Whatever It Takes review

I watched this series twice and doubted if I should do a review on it.

Annie Man: I like watching her in ancient series such as The Colorful Life and Legendary Four Aces and Strike at Heart. She’s funny and kind in this drama. Thought it was funny how she use her power to play with Evergreen Mak because she was pissed at how he treated Benny Badly. Annie’s mission is to protect the dragon pearl and put it back to the dragon sculpture so the world can be peaceful. Annie’s other mission is to find the royal prince. The royal prince has to be kind. Annie helped Benny going to the pst to see who’s his biological mother. She tries to convince Benny that the empress is fake and is a lizard but Benny wouldn’t believe her. Benny believed the fake empress by putting Annie in bottle that she will go to heaven. The fake empress killed Annie in the bottle. Annie died the first time. The goddess then put Annie’s soul in a young man’s body. Annie lost all her power but still try to find a way to tell Benny that the fake empress is a lizard. She practice to regain her power for fifteen days. Annie sacrificed a lot for Benny. The god reminded Annie that Fairy and Human cannot love each other. Annie goes back to heaven after her power is fully recovered then she begged the gods to let her go back to the earth to help Benny. She sacraficed herself for Benny by going inside Lee Kwok Lun’s body and control his body. Benny pointed a sword in Lee Kwok Lun which killed both Lee Kwok Lun and Annie. Annie died for the second time. Many years later, Benny becomes king. Annie reincarnated and become the queen.

Benny Chan: He’s kind and enjoy helping others which makes him gullible and believed other easily. He got used by Evergreen Mak then he got used by Lee Kwok Lun. He’s the royal prince. He loves Tavia in the beginning but willing to sacrificed himself so Evergreen Mak can be with her.Tavia got pissed at Benny when he keeps on missing Annie. Benny told Tavia that he only wants to know how’s Annie is doing in heaven. Tavia told Benny not to deny himself that he loves Annie.

Evergreen Mak
plays the greedy and cunning man. You’ll get irritated of how selfish he is in this series but you’ll also laugh at all the mean things he does.He always repeat the quote that he saved Benny by the seashore when he was a baby so Benny should repay him back. When he found out that Annie is a fairy, he uses her to stop the time to steal gold and luxuries to court Tavia. He pretended to be the royal prince. He became selfish toward the middle of the series as he tries to force Tavia to love him. Love cannot be force. He forced Tavia to marry him.He got irritated whenever Tavia is with Benny. He even made Benny lives in poverty to revenge. He turned into a nice guy after he got arrested by the fake empress and saw Benny cried and helped him. I was glad he trusted Annie when she told him that Lee Kwok Lun disguised into the empress. Kinda pity him for turning into an eunuch because Lee Kwok Lun hurt his manly part.

Tavia Yeung:
Her role is not really important in this drama. She plays a pretty female who Benny and Annie loves her at first sight. I feel sorry that she marries Benny when she knows that Benny loves Annie. I like how she’s outgoing and do what she says. She objects to marrying Benny since she doesn’t want to live with someone who doesn’t love her. I also feel poor that Lee Kwok Lun killed her dad. She sacrificed her life by taking a stab when Lee Kwok Lun tries to kill Benny. She asked Annie to take care of Benny.

Lee Kwok Lun: He is the main villain in this drama. Most you have seen him in many dramas. He is a lizard who tries to take the pearl to gain more power.He disguised into the empress to ruin the world. He put many poles in different locations and when he hit the pole then Benny’s royal blood family going to throw up blood. He knew Evergreen Mak is a fake royal prince but used him to make the people suffer. He hypnotized Tavia with a coin and used her to ask Benny to return the dragon pearl.

Helena Law: She plays the role of Evergreen Mak’s mother. She used a spell to fool Annie into thinking that Evergreen Mak is a royal prince. She loves both Benny and Evergreen Mak. She showed Benny and Evergreen Mak the book of lizard and the two powerful swords.

Law Koon Lan: She plays the real and fake empress in this series. She feels lonely as the empress. She loves Benny’s honesty and learned to be forgiving toward the servants.Unfortunately she got locked by her advisor Lee Kwok Lun right after she found out that Benny is her grandson. She did a good job acting as a fake empress being impersonated by Lee Kwok Lun.

This series as alright. Watch it if you love Magical series and ancient comedy. Maybe the new series are not so good that’s why I enjoyed this series more. I used to dislike this series the first time I watch it, and I used to get annoyed by Benny’s character and thought Tavia looked weird. Now I got a different perspective on Benny and Tavia’s character.

Overall I would rated it 4 out of 5 stars.

