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In the Realm of Fancy episode 17 recap

A beautiful lady Yi Lan played her instrument in the restaurant. Pui Seung Yung gave her a silver. Her servant accepted for her and said she can’t see him. The servant cleaned the wagon. A man rushed putting his suitcase on the wagon and paid 4 times the sum to carried it for him. The servant refused that he’s not working today and took his wagon away. The servant saw Yi Lan and helped on getting on the wagon. Yi Lan smelled the flowers. The servant said the flower only appears in the summer and is white tiny and not pretty. Yi Lan said there’s not perfect thing in this world. Lei Xuan wonders if people don’t know how to cherish or god haven’t gave them enough. A servant dropped silvers and told the servant that he used it to pay the doctor to cure his master’s blind eyes. The servant sold the wagon to a master for five thousand taels than two thousand taels. The servant took Yi Lan to the doctor. He told her that the wagon is broken so they must walk.

The servant gave her a flower. Yi Lan touched the flower and finds it soft but really think. It has the mood of trust. Yi Lan said if her eyes will be healed, she will not only be able to see the flower but also him. She knows he is a normal guy but he is very good to her. The flower isn’t the prettiest but has the most beautiful scent. He is like the flower. The flower give her confident, even if she can see it she only can smell it. Though she can’t see him but he is still good to her. The servant held Yi Lan’s hand.

The doctor looked at Yi Lan and checked her pulse and said she seems like a nice girl. He checked her eyes. He said she needs plenty of medicine. He will heal her eyes but she won’t take her money. The servant fought for a job carrying rice for a customer but he didn’t have a wagon. The servant volunteered to carry the packages for food for the doctor. The servants picked up herbs for Yi Lan. A servant told the doctor’s assistant they need to more servants to help. The servant was willing to help. Yi Lan took off her fabric of herb and opened her eyes. She can now see. The doctor told her now she is elegant. Yi Lan appreciates the doctor. Yi Lan told the crowd she appreciates the doctor for healing her eyes. The doctor held her hand and said she doesn’t need to thank him. He only wants her to be his wife. The servant sadly left. The servant threw out stems and sighed he isn’t worth anything, he’s just a wagon puller.

Lei Xuan told Yi Lan her eyes are bright now but her heart needs to be bright and think carefully who she wants to live with the rest of her life. Yi Lan told her mother she can’t sleep and she doesn’t know if she wants to marry the doctor. Her mother told her it is her deed to marry the doctor and he is talented. Yi Lan asked her mother if she know where’s the servant. Her mother told her he used to visit her everyday when she was treating her eyes but now she haven’t seen him. Yi Lan asked her how does he looks like. Her mother told her he is naive and only a wagon puller.

Lei Xuan caused the white flower to bloom. Yi Lan asked the sedan chair carrier to stop. She got out and looked at the white flower. She yelled at the servant to come. She asked the servant not to leave. She asked him if he thinks he doesn’t suit to be with her. She told him to look at the white flowers blooming. Yi Lan said she still remembers this path and if he remembers her, then she asks him to turn around so she can look at him. He turned around and held her hand. Yi Lan apologized to the doctor, she knows she owe him a favor. The doctor said the white flowers has got whitered but now it is blooming again. Maybe it is because of them. Maybe this is fate, a favor isn’t as big as love. The doctor wishes them happiness. The servant wonder why the flowers bloomed in this season. Yi Lan thinks perhaps god is helping them. Lei Xuan thinks he is a god. Lei Xuan rather be a god and wandering around. He never get bored seeing loving couples.

