Witness Insecurity episode 20 recap

This is the last episode of Witness Insecurity and I would take the opportunity to mock anti Bosco and Linda’s fan for repeatedly bashing this series on other tvb blogs and website. This is my personal space of thoughts. I would recommend this series if you have time to watch. It’s one of the better drama this year.

Bosco read the news about a woman claiming to be Sapura’s mistress wants to to claim his estate. She wrote she gave him a fake Indonesian ID and lent him money, and deserves half of his fortune. Bosco thought about Sapura and Paul didn’t meet for a long time so it couldn’t be the conflict happens recently. He thought about Paul meeting Linda’s mom through Sapura.Bosco told Eric he should dig up the case between 1977 and 1979. Paul told Ram Chiang that he should let Linda contact Bosco’s family to tail him. Law Lok Lam told Paul that he’s been elected Chairman of commerce. Paul told Ram Chiang he should be happy but he’s not happy at all. Ram Chiang said their happy times are when they were bathing carefree together when they were young. Sapura’s son called Bosco if he got news about his dad’s case. Bosco asks Fuadi when did Paul turned rich and if his dad acted strange at that time. Bosco showed the document to Eric about Tong Sai Ping’s kidnapping case. Eric told Bosco that Paul was the kindest uncle to him. Eric csaid his mom used to joke that Paul was kind to them because he owes them. Eric said whenever Law Lok Lam mentioned about the kidnapping case, Paul would change the subject. Bosco told Eric that Sapura and Paul killed his dad for money. Bosco said if he can find Paul’s DNA then he can prove that Paul murdered Eric’s dad. Linda holds the cactus and thought about Bosco. Bosco calls Linda to meet him. Bosco told Linda he’s sorry that he was harsh to her last time. Bosco put on Linda’s bracelet pretending to accidentally scratch her wrist to get Paul’s DNA. Bosco told Linda he’s sorry that he hurted her everytime. Linda asks Bosco if there’s something that he doesn’t want her to know. She said she’s leaving for Germany for a year. Bosco told Linda to live well and stay strong during hard situation. Bosco gave the tissue to Savio to checks Linda’s DNA TO prove that her dad is the kidnapper. Linda told Paul that she’s bidding farewell to her former schoolmates. Paul told Linda to go to a doctor to cure her hand. Linda yelled at Paul that she’s fine. Paul hired a hacker to hack into Bosco’s computer. The hacker told Paul that Bosco has been searching evidence for the kidnapping case. Linda told Paul on the phone that Bosco scratched her wrist while putting the bracelet on for her and wiped the blood with a tissue. Paul called Ram Chiang to leave to Taiwan. Paul hugged Rachel and said he’s sorry that he took care of Linda more than her. Eric called Bosco that he’s tailing him. Bosco rides the motorcycle following Paul. Ram Chiang accidently bumped into a woman’s car. Ram Chiang gave her money and said he will pay for her medical bill and car scratch. An officer told Ram Chiang that he smells acohol. Ram Chiang tries to run away but the officer stopped him. Savio called Bosco that Linda’s DNA match the kidnapper. Eric beats Paul up. Eric tries to kill Paul but Bosco stopped him. Paul told Bosco he would bribe someone else to set him free but he’s glad to have such a good son in law. Paul told Bosco that he always wanted to protect Linda but he always hurted her. He told Bosco that Linda is picking up old family photos at the house. Paul told Bosco to take good care of Linda. Eric tries to kill Paul by bumping his car into him but Bosco got hit instead, trying to save Paul. Bosco got up and wore his helmet trying to meet with Linda. Paul call Linda and said he’s sorry and he told her to take good care of herself. Paul said Bosco is coming to see him. Bosco’s version of The Moon Represents my Hearts add a nice touch for the romance. WI used songs to enhance their romantic scenes. Linda went outside happily waiting for Bosco. Bosco fell down the motorcycle and about to die. Bosco told Linda he’s sorry he arrived late and he will be in the constellation to protect her.

