Scavenger’s Paradise episode 20 recap

Wayne Lai told Myolie that if she wants him to sign the contract,she has to take good care of him. Chun Wong told Angelina and the appartment mates to try to sneak into Wayne’s company broken window and steal the perfumes. Wayne Lai’s assistant asked them what are they doing at night. They said they are practicing Kungfu. Roger got an idea of making mini perfume for the contest. Wayne criticized and told his men to mock Wayne and Kenneth while they dressed as maid and dance in front of the stage. Wayne Lai surprisingly see Myolie dancing with them. Myolie told Wayne Lai that she already fullfill her contract with him, and whomever she dances with after that is none of his business. The businessman showed the rest of the part of the contract to Wayne Lai saying that he promised that if Myolie sings for him one time, then he will give 10 times of his share for her. Myolie told Wayne Lai she switched the contract while he took a bath and poured some sleeping pills in the wine. Kenneth and Myolie got sad about Roger and Cherie getting married. The businessman asked Myolie date him. Kenneth fell down from the tree, and Cherie saw a bunch good luck charm that he made for her. Kenneth pretends to tell Roger that he did it. Cherie said she doesn’t understand Roger and Kenneth. She said Roger rather keep a promise and marry the person he doesn’t like but Kenneth keep on following her even though she doesn’t like him back which makes her seems like a bitch. Kenneth honestly told Roger that Myolie sacraficed her happiness for him, and he didn’t win the lottery but it was Myolie who gave him money. Kenneth told Roger to find Myolie. Myolie told Roger that she got a new life now. Kenneth returns all the painting that she took from her for memories. He gave her back the necklace, bracelet, and watches. He said he didn’t steal it, he kept it for her. Kenneth gave a letter to Roger saying he’s leaving because he’s afraid he can’t forget Cherie, he doesn’t want to be the third party between Roger and Cherie, and he wants Cherie to be happy. Roger came to the train station telling Kenneth that he doesn’t love Cherie and only Kenneth can give him happiness. Roger told Chun Wong that he can’t marry Cherie. Chun Wong and Angelina is glad to hear that because they said Kenneth is also a good guy. Angelina said if she haven’t seen the pack of paintings that Kenneth kept for Cherie, she wouldn’t know how deeply in love he was. Cherie agrees to marry Kenneth. Wayne Lai pushed a knife toward Roger’s body at the church. Myolie’s brother used kungfu to fight with Wayne. Myolie’s brother told Myolie the news. Myolie came back quickly to find Roger. Wayne Lai turn crazy and got arrested. Myolie cried and told Roger to not leave her alone. She said as long as he’s alright then she will be by her side. Roger wakes up, and everyone cheered. Kenneth said that is not blood, it is just chicken sauce. Roger keeled in front of Myolie and asked her to marry him. Kenneth keeled in front of Cherie. Roger carries Myolie while Kenneth carries Cherie. The end!

Scavenger’s Paradise episode 19 recap

Kenneth won 200,000 dollars lottery. Kenneth gave all his lottery money to Chun Wong. Mimi Chu’s daughter told Myolie’s brother that they both will wear a mask, and then he pretends to lose so Wilson Tsui and his mate see his students lose then go away. During the fight, Mimi Chu’s couldn’t stand the fog and took her mask off. Wilson Tsui and his mate found out that Myolie’s brother is both of his student. Wilson Tsui and his mate questioned Myolie’s brother about the other kungfu type that they didn’t taught him but they see he knows how to perform it. Myolie’s brother said that he created it alone. Roger, Kenneth, and Chun Wong created a new type of perfume to compete with Wayne. Kenneth said he won the lottery again. Wayne Lai argued with Chun Wong and told the store boss to sell his perfume instead of Chun Wong. Wayne Lai’s assistant told him to ask Myolie to sing for him to promote his perfume company. Wayne Lai criticize his girlfriend of being a prostitute. Myolie’s brother and Myolie told her that they could barely sell any perfume. Cherie confronted Kenneth about seeing Myolie. Kenneth told Cherie that Myolie sacrificed herself for the happiness of Roger and Cherie. Roger ate noodle in the food stall and saw Myolie. Cherie cried and Kenneth tried to console her. Kenneth told Roger that he has an arranged marriage with Cherie and he doesn’t want to see Cherie cry everyday. Roger told Cherie that he can’t forget Myolie right away and to give him some time to forget her. He told Cherie that he can’t like her right away but he will take care of her, and he believes that their love will develop. Mimi Chu said she put the perfume on and then 5 housewives decide to buy it. Roger has an idea of asking a female to be their company’s model and sell perfumes to the housewives and maids.Cherie and Mimi Chu’s daughter doesn’t want to represent the company. Cherie told Wilson Tsui and his mate to disguise into females and everyone laughed. Roger and Kenneth disguised into maids distributing perfumes. A bunch of maids suddenly came to buy their perfumes. Chun Wong is happy about Roger and Cherie getting married. Wayne Lai asked his men to steal all the perfume of Chun Wong so his company can’t participate on the contest. The businessman deal with Wayne Lai that he will give 100,000 dollars to him to buy a share of his company and Myolie can sing for Wayne’s company. Roger hit Wayne. The businessman said that Wayne Lai is now his business partner. Myolie told Roger that she doesn’t care about the fight between him and Wayne; she signed a contract to sing for Wayne’s company.