Lei Xuan went to the mountain and wondered if someone is going to the mountain to hunt for love. surprisingly saw Ao Gum. Lei Xuan wonder who is Ao Gum sacrificing for. He watches him chopping the ice on the mountain. He fell down and checked on the ice blocks in his bag. He looked at his knee bleeding. It is snowing. Chur Wun searches for Ao Gum. Chur Wun climbed down and put a fabric on Ao Gum. Lei Xuan sees the different side of Chur Wun. Chur Wun wiped Lei Xuan’s face. Ao Gum’s mother told Lei Xuan who is in coma, it has been seven years. The maid told him that Chur Wun bee hatching ice on the mountain to wipe his face. Ao Gum asked Lei Xuan if he wants Chur Wun to take care of his body forever. Ao Gum asked Chur Wun if she ever regretted. Chur Wun waits for Lei Xuan to return after he understands love. Lei Xuan reads the sheet on the manuel that even if he comes back to his body, he can’t help.

They only have tofu and lettuces remaining. Ao Gum grabbed a chicken and cooked it. Chur Wun’s father got mad and told Chur Wun to not waste her youthfulness. Ao Gum’s mother brought the main dish the chicken. Chur Wun grabbed a chicken for his father but accidentally dropped it. Her maid laughed and picked it up and eat it. Chur Wun’s father yelled at the maid for eating it though it was on the ground. The maid said she couldn’t stand it, it has been years they haven’t ate chicken and it tasted so good. Chur Wun’s father asked why do they only eat tofu and lettuces and haven’t ate chicken for the past seven years. Lei Xuan said he have made them suffer for the past seven years.

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In the Realm of Fancy episode 16 recap

Ao Gum found the jade on the Buddhist. Lei Xuan reads the manuel and it said that even if two people are far away from each other, they can be mutual. Lei Xuan wonders if Chur Wun and him are close to each other but isn’t fated to be together. Ao Gum happily showed the jade to Lei Xuan. Lei Xuan said his problem with Chur Wun isn’t related to the jade. The store owner told Lei Xuan that Chur Wun haven’t tried her wedding dress yet. Chur Wun sadly sees a wife giving her husband a bowl of soup in their noodle stall. Chur Wun looked at couple fight over selling a pig. The husband wants to cook soup for his wife since she is ill after giving birth. His wife wanted to sew a new shoe for him since his old shoes was ripped. Chur Wun told her maid that while the couple in the noodle store doesn’t look good with each other but they understand each other. The couple who sells the pig yelled at teach other but cared for each other.

Lei Xuan thought he was a perfect matches with Chur Wun but he doesn’t understand love. Should they be married, and will they be happy together. He held the manuel and hopes it helps him understand what is love and mutual. Lei Xuan saw a man went hunting to cook soup for his wife. He let a pair of duck leaves. He fell down the hill and injured his leg. The hunter’s wife went looking for him. The wife climbed down and fell. The wife puts a fabric on her husband’s leg. It is raining. The man put his clothes on her and created fire with the rocks to keep her warm though his hands was injured. She feels so cold. He hugged her. She said everyone will eventually die, she doesn’t regret being his wife and die by him. The man said they will be a happy couple in the next generation. Lei Xuan yelled why does a good couple doesn’t have a good life and why isn’t there a fire. A fire lighten up.

Ao Gum saw Lei Xuan in coma. Chur Wun saw the jade on Lei Xuan’s hands. Ao Gum showed the manuel to Chur Wun. Chur Wun read the manuel line that Lei Xuan wanting to see the different kinds of love to solve his anxiety.

Lei Xuan is happy helping couples. Lei Xuan looked at the pair of butterfly and said being Liang Shanbo and Zhu Ying Tai is even happier than being a god. Lei Xuan saw Chi Yi visiting his father’s grave that she has to sell herself to the brothel. She got lost in the dark and twisted her leg. A man selling oil passed by. He helped her walking home. He told her to be careful in the brothel. The two masters in the brothel drink wine. The two masters fight to drink with Chi Yi. Chi Yi told them to drink and she will drink with whoever isn’t drunk. The oil man gave her oil and asked her if she’s alright. He will save money to help her leave. The two masters fight for buying Chi Yi. Chi Yi said she only likes light. Chi Yi told the oil man to not bring oil to her nor find her. She told him to leave. Chi Yi blows up the light and cries.

