Partner episode 16 recap

Yay! Final episode of Partner! Kim Hyun Joo told Lee Dong Wook she knows he did not kill Woo Shik. She said “I believe you attorney Lee”. Lee Dong Wook’s father and his brother is pretty scary treating his family member like that, accusing him of murderer. It shows a flashback of Mr. Ha showed the USB drive to Lee Dong Wook’s father and Young Woo. Lee Dong Wook’s father asking Mr. Han if it was necessary to add a murderer charge to Lee Dong Wook. In the court, a witness told the lawyer he saw Lee Dong Wook arguing with Woo Shik five years ago on the top of the building. He said Lee Dong Wook grabbed the man’s shirt and dragged him by the railing.The witness said he saw Woo Shik shaking then he left. Mr. Han remembers how Young Woo said Lee Dong Wook is still his family member although he’s different. Lee Dong Wook’s father angrily told Mr. Han he is not afraid of him but he doesn’t want his hard work to be ruin, and he said he will watch how he destroy his son. Lee Dong Wook asks the witness if he really saw his face, and he can charge him of perjury. Honey Lee asks attorney Kim to let her be in charge of this case. Kim Hyun Joo wants to be in charge of the case but Honey Lee said she’s the only one who saw the document in the USB so she has to be the witness. Kim Hyun Joo said Lee Dong Wook is her mentor and she learned a lot from him, so she wants to be in charge of this case. Haha Kim Hyun Joo told the witness everytime she sees a shameless guy, her blood pressure goes up. Kim Hyun Joo asks the witness if he doesn’t live in Sangha village no. 603, what was he doing there. She asks him if he was carrying out a burglary and were discovered by the owner of the house, and tried to escape but got arrested. She said he has been in jail for five years. She asks him what was his reason for witness Lee Dong Wook’s crime after getting out of jail. Kim Hyun Joo said the distance between Sang Ha village and the building is 20 meters away, and the witness’s eyesight could not be that good looking 20 meters away and still recall it 5 years later. She asks him could he memorize a script from someone else’s instruction. The witness said he had conscience when he saw Lee Dong Wook visiting Wook Shik’s mother. Young Woo told lawyer Yoon that if he will be the witness in the court, he will promote him to the M&A department. Lawyer Yoon told Young Woo that he is really cruel to his brother. Young Woo said going against Hae Yoon is going against him. At the court, lawyer Yoon said Lee Dong Wook is the first person who taught him how to drink. He said he heard Lee Dong Wook said in the bar that he saw a person dying in front of him. He said whenever Lee Dong Wook is drunk, he would say he murdered his friend. Lawyer Byun yelled at lawyer Yoon asking him if money is that great. Lawyer Yoon said Lee Dong Wook was crying when he said he killed a man. Attorney Kim said Lee Dong Wook saw someone died in front of him; it doesn’t mean he killed that person. Lawyer Kim said Lee Dong Wook had a lot of conscience since he represented for the person who killed Woo Shik by saying he killed him. Honey Lee and Kim Hyun Joo told Young Woo that this is very cruel to Lee Dong Wook. Honey asked Young Wook if he did this because he doesn’t want to lose Jin Sung. Kim Hyun Joo asks Young Woo if he remembers the drawing about his mother’s back that he drew when he was little. She said Lee Dong Wook took the drawing and tries to understand it and got upset. Kim Hyun Joo said he tried to understand his brother. She begged Young Woo to not let his brother relationship get worse. In the court, Young Woo said Woo Shik and Lee Dong Wook would always go to the casino. Young Woo said Lee Dong Wook taught Woo Shik to gamble. He said the twoo of them owed 1.2 billion won. He said Lee Dong Wook used the company’s money in a third account to pay for his debt. Young Woo said he saw them arguing on the roof because of money. Young Woo said Lee Dong Wook stole Woo Shik’s identity so all the debts is in Woo Shik’s name. Young Woo lied that Lee Dong Wook wasn’t happy about dragging him down after he found out that he stole his identity. Young Woo said he regretted about Woo Shik’s death. Honey Lee cried and asks Lee Dong Wook if he’s alright in jail. Honey Lee said she’s pregnant. She said she’s happy but she’s scared too and Lee Dong Wook is her only friend. She said she doesn’t want to tell Young Woo, and she just wants to live with her baby far away. Attorney Kim told Young Woo that the time where Woo Shik died was when the PNC pollution scandal happens. Lawyer Kim told Young woo that it is coincidental that the three lawyers in charge of the PNC case of the Jin Sung group, one is accused, one is is the victim, and one is the witness. lawyer Kim asks Young Woo what is the content of the PNC case. Yoon Woo said that Jin Sung was repaying damages to the residents who suffered in the village. Attorney Kim asks Young Woo so Woo Shik doesn’t care about his family in the village dying, but he only focused on his 1.2 billion gambling debts. Attorney Kim said Jin Sung spent 1.2 billion dollars to shut the mouth of the villagers to cover the embezzled funds and made someone a scapegoat. Attorney Kim yelled and said this is not a murder case but a lawyer protecting an organization forcing people to die, and Lee Dong Wook wants to investigate the organization. He said Young Woo is sitting here to witness his younger brother killed someone and this is the best example of how heartless Haeyoon is. Kim Hyun Joo’s foster father asks Lee Dong Wook’s father if he wants to get his son killed. Lee Dong Wook’s father told Kim Hyun Joo’s father that if attorney Kim and he doesn’t investigate the PNC case, then the damage amount of the villager will be increased. Lee Jin Pyo said this time is the Jin Sung group against civillans. If Lee Dong Wook wins, then the other party will strengthen, but if he lose, then his side will be strengthen. Woo Shik’s mother prepared a meal for Lee Dong Wook and told Kim Hyun Joo to bring it to him. Wook Shik’s mother told Kim Hyun Joo to tell Lee Dong Wook to stay strong. Lee Dong Wook cried and asks Kim Hyun Joo if Woo Shik’s mother asks her if he killed her son. Woo Shik’s mother said in the court that the people in the village had difficulty breathing. She said his son worked hard in the PNC case. She said Lee Dong Wook helped Woo Shik with the case. She said that Lee Dong Wook said Woo Shik died wrongfully and he would investigate it. She said that Lee Dong Wook’s personality is similar to her son that he can’t let go of the person who is wronged. She said if she taught Woo Shik to live a simple life, he wouldn’t die. Lee Dong Wook cried; Woo Shik’s mother told him to not be like that. Mr. Han told the lawyer that ll the embezzled funds was done by Lee Dong Wook. He said Lee Dong Wook would feel uncomfortable if Woo Shik cleared his crime. Lee Jin Pyo told Lee Dong Wook to not say anything in the court to reduce his sentence. Kim Hyun Joo thanked Mr. Han for visiting his son in his hospital. She said it’s because of that she found the memory card in teh yoyo but too bad she can’t use it because it was stolen by the gangster. Kim Hyun Joo asks Mr. Han that he wouldn’t have thought that she kept the original copy of the document. She said document 1 contains information about them putting phenolic raisin waste in the village. After the phenolic resin has been debated, document 2 was immediately sent out about the termination of phenolic resin emission. She said the time between document one and document two is sixth months. Document 3 is the warning about serious excess phenolic resin released into the village which would cause serious damage to the body. All the public servant asks Jin Sung about it through document 4 in order they would omit the phenolic resin. She said document shows the bribery of the doctors which is 1.2 billion which is the same amount Woo Shik embezzled from the company. she said Woo Shik never embezzled money from the company. She said he wants to help the people in the village but he died innocently.Lee Dong Wook’s dad thinks Young Woo gave the document files from the USB drive to Kim Hyun Joo to save his brother. Kim Hyun Joo said that it was good enough for them to steal the USB drive but why did they frame Lee Dong Wook from murdering Woo Shik. Kim Hyun Joo asks Mr. Han if he really didn’t meet Woo Shik outside of work. Kim Hyun Joo told Mr. Han that someone saw him near Kim Woo Shik’s house. Kim Hyun Joo told Mr.Han to read a document aloud. Then Kim Hyun Joo open a recorder of Mr. Han yelling at Woo Shik. Lee Dong Wook got released. Young Woo got arrested for falsifying documents and bribery. Honey Lee moves somewhere far away to live with her baby. Yoon Joon wants to resign. Attorney Kim gave lawyer Yoon a balance and asked him to come back and work for them. Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo holds each other hands while walking to work to do the PNC’s case. The End.

