Legendary Siblings episode 24 recap

Black Spider and Xiao You Er spied on Xinlan. Xinlan threw up blood. Xinlan told Hua Wu Que she ate longans. Yulang said he saw Xiao You Er. Xinlan fainted. Xiao You Er wanted to check on Xinlan but Hua Wu Que prevented him. Xiao You Er said he poisoned Yulang’s longans. Hua Wu Que told Xiao You Er he even poisoned Xinlan. Hua Wu Que punched Xiao You Er. Yulang said Xiao You Er was jealous and wanted to poison Hua Wu Que and Xinlan. Black Spider came and told Xiao You Er that saving Xinlan is more important. Yulang stole Xiao You Er’s medicine behind the Buddha Statue. Hua Wu Que punched Xiao You Er. Black Spider told Hua Wu Que even if he kills Xiao You Er, there’s no medicine. Murong Jiu told Hua Wu Que she will take care of Xinlan while he and Xiao You Er goes to the sect to take the medicine.

Murong Jiu told Yulang’s father to bring Xinlan to his house. Xiao You Er rest in the wood. Xiao You Er told Hua Wu Que he’s even more hurt than him. Hua Wu Que told Xiao You Er if he’s hurt then he wouldn’t have poisoned Xinlan. Xiao You Er said he poisoned Yualang’s father longans but why did Xinlan eat it. Yulang and his father has used this to use him to kill him. Hua Wu Que told Xiao You Er he doesn’t care who he poison but he have to take the medicine to save Xinlan. Zhang Jing fought with Hua Wu Que and told him not to bother Xiao You Er. Zhang Jing told Xiao You Er Hua Wu Que may kill him after taking the medicine. Hua Wu Que told Xiao You Er to respect Zhang Jing. Zhang Jing told Hua Wu Que not to be nosy. Xiao You Er said he’s thirsty. Zhang Jing said he will take some water for him but not for Hua Wu Que. Yulang’s father told Yao Yue that Hua Wu Que misunderstood Xiao You Er poisoning Xinlan and he will kill him. Yao Yue told Yulang’s father to let Xinlan see Hua Wu Que and Xiao You Er having a duel. Yulang’s father doubt Yan Nantian isn’t dead. Yao Yue said if she kills the sect, she wants Yan Nantian to see her laughing hard. LianXing told Yao Yue she is scary. Yan Nan Tian have gotten to the eight and final step of martial arts. Yan Nan Tian told the doctor besides Jiang Feng, he is his closest friend. Zhang Jing told Xiao You Er she likes him for being stubborn on the outside but kindhearted. She likes him teasing her. Hua Wu Que told Xiao You Er if he is in his dream, he must understand him. Xiao You Er told Hua Wu Que he rather believe Yulang and his father than him.

Lian Xing told Yao Yue ever since Yan Nantian left her, she’s been killing people. The person ho hates other suffer more than the person being hated. Yao You killed the sect members and told the sect to tell Yan Nantian to appear or else she will kill the sect and Xiao You Er. The sect member told Yan Nantian Yao Yue said if he doesn’t appear, she will kill Xiao You Er. Lian Xing told Yao Yue she hates and love Yan Nantian because she loves him too much. She torture herself because of him but he could calmly practice martial arts. He doesn’t have her in his heart. Is it worth it? Yao Yue asked Lian Xing what she should do. Lian Xing said to forget Yan Nantian and forgives Hua Wu Que and Xiao You Er and forgive herself. Yao Yue said she has been heartbroken for thirteen years; she can’ let go. Zhang Jing told Xiao You Er his sect location is as pretty as him.