Whatever It Takes episode 20 recap (End)


Benny looked at the painting of Annie. Evergreen Mak told Benny that humans cannot be with god and he has to cherish Tavia. In the heaven, Annie’s fairy friends asked her why does she look sad. Annie said she feel sad because she can’t accomplish her mission. Benny got hurt after hearing the worker hitting the hammer in the wood. Evergreen Mak told Benny that it is weird that the Lei family also got a hurt attack. Evergreen Mak’s mother knows that there is a myth that if the people put the poles by their ancestors then they will have bad luck. Evergreen Mak asked his mother why Benny didn’t die yet. Evergreen Mak’s mother asked Evergreen Mak to find the map in the palace to show where Lee Kwok Lun put those poles. Looking at the map, Benny’s family doubt why Lee Kwok Lun put all the poles in all the Lei’s places except his. Tavia connected the dots of the location of the poles and turns out to be a picture of a lizard. Evergreen Mak’s mother said Lee Kwok Lun put Benny’s location in the eye of the lizard’s so he has to choose the right time to put the poles in. The Lei family threw up blood after Lee Kwok Lun smashed the pole.Evergreen Mak told his mother and Tavia that there’s no way to defeat Lee Kwok Lun. Evergreen Mak’s mother told Evergreen Mak and Tavia that they can try to find the two special sword of the majesty. Benny objected to the plan and told Tavia that it is too dangerous. Benny promised Tavia that after they beat up the lizard then they will travel together to other places. Benny sneaked out at night. Tavia and Evergreen Mak told Benny that they are a family and will live and die together. Benny held a sword and fought with Lee Kwok Lun but he spit out blood. Annie use her power to see what is happening in the heart. Tavia got hurt by taking the punch for Benny. Annie wants to save Benny but the god told Benny that she doesn’t need to worry about the earth anymore. Annie told the god that Benny took care of her and she can’t let anything happens to him. The god told Annie that he feels poor for her for working hard to be back as a fairy and now she has to lose it again. Annie told the god she can lose everything for Benny. Annie begged the god to let her go back to the earth. The god said “Ask the world, What is love?” Benny gave some lights to Tavia. Tavia told Benny she can’t be by him and he has to take care and have to be a good king. Tavia dies. Annie remembered Tavia told her to promise her to take care of Benny. Benny had a nightmare that Lee Kwok Lun warned Benny that he will kill all the Lei’s family in three days. Evergreen Mak’s mother told Benny that Lee Kwok Lun will put his last pole in Benny’s place in three days. Benny told Evergreen Mak they will fight and die with him in three days. The god told Annie that Benny and Evergreen Mak can’t beat Lee Kwok Lun even they have the two swords. The god teach Benny and Evergreen Mak some martial art and hope they can use the swords to fight against that lizard. Annie told Tavia at her grave that love is so strong that you can sacrafice your life. At the brave and Benny asked Annie why she will return to heaven so fast. Benny and Evergreen Mak fought with Lee Kwok Lun while Annie tries to eleminate the pole. Lee Kwok Lun flew up to the pole and swallowed the pearl. Lee Kwok Lun turned into a powerful lizard. Evergreen Mak got hurt on his penis. Annie used her power to direct the sword to chop Lee Kwok Lun’s tail. Annie went inside Lee Kwok Lun’s body. Annie held and cleaned the pearl. Lee Kwok Lun told Benny to kill him. Benny told himself he will not hurt Annie and Tavia. Benny killed Lee Kwok Lun and the pearl got out. Benny put the pearl back to the dragon sculpture. The real empress fainted. Annie held Benny’s hands and told him that the god allowed her to be a fairy again. Benny dreamed that Annie told him she came back to the earth to see him one more time and bid farewell to him and gave him a jade. Benny became the emperor and Evergreen Mak became an eunuch. Evergreen Mak told Benny to find a queen. Benny still misses Annie. Evergreen Mak told Benny if he doesn’t marry a queen, people will think he’s gay. Benny saw the name Jade Bracelet in the book and assumed it is Annie on the book. A lady admit that she is jade bracelet. Benny hugged the woman. Annie reincarnated to a real human. Annie came and said sorry she is late. Benny hugged Annie.

The end.