The End!

Witness Insecurity episode 19 recap

Bosco bid farewell to his team. Linda told Bosco not to carry on anymore. Bosco told Linda that he got fired because of her dad. Linda asks Bosco if he can’t forget his ex-girlfriend. She asks him if he wants to be with her because she’s rich. Bosco told Linda that he lied that he can’t forget his ex-girlfriend but what Paul said isn’t true either. Bosco said he doesn’t want to date her because of her dad. Linda told Bosco that he said her dad is a liar but Bosco actually a liar. Bosco told Linda it is over between them. Linda prayed in the church not knowing who is telling the truth. Linda told Queenie that she doesn’t know who to believe. Linda said she wants to leave Hongkong. Cilla told Ram Chiang that he only wants to set Bosco up. Ram Chiang told Cilla to tell Bosco to ask him for help if he needs. Cilla said Ronald’s dead is pretty sad and she won’t help him. Ram Chiang isn’t as nice as you people think. lol. Paul told Queenie to console Linda and hope that she forgets Bosco soon. Eric asks Paul to lend him some money to pay his debt in Malaysia. Paul told Eric to leave and never come back. Paul told Ram Chiang that they have to cut all ties with Eric. Eric told Bosco that he will tell him all Paul’s dirty business. Eric told Bosco about how Paul spray red paint and cause fire in an old building. He said if this gets out, the reporter would find him. Eric said Paul bribed the accountant to create a false account. Bosco is not interested in the convo and only wants to know about the Sapura case. Eric called Bosco and said he found some important clues. Eric got hit by Paul’s men and told Bosco that they took his phone and texted him. Paul’s man hit Eric and said if he got evidence about Paul then he will help him deal with Paul. He said if he lied then he will beat him. Sapura’s son Fuadi. Faudi ordered the detective to investigate Paul. Fuadi told Paul that Bosco will help him investigate the case. Paul came to visit Linda’s mother’s grave. Paul hoped that Linda doesn’t find out about his killing. Paul sends some men to kill Bosco. Savio told Bosco that the four gangs are after him and he should leave Hongkong. Bosco saw the gangsters and tries to escape. Bosco went into Eric’s car. Bosco told Eric to go to the doctor. He said the ketamine could harm him. Eric told Bosco to stay at his place. Linda plans to go to Germany to study music. Linda plays the song The Moon Represents My Heart on the cello while thinking of Bosco. Linda cried and hugged Queenie after she finished playing the cello.

Witness Insecurity episode 18 recap

Bosco assumes that Paul’s assistant killed Sapura and Ronald and got a way using the speedboat. Bosco said he shot the speedboat which sunk it and lost the evidence. Bosco assumes Paul ordered his assistant to kill Sapura. Bosco and Cilla visits Ronald’s grave. Bosco told Cilla he worries that an innocent person will get hurt.Linda prayed in the church for Bosco to catch the criminal. Bosco told the pollice that Paul was fine during the coctail party but his arm got injured after he interviewed him. Bosco follow Paul and Ram Chiang, and arrests the doctor without the license. Bosco told Paul that Paul’s shoulder got hurt the same night as Sapura got shot. Bosco and the police search Paul’s assistant’s house. Bosco checks the website that Sapura visited and found a land website that Sapura often checks. Bosco found out Paul’s assistant sank the speedboat in the deep sea passageway. Bosco told the unlicensed doctor that he found a witness to testify against him for selling ketamine for several days. Savio arrests Paul. I feel poor for Linda to see her lover Bosco arrests her dad.I feel so sorry for Linda’s character as Miss Kook, Seung Joi Sum, and Ji Lam where she got heartbroken by her lover. I gotta admit Linda’s acting always improved. Savio said he found Paul’s gun on the speedboat and the DNA match Sapura and Ronald. Bosco told Paul that the doctor witness him getting a gunshot. Paul showed the confession letter that his assistant wrote that he admits he killed Sapura and Ronald and Paul doesn’t have anything to do with this. Bosco said the letter might be written by Paul’s assistant but he’s loyal to Paul. Linda doubts why does the police suspect Paul. Paul told Linda that Bosco got mad at Paul for breaking him and Linda so he accused him of murder. Paul said it was lucky that he saw throught Bosco that he was playing Linda all along and miss his ex-girlfriend so he broke them up. Linda got confused. Savio told Bosco that Sapura has billions of dollars. Savio doubts why does Sapura wants to kill Paul for 20 billion dollars. Paul got nervous since Bosco is going to Indonesia to investigate. Someone told Bosco that his friend saw Paul’s assistant burried something in a deserted island. Bosco go to the deserted island but got surrounded by mainland police. Bosco told Savio that Paul set him up. Savio told Bosco that he broke the mainland law and he’s dismissed.