Chi Yi lighten up the lantern for the masters to guess the lyrics. The oil man looked at Chi Yi and said though he’s poor, he is honest. The master laughed and told him if he can win a pretty lantern, he will give him money to get married. The oil man left and cried. Lei Xuan asked him why does he keep himself so low, without oil he can’t make a lantern. Lei Xuan lighten up the fire for the oil man. The two masters introduce their lanterns. Chi Yi wonders if there isn’t a lantern that makes her happy. The poor man lighten up many lights on the rocks. Chi Yi ran down. The oil man held her hand and asked her to leave with him. Chi Yi and the crowd told the master that the oil man’s lantern is the prettiest. The ladyboss looked at the light and said it’s the first time she seen lights that pretty. She told them to leave. The oil man told Chi Yi he doesn’t have anything but some oil which he can make bed and a dry fish. Chi Yi hugged the oil man. The master told the people to catch the oil man. Lei Xuan created a fire his lantern. Chi Yi ran with the oil man happily.

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In the Realm of Fancy episode 15 recap

Chur Wun’s father wants to help the maid and Ao Gum’s mother frying dishes and burnt his arm. Chur Wun’s father helps the maid and Ao Gum’s mother hanging up clothes. Ao Gum and Chur Wun’s father went to buy rice and saw the rice owner who is getting married
.Chur Wun’s father wrote a word on the ribbon for them. Chur Wun’s father attended the wedding and saw grandchildren of the parent’s newlywed. Chur Wun and Lei Xuan and her maid waits for Ao Gum and her father for dinner. Ao Gum carried the bag of rice. Chur Wun’s father went home happily and wants Chur Wun and Lei Xuan to marry so he can have grandchildren. Chur Wun’s father chose a date next month for Lei Xuan and Chur Wun to get married. Chur Wun’s father told the five brothers to take a break to go to Chur Wun and Ao Gum’s wedding.

Hong Sui saw Ao Gum carrying bottles of wines. Ao Gum told him that Chur Wun and Lei Xuan are getting married. The maid yelled at Ao Gum to go back to work. The five brothers planned the wedding for Ao Gum and Chur Wun. Chur Wun’s father wants a simple wedding and ordered the brothers to write the invitation letter and cut the chickens and clean the floor.

The official read the edict for Chur Wun’s father to settle with the rebel. Chur Wun’s father told the five brothers to get ready to go. After he finishes his work, he will request the majesty to prepare the wedding for Chur Wun and Lei Xuan. Chur Wun’s father told Chur Wun and Lei Xuan to be prepared for their wedding. Chur Wun told her father to take care. Hong Sui brought a gift for Chur Wun’s father. Chur Wun’s father left.

Chur Wun reads the manuel about trusting her lover. She wonders what is mutual love. Chur Wun asked Lei Xuan if he thinks his feelings will change. Lei Xuan said people will change. She is getting prettier and he is more playful. Chur Wun said everything will change and she doesn’t need to feel shamed. What the manuel said is the most important. Lei Xuan reads the manuel and wonder about mutual. Chur Wun told Lei Xuan she feels bothered inside ever since her father mentioned about marriage. Chur Wun walked and found a golden box with a green jade. Chur Wun went home. Lei Xuan asked Chur Wun if she found the jade he gave her. Chur Wun hesitate and said she lost it. Chur Wun cried she didn’t remember where she lost it. Chur Wun wonder if it is god’s will they are not mutual. Lei Xuan held Chur Wun’s hands and said he will prove without the jade, they still can understand each other.

Lei Xuan reads the manuel line about confused mind. Lei Xuan became invisible and wonders why the jade is still placed by the rock. Lei Xuan saw Chur Wun picking up the jade. He follows Chur Wun. She saw two rabbits. She held up the jade. She dropped the jade on the river. Chur Wun sits in front of the rock and wonders if she and Lei Xuan are meant to be together. They were born to be together and everyone thinks they are perfect together. She is afraid they aren’t mutual. She used to believe in love but does Lei Xuan truly love her. Why did he lie to her and see another woman? How much will he sacrifice for her?Lei Xuan told Ao Gum that the jade wouldn’t let them be tied together. Chur Wun still remember about the lady and his affair.

