Old Time Buddy episode 11 recap

Lei Kei told Kiu Fung if Tse Yuen won’t like it. Kiu Fung said they will like it since they are hooking them up. Lei Kei’s uncle said many guys want to court Fong Fong. Tse Yuen sighed to Lei Kei that he waited from six to eight and Fong Fong didn’t come. Kiu Fung asked Tse Yuen if he doesn’t notice that Fong Fong treat him especially good. Lei Kei told Tse Yuen that Fong Fong likes her. Tse Yuen accused them of tricking him. Fong Fong’s uncle said they want to hook him up. Tse Yuen said they hook him up with an ugly girl. Fong Fong saw Tse Yuen called her ugly and a tomboy and if she hangs out with her, he will be called being gay. Fong Fong threw a drink at Tse Yuen. Fong Fong’s uncle, Kiu Fung, and Lei Kei criticizes Tse Yuen and left.

Tse Yuen told Lei Kei and Kiu Fung he prefers a girl who’s easy on the eyes. Kiu Fung said Tse Yuen just think Fong Fong is ugly. Lei Kie said Fong Fong looked like he actress Fong Fong. Tse Yuen said she looks like Fong Fong who has ruined her face. Lei Kei asked Tse Yuen if Fong Fong looked like actress Fong Fong would he accept her. Tse Yuen said it will be a bit better.

A doctor saved the front seat for Fei Yin and her mother in the doctor. Fei Yin and her mother heard Yan Gwan. Fei Yin and her mother saw Yan Gwan at the doctor office and tell him to eat whatever he wants. Fei Yin’s mother made birdnest soup for Yan Gwan. Tse Yuen’s mother suggests Yan Gwan to marry a woman to take care of him. Yan Gwan saw an actress in the dressing room and thanked her for noticed her. He asked her for dinner and climing on the mountain. The actress asked him if he wants to court her. She called him sick and go to the doctor. Yan Gwan put the actress down. Tse Yuen, Lei Kei, and Kiu Fung told teased him and told him to not choose someone with a higher class. They got a girl in their mind for him.

Yan Gwan meets Fong Fong in the restaurant and said when she first be with him, she’ll find him strict but will get used to it. Though her looks is kinda below average but he’s fine as long as she can do chores. When he marries her, they will share their burden. Fong Fong asked Yan Gwan if Tse Yuen told him to say those things. She can bear him a son, but a daughter is fine because the second baby will be a son so when he die she will take care of the kids. These are his expectation and don’t blame him if he marries a misstress. Yan Gwan told Fong Fong he didn’t know he is sick, she should get well then follow him. Fong Fong threw a glass of water at Tse Yuen. Fong Fong his Tse Yuen’s photo with a hammer. Fong Fong’s uncle suggests Fong Fong to take off her glasses and uses her real face as Fong Fong for Tse Yuen to see her real look.

Tse Yuen asked Fong Fong that she seems to lack of sleep since she didn’t really memorize the script. Tse Yuen told Fong Fong to drink honey tea. Fong Fong poured some honey on Tse Yuen’s face while he is sleeping. The ants crawled on Tse Yuen’s face. The staff hit Tse Yuen. Fong Fong told the staff to throw some fire at Tse Yuen. She threw a bucket of water at Tse Yuen and asked if he feels better. Tse Yuen scratched his body. Tse Yuen’s father asked Tse Yuen if he has offended someone but he didn’t know. Lei Kei sneezed. Tse Yuen told Lei Kei to find someone to blanket on him so he won’t sneeze anymore. Fei Yin chased Lei Kei.

A fanboy stood in front of Lei Kei and gave Lei Kei a bouquet of flowers to give to Po Chu. Lei Kei’s maid saw Lei Kei placed the bouquet of flowers on Po Chu’s read. Po Chu read the fan love letter. Po Chu’s maid told Po Chu to be careful. Po Chu saw Lei Kei in a costumes with a bandages covering his face and she got scared.

Kiu Fung waits for Fei Yin after school. Fei Yin’s friends teased her of having a boyfriend but he looks honest. Kiu Fung said he is really honest and loyal. Fei Yin told Kiu Fung she doesn’t have the face to meet other people. Fei Yin touched Kiu Fung’s sweater and asked him if he knit it. Kiu Fung teaches Fei Yin to knit. Fei Yin measures Kiu Fung’s back and said she’s knitting it for Lei Kei. She asked him if Lei Kei likes to wear a sweater. She is not sure if Lei Kei likes this color. Kiu Fung asked Fei Yin if she has a one sided crush with Lei Kei and if he knows it. Fei Yin said Lei Kei knows it and they have a future plan. Fei Yin told Kiu Fung as long as she doesn’t get married, she still has a chance.

Fei Yin told Kiu Fung to knit for him. Fei Yin rushed to the restroom, Tse Yuen picked up the sweater from the box and he and his mom wonder who is the sweater for. Tse Yuen’s father try it and Tse Yuen tried it on. Fei Yin yelled that the sweater isn’t for him. Fei Yin made hot tea for Lei Kei and put on a sweather for him. Lei Kei asked Fei Yin how much is cost. Fei Yin said she knit it herself. Lei Kei told her she’s good. Fei Yin asked Lei Kei if he likes it. She told him to go to his room and rest. Fei Yin’s mother saw it and teased Fei Yin of knitting a sweater for him. Fei Yin’s mother told Fei Yin that Lei Kei isn’t bad but just currently not doing well. Fei Yin asked her mother if she objects her to be with Lei Kei. She told Fei Yin she is naive but she eventually needs to get married. She is fine as long as she finds someone she loves and cares for her. Lei Kei wore Fei Yin’s sweater and eat dinner.