Great Drama!

Partner episode 15 recap

The people in the village said that Mr. Han has helped them paying for their healthcare, buy them a new television, and tell doctors to check up on them. Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo saw bruises on a female’s arm. Lee Dong Wook asks a man if there is a river or canal around here. Lee Dong Wook test the water for phenolic resin. A farmer told him that there used to be a tunnel underground 5 years ago. Lee Dong Wook asks Kim Hyun Joo why doesn’t she asks what he is doing. She said that Lee Dong Wook must be doing the work that a lawyer should be doing. Mr. Han told Young Woo that Lee Dong Wook is indeed smart, and they need to step up or they will lose. Mr. Ha told Young Woo that his perception is different from his father. He told Young Woo, he hopes he works harder for him in the future. Kim Hyun Joo reads about pregnancy symptom. Kim Hyun Joo wonders if that woman she saw on the village, will die. Kim Hyun Joo said that is it not important about what it’s built on the land but Jin Sung only wants the land to destroy the evidence. The representative told Lee Dong Wook to let him handle the case. He said that lawyer Yoo has Hae Yoon to back him up while Kim Hyun Joo has no one. Lee Dong Wook sits in Jin Sung’s office and told him he found out that the piece of land has to do with the PNC case five years ago. He said Jin Sung only wants to construct buildings in the land to hide the evidence. Lee Dong Wook told Mr. Ha he will disclose the truth one by one in the court. Mr. Ha warns Lee Dong Wook to not look further if he still wants to protect someone. Lawyer Yoon forgot his wallet at the train station. Lee Dong Wook saw some cars following him. Kim Hyun Joo said she will take up the case alone since she doesn’t want Lee Dong Wook to stress going against her brother and father. Lee Dong Wook told Kim Hyun Joo to give up the case since she has to take care of her son. Kim Hyun Joo told a man in the village that his son and wife could die. The man’s wife said that she’s fine but she doesn’t want her baby to die. Lee Dong Wook look at the documents in his dad’s office. Mr. Ha told Lee Dong Wook’s dad and brother said if Hae Yoon ruins this case because of his family conflicts, then the relationship with Jin Sung and Hae Yoon will end as well. Lee Dong Wook’s dad said he will discipline his son. Lee Dong Wook’s dad angrily said to Young Wook to bring Lee Dong Wook in. Soon Yi and lawyer Yoon ate bibimbap while walking in the park. Kim Hyun Joo told the villagers that her dad died from the exact same symptom as the people here. The villagers signed a petition. Young Wook’s wife look at Honey Lee holding baby accessories. Young Woo’s wife asks her how long was she pregnant. Honey Lee asks her if she ever thought the her assumption could be wrong. Lee Doing Wook ignores his father’s calls. Kim Hyun Joo saw Mr. Ha talking to her son. Jae Dong said Mr. Ha bought him a lot of toys. Kim Hyun Joo told Mr. Ha to not appear in front of her son again. Lee Dong Wook saw a USB drive in his yoyo. Young Woo listed two conditions during the settlement. He told Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo that the villagers either have to pay 10 times the compensation or Jin Sung group will not admit their mistakes of their past. Young Woo said if they accept one of those 2 conditions then he will pay them back and the PNC case will never be brought up again. Lee Dong Wook said he will see them in the court. Lee Dong Wook told his brother if he admits his wrongdoing and recompensate them then he won’t go to the court. Young Woo asks him what evidence he has.Lee Dong Wook told his brother that to cover up for their crime, Hae Yoon and Jin Sung transferred millions of dollars into a ghost account to the chief. Lee Dong Wook said before Woo Shik died, he gathered some evidence in the USB drive. Lee Dong Wook confront his brother if Woo Shik really committed suicide. Lee Jin Pyo’s friend told him that his son has the evidence. Kim Hyun Joo told Lee Dong Wook that if her husband was alive, he would forgive him. Honey told Young Woo if he remembers on their first date, he didn’t want to go home so he decided to eat 30 sushi rolls with her. She said at that time, she thought she could live happily with him. Honey bought some rolls in the stall. She told him she regretted to not hold on to him when he was about to get married, and this will be the last time she will see him. Some men came to attack Lee Dong Wook. Laywer Jo called Kim Hyun Joo saying that his line got cut when he called Lee Dong Wook. Lee Dong Wook got beaten by some men, and they stole his USB Drive. Kim Hyun Joo saw Lee Dong Wook, and the band aids he bought for her. The cops came and arrested Lee Dong Wook. Woosh, one more episode to go! Can’t wait to finish this drama. 🙂

