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Against the Blade of Honour episode 17 recap

During the night, Tse Hiu Fung only wanted to see the mysterious lady. She is Ching Ching’s father fiance but she only has Tse Hiu Fung in his heart. Tse Hiu Fung said Ching Ching’s father only focus on his work affairs. One day he couldn’t stand it and had a night with her. Tse Hiu Fung feel frustrated he couldn’t  make a choice as a legendary swordman. Tse Hiu Fung made a stupid move for that lady. Ching Ching’s father waited to settle with the six sects but he couldn’t believe this is the end of the dark sect. A sect member pushed his sword toward the lady. Tse Hiu Fung checked on the dark sect and saw the lady before she passed away. For thirty years, he has lied to the world. Ding Pang asked Tse Hiu Fung if he’s afraid Ching Ching’s father will revenge. Tse Hiu Fung told Ding Pang to leave with Siu Yuk.

Siu Yuk asked Ding Pang if he is confident he can defeat Chun Ho Ching. Chun Ho Ching helped Ching Ching and told her that when we lose the one we love the most, although we are generous every day seems longer and we always feel hesitated. Ching Ching has a different perspective that we can feel satisfied. Ching Ching only knows she can give up everything for Ding Pang. Chun Ho Ching  said she would use every scheme to win everything back. Ding Pang looked at Ching Ching. Ding Pang asked Chun Ho Ching why did she gave Ching Ching the yellow petal. Chun Ho Ching told Ding Pang she can give Ching Ching a saber next time which will hurt him.

Chun Ho Ching fought with Ding Pang. Chun Ho Ching pointed her sword at Ding Pang. She told him he can’t protect himself, how can he protect Ching Ching.  Chun Ho Ching told Ding Pang to leave. Ding Pang went back to the forest and picked up his saber.

The six sect leaders wait for Ding Pang and asked Siu Yuk where’s Ding Pang. Ding Pang came to Siu Yuk and told showed his saber and said everything will be find with it. Ching Ching’s father told Chun Ho Ching that Ding Pang will return to her. Chun Ho Ching fought with Ding Pang. Ding Pang told her he represents the good sect to fight her. Chun Ho Ching asked Ding Pang when will he repay what he has owes her. Ding Pang told her he only has Ching Ching in his heart. Chun Ho Ching fought with Ding Pang and died in his arm. Chun Ho Ching said she thought she could use the saber to win his love but she couldn’t do it so she rather die under his arm so he can remember her.

Ding Pang read a letter and met Ching Ching’s father. Ching Ching’s father smiled and is impressed of having Ding Pang as their leader. Ding Pang refused to be his pawn. Ching Ching’s father asked Ding Pang if he can stand being humiliated by both the dark and good sect. If he keep the saber, he can have both. Ching Ching’s father took Ding Pang to the people in the island and said those people were forced by the sect escape to the island. They hope he can lead them.



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Against the Blade of Honour episode 16 recap

Chun Ho Ching came and told Ching Ching only she knows how it feels to be heartbroken. Chun Ho Ching told Ching Ching she can stay being heartbroken or kill Ding Pang. Ching Ching opened her sword and closing it. Ching Ching asked Mo Ming to do one thing for her. Ching Ching told Mo Ming to take her to the mansion. Ching Ching came and apologized to Siu Yuk that she mistaken her husband with the same name. She won’t blame her husband for leaving her. Ching Ching gave SIu Yuk a string. Ching Ching gave Siu Yuk her sword. Ching Ching told Ding Pang this will be the last time she will see him. Ching Ching touched Ding Pang’s face.

Lau Yeuk Cheung recited a poem in the brothel. He called Mo Ming a coward. Lau Yeuk Chung asked Mo Ming what is he waiting for. Mo Ming slapped and hit Lau Yeuk Chung. Lau Yeuk Chung died. Mo Ming proudly said he has to revenge by blood. Siu Yuk told Ding Pang the story of the knot tying them together. Mo Ming killed the guards. Mo Ming told Siu Yuk to tell Ding Pang to come out. Mo Ming recited the poem in front of Siu Yuk. Mo Ming told Siu Yuk his identity. Ding Pang saw Ching Ching crawling. Siu Yuk told Mo Ming she was willing to follow Ding Pang. Siu Yuk said she recognizes the feeling of love when she met Ding Pang. Siu Yuk pointed the sword at Mo Ming.

Ching Ching’s father visited Ching Ching and said he knows everything that happened. Ching Ching just wants to live alone peacefully. Ching Ching begs her father to not harm Ding Pang. Siu Yuk told Ding Pang, when she pointed her sword at Mo Ming, she found out she can do anything for him. Siu Yuk hugged Ding Pang. Ding Pang doesn’t know if he made the right decision. He chose the path that was the best for him but in his heart he loves Ching Ching the most. Ding Pang looked at Ching Ching by the window and know he has caused her to be miserable.