Lei Kei gave Fei Yin’s mother his paid for the rent. Fei Yin’s mother told Lei Kei to save it to marry a girl. Lei Kei said he doesn’t have the fate to get married. Fei Yin notices Lei Kei’s fingers bled. Lei Kei said perhaps he cut his toenails and it bled. Fei Yin went into the room to get the medicine. Po Chu held the third letter and dropped it. Po Chu doubt it isn’t Lei Kei since he doesn’t seems that crazy. Po Chu saw Lei Kei’s hands with a bandage and he grabbed some towels. Po Chu’s maid freaked out and asked Po Chu if she noticed Lei Kei’s hand. If this continues, he will hold her and die. Po Chu’s maid suggests Po Chu to run away and don’t meet Lei Kei anymore or tell him her feelings so he won’t disturb her. Po Chu told her maid to tell Lei Kei about her feelings.

While eating steam rice flour, Kiu Fung stared at Lei Kei’s sweater.Lei Kei said it’s knitting by hands. Lei Kei asked Kiu Fung if he knows who knit it. Kiu Fung said he is not interested in wearing it but he just wears it so he can feel warm. Kiu Fung told Lei Kei of course it is for keeping him warm and what is he talking about. Lei Kei asked Kiu Fung why his reaction is so big. Kiu Fung asked Lei Kei if he doesn’t feel warm wearing the sweater. It’s a good quality Lei Kei said it’s a poor quality. Lei Kei showed the holes on his back of the sweater. Kiu Fung said she had to knit it for a day. Lei Kei said she didn’t spend money so she doesn’t have a good sweater. Kiu Fung told Lei Kei he made the sweater dirty. Lei Kei asked Kiu Fung why does he care about the sweater. Kiu Fung said it is new and he should go to the restroom and clean it. Lei Kei refuses to wash it. In the restroom, while Lei Kei washes his sweater, two men grabbed him. Po Chu’s maid warned Lei Kei to not write those silly letters to Po Chu. She doesn’t like him and he should not disturb her.

Lei Kei ran and gave back the sweater. Kiu Fung asked why he didn’t wash it. Lei Kei asked if he thinks he didn’t want to and where’s Po Chu. Lei Kei ran. Lei Kei went in the elevator and accused her of having triad to threaten him. Po Chu said they are her driver and garderner. Po Chu told Lei Kei if he didn’t act like a witch to scare her, her maid wouldn’t find her two servant to warn him. Po Chu asked Lei Why did he sent her flowers. Lei Kei told Po Chu her naive fans sent her those flowers and he didn’t know there were letters. Lei Kei asked Po Chu why did she treat him to dinner and gave him the lead role. Po Chu said she doesn’t want to collaborate with Tsui Gei and she wanted to help Lei Kei. She only wanted to help him. Lei Kei asked Po Chu if she ever love him. Lei Kei and Po Chu swear they have never. Elevator lights turn off.

Fong Fong came to the hotpot dinner. She pour some powders on the soup. Tse Yuen had diarrhea in the restroom and wonder if it’s the soup. Fong Fong and Tse Yuen shoot and shooting scene together. The producer told Tse Yuen to jump higher. Tse Yuen told Fong Fong he has diarrhea. Fong Fong’s mother brought her friends to see Tse Yuen and Fong Fong. Fong Fong took Tse Yuen’s clothes while he takes a bath. Tse Yuen yelled and ran and Fong Fong’s mother saw him naked. Fong Fong’s uncle told Fong Fong to drop the game. Fong Fong pushed a soap using her feet and Tse Yuen tripped. Fong Fong told Tse Yuen she puts the powder in the tea and now pushed the soap for him to trip. Tse Yuen asked Fong Fong when did he offend her. Tse Yuen told Fong Fong he called her an ugly girl. Tse Yuen yelled at Fong Fong crazy and playing those trinks on him he may die. If she doesn’t like him, then they shouldn’t be friends. Fong Fong told Tse Yuen they will stop being friends from now on. Fong Fong threw back his ring. Tse Yuen threw his back. Fong Fong threw his necklace back. Tse Yeun and Fong Fong threw their clothes back. Fong Fong threw his keychain back. Fong Fong and Tse Yuen return to their house.


Old Time Buddy episode 10 recap

Lei Kei apologized to the producer. Kiu Fung took Fei Yin away. Kiu Fung told Lei Kei to not blame Fi Yin, she thought it was his birthday. Lei Kei asked Fei Yin how does she knows it’s his birthday. Fei Yin said she saw it on his calendar. Lei Kei told Fei Yin it’s been a long time he haven’t torn his calendar page. Po Chu’s maid told Po Chu that Lei Kei yelled at Fei Yin for her. The maid said love triangle is hurtful. The maid told Po Chu it’s better for Lei Kei to not want to be the lead than getting hurt.

Fei Yin told Kiu Fung she loves Lei Kei and if he could help. Fei Yin sighed he is always good to her but now always yell at her. Kiu Fung told Fei Yin if Lei Kei doesn’t love her, then she can choose him he truly love her. The first time he met her, he already fell for her. Fei Yin told Kiu Fung to sit and eat the souffle and he can’t leave until he finish it. Po Chu got off her car and asked Lei Kei about Fei Yin and love triangle. Po Chu told Lei Kei about love triangle in her car. Lei Kei told Po Chu that Fei Yin isn’t his girlfriend because he has someone else in mind so he hopes she doesn’t misunderstand. Po Chu told her maid that she thinks Lei Kei really loves her and even said he will die for her.

Lei Kei went home and Fei Yin told him she made desserts for him but he told her to eat it. Fei Yin ate the dessert and told her mother she thinks she owed Lei Kei in the previous generation. Fei Yin heard the radio that Tse Yuen has died in the boat in an icy acciddent in Malaysia. The maid told Fong Fong the news and that her movie will be canceled, she fainted.

Tse Yuen covered himself with a blanket and asked the server why the NanJian noodles doesn’t look good. The server told him that this boat is going to an island. Tse Yuen searched for Ah Jan in an island of indians. A guy told Tse Yuen he is in a brothel. Tse Yuen saw Ah Jan’s father. Tse Yuen’s father said Ah Jan left. A lady in the brothel gave Tse Yuen the address of Ah Jan. Tse Yuen brought a gown for Ah Jan in the restaurant. Tse Yuen told Ah Jan he is a star now. He earned many money and can marry her in Hongkong. Tse Yuen gave Ah Jan a ring. Ah Jan’s husband came and told Ah Jan to talk to her friend and be careful of her baby. Ah Jan told Tse Yuen that her baby will come out in two months. On the boat, a man told him he’s in Philippine.

