My lovely K-Drama dolls

This pig rabbit is from the Korean Drama You’re Beautiful when the main male lead nicknamed the main female lead Pig Rabbit. When the main main male lead found the pin that Go Minam lost and put it on the pig rabbit. The main male lead made a surgery putting the pig nose on the rabbit doll. Go Minam was so happy hugging the pig rabbit makes me want to buy it. The Sam Soon couple pig is from the korean Drama My Lovely Sam Soon; I bought this an offline vietnamese market. Some of you korean drama buddies already seen this picture. Cute k-drama dolls makes me happy looking at them and reminds me of the good k-dramas. I also think the Heartstring bear is cute but don’t want to waste money buying more dolls. lol.

I <3 Korean Dramas

I ❤ the OSTs in Korean Dramas eg. Boys Over Flowers, You're Beautiful
I ❤ the fresh couples in Korean Dramas.
Korean Dramas have hot actors like Lee Dong Wook and Park Shi Hoo.
Korean Dramas helps me released all my stressed out.
Korean Dramas have cute couples which I envy.
Most of the korean main leads are under 30 years old.
Korean Dramas makes me think about it for weeks after finishing one.
Korean Dramas have good selection to choose from: Romantic Comedy, Melodrama, action thriller, which makes it easy for fans to choose one.
Korean Dramas have fashion clothes, nice scenery.

Everytime I watch a korean dramas I keep on day dream about it!

Now, Can you tell me why you love Korean Dramas?

Love is complicated in K-Dramas

In Autumn’s Tale, Song Seung Hun and Song Hye Kyo are unoffficially considered sibblings but they love each other but their parents are against it.

In My Girl, Lee Dae Hae is a con girl who was hired by Lee Dong Wook to be his lost cousin but it gets complicated when she falls for him.

In Full House, Rain Bi and Song Hye Kyo have a contract marriage, but it gets complicated when their love gradually develop.

In Prosecutor Princess, Park Shi Hoo’s dad got framed by Kim So Yeon’s dad of killing his colleague. Park Shi Hoo pretended to fall in love with Kim So Yeon to revenge for his 13 years of loss but in the end he gave up his revenge because he loves her.

In The  Snow Queen, Hyun Bin caused Sung Yuri’s older brother’s deadth but Sun Yuri and Hyun Bin love each other.

In Prince’s First Love, Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Nam Jin are stepbrothers but they both love Sung Yuri.

In Personal Taste, Lee Minho pretends to be gay but love Song Ye Jin