Xiao told Hua Wu Que he grew up here and knows how to laugh and cry and can rebel. Hua Wu Que believes Xiao You Er is more happier than him. Xiao You Er told Hua Wu Que he isn’t bad, he has great martial art skills and can get a lot of girls. Girls will go crazy over him. Zhang Jing told Xiao You Er he only likes him. Zhang Jing shouted that they arrived at his sect. Xiao You Er told Zhang Jing she doesn’t mind because she has an illness. Zhang Jing told Hua Wu Que that Xiao You Er teases him which means he cares for her so she doesn’t mind. Xiao You Er, Hua Wu Que, and Zhang Jing found the house being ruined. Xiao You Er gave the bottle of medicine to Hua Wu Que. Xiao You Er saw the sect dead and cried and dug the ground. Xiao You Er saw a black flower on the member’s hand and asked Hua Wu Que why did his sect killed his sect. Xiao You Er cried and told Hua Wu Que to kill him too. Xiao You Er punched Hua Wu Que. Zhang Jing told Xiao You Er that Hua Wu Que won’t know about it. Xiao You Er apologized to Hua Wu Que. Hua Wu Que said he should be the one who should say sorry since he is in the flower’s sect. Xiao You Er asked Hua Wu Que why is he in the flower sect. Xiao You Er vowed to revenge.

Murong Jiu told Xinlan she almost die but still look pretty and caused Hua Wu Que and Xiao You Er fighting for her. It means men loses over women. Murong Jiu told Yulang she thought about it and accepted him. Yulang recites a poem while watching the moond with Murong Jiu. Yulang drinks with Murong Jiu. Yulang put Murong Jiu on the bead and about to rape her. Murong Jiu was about to insert a needle behind his back. Yulang’s father knocked on the door. Yulang’s father invited Yulang to play checker. At first Yulang denied but then his father thought someone is one his bed so he decided to play chess with him. Murong Jiu said he escaped this time but next time he won’t.

All about Tin episode 1 recap

The series starts with a martial artist flew in the snow cave and found a dead body. The martial artist went to the restaurant wondered why there are many martial artists in the restaurant. The martial artist sneaked in the room and found a sword. The martial artist stood on the roof and saw the monks transfer energy for his brother Lip Kong Tin. The sect members got ill and told Kong Tin that their power can only retain his life for a month. The sect members die. The martial artist helped Kong Tin. Kong Tin and the martial artist read the words on the rock. Kong Tin said he saw a few years ago he buried two birds and used this place as a cemetary. He will join his wife. Kong Tin died.

Twenty five years ago, on the way on the road the priest found a guy who fainted. The guy said he got robbed. The priest bowed in front of the mountain. The lady took care of him. The priest did a ceremony and died. The lady asked her brother if someday she dies what would he do A villager said the village been assassinated. The lady told her brother she finds someone very suspicious.The villagers came into the uncle’s tent and asked him. The uncle pretends to injured his leg and used his sword and stabbed the villager. The uncle and the mask guy fought with the villager and bomb exploded and they left.

The masked sect burned the village and fought with the villager. The masked sect leader said he wants his map. Cook Yan, the leader of the sect came out from his sedan chair and deals with the villager to give him the map unless he tells him why does he want it. Cook Yan said the map contains a huge secret. The masked members was about to carve out the map from the villager’s back but Cook Yan has another idea of letting him use his martial arts to lead him to take the treasure from the temple. Cook Yan gives him four months to go with him or else he will kill his members. Cook Yan told the mute guy that if he carved the map out of the martial artist’s back he will suicide. Rather than doing that, he rather uses him to steal the treasure from the temple. The treasure is related to a big secret. It will be good if the martial artist found the treasure, but if someone discover the map on his back, the other sect with fight each other. Then he will use the chance to rule the world.

The lady got a belly ache. The villager asked the lady if she is pregnant with him. The lady said he’s too busy with other things, she doesn’t want to pressure him. The lady said when she was little she wanted to touch the moon. The villager took the lady to watch the moon. The wind blew. The lady tripped from the hill and the villager held her up. Some brothers rescued them. The monk treated the lady and the villager congee and buns. The monk suggests the lady and the villager to leave because there will be a disaster coming. Lin Tin Wei Ngor came and punched the monk. Lin Tin fought with the monks. The villager thought about the assassination in the village and fought with Lin Tin. The villager had a duel with Lin Tin and left. The monk said Lin Tin is a good martial artist and look for other good martial artist to have a duel. The monk said Lin Tin is the top martial artist in the temple. The monk said a few years ago his arm got chopped. Lin Tin told the villager he found a way to break his move. The villager walked with the lady and said he doesn’t want to fight with him. Lin Tin went in the house to take the sword for the villager to break the chain. The villager took the sword and told Lin Tin he can’t owe him. The villager used the sword to chop the chain for the lady but it didn’t break. The villager asked Lin Tin if he wants to have a duel with him.