Witness Insecurity episode 17 recap

Finally 20 episodes has been out in eng sub. Despite fans who bash this series a lot; I think this is one of the better series this year! Mark My Word that this series isn’t as bad as everyone said and Linda’s acting is not that bad. I’m glad it beats Hippocratic Crush. =). I need to watch this series fast cause my Chinese tvb buddies are dying to see my thoughts on the ending of it and discuss with them after I finish this series. Blah!

Ronald found Sapura in the Warehouse. Sapura told Ronald that Ram Chiang and Paul are related to the kidnapping incident. Paul’s assistant shoots Ronald and Sapura. Bosco saw Paul’s assistant escape using the speedboat. Bosco’s best friend Ronald died. Poor him! Paul’s assistant told Paul that whoever know the secret has to die. Paul’s assistant told Paul that he has cancer and only live for 3 months. He told Paul to take good care of his wife and kids. Paul’s assistant said he hopes that his wife and kids will be there to farewell him. Savio told Bosco told solve the case using his brain without being impulsive. Linda calls Bosco to console him about Ronald’s dead. Paul’s assistant wrote a letter saying sorry to his wife and kids for leaving them. Paul’s assistant commits suicide by lighting the charcoal buner outside of his car. The bodyguards doubted what makes the killer go back and shot Sapura again to make him die. Savio said the same gun was used to kill Sapura and Ronald. Ronald’s mom blamed Bosco for letting Ronald in the crime unit which caused him to die. Cilla blamed herself because of her that Ronald joined the crime unit. Bosco seems crazy to find the culprit. UMM. I want to see more of Bosco and Linda lovelines. Savio told the cops to investigate Paul. I would rather this series focus more on Bosco and Linda rather than Sapura on these last few episodes. WHen Bosco turn crazy as a cop reminds of when Moses turns crazy in The Ultimate Crimefighter about Gigi’s dead. Bosco interrogates Paul. Linda told Bosco to get enough sleep because he looks pale. Bosco said he used to cheer her up; now she’s the one who cheers him up. Linda said that’s how life is, we have to carry on. Bosco look at the helmet that Linda gave him. Bosco got a good sleep. Cilla stares at the beach. Cilla regrets about lying to Ronald that she would marry him; then she dumps him. Cilla cried and said she should have been the one dying. Bosco told Cilla that she can fulfill his wish by living her best. Bosco told Cilla that Ronald said he wants to study harder for her. Bosco said that means that Ronald really loves her. Cilla said she will work hard in her acting career to fulfill her dream for Ronald.