Scavenger’s Paradise episode 18 recap

Roger punched Kenneth. Chun Wong and Angelina lives in Mimi Chu’s appartment. Myolie read the news that Chun Wong went bankrupt. Roger and Cherie search for a comfortable pillow for Angelina. Cherie bought some yarns for her mom to knit during her free time. Chun Wong got back Angelina’s pillow for his wife but got hit by Wayne’s men. Angelina put on medication for Chun Wong. Wayne Lai kicked Kenneth out and told him that he set him up by making him believe that Chun Wong stole took his father assett. He said he bribed his Kenneth’s dad’s friend. The debt owner told Kenneth he quits his job as a loan shark when his wife got pregnant. and he thanked him for disguising into a female earlier so he can tell how much his wife loves him. Chun Wong’s driver told him that Kenneth has been kicked out of the company and now jobless. Chun Wong’s driver said that after Wayne Lai took over, the company has been a mess. Cherie got a job as an elementary teacher. Wilson Tsui and his mate bet with each other that whomever of their students lose will have to give up on courting Mary Hon. Myolie’s brother told Mimi Chu’s daughter that he is both of Wilson Tsui and his mate’s student. Cherie wants to cancel the engagement with Roger since she knows that love can’t be forced. Roger told Cherie that he is starting to like her and he told her to give him more time. Roger saw Kenneth searching food in the trash can. Kenneth told Roger he twisted his leg after he got bumped by a car. Kenneth kneel outside of the apartment in the rain. Chun Wong forgives Kenneth. Chun Wong got hit again after getting back his perfume company’s picture frame. Kenneth buys a lottery hoping for luck. Roger saw the news of Myolie with the businessman and look sad. Cherie asked Roger if he misses Myolie. Roger tear up Myolie’s lyrics. Myolie and the business came to visit her brother. Myolie’s brother told her that Roger and Cherie will marry soon. The businessman told Myolie’s brother that he misunderstood her. Cherie returns Myolie’s 200,000 dollar cheque. Cherie told Myolie that she just wants to give money to Roger so she can get back with him. Kenneth Ma told Roger that they are now rich, he won the lottery.

Scavenger’s Paradise episode 17 recap

During the interview, Myolie thanked the businessman of helping her in her music career. Myolie said she still puts her career her priority. Myolie’s brother and Mimi Chu’s daughter saw the businessman touched Myolie and told her to go to US with him. Myolie told Roger that she decided to go to US with the businessman. Myolie breaks up with Roger. Myolie went into the car with the businessman and cried. Roger chased them. Angelina and Cherie pretends to cry saying that Chun Wong will die tonight. Chun Wong told Roger he has a wish before he die, he hopes that Roger would marry Cherie. Roger slutters. Chun Wong yelled that he sees a ghost then he said he promised to marry Cherie. Kenneth found the conman and brought him to Chun Wong. He witness Wayne told him to pretend as a businessman. Roger told Chun Wong to forgive Wayne and his father if they returns the money that they stole. Wayne’s father fainted. Roger told Chun Wong that it is really Kenneth who found the con man. Kenneth was surprised when Chun Wong called Roger is son in law. Wayne Lai and his girlfriend saw Kenneth at a restaurant. Kenneth saw a 20 years old picture of Kenneth’s father and Chun Wong together on a newspaper and he said that was the time that his father got bankrupt. Wayne’s father got amnesia and eat sandwiches on the floower. Kenneth’s father friend told Kenneth that Chun Wong tricks all of Kenneth’s father’s money. Wayne Lai told Kenneth to use Roger to revenge against Chun Wong. Kenneth told Roger to sign a document; then he spilled water on Roger, then switched the document. Wayne Lai’s girlfriend called Chun Wong’s wife to provoke her. Angelina argued with Chun Wong. Wayne Lai came to retrieve Chun Wong’s house and said Roger already signed a document saying he has to give them 50,00 dollars or else he will take his house. Kenneth told Roger he switched the document.