Ao Gum went searching for the jade. Ao Gum prayed in front of the rock so he can find the jade. A boy yelled at the river to save her mother. Ao Gum saved the mother. The mother said there was a rain and caused her house to be wrecked and the roof fell on her. She went to pick up mud to fix it but she twisted her leg. Ao Gum fixes the roof for her. She gave him a bowl of soup. The boy gave him a statue of a Buddhist to help him find the object he wants to find. Chur Wun gave Lei Xuan a cup of tea. Ao Gum brought the Buddhist statue home. The maid told him it’s stinky. Ao Gum told the Buddhist to help Lei Xuan and Chur Wun. He bowed in front of it so he can find hte jade. It’s raining. Chur Wun and Lei Xuan sat on their bed.

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In the Realm of Fancy episode 14 recap

The doctor told Lei Xuan that Chu Wun’s father has a fever. When he uses his five thousand troops, he fell from the horse. The rebel leader of the rebel doesn’t harm him but told him he doesn’t have the strength so don’t force himself to ride a horse. They will wait for him if he wants to attend the party. He is old.

Hong Sui steppedpon the rock. Ao Gum noticed Hong Sui’s shoes is ripped. Ao Gum brings a bowl of medicine for Chur Wun’s father. He told him to pour it down. Ao Gum made it warm. Chur Wun’s father drank it and find it bitter. Ao Gum gave him a sweet peach. Chur Wun’s father told his two servants they shouldn’t follow him. He return his manuels. The two servants told him not to give up, they are willing to follow him. Chur Wun’s father yelled at them to leave. Chur Wun’s father dropped his bowl of medicine on his boot. He said his boot doesn’t have a chance anymore. It is not a normal boot, the official wears it to the court everyday. He used to hear the steps. Now he can just dream. He won’t have a chance to wear it anymore. Ao Gum gave Chur Wun’s boot to Hong Sui. Hong Sui said it is too elegante for him. Ao Gum told him that if he wears it, he won’t be scared of stepping on rocks. Hong Sui wears the boot.

The two servant drinks and sighed about leaving Chur Wun’s father. They heard foosteps. They beat up Hong Sui for stealing Chur Wun’s father’s boot. The two servants brought the boots back and told Lei Xuan that they are not aware of thieves. Ao Gum yelled at them that he gave Hong Sui those boots. Ao Gum checked up on Hong Sui and saw his leg injured. Ao Gum piggyback Hong Sui and begged Lei Xuan to help. The two servants bowed and told Chur Wun’s father to punish them. Chur Wun’s father said he will break their legs. Lei Xuan and Chur Wun said it won’t help. Chur Wun’s father held a stick and about to break their leg but hesitate. The two servants said if he doesn’t want to, then they will break their legs by themselves. Hong Sui said he doesn’t blame the servants. Ao Gum was kindhearted for giving him the boots. Hong Sui said he is a lower class, and his leg can’t be compared to the servants. He’s seventy years old and it’s fine tha it’s crippled but the two servants has served them in wars.

Ao Gum put the bandages on Hong Sui. Hong Sui told Ao Gum that harming others won’t benefit him. Chur Wun’s father sighed he can’t control his two servants. Ao Gum chopped the treee in the woods and made him a cane. During dinner, Ao Gum requested Lei Xuan to Hong Sui to live with him. The maid criticized Hong Sui for eating in the same table. The maid asked Lei Xuan if he really wants a poor man to live with him. Hong Sui fell and don’t want to eat in the same table with Lei Xuan and Chur Wun’s father. Hong Sui left.