The director is happy earning many profits of the movies through Tse Yuen’s dead.The director told the scriptwriter to find a replacement for Tse Yuen then combine him with Tse Yuen old movies.

A fortune teller told Fong Fong that Tse Yuen is dying cold on the sea. Kiu Fung doesn’t believe it and asked the fortune teller who he is. Lei Kei told the fortune teller that Tse Yuen’s parents is worrying about him. The fortune teller told them not to be in the hospital again. The fortune teller said Tse Yuen wants a big house and build a film studio and maids and a car. He has to leave. Fong Fong told Tse Yuen not to leave ,she loves him. Fong Fong’s uncle and her friends cheer her up.

Tse Yuen sit in the food stall and asked the restaurant owner to give him a bowl of noodle with duck and a duck to take out. Tse Yuen crawled down and the food stall owner hid behind the counter and trembled and and left. Tse Yuen’s family prayed for him and spray his ashes on the floor. Tse Yuen went home and ate a bread. Tse Yuen knocked on his father’s door. Then he went in Lei Kei’s room and told him to wake up. Lei Kei trembled in his blanket. Tse Yuen ate a banana and told Lei Kei to have a good sleep. Lei Kei saw Tse Yuen’s shadow and trembled. The next morning, Tse Yuen’s family asked each other if they saw Tse Yuen. Lei Kei said he saw him with his long mouth being starved. Tse Yuen’s mother saw the bread of dried pig she loved. Tse Yuen wakes up and said hi.

The director yelled at Tse Yuen. Tse Yuen talks in front of the paparazzi. The directors interfere and he said he went to Malaysia to do a charity but was lucky to survive this disaster. The reporters asked Tse Yuen if he has anything to say to Fong Fong. She fainted a few times for him. Tse Yuen said he will always remember her. Fong Fong said she is very happy. Tse Yuen and Fong Fong takes pictures together. Tse Yuen told Fong Fong they are just acting and she doesnt need to hold him so tight. Lei Kei said Ah Jan already got married. Lei Kei told Fong Fong she has a chance. Fong Fong told Lei Kei and his friends to not tell Tse Yuen or she will die and won’t forgive them if they become a ghost.

Lei Kei and Kiu Fung pretends to go to the market and gave Tse Yuen and Fong Fong a movie ticket. Tse Yuen apologizes to Fong Fong for yelling at her last time. He said love can’t be forced. He and Ah Jan aren’t fated together. Tse Yuen and Fong Fong ate congee. Tse Yuen said he won’t give up, his family loves him. Tse Yuen told Fong Fong that he didn’t expect that she got tricked by the fortune teller so easily. The newspaper wrote about his story . Fong Fong’s uncle pretends to be sick and gave Fong Fong some money to buy a tie for Tse Yuen’s birthday. Lei Kei gave some money to Tse Yuen to buy a bouquet of flowers for Fong Fong for her birthday and meet her at the hotel tonight at six thirty. In the dressing room, Fong Fong saw Lei Kei and Kiu Fung teases about their plan in hooking up Fong Fong and Tse Yuen.

Old Time Buddy episode 9 recap

Po Chu’s maid told Po Chu that Lei Kei is crazy in love with her. He may drink the poison or jump down from the building and would make her remember him even if he dies. Po Chu invited Lei Kei for dinner tonight at seven at a restaurant. The scriptwriter told Po Chu he plans on putting her on a role of a female assassin saving the day. Tsui Gei will be the main lead. Po Chu refused to take the role. Po Chu said she doesn’t want to see Tsu Gei. The director said he is lack of staff and Tsui Gei and Po Chu’s film gained many hits. Po Chu’s mother told the director she will not force Po Chu. Po Chu said she will film if Tsui Gei isn’t in it.The scriptwriter said he will put Tsui Gei as a villain and Lei Kei as the lead.

Tsui Gei drinks tea in the shop. Tsui Gei told the restaurant owner he filmed many series and got tired so he told the director he won’t film much. Lei Kei sat at a table. The restaurant owner told Tsui Gei that some people only film supporting roles but already brag about themselves. The Paparazzi interviewed Tsui Gei. Tsui Gei told the reporters that the director told him to film the new movie with Po Chu. He wasn’t supposed to act but the director said if he isn’t in it, then he will not film it. He wants to take a break but he can’t so he accepted it. He is willing to work hard for the audience whom they haven’t watched him for a long time. A reporter asked Tsui Gei she heard from the director that the main lead of movie isn’t him and why isn’t he? Tsui Gei said he doesn’t know but this isn’t scary. He has a potential and doesn’t believe the director picked the wrong person. The restaurant owner told Lei Kei that Tsui Gei acted like a star while he is like a beggar. Lei Kei told him that there’s a limit to mocking him, he also have self esteem. The director told Lei Kei that if he is famous then he’ll have some self esteem. Lei Kei told the restaurant owner he will be famous.

In the car, Po Chu’s servant told Po Chu to not tell Lei Kei she doesn’t love him, cause he is the lead and it may distract him but she should have a casual chat with him. In the restaurant, Po Chu smiled while Lei Kei holds his chicken. Lei Kei wondered why Po Chu is staring at him, and hopes that Fei Yin is wrong about it. Lei Kei asked Po Chu if she doesn’t have anything to say to him. Lei Kei asked Po Chu if she got plans to watch a movie. Lei Kei worries Po Chu will ask him to be her boyfriend. He told her he’s busy. Po Chu told Lei Kei she will meet him tomorrow at the tailor to sew the costume for him. He is the lead of the movie and she told the director to not use Tsui Gei.

