Tiger Cubs episode 13 recap

The lawyer gave Kenneth a divorce document to sign. Kenneth tore the document. Joe’s colleagues told Joe to bring Jessica Hsuan on his dad’s birthday. Joe called Jessica to invite her on his dad’s birthday. Oscar told Jessica that Joe believes she hasn’t gotten over her boyfriend, and show Joe that she likes him. Kenneth fought with 2 people in jail since they said he got in jail because of a woman. Kenneth pushed the knife on himself. JJ Jia drove Kenneth in the ambulance and killed other people in the ambulance. JJ Jia takes Kenneth Ma to the home hospital. Kenneth got cured. . The rich man asked Kenneth where is his wife. Kenneth told the rich man if he let him stay at his house then his wife and baby will be fine. Jessica saw the news of the rich man missed his conference to go to the hospital due to his wife’s miscarriage. Jessica saw bruises on the rich man’s wife wrist. JJ Jia wanted to stab herself to show Kenneth how hurt she was when Kenneth almost die. JJ ask Kenneth to quit and travel around the world. Kenneth plan to leave hongkong using a speedboat. Jessica’s subordinate told her that JJ’s parents died when she was 10 and there’s no record of where she stayed. JJ gave her neighbor Ping some money. Jessica tailed JJ and asks the SDU to get ready. Kenneth told JJ that once everything is settled, she can bring Ping with her. Kenneth suspect something since it is so quiet. Kenneth look at the speedboats. Kenneth made an eye contact to JJ and told his men to get out first. The SDU and Kenneth’s men shoot each other. Kenneth and JJ got in the speedboat. Vincent shot the speedboat. The speedboat got burned but Kenneth and JJ escaped. JJ’s face got burnt in the hospital. JJ Jia cried and yelled after looking at the mirror. Kenneth will revenge Vincent Wong for shooting the speedboat and caused JJ in this state. Vincent got a chance to go to UK to go training to be a sniper.Kenneth shot Vincent. Kenneth Ma kidnapped Vincent Wong and send the cell phone video to Joe and said he’s going to pay him twice of what he did to JJ. Joe left the cell phone in his car and tied himself up as Kenneth said. Kenneth pointed a gun toward Joe and told him to bow. Joe bowed. Kenneth hit Joe. JJ burned Vincent’s face and shot him to death. Joe beat up Kenneth and the SDU arrived. Him cried and remember the good time with him. Him and Oscar confront the gangster. Joe drink a cup of wine to apologize. Him Law impulsively want to revenge for Vincent. Him Law told Joe that he should make a stand instead of apologizing to the triad. Joe yelled at the SDU if they revenge then they are no different than Kenneth. Joe told the SDU to go run 20 laps outside. Joe asks the triad leader to look for Kenneth. Joe told him to asks the triad bosses for help or he will arrest them all for illegal business. Dominic asks Joe why did he go see the triad boss alone. Joe told Dominic he doesn’t want his members to lose their job. He said he saw Vincent died in front of him and he will do anything to revenge for him. Dominic told Joe to do what he has to do and he will back up for him if there’s any problem. The triad boss called Joe that the doctor met Kenneth. Joe confront the doctor the hideout of Kenneth. Kenneth and JJ disguised into an old couple. JJ saw Jessica at the airport and called Kenneth to not come back. JJ fired a shot at the airport. JJ suffered from chronic fever and now in coma. Kenneth held cruise people as hostage. Kenneth told Jessica to release his wife and get a helipcopter ready in one hour. The doctor told Patrick that JJ suffers from burn wound infection and led to failure of heart and lung. Joe’s dad whispered to his friends in the boat to take down Kenneth. Kenneth saw Joe’s dad family pic. Kenneth pointed a gun toward Joe’s dad’s head and ask Joe to bring his wife. Jessica told Kenneth that his wife is in the hospital.Kenneth said he will kill Joe’s parents if he doesn’t see his wife. Oscar pose as JJ and meet with Kenneth. Kennet pointed a gun toward Oscar. Christine got shot by trying to save Oscar. Joe and Kenneth jump down the sea with the bomb. Jessica yelled that she loves Joe. Kenneth died. Joe swam back alive. Jessica hugged Joe happily. Oscar colleague teased Oscar of Chrisine calling him babe. Oscar go out with Mandy. The series end with terrorist hijacking the plane.