Witness Insecurity episode 16 recap

Bosco said perhaps she took Linda as his girlfriend that’s why he was confused about his feeling. Bosco told Linda to forget him. Linda goes to the church. Paul told Ram Chiang he’s surprised that Linda did not cry; he said loves Linda the most and can sacrafice anything for her. Cilla told Linda that Bosco only focus on his work and didn’t think of other girls. Linda told Cilla that it is worth for her to wait for Bosco. Linda said Bosco will forget his ex someday. Linda told Bosco that they are the two of a kind because they are devoted to love. Linda said she only loves Bosco. Bosco told Linda to promise that she will be well. Linda gave Bosco a new helmet. Linda told Bosco if he likes her then wear the new helmet when he rides the motorbike. Bosco look at his blue helmet. Bosco told Ronald maybe he’s not cold hearted enough and the more hope the more disappointment. Ronald told Bosco don’t overestimate his charm; perhaps a more handsome boy will come to Linda. Linda told Paul she wants to help with the charity fund. Queenie told Paul that Linda wants to work so she doesn’t think about anything else. She hopes Bosco will change his mind. Linda wants to raise charity funds for the orphans. Paul’s assistant told Linda that his son graduated from Princeton and his daughter likes to play the piano like her. Linda pray in the church. The doctor told Paul’s assistant that he has cancer. Ronald told Bosco that his sister gave birth to a twin; he’s now an uncle. Bosco and Ronald look at the twin babies in the hospital. Law Lok Lam told Paul Chun that Sapura will meet him face to face in Hongkong in a couple of days. Sapura called Paul to meet him tonight with Ram Chiang. Sapura tied both Paul and Ram Chiang to and wants to kill him to keep his mouth shut about the robbery incident.Sapura told Paul to sign a document to transfer 20 billion dollars to another company. Sapura told Paul to sign it if he doesn’t want anything to happen to Linda. Paul’s assistant came and shot Sapura. Sapura escape using a speedboat. Paul’s assistant take Paul to the hospital without telling Linda.Paul ordered his assistant to kill Sapura. Paul’s assistant search for Sapura seeing his blood on the sand.

Witness Insecurity episode 15 recap

Law Lok Lam ask Paul Chun if he heard the news about Sapura’as account problem. Law Lok Lam said the police asked Sapura to filed a detailed account about his company. Law Lok Lam said it is lucky that the Indonesian airport is closed so they don’t have to sign contract with Sapura and give money to him. Ram Chiang told Paul that if Sapura failed to invest money then his business will corrupt and it will give him trouble. Sapura invited Paul and Ram Chiang to his house. Sapura told Ram Chiang and Paul that his oldest son is running his business in Indonesia. His daughter graduated from Stanford and now doing charity work. Sapura told Paul that others call him the market magician. Ram Chiang asks Sapura to say what he wants and they don’t have time to play games with him. Ram Chiang called him Lai Shu Fong. Sapura said no one called him by that name for 30 years. Sapura said he almost forgot his real name. He said he changed his name to Sapura to start over again. He said his financial in U.S and Europe has corrupted. He said he bribed all those laywers and kill those laywers couldn’t bribe. Sapura said he’s lucky to meet Shawn. Shawn has rich uncles and introduced him to rich businessmen to invest money for him. Sapura couldn’t believe that Shawn is Tong Sai Ping. Sapura told Paul that they haven’t met each other because of Tong Sai Ping, and now they meet again because of his son. Sapura asks Paul to lend him 20 billion dollars. Sapura said because of Bosco digging his past about the armored truck and found about his wife and him, he has to go back to Indonesia to prevent them revealing his identity. Paul said Sapura wanted his wife to work as a mole for him. Paul said he can lend him at most 2 billion dollars. Sapura said they did the same thing 33 years ago. He said will Bosco be interested in another case since he’s so interested in the robbery case. Sapura said does Bosco know who Tong Sai Wing was. Sapura told Paul if he lends him 29 million dollars, they will all survive. Sapura told Paul to give him 20 million dollars in 48 hours. Paul remembers he sold picture of movie stars and met Linda’s mom. There’s even a photo of Adam and Liza in a 1970s or 1980s drama. Paul got hit by some men. Sapura bought the photo from Ram Chiang. Paul’s van doesn’t work. Paul doesn’t have enough money to repair his van. Sapura asks Paul if he knows who Tong Sai Ping is. Sapura asks Paul to collaborate with him to rob Tong Sai Ping. Sapura, Paul, and Ram Chiang captured Tong Sai Ping. Sapura killed Tong Sai Ping by putting his knife toward his belly. Sapura, Ram Chiang, and Paul shared Tong Sai Ping’s money. Linda’s mom told Paul that Sapura left her and went to Indonesia after he got the money. Ronald Law wanted to buy a watch for Jojo. Linda texts Bosco she’ll return to Hongkong soon and call her when he have time. Bosco told Ronald sometimes it is not a good thing to have a choice. Paul angrily want to see Rachel but Rachel called and said she is playing mahjong. Paul’s assistant told him that the U.S SEC has settled him 30 million dollars; now the case is over. Paul watch the news that the U.S is in a big financial debt and president Clinton is discussing about this. I’m assuming Witness Insecurity set place many years ago since it mentioned President Clinton as the president.lol.Paul hired Brian Burrell to check his background. Eric complained to Paul that he knew something happened to Sapura but he didn’t tell him. Paul sends Eric to Malaysia.Paul told Ram Chiang that Eric became poor because he killed Tong Sai Ping, then he felt guilty so he took care of Eric. Now because of Eric, Sapura met Paul. Paul said they have to beware of Bosco, and it will be risky for him to be with Linda. Paul said he won’t allow Bosco to date Linda. Paul told he wants to have a son in law and he will hand him his business. Paul asks Bosco if he can try everything to get what he wants and run the business for him. Paul said the money he got from Sapura are from loan sharks and he made profit. Paul told Bosco if he wants Linda to be happy then make a choice. Bosco calls Linda to meet her. Bosco lied to Linda that he can’t forget his ex-girlfriend.

