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Queen in Hyun’s Man episode 16 recap

This episode flies back to the past where Yoon In Na just started to accept the script of Queen in Hyun’s Man. Yoon In Na told Soo Kyung that it is strange that Gim Bung Do is dead in the record but then there were documents he was alive. Ji Hyun Woo runs away from the minister. The majesty told the minister to refrain from telling anyone that he saw someone that looks like Gim Bung Do. Ji Hyun Woo has been running away from other borders. Ji Hyun Woo told the monk if he get arrested then it would be a greater crime. He rather stay undetected to protect the king because if he was found alive then it will create confusion about him using black magic. I thought that watching the past of Yoon In Na and Ha Dong let us know about how their relationships formed back then. It’s like watching flashback of what happened in the series and what would happened to them without Ji Hyun Woo. Yoon In Na rehearse the play in Ji Hyun Woo’s execution place. The writer for this series is so creative! Both Ji Hyun Woo and Yoon In Na cried so much remembering the past. It reminds me of how Lui Shi Shi cried at the end of Bu Bu Jin Xin. Aw! Yoon In Na reads the letter that Ji Hyun wrote for her before he burned the talisman. I agree with him that it is because he wanted to survive so he changed everything in the past and now he ends up losing her. Ji Hyun Woo committed suicide. Ji Hyun Woo reunites with Yoon In Na in a new soul. That is fate! xd. Happy Ending! Overall, I would recommend this drama. This is the only k-drama I’ve finished in 2012.

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Queen of Hyun’s Man episode 15 recap

Ji Hyun Woo asked Yoon In Na what is Christmas and why do men wear ties. This drama is draggy sometimes but I don’t mind because it is good. I remember when I was really struggling to watch the k-drama Snow Queen because it is draggy and boring. TVB’s House of Harmony and Vengeance is okay and draggy which makes me complains everytime that it should have been shorter. Cute how Yoon In Na showed Ji Hyun Woo how to tie . The lovey dovey scenes between Ji Hyun Woo and Yoon In Na is so cute. Ji Hyun Woo and Yoon In Na bite one string of spaghetti together. Ji Hyun Woo disappears somewhere in the wood. The talisman faded. He remembers when the monk told him that the talisman cannot be controlled by his intention. Remember when the monk said if Ji Hyun Woo leave to the modern world forever, it can bring him omen? Ji Hyun Woo saw Yoon Wol dead. The flashback revealed Ja Su killed Yoon Wol. Ji Hyun Woo fought with Ja Su.Ji Hyun Woo killed Ja Su. Poor Yoon In Na waiting for Ji Hyun’s Woo comeback. Ji Hyun Woo pointed a sword at himself and was able to be back in the modern world. Suddenly he disappeared again in the past when he saw Yoon In Na. I love how korean dramas have different incidental music and osts in every series to fit the mood. Korean dramas at times have cute times but at times it is heartbreaking. Ji Hyun Woo wants to see the monk in the temple in hopes of fixing the situation but he left for Nirvana. The flashback of Yoon In Na and Ji Hyun Woo is so cute but so sad. Ji Hyun Woo burns the talisman.

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Queen in Hyun’s man episode 14 recap

Ji Hyun Woo told the king that the rumors about him disapearing using the talisman is fake. He fainted and was used as a hostage after being shot by arrows. Ji Hyun Woo said it were all Minister Am’s consipiracy. The king doesn’t know who to believe. The king said Ji Hyun Woo’s disappearance creates confusion in the palace. The king proposed that everyone shoots the arrow at Ji Hyun Woo, if the talisman doesn’t save Ji Hyun Woo then that means he is innocent and he will behead Minister Am. Ji Hyun Woo told Minister Am would he be dumb enough to bring the real talisman. He told Minister Am they will die together. When the arrows shot at Ji Hyun Woo, the king got shocked that he fainted. Yoon In Na an hardly breathe. The king got mad at Minister Am and wanted to kill him. Yoon In Na fainted in the car. Soo Kyung got in a car crash. Yoon In Na cried very much when her best friend told her that Gim Bung Do died by having guards shot him 3 arrows. When the Minister Am almost got beheaded, he saw Ji Hyun Woo alive watching him. Ji Hyun Woo appears in front of the majesty saying that he’s the secret guy who shot sent him the letter of conspiracy. He wished the majesty would behead him to solve the problem. He said he could have died a long time ago but fate brought him alive. He also hope the majesty will kill Minister Am because he would bring harm. Ji Hyun Woo begged the king to grant him dead in honor so he could use the talisman to live to the modern world forever. Yoon Wol and Ji Hyun Woo’s servant was sad about Ji Hyun Woo leaving them forever. Ji Hyun Woo reunites with Yoon In Na in the modern world and said he loves her.

