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My first impression on Forensic Heroes IV

Here’s my first impression on the first two episodes I have viewed.

1. There’ a lot of cute guys for me to fangirl, Shaun Tam, Raymond Wong, and Fred Cheng.

2. The female leads are just side characters. Rebecca and Selena doesn’t do much in the series. All the focus in on Shaun Tam heading the team.

3. Watching the Forensic staff wearing white coats reminds me of the doctor series Healing hands where the doctors wear white coats.

4.The cases doesn’t provide much evidences. All the evidences are being talked during the Forensic research then in the end the criminal gets arrested.

5. The series spend more time talking about the case during the Forensic research.

6. The tech being used is impressive.

7. The ending scene of the first two episodes scared me with the chain tied up and the tiger head.

8. I love seeing Raymond Wong and Selena Li together.

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Gentle Reflections episode 11 recap

The official ordered the guards to hit Far Chi Hui ten times as a warning for disruption in the court. Sai Moon Hing opened the lock and let Far Chi Hui visiting Ping Yee. Sai Moon Hing told Far Chi Hui he believes him,  he will tell the official to review this case carefully and he will search for the black suited man.

Sai Moon Hing doesn’t have the mood to eat and told Poon Kam Lien that it’s always chicken and fried fish. The second and fourth wives told Poon teased Poon Kam Lien that grabbing a spicy chicken Sai Moon Hing, he doesn’t like it. Is it better to share the variety of food. The first wife told Poon Kam Lien she isn’t used to Sai Moon Hing’s attitude, whenever he sees a new girl in his eyes he loses appetite.

Mou Chong told the official that he has investigated there were no red dirt on Far Chi Hui. Mou Chong and his guard found a black costume in the cave. The official tasted the tea and told Sai Moon Hing this flavorful tea relieves his anxiety. Mou Chong told the official he found a black costume with red dirt in Far Chi Lam’s friend’s cave. Sai Moon Hing told Far Chi Lam to give a sum of money to his friend and tell him to leave. Sai Moon Hing’s  servants warned Far Chi Lam’s friend to be careful since Far Chi Lam wants him as a scapegoat. Sai Moon Hing told Far Chi Hui that the official has sentenced him to death. Sai Moon Hing told Far Chi Hui to dig down the cellar and search for the person in the black suit.

Far Chi Hui ran and bumped into Far Chi Lam’s friend and  recognized him as the man in the black suit. Far Chi Lam’s friend asked Far Chi Lam when will he repay him for killing his father. Far Chi Hui confronted Far Chi Lam. Far Chi Lam told Far Chi Hui all the asset must belong to him. Far Chi Hui fought with Far Chi Lam and the sword pushed in his body. Sai Moon Hing’s guard alert the guards that Far Chi Hui killed Far Chi Lam. Sai Moon Hing’s guard then killed Far Chi Lam’s friend.  Sai Moon Hing’s guard told Sai Moon Hing and Ping Yee that Far Chi Hui fought with Far Chi Lam and killed him. Sai Moon Hing asked his guard if he is in Far Chi Hui’s situation and saw his wife what would he do. Sai Moon Hing told his servant to let Ping Yee and Far Chi Hui in the canoe and push Far Chi Hui and make the canoe sink but he must save Ping Yee.

Sai Moon Hing threw a stick. Mou Chong looked at Ping Yee and the maid ran with Far Chi Hui. The maid twisted her leg. Mou Chong told Far Chi Hui to come with him. Far Chi Hui fought with Mou Chong. Ping Yee and the maid begged for Mou Chong to let go of Far Chi Hui. Mou Chong told Far Chi Hui he still has the crime for killing Far Chi Lam. Far Chi Hui said Far Chi Lam bumped into him. Ping Yee told Mou Chong that Far Chi Lam deserved to die. If he discovered Far Chi Lam is the murderer, her husband wouldn’t have dug the grave. Ping Yee said the government always finds a scapegoat but have never witness for her. Ping Yee told Mou Chong to arrest her too. The maid knocked on Mou Chong’s head and told Far Chi Hui and Ping Yee to leave. Far Chi Hui and Ping Yee went in the boat. Chi Hui gave Ping Yee a cup of hot tea. The maid is willing to surrender. The maid hopes Mou Chong can understand that Ping Yee is her friend and Chi Hui is innocent.

The boat shakes. Sai Moon Hing’s servant pushed Chi Hui. The chest fell on Sai Moon Hing’s servant. Sai Moon Hing’s servant told  Ping Yee to be careful of Sai Moon Hing. He has planned for Chi Hui to escape and took the opportunity to kill Far Chi Lam. He also told him to kill Chi Hui. He wants to have her. He also framed the doctor so he can have Poon Kam Lien. Ping Yee woke up. Mou Chong’s guard found the body of Chi Hui. In the rain, Ping Yee hugged Chi Hui’s body and vowed she revenge for him and his family.

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Fangirl tech guru Fever and Iron Man

Hey guys! It’s a good day for me today. Good or bad guys for you, Enjoy this post of mine! It’s been a while I did an editorial post. This will be a fun fangirling post as I watch tvb series and fangirl. Creeps back off! It is my moment of fangirling!

Internet Playboy known as IronMan where each woman he sleeps with will marry a rich man in Barrack 0 Karma.

Fever in Fist Fight who is the tech guru and created Flyingman the virtual boxing game.