In the sixth of June, he has duel with other sect leaders. He became respected after Tse Hiu Fung. Chun Ho Ching killed the members of other sect. She asked Ching Ching’s father how many people does she have to kill to reach her goal.  Ching Ching’s father told Chun Ho Ching she is more fortunate than him since his lover have a chance to reunite with her.

Ding Pang received an invitation to the dark sect. Ding Pang apologized to the sect he threw his blade in the sea and sworn he won’t use it. Tse Hiu Fung had a talk with Ding Pang and said he is sure the person behind this is Ching Ching’s father. The six sects owned Ching Ching’s father and their leader was Tse Hiung. On the fifth of march he official removed the dark sect. Tse Hiu Fung argued with Ching Ching’s father but he respects his knowledge and generosity. They both agreed on the settlement between the dark and good. Tse Hiu Fung saw a mysterious lady behind the cover. She is the princess, Ching Ching’s father’s fiance.


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Against the Blade of Honour episode 15 recap

Mo Ming piggyback Ching Ching searching for a doctor to heal her eyes. The doctor told Mo Ming that Ching Ching’s eyes can’t be healed. Lau Yeuk Chung recited the poem. Lau Yeuk Chung asked Mo Ming why doesn’t he kill Ching Ching. Lau Yeuk Chung showed the red envelope and  told Mo Ming that Ding Pang is getting married to his lover Siu Yuk but he’s still here taking care of Ching Ching. Ching Ching thanked Mo Ming.  She should ask him for help since Ding Pang has hurt him. Ding Pang held the red gown and said he’s almost becoming the leader of the righteous sect.

Siu Yuk drinks with Chun Ho Ching and said she is happy Ding Pang loves her. She hopes one day she will live with the one she loves. Chun Ho Ching told Siu Yuk that if she believes in men’s word she will suffer. Chun Ho Ching told Siu Yuk a story of a girl who waited below the tree of yelllow flowers and prepared wedding gifts for her but they were all lies. Siu Yuk told Ding Pang she drank with a girl and told her a touching story about yellow flowers on the tree. Ding Pang came and met Chun Ho Ching by the yellow flowers on the tree. Chun Ho Ching told Ding Pang he worries about Siu Yuk but what about her. She wants to help him escape from his vengeance. Tse Hiu Fung told Ding Pang that Chun Ho Ching is right, he is from the dark sect. If he doesn’t want to be in the dark sect, then let go of his saber and his past. Ding Pang held his blade and swear to leave his past and forget Ching Ching. He threw his blade on the sea. Ching Ching bought a love pendant. Mo Ming threw the pendant and asked if this string of pendant worth that much.

Tse Hiu Fung’s servant read the letter announcing that Ding Pang will be married to Siu Yuk. Mo Ming took Ching Ching to the mansion. Ching Ching told Siu Yuk she came here to find her husband Ding Pang. Ding Pang deny of knowing Ching Ching. Siu Yuk asked Ching Ching if she recognize the wrong person, having the same name is common. Mo Ming fought with Ding Pang and saw Siu Yuk. Ding Pang told Ching Ching she may think he is cold hearted but what she did was even more cold blooded. She forced him to do it. Her dark sect used him. Ding Pang told Ching Ching he came to tell her he is cutting ties wit her.

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Against the Blade of Honour episode 13 recap

Ding Pang search for Tse Hiu Fung  and denied he died. Ding Pang sat on Tse Hiu Fung’s chair and persist he will find him. Ding Pang hopes to have a duel with Tse Hiu Fung. Tse Hiu Fung’s servant lead Ding Pang to Tse Hiu Fung’s wall which display his martial arts move. Ding Pang practice the martial arts. The servant couldn’t believe someone could achieve up to level seven. Flashbacks of a martial artist want to have a duel with Tse Hiu Fung. Tse Hiu Fung doesn’t want to since he retired. Siu Yuk watches her father having a duel. Siu Yuk cried and doesn’t want her father to lose. Tse Hiu Fung promised Siu Yuk he won’t lose. He asked her if she knows what is most important to him, it is her. He teaches her martial arts. Siu Yuk looked at the wall and sighed if she was important to him then why did he drove her out. Ding Pang practiced martial arts and moved his sword toward Siu Yuk. Tse Hiu Fung wears a black suit and asked him why he could only managed to follow up to seven steps. Paper of the moves fell down from the brothel.  Siu Yuk recognized her father’s handwriting. Ding Pang practiced the martial arts.