Whatever It Takes episode 19 recap

Tavia cried and told Benny at the funeral that her dad is greedy but is not worth to die. Benny told Evergreen Mak and his mom that the fake empress killed Tavia’s dad and is a lizard. Benny promised Tavia he will kill the lizard. Evergreen Mak’s mom showed the book of creature to Benny, Evergreen Mak, and Tavia. Benny read about the lizard loves to eat rat and has a poisonous spikes and he has a weakness of being in the cold. Benny ordered the guards to bring as much ice as possible. The fake empress got very cold. Evergreen Mak told Benny and Tavia to be careful. Benny said he will try to make the room as cold as possible. The fake empress got out of the palace and don’t know why she feels so hot but other people feel so cold.Evergreen Mak asked a kid to pretend being cold in front of the fake empress.Evergreen Mak told Tavia that there is also one danger which is the fake empress tongue can sense when it’s really hot or cold. The empress asked his mom to do a spell. The fake empress doubt why there is no wind. The empress sense the weather with her tongue and was surprised why the weather is so hot.The empress went to another location and sense it is cold after Evergreen Ma’s mother successfully pushed the wind. The fake empress layout down on her bed and got very cold. Annie listen to Benny and his family talking. Annie said to herself that the fake empress is cunning and wouldn’t get trapped so easily. Annie wonder why there are so much wind outside and suddenly rain. Benny and his family is getting ready to destroy the lizard. Someone told Benny that lots of people died on the street. Benny and the family is willing to sacrafice themselves to save the world. Annie told them that they are not as powerful as the lizard.Benny, Evergreen Mak and his mother pinted a sword toward the lizard in the palace but found out it is a trap. Lee Kwok Lun told Tavia that her faking deadth was meaningful since it proves that Benny cares for her and he can get the pearl for him.Lee Kwok Lun told Benny that he wanted to kill him when he got the pearl but he couldn’t touch him when he tried to touch his shoulder.Evergreen Mak’s mom block Lee Kwok Lun by surrounding him with chunks of ice. Lee Kwok Lun turned into a lizard and tried to bite Evergreen Mak. The ground shaked and Tavia fell down the hole. Benny tried to grab Tavia but he got hurt by the lizard. Annie pulled Tavia up with a rope. The doctor that Benny’s organs injured very bad. Annie blew some of the lights to Benny. Tavia told Annie that the ones that Benny love is Annie. Tavia told Annie that Benny is only a married couple with her on the outside. Annie told Tavia that she knows that she really loves Benny and will be a good wife to him. Annie told Tavia she has to go, and she asked Tavia to promise her not to tell Benny she was here. Benny woke up and saw some clothes with blood and asked Tavia if Annie was here. Benny begged Tavia to tell him where Annie is so he can thank her. Benny came to mountain to see Annie and apologized to her. Annie told Benny she has to go back to heaven. Benny hugged Annie and asked her not to leave him. Benny told Tavia why he can’t rebel against god. Benny told Annie to take care of Tavia and be a good king. Benny gave Annie a half piece of jade. Annie went back to heaven. The fake empress asked the guards to search and arrest Benny.

Whatever It Takes episode 18 recap

The fake empress touched Tavia and said it is so pity for her to use her affection to get the pearl from Benny. The fake empress said when she rules the world she will will live with Tavia. Benny visits the real empress in jail Benny and Tavia prayed in the temple. Benny told Tavia he has to exchange news in this temple since the fake empress is in the palace. Tavia remembered she woke up from the hipnosis when she kissed Benny and the coin fell down. Benny realized that that Annie told the truth that the empress is a monster. Benny look at the map of palace then found the real empress in the dungeon. The real empress told Benny to pretend not to know anything. Lee Kwok Lun can’t wait to be more powerful after maintaining the pearl.The goddess told Annie that she will save Benny whenever he is in trouble.Annie told the goddess she is mad that Benny doesn’t even notice her. The goddess feel poor for Annie to turn in to this state. The god visits Annie and told her she can go back to heaven in a few days and forget about what happens in the earth. The god told Annie he will sent someone else to deal with Lee Kwok Lun. The fake empress got freezing. The real empress told Benny and Tavia that Lee Kwok Lun is always scared of the cold. The real empress ordered Benny and Tavia to try to find the pearl before Lee Kwok Lun use it. Benny saw Annie followed him. Benny chased Annie. Benny asked Annie how did she know that the fake empress is a monster. Benny told Annie that thanks to her coin, Tavia woke up. Benny told Annie that he really wants to apologize to her.Tavia cried staring at Benny. Annie cooked some meals for Evergreen Mak and his mother thanking them for taking care of her. Evergreen Mak was surprised that Annie knows his taste.Annie told Evergreen Mak she will help him if she is in trouble. Tavia saw a big lizard sleeping when she brought soup for the fake empress. The real empress told Tavia to find the weakness of the big lizard. The empress sent soem guards to ask Tavia to meet her. Benny told Tavia maybe the empress invited her cause she is not sure who saw her as a lizard. The fake empress told Tavia that someone visited her last night and dropped her soup. The fake empress told Tavia that she hiponotized her, and Tavia can’t rebel her unless she woke up.The empress pointed a needle in Tavia’s wrist. Tavia’s dad visits the fake empress and brought some soup for her.Tavia’s dad told the fake empress that he brought her soup last night and saw her real self but left.The fake empress wants to talk to Tavia’s dad alone. Tavia’s dad asked the fake empress why does her skin looks different. The guards told Benny and Tavia that Tavia’s dad got sick after seeing the epress.