Witness Insecurity episode 14 recap

I don’t find Hippocratic Crush that great or a lot better than Witness Insecurity. Both Witness Insecurity and Hippocratic Crush are just good but I support Bosco and Linda so I hope that Witness Insecurity beats Hippocratic Crush rating.

Paul told Bosco he didn’t know his wife when the case happened. Paul said 33 years ago, his brother and him swam from hongkong to China and got bullied. His brother and him fought with the bullies and got injured and stayed in the hospital. He said he stayed in the hospital during Chinese New Years, and the robber occurs during that time when he was in the hospital. Paul told Bosco he will try to find the medical record to prove it. Ram Chiang worries that Bosco will investigate the case. Paul told Ram Chiang that Linda likes Bosco so it will be hard for Bosco to find out the truth. Bosco told Paul he found the medical record so he is clear. Paul said even if he is clear, Bosco will still investigate the case. Paul told Bosco that there’s just not black and white, there is also grey. He said as a businessmen he has to protect himself and survive and have to cross the line to make a deal. He said it is Darwin’s theory of Survival to the fittest. If he doesn’t want to be arrest, he has to be evil. Bosco said he’s a cop so he has to go by the law, and he hopes Paul understands. Paul suggests Bosco to quit his job as a cop so there won’t be a barrier between them. Paul said he can provide him a job in his company. He said if he doesn’t change his job, Linda will be unhappy. Linda told Bosco on the phone saying she will return to Hongkong soon. Linda hopes that Paul and Bosco will get along. Ronald told Bosco that Bosco came late to work today, and he never smiled at all. Bosco told Ronald that dating isn’t between two person, it is also about family background. Bosco said Linda’s dad cares about business profit while he cares about going by the law. Bosco said Paul find the rules unacceptable while he doesn’t agree with him as an officer. Bosco said if he lose his principle, would Linda still love him. Law Lok Lam told Paul that he wants to play poker with him, he said there’s a flood in Indonesia so the Indonesian man haven’t return to his country yet. Paul seems to want to drive away the Indonesian man right away. Eric told Paul and Ram Chiang that the Indonesian Airport was closed so the Indonesian guy couldn’t come back. Eric said the meeting is cancelled and the contract has been delayed. Paul told Ram Chiang that Sapura wanted to sign the contract today no matter what but the meeting is cancelled. Paul said he doesn’t know what he’s up to. Ram Chiang said perhaps Sapura will return to Indonesia after he signs the contract. Sapura impatiently wants to have a conference another day to sign the contract. Linda happily called Bosco that she will return to Hongkong soon and will buy him a large helmet. Linda gave Cilla a bag of cream as a gift. Linda asks Cilla to tell her more about Bosco. Cilla go with Linda to Tokwawan. Linda took picures of the place and asks Cilla what is her favorite place to eat and shop. Cilla asks Linda if any of her fan saw her. Linda told Cilla to look at 3 pair of jeans for 100 dollars. Linda goes to the temple street with Cilla. Cilla talk to her aunt Ha. Cilla’s relatives said Linda is as pretty as Miss Hongkong. The lady boss told Linda that Bosco would work in the studio part time when he was 14 or 15. She said Bosco would go offbeat everytime he sings and everyone kept laughing. The lady boss sings the song The Moon Represent My Heart on stage. Cilla records Linda and sends Bosco the video. Bosco told Ronald he doesn’t know if he should choose Linda or his career.