Tiger Cubs episode 12 recap

Joe and Jessica went fishing together. Joe’s parents ask Joe when will he bring Jessica to his house. Oscar told Joe if he likes Jessica Hsuan, he should tell her. Joe tries to tell Jessica that he likes her but Jess got a call about the bank hostage. There are 3 bank robbers and a woman with a bomb strapped. An SDU tried cut the wire on the woman’s bomb strap but a man died from it. Jessica recall her husband after looking at the case. Jessica told Joe she thinks the victim’s dead might be related to her boyfriend’s dead. She said both murderer used cell phone bombs. Jessica asks Lee Kwok Lun for information about the cell phone bomb. Lee Kwok Lun yelled at Yoyo. Yoyo remembers how she fell in love with him in college. Lee Kwok Lun was a science professor who helped Yoyo with her labs. Yoyo set up the cell phone bomb to revenge for Lee Kwok Lun for getting reject for the research grant. Yoyo switch the medicine causing a patient to die in the hospital. Jessica saw the news of the jewelry bomb in Lee Kwok Lun’s office. Jessica impulsively confront Lee Kwok Lun about the bomb incident. Jessica angrily grabbed Lee Kwok Lun’s neck and said her fiance was a scapegoat and was blown to pieces. Jessica pushed Lee Kwok Lun’s head toward the victim’s skull then Patrick received a call about the bomb. Yoyo pretends to be the victim of the bomb after seeing the news of police arrest Lee Kwok Lun. Yoyo told Jessica in the hospital that she smells the fume at her house and got knocked and tied up. Yoyo told Jessica that she worked as the lab assistant in the university but she never met Lee Kwok Lun. Jessica asks Yoyo if Lee Kwok Lun sent her an email. Jessica Hsuan grabbed Yoyo and confront her about hiding something. Joe Ma told Oscar that Jessica has been desperately trying to solve the case and might bother Yoyo.Jessica ask Yoyo why she cover up for Lee Kwok Lun. Joe prevents Jessica from harassing Yoyo. Jessica is off the case. Jessica got mad at Joe. Lee Kwok Lun yelled at Yoyo. Lee Kwok Lun died in the hospital. Joe told Jessica he cares for her and it hurts him seeing her blindly trying to solve the case. Yoyo called Jessica saying that she knows who killed her boyfriend. Joe and Oscar saw the bomb detonator sketch in Yoyo’s house and assume that she will kill Szeto next. Jessica came in the office and saw Yoyo tied up Szeto. Yoyo said she set up a detonator under the drug. Yoyo said the 3 victim caused Lee Kwok Lun to teach in high school. Yoyo told Jessica that her fiance’s dead was an accident. Joe told Yoyo that Lee Kwok Lun sacrificed for her. Joe cut the red wire as told by Yoyo. Joe told Jessica they will live and die together. Jessica visits her fiance grave and said she will live a happily life with Joe.

