial art people. Patrick told Sunny that someday he will find evidence to arrest Master Fung. Patrick’s dad asked Patrick to work with him as journalist. Nadia saw Gordon’s shoes outside the window and worried he commit suicide. Gordon told Nadia he is really thrilled to see her worried about him. Gordon told Nadia she can reconsider if she wants to marry him now. Sunny heard Shirley told Patrick that Nadia is getting married to Gordon. Sunny congratulates Nadia. Nadia looked at Gordon’s drawing about them happily.Gordon asked Nadia to marrry him. Nadia smiled and told Gordon he draw her wedding dress too ugly. Gordon told Master Fung he will take good care of Nadia. Master Fung ordered Gordon to kill Patrick. Gordon and Nadia gave presents to the orphans. Nadia looked at the house that Gordon built.Sunny sadly look at Gordon and Nadia. Florence told Sunny drinking won’t solve the problem and she knows he still loves Nadia a lot. Sunny drinks alone.Nadia sadly look at the sky.Sunny cries. Gordon marries Nadia. Sunny ran fast to the church.

Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (The New Bund) episode 31 recap

Nadia asked Gordon to not let Sunny kill her dad. Gordon told Nadia he won’t let anyone harm her dad. Shirley told Nadia that Gordon is not bad. Nadia said she only likes Gordon as a friend. Nadia told Gordon she’s not worth his time. At the restaurant, Carol looked at Adam discusses with Sunny.Bowie told Adam to cheer up Carol.Carol told Adam there other other things to do besides revenge. Sunny told his reporter he bought his news company.Sunny said he needs his help. Gordon told Master Fung that Sunny and Adam told the news reporters to gossip about him to make him mad.Gordon pointed a gun toward his friend’s girlfriend since she left his friend for Bak Captain because he’s rich. Gordon’s friend told him he wants to be famous.Gordon asked his friend to work for him. He doesn’t have to kill someone since there are many jobs. Shirley told Nadia she is engaged.Gordon asked Nadia to celebrate his birthday with him and he wishes he can be with her. Nadia told Gordon to not waste time on him. Gordon told Nadia he won’t give up. Gordon said he’s both happy and said that Sunny is in trouble.Gordon hired someone to sue the news reporters. Adam bought flowers for his parents and introduced Carol to his parents. Carol told Adam he has to be choose carefully before he introduce her. Carol told Adam she needs to understand him more. Adam told Carol she’s very important to him. Adam asked Carol if she wants to marry him. Carol told Adam unless he is willing to let go of everything and live on a farm with him. Gordon briebed some government officers. Some men beat beat up Patrcik. Sunny kindapped the two government officers and pay them double. Sunny told the two officers to either accept his money or he kills them. Master Fung got mad that the news said he bribed the two officers. The two officers resigned and left. Master Fung gave Gordon 3 days to deal with Sunny. Carol went to buy a necklace with Emily. Carol recognize the necklace that Gallen bought for her. The prostitute told the store owner she gave him the necklace but now she wants to buy it. Carol followed the prostitute and saw Tin Yau’s friend Cam. Bowie told Carol Eric didn’t have her necklace on him when he bought it for her. Bowie said that means that someone was greedy and stole the necklace after he killed him. Carol said it must be Cam who killed Eric. Cam asked Tin Yau to give him 10,000 dollars to run away. Cam told Tin Yau that he worth more than him since he isn’t the one who needs to run since he didn’t kill anyone. Cam told Tin Yau he might tell Carol the truth if she asks him. Tin Yau shot Cam and the prostitute. Bowie told Carol he will investigate the case. Gordon hired some men to shoot the news reporters. Henry got shot along with them.Emily got pregnant two months with Henry. Adam asked Henry to leave Shanghai with Emily. Bowie’s friend told Bowie that he saw Tin Yau giving money to some police to cover up for Cam’s death. Bowie told Carol that he found out Tin Yau killed Cam and Eric.Bowie told Adam he suspects Tin Yau killed Eric.Carol asked Adam if he already knew Tin Yau killed Eric. Carol asked Adam why did he lied to her. Adam yelled at Tin Yau for killing Cam.Carol pointed a gun at Tin Yau but Adam stood in front of Tin Yau. Adam told Carol he promised Tin Yau’s father he will take care of Tin Yau. Carol left. Carol cried in front of Eric’s grave. Carol told Bowie to buy him train tickets so she can leave Shanghai. Tin Yau asked Adam to kill him. Adam slapped Tin Yau and said he keeps on pretending and he regrets not exposing him. Adam told Tin Yau he can’t give the casino for him. Bowie came up to Adam.