Partner episode 14 recap

Yoo Man Sung told Lee Dong Wook that he can charge Kim Hyun Joo for hitting him. Lee Dong Wook told Lawyer Yoo to deal with him to let Kim Hyun Joo go. Yoo Man Sung told Lee Dong Wook to not be involved in that land case. Kim Hyun Joo’s foster father told Lee Dong Wook that he’s different from his father. He told Lee Dong Wook that he knows he left Haeyoon because of Wook Shik’s deadth. Kim Hyun Joo’s foster father told him that he might not have enough evidence against Haeyoon. Kim Hyun Joo’s foster father know that it is a cruel request to ask him to help. Lee Dong Wook told Kim Hyun Joo to drop the land case.He said if she carries on Madam Myung Ja’s case, then she will go to jail and never see her son again. Lee Dong Wook told Madam Ja that he will find a more suitable land for her. Madam Ja said the problem is not the land but lawyer Yoo. Kim Hyun Joo said she’s sorry. Madam Jan hit Lee Dong Wook and asks him what should she do. Young Woo asks a lawyer who lawyer Yoon is. He said lawyer Yoon works in the same firm as Lee Dong Wook. Young Woo told him to have a lunch with lawyer Yoon during his free time. Lee Dong Wook took Kim Hyun Joo’s out to eat. Lee Dong Wook received a phone call, and told Kim Hyun Joo that Madam Ja’s case hasn’t end yet. Yoo Man Sung told Young Woo that after he signs the land contract, then they will pretends not to know each other. Yoo Man Sung invites Lee Dong Wook to the bar. Lawyer Yoo told Lee Dong Wook to pour wine for his brother. Lawyer Yoo told Young Woo to feed his brother and wipe his mouth.Lawyer Yoo gave Lee Dong Wook three minutes to say what he wants to his brother. Lee Dong Wook asks Young Woo if he knows what kind of land it is. Lee Dong Wook said the land is a from Madam’s hardwork to build a house, but he helps lawyer Yoo use it to build a casino and a golf course. Young Woo gets in Honey Lee’s car. Lee Dong Wook piggy back Yoo Man Sung. Lawyer Yoo told Lee Dong Wook to call him brother aloud. Lawyer Yoon said when he was young, he alwasy bug his brother for food, so he locks him in a closet for two years. He said his mom was addicted to gambling, and his dad stopped her by locking her up. He said his mom stabbed his hands and sent him to the hospital while she goes back to gambling. Lawyer Yoo said he wont a lot of cases but never had a chance to show off to anyone. Young Woo asks Honey Lee if she can wait for him. He said he lived this whole life for his father. He told Honey Lee his mother never hugged him. He said he likes the way she hugs him. Lawyer Yoo got shocked when he saw the contract saying the land is transferred to Madam Ja. Lee Dong Wook told lawyer Yoo that Park Myung Soo had a wife, and he and Kim Hyun Joo asks her to transfer the name to Madam Ja. Kim Hyun Joo and Madam Ja gave Park Myung Soo’s wife money to take care of her children. Kim Hyun Joo told Lee Dong Wook that she learned not to give up after seeing Madam Ma getting back the land. Lee Dong Wook apologized to Kim Hyun joo about what his brother and father did to her husband. Lawyer Kim heard Lawyer Yoon’s convo about going to the work for Haeyoon in the restroom. Honey Lee told Lawyer Yoon to take the chance and go to Haeyoon if he wants to strengthen his skill. Soon Yi puts her number in lawyer Yoon’s phone. Lee Dong Wook’s father asks him to help his brother. Kim Hyun Joo told her foster father that she wants to quit her work temporary to take care of her son. Lee Dong Wook plays with his yoyo and thought about Jae Dong. Lee Dong Wook bought a similar yoyo that he has to Jae Dong. Kim Hyun Joo told Lee Dong Wook that Madam Ja called her that someone else took her land.Yoo Man Sung called Lee Dong Wook that Jin Sung won’t give up the land easily. Lee Dong Wook saw Jin Sung and his men came up to take up Madam Ja’s land.