Tiger Cubs episode 11 recap

Mandy Wong look at the SDU jumping from the ceiling. She hurted her feet before trying to jump down. Jessica and Patrick arrest some gang for illegal betting. Derek Kwok told Jessica he saw someone jumped from the roof. A member of the gang admits it was all his doing. The victim was a 38 years old gambling addict. Him Law drove Mandy to her house. Him Law got mistaken by a police for being a molester. Him Law ate with Mandy Wong’s family. Him gave some of his food to Mandy since her foster mom gave him too much. Mandy told Him that Jazz believes he’s a cop. Mandy’s mom teased Him of being Mandy’s boyfriend. Mandy’s mom said Master Tin keeps on bugging her to sell her land. Mandy’s mom told Mandy that Derek cheated off her land. Jazz climbed on the top of the ceiling and told Mandy that he feels useless not being able to help his mom. Mandy told Him one time Jazz got scolded by his mom and climbed on the ceiling, she fell down from the ceiling and got hurt and had a fever when she tried to reach him. Vincent and Oscar help Jazz getting down. In Joe’s house, Chai wore a black outfit and a black hat and told Joe that he applied for SDU. Joe told Jazz he ordered him to guard the village. The SDU welcomed Savio back. Him told Joe that Mandy wants to transfer in the operation team. Him held Mandy’s hand and jumped with her from the ceiling. Jazz told Derek he’s an SDU and he is arresting him. Derek put firecracker around Jazz’s body. Derek lighted the firecracker and laughed. Jazz locked himself up in his room. Him saw bruises on Jazz. Derek and his crew tried to seduce Christine at the bar. The SDU and the gamblers argued with each other. Derek Kwok accused Joe’s add of putting a nail in his wife. Joe and Derek fights with each other. Angelina drinks the wine to settle the conflict. Jessica come to the hotel and told Derek she ran a test on his clothe.Patrick showed Jessica the ID of Derek’s mistress; he said Derek had an affair with a minor. Jessica arrests Derek covering his face. The reporters took pictures of Derek. Derek pretends to ask Jessica if he can go to the restroom. Joe and Jessica fish and talk about Derek. Derek got mad that his face is shown in front of the magazine. Derek told Jazz he kidnapped his mom. Derek pointed a fake gun toward Jazz. Derek ask Jazz to do him a favor in order for him to release his mom. Derek showed a video of his gang harassing Jazz’s mom. Derek told Jazz to pretends to be an SDU and shoot the police. Jazz shot Jessica. Patrick got hurt badly but he got well. Jazz sit by the rock and cried and try to find his mom. He was upset that his grandma called the cops on him. Jazz heard that the gamblers will kill his mom. Him and Mandy tries to find Jazz. Jazz called Him and Mandy and said he will save his mom. Jazz pointed a gun toward Derek Kwok. Derek and his men beat up Jazz. Derek threw pieces of blocks toward Jazz. Him and Mandy saved Jazz. One of Derek’s men pointed a gun toward Him Law; Him pointed a gun toward Derek. The SDU came. Him and Mandy told Jazz in jail that he will get a lenient sentence. Jazz asks Him to tell Joe to let him be in the team. Joe told Mandy he can train with him to be in the operation team.

Tiger Cubs episode 10 recap

Savio celebrates with the SDU about having a second child. Joe Ma helps Savio buy a house. Savio sighed to Joe he barely have time for his daughter and he’s not a good father. Joe asks Savio to stay in SDU for another month. Joe and the SDU shoots the kidnappers in a den. Savio got injured. Savio got in coma in the hospital. Joe blames himself for letting Savio stay in the team.Patrick Dun who is Dominic Lam’s former colleague saw the news about Savio got injured in the kidnapping case. Joe look at the portrait and remembers the times with Savio. Joe cried and visit Savio. Dominic received a call from a reporter who ask to interview him because either he or Joe is not a good leader since one of the member got injured. The SDU practice shooting the target. Joe got yelled at Dominic for making a mistake. Dominic told Joe he will lead the team.Dominic Lam threw grenades on the ground and asks the SDU how many grenades did he threw. Dominic said he will use his way to train them. Dominic yelled at them that if he was shooting like they did, he would have gotten kicked out. Dominic said when he was in SDU, his training was a 100 times harder. Dominic ate with Patrick Dunn and told him if he wasn’t hurt, he would have taken the post. Patrick said he likes his post as the security. Dominic told Patrick his members were not as good as they were back then. Dominic yelled at this subordinates that no one made through the training. Dominic shoots the target while Patrick Dunn stood in front of it. Patrick said he used to be under Dominic but he was strict because he wants SDU to be the best. Patrick told Joe not to blame himself and being in SDU there’s a chance they will get injured. Jessica told Joe to not disappoint Savio and be a good leader. Joe teach Jessica how to fish. Dominic’s boss asks him to persuade Patrick to join him in the kidnapping case. Dominic saw Patrick accidentally broke the gangster’s wife jewelry. Patrick told Domninic that being a mole is dangerous and he have to think about it. Patrick put some vaccination on his arm. Patrick thought about when he climbed down in front of the house during the big storm and got injured. Patrick remembered he went to doctor, and the doctor said his back got injured and he might need to stay in a wheelchair. Joe gave Savio’s wife money. Joe and the SDU painted the house for Savio. Patrick Dunn pretends to be the mole of the SDU whereas he will use the SDU to break all of the gangster’s obstacles. Dominic told Patrick he will always be an SDU in his heart. Dominic Lam wait for the gangsters but didn’t’ see them appear. The SDU fight and shoots against the gangsters. Dominic saw Patrick’s bullet and pointed a rifle toward him. Patrick told Dominic he suffered in Canada after falling down from the ceiling. Dominic pointed a gun at Patrick and said he knows that he never miss a shot whenever he hit a target. Dominic said he have to risk his life to save people as an SDU. He said he won’t feel bad to what happened to Patrick. Patrick surrenders and cry. Dominic Lam praised his subordinates of doing a good job. Mandy Wong received a call that Savio is awake. Savio told his colleagues that he got well but his right leg is weak so he can’t work as an SDU anymore. Savio said all it matters is he still has his wife and daugther.Savio’s wife allows Savio to stay in SDU to work in the support team.