Lei Kei went home. Tsui Gei and his family congratulates Lei Kei to be the main lead with a souffle. Lei Kei said this will bring him more work since Po Chu gave him the lead role. Lei Kei believes Po Chu uses this incident to get close to him. Tse Yuen told Lei Kei it’s pretty good since Po Chu only eats a lot but she’s a good girl. Lei Kei said he and Po Chu have reveres fate and he plans to tell Po Chu he doesn’t love her. Lei Kei left the flat. Tse Yuen sighed that it took Lei Kei a long time to be the lead and now he may lose the chance. Lei Kei returned to the flat and said he has to think about it since he may hurt Po Chu so he will tell her after filming the movie. Fei Yin stepped on Lei Kei’s food. Tse Yuen and his family move to their new house and let Lei Kei stay in their extra room. Lei Kei treated Tse Yuen and his family to dinner for celebrating his new lead role. Fei Yin got mad that he will be filming with Po Chu and she went to her room. Lei Kei had a dream of accepting the best actor medal and Tse Yuen accepting the supporting actor medal. The wind blew the window and woke up Lei Kei.

The reporters interviewed Lei Kei and Po Chu and asked them if they will fall in love after filming just like Tse Yuen and Fong Fong. Lei Kei and Po Chu denied. The reported asked Tsui Gei why the lead has been changed to Lei Kei. Tsui Gei said he doesn’t want to always be the lead. The director respects his decision so he picked this role for him as the female assassin’s sidekick. He will film thoroughly his role and won’t have a replacement for some of his scenes. Tsui Gei told the reporters he will film in hollywood in the next few weeks. The reporters took a photo of Tsui Gei with Lee Kei and Po Chu and gave Tsui Gei his black mask to wear while taking a photo.

The waiter at the restaurant saved a good seat for Lei Kei at the restaurant. The restaurant owner gave Lei Kei a bowl of bird’s nest and said he always hoped he would be famous. Lei Kei told the restaurant owner he knows what’s he’s doing. The restaurant told Lei Kei he always care for him so he yelled at him to push him to stand up. Kiu Fung yelled at the restaurant owner asking him if he’s yelling at Lei Kei. Lei Kei told Kiu Fung to forget it and he will eat with Fong Fong and Tse Yuen tonight. The restaurant wants to join and eat with Lei Kei tonight. Lei Kei told the restaurant owner he appreciates he always support him but dinner won’t suit him. He is more fit in praising the needy ones. Lei Kei pointed at Tsui Gei eating noodles. The scriptwriter told Lei Kei to read the paper. Lei Kei asked the scriptwriter why is he changing leads. The scriptwriter said this role is huge so the director changed the lead to Tse Yuen. Lei Kei sighed why and how will he face his friends and family.

Lei Kei got drunk and cried while Tse Yuen and Kiu Fung eat. Tse Yuen asked the director why did he changed him to be the lead. The director told Tse Yuen it isn’t he doesn’t want to give Lei Kei a chance but he doesn’t want to risk the company’s reputation. Tse Yuen refused to act. The director suggests Tse Yuen to act because he can use his big role to promote Lei Kei. Lei Kei banged on the fence and asked why. Fong Fong console Lei Kei he can wait to have a chance next time. Lei Kei said the result will be the same. Lei Kei told Fong Fong it is his fate, when he was class president he only could do it for three days then his mom switched school. When he goes to work but the company got closed. Whey he always fail, and why got keeps on playing him. Fong Fong teared up. Lei Kei smiled that Fong Fong cried for him.

Lei Kei went home and refused to eat. He held a rope and a chair. Tse Yuen’s family assumed he wanted to hang himself up and stopped him. Lei Kei said he went to tie up the window. Lei Kei ate glutinous rice cake with Tse Yuen and said he have thought about it. There is still a girl who cried for him so he can’t die. He has to give this girl happiness. He sworn to god he won’t fail this girl. Fei Yin cooked congee with black duck eggs for Lei Kei. Tse Yuen wanted to eat it but Tse Yuen said it is for Lei Kei. Tse Yuen told Fei Yin he chatted with Lei Kei last night and not sure if he should tell her. Fei Yin gave Tse Yeun the bowl of congee.Tse Yuen told Fei Yin that Lei Kei said he won’t fail the girl the cry for him and he really likes her. Fei Yin blushed and went in her room. Lei Kei came and asked Tse Yuen why Fei Yin has a fever. Tse Yuen said Tse Yuen also has a fire in her body.

Tse Yuen saw the restaurant boss sighing he lost everything. His daughter told Tse Yuen that she got conned by the eight uncle and lost money. Tse Yuen told her he can help her with the money but how would Ah Jan send him letters. She told Tse Yuen that she never wrote the letters for Ah Jan. Tse Yuen showed her the two letters written by Ah Jan. She said she wrote this for Ah Jan but didn’t write the other letter. She said Ah Jan is illiterate. Before Ah Jan got sold to Nanjing, she told her to write a letter for him. Lei Kei and his friends wait for Tse Yuen to treat them to a french dinner.

Tse Yeun came home and asked who wrote the letter. Tse Yuen asked Fong Fong why did she write it. Tse Yuen yelled at Fong Fong and said he doesn’t know how Ah Jan is while he is living a rich life. Tse Yuen yelled at Fong Fong if Ah Jan is in danger, he will blame her.

The film industry called Tse Yuen and Lei Kei picked up. Tse Yuen left a letter in his room that he’s flying to NanJing to find Ah Jan. The director got mad and told the scriptwriter to give Tse Yuen a few days to come back or he’ll fire him.

Fei Yin and Lei Kei’s mother found a letter while setting up Lei Kei’s bed. Fei Yin said it’s Lei Kei’s birthday. His mother said she will cook chicken soup. Kiu Fung called Fei Yin. Fei Yin invited him to hang out.Fei Yin asked Kiu Fung why does he dress like he’s at work. Kiu Fung said he dresses in this suit for formal occasion. Fei Yin wants to buy a soufle for Lei Kei and give it to him. Kiu Fung sighed he doesn’t receive doughnut for his birthday. Fei Yin told Kiu Fung she will buy him a big soufle for his birthday. Fei Yin followed an actor and yelled at Lei Kei while he films with Po Chu.