Whatever It takes episode 17 recap

When I have time, I will recap old dramas to introduce more good dramas to fans.
Benny is preparing to marry Tavia.The real empress in dungeon heard the wedding music and worries that Lee Kwok Lun will kill Benny after he gets the pearl. Annie saw some lights in the palace while she practices regaining her power.Annie found out that the real empress is still alive in the palace. Annie sneaked in the palace to find the real empress. Annie went in the dungeon. The real empress told Annie that she is almost dying, and she asked Annie to help Benny. The empress told Annie that Tavia got hypnotized to ask Benny to give the pearl.During Benny and Tavia’s wedding ceremony, Annie came and prevent Benny from marrying Tavia and tucked a piece of paper in Benny’s shirt telling him that the real empress got locked on the second bookshelves in the study room.The goddess told Annie that she doesn’t want to destroy Lee Kwok Lun but she is just jealous of Tavia for marrying Benny. Annie said she feels so hurt in the inside. Haha I know that feeling. Tavia told Benny that he’s not happy during his wedding because he still misses Annie. Yeah what is love? Annie told Benny if he doesn’t want to marry her then say it. Benny told Tavia that he’s the royal prince so he won’t lie. Annie look at Evergreen Mak drinking alone at the restaurant. Annie told Evergreen Mak that he is sad about love. Evergreen Mak told Annie that he really feels uncomfortable that the girl he loves is marrying someone. Evergreen Mak told Annie that she looks like his fairy friend. Annie drinks with Evergreen Mak. Benny told Tavia that she looks different. Tavia and Benny kisses each other. Lee Kwok Lun starred at Benny and Tavia in the mirror and said the most powerful thing in the human world is LOVE. Benny went to the study room and tried to open the second floor but got caught by the fake empress. Benny opened the bookshelf with the fake empress. The fake empress said she build a buddha place to pray for the people. Benny and Tavia saw the people fight for rice. Tavia fainted while praying in the temple with Benny. The doctor told the fake empress and Benny that Tavia has two power fighting for each other in her body. The fake empress asked the doctor to give her a 1000 years gingseng. The doctor said Tavia’s pulse is weak, and Tavia might not leave after she is 62. Tavia woke up and told Benny she hopes she can stay as his wife in the next life. The fake empress told god to punish her instead. The fake empress told Benny to find the pearl to cure Tavia. Benny brought the pearl. Annie prevented Benny from taking the pearl to the empress. The pearl light caused Annie to turn back to her normal self. Benny put the pearl on Tavia and she got well. Benny plans to give the pearl back to the fake empress. The fake empress got thrilled after looking at the pearl. Lee Kwok Lun showed the real empress the pearl.

