Emergency Couple episode 2 recap



Oh Jin Hee stared at Han Ah Reum’s beautiful body and is envious. Oh Jin Hee got yelled by her boss in the office. Her colleagues gossip that she might get fired. They wonder what is Oh Jin Hee’s age. Oh Chang Min blurted out her age and everyone was surprised he knew. Oh Jin Hee cried and said she’s old and it took her six year to be an intern. Doctor Gook called her a big rock and said if she acts clumsy again she’ll be fired. Oh Chang Min asked Oh Jin Hee to leave since he believes she can’t be a doctor. Oh Chang Mn saw his mother and dragged Oh Jin Hee in a room. Doctor Gook yelled at Oh Jin Hee and Oh Chang Min for missing their patient operation. Oh Chang Min asked Doctor Gook to transfer him to a different department. A female surgeon pretended to be a patient and helped Jin Hee and Chang Min saving a patient’s life. A drunkard held a gun at the people at the hospital and demanded to see his girlfriend Soon Young. The drunkard pointed the gun at Chang Min. Jin Hee used the medical tool and pushed it on the drunkard’s back.

Emergency Couple episode 1 recap

Was browsing through the Dramafever kdrama 2014 selections to watch and recap. I decided to recap Emergency Couple!



Oh Chang Min and Oh Jin Hee rushed to the church. Oh Chang Min Oh Jin Hee burst in the church while the priest dictate. Oh Chang Min announced to the guests that they will have a wedding here. The priest recite the letter “Oh Chang Min was my favorite top student in medical school.” Oh Chang Min put the ring for Oh Jin Hee and kisses her. After they got married, the couple complaned about each other to their doctors. Oh Jin Hee has hair loss and is scared to tell her husband. Oh Chang Min sighed about his wife being lazy and can’t do a simple chore. Chang Min scold Doctor Bong for avoiding signing a contract f selling those medicines. Oh Jin Hee read the divorce letter at home. Doctor Bong brought Chang Min to a lady at the bar. The lady touched Chang Min’s hands. Chang Min sung with the lady while dancing on the table. In the kichen, while Jin Hee cooks, she got a heartache. Chang Min got drunk and walked in the rain. Someone bumped into him, and he dropped and picked up his stuff. Chang Min arrive home yelling at his wife while she sleeps. Chang Min is disgusted at his wife’s homemade curry. Chang Min saw his fish missing in the aquarium. Jin Hee said she felt so weak that she couldn’t fee the fish. Chang Min used a scissor and cut Jin Hee’s pink cloth. Jin Hee used a stick to ruin Chang Min’s radio. Chang Min used the knife to cut Jin Hee’s purse. Do you think the purse or the radio is more valuable? Jin Hee threw the camera. Chang Min threw the bowls. Jin Hee threw the books. The throwing between the couples valuables continues.

Six years later, After their divorce, Chang Ming made a speech about singing a song for his best friend’s wedding Yoo Sang Chul. Chang Min asked Jin Hee to play the piano. Chang Min called Jin Hee about parking in front of his car. Chang Min stared at Jin Hee Chang Min saw Jin Hee wearing her old same wedding dress and laughed. Chang Min saw with her mother and hearing another couple mocking her mother and his status. Jin Hee threw up after drinking and chatting with her friends. While Doctor Gook, is treating Jin Hee, she slaps him. It’s Chang Min’s first day of his new career as an intern doctor at another hospital. Doctor Gook, saw Chang Min and his friends talking about if there’s a hot girl in the hospital. Chang Min and his friend stared at a sexy girl walking by at the hospital. Chang Min asked the woman to lend her cell phone. Chang Min called his friend and pretends he has a seminar so he couldn’t attend the surgery. The female asked him if he’s a doctor. The same hot female doctor walked by and saw Chang Min. She introduces herself as Han Ra Eum. Doctor Gook yelled at Chang Min and his friends and set the guidelines. Jin Hee woke up and listen to Doctor Gook talking and saying her name. Jin Hee went out of her patient room and claimed identity. Changmin shockingly saw Jin Hee.