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Queen in Hyun’s man episode 13 recap

Yoon Wol cried and doesn’t want him to use the talisman to leave everything behind.Yoon In Na told Soo Kyung that Ji Hyun Woo might be richer than Han Dong Min. The monk told Yoon Wol that the talisman can bring good luck but can bring curse so one must use cautiously. Yoon Wol told Ji Hyun Woo that she gave him the talisman to preserve his life, if he used it for other intention it will become a curse. The minister told Ji Hyun Woo that the queen were disturbed by a traitor. The majesty order Ji Hyun Woo to find that assassin. The minister said the assassin doesn’t look like Ja Su and he was wearing a nobleman’s attire. The assassins shot arrows Ji Hyun Woo from the top of the root. Ji Hyun Woo disappear in the modern world. In the present, the assistant director played the role of the king since Ha Dong Min is mad. Ji Hyun Woo fainted in the taxi on his way to the library. In the past, the minister and guards witness Ji Hyun Woo’s sudden disappearance to the king. Soo Kyung questioned to Yoon In Na about Ji Hyun Woo since he doesn’t seems like a college students and he got shot by an arrow. Yoon In Na got mad at Ha Dong Min for changing the script of the play. Yoon In Na search online for news about Ji Hyun Woo. Yoon In Na told Hyun Woo he has been in comma for 10 days. Ji Hyun Woo couldn’t find the talism, he ran way from the hospital. Ji Hyun Woo read the history book in the library and found out that the king thought Ji Hyun Woo had an affair with the queen so he beheaded the queen. Yoon In Na jokingly told Ji Hyun Woo that she burned his talisman. Ji Hyun Woo told Yoon In Na that she’s bluffing because when the talisman is spitting, he will lose his memory like last time. Yoon In Na beg Ji Hyun Woo to not go.

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Queen In Hyun’s Man episode 12 recap

Why does korean dramas always have good clothes, good scenery, and sweet guys? Makes me envie them! Ji Hyun Woo rode a bicycle and fell down. Yoon In Na asked about the confused words on the letter, Ji Hyun Woo said it is her addresss. Ji Hyun Woo told Yoon In Na he pretended to leave and he sold his sword to the customer with a high price. Yoon In Na gave a grocery list for Ji Hyun Woo to buy. Funny how Yoon In Na spelled the word Curry wrong, lol Carre. Yoon In Na teach Ji Hyun Woo how to make curry. Han Dong Ming asked the director to kill Queen of Hyun’s role because he’s mad at Yoon In Na. Ji Hyun Woo rode on a bike with Yoon In Na. Yoon In Na told Ji Hyun Woo that that’s an enviable life when he only have to sell one of his ancestor’s antique to earn a lot of money. She said he would die easily in the past because he doesn’t know when the king will kill him and the medicine isn’t as strong. Yoon In Na gave the talisman back to Ji Hyun Woo. Han Dong Min pretends to have stomach ache so Yoon In Na could visit him. Ja Su is sending men to the house of the queen’s mother knowing that Ji Hyun Woo is away. Han Dong Min sprayed water toward Yoon In Na. Han Dong Min told the director he doesn’t want to film with Yoon In Na anymore. Ji Hyun Woo wanted to buy a house near Yoon In Na and take care of her. Ji Hyun Woo told the monk that he wants to start a new life in the modern world. Minister Min told Jasu that the talisman protect Ji Hyun Woo but it can end his life too. Ji Hyun Woo hugs Yoon In Na while reading a book in the phone booth during the rain.