Legendary Siblings episode 22 recap

The sect member cooked vegetarian meals for the members. The sect member gave the sect member a roast pork dish. A servant told the sect members that the bad news Xinlan’s father has been killed by Hua Wu Que and the good news is Yao Yue’s sect are searching for Xiao You Er. The sect member gave a cup of wine and killed the servant. The sect member said they ran away from Hua Wu Que’s sect, they are the victims. Yao Yue had a nightmare and killed her maid. The monk sect member said he likes smiles but not fake smiles. He has to pretend to smile to prevent others from harming him. The female sect member said her parents left her and she always got bullied. She used her flaw to revenge. No one loves her, she doesn’t want them either. The sect member with black outfit said his wife had an affair with his brother and wants to kill him to take his asset. His hand has been chopped by the guard. The monk said he almost forgot they have Yan NanTian. Yan Nantian told the doctor that though the sect is evil, the person who caused them to be evil is even more evil. The doctor told Yan Nantian that Xiao You Er has been followed by Yao Yue’s sect which makes him very anxious.

The maids brought congee to Murong Jiu. Murong Jiu doesn’t want to eat. Miurong Jiu asked her servants why do they let their father set up their marriages. MiuRong Jiu decides to eat unless Zhang Jing is with her. Murong Jiu asked Zhang Jing to find a way for her to leave this place. Zhang Jing said if Xiao You Er was here, he would have thought of a way. Zhang Jing pretends to be tied and tells the maids Murong Jiu tied her up and left for half an hour. Murong Jiu and Zhang Jing left. The maids and servants surrounded Murong Jiu and said she can’t fool them. There were guards outside but they didn’t see her sneaking out. Zhang Jing told Yulang’s father that Murong Jiu drank poison and died. Black Spider watches Murong Jiu’s parents grieving and he cries.

Xiao You Er told Xinlan’s father that Xinlan is happy being with Hua Wu Que and he know Hua Wu Que loves her. He promises he will revenge for him and kill Yulang. Xiao You Er told Yulang he wants to see when he dies how bad will he look. Xiao You Er told Yulang’s father he has killed his parents. Today he will revenge for them. Yulang’s father said he feels poor for Jiang Feng and Yuenu, now their so will die under them. Yulang fought with Xiao You Er. Yulang told Xiao You Er if he bows and beg him, he will spare his life. Xiao You Er told Yulang he’s the son of a prostitute. Yulang told Xiao You Er his mother had an affair with Jiang Feng and gave birth to him. Yulang’s father uses his power on Xiao You Er. Yulang’s father was about to kill Xiao You Er. LianXing came and asked Yulang’s father if he dares to kill Xiao You Er. Yulang and his father left. The masked girl Lian Xing asked Xiao You Er if he remembers her. She helped him for YanNantian. Lian Xing slapped Xiao You Er. Lian Xing told Xiao You Er he can help him revenge for his parents. She can help him defeating Hua Wu Que. Lian Xing teaches martial arts to Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er doubts if she really wants to help him but he’ll listen to her for his parents.

The doctor transfers energy for Yan Nantian. The sect members searched for the doctor. The sect member told the other sect members that he saw the doctor and Yan Nantian practice martial arts. The doctor generates energy to Yan Nantian. Yan Nantian used his power on the sect members and said it is lucky he didn’t practice martial arts till the final step or they’ll get killed. The doctor asked Yan Nantian to forgive the sect members. YanNantian told the sect members he wants to befriend them.