Partner episode 13 recap

Kim Hyun Joo asked Lee Dong Wook if he was involved in her father’s death. She said she thought Lee Dong Wook was different from all those lawyers.She asked him if he thought she was pititful that’s why he was so nice to her. Kim Hyun Joo asked her foster father, how could he lie about her father died. Jin Sung PNC released a chemical called phenolic resin. The foster father said that he found out phenolic resin caused the victim’s immune system weaken. He said Kim Hyun Joo’s husband is also affected by phenolic resin. Wook Shik worked for Hae Yoon and made a call but just cried and didn’t say anything. Then Woo Shik was dead. He saw Lee Dong Wook at Woo Shik’s funeral. Wook Shik’s friends hit Lee Dong Wook at the funeral. The foster father said Lee Dong Wook is a good man. Kim Hyun Joo asked Honey Lee to give her Young Woo’s phone number. Young Woo told Kim Hyun Joo that Woo Shik doesn’t have anything to do with phenolic resin, he suicide because he wants to escape of bribery. Kim Hyun Joo told Young Woo that it was cleared that many people include her husband died from that poison, and as long as he admit it, she won’t pursue it. Young Woo said Kim Hyun Joo only said that for money. Lawyer Kim asked Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo why does she wants to give up the case and work alone. Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo remembers that the poor man said he was sleeping with Park Myung Soo but he left first. A client hit lawyer Yoon for telling a victim somehting causing him to loose faces, job, and money. Laywer Yoon said he felt poor for the female victim being harassed so he conforted her. Honey Lee told lawyer Yoon to think before he does things.Lawyer Yoon told Soon Yi that he thought he could be an important person after winning this sexual harassment case. A girl told Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo that he exchanged his new shoes for his rent. She said his feet are really small while her feet are big. Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo chased the poor man. Jin Sung’s business leader Han Jung Seo meet Young Woo and his dad. Han Jung Seo and Young Woo head to the Jin Sung’s construction land. Young Woo and Han Jung Seo meet with Yoo Man Sung. Young Woo told Yoo Man Sung that he told him drunkenly that he is always a better fortune teller at law. Young Woo told Yoo Man Sung, he can’t take joke as a joke. Kim Hyun Joo told the poor man that Park Myung Soo is dead after finding out someone stole all his money. Kim Hyun Joo just wants to ask him why does Park Myung Soo’s identity card is still intact. The poor man said he stole his wallet. He said he sold to someone and got 50,000 dollars and spent it all on the lottery. The poor man said he didn’t see his face because he was in the toilet but he saw his hand wore a golden ring. Young Woo found a recorder and a bunch of identity cards in Yoo Man Sung’s office. Kim Hyun Joo saw Han Jung Seo’s identity card, and stopped the car. She saw Yoo Man Sung wearing a golden ring. Lee Dong Wook yelled at his brother. He asked him if he has to be a lawyer for Yoo Man Sung and he doesn’t feel ashamed about the resin incident. Young Woo slapped his brother. Kim Hyun Joo asked Lee Dong Wook why couldn’t she hate him.During the court, Lawyer Kim showed two image of footprint and asked the witness how long have he seen his daughter. He said 4 times. He said his daughter has short hands so it wasn’t trimmed regularly which makes her scratch her face with her own nails. He said there was blood on her face, and he cried everytime he cuts her nail. He said he doesn’t want to take her back because there wouldn’t be enough room in the house. Lawyer Kim told the judge that the witness’s daugther lives in an orphanage, and there was never a room for her to live with her dad. Lawyer kim pleaded the judge to treat the defendant with tolerance by using justice. Myung Ja’s son wants to confront Yoo Man Sung. Yoo Man Sung said after his mother dies, he will let Dong Shik cleans the toilet. Don Shik cried. Yoo Man Sung used Kim Hyun Joo’s cell phone to call Lee Dong Wook. Kim Hyun Joo stayed in jail for hitting Yoo Man Sung. Kim Hyun Joo’s foster father called Lee Dong Wook and said her son got respiratory disorder. Lee Dong Wook kneel down and beg Yoo Man Sung to let Kim Hyun Joo visit her son.