❤ Jac

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Barrack Karma episode 16 recap

Selena yelled at three prostitutes for fighting over Ping Ping  mirror. Ping Ping yelled at Selena that she only wanted to keep her here to make her look young. She wanted to abort Siu Suyet but she stopped her so she has this burden. Selena took Siu Suyet with her. She gave Siu Suyet her brooch from Joel for her to look at. Selena told Lau Kong the way Siu Suyet looks at pretty thing reminds her of  the lady boss. She thinks the ladyboss is the grown up of Siu Suyet. Pui Pui cursed Master Choi he would die of loneliness. She keeps on dreaming of Golden Boy. She wonder if he is the descendant of Master Choi.

Selena served Brother Hung alcohol and he threw up and got angry at the waiter. Ping Ping seduced Brother Hung. Brother Hung hit Ping Ping with his bottle of wine. He took Selena to the rooftop. Brother Hung poured the wine and held the pin. He slapped Selena and asked if Joel killed Brother Keung. Brother Hung pushed Selena on the rooftop. Lau Kong told Joel that Selena been taken by a gang. Joel beat up Lau Kong. Joel told Brother Hung he has never betrayed him. Joel gave him a gun and told him to shoot him if he doesn’t believe him Brother Hung smiled and put back the gun in Joel’s jacket.

Joel told Selena that Brother Hung doesn’t trust anyone but he is useful to him. He will give him a big task. Selena asked Joel if he is fine with it. Brother Hung was about to throw her on the rooftop. Joel told Selena he wants to make up for their loss sum of money. Selena told Joel if they had the money, they would not live happily. Joel showed Selena a chip and said it will bring them good luck. Selena told Joel she had a dream of having a plane crash and she tried to find the way out of the building. Joel promised Selena he won’t work for Brother Hung. Joel told Selena he thought cops wouldn’t make much money but he met her and wanted to take risk to give her a comfortable life. She wanted her to be a happy housewife and they can  spend the day at the beach watching sunset and meteor shower.

Ping Ping looked in the mirror and bleed her forehead and she looked for the mirror. Siu Suet looked in the mirror. Lan Po took it. The tourist told Miss Yuki he wants to take her to the doctor. Miss Yuki wants to see Physician Wang. The tourist told her Physician Wang has conned people. Jazz looked at Miss Yuki’s face and freaked out. Miss Yuki asked Ching Ching if she or Samantha is prettier. Master Kai told Miss Yuki that the problem is her. Miss Yuki looked in the mirror and sees her mom Ping Ping. Ping Ping told her to be prettier and prettier by day.

Miss Yuki followed Lan Po and wanted to suck his blood. The tourist stopped her. The tourist told Miss Yuki he fell for her when he took a guest in the guesthouse five years ago.  Lau Kong told him about the mirror and her mom is obssessed with her look. Miss Yuki held a knife toward Miss Yuki. Lan Po bumped into Miss Yuki and she dropped the mirror and freaked out. Miss Yuki wakes up and looked in the mirror. The tourist told Miss Yuki she is beautiful and they could grow together.

Joel showed the picture and asked Lau Kong if they are them. Joel went to the rooftop and checked on the  water. Lau Kong walked and  closed and locked.

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Gentle Reflections episode 8 recap

The official told Lee Ping Yee that only an official can have this bowl. He asked her where did she get this bowl. He believes she hid the bowl then witness herself. The judge sentenced Lee Ping Yee’s brother to be beheaded tomorrow. Mou Chog begs the judge to punish Lee Ping Yee lightly. The judge punished Lee Ping Yee to have ten spanks. Lee Ping Yee brought food for her brother before he gets beheaded. Lee Ping Yee fainted. Far Chi Hui carries her. Far Chi Hui’s uncle asked Far Chi Hui if he fell for Lee Ping Yee. Far Chi Hui said he can’t help being in love and he doesn’t mind about her status. Far Chi Hui’s uncle told Far Chi Hui that Lee Ping Yee is a good girl and he must work hard. Sai Moon Hing’s concubines worry about Poon Kam Lien getting into their mansion. Poon Kam Lien gave the maid hundred thousand cheque. Lee Ping Yee told Far Chi Hui to help his father managing accounts. Far Chi Hui asked his uncle to let him help him managing his account.

Poon Kam Lien told Mou Chong that she will wed Sai Moon Hing’ tomorrow. Poon Kam Lien told Mou Chong she wishes he took care of her. Poon Kam Lien step through four bowl of fire. Poon Kam Lien serves tea for Sai Moon Hing’s wives. The maid doesn’t listen to Poon Kam Lien. Sai Moon Hing played with Poon Kam Lien. The maid watches Sai Moon Hing sleeping with Poon Kam Lien. The maids gossipped about Poon Kam Lien. Lam Chi Yin served Ginseng soup for Sai Moon Hing and seduced him. Poon Kam Lien visited him and said she can’t sleep. Lam Chi Yin put some powders in the bowl of soup and gave the maid some money to go shopping. The maid served bird’s nest soup for Poon Kam Lien. Poon Kam Lien served bird’s nest soup for the second wife. The second wife ached her stomach. Sai Moon Hing told Poon Kam Lien to bow and serve the second wife a cup of tea. The second wife dropped the cup of tea and said she aches her hand. The second wife whined and want a string of hair of Poon Kam Lien.

Poon Kam Lien whined to Sai Moon Hing that he let his wives frame him. Sai Moon Hing smelled and requested a string of her hair. Sai Moon Hing gave the second wife the string of hair. The second wife told Sai Moon Hing she has discovered who has harmed her, it was Lam Chi Yin and the maid.

Sai Moon Hing whipped Lam Chi Yin. Poon Kam Lien told Sai Moon Hing she doesn’t want to deal with this case anymore. She only has a request is to let the first wife’s maid be her maid. Poon Kam Lien saw the second wife hiding the string of hair. She eavesdrop on the second wife hitting the hair. Poon Kam Lien sighed to her maid that she now knows this is a place of scheming each other and she can’t step back.