Scavenger’s Paradise episode 16 recap

Cherie told Roger and Myolie that her father saved Roger’s father so Roger’s father arranged marriage Roger with Cherie and what’s wrong with that. Roger and Kenneth kneel in front of Mary Hon. Roger said he cannot break Myolie’s heart. Mary Hon told Myolie to return the necklace she gave her. Cherie told her worker to throw all of Kenneth’s stuff. Roger told Chun Won and Angelina that he can’t be their son in law because he only likes Cherie as a sister. Roger told them that he can’t break up with Myolie. Cherie cried. Kenneth drinks and told Roger that it doesn’t matter if Roger doesn’t marry Cherie since Cherie doesn’t like Kenneth. Roger told Mary that he rather be a cart puller than be the boss of the perfume company. Myolie said she’s busy singing and he’s busy pulling the cart and they spent less time together. Mary Hon pretends to suicide. When a bug walked in, Mary Hon wake up right away. Myolie introduced Roger in front of the interview with the businessman. The reporters asked if Roger feels he doesn’t fit with Myolie. Chun Wong is mad because the journalist only writes good stuff about Roger and Myolie. Kenneth saw Wayne, his father, and a con guy sharing Chun Wong’s money. Chun Wong saw the conman impersonating a Malaysian businessman and found out he took all his money. Chun Wong got in coma. Mary blames Roger of causing Chun Wong being in this state. Chun Wong woke up and told Angelina to tell Wayne Lai to find that con man. Mary Hon thought of using Chun Wong’s coma to force Roger to marry Cherie. Wayne Lai and his father happily enjoy Chun Wong’s money. Wayne Lai told his father that they will just put all the blame on that con man and Chun Wong can’t do anything about it if he runs away. Angelina and Mary pretends to cry in front of Roger and Myolie and said Chun Wong will soon die. The businessman told Myolie to help Roger make a decision. Roger prayed for Chun Wong in the temple.

Scavenger’s Paradise episode 15 recap

Roger introduce Mary Hon as her aunt to everyone in the apartment. Everyone said Myolie and Roger is going to get married. Roger lied to Mary that Myolie and her brother are both Chun Wong’s children. Mary asked Roger how come Myolie doesn’t stay with her family. Roger said her family all died. Roger told his appartment mates, that he would be angry about Kenneth stealing his identity but it is still a good thing because he likes Myolie and not Cherie. Roger told Myolie that she can’t sing at the studio. Myolie is angry at Roger because she thinks she is the 3rd person between him and Cherie. Kenneth Ma asked someone to built a cementery for Chun Wong and Angelina since Roger said they are dead. Cherie throws tomatoes at Kenneth while scolding about Roger. Chun Wong told Angelina that if next time Cherie throws durian then he’ll be dead. Wayne’s girlfriend brought a foreign businessman and asked Chun Wong to sign in a document. Kenneth told Chun Wong he hasn’t read the document carefully. Chun Wong signed the document and gave her 30 percent of his shares. Angelina told Cherie that he used to like a man before her father but he doesn’t like her back and married someone else so she accepts her father and married until now. Angelina said she is really happy and she told Cherie to find a person that loves her more than she does. Angelina confront Chun Wong about going home so late. Angelina saw a bunch of heart stamps behind Chun Wong’s back and if she knows he flirts with other women behind her back, he’ll be dead. Roger and Myolie sings opera in front of Roger’s aunt on the stage. The music suddenly stopped and everyone applauded. Kenneth told Roger and Myolie to marry faster. Mary gave Myolie her descendant’s jade. Mary Hon practiced Kungfu with Wilson Tsui and his mate. Chun Wong overheard Kenneth talking to Roger about the wedding in the office. Chun Wong told Roger he will attend his wedding. Cherie heard Kenneth and her parents talking about Roger getting married and she got mad and cried.Kenneth told Cherie that Roger doesn’t know how to cherish her but he knows. Kenneth told Cherie that he dreamed of marrying her. Cherie told her parents that she wants to marry Kenneth and they have to make it big. Cherie told her servant that her mom is right about it is better to choose a guy who loves her more than a guy that she likes. Kenneth told Chun Wong and Angelina to drink the two cups of tea. Chun Wong and Angelina hurt their stomach. Mary saw Cherie dropped the picture of her parents. Mary forbid Roger to marry Myolie.