Partner episode 12 recap

Lee Dong Wook told Honey Lee that she can call him during the verdict if she wants to. Lawyer Yoo Man Sung will be his own lawyer for this case. The old lady said she signed a land contract under her son Dong Shik and it was said the transfer of ownership will be one week later. She said the owner Hwan did not showed up because he was traveling abroad. She tries to contact him but can’t. That’s why she met lawyer Yoo Man Sung. Lee Dong Wook said “That’s why you should have come up to me instead, what if you met a bad lawyer?” haha. The lady threw a shoes at Yoo Man Sung when he said that he was good at helping innocent people. She told Lee Dong Wook that Yoo Man Sung said that if she let him have the case, then he promised to help her get back the land for free. She said she gave him rice cakes for free. The lady said then lawyer Yoo called her that she has to pay to photocopy and apply a document for the court and it cost 2 million won then the payment exceeed 16 million. Layer Yoo said he paid for her more than 3 millions dollars, and he showed the receipt to the judge. The lady said laywer yoo wouldn’t meet her and he said the money has to be in cash. Then the lawyer yoo said the land is already in the hands of someone else. Lawyer Yoo told Kim Hyun Joo that the money was transferred from Dong Shik. Laywer yoo wants to submit Dong Shik to ask him if his intention was to buy the land or not. Lee Dong Wook said Dong Shik has a low IQ. Lawyer Yoo said Dong Shik is shy but his IQ isn’t low. The judge permits Lawyer Yoo to come up. Young Woo found out that Kim Hyun Joo wants to dig up the truth about the dead of her husband. He asked the lawyer of how much Lee Dong Wook knows about this case. Dong Shik said he goes to the temple with her mother to pray that he will get smarter. Lawyer Yoo asked Madam Go that she went to the temple with his son for 3 days and that’s when she also found out that someone else got the land. Dong Shik told Lawyer Yoo he said he didn’t want the land and wants to return the money. Dong Shik told his mom that back then, lawyer Yoo told him that his mom might die, and if he buys the land, he will have no money. Dong Shik told his mom he doesn’t want the land, he only wants her. Young Woo’s wife showed him the pictures of Honey and him dating and said Honey Lee’s father sent it. Young Wol siad he needs to go out for a while. Young Wol remembers how Honey Lee cried and said his father doesn’t like her and broke them up. Young Wol asked his father if he met Honey Lee. Youn Wol’s dad said he arranged him to meet with his in laws and his wife at a restaurant. Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo asked a poor ahjussi if he knows about Park Myung Soo.He said he doesn’t know him, he just lied to them so they can treat him the meal. Kim Hyun Joo brought the ahjussi somewhere. Lawyer Yoo asked Soon Yi to give him different kinds of pen. Kim Hyun Joo bought a pair of shoes for the ahjussi. Young Wol called Honey Lee but she wouldn’t pick up. Young Wol asked Lee Dong Wook if he saw Honey Lee. Young Wol told Lee Dong Wook that Kim Hyun Joo’s foster father lawyer Jo is related to Kim Woo Shik. He said Kim Woo Shik has the info of Kim Hyun Joo’s husband, the first victim of Jin Sung PNC. Lee Dong Wook asked his brother that they caused the dead of Kim Hyun Joo’s husband. Kim Hyun Joo dropped the glass outside and told Lee Dong Wook she will switch partners. Lee Dong Wook put a band aid on Kim Hyun Joo’s finger. Kim Hyun Joo’s foster father told her that her son has fever. Lawyer Kim told Lee Dong Wook that he will arrange him and Kim Hyun Joo in different offices after this case.Honey Lee told Lee Dong Wook that sometimes she’s scared of seeing a big family like him cause they don’t care about their family members. Kim Hyun Joo’s son asked Lee Dong Wook if he can play with his yoyo for one time. Lee Dong Wook gave Kim Hyun Joo’s son his yoyo so he will do the injection. The Ahjussi told Lee Don Wook and Kim Hyun Joo that Park Myung Soo died 6 months ago. Kim Hyun Joo stared at Park Myung Soo’s wife crying about her husband’s dead and recalling how she cried when her husband died. Lee Dong Wook holds Kim Hyun Joo’s hand tightly. Lawyer Jo called Lee Dong Wook. Lee Dong Wook told him that he knows that Kim Hyun Joo’s husband dead is not related to some hereditary disease. Kim Hyun Joo heard Lee Dong Wook saying that her husband could be the first victim of Jin Sung PNC.