Witness Insecurity episode 13 recap

I like this series but whenever I blog about this drama, I find some of the convo keeps on repeat. Can’t wait to see the lovey dovey scene between Bosco and Linda. xd. Have you noticed Back to Three Kingdom and Witness Insecurity has some of the same supporting casts. I noticed tvb lack of casts since 2009. I pick and choose tvb series to watch so I won’t go crazy seeing the same people over and over again. Korean Dramas helps me that. 🙂

Bosco brought flowers for Linda in the hospital. Bosco told Linda that he broke his wrist when playing soccer and it took a long time for him to recover; she told her to take good care of her arm. Bosco told Linda to ask him to go hiking with her next time. Bosco is so shy haha! Queenie told Linda that she felt protective toward Bosco so she got a feeling for him. Eric invited Paul to dine with the Indonesian tycoon. Paul told Ram Chiang that the tycoon still doesn’t want to leave Linda alone. The Indonesian tycoon ask Paul and Law Lok Lam to cooperate with him on the project. Paul told Ram Chiang that the Indonesian tycoon really doesn’t know him. Bosco saw the news about the Mongkok car crash. Bosco’s calleague called him and said it was Ronald who got in the car crash. Bosco asks Cilla if Ronald got into a car crash. He asks her how is he doing. Cilla said they haven’t hung out for a long time and he’s just one of her boyfriends. Bosco said so she just toyed with him. Cilla said she broke up with him because she knows she will become famous. She said she made it clear with Ronald but he wouldn’t listen. Bosco said Ronald got in a car crash because he got dumped. Ronald told Bosco that he sent a resignation letter to WPU already. He said he stayed in WPU to get a promotion to court Cilla. Bosco asks Ronald if he joined WPU to court Cilla or to be a good cop. Bosco told Ronald that he is determined to be a good cop while she is dreaming of marry a rich guy; he said they won’t work out. Bosco said he will ask Poon Sir for Ronald to join the Crime Unit with him. Linda wrote a love letter to Bosco. Linda said in the letter that it is her first love letter to him so she wrote it in paper and pencil. She showed him a picture of her at the hospital during the sunset in Germany. She said she will get well in a few days. A lady told Bosco her son was murdered 2 years ago. She showed him a letter from a driver who hit and run saying that he felt guilty. The lady said someone ordered the driver to kill his son. Bosco told Savio that the lady said her son got in a car crash in Indonesia and was a worker in Sapura. He said the Indonesian tycoon happens to be there to raise funds. Bosco saw Paul talking to the Indonesian tycoon. The Indonesian tyccoon said the victim was a bookkeeper. He said he heard that the CFO said it will be hard to find a good man like him after he leaves the company. The Indonesian tycoon said he has so many employee so he doesn’t know them very well. Bosco read the newspaper that Sapura got a case 30 years ago; a Hongkong woman made a scene in Chinatown accusing Sapura of being a cheater. Bosco saw the woman’s in the newspaper last name is Chai. Bosco remembers that Linda’s mom’s name is Chai and the signature on the poster is the same as her. Paul rejects the Sapura projects. Bosco’s female colleague told him that the lady told her newphew to write a confession letter to seek justice for her son. Bosco told Savio he guess that Linda’s mother and the Indonesian tycoon used to be lovers. The Indonesian tycoon told Eric and Law Lok Lam he will be in the new six stars Indonesian hotel to sign the contract and there’s a new opening of the aquarium. Savio told Bosco there used to be an armored truck robbery in February 20,1979. Three robbers walked away with more than 3 millions dollars. Savio said Mrs. Chai was one of the few who knew the route of the armored truck but there was no evidence to charge her. Savio said Paul and Linda’s mother went to Indonesia and came back the same day. Savio Tsang said during the interview the police never knew how Paul got rich. Savio Tsang suspects Paul is related to the robbery incident. Bosco asks Paul how long does he know the Indonesian tycoon. Paul said he met him through Eric when he was her to raise funds. Bosco told Paul that he’s interrogating him to find out how he got rich.