Chur Wun’s father searches for Hong Sui. Hong Sui sits and asked the two scholars for money. The two scholars gave him money. One of the scholar said his family own many lands so he can’t give Hong Sui less money. Chur Wun’s father found Hong Sui. Hong Sui cooked dog meat for Chur Wun’s father. Lei Xuan and Ao Gum joined them. Hong Sui said he met many different people. Hong Sui prefers being poor. There are people who gives money to people and are glad they are good people. There are people who are spoiled and regret when their parents died so they gave them money. There are people who did bad things so they gave money to the poor to repent their mistakes. Ao Gum wonders if he treats Hong Sui better because he’s crippled. Chur Wun’s father said he thought retiring is a bad thing but if he didn’t retired, he would work hard until he retire. Chur Wun’s father said they have to find a way to make them happy.

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In the Realm of Fancy episode 13 recap

Yuyet Yee unlocked the door. A page flipped in the manuel and said a person who regret will break the spell. Lei Xuan left with Chur Wun. Yuyet Yee saw the lady. The lady turned old. The lady told Yuyet Yee she has harmed her. She has caused her to be scared of men. Flashbacks of Yuyet Yee gave the servant two buns. The lady said men lust women and even poor people do. A man followed the lady and told her he can’t forget her and is willing to die for her. The man tried to stab her. The servant beat him up. The lady told Yuyet Yee that she shouldn’t pity for men, they are greedy and deserve to die. She must remember no one will sympathize for her.

The servant introduces himself as a hunter. He didn’t have enough animals to hunt. He went to the cities to find work. His mother passed away. The lady hired the servant and called him a dog. Men left their wives for the lady and followed her. The servant beat them up. Two men fight each other. Yuyet yee got scared and told the lady to tell them to stop fighting. The lady told Yuyet Yee to not pity for those men or else she will be pitiful.

The lady told Yuyet Yee to put her face in the cauldron. Yuyet Yee said getting old is life and she thinks happiness is having a good husband. The lady said there’s no good men. Yuyet Yee said she found a good one and is wine store owner. The lady said if she puts her face in the cauldron, she can find a person ten times better than him. Yuyet Yee said she doesn’t need a good looking husband. She needs a happy family and a husband who loves her.

Yuyet Yee tastes wine with the wine store owner. The wine store owner said he will use this wine to celebrate he has married a good wife. He tastes her food and find it good and said their children will be big. The lady visits the wine store owner and asked him to recommend a wine. The lady tasted the wine and said the wine is too normal and she wants a special wine. The lady pretends to faint and told him to help her. Yuyet Yee bought two buns. The store owner showed her different wines. The lady drinks the wine and complimented him as a talented wine maker. The wine owner showed the wine that he will use for his marriage tomorrow. The lady dropped the wine and seduced him. The wine store owner told her that Yuyet Yee is ugly and old. He breaks the wines. He told Yuyet Yee he doesn’t want to marry her. The lady told Yuyet Yee she now sees the true face of this dirty man. She told the wine owner to look in the mirror. Yuyet Yee asked why and cried. The servant beat up the wine owner. The wine owner said the lady set her up. The lady left with Yuyet Yee and said there’s no good man and they are all despicable. Yuyet Yee ran and jumped in the sea. The servant saved her.

Yuyet Yee wakes up and lost her memories. Yuyet Yee ate congee and freaked out when the lady hugged her. Yuyet Yee screamed. The lady told the servant to lock Yuyet Yee. The servant brought her buns and promised he will protect her.

Yuyet Yee gains back her memories and forgive the lady, her mother. The lady died under Yuyet Yee’s arm. Yuyet Yee and the servant bids farewell to Lei Xuan and his family. Ao Gum told the servant to take care of Yuyet Yee and don’t go the wrong path again. Hong Sui picked up rice from the ground blocking Chur Wun’s father’s way. Chur Wun’s father ordered the guard to stop here so they won’t step on the rice.