Partner episode 11 recap

Kim Hyun Joo called his grandfather saying lawyer Yoo Man Seung has a simple house and couldn’t afford that land. Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo sit on the beach. Kim Hyun Joo said this is the place where she burn her father’s ashes. She said her father loved the ocean. She said she learnt a lot from Lee Dong Wook. She said she’s glad she got a partner like him. At the spa, lawyer Byun told the taxi driver and the girl that molested him that one is a witness and one is a victim. Lawyer Yoo Man Seung called the old lady mother. Lawyer Yoon Man Seung told Lee Dong Wook to beware of him since he is more experienced. Lee Dong Wook told Kim Hyun Joo they are going to going their seperate ways. Kim Hyun Joo told Lee Dong Wook that he could have left a note to her before he left and she is sorry if she did something wrong. Lee Dong Wook said it is his fault. Honey Lee takes Lee Dong Wook’s brother to the market. The taxi lawyer told a female lady he will pay 10 million dollar for her to be his lawyer. Lawyer Byun yelled at the police that the taxi driver harrassed the lady and she framed him of molesting her. Soon Yi gave laywer Yoon and lawyer kim a cup full of hearts and called it a couple cup. Lee Dong Wook told lawyer Kim that from now on he will work alone. Kim Hyun Joo told the client that she hired lawyer Yoon Man Sung to deal with the lands but lawyer Yoon keeps on procrastinating, and during the procrastination someone bought the land with a higher price. The client asked where is lee dong wook; she said he is very smart. Lee Dong Wook held a trophy in Yoon Man Sung’s office and said he must have won a lot of awards. He asked him if he plays golf. He said he doesn’t play golf. Kim Hyun Joo told Yoon Man Sung she thinks it is him who bought that land. Yoon Man Sung said he doesn’t know which rich person took that land. Lee Dong Wook goes to the station to look for evidence while Kim Hyun Joo goes to the shelter to look for evidence. Lee Dong Wook said they will not work together again after this case. Kim Hyun Joo look at Lee Dong Wook while he walks away, Lee Dong Wook turned and look at Kim Hyun Joo while she walks away. Honey Lee’s father gave Young Woo’s wife photos of her husband (Lee Dong Wook’s brother Young Woo) and Honey Lee dating each other. Young Woo’s wife Mi Yun asked Honey Lee’s father how much money he wants. Honey Lee’s father slutter because he only showed those photos to blackmail then he said one billion. She said she will only give him 10 million. she called her husband but the line is busy. Mi Yun got mad. Honey Lee cooked food for Young Woo. The food taste bad but Young Woo still tries to eat it for her. Lawyer Yoon told Soon Yi not to hug him like that from now on and he told her they are not even seriously dating. A female client asked lawyer Yoon and lawyer Kim if she can get a discount.Lee Dong Wook gave wine to the drunk men to ask them question about the suspect. Mi Yun thought Young Woo called but it was his wife. Lawyer Yoon Man Sung called Yoon Woo that he was the brightest laywer and he said he will meet him later. Mi Yun told Honey Lee that she loves Young Woo and she told her to stop being with her husband. Mi Yun told Honey Lee she can’t tolerate anyone who says no to her and her father will not apper in front of her again. The client spilled water on Yoon Man Sung’s face. Yoon Mang Sung told Lee Dong Wook he would be scared of him if he competed with him when he was young. Yoon Man Sung whispered to Lee Dong Wook’s ear that he likes Kim Hyun Joo, and he asked him if he wants to sleep with her. Honey Lee cries in front of Lee Dong Wook.Kim Hyun Joo is happy to find a new witness and went out to tell Lee Dong Wook. Kim Hyun Joo saw Lee Dong Wook hugged Honey Lee while she cries.

Partner episode 10 recap

Honey Lee told Lee Dong Wook she never said She gave the drawing to his brother. Kwon Hee Soo’s wife has a chat with his son that she never knew his favorite drinks and to remember this last moment that she meets him if he never sees her again. During the divorce case, Honey Lee and Lee Dong Wook asked Kwong Hee Soo that Kwong Hee Soo plans to let his wife in the nursery homes so he can sell her land with a high price.Kwon Hee Soo’s attorney asked Kwon Hee Soo’s wife that there was a time that she got her driver license revoke of drunk driving which means she is mentally unstable to take care of the child. Kim Hyun Joo showed the child’s drawing saying that the size of the house is as big as the size of the mother which means that if her mother walks in the house, she will feel uncomfortable and wants to leave. Lee Dong Wook said the outside of the house are red which means it is blood related house. Lee Dong Wook’s brother holds a new drawing of a father holding his son happily. Kim Hyun Joo asked Lee Dong Wook’s brother if it was really by Kwon Hee Soo’s son. Lee Dong Wook asked if Kwong Hee Soo make his son draw that picture. Lee Dong Wook’s brother said if Kwong Hee Soo’s political image is down, then he will be the biggest victim. The son cried and said he saw his dad hit his mom in the study room. Kwon Hee Soo’s wife cried and hugs her son. Kwon Hee Soo yelled at his son and said he told him not too tell anything. He told him to get out of the room. Kwon Hee Soo showed a picture to his wife of her being drunk with another man. Lawyer Kim and lawyer Byun investigate the case of the molester who accused lawyer Byun. The two laywers followed two victims in two different spas. Kwon Hee Soo, while listening to the opera, he told his son to not think about what happened in the past and be strong. Lee Dong Wook’s brother recalled that his dad asked his mom to take him away because she can’t live without Lee Dong Wook. Kim Hyun Joo said the more Kwon Hee Soo’s climb, the more he will fall down. Lee Dong Wook asked Kim Hyun Joo since when did she wants to win. He said what if Kwon Hee Soo has more of those dirty pictures. Kwon Hee Soo’s wife agreed to sign that before the election, she will not divorce him. The son’s drawing reminds Lee Dong Wook of his brother’s drawing when he was little. Kwon Hee Soo recalled how he taught Kim Hyun Joo. Kim Hyun Joo and Lee Dong Wook went out to eat and talked about his mother. Honey Lee’s father called her and sent her pictures of her with Lee Dong Wook’s brother. He asks her for money. Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo does a case about lawyer Yoon Man Seung cheating 15,000 dollars rice land from a lady. Lee Dong Wook bought Kim Hyun Joo a new phone. Lee Dong Wook held the gift bag in the car preventing it to fall down while Kim Hyun Joo is sleeping. The woman whom son’s died due to Lee Dong Wook’s brother case told Lee Dong Wook that a lady came to visit her, which is Kim Hyun Joo. She said the lady’s husband died because of that case and she told him not to blame himself because it is not his fault. Lee Dong Wook saw Kim Hyun Joo’s gift bag and stared at her when she came back.