Lian Xing told Hua Wu Que to not hang out with Xinlan anymore but she understands his feelings he couldn’t resist. Lianxing told Hua Wu Que to forget Xinlan. Hua Wu Que said he can’t forget her and she can’t forget him either. LianXing said there’s still Xiao You Er. Hua Hua Wu Que said Xinlan and he loves each other. Lian Xing asked Hua Wu Que if Xinlan has completely forgotten XiaoYouEr. The person he loves also love someone else is heartaching. If he makes Yao Yue mad she can’t plead for him. Yao Yue used to want to kill Xinlan. Yao Yue told LianXing if she has killed Xinlan, Hua Wu Que wouldn’t have been heartbroken. Lian Xing said she just wanted to help Hua Wu Que and Xinlan. Yao Yue to LianXing she has listened to her to not kill Hua Wu Que, Xiao You Er, and Xinlan. Yao Yue said they don’t agree with each other but they follow each other. Xinlan invited Hua Wu Que to pick up sunflowers. Hua Wu Que told Xinlan she is pretty as the sunflower. He hopes she will live a happy life. Hua Wu Que brought Xinlan to see Xiao You Er.

Legendary Siblings episode 17 recap

Xiao You Er threw the manuel in the river and told Yulang it is better to throw the manuel than to give it to the bad guys. Yulang can’t wait to go home. Xiao You Er told Yulang he knows he wants to kill him when he gets home. Yulang talked to his friends. Xiao You Er had a feeling that Hua Wu Que is nearby. Hua Wu Que gave Xinlan a plant he bought for her. Xin Lan asked Hua Wu Que why hasn’t he ever smiled. Hua Wu Que told Xinlan he hasn’t smiled since he was little even if he’s happy . It became a habit. Hua Wu Que remembered YaoYue forbids him to smile. Hua Wu Que told Xinlan she must follow her father. Xinlan got mad and left. Hua Wu Que told Xinlan he’s worried she may be in danger. He actually likes her a lot.

Xiao You Er pretends to vomit when the guests told Yulang he is supposed to kill him. Xiao You Er ate the chicken then threw it and said he’s full and this should given to a dog. The master treated Xiao You Er to diner. The priests surrounded Xiao You Er and said someone ordered them to kill him. The martial artist came and fought with the priest. The martial artist said whoever bully Xiao You Er has to fight with him. The martial artist grabbed Yulang’s hand and told him to bet his hand. Yulang’s father came. Yulang’s father play a game with the martial artist. Whoever spilled the water out of the bowl then he’ll lose. Yulang’s punched a hole on the table. The martial artist admit loss. Yulang’s father drinks with the martial artist and said he already did a favor by drinking with him.

Xiao You Er said he was supposed to die after the duel with Hua Wu Que but the devil said he was strong enough to be his slave so he kicked him up. Yulang told his father that he and Xiao You Er been attacked by an enemy. They tried to open this love lock but couldn’t. Yulang’s father said he can’t cut this chain with a sword unless they find a key. Xiao You Er said the key is lost. Yulang’s father invited Xiao You Er to his house. Yulang’s father told Hua Wu Que and Xiao You Er to stop their conflicts. Hua Wu Que said Xiao You Er isn’t his enemy but he must die. Hua Wu Que promised Yulang’s father he won’t kill him in his mansion. During diner, Xiao You Er thanked Yulang and his father to give him a safe place to prevent Hua Wu Que from assassinating him. Xiao You Er and Hua Wu Que picked up the same food. Xiao You Er mentioned about the lady. Yulang pretends to go to the toilet and dragged Xiao You Er with him. Yulang told Xiao You Er if he blabs about her again, he’s afraid he will kill him. Yulang’s father promised Xinlan he will find her father for her. Xiao You Er took his time on the baththub. Xiao You Er teased Xiao You Er he has hired a deaf and mute servant. Xiao You Er spilled water on Yulang.