Tiger Cubs episode 9 recap

The SDU visit their colleague’s grave.Joe and Oscar asks Jessica to go to a doctor. Jessica go to the psychologist( Natalie Tong). Natalie remember how Jessica Hsuan console her when she got neglected by her peers for not knowing english. Jessica said if she was with her boyfriend, she would have died with him. Natalie remembers how her peers made fun of her behind her back and said she keeps on tagging Jessica. Natalie and her men shot someone. Natalie said she’s only helping god killing the people who doesn’t deserve to live. Natalie told her men to bury the victim. Natalie said it is fun shooting humans as target.Patrick Tang said the victim is a wife beater. He cheat on social welfare, and borrow from his neighbor but never pays them back. Patrick Tang said an air rifle pellet was found on his body. Jessica asks Joe if he knows someone who sells gun. Jessica thought about her boyfriend. Joe drinks with Natalie. Jessica got dizzy and thought about her boyfriend. Jessica thought about her boyfriend while driving. Joe ordered the SDU to practice saving the hostage. Jessica worries about Oscar being the hostage. Natalie killed another man. Joe practice shooting. Joe saw Natalie shooting the target without missing one. Joe asks Jessica if she knows Natalie’s boyfriend. He told her to beware of Natalie. Joe told Natalie he’s a cop and he will do whatever it takes to catch the criminals. Natalie said cops are not superman, they can’t catch everyone. Natalie said letting those scumbag lives is a waste. Joe said everyone has the right to live. Natalie said the police are weak, that’s why there are still scumbags in this world. Natalie told her boyfriend that Jessica is easy to deal with, but Joe is hard. Natalie gave Jessica some pills. Patrick when to Jessica’s office and didn’t see her.Natalie took Jessica in the wood and pretends that she forgot her cell phone in the car. Natalie tries to shoot Jessica. Natalie told Jessica she have been catching criminals for a long time, and she asked her how does it feel to be the target. Joe saved Jessica but got shot by Natalie. Joe threw the gun to Jessica. Natalie provoked Jessica by talking about her past. The SDU surrounded Natalie. Jessica told Natalie she still think of her as a sister. Joe told Jessica remember what she said that life is precious. Jessica decided to wake up after Joe said she still have Oscar.

Tiger Cubs episode 8 recap

Mandy Wong got mad When Him Law implying her of wanting to climb up while other wants to open his own gym. The police pose as body guards to arrest the kidnappers who tries kidnap a Malaysian guy who got suspected for holding cocaines, a Japanese girl who got suspected of stealing, and a Malaysian girl who got suspected of kidnapping, and a man who loves car. Oscar Leung saw Jacob kissing Christine. The SDU followed the train Jacob went in. Him Law introduced himself to Siu Chi Lai. Vincent and Oscar keep an eye on the party crew at the bar. Him Law yelled at them for throwing food at him. The police pointed a gun at the party crew. Jacob got mad at Him’s friend for breaking the vase. A man threw red paint at Jacob. Jacob got mad at the police for following him. Siu Chi Lai wants to drink with Him. Siu Chi Lai took Him’s clothes and kicked him out of the room. Oscar look at Christine talking to Jacob.Jacob was about to kiss Christine in the car, Oscar took Christine away. Oscar’s friend put a recorder in Jacob’s wheel. The SDU shoot against the kidnappers. The SDU saw 2 of their colleagues got shot. The kidnappers kidnap the party crew; Him and other SDU members. Brian Burrell. Him Law threw the gaz tank at the kidnapper’s car. Him Law saved the SDU members. Him Law, Christine, and Jacob tries to escape. Brian Burrell saw them. Jessica shoots at the kidnappers. Jessica fights with the kidnappers in the bus. The bus got sidetracked and Jessica got hurt. At the hospital, Siu Chi Lai asks Him if he will meet with her. Joe gave Jessica flowers, and asked her if she wanted to die on the mini bus. Joe Ma asks Jessica if he wanted to die with the perps.