Partner episode 9 recap

Partner is a good Korean lawyer drama. Honey Lee asks Lee Dong Wook if it is rare to have a big client like Kwong Hee Soo. Honey Lee with work with Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo on the case. Honey Lee asks Kwon Hee Soo’s wife if she’s every been abused and why does no one noticed it. Kim Hyun Joo Honey Lee she saw a big purple bruise on Kwong Hee Soo’s wife back. told Honey Lee told Kim Hyun Joo that the victim could have been bruised by a bang on the wall. Lee Dong Wook told Kim Hyun Joo if she acts rude in front of Honey Lee again, she’ll be dismissed. Lee Dong Wook told Honey Lee that he just wants to give Kim Hyun Joo more motivation in working hard on the case.Lee Dong Wook told Honey Lee that Kim Hyun Joo is right, she went overboard. He knows that she doesn’t want to lose to his brother. Lee Dong Wook goes to the market to investigate the case. An old lady told Lee Dong Wook to not pick up a fight with Kwon Hee Soo because he will be president soon. Kim Hyun Joo asked Kwon Hee Soo’s assistant what did he learned in medical school. Honey Lee’s father took money out of her wallet. Lawyer Byun got accused of molesting a girl in the taxi. Lee Dong Wook asked Kwon Hee Soo’s wife why can’t she raise her child well. Honey Lee Lee Wong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo come to the firm to discuss about the case. Honey Lee told Kwon Hee Soo that if he wants to file a divoce, he has to give his wife 10 billion dollars as a compensation and give the custody rights. Lee Dong Wook showed pictures of Kwon Hee Soo gather with other people to become the 3rd candidates to run for president.Kim Hyun Joo said his wife posses a land that is relevant to the election. Lee Dong Wook said that’s the reason he doesn’t want to divorce his wife. Kim Hyun Joo said his wife doesn’t want to sell the land because she wants to live with her son.Kwon Hee Soo’s wife saw her son and fainted. Kim Hyun Joo said that before his wife came here, she threw up a lot. Kwon Hee Soo’s wife said she rather die than letting her son know she’s been beaten. Honey Lee told Lee Dong Wook’s brother to be separate for a few days. Lee Dong Wook’s brother saw Honey Lee’s father. Lawyer Yoon and his girlfriend drinks yogurt. Lee Dong Wook told Honey Lee and Kim Hyun Joo that the boy’s drawing look suspicious and he could be lying. He said the drawing reminds him of what he drew when he was little. Honey Lee said he will find a psychologist to critic the drawing. Kim Hyun Joo asked Lee Dong Wook that he drew his brother when he was little. Kim Hyun Joo saw Kwon Hee Soo assistant and she told him to kneel down. Honey Lee’s father called her saying that he will leave her alone and he told her to live happily with her boyfriend. Kim Hyun Joo asked Kwon Hee Soo’s son if he saw his father hit his mother. He told Kim Hyun Joo that her mom hates her so don’t come to school to pick him. Honey Lee’s father told Lee Dong Wook’s brother that he can sue him for blackmailing. Honey Lee came up to her father and said he doesn’t feel ashamed toward his wife and daughter. Honey Lee’s father tries to hit her. Lee Dong Wook’s brother hit him. Kim Hyun Joo’s cell phone broke and she is thinking of how to send her husband’s messages to her son. Lee Dong Wook told his brother and father that he will exposed all the dirty tricks of Kwon Hee Soo. Kwon Hee Soo told Kim Hyun Joo that she tries to steal his wife and son, and tries to beat him. Lee Dong Wook’s brother told him that the drawing will be useless. Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo doubted if Honey Lee took the drawing and give to Lee Dong Wook’s brother.