Chur Wun’s father visits Chur Wun. Chur Wun’s father sit and eat and chat with Lei Xuan and Chur Wun about how did he drives away the rebel. Chur Wun’s father drinks and felt weak and went to the men’s room. Chur Wun’s father fell in the men’s room. Ao Gum told the maid that he noticed Chur Wun’s father trembled. The official read the edict for Chur Wun’s father to retire and give the stamp to the official so he can fight the rebel. Chur Wun’s father asked why he doesn’t have a chance to go to war at this age. Chur Wun’s father fainted.

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In the Realm of Fancy episode 12 recap

The lady walked out and said she thought Lei Xuan was different from other men but from all the men she has been with, he is the most successful. Ao Gum and Chur Wun came in the lady’s house. She lead them to Lei Xuan. Chur Wun and Ao Gum saw Lei Xuan beng affected in the spa. Chur Wun cried and left. Ao Gum fought with the lady’s servant. He threw his shoes through the invisible wall through Lei Xuan’s head. Lei Xuan’s wake up and held the shoe. He looked at the lady appears as an old lady and freaked out. Lei Xuan took off his clothes and ran in the woods and meet up with Ao Gum. Ao Gum said he threw his shoes at him and Chur Wun ran and cried.

The maid held a stick and about to hit Lei Xuan. The lady came in Lei Xuan’s mansion. Lei Xuan told the lady he doesn’t know what spell did she use to stop the time for him to stay the whole day and night. Lei Xuan swears he doesn’t have anything to do with her. The lady asked Lei Xuan she is weak and doesn’t know any spell. The lady told Chur Wun that Lei Xuan didn’t notice her because he has something for her. Lei Xuan called the lady a witch. The lady threw back his pants. Lei Xuan told Chur Wun that what she sees may not be what it is. Chur Wun rather not look for him so he can continue to con her. Lei Xuan denied of lying to her. Chu Wun pushed him out. Lei Xuan reads the manuel. Chur Wun wonders if their fate ends. The maid told Chur Wun to pack up and go to the palace to see her father.

The lady threw up the vase and asked why Lei Xuan can see her true face. Chur Wun visits the lady. The lady asked Chur Wun if she is not scared of her. She must be curious so she came here to ask her. Chur Wun asked the lady what is her relationship with Lei Xuan. The lady asked Chur Wun if she believes her or Lei Xuan. Lei Xuan reads the manuel. Chur Wun told the lady if she and Lei Xuan truly loves each other, she will back out. The lady asked Chur Wun how would she keep Lei Xuan. Chur Wun said she is not like her, she is like a kid. The lady said men are born as women’s toy, she just need to know how to use them. Chur Wun believes there is love. The lady told Chur Wun she has good fate to be the daughter of the secretary of state. No one can con her. Chur Wun said she is spoilt compared to her. The lady said naive people can’t live in this world.

Lei Xuan reads the manuel and think it’s the word god. The lady said if Chur Wun was uglier and mature, she would be happier. Chur Wun said what if she is ugly, pretty, dumb or smart, the most important is she needs to be honest. The lady asked Chur Wun if she meant she stole her man. Chur Wun asked the lady what is her relationship with Lei Xuan. The lady said Lei Xuan has flirted with her. Chur Wun denied that Lei Xuan is like that. The lady asked Chur Wun how does she is so confident. Chur Wun said she trusts Lei Xuan. The lady asked Chur Wun why doesn’t he ask Lei Xuan. The lady said Chur Wun’s face is pretty but she can scratch her face. Lei Xuan reads the manuel and think about not seeing but can’t hear it. He understands now.