Tiger Cubs episode 7 recap

Chung works for Joe’s dad at the bar. Angelina complains her husband helping the gangster by giving him money. Joe told his dad that Angelina is right, and if he ever thought Chung would cause trouble at the bar. Joe wonder what has Angelina been nagging his dad about. Joe said he heard that his dad set the triad boss Cheng Shing Chi free because they were friends. Joe said Cheng Shing Chi took the chance to stab Chung’s dad to deadth. Joe’s dad remembers how Cheng Sing Chi begs him to let him go because his mom is sick in Taiwan. Then Cheng Sing Chi stabbed Chung’s dad. Chung’s mom got mad because Joe’s dad let Cheng Sing Chi go. Joe’s dad retired from being a cop. Christine told Joe that she wants to let him know that she doesn’t have feelings for him anymore. Joe told Christine that he only helps her as a friend. In my opinion, I think Joe is the perfect boyfriend in Tiger Cubs. Angelina told Joe that he’s like his dad. She said his dad helped Chung’s mom, and now he helps Christine. Christine said she’s going to help Angelina cook food. Joe, Oscar, Angelina, and Christine eat dinner together. Christine asks Oscar not to run away from her anymore. Christine told Oscar she’s fallen for him and she’ll wait for him. Chung told Angelina at the bar if she has to look at the bill like that. Angelina said he didn’t thanked her husband but also talking to her in this tone. A bar tender told Chung to do his job right. Chung told him to mind his own business. Brother Man called Chung to meet him at the karaoke. Chung lied to Joe’s dad that his mom is not feeling well and he wants to see her. Angelina got mad at Chung arrived to work late and leave early. Eric flirts with Mandy. Mandy got mad and punched him. Joe ask Chung how could he lied to his mom and go to party. Vincent said he arrested that gang before; they are ruthless. The SDU celebrates Mandy’s birthday. Him and Madam race against each other for climbing to the top. Mandy won Him Law by 3 seconds. Chung takes a nap in the bar. I thought this story isn’t as interesting as the previous ones. The bar tender teach Chung how to make wine. Chung practice making wine. Chung told Joe’s dad that he’s only playing with wine because he has nothing to do. Him look at the application and found out Mandy wants to be a flying tiger. Him Law told Mandy that she’s not qualified to be a flying tiger and to not waste her time. Mandy told Him not to tell anyone. Eric asks Chung to give him the bar money. Chung gave Eric some money but Eric snatched it all. Angelina complains that Chung stole 500 dollars. Joe’s dad said he took the money to pay the bill. Angelina got mad at Joe’s dad for protecting Chung. Joe’s dad asks Angelina why she won’t give Chung a chance to turn a new leaf.Joe told his dad that Chung’s been lying to him. Angelina stays in Jessica’s house. Oscar told Angelina that Joe’s dad is honest and lots of women wants a good husband like that. Jessica said the truth might not be what Joe’s dad said. Jessica interrogates Eric. Eric asks Jessica if she ever smiled. Jessica asks Chung about what Eric did. Chung hide the truth for Eric. Joe’s dad told Chung that he will get in trouble if he hangs out with Eric. Eric’s men punched Joe’s dad. I don’t really like the guy that played the character Chung. If it were a better supporting actor, I guess I would enjoy this episode more. Jessica told Joe that Chung works for Boss Heung. She told Joe to tell his dad to stay away from Chung. Joe told his dad that Chung joined the triad. Joe argue with his dad because he helped Chung. Joe’s dad called Chung and persuade him to not join Eric. Joe’s dad begged Chung not to join the triad. Joe’s dad called Joe to asks Jessica Hsuan for help, but he got beat by the triad at the mall. Chung shot a man with a daughter. Joe asks Chung where’s his dad. Joe and the police shoots at the gangsters. Joe and Patrick tries to stall time until the SDU arrive. Joe told Dominic not to kill Eric and Chung because they know where his dad is. Joe wants to be in charge. Jessica told Joe that the hostage is still alive. Oscar shoots at Eric. The SDU seize the triad. Chung told Joe to find his dad. He said Eric put his dad in the dumpster. Joe found his dad in the dumpster. Angelina visits Joe’s dad. Joe said he doesn’t care what’s the truth because he’s still his dad. joe’s dad remember that he couldn’t tell Chung’s mom that her husband is a scum when Cheng Shing Chi stabbed Chung’s dad. Joe drives his parents back home from the hospital.