Legendary Siblings episode 39 recap

Flashbacks of The doctor sent a gift to Yao Yue for a hundredth time. Yao Yue warned the doctor to not visit her again. The doctor told Yao Yue he will visit her again and again so she can feel touched. Yao Yue told the doctor she will kill him so he won’t disturb her again. He is a disgrace to her. The doctor asked Yao Yue if only Yan Nan Tian can love her. The doctor begs Yao Yue to love him since Yan Nan Tian doesn’t love her anymore. Yao Yue punched him. The doctor asked Yao Yue why didn’t she kill him. It is an honor to die under her hands. Yao Yue said she doesn’t want to make her hand dirty. The doctor refused to give up and will still love her even on his last breath of fresh air. One day she will be touched by his love and she will marry him.

The doctor told Xiao You Er and Zhang Jing that he has waited for thirty years for Yao Yue and is stil waiting. The doctor said Yao Yue won’t reject him. Once she enters this cave she can’t leave. The doctor told Xiao You Er and Zhang Jing he is using them as a mole to lure Yao Yue here. The doctor told Xiao You Er and Zhang Jing to lure Yao Yue here then he will free them. Xiao You Er told the doctor that Yao Yue is his enemy and he trap her rather than kill her, that’s what he hoped for. Zhang Jing searches Yao Yue and Lian Xing in the cave. Yao Yue and Lian Xing shows up. Zhang Jing told Yao Yue and Lian Xing she came here to tell them that Xiao You Er has been locked by the doctor in his cave. He said if they meet him then he will release Xiao You Er. Lian Xing told Yao Yue she did say that she wants Hua Que Que to kill Xiao You Er, she will not let the doctor kill Xiao You Er.

Hua Wu Que greets Yao Yue and Lian Xing. Zhang Jing teased that she doesn’t need to greet since they are two old ladies. Yao Yue slapped Zhang Jing. Lian Xing asked Zhang Jing if she wants to save Xiao You Er or want him to die. Yao Yue said she has to save Xiao You Er but also want to watch him kill Xiao You Er. Yao Yue stood in front of the cave. Hua Wu Que uses his power ten times on the door but couldn’t open it. Hua Wu Que went in the cave with Yao Yue. Lian Xing assures Zhang Jing that Yao Yue will not kill Xiao You Er because she wants Hua Wu Que to not only kill Xiao You Er but kill him in front of Yan Nan Tian.

The doctor told Yao Yue to come in the room with him. Xiao You Er told Yao Yue he feels so touched that she came here to save him. The doctor told Yao Yue she is still beautiful but her martial arts have been succeed to the top. Xiao You Er said Yao Yue is scary. Yao Yue slapped Xiao You Er and threw him out. The doctor told Yao Yue that the cave is made of ice. Yao Yue told Hua Wu Que and Xiao You Er to leave. Hua Wu Que stays. Xiao You Er told Xiao You Er he wants to stay with him to see how this ice cave can keep Yao Yue.

The doctor told Yao Yue this cave is their wedding place. After she rejected him, he waited till this day. They can’t live together but they can die together. He has prepared this tomb for them. Yao Yue tries to kill him. The doctor said only he knows how to escape this cave. Yao Yue uses her power to try to open the door. Yao Yue told the doctor even if she dies here, he can’t have her. The doctor told Yao Yue that when she broke his legs, he know she only love Yan Nan Tian. She doesn’t love him but he has stayed in this cave for thirty years and figured how to build a cave to lock her. Yao Yue asked the doctor if he wants to revenge. The doctor told Yao Yue it’s because he still love her and can’t force himself to leave her. The doctor showed Yao Yue paintings of her. The doctor said when Yan Nan Tian left she sees him as her enemy because she loves him. She can’t forget him. Yao Yue told the doctor to not compare his love for her to her love for Yan Nan Tian. The doctor laugh and is so happy that she admits he loves her. The doctor said she built this ice cave to accept her love. Yao Yue called him crazy. The doctor said he is crazy because of love and he has a plan to let him die first so he can lock her so she can keep his body. So the wife will bury for her husband so she will die eventually and they will be a couple as ghosts. Yao Yue uses her power on the doctor and told him not to dream about it. Yao Yue told the doctor she won’t kill him and she wants him to open the door and she won’t let him die easily. The doctor told Yao Yue she won’t kill him but he will die and will die with her. The doctor swallowed the poison pill. The doctor told Yao Yue he kisses her one time before he dies and he feels great. The doctor dies. Xiao You Er told Yao Yue that the doctor is crazy in love with her. Yao Yue wishes this was the room of Yan Nan Tian and her and if Yan Nan Tian love her as much.

Xiao You Er and Hua Wu Que told Zhang Jing, Lian Xing, and Xinlan that they and Yao Yue got stuck in the ice cave. Lian Xing said only Yan Nan Tian can open it. Xiao You Er told Hua Wu Que that they don’t deserve to die for the doctor but luckily he stay with him. Xiao You Er told Hua Wu Que he is being respectful to Yao Yue only for him. Xinlan and Zhang Jing search for Yan Nan Tian in the woods. Xinlan wonders how Hua Wu Que and Xiao You Er is doing and if Yao Yue will force Hua Wu Que to kill Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er said it’s been four days he haven’t drink nor eat. If someone gave him a drink he would be willing to do whatever that person said. Hua Wu Que asked Yao Yue if she’s alright. Yao Yue said he hasn’t die, and she won’t die before him. Xiao You Er told Hua Wu Que it’s useless for him to worry about Yao Yue, she doesn’t care for him. It’s better if he worries about him. Yao Yue told Hua Wu Que they could die her. Now she orders him to kill Xiao You Er. Hua Wu Que apologizes to Yao Yue he can’t kill Xiao You Er since Xiao You Er is willing to stay here with him. He can’t do it with his conscience. Yao Yue told Hua Wu Que he doesn’t want to kill Xiao You Er and only made an excuse. Xiao You Er told Hua Wu Que to kill him so he won’t suffer for food or drink. Hua Wu Que told Xiao You Er he knows he can’t kill him. Xiao You Er told Hua Wu Que to let him kill him. Yao Yue told Xiao You Er to kill Hua Wu Que for going against her order. Xiao You Er told Yao Yue she let her enemies killed her disciple. Maybe she’s crazy or losing her her mind. Xiao You Er asked Hua Wu Que why is he still loyal to Yao Yue, she treats him worse than a dog and even without any feelings. Yao Yue thought of those time she was always cold to Hua Wu Que. Hua Wu Que always thought of her.