The scent affected Chur Wun and she felt dizzy. The lady asked Chur Wun if she knows why when she came here, Lei Xuan didn’t notice her, it is because he got affected by her spell. Chur Wun believes Lei Xuan didn’t lie to her and fainted. The lady laughed and said it’s too late and it is rare to find a good person. Ao Gum’s mother told Lei Xuan that Chur Wun has went to see the lady. The lady tied up Chur Wun on a pole. The lady threw water at Chur Wun. She asked her if she wants to see how much Lei Xuan loves her. The lady said she hates her for being spoiled. She believes people only sees Chur Wun as an asset. Chur Wun said beauty is from the inside while the lady is only beautiful on the outside. The lady slapped Chur Wun. Chur Wun said Lei Xuan won’t love an evil person like her. The lady slapped Chur Wun. The lady said when Lei Xuan comes, she will reveal his true face and she will thank her. The lady put powder in the cauldron and laughed.

The servant feels useless. Yuyet Yee gave him a bun. The servant sighed he has to harm Chur Wun and Lei Xuan. Yuyet Yee told him not to harm others. Lei Xuan and Ao Gum came with Chur Wun’s maid. The lady said he has disappointed Chur Wun and her. He always forget the old one and love the new one. Lei Xuan told the lady she’s been left by a man so she use beauty to lust the men. The lady said she’s been harmed and he won’t understand her feelings. Many royals fell for her but she got affected by the scholar’s talent. She thought she found happiness. She was pregnant. He left her for another woman. The scholar criticized her of being old and ugly. The scholar said beauty can’t last forever. Many beauties are waiting for him. She has talent and wealth. He pushed her and said even if he doens’t leave her, he eventually will. She gave birth to Yuyet Yee. She hung herself up and fell but a spell appears. The spell made her look like a goddess. She wants them men to know that there’s karma for betraying women.

At the brothel, the scholar bid her. She lured him pay her gambling debt. The scholar begs her to leave with him. She told him to leave if he wants to. Don’t bother her. He used to have talent. There are plenty of royals who wants her. If he uses his brain, he will know she won’t live with him forever. Does he find this phrase familiar? She told him to open his eyes. She is his former wife. He used to call her ugly and old. Now look at her face, she is pretty and even cause him to want to die for her. Look at him, now he is miserable. If she were him, she rather die. She holds Yueyt Yee and looked the scholar jumped off the tower and die. The lady said men who doesn’t deserve sympathy will end up like him. She told Yuyet Yee that the only thing that matters to women is beauty.

Chur Wun asked her why is she so evil? Ao Gum said the lady harmed her husband and didn’t forgive her daughter just to keep her beauty, and even lock her up. The lady told him that she only wants to protect her and don’t want any bad men to harm her. The lady said she is getting prettier each day and having more confidence and being happy. Lei Xuan said she’s crazy. The maid called her a witch. The lady said she knows she is jealous and age doesn’t matter. Her story is so touching and good which is why they didn’t know they got affected by her scent. Usually the man that she wants never leave her. Lei Xuan, Ao Gum, and the maid fell down and felt weak. Yuyet Yee came and checked up on Chur Wun. She told the lady to forgive them since they are really nice to her. The lady ordered her servant to kill them. The servant told her to give up. The lady said she isn’t wrong. All the men are the same and even her servant betrays her. The maid told the servant to save them. The servant fell. They will die fast and will remember this beauty.

The lady gave Yuyet Yee a cup of tea. Yuyet Yee told her to release them. The lady said they are bad guys and jealous of her beauty. If those people die, they will move to another place and leave a happy life. Then she can be pretty forever. The lady put her face in the cauldron. Lei Xuan untied Chur Wun and hugged her and asked her if she’s alright. Chur Wun fainted. The lady said Chur Wun is nothing. She is the prettiest and no one is prettier than her. The lady saw Suyet Yee missing. She rushed and dropped the cauldron.

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In the Realm of Fancy episode 11 recap

Lei Xuan didn’t remember what happened between him and the lady. Chur Wun and Ao Gum told Lei Xuan that they saw Yuyet Yee and the lady’s servant. Lei Xuan wonders who’s the Yuet Yee. Ao Gum’s mother caught some crickets. Lei Xuan finds it noisy. Ao Gum’s mother asked Lei Xuan if he is irritated. Lei Xuan said he’ll go to the library. The lady looked in the mirror and wondered how would a man reject her. The lady puts powder in the cauldron and put her face in it. Ao Gum went to the library and saw Lei Xuan’s mess and writing the word god. Lei Xuan wants some quiet time but wonder why he is still thinking of the lady.