Witness Insecurity episode 12 recap

Witness Insecurity is one of the better series this year for me. My favorite drama this year is still Daddy Good Deeds. Hope this series beat the Hippocratic Crush rating.

Cilla got slapped by her friend for not memorizing the line. Ram Chiang introduced Producer Wong to Cilla. Cilla thanked Ram Chiang for giving her a role. Ram Chiang told Cilla he helped her for Bosco. Cilla dreams of becoming an actress remnds me of herself in Daddy Good Deeds. Cilla told Ronald she wants to celebrate with him for the night. Linda saw someone playing the song “The Moon Represents My Hearts” on his saxophone. Linda thought about Bosco. She texted him about going hiking. Bosco deleted her messaged. Linda goes hiking during the rain. Linda wears a raincoat and texts Bosco. Paul worries about Linda since she hasn’t come home. Rachel told Paul that the florist and the bookstore owner said they didn’t see Linda. Paul said if Linda went to the mountain, she would find a way to call him. Paul call the police since he worries Linda got stuck in the mountain. Ram Chiang asks Bosco if he saw Linda. Ram Chiang said Linda went hiking during the big rainstorm. Bosco told Ram Chiang to find Linda in Tai Mong Sai in Sai Kung. Paul’s assistant told Paul that the taxi driver confirmed that Linda went hiking in Tai Mong Sai. Ram Chiang asks Bosco to help him find Linda. Bosco thought about his girlfriend when he arrived in Tai Mong Sai. Bosco search for Linda in the rain. Paul thinks in his mind that he will let Linda do whatever she likes when she gets back safe. Bosco found Linda fainted, and piggy backed her in the hill. Paul thanked Bosco for finding Linda. Paul stared at Linda in coma in the hospital. He told Ram Chiang that he thought about Bosco protecting him and Linda. He thought about Bosco saving Linda during the hike. He believed fate brought Bosco and Linda together. Bosco look at his hiking pictures with Linda, in his room. Paul told Linda that Bosco saved her. Ram Chiang told Linda that Bosco survived in the big rain while saving her, so he believed in fate and let her be with him. Ram Chiang told Linda that Bosco risked his life to save her; he doesn’t believe Bosco doesn’t like her. Ram Chiang told Bosco that Linda will go to Germany to treat her hands. Ram Chiang asks Bosco when is he going to meet her. He asks him if he likes her. Ram Chiang called Linda and said Bosco likes her.

Witness Insecurity episode 11 recap

I’ll be busy these next few months for college exams but will try my best to update!