Xiao You Er took Hua Wu Que to the ice cave and looked at the diamonds. Xiao You Er said he saw the doctor pushing those diamonds really hard and it may be the secret. Xiao You Er and Hua Wu Que generates energy to push the diamond. Xinlan wonders why Yan Nan Tian will come. There’s only two more days until the duel. Lian Xing wondered what advantage would Hua Wu Que and Xiao You Er have if the are able to escape. Lian Xing said they will live like they want to die. Xinlan said if Xiao You Er and Hua Wu Que have a duel, the person who live will suffer more. Xinlan asked Lian Xing why does Yao Yue wants Xiao You Er and Hua Wu Que to have a duel. Lian Xing told Xinlan and Zhang Jing that there’s a big secret but she can’t tell them or they will die. Xiao You Er and Hua Wu Que transfer energy and thought of their childhood dreams. Hua Wu Que congratulates Yao Yue of successfully practicing her martial arts. Xiao You Er said there’s nothing to congratulate, he has a feeling that there will be more disaster. Yao Yue pressed on Xiao You Er and asked him if he thinks she won’t kill him. Xiao You Er told Hua Wu Que to to beg him. He rather she kills him than have her force him to kill him. Yao Yue told Xiao You Er he doesn’t deserve for her to kill him. After she finds Yan Nan Tian, she will kill Xiao You Er.

Yao Yue uses her power to break the wall but it didn’t work. Xiao You Er told Zhang Jing and Xinlan that even Yao Yue’s martial arts couldn’t break the wall, they should find another good guy to marry. Xiao You Er said he will sleep before he dies. Yao Yue grabbed Xiao You Er and told him she won’t let him die.

Lian Xing told Zhang Jing and Xinlan she found Yan Nan Tian. Yan Nan Tian uses his power to break the wall. Then Yao Yue uses her power to break the wall. Xinlan and Zhang Jing reunites with Hua Wu Que and Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er reunites with Yan Nan Tian. Yao Yue got out of the cave and told Yan Nan Tian that their twenty years revenge has been two years late. Flashbacks of Yan Nantian choosing his work over love.Yao Yue told Yan Nantian she did many things for him to despice her. Yao Yue told Yan Nan Tian that he has hurt Jiang Feng and Yuenu. Hua Wu Que and Xiao You Er watches Yan Nan Tian and Yao Yue having a duel. Xiao You Er and Hua Wu Que steps in the battle.

Comment: The semi Finale is pretty intense. Lots of writings and the next episode is the Finale!

Old Time Buddy episode 8 recap

Tse Yuen showed Fong Fong his cheque and thanked her for supporting him. Tse Yuen ordered some food. A waiter recognized him and Fong Fong but Fong Fong denied her identity. Tse Yuen ordered fishes and abalones. Tse Yeun said he will use his money to buy gifts for his father to eat. Fong Fong suggests Tse Yuen to buy a house. Tse Yuen measures Fong Fong’s waist to sew an outfit for Ah Jan. Tse Yuen told Fong Fong to try the outfit. Fong Fong refused. Tse Yuen bought Fong Fong a ring in exchange. Tse Yuen bought two rings one for her and Ah Jan. Fong Fong said the ring is kinda big. Tse Yuen changed it to a big one. Tse Yeun wondered what size fits Ah Jan. He told Fong Fong he will give those two rings for Ah Jan then buy her another one. Yuk Wah bumped into Tse Yuen.

Tse Yuen reads the paper that Yuk Wah’s family in her hometown is not doing well. Yuk Wah said her mother is ill and needs money. Tse Yuen told Yuk Wah he has money to give her to find a good doctor. Yuk Wah thanked him but rejected. Tse Yuen said he has twenty thousand dollars. Fong Fong laughed and told Tse Yuen that he was so firm when talking to Yuk Wah and she would have thought he is a great actor. He is a good person and cares for others. Tse Yuen said his father taught him to help others and not harassing women. Tse Yuen wants to go to Fong Fong’s house to use the restroom. Fong Fong said the restroom in her house is broken. Fong Fong accidentally blurted to Tse Yuen to meet him tomorrow then she said she meant to meet him next time.

Tse Yuen brought fruits to his parents and told them he plans to buy a house. Tse Yuen’s mother wants to use the money to buy a gold. Kid Cheung came home and slept. A tenant couple got upset and argued about losing their flat. The wife threw a pot at her husband. Tse Yuen told the tenant he can live in his new house. The food stall owners told Tse Yuen to eat at their stalls. The food stall owner drove them away. Kid Cheung told Tse Yuen that he puts his name and Ah Jan as his parents to register for school. Fong Fong and Tse Yue came to register Kid Cheung for school. The registrant asked Tse Yuen why did he marry so soon and had a big kid. Tse Yuen told her that he and Fong Fong got engaged during birth by their parents. She asked him if he is dating Fong Fong. Fong Fong said it’s a rumor. The registrant told Tse Yuen that he matches with Fong Fong and she told him to give her a ticket to his movie. Tse Yuen told the registrant that his son wants to go to school. The registrant said it’s filled. Kid Cheung cried. Tse Yuen said he feels poor for Kid Cheung for working hard and wanting to go to school but it’s filled up. Fong Fong saw the principal and he recognizes her as Fong Fong and she dealt with him. Kid Cheung saw Fong Fong and Fong Fong told Kid Cheung to promise her to pretend this conversation has never happened. Tse Yuen paid one thousand two hundred for Kid Cheung’s school bills. Tse Yeun gave Kid Cheung some money to buy uniforms and book and encourage him to work hard to be a doctor.