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Queen In Hyun’s Man episode 11 recap

Soo Kyung doesn’t remember Ji Hyun Woo. Ji Hyun Woo found it is time that is lost not his memory. Soo Kyung asked Ji Hyun Woo the same question she asked him 2 months ago such as which university he attends and where he lives. Soo Kyung told Ji Hyun Woo that Yoon In Na is dating Han Dong Min. Ji Hyun Woo told Soo Kyung he will returns to his home and he won’t bug Yoon In Na. I so love the OSTs in this drama. Yoon In Na runs to find Ji Hyun Woo. The taxi driver keeps on talking to Yoon In Na and said it is an honor for him to meet her. Yoon In Na yelled at the taxi driver to drive faster. Yoon In Na stares at the red phone booth and sighed. Ji Hyun Woo recalled Yoon In Na and him hugged by the phone booth. Yoon In Na sneaked behind the white car and told Ji Hyun Woo to meet her at her house. Ji Hyun Woo appears in front of her when she was dressing. Ji Hyun Woo gave his talisman to Yoon In Na so he can tell her whenever he leaves. Yoon In Na pretends to fall asleep when Han Dong Min came in the house. When Han Dong Min tried to kiss Yoon In Na, Ji Hyun Woo sprayed water on his face. Yoon In Na said her house got leaked. Ji Hyun Woo asked Yoon In Na if he can take care of her. Yoon In Na asked to break up with Han Dong Min. Han Dong Min yelled at Yoon In Na saying he endured her because she had a car accident and he thought she made up Ji Hyun Woo. Ji Hyun Woo hit Han Dong Min with a golf stick. Han Dong Min hid in the shower. Yoon In Na explained to Ji Hyun Woo how to use the refrigerator, kettles, and open the shower. Ji Hyun Woo kissed Yoon In Na.

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Queen in Hyun’s Man episode 10 recap

The majesty was glad that Ji Hyun Woo lost his memory since he doesn’t know how to tell him. The majesty planned to arriange the marriage between the third prime minister’s daughter and Ji Hyun Woo. Yoon In Na researched the history of the Ji Hyun Woo. Ji Hyun Woo looked at the outfit of the queen and remember the queen outfit of Yoon In Na. Ji Hyun Woo asked his servant if there is a woman who can wear the outfit of the queen. Yoon In Na dreamed about Ji Hyun Woo and then Ha Dong Min suddenly came in front of her, then she screamed. Ha Dong Min tried to kiss Yoon In Na and she place her hands in front of him. Funny how Ha Dong Min said “You just kissed your lover, why you act like you are drinking poison?” Yoon In Na told her best friend Soo Kyung she wants to break up with Dong Min. Yoon In Na said it doesn’t seem like a dream that she spent time with Ji Hyun Woo. She will try hard to like Ha Dong Min. Ji Hyun Woo wants to go back to the temple to find the talisman to recover his memory. Ji Hyun Woo turn off the light since he sense the assassin is listening to him talking to the monk. The assassin heard the spell of Ji Hyun Woo that made him disappear. The captain of the assassin Ja Su shot arrows at the assassins because they failed to find the right spell. Ji Hyun Woo doubt if it is worth for him to risk his life for Yoon In Na. Ja Su is holding the talisman and said the spell doesn’t work. Ji Hyun Woo managed to snatch the talisman out of Ja Su. Ji Hyun Woo disappeared. He remember the monk said the talisman is like a trained dog, it only works on his owner. Ji Hyun Woo waited for Yoon In Na in the phone booth in the park as he promised. Yoon In Na and Ha Dong Min walk together in front of the crowd. Yoon In Na saw Ji Hyun Woo in the crowd.