Xinlan wonders why Xiao You Er is here and if he will hide here forever. Yulang’s servant served Xinlan some tea. Xinlan held the jade and thought of her father. Hua Wu Que and Xinlan watches the flower. Hua Wu Que recites a beautiful poem. Xinlan told Hua Wu Que to write the poem on the painting and give it to her. Xinlan smelled Hua Wu Que and said he has a nice odor. Xinlan asked Hua Wu Que if he knows where should she search for her father. Hua Wu Que told Xinlan that she just wants to have a conversation with him to prevent him from bothering Xiao You Er. Xinlan asked Hua Wu Que if he’s mad at her. Hua Wu Que asked why would he be mad. While Yulang is sleeping, Xiao You Er took out the key and opened the lock. Xiao You Er sneaks in Yulang’s father’s room. Xiao You Er sneaks in Yulang’s servant room to see if he has a scar. If he has a scar then he is Xinlan’s father. Xiao You Er gets back to sleep and pulled the cover from Yulang. Yulang wakes up Xiao You Er. Yulang requested to take Hua Wu Que around. Hua Wu Que said he wants to search for Xinlan’s father. Xiao You Er teased Xinlan that she wants to marry Hua Wu Que. Xinlan ran to the house and cried.

Legendary Siblings episode 10 recap

Yu Lang drinks with Hua Wu Que. Yu Lang and his father complimented Hua Wu Que as a gentleman. Hua Wu Que asked Yu Lang’s father about a martial artist and said he is Xin Lan’s father. Hua Wu Que gave Xin Lan a sachet of flowers for her to sleep easily. Hua Wu Que told Xin Lan he will work hard to find her father. Xin Lan held the rock and and the sachet of flowers and wonder why she still thinks of Xiao You Er though he is a jerk to her. The lady requested her father to not marry her off. The lady’s father told the lady he already made an announcement to marry her off to Yu Lang. The lady refused to marry Yu Lang. The lady sighed to Zhang Jing she doesn’t like Yu Lang. Zhang Jing asked the lady if he is someone else would she marry. Zhang Jing told the lady someday she will fall in love. There will be a guy she will fall for.

Xiao You Er drinks with Black Spider and feel poor for him being lovesick. Xiao You Er told Black Spider he will die under the lady’s hand if he marries her. Black Spider punched Xiao You Er. Black Spider chased Xiao You Er. Xiao You ER looked at the piece of paper and asked told him to investigate Jiang Feng’s brother.

Xin Lan asked Hua Wu Que to go with him to the martial arts conference. Hua Wu Que refused and said he wants to take a walk. Xin Lan wonders if Hua Wu Que wants to search for Xiao You Er. Hua Wu Que has a feeling that Xiao You Er is nearby. Hua Wu Que knocked on Black Spider’s door and searched for Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er sit on the roof and stares at Yu Lan and the lady. Xiao You Er and Black Spider eavesdrop on the sect leader gambling. Xiao You Er told Black Spider that Yan NanTian is crippled. Xiao You Er dressed as a gambler and played with the gambler. Xiao You Er treat food for the gambler and the wine. The sect leader drunkenly told Xiao You that his master and his wife left. He told the bandit to kill them. The bandits were cruel and kill them. He stole his master’s money to do business but he fail. He joined the sect. Xiao You Er told the sect leader he understands he did it for his kids’s future or they’ll stay as servant. Xiao You Er heard the sect leader mumbled his name as his parent’s murderer but he wasn’t sure if he he is the killer.

Yu Lang came. The lady fought with Yu Lang and asked him to leave. The lady asked Black Spider why is he with Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er said saving people isn’t a mistake. Killing others is a mistake. Black Spider apologized to the lady he stole the medicine. Black Spider said Xiao You Er is his friend. Xiao You Er teased the lady that Black Spider likes him more than her. The lady fought with Black Spider. Zhang Jing fought with the lady. The lady slapped Black Spider. Xin Lan asked Xiao You Er how will he treat her. Xiao You Er told Xin Lan he won’t use Hua Wu Que’s woman. Xin Lan slapped Xiao You Er. Zhang Jing searches for Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er his behind the bush. Zhang Jing asked Xin Lan she already have Hua Wu Que, why does she still want Hua Wu Que. Xin Lan said Hua Wu Que doesn’t belong to her, Xiao You Er doesn’t belong to her. Zhang Jing said Xiao You Er belongs to him. Xin Lan told Zhang Jing that Xiao You Er doesn’t love her. Zhang Jing said Xiao You Er have kissed her twice. Zhang Jing warned Xin Lan to not bother her Xiao You Er.