Fong Fong dresses up. Tse Yuen believes Ah Jan will look pretty in that dress. Tse Yuen sings and told Fong Fong he will introduces Ah Jan to her when she comes back. Fong Fong went to the restroom. The food stall owner told Tse Yuen he won’t understand since he isn’t a woman. A staff make a makeover for Fong Fon and put on a wig and a pair of glasses. Tse Yuen looked at Fong Fong and thought she was her friend. Tse Yuen asked Fong Fong if she has twin. Fong Fong said she comes from a higher class family and doesn’t have a sibling. Tse Suen eat with the tenants for the last time. Tse Tsuen said he bought a house for fifteen thousand dollars from his boss. Tse Yuen drinks. Tse Yuen told his father he doesn’t have the money to buy a house. He gave three thousand dollars to Yuk Wah and Kid Cheung and his friends. Tse Yuen heard and told her mother that she already told neighbors they are going to move. Lei Kei told Tse Yuen to ask his boss to borrow money. Tse Yuen came to the office but told Lee Kei that his boss is out of town. Tse Yuen told Lei Kei that his mother is ashamed of going out and she may be sick. Fong Fong heard it. Fong Fong asked Lei Kei to give her the two pages scripts. Fong Fong asked Lei Kei if he is arguing with Tse Yuen. Lei Kei told Fong Fong that Tse Yuen needs money to move out. Lei Kei got touched Fong Fong cares for him. Fong Fong told Lei Kei they are friends. Lei Kei went filming and apologized to Fong Fong and said next time they will chat again.

Fong Fong told her uncle, the food stall owner to lend money to Tse Yuen with a reason. The Food stall owner borrowed two hundred dollars from Tse Yuen and said he will bid in a horserace. Tse Suen went home in his room to hide. The food stall owner gave Tse Yuen the money he won ten thousand dollars from the horserace. Po Chu’s maid told Po Chu she noticed Lei Kei uses her red handkerchief. Po Chu told her maid to not tell her mom about Lei Kei.

Fei Yin gave Lei Kei a bowl of soup. Fei Yin got mad at Lei Kei using Po Chu’s red handkerchief to sneeze. Fei Yin forbids Lei Kei to not use Po Chu’s handkerchief and don’t meet her. Lei Kei said he will see her at work. Fei Yin told Lei Kei he eats and sing karaoke with Po Chu everyday and will easily fall for each other. Fei Yin asked Lei Kei if he is the main lead. Lei Kei asked how can he be the lead so easily since Tse Yuen is being promoted as lead. Lei Kei used the red handkerchief and sneeze and told Fei Yin not to use it. Po Chu and her maid eavesdrop on Lei Kei pulling his chair and sneeze.

Old Time Buddy episode 7 recap

During dinner, Lee Kei and Kiu Fung imitates Tse Yuen’s fainting scene and laughed. Tse Yuen threw chopsticks at them for teasing him. Fong Fong asked Tse Yuen to watch a movie with him tonight. They watch the movie. Fong Fong apologized Tse Yuen that they showed other movies. Tse Yuen thanked Fong Fong for helping him but he doesn’t think it will help him because he doesn’t have the skills to act. Fong Fong asked Tse Yuen why does he gives up so easily. There are other actors who don’t think they can act but they work hard and still act until now. Fong Fong showed Francis how to walk like a star. Fong Fong told Tse Yuen to watch more western movies to learn from it. Tse Yuen told Fong Fong she talks like Fong Fong. Fong Fong told Tse Yuen to work hard for Ah Jan. While the crew watches Fong Fong and Tse Yuen’s movie, the director and everyone fell asleep. The director yelled at the producer for producing a stupid romance movie. The producer said Tse Yuen act so wooden. The director’s wife laughed and told him that the part where Tse Yuen die is so hilarious and even his son laughed. At home, Tse Yuen told his family, he thinks he can’t show this movie because he sucks at acting, he will go back in washing dishes tomorrow.

Tse Yuen wash dishes. The food stall owner gave him a drink but he didn’t want it. The director came to Tse Yuen’s home with the paparazzi. Tse Yuen said he was washing dishes. The director said he is a comedian. Fong Fong told Tse Yuen that his movie made profit. Lee Kei and Tse Yuen films a love scene with In the dressing room, Fong Fong. Tse Yuen felt asleep. Lee Kei sighed that his fate is different. Tse Yeun asked Lee Kei if he can take a break, if he can he would. The driver told Tse Yuen that people in town sees him as an idol. When Tse Yuen returns home, everyone brought him flowers. He came home and saw many presents. Tse Yuen’s father said he couldn’t come down to work so he called his sister Fei Yin to call his day off. A boy climbed on the wall and asked Fei Yin for an autograph. Fei Yin’s coworkers stared at Tse Yuen while he’s sleeping but his mom drove them out.

Po Chu apologizes to Lee Kei for her driver accused him last time. Po Chu told Lee Kei to buy her a cotton candy. Po Chu ate cotton candy and found it good. Lee Kei said this isn’t abalones. Po Chu said he always eat it but she never eat it due to his mother didn’t let her. Po Chu told Lee Kei that their wishes in the shooting star didn’t come true. Lee Kei threw the cotton candy and told Po Chu that he needs a good script and good actors for him to agree filming. During dinner, Po Chu asked her mother how did they fell in love. Po Chu’s mother said she met her father in the film firm and found him grumpy but then found out he loved her.She said she knew his father loved her by giving her flowers. A fan told Lee Kei to give the bouquet of flowers to Po Chu. Lee Kei went to the restroom and told a lady to give the flowers to Po Chu. Po Chu received a bouquet of roses. Another lady told Po Chu that Lee Kei gave it to her.