Paul told Cilla to tell Bosco to stop bothering Linda. Cilla said that Linda’s high status is not important and she can fall in love with Bosco. Cilla told Paul that Bosco and Linda makes a perfect pair. Paul got angry and said that Bosco is not even qualified to be Linda’s bodyguard. Paul said he doesn’t want to hear about Bosco and Linda as a couple anymore. Paul told Cilla to tell Bosco to look at the mirror. Cilla said that bodyguard is a good profession. Paul said Bosco took the opportunity of being a bodyguard to court Linda. Paul said Bosco is a scum and only cares about money. Cilla said that’s enough and even though they are poor, it doesn’t mean that they greed his money. Cilla told Paul that Linda is the one who is courting Bosco, and asked her to help her get near him. Paul slapped Cilla. Bosco came in; Paul told Bosco that he won’t allow him court his daughter. Linda told Paul that she likes Bosco and asked Cilla to help her. Bosco said he knows he’s not good enough for Linda. Bosco told Cilla that it’s all a misunderstanding and how could Linda likes him. Cilla told Bosco that Linda really likes him.Linda cried in her room. Ram Chiang told Paul to cheer Linda up. Ram Chiang told Paul that Linda said she fell in love with Bosco. Paul told Ram Chiang that Linda has no friends so Bosco took advantage of her. Bosco asks Cilla to call Linda to console her. Linda told Queenie that she couldn’t sleep for the past few days. Linda told Queenie that she keep on thinking about him when he’s not with her. Queenie told Linda that it is a misconception; she told her not to see Bosco. Linda texted Bosco apologizing him and asking him for dinner. Bosco said he has a lot of cases. Law Lok Lam laughed and asked Paul if he prevented Bosco from seeing Linda. Paul told Law Lok Lam that his daughter and her boyfriend are on the magazine cover and he still can let it slide. Linda went off beat during her cello rehearsal. Linda told Queenie that she doesn’t want to go to lunch with her. Linda booked 2 tickets of the orchestra concert in Vienna to go with Bosco. Cilla told Bosco that Linda and him make a good pair. Bosco rejects Linda’s offer. Bosco told Linda to find someone who really appreciate music. He said it is his job to protect her. Bosco said this misconception will fade. Linda asks Bosco why does he even think that it is a misunderstand. She said they can be friends. Bosco said even if they are friends, she will still misunderstand. Bosco told Linda to focus on her career. Paul saw Linda cried after she goes home; Paul asked her what did Bosco do to her. Linda told Paul to leave Bosco alone; and she likes him while he doesn’t like her back. Paul told his assistant that Linda never yelled at him. Savio Tsang told Bosco that Paul filed a complaint for harassing Linda. The gangsters mocked Bosco in the parking lot that he’s going to be Paul’s future son in law. Bosco yelled at the gangsters telling them to move their van. The gang leader told his boys not to offend Bosco because he will be Paul’s future son in law. Ram Chiang told Paul that Bosco saved Linda; he asks him why does he have to ruin his career. Ram Chiang told Paul that it doesn’t matter if Bosco and Linda are dating as long as they are happy. Ram Chiang told Linda to get up and eat breakfast with him. Ram Chiang told Linda that she has to face the reality and not running away from it. Ram Chiang said during his teen, he fell in love with a girl who sold marinated eggs and they broke up because he failed to cherish her. He said now she’s married. He said if he fell in love with her right now, he would cherish her. He told Linda that it is not the right time for her to date and she might meet another guy when she studies overseas. Ram Chiang told Linda he gives him one more day to calm down. Paul’s assistant told Paul that Linda has been normally going to the Sinfionetta and she has not called Bosco. Ram Chiang told Paul that Linda spends so much time practicing her cello and there is no upcoming concert. Paul said it is better than thinking about Bosco. Paul told Queenie to spend more time with Linda. Paul said Linda has recovered, and he doesn’t want to be back in depression. Ram Chiang told Bosco that he praised him in front of his two superior.