Lau Yuek Cheung looked at Mo Ming in the cellar. Ching Ching sighed to Lau Yeuk Chung  that King Mo Ming wants to defeat Ding Pang. She doesn’t know how to resolve his motivation; she only knows to play the harp for him to relax. Lau Yeuk Chung recited a poem. King Mo Ming performs martial arts. Lau  Yeuk Chung chopped the axe and wants to turn Mo Ming into a beast. Mo Ming yelled for Ding Pang in the cellar. Ching Ching played the harp. Mo Ming yelled at Ching Ching to not play this song again to suppress his vengeance. Ching Ching is willing to die in place of Ding Pang.

Mo Ming told Ching Ching to leave. Ding Pang waited three whole days for the man in the black suit to appear. Siu Yuk cooked food for Ding Pang. Ding Pang yelled at her to leave. Siu Yuk cried and sliced the moves on the wall for ruining her relationship with Ding Pang. Ding Pang slapped Siu Yuk. Ding Pang told Siu Yuk he is not Mo Ming.  Siu Yuk told Ding Pang she doesn’t care who he is, she just wants to be with him. Ding Pang chased Tse Hiu Fung. Tse Hiu Fung threw a paper to Ding Pang and said he will tell him how to finish the moves but he must promise him one thing.


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Against the Blade of Honour episode 12 recap

The soldier killed eighteen of Mo Mo Ming’s ancestors. He held his sword and  threw it in front of Mo Ming. Mo Ming felt studying is useless. He burned his manuels. From then on, he lived in poverty and searched for the soldier. . He sneaked into the temple. He sneaked in the library and studied all the martial arts in the manuel. For a year, he learned the martial arts from the temple and even changed some of the moves  as his. After three years in the temple, he went down the temple and searched for the soldier who killed his ancestors. He found the soldier. The soldier don’t remember who he is. Mo Ming felt poor for him and invited him to eat. Mo Ming told him he always thought what moves to defeat him. Then he used his sword and killed him while he wanders. He felt blank inside and had duels with other martial artists. Then he met Siu Yuk. Mo Ming asked Ching Ching he wonders why Ding Pang has such a good wife like her. Someday he will win the duel against Ding Pang.

Ding Pang rushed the workers who carried the sedan chair.  The workers got tired. Siu Yuk told Ding Pang they can walk. Ding Pang told Siu Yuk to rest. Nothing is more important than her. Ding Pang took Siu Yuk to watch people praying for the rain. Siu Yuk got upset. She told Ding Pang that the people are naive praying for the rain. She always wishes for a warm family but god never gave her. Her father’s wish is to manage the sect. She only drinks to feel better. Ding Pang looked  Siu Yuk and thought of Chun Ho Ching. He touched her face and promised he won’t let anyone bully her. Ding Pang hits the tree with his word causing the yellow flowers to fall like rain for Siu Yuk.

A sect member told Ding Pang he should be carrying a saber not a sword.  Ding Pang told him he is mistaken; he is Mo Ming not Ding Pang. The sect member smiled that Ding Pang hides is identity for a person. The sect member said he is one of the  members who watches his duel with Lau Yeuk Chung. He wants to have a duel with him. Ding Pang met with him to have a duel.  Ding Pang killed him with a move He asked him why didn’t he use his saber. Ding Pang said because he doesn’t deserve it yet. A kid  performed martial arts infront of the other kids. Ching Ching gave him a silver to lead her to his sifu.  Ching Ching saw Lau Yeuk Chung as a pauper. Lau Yeuk Cheung asked Ching Ching who she is and he left. Ching Ching gave the restaurant owner a gold to cook a good meal to Lau Yeuk Chung. Lau Yeuk Chung pushed a chopstick on his hand and said it doesn’t hurt. He left.

Ching Ching played harp and hurt her finger.  Ching Ching told Lau Yuek Chung to stay in her mansion and live as a normal person. Ching Ching told Lau Yeuk Chung to not care too much about his face. Lau Yeuk Chung told her he hates her and Ding Pang. Ching Ching said after he lost, she’s never been happy. She just wanted Ding Pang to be a normal person. Ding Pang went to see Tse Hiu Fung but got surrounded by another sect. The sect fought with Ding Pang. Ding Pang killed them. Siu Yuk asked Ding Pang why does he have the dagger. Ding Pang came in and yelled for Tse Hiu Fung. A master said Tse Hiu Fung knew they will come.  Siu Yuk greeted her uncle. Siu Yuk’s uncle told Ding Pang that he is late and  that Hiu Fung has passed away three years ago.