Po Chu ate desserts and dropped her spoon. Sheut Sin and Kim Fai saw Po Chu distracted and asked her who’s her boyfriend. Po Chu said he’s Lee Kei who always act supporting roles. Sheut Sin criticizes him as poor. Kim Fai said he can work hard. Po Chu said she doesn’t know how to tell Lee Kei. Sheut Sin told her to reject him. Lee Kei acts as a Tse Yuen’s replacement. The actor stabbed Lee Kei in the wrong leg. The producer told Lee Kei luckily he didn’t stab Tse Yuen. Po Chu gave Lee Kei and handkerchief. Lee Kei went home crippled. Lee Keei told his sister the red handkerchief isn’t his but Po Chu saw him being injured and gave it to him. Fei Yin got mad and yelled at Lee Kei that Po Chu likes him. Lee Kei swears though he’s handsome he can’t be with Po Chu because they aren’t fate to be together. Lee Kei read a paper in english. Kiu Fung translated that the flat owner will sell the flat. Lee Kei didn’t believe it and told a priest to translate it. Kiu Fung told the tenants taht he asked his parents to borrow the villa but they argued. The tenants ate dinner. Tse Yuen received twenty thousand dollars as a reward for his movie being successful.

Old Time Buddy episode 5 recap

Lei Kei told Po Chu to eat faster then they can go home. Tse Yuen told Lei Kei that Po Chu is a good girl. Tse Yuen and Lei Kei saw Ah Jan’s store is closed. Lei Kei had diarrhea for eating too much. Po Chu told Lei Kei that she had stomach ache but felt better after drinking medicine. Po Chu gave Lei Kei a bowl of medicine. A lamp fell on Lei Kei but Po Chu fell under the lamp for him. The restaurant owner told the chef that Tsui Gei and Po Chu are both in the hospital and Lei Kei brought them bad luck. Lei Kei yelled at the restaurant owner. Kiu Fung asked the restaurant owner if he wants him to buy this restaurant.

Lei Kei brought a bouquet of flowers of stood in front of Po Chu’s hospital. Po Chu’s dad watches Po Chu eat and told her seeing her eating chicken soup he would like to be in the hospital. Po Chu told her father that the pleasure of living is eating and sleeping. She must thank the person who caused her to be injured. Po Chu told her father she haven’t told her mother who has injured her. He didn’t meant to and we shouldn’t make it big. Lei Kei knocked on the door and placed the bouquet of flowers on the floor.

Fong Fong eats and reads a book. She watches Ah Jan’s father yelled at Ah Jan. Someone interviewed Ah Jan. Fong Fong saw Ah Jan crying asked her if she’s Tse Yuen’s friend. Fong Fong told Ah Jan that she knows Tse Yuen misses her. Ah Jan said she also misses Tse Yuen and will see him. Ah Jan said she has to leave or her father will hit her.

Tse Yuen waits for Ah Jan and told Lei Kei he has a feeling something bad is coming up. Tse Yuen came home and saw Ah Jan. Ah Jan said she stayed at her cousin’s house for the past three days. Tse Yuen’s family congratulates Tse Yuen and Ah Jan. Ah Jan hangs wout with Tse Yuen at six flags. Tse Yuen said he can swear he truly loves her. Tse Yuen bought two ice creams. He came back and lost her and waited for her. Ah Jan came. Tse Yuen told Ah Jan next time they should buy a red knot to tie their hands up so they won’t separate. Tse Yuen took Ah Jan home. Ah Jan gave Tse Yuen a paper bag and told him to close his eyes. She kisses him. Tse Yuen’s family teased Tse Yuen of wearing the sweater. Tse Yuen read a letter from Ah Jan she is leaving Hongkong. Ah Jan’s father married Ah Jan off to pay his gambling debt.

Fong Fong told Tse Yuen that she saw Ah Jan crying at the drink shop with her father. Tse Yuen asked Fong Fong why didn’t she tell him. If she told him, then Ah Jan would not leave. Tse Yuen stands in front of Ah Jan’s house and said it’s done. He stared at the watch. Tse Yuen dropped his watch. Tse Yuen doesn’t have the appetite to eat dinner. Tse Yuen’s family cheers Tse Yuen up. Tse Suen told Tse Yuen about his firs love with a french woman. The whole family listened to his story. Po Chu thanked Lei Kei for the flowers. Lei Kei denied.

The producer watches Lei Kei acting with Fong Fong. Kiu Fong believes Lei Kei may get the role since he’s been there more than fifteen minutes. Tse Yuen fainted. Lei Kei called Ah Jan. Tse Yuen ran and saw another guy dressed up as a girl who’s name is Ah Jan. The restaurant owner heard Lei Kei is the main lead. Fei Yin gave Lei Kei a letter. Tse Yuen held on to the paper. Lei Kei reads the paper that the film industry wanted to sign contract with him.

Lei Kei daydream of ladies run into him asking him for an autograph. A motorcycle passed by him. Po Chu asked Lei Kei if he is waiting to sign the contract and she wants to come up with him. Lei Kei said they have different fate and should keep a distance. Lei Kei signed the contract for two years. The secretary told Lei Kei he will take up a big supporting role. A motorcycle was about to crash on Lei Kei. Po Chu asked Lei Kei if he knows who is the main lead. Kiu Fung said Tse Yuen is the main lead. The producer told Tse Yuen’s family that Tse Yuen is good at crying and falling in love. Tse Yuen got drunk and rejected the role and said he’s so tired. Tse Yuen fell asleep. Lei Kei looked at the bed and wondered why he isn’t the main lead. Fong Fong asked Lei Kei if he knows why he isn’t the lead. Fong Fong told Lei Kei he has potential but he overacts.

Lei Kei told his friends at the food stall that Fong Fong complimented him and said someday he will be the lead. Fong Fong got an idea. Lei Kei took Ah Jan’s love letter from Tse Yuen while he’s sleeping. Fong Fong wrote a letter to Tse Yuen that she will return after one year. Tse Yuen decides to work hard. Tse Yuen gave the watch for the store owner to fix. Tse Yuen ate an apple.