Whatever It Takes episode 16 recap

In the cellar, Lee Kwok Lun told the real empress he will become king and everyone has to listen to him. The real empress laughed and told Lee Kwok Lun he can’t enjoy the fun of the world as a demon. She said he doesn’t have the love of the family.Lee Kwok Lun grabbed the empress’s neck. The empress said even though Lee Kwok Lun becomes the king he has an evil heart and can’t enjoy the fun life of a human. The goddess grabbed all the lights of Annie. The goddess search for the tomb of of the dead people to put Annie inside. The goddess put Annie’s soul inside a young’s man body. Annie asked the empress what did she do with Annie. The empress said she can assure that Annie has returned to heaven. The empress asked Benny if Annie gave him the pearl. Benny lied no. Benny think suspiciously. Annie woke up in a house. Annie look in the mirror and got freaked out looking at her mustache and said “Why is my voice like this and who is this”. She looked in the mirror again and said “Is this really me?”.Annie grabbed Evergreen Mak and Benny’s mother. When Annie was about to tell them her name, she choked. The goddess told Annie her soul got lost so she put a soul in a dead body. Annie thanked the goddess for saving her; she asked her “But is there another body who looks better?”. The goddess told Annie she only can maintain this body for fifteen days. The goddess said if Annie practice her power during these fifteen days, she can be a fairy again. Fifteen flowers grew; the goddess told Annie that each flower will die each day. She told Annie to hurry and practice her power. The goddess told Annie she can’t reveal her identity to anyone or she will be choked to death. The goddess gave Annie a maid’s clothes to put on to see Benny. Annie dresses as a maid and covered her mustache and told Benny that the empress is a demon. Benny doesn’t believe it. Benny asked the guards to spank Annie twenty times and kick her out of the palace. Annie wrote a letter to Benny. Benny brought Tavia to meet Evergreen Mak and his mom. Benny asked Evergreen Mak and his mom about Annie.Benny told Evergreen Mak’s mom if there is a way to communicate with Annie in heaven. Evergreen Mak’s mom told Benny that her power already lost after she adopted him. Tavia got mad that Benny only cares about Benny. A kid sent a message to Benny from Annie. Tavia went to the temple and didn’t see Benny. Annie gave Benny a letter.Benny got mad at Annie and said she wrote a letter like drawing. Tavia got mad at Benny seeing someone because of Annie. Annie said he doesn’t have her in his heart. Benny told Tavia that Annie’s a fairy and something happened to Annie. Tavia told Benny to think about how much Annie meant to him.Benny told Evergreen Mak that the empress was the one who brought Annie to heaven but he got anxious and read a letter that said to protect the pearl. Evergreeen Mak worries something has happened to Annie. Evergreen Mak told Annie not to give the pearl to anyone or what Annie did will be futile. The empress read the letter on the broke glass. Benny burried the pearl in Annie’s cave. The empress asked Benny if he has news of the pearl. The empress touched Benny’s hands and fount out Benny already got the pearl. Lee Kwok Lun told the real empress he wants to set up a wedding for Benny. Lee Kwok Lun said he will figure out a way to make Benny give him the pearl then he will kill Benny. The fake empress told Benny she will set up his wedding with Tavia within five days. Tavia told Benny to tell the empress to cancel the wedding. Tavia said she rather be punished than marrying someone who doesn’t love her. Tavia told Benny to cancel the wedding.The empress told Tavia to look at the coin carefully. The empress hypnotized Tavia. The empress ordered Tavia to marry Benny. Annie told Benny to be careful of the people near him.

Whatever It Takes episode 15 recap

Annie told Evergreen Mak she suspects that the empress is a demon. Evergreen Mak told Annie that when the empress tapped on his shoulder, it was the same feeling as Lee Kowk Lun tapped on his shoulder. Evergreen Mak told Annie maybe Lee Kwok Lun went in the empress’s body. Annie said too bad Benny doesn’t believe her. Evergreen Mak told Annnie to put a fake pearl in the dragon sculpture. In jail, the real empress remembered that Lee Kwok Lun wanted to overthrow her and kidnapped her. Lee Kwok Lun told the empress that Benny trust him and he just needs to get the pearl. Annie asked Benny to put the fake pearl in the dragon. Evergreen Mak got scared and asked Annie if she’s not going to help him. Evergreen Mak told Benny to give the pearl to the empress and be a good royal prince. Evergreen Mak tucked a leaf in Benny’s clothe.Benny put the pearl in the dragon and suddenly the sky turns dark and the pearl broke. Annie got out of the leaf and told the empress that she knows she wants to destroy the world. Benny got mad at Annie for hurting the empress and giving him a fake pearl. The fake empress asked Benny why does Annie pick on her. Benny told the fake empress Annie’s an empress and is on the mission to find the pearl. Benny told the empress Annie found the pearl but wouldn’t give him the pearl because she assumes she is a demon.Benny brought the fake empress to Annie. Benny heard Lee Kwok Lun’s voice yelling at her that she dare to ruin his plan. Annie fights with the fake empress. The empress told Annie nicely “If there’s any misunderstand please tell!”. Annie got frustrated and asked the empress to leave. Annie told Evergreen Mak she lost since the empress wanted to ruin the relationship between Benny and her. The empress told Benny to spend less time with Annie. Evergreen Mak told Annie that the empress used Annie to deal with her because only him can take the pearl from her. Annie heard Lee Kwok Lun telling her that he knew the pearl was fake so he broke it so Benny will be mad at her. Lee Kwok Lun told Annie she will kill Benny first then take the pearl from her. Benny told Tavia he sent someone to invite her dad to go to the palace with her. The empress told Tavia she wants to listen to her playing the harp. Tavia played the harp, and Annie stared at the empress. The empress sent some meals for Benny and Tavia and their dads. Annie stared at the meal and found out Lee Kwok Lun wants to poison Benny.Annie splashed the dishes and yelled at Benny that the empress is tricking him. Annie fought with the guard. Benny slapped Annie to wake up. Benny told Annie if she wants to kill the empress, she has to kill him first. The empress told Benny that a demon already possessed Annie’s body. The empress asked Benny to give back the pearl and put it in the dragon and go back to heaven. Annie got pissed that Benny slapped her after all those things she did for him. Benny took Annie out and said the humans are happy having a good meal. Benny asked Annie to give back the pearl. Benny told Annie he will be a good king and she doesn’t need to worry about the earth. Annie told Benny that the pearl is very important and the person that is near him isn’t the empress but a demon. Annie look at the stage and remembered her time with Benny. Annie thinks she fell in love with Benny. Tavia told Benny that Annie loves a guy which is why she doesn’t want to go back to heaven. The empress gave Benny a bottle and asked him to put Annie in it to send her back to heaven. Annie pushed Annie in the bottle and gave it to the empress. Lee Kwok Lun asked Annie to give back the pearl and hurt Annie. Benny got hurt while painting a drawing of Annie.Annie went in the tower and saw some letters on the glass. Annie read the letters together and it said “I hope you can take care of the pearl after I die.” Benny picks up the dragon pearl.