Scavenger’s Paradise episode 14 recap

Roger deny to Cherie that Myolie isn’t that type of girl. The businessman told Myolie that she’s the second person to see his back. The businessman gave everyone in the apartment gifts. Myolie gave Roger a watch. Roger confront Myolie about messaging the businessman’s back. Chun Wong’s busissess partner said he needs to find a bunch of roses to build the scent of the perfume or else his business will be delayed to six months. Roger suggest to go to the flower shops to find the roses. Wayne Lai bought all the roses. Roger told Cherie and Kenneth to find everyway to take all the roses away from other people. Kenneth, Cherie, and Roger replaced other people’s roses with other flowers while they are proposing to their girlfriend, throwing flowers during wedding, or other occasion. They only have about 20 flowers. Kenneth, Roger, and Cherie saw Myollie talking to the businessman. Kenneth came up to Myolie to reason with her. Kenneth fought with the business man’s friend. Myolie got angry at Roger, Cherie, and Kenneth. Myolie told the businessman there’s no point of explaining to them since Roger doesn’t trust her. The businessman came to meet Roger to talk about his illness and Myolie helped him put ice on. The people in the apartment found 20 mores roses but Roger needs a few thousands roses. Wayne Lai said he only found four roses. Myolie announced on the radio that if they want to get a ticket to see her, they need to each give one roses to her. The businessman gave roger boxes of roses. Roger sing and dance in front of Myolie and gave her a red rose. Kenneth told Chun Wong to plant roses so they don’t have to worry about it in the future. Wayne Lai asked his girlfriend to ask Chun Wong to lend her money. A fortune teller told Roger and Myolie that in their previous lives they dropped a bird cage and the bird flew way which makes the Roger sad and died. He said it is because they aren’t together in the past, so now the bird flies back so they can live happily ever after. He said they have to marry this year or they will have bad luck. Roger and Myolie saw stick falling on them; Roger asked Myolie to marry him right a way. Kenneth told Roger that he planned all those stuff and paid money for the fortune teller. Kenneth said as long as Roger marries Myolie right away then Cherie will give up on Roger. Cherie hugs Kenneth and cries and asked why Roger didn’t give her a chance. Roger’s aunt (Mary Hon) came to the apartment to find him.

Scavenger’s Paradise episode 13 recap

Cherie put a lot of hot sauce in the rice flour noodle and told Kenneth to eat it. Myolie looked at Cherie’s shirt. Myolie asked Roger would he believe her in any kind of situation. Myolie films an advertisements for dumpling. Roger feels intimidated that Myolie is more famous than him. Myolie told Roger to work hard to distribute his song lyrics. Roger looks at Myolie’s poster and feel sad. Everyone in the apartment look at Myolie’s autographs. Myolie showed Roger’s lyrics to the businessman. The businessman he likes to listen to songs but he doesn’t know how to critic the lyrics. Myolie’s brother fought with two other students because he criticized Myolie. Roger heard the music director saying that Roger is lucky to have a famous singer so he can depend on. Roger yelled at Myolie saying he doesn’t want to depend on relations to get notice. Kenneth put a raincoat and covered his face to avoid other worker in the company to throw eggs at him. Wayne Lai told the workers that they have to work hard without earning money and blame Kenneth for it. The workers stared at Kenneth and Roger. Roger suggested two options to Chun Wong. He told Chun Wong to pay them more wages so they will work harder. He also told Chun Wong to work extra hours with the workers. Kenneth announced to the worker that he will renovate the room and will increase their salaries when they reached a certain number of perfume. Chun Wong asked Roger to help him manage the company. Cherie told Roger that it is hard to find a good guy like him. Roger said if something happens to her, just tell him. Roger wants to start being a worker instead of being a manager since he said he doesn’t have the skills. Kenneth told Roger to come up to Myolie. Roger sleeps on the living room waiting for Myolie. Myolie showed the expensive chocolate to Roger that her fans gave her. Cherie saw Myolie help the businessman going into the hotel. The businessman told Myolie that he has an illness. Cherie brings Roger to see Myolie in the hotel. Roger saw Myolie sitting on the bed with the business man laying down shirtless.