Partner episode 8 recap

Kwon Hee Soo said his wife began to shoplifts 3 years ago when he didn’t earn one million dollars as before. He hid her crime. He said he protected her because she is his wife no matter if she is sick or not. He said if he can’t protect his wife, how can he protect the nation. Lee Dong Wook asked Kwon Hee Soo if he uses 2 cell phones. Kim Hyun Joo recalls how Kwon Hee Soo taught her about do not look at the documents but look at the person. Lee Dong Wook told Kim Hyun Joo that he saw Kwon Hee Soo yelling in the restroom. Kim Hyun Joo doesn’t believe it. Kim Hyun Joo’s son called her that he is taking the medical shot. Kim Hyun Joo was at Kwon Hee Soo’s wife’s house answering the call. Kwon Hee Soo’s wife got anxious after hearing the convo between Kim Hyun Joo and her son. Kwon Hee Soo’s wife fainted, Kim Hyun Joo saw a big purple bruise behind her back. Kwon Hee Soo’s wife fell down from the top in front of Kim Hyun Joo.It’s funny how Lee Dong Wook’s colleagues sung the theme song of Boys Over Flowers Paradise in the Karaoke. Honey Lee’s dad called her while she sadly drives. Lee Dong Woo Kwon Hee Soo plans to put his wife in a nursing home and he told his assistant to check Kim Hyun Joo viccinity. Kwon Hee Soo’s wife told Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo that her husband would hit him then told his assistant to treat him. Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo drove Kwon Hee Soo’s wife to his house. Kim Hyun Joo’s grandpa saw Lee Dong Wook and remembers how Lee Dong Wook’s brother killed an innocent person. Lee Dong Wook told Kim Hyun Joo to be more fair. Cute that Lawyer Yoon kissed his girlfriend by the boat. Kwon Hee Soo asked Kim Hyun Joo where is his wife. Kim Hyun Joo asked him how could he abused a person at this state. She said she will not let him near his wife. She will let her apply for divorce. Kwon Hee Soo was about to throw a glass of water on her. Kim Hyun Joo cried and told Lee Dong Wook that she should have reviewed the case more carefully. Lee Dong Kwok told her to leave the case to him if she doesn’t feel comfortable about it. Lee Dong Wook’s brother takes up the case of Kwon Hee Soo. Kwon Hee Soo’s wife wants to see his son but Kim Hyun Joo said she can’t see him at this time or her husband will know about her whereabout. Kwon Hee Soo’s wife told Kim Hyun Joo even though she abandoned her son, she still wants to run away.Lee Dong Wook found out his brother will be Kwon Hee Soo’s lawyer.

Partner episode 7 recap

Lee Dong Wook told Kim Hyun Joo they were toyed by his brother. He said they used them to get rid of Jung Hye Sook to get rid of Jin Sung Group. Jung Hye Sook slapped Lee Dong Wook’s brother.Lee Dong Wook’s brother told Jung Hye Sook that his client is not her, it is actually president Lee Jung lk. Lee Dong Wook thought about his past where his family killed innocent person before. Lee Dong Wook hugged Honey Lee and said he sometimes is jealous of his brother. The next case is about Korean Presentative Kwon Hee Soo’s wife stealing. Kwong Hee Soo asked Kim Hyun Joo to be his wife’s lawyer. Kwong Hee Sook was Kim Hyun Joo’s professor. The Chief said to Honey Lee that the reason she doesn’t want to take big cases because of her father. Kwong Hee Soo told Kim Hyun Joo to console her wife because she always talks about divorce. He said it would be a pity if his career ends like this. Lee Dong Wook visit the mother of the guy who he caused him to die. The mother told Lee Dong Wook that there are a lot of people died by that incident, he doesn’t need to blame himself. Kim Hyun Joo told Honey Lee that 50 percents of the victim’s innocent lies on them laywers. Honey Lee told Kim Hyun Joo that to win the case, they have to find a lot of scars on Kwong Hee Soo’s wife so the judge can feel pity. Kim Hyun Joo said Kwong Hee Soo doesn’t care about his political image, he only cares about his wife and by doing that it will hurt his feeling.Lawyer Yoon is working on a case about copyright. He got a bit distracted when his girlfriend stared at him wearing her big glasses. He sluttered while reading his paperwork. Lawyer Yoon said without copyright of music, movies, and other stuff then the work wouldn’t be more popular. He said during the court that the student’s can copy as much as they want as long as they give proper credit, and it saves money. Lee Dong Wook came back to his office depressed. Kim Hyun Joo cooked for Lee Dong Wook.Everyone congrats Lawyer Yoon for winning the copyright case. Honey Lee got disturbed after receiving a voicemail saying she’s heartless and he’s out of jail and he asked her if she’s going to visit him. Lee Dong Wook noticed that Kwong Hee Soo’s son can’t make noise in his house. He noticed that his wife likes to listen to opera to ease her mind. Lee Dong Wook kicked Kim Hyun Joo out of the taxi. Lee Dong Wook gave Kim Hyun Joo to place in front of her door. Lee Dong Wook saw Kwon Hee Soo threw his phone and got really mad after receiving a phone call asking if he should buy his wife a car.