Whatever It Takes episode 14 recap

Benny visits her mother. Chin Hor Wai told Benny that the empress made her drink poison wine. Chin Hor Wai said she is willing to die happily after hearing his voice. Chin Hor Wai told Benny to beware of the empress. Benny cried and hugged his mom and place his jade matching his mother’s jade. The empress told Benny that Lee Kwok Lun ordered some men to kill his mom. The empress said Lee Kwok Lun wanted to control Evergreen Mak and the world. The empress said Lee Kwok Lun knew she reunited with Benny so he poisoned his mother. The empress said she is at fault. she has Benny did a funeral for his mom. Benny’s dad told Benny to be a good king. The empress told Benny she is responsible for his mother’s dead since she listened to Lee Kwok Lun’s bad words. Benny said he only hoped to stay by his family. Benny told the empress he wants to put the pearl back to the dragon sculpture. Benny asked the empress how she’s going to deal with Evergreen Mak. Evergreen Mak got in jail and said he’s the royal prince. The soldier told Evergreen Mak that Lee Kwok Lun got beheaded. Benny asked the empress to forgive Evergreen Mak. The empress told Benny to be fair as a king. Benny said Evergreen Mak once saved his life when he was a baby. The empress told Benny that his weakest trait is he is gentle. Evergreen Mak’s mother cried and hugged Evergreen Mak. Evergreen Mak’s mother begged the magistrate to ask Benny to plead for Evergreen Mak. Benny begged the empress to forgive Evergreen Mak. Benny kneeled and asked the Empress to punish him. Evergreen Mak was about to get beheaded. The empress took Benny to a room to see Evergreen Mak. Benny cried and told Evergreen Mak it was his fault for protecting him and cover his mistakes. Evergreen Mak got up and cried and said he feels ashamed. Evergreen Mak told the empress that there are some stuff he doesn’t want to do it but her was forced by Lee Kwok Lun. The empress held Evergreen Mak shoulder weirdly and asked him to not make anymore mistake and be a good guy. Benny celebrate with Annie. Benny told Annie she can now go to heaven. The lady boss asked Annie if she remembered her. The lady boss told Annie if she remembered she made a god mad. Annie told the lady boss she helped pleading for her. The lady boss said she fell in love and got punished to the earth. The lady boss said she feels great falling in love in the earth. The lady boss said she doesn’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing for Annie to fall in love. The empress asked Benny to put the pearl back in the dragon so the world can be peaceful. Evergreen Mak’s mother told Benny that Evergreen Mak is not happy for not being able to see Tavia. Evergreen Mak’s mother hoped Benny and Evergreen Mak find another girl. Evergreen Mak told his mother he worries about her health the most. Tavia asked Benny what feeling does he has for her. Tavia got mad that Benny doesn’t respond. Evergreen Mak told Benny that Tavia is a good girl and he should grab the chance. Benny chased after Tavia but it was Tavia. Tavia went in the boat. Evergreen Mak asked Benny to go back to the palace and asked someone for help. Tavia came back and asked Benny if he has anything to say to her. Evergreen Mak told Benny and Tavia he has to go to the temple with his mom and asked Benny to hurry up and say what he has to say. Benny asked Tavia to stay and said he not only like her looks but he also love her personality of daring to do what she says. Benny introduced Annie to the empress. The empress said Benny praised her a lot. Annie told Benny that she suspects that the empress is a demon in disguise. Annie put a spell on the ball. Annie told Benny that if the empress is the demon then the real empress might be in danger. Annie kicked the ball at the empress and she got hurt. Annie was surprised that the empress haven’t revealed her real self. Annie peeked at the empress taking a bath and saw her her left hand got dark. Annie showed Benny the skin of the demon and told him that the empress is a demon.

Whatever It Takes episode 13 recap

I’m like watching this series in viet dubbed and recap it in english. Not sure how hard it is to do that but some fans said they are not fluent enough in viet to translate stuff in english. I recap new series by watching it in eng sub since it comes out faster. I recap old series by watching it in viet dubbed since I can hear what they say instead of reading the subs. I recap based on how I understand the series. I’ll recap some old tvb series that I find worth watching to share my joy with the fans. Blah. Can’t resists when my tvb buddy said “You’re the right person to recommend about series.”