Tiger Cubs episode 6 recap

Mandy told the SDU that he’s pretending to be Oscar’s girlfriend to help him. Oscar told Joe that Christine Kuo left. Vincent Wong said he usually can take down 4 guys while Joe Ma can take down 7 guys. Savio paired Oscar with Joe. Joe Ma hit Oscar Leung hard because he blames him about making Christine Kuo leave. Oscar said he was trying to fix things up. Joe said he should have cared about Christine’s feeling. Oscar told Joe that he only cared for Christine as a friend. Joe go with Oscar for a drink. Benjamin Yuen and his colleague practice defense. The colleague showed Joe how he learned how to arm lock. Joe took him down. The colleague told Joe to join a Kungfu gathering. The colleague fought with Pierre but Pierre managed to arm locked him. Pierre and Joe are old friends. Pierre’s dad and Wilson Tsui had an argument. Joe Ma told Pierre’s dad to call the police if he harass him again. Joe saw Christine drunk by the phone booth. Christine cried and said Oscar doesn’t want her. Christine hugged Joe and cries. Joe wants to let Christine stay in his house until she feel better. Joe and Jessica saw a lady wanting to commit suicide on the top of the ceiling because her boyfriend dumped her. Jessica had an illusion of her husband and wanted to commit suicide. Jessica woke up and realized she’s on the top of the ceiling. Joe told Oscar that he doesn’t know if Jessica wants to commit suicide or wants to calm the victim down. Oscar introduced his friend to Jessica at the pastry shop. Jessica got angry at Oscar trying to hook her up with his friend. Jessica had an hallucination of her husband on the street. Wilson told Pierre’s dad to close down his shop and he told him to retire. Pierre punched Wilson. Pierre’s dad got in coma. Christine look at Oscar. Mandy pretends to feed cuddle fish intimately with Oscar. Mandy got mad at Him for telling Christine that she has a low upbringing. Christine heard Mandy telling Him that she pretended to date Oscar so Joe and Christine could patch up. Joe tries to give cuddlefish to Christine but drop it because it is too hot. Christine laugh. Wilson plays mahjong with the gangster and wished Pierre’s father’s stall close down. Wilson raped Pierre’s girlfriend. Pierre fought with Wilson’s men. One of Wilson’s men died. Pierre saw the camera on the top but lied to the police that the camera got burnt in the stall.Pierre hit the police. Pierre’s girlfriend got capture by Wilson Tsui’s men and died. Pierre saw his girlfriend in the ambulance. Pierre called Joe that he didn’t kill Wilson’s man. He said he wants to seek revenge for his girlfriend. Pierre kidnapped Wilson Tsui and beat him up in a warehouse. Joe fought with Pierre. Pierre pointed a gun toward Wilson’s head. Wilson confessed he raped Pierre’s girlfriend to deadth. Joe texted Savio the location.Joe told Pierre if he kills Wilson, he will go to jail and who will take care of his parents.Pierre got arrested. A prisoner beats Wilson up.Wilson got arrested for killing one of his men.