Xin Lan cried and told Hua Wu Que he is so nice to her. The lady watches Xiao You Er pray in front of the grave. The lady threw needles at Xiao You Er. The lady kidnapped Xiao You Er. The lady showed Xiao You Er his poison bottle and pour it on Xiao You Er which has the effect of itch. Hua Wu Que feels itchy. The lady kicked Xiao You Er. The lady pour more poison on him. Xiao You Er ached. Hua Wu Que generates energy. Zhang Jing went in Xin Lan’s room helping her making medicine. Hua Wu Que drinks tea and wonder if he ached his stomach because of Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er unfrozes himself.

Legendary Siblings episode 9 recap

Xiao You Er let go of the knife and told Zhang Jing he doesn’t have to heart to scratch her because she is pretty features. Xiao You Er kissed Zhang Jing and sit it’s so biter. Xin Lan saw them and ran and cried in the woods. Xin Lan cried why does he treat Zhang Jing this way. If he loved Zhang Jing. Black Spider teased Xiao You Er he will get killed by Zhang Jing someday. Black Spider asked Xiao You Er why is he heartless to Xin Lan. Xiao You Er said Xin Lan was with Hua Wu Que. Xiao You Er told the black spider to be loyal to the lady. Black Spider took Xiao You Er to Mu Rong mansion to find the treasure. Xiao You Er told Black Spider to alert the Mu Rong people there’s an intruder while he’s here watching out for them.

Xin Lan knocked on Hua Wu Que’s door and wants to chat with him. Hua Wu Que remembered Lianxing told her to not be too close to XinLan because Yao Yue doesn’t like it. Hua Wu Que told Xin Lan it is night and it’s better for him to sleep. Xin Lan asked Hua Wu Que why is he avoiding her. Hua Wu Que invited Xin Lan in his room. Xiao You Er eavesdrop them and said she is heartless going with Hua Wu Que.

Xiao You Er step outside of the lady’s room and frozen her. Xiao You Er told the lady he can come back alive from the death. Xiao You Er slapped the lady for being an orphan. Xiao You Er put a pill in the lady’s mouth. The lady asked Xiao You Er to take off her shirt. The lady said it is a poison pill. She fainted. Xiao You Er checked up on her. Xiao You Er punched him. The lady laughed and told Xiao You Er she’ll wait till the wolves eat him. Xin Lan told Hua Wu Que she plans to find her father. Xin Lan asked Hua Wu Que if he plans to kill Xiao You Er. Hua Wu Que feels poisoned. Xiao You Er crave for water. Black Spider held Xiao You Er’s arm and told him not to drink water or he’ll die. Black Spider poured the medicine on Xiao You Er. Hua Wu Que generates energy. Hua Wu Que told Xin Lan sometimes he got a headache but doesn’t know why. Xiao You Er spit blood.