The empress asked Evergreen Mak if his mother is his biological mother or foster mom. The empress said she heard his mother said he’s not the royal prince. The empress asked Evergreen Mak to kill his mother using the sword to prove that she’s not his real mother. Eevergreen Mak told the empress that he can’t kill his mom because she nurtured him. Evergreen Mak’s mother killed herself by pushing the sword toward her belly. The empress told Evergreen Mak she just wanted to test him but she didn’t expect his mom to kill herself. Lee Kwok Lun took Evergreen Mak to his mom. Lee Kowk lun said he used a spell on a person to cover so everyone believes that it is his mother. Evergreen Mak’s mother told Evergreen Mak that some soldiers arrested her then other soldiers saved her. Evergreen Mak told his mom he is excited to be king with Lee Kwok Lun’s help. Evergreen Mak told his mom she will live in the palace after he becomes king. Evergreen Mak’s mom got upset that he won’t return home. She said she won’t prevent him for being king; she told him to take care and cried. Annie told Benny that walking is so tiring. Benny wants to find a place to stay. Suddenly an old lady look at Annie and said she’s came here for a long time. The lady appears to be the owner of a hotel and gave them a place to stay. Annie told Tavia that she has a sense for the lady boss. Benny, Tavia, and Annie look at several prisoners walking outside the hotel. A person told Annie that the new Royal prince took some of the land and destroyed some houses. Evergreen Mak told Lee Kwok Lun in the palace to stop taking away houses and people are gossiping that he’s greedy. Lee Kwok Lun told Evergreen Mak to behead anyone who complained.Lee Kwok Lun told Benny to leave. Lee Kwok Lun hit the prisoner and told them to work faster. Lee Kwok Lun set up a tree with a wood on the ground. Annie and Benny woke up and heard some noises outside the hotel. Annie and Benny look at the prisoners working. Annie asked Benny why do the guards monitor the prisoners meticulously. Benny asked Annie what is so special about that land. Benny got hurt when the prisoners use the hammer to hit the wood. Some people in the restaurant said they couldn’t sleep last night because there was a noise. The servant old Benny and Annie that those people were the special ranked people of the last dynasty. Annie told Benny that he also couldn’t sleep last night and maybe he is also a high ranked person in the palace. Benny’s hand suddenly tremble when seeing a carriage passing by. Benny fought with a soldier who bullied a person in the street. Chin Hor Wai got out ofthe carriage and talked to Benny. Chin Hor Wai told Benny that she doesn’t know why that minion greet her to come to the palace. Chin Hor Wai reunited with Benny’s biological dad in the palace. Chin Hor Wai won’t kneel down to the empress and said she is suffering because of her. Chin Hor Wai yelled at the empress if she still has conscience.The empress said she brought Chin Hor Wai back to the palace to make up for her past mistakes. Chin Hor Wai told the empress that she wants to reunite with her family while the empress wants to rule the world. Chin Hor Wai said Evergreen Mak isn’t her son. While Evergreen Mak gave Chin Hor Wai a pear, Chin Hor Wai pointed a knife toward Evergreen Mak and said he’s not her son and why is he faking it. Chin Hor Wai got locked in jail and told Benny’s dad Evergreen Mak is not her son. Evergreen Mak told the empress that Chin Hor Wai said he is not her son and her son looks really cute as a baby. The empress look at Evergreen Mak weirdly. The empress visits Chin Hor Wai. Chin Hor Wai told the empress that Evergreen Mak is not her son. Chin Hor Wai said evidence can disguise but the feeling can’t. The empress look at Chin Hor Wai. Chin Hor Wai remembered Evergreen Mak are not excited to see Chin Hor Wai. Lee Kwok Lun told the empress that Chin Hor Wai is crazy and her statement is not reliable. Benny showed Annie the painting and asked her if she looks like him. Annie said the painting looks like Chin Hor Wai. Benny said he drew the painting according to the looks of his mother. Benny said he drew the shadow of his mother when he went in the past. Benny thinks Chin Hor Wai is his biological mother. Benny asked Annie to turn back the time so he can see his mother again. Benny suddenly got hurt and said the prisoners hit the wood again. Benny went in the past and look at the back of his mother but got hurt again after hearing that noise. Everything in front of Benny got blurry. Benny persisted to see his mother and saw Chin Hor Wai’s face. Benny held the painting and sighed that he never took care of his mother properly. Annie said she understands now; Annie kneeled at Benny and said he’s the royal prince. Annie told Benny he has to take the job of ruling the world. Benny asked Annie to see his mother. The empress came to the hotel to search for the royal prince. Annie told the empress that Benny is actually the royal prince. Benny showed the sign beneath his foot. The empress got thrilled and asked him to call her grandma. Lee Kwok Lun sent someone to poison Benny’s mom while he is on his way to see her.