Tiger Cubs episode 5 recap

Joe Ma told the SDU to split into two teams in the woods, and they must stop each other from going to the finish line. The team that gets to the finish line will win one point. The losing team will have to clean the barracks. Benjamin Yuen hits Oscar Leung hard to revenge for Joe. An old lady splashes water on Oscar Leung and Benjamin Yuen, saying they make too much noise. She yelled at the SDU saying that they ruined her crops. The old lady told Vincent Wong to push the hammer harder. She made snacks for the SDU. She asks Vincent for his number. Oscar Leung celebrated his promotion with Jessica Hsuan in his house. Oscar said Joe is a fair guy, he will recommend him to the board interview, and he will eventually know he didn’t still his girlfriend. Christine Kuo asks Oscar if she can stay overnight. She said she lost her wallet and cell phone. Jessica told Oscar that if Joe finds out then he will never forgive him. Oscar told his colleague that the bar that he never cheated on Joe. Joe told his colleagues that he believe in Oscar, and he can’t blame anyone about his breakup. Angelina showed the camera to the SDU. Joe saw Oscar giving the key to Christine, and Christine kiss Oscar. Benjamin’s friend asks Oscar if he slept with Christine. Dominic saw the SDU members fight together in the hallway. Joe recommends Oscar for the board interview. Dominic said he can’t recommend Oscar because he saw him fight with his members. Jessica told Oscar to hang in there. The SDU at the soup made by the old lady at the farm. She said there used to be a soy sauce factory at the end of the village. The old lady’s grandson cleans the taxi. The old lady’s grandson got infected by drug after wiping his hands with a towel. The old lady’s man drives Savio’s wife and daughter and got in an accident. Savio’s wife got mad at him for only care about his work; she asks him to get a transfer. Joe apologized to Savio for calling him on duty during his family day. The old lady’s grandson told the police that someone put the ketamine in his pocket when he went to disco. The old lady’s grandson told Vincent at the farm that he didn’t want his grandma to worry so he lied. He told Vincent that his parents died, so his grandma took care of him. he said he did drugs to earn more money. He told Vincent he can tell he is stressed too. The grandson bought drugs. Patrick Tang and his colleague tails him and the drug dealer. Jessica and the police arrests the drug dealers. The granny told Vincent that his grandson is a good guy;he just do drugs to take care of her. The granny yelled at a guy and told Vincent that guy taught his grandson to take drugs. The granny gave a bill of 10,000 dollars to Vincent Wong and said that they delivered the bill to the wrong place. Vincent said he will take the bill to the soy sauce factory. Vincent saw the bad guy that the granny mentioned. Vincent held the soy soyce drink. Vincent showed Joe the water waste document from the soy sauce factory. Vincent said the acid is the same as the ketamine. He said if the soy sauce factory was shut down, why do they use so much electricity. The police sends out two dogs to test the factory. Joe Ma ordered Oscar and Him to spy on the drug dealers. Joe told Jessica that he doesn’t revenge Oscar.Him told Oscar that they will split the power bar. Joe told Jessica that to avoid detection, he can’t send Him and Oscar food. Jessica said there’s a secret tunnel in the factory. Oscar fell down the hill and got chased by the two dogs. Oscar jumps down the pond. Oscar said the pond stinks. Joe told Jessica that it is a septic pond, and the dogs couldn’t pick up the scent. Vincent gets off his post to save the granny. The granny’s grandson got shot by the drug dealer. Joe Ma told Vincent that if something happens, then it would ruin their arrest plan. Vincent told Joe that if he wasn’t there, the grandma would have been killed. Patrick threw food to the dogs. The granny’s grandson told the grandma that the drug dealers have bombs and weapons in the factory.The cops and the drug dealers shoot at each other. Joe shoots the man who tried to shoot Jessica. The grandson promised his grandma he will turn a new leaf. Vincent has confident to be an SDU. Joe told Jessica he thinks she wants to suicide. Christine saw Oscar Leung held Mandy’s hand when visisting Jessica in the hospital.