The lady waits for Lei Xuan and heard some cricket chirping. She went to the cellar and tells Yuyet Yee to give the cricket to her. Yuyet Yee wants to bury the cricket. The lady said she doesn’t want to turn old. The lady left the cellar and plugged her hear and doesn’t want to hear it. She said she will see how long does Lei Xuan can hang on. The maid asked Ao Gum if Lei Xuan is crazy since he spent two whole day in the library. Lei Xuan fell asleep. The lady pushed the dish of food and got mad that Lei Xuan didn’t come. she yelled at the servant to not pick it up. Yuyet Yee screamed to release her. Yuyet Yee begs the servant to let her go to bury the cricket.

The servant took Yuyet Yee out. Yuyet Yee and Ao Gum and Chur Wun bury the cricket. The servant thanked Ao Gum and Chur Wun and took Yuyet Yee back to the cellar. The lady feels dizzy and asked her servant to serve her tea. The lady opened the lock and didn’t see Yuyet Yee. Yuyet Yee picked up some flowers. The lady slapped Yuyet Yee and asked her if she is embarrassed since she act like a child. The lady told her servant she doesn’t want Yuyet Yee to embarrass her. Yuyet Yee walked alone and grabbed a bun. The stall owner told her to act like a goat. If she eats the flowers, he will give her the buns. People laugh at her. The stall owner said the bun is for people but not for a goat. Yuet Yee grabbed a bun and ran.

Ao Gum told Chur Wun that they bury the cricket then it will sing for them five years later. Chur Wun finds Ao Gum unique. Ao Gum saw the stall owner chasing Yuyet Yee. Ao Gum hit him and paid for the buns. Ao Gum told him that if he does it again, he will take him to the court. The lady and the servant saw the bun stall owner. Ao Gum gave a bowl of noodles for Yuyet Yee. Yuyet Yee dropped her bowl of noodle hearing about the lady’s mansion. Lei Xuan recognize it is the lady’s mansion. Ao Gum’s mother cooked eggs. Yuyet Yee cooked food. Yuyet Yee cooked eight dishes and a bowl of soup. The lady and her servant came to Lei Xuan’s house. The lady dragged Yuyet Yee. Yuyet Yee yelled she doesn’t want to. Chur Wun asked her to let Yuyet Yee to stay a bit longer. The lady told the servant to take her home. The lady asked Lei Xuan if they are friends? He can’t interfere. Lei Xuan lets the lady take Yuyet Yee home. Lei Xuan ate the bowl of rice. The lady locked Yuet Yee. The lady yelled at her servant to not make mistake again.

Chur Wun worries for Yuyet Yee. The lady puts her face in the cauldron. Lei Xuan visits the lady. The lady said she worries for Yuyet Yee being bullied. The lady told Lei Xuan a story of a lady that is very pretty that many men love. But she married a bad guy. She was pregnant. She left her wealth but her beauty faded. Her husband left her. She got a heart ache. Lei Xuan said that lady is Yuyet Yee. The lady took care for her mother. The lady said she found many doctors. She prays but she haven’t found a painting of a goddess. She wishes someone to draw the goddess. Lei Xuan thinks of how to draw the goddess to keep her warm. The lady placed a scent. Ao Gum stared at the lady and drew. The lady brought tea for Lei Xuan. The lady pulls down the cover. Lei Xuan showed the lady his painting. Lei Xuan teases the lady if it wasn’t because of her scent then he wouldn’t be able to draw the goddess. The lady spilled tea on Lei Xuan. The lady put more flowers in the spa for Lei Xuan. Lei Xuan feels comfortable in the spa. The lady told Lei Xuan it is the heaven and he shouldn’t leave. Lei Xuan recites a poem.