Scavenger’s Paradise episode 12 recap

Roger and Kenneth disguised into a woman and attracts the debt owner’s guards and hit them with the heels. The debt owner’s wife came and saw him holding Kenneth and Roger. Kenneth and Roger said he tries to rape them. Cherie told Myolie she is thinking of how to tell Roger that she likes him. Mimi Chu saw Cherie buying breakfast for Roger. Myolie told Roger that she’s scared that someone will steal her boyfriend. Cherie saw Roger holding Myolie’s happily. Cherie cried. Everyone in the appartment is trying to find Cherie. Mimi Chu asked Roger and Myolie why did they hide they are dating. Cherie came back home sleeping in her room. Chun Wong and Angelina told Cherie Kenneth is their son in law. Cherie said what proof does he has and even if he is really her fiance, she won’t marry him. Chun Wong tells Wayne to get a taxi to come with them if he wants to eat since the car can only hold 4 people. Cherie mixed fried shrimp with different kinds of sauce and tells Kenneth to eat it. Angelina paid the bills and when Wayne Lai just arrived, she said they are leaving. The rich businessman told Myolie he’s going to take her to a studio to test her singing. While Myolie sings, the rich businessman thinks of his wife. Roger heard Myolie’s friend talking to someone that the audience only come to the studio to watch Myolie and don’t care about Roger. Kenneth told Roger to show his lyrics to the music director. The music director told Roger that his lyrics are just normal. Cherie poured hot sauce inside the water and tells Kenneth to drink it.The businessman bought a necklace for Myolie and said he never knew if his wife liked the jewelries that he bought for her when she was alive. Cherie saw Myolie walking with the businessman. The businessman told Myolie that his wife was a singer but died from illness. Cherie drunkenly told Roger that Myolie is dating the businessman.Myolie put an eye drop on the businessman. Cherie slapped Myolie in thinking that she made out with the businessman.

Scavenger’s Paradise episode 11 recap

Kenneth told Roger he didn’t purposely took his identity in front of Chun Wong. Kenneth said he pretends to be Chun Wong’s son in law because of Cherie. Kenneth said Cherie ran away from home because she doesn’t like the engagement that her dad set up. Roger told Kenneth to be himself and court Cherie and he keeps on lying to him. Roger told Kenneth he’s going to tell Chun Wong the truth and he told Kenneth to think of how to explain it to his father. Roger sat on the balcony waving his fan looking sad. He told Myolie he doesn’t know what to do about Kenneth. Myolie told Roger that he has to stop him or he will go deeper. Kenneth imagines of him getting into jail for stealing Rodger’s identity. Chun Wong told Roger that Kenneth rejects of taking the house when he gave it to him. Chun Wong praised Kenneth of being a good son in law. Kenneth drinks wine on the balcony. Roger promised Kenneth of keeping the secret and he said as long as his family is happy the he’s fine about it. Kenneth told Roger that he wrote a letter to Chun Wong that he’s not his son in law. Kenneth and Roger put a cover on Chun Wong then steal the letter back. Kenneth wants Roger to persuade Cherie to come back home. Chun Wong calls Wayne’s girlfriend that he will meet her tonight. Wayne Lai told his girlfriend to tell Chun Wong that she needs money to run a business. Chun Wong came to Wayne’s girlfriend house and asked him to give her money about diamond business. She asks him for 3,000 dollars but he gives her 10,000 dollars. Chun Wong gave her a bracelet. Chun Wong goes to the restroom and saw someone taking a bath, which is Wayne. Then he screamed and asked Wayne’s girlfriend why didn’t she tells him that there’s an old lady in the restroom. She said she is her aunt. Roger and Cherie went to see a ghost movie. Roger got scared and hugged Cherie. Cherie got mad at Roger when he told her that she should go home with her family. The lady boss at the studio asked the debt owner to revenge Myollie for her. Myolie told Cherie if she likes someone then she should court him. Cherie told Myolie that she likes Roger. Myolie told Roger, then Roger plans to set a plan to let Cherie likes Kenneth. Myolie told Cherie that a good person doesn’t mean that he will make a good husband. Myolie told Cherie to test Roger. Cherie pretends to fall down while going on a canoe. Roger pretends to ignore her. Kenneth swim down but twisted his leg. Roger saved Kenneth. Then Cherie twisted her leg, and Roger saved her. Cherie cooked eggs for Roger and Myolie but not Kenneth because he twisted his legs. The debt owner captured Myolie. Roger chased the debt owner while riding the bicycle to the hotel. Roger told Kenneth if he saw Myolie.The debt owner tied Myolie and drink with her. The debt owner said he likes Myolie because she is strong but he prefers her not to rebel.