Xiao You Er couldn’t believe Black Spider is willing to steal the medicine for him. Xiao You Er called Black Spider his brother. Xiao You Er asked Black Spider about Jiang Fen’s brother. Black Spider and Xiao You Er watches the two sect fight. Xiao You Er and Black Spider watch the sect fighting with fake weapons. The lady’s father came and asked the two sect to stop fighting. Hua Wu Que arrived stopping the fight. Xiao You Er smirked seeing Hua Wu Que with Xin Lan. Hua Wu Que asked the sect how did they know the treasure is here in the cave. The sect told Hua Wu Que that the map of treasure led them here. Xin Lan said she has a map of treasure and which is why the people keep on attacking her. Hua Wu Que suggests someone created the map of treasures for them to fight and for him to rule the world. Yu Lang said if the sect were innocent then they wouldn’t have fought each other for the treasure. Mu Rong asked the sect to leave. Mu Rong Master complimented Hua Wu Que as intelligent and hopes Yu Lang will learn from him. Xin Lan saw Xiao You Er leave. Black Spider told Xiao You Er he admires Hua Wu Que. Black Spider told Xiao You Er only he would listen to him. Xiao You Er is smart as Hua Wu Que but isn’t as mature and doesn’t has powerful martial arts. Xiao You Er told Black Spider that he only look on the outside. Seeing Hua Wu Que dressed nicely. Xiao You Er said he hides his feeling. Black Spider teased Xiao You Er if he was XinLan, he will choose Hua Wu Que. Xiao You Er was about to punch Black Spider.

The lady transferred energy to her father and got injured. The lady believes that the person who injured her father must be a skilled martial artist. YuLang’s father is willing to generate energy to MuRong master. The lady told Zhang Jing that she knows she’s happy that Xiao You Er is alive and kissed her. She warned her to not fall for Xiao You Er. He has sneaked in her house so she poisoned him. The lady and Zhang Jing searched for Xiao You Er’s body. The lady found her bottle of medicine. Zhang Jing laughed. The lady asked Zhang Jing if she remembered he played her. Zhang Jing said she likes being played by Xiao You Er. Zhang Jing told the lady that it is normal to fall in love. Mu Rong Master got well. Mu Rong master bowed in front of Yu Lang’s father. Mu Rong master praised Yu Lang. Mu Rong Master engaged the lady to Yu Lang.

Favourite asian twitter messages

Some of my favourite messages from my twitter friends. ❤ those responses I've received from you guys about asian culture and stuff.

Self Hater Chat

” But I think for her personally this is dangerous behavior. And I believe anytime a woman offers easy sex like that, whether it is to white guys exclusively or any other group, a lot of men will sign up no matter what it entails (so guys who aren’t into BDSM or whatever she is into will be contacting her I am sure). I think there is always going to be guys like that unfortunately. I don’t think it stems from people like her writing though. I think it already kind of exists and she is just tapping into it.”

“The internet flattens everything. Imagine if there is a serial killer out there for example. Someone like her would be an easy target. so I think her personal safety is worth considering. What she is writing is terrible. I don’t know why she is doing it. But I think there is a real danger when someone presents themselves like that on the internet in this day and age.

“One thing that does trouble me a lot is that the stereotype of the asian women as anything from super submissive wife to sex slave has persisted in the US for too long. Sometimes when I introduce my wife to people I get that vibe from certain men (like they think having an asian wife is all about that or something) and it creeps me out.

“Those books are strange. She is either deranged or a troll. “The Romantic Rape of Nanking: War Crimes of Love”? That is one of the single most horrific events in recent history. That is truly atrocious. It would be like saying the holocaust was a love fest or something.”

Asian Chat:

“Yeah the thing about interracial couples is that there is a world of difference that you have to look past in order to love the other person, yes everyone’s should be given the chance to be treated equally but not everyone is equal and I mean that in the sense that people are differnt there are specific traits for each race that may be stereotype but it does have some validation to it…i feel like when Asian date whites it’s basically saying that they accept all the white folks customs or practices and one main example I know old school Asians say is that white folks date around and divorce too much

“I think the culture makes it easier to bash Asian because people aren’t as afraid of the consequences”

“Yea and I feel when people. Think of diversity they just think of white and black and now latinos are getting in the mix as well

Like I don’t want to throw a fit but I feel Asians are really underrepresented as far as when people talk about more diversity

I do not condone hateful language. Some issues should be pointed out, however. One thing I’ve learned that’s very true, as they frequently say in the US, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Our Asian tradition, especially Chinese, is to be modest and humble. Therefore, we are generally the quiet workers or students who work diligently without complaint, and try to excel despite adversity. Being an Asian American really requires more thoughts and careful action to balance what we want and how to achieve our goals.”