Whatever It Takes episode 12 recap

Chin Hor Wai gave Benny some meat but he refused to eat it. Benny pick up some rice and vegetable and eat and said god won’t play him. Annie came up to Benny and asked Benny to look at the mirror in the cave. Benny said there’s a yellow and purple light in the mirror which means the yellow light blocked the purple light which is why Evergreen Ma k showed up in the mirror which means Evergreen Mak is not the royal prince. Evergreen Mak’s mom wants to eat the bride’s tea. Evergreen Mak told his mom he is not his mom but just his nanny since he is a royal prince. Evergreen Mak drove his mom away. Annie confront Evergreen Mak’s mom about Evergreen Mak being a fake prince. Evergreen Mak’s mom cried and said Evergreen Mak doesn’t want to reunite with her again. Evergreen Mak’s mother said the world will be in chaos if Evergreen Mak becomes the king. Evergreen Mak and Tavia did the wedding ceremony. Benny came up and made Evergreen Mak stop the wedding. Benny told Evergreen Mak to give up. Benny told Evergreen Mak he knows he’s not the royal prince. Evergreen Mak told Benny that he’s his savior and he’s a bastard if he wants to revenge him. Evergreen Mak’s mother told Eveergreen Mak that he’s so bad for pretendng to be the royal prince to marry Tavia. Evergreen Mak slapped his mother. Evergreen Ma asked his men to arrest Benny. Annie froze everyone. Annie and Benny close to Evergreen Mak. Annie made Evergreen Mak kneel down in front of the god at home. Evergreen Mak said if they revealed that he is the fake prince, the wyon’t get any benefit. Evergreen Mak suggest that Benny continue to be the prince’s brother and his mom keep on being his mother and he will share his wealth with them. Benny told Evergreen Mak he has to announce that he’s not the real prince. Annie said she will turn him into a pig if he doesn’t tell. Annie gives Evergreen Mak 3 days to tell everyone he’s not the royal prince. Benny told Evergreen Mak he has to annul the wedding between him and Tavia. Evergreen Mak told Tavia’s dad that his men were just having fun during the wedding so his wedding is a mess.Tavia lefta letter to his dad that she is running away because she doesn’t want to marry Evergreen Mak. Benny told Tavia that Evergreen Mak promised him that he won’t bug her. Evergreen Mak stole some treasures in the palace. Lee Kwok Lun told Evergreen Mak that if he’s leaving that means he admit he’s not the royal prince and the majesty will find someone to arrest him. Lee Kwok Lun said he can help Evergreen Mak staying as a prince.Annie saw Evergreen Mak playing with the maids in the palace. Annie held Evergreen Mak’s hands and it was Lee Kwok Lun disguised into Evergreen Mak. Lee Kwok Lun sat on the majesty’s chair and said he came here to ruin the dynasty. Annie fought with Lee Kwok Lun. Benny had a nightmare of Annie asking him for help. Benny asked Evergreen Mak where is Annie. Evergreen Mak told Benny that Tavia dissappeared after fighting with Lee Kwok Lun on a farm. Benny thought Annie became a chicken. Benny search for Annie and wants to buy all the chicken but doesn’t have the money. Benny got beat up when he tried to prevent the people to selll the chickens. Evergreen Mak’s mother told Benny a chicken came up to her house. Evergreen Mak’s mother showed Benny a chicken that she cooked. Benny said she is Annie. Evergreen Mak’s mother told Benny nothing will happen to Annie. Benny wined that he was late to save Annie. Annie tapped behind Benny. Annie called Benny’s name. Benny hugged the chicken and said he thought she died. Benny saw Annie. Annie told Benny that when she was fighting with Lee Kwok Lun, it was lucky that the god recovered her back to normal. Evergreen Mak asked the maids to message him while he is eating fruits. Evergreen Mak daydream of Tavia. Lee Kwok Lun is excited for Evergreen Mak to be king and him taking over the world. Annie and Benny go together to the palace. The soldiers grabbed Evergreen Mak’s mother.The majesty made Evergreen Mak the royal prince.Lee Kwok Lun asked the majesty to give some of her task to Evergreen Mak. The majesty told Lee Kwok Lun she also have some concern about Evergreen Mak. The majesty told Evergreen Mak she heard a rumor that he’s not the real prince. The majesty brought Evergreen Mak’s mother to confront him.