Tiger Cubs episode 4 recap

Elena Kong tries to stop Him Law from calling the cop. She said she doesn’t want mom to worry. Elena Kong told Him Law the the robbers demand 100,000 dollars. Him call Vincent Wong to meet him. Him Law told Vincent Wong to promise him not to tell anyone that his dad been kidnapped. I think this series would give Vincent and Him and opportunity to shine. I like seeing Elena Kong since River of Wine.Him and Vincent saw Elena Kong talking to the kidnapper. Him said he will tail his sister while Vincent will tail the kidnapper. Joe saw Vincent sneaking behind the department store. Joe Ma told Vincent Wong to call back up because they don’t know how many men do the kidnappers have. The kidnappers told Elena that 100,000 dollars isn’t enough. Outside the room, Him Law listens to Elena telling the kidnappers that she doesn’t have enough money to pay them. Him Law heard the kidnappers saying that there is no turning back after she told them to kidnap her father. The kidnapper pointed a gun toward Elena when he saw the cops. The kidnapper took Elena away. Him Law told Jessica that his sister planned to kidnap his father. Elena got tied in the room along with his boyfriend and dad. Law Lok Lam told Elena Kong that he colluded with the kidnapers to kidnap him for ransom because he didn’t leave the company for her in the will. He said he regret to have such a daughter. I thought Jessica Hsuan has the look and the charm, and her acting has always been stable. I thought Him and Vincent needs more improvement in acting. Nevertheless they are still young and have chances to rise. So Him yelled at Vincent for being a chicken and called Joe to help him. He said if he didn’t tell Joe, then Elena wouldn’t be taken as hostage. Joe Ma told Him Law that he doesn’t need to show up at SDU tomorrow. Him’s maid told him that his mother has insomnia and her health is becoming worse. I think this episode could be my favorite episode of Tiger Cubs besides the second episode since it shows more character development. Him Law told his mom to get more rest. Him Law told Joe Ma that he resign. He said he quit because Joe pissed him off, and he will work for his family. Joe told Him that he never cared for his family and always do what he wants. Joe told Him that he only cares about himself. Him Law thought of when he first got in SDU, while washing his jeep Vincent helps Him wash his jeep. Savio Tsang told Him Law that Joe doesn’t really want to fire him, he just wants him to wash his jeep to sort things out. Joe told Oscar that Him is smart but he never thinks of others. Oscar said although waht him did is wrong, he was only trying to save his family. Joe Ma told HIm Law to get ready. He said he never wanted him to leave, but he wants to quit. Savio told Him that Joe only wants him to take a break because of what happened in his home. Jessica told Joe that the hostages are locked in an old gold manufactured factory with window sealed and a fan. Joe told Him to crawl on the air conditioner. Law Lok Lam told Elena this wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t because her greed. Elena told Law Lok Lam that because he wouldn’t lend her money to pay her boyfriend’s debt, she told the kidnappers to kidnap him to get money. Elena said she’d better be ab boy because when she was young, whenever Him does something wrong, she always get the punishment for not teaching him well. She said he never praised her whenever she did well in class. Elena told her dad that he only thins that she and her boyfriend wants to take his company. Him Law got shot by one of the gangster. The kidnappers saw cockroach crawling and assumed the cops must be near. Him Law jumps down and shoots the kidnappers. Then Oscar shoot. Joe and the SDU shot the kidnappers. Elena told Him in the hospital that she shouldn’t have kidnapped her dad. Elena told Him to take up his dad business. Him told his dad that Elena contributed a lot to the family but he never noticed her. He told him that she risked her life to save him. Him Law told Elena that she will take over her dad’s company after she gets out of jail. Joe Ma reminds Him that teamwork is important. Joe told Him he will be back in the assault team. Vincent told his brother that he wanted to be a teacher when he was little. He said being a cop is fine after seeing his dad and him as one. Joe Ma waits for Christine Kuo’s SMS while having lunch with Oscar and Mandy. Oscar asks Mandy to check for the plane tickets. He said everything will be find when Joe gets their and patch up with his girlfriend. Oscar texted Christine that he used to like her. He said after Joe and her dated, he doesn’t have any feelings for her anymore.He said she should be with Joe because he really loves her. Oscar received a message from Christine saying she can’t wait to see him tonight. Mandy asks Oscar if he denied Christine. She checks his phone and said he sent the message to Joe. Joe showed the message to Oscar and asks him about it. Oscar swear to Joe that he only liked Christine as his sister in law. Oscar got scold and hit by his colleague. Jessica confronts Lam Shek Yung about drinking at night. She told him he should behave himself when he’s off duty. Lam Shek Yung stole some weapons in the room. Patrick Tang and his colleague talk about Lam Shek Yung was Jessica’s subordinate and changed his attitude after being demoted. His wife ran away. Jessica told her subordinates that she did file a report on him. Lam Shek Yung pleaded his wife to come back and pointed a shot his wife’s boyfriend. Lam Shek Yung kidnapped Jessica. Lam Shek Yung pointed a gun toward Jessica and said it’s because of her, he got demoted and his wife ran away. Jessica said he lost the exhibit. Lam Shek Yung said he gave to Tai( his wife’s boyfriend) the exhibit but he didn’t do his job right. Jessica said the criminal walk free without the exhibit. Lam Sai Yun said Jessica couldn’t catch the criminal so she blamed on him. He said she couldn’t get over her boyfriend’s dead so she bugged him for 3 days so he told Tai to follow his case. Jessica asks Lam Sai Yun if he remembers he said that a good cop can make mistake. Jessica said if he blames her and hate then shoot. He said he stole the gun from the weapon room. Lam Sai Yun wouldn’t dare to kill Jessica. Jessica fights with him.Lam Sai Yun shoots himself when the SDU came. Vincent got upset and told Joe that he should have back up. Vincent said his brother would have done a better job. Joe Ma told Vincent that he keeps on comparing himself to his brother